Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1952
Page 13
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K © 9 8 8 7 A Jt» t) O P a i A&RAM.SA9 ASSIFIED " »WM 0.00 10,60 18,00 ti,ao 18.00 NfSttti ot gravel, including pen #r«Vel r l»nd, ti»fi noli, «ndl flit dirt, Gnll jre«M Sinclair 7-aSMi. O-M-lm 3ooiftflAWi. Coloi)»l ntyle Home with 4 toAdfoomn, 2 biithn, fire place. Under $8.000, Cull 7-3004, 4-<H Store, 5-fll PANSY Plant*. MonU M<J W&Mtt Sarvkfli Offered r KAB8 ol! pxpcrlene* In floor nttndln« »nd finishing Dnle Hog en, 912 W, 7th. Phono 7-2234, 0-21-lm nnd long dlttanco Mauling, Aluo local moving. Seo HarriflUm or cnll 7-801.1. 0-23-1 m For Rent HQOM* duplex »'p»ftmcnt, unfur nl*h«d. Front and b«ck entrance iind glRMOd In front porch. One Block from nchool. 4X1 N. Elm Phone 7-2409, ntler 0 p.m. 7-8810 20-tf 810 Souih JSIm R, 13, Franklin Company. 7-31 Weary Porks MeetSMU ThisWefek By CARL BELL PAYKTTKVU..t.K f/11 -~ "Well, we've gnl twn more lo try to win nnd rlnlii now I'm hoping'we tan »lop SMU," Tbut wnit Arknnifl* football t>nfh Oil* DwiKlan* ftttltudi; to- Any nit lu< looked back on n 3.V3.1 !»»» to Hlc« nod (ihfltid lo next Six District Grid Titles on Block UTTLK ROCK W -Six gHttcr- In* Dutrlct football champion- »'.vfllt trophy-hunirry Arknn- high school football team* to- i:u-nl with Hdiitlu'iri Metnodl»t Unl vt'.mHy. And to Htop tho Ttiluft In th" finnl hiult ,\ 2 TtOQM furnished uf.nrtmimt, l (or workshop, 418 S. Elm. 7-3t cl«M ''AW *»' in tn , N«vada ( 8 UOOM unfurnished npflrtment, 1'rivttU* enlinnecM, 1*1 floor Pe- 74-171, ' 10-tlt Wanted TENANT house In good condition. Suitably for moving. Call T, S. WfeDnvltt. 6-<H Wonted to Buy; N room WAn Cm<«r Two, flvo HINP with Unthrooui nnd utility ««imnortl(mi>. With vti- (HI lit lot iidjolnlnK for colorud fnmlly, Wrllo U»x "X" In «oro Ht«r. 7-at CORN \VIIIUimM Store. M. nt BfSCOND hnnd hifnlturo, stoves nnd Cull J. A. Mchncliy. 7-tl7l3. Notice NKW, nny m«H i'i'innv»l KuhMcrlptlonii to o publlnhiMl. Chrlul- Cliurk'S Roynorson, ay 1'hoiw, 7-232B; M17U8, O-30-lm Fomalo Help Wanted Jy, Our l.ln«j'i'le, Appurcl Stylo ShowllHll Ri'P si>niiuUnn ,o( pur- iy jjlan sellinu. l»ub«l Shnrrnw matin |%Sl) — U (Uiys Hpudv time) onttlt, Bot'llno Pnthipn*, Chicago 80, 10-lt fVeneiian blinds Male Help Wonted WB It pdcttd to * v v you tn bu»l« with our capital, If you are Iruatworthy and wtu'i'«etic, wrltu ut, No Inventmunt 6i' cxiwrlence to stuit, Pavt'Uma o« tlmo. MONUMENT CO., Wtnorm, Minn. 10-1 Busirmi Opportunity wc«'k his bttrk» lire BOlnfl to have to lighten their df-lcnise plenty, Altlioimh ArkfinsHR was utoppcd within strlklnR dltdanco throe tlmei In lhi> ldi«l five minutes, DouKla" thotlNht tho offi'tw did n credit- «blo job In tin- Itlco thriller. "It w«Ji our def«»nxi> Ihtit im -"• ,|iiHt nil nil fH!ii»nr hnvitn't hoon ni'nrly »» *lnm« M wo thiniuht we were on VOU fUifl't (iX|X!Ct lo lo»(! (I In which you ncorc five touch-; downn lie wu did Salurdiiy. But) neither do you rjxpftt t" win many l)«int'« when you «pot the opposition 31 points nis we. did." »r,v*n tliouKh Illc«' tnllk'd thrco ll'.iicft l.'ffort' lh« Porhur* could Hcrntcli. Limiiir Mcll»n'n nmnliiK nnd iiiiHHlriK and powerful pltinu- Inn hy » hoHt of olhor back* U'd n conu'lmck In which ArknnmiK moved nheiid 33-2B. But «K>'ln th«j flofBimc didn't hold nnd n iW-yimlj rim hy KOHIM; Johniirm In fourth curlod put Rice out front for tho third nnd final lime. No (li-tibt the moit tlinhenrtcncd Ttnxorbiifk wn» Curl Mund, tho utiuully ncciirnto plnce kicker. He mlciied two extra points which would huve (jlven Arknnsns n tic. iiDd hli liisl-wliiule 28-ynrd field Koal iiiitmpt — which would have !H>«'llod victory — foil n foot short ittjiitnftt 11 Btruiiy wind, 1,on»y Kcnstpmnkcr, the Owls' l-.lnoenu-nl slur, hod tho wind Kith with nn iiKtiliut him ntt he niiicli! liiu flvo convorslons that mount the difference, "Why would you nay," DouuliiH nskod "Hint we don't pluy ns well lit Ihc first of ii KIIIIK.' nn w<; do during the remainder? I don't know, WV rmild htive won by piny imt fruvn I Hi' iitiirt ns we did In t!ir latu thvpo uuarterH," DouiUiiN praised th<> piny of Me- 10-31 nn, wt,o run fcv two touchdowns tut piniswl for two others althouRh till llhipini; with an cnrly sonson not' Injury; l.nrry lloHue, who Arkiinsim' ball curriers with 7-1 In vllo subblnH for the Injured Cnrpontvr ut fullback, nn f l id fl^yd S»s«ly, who cnught four ,0no tor n touchdown, The also had kind words (or Mo work of Johnson Ouitn, tiny fik'nslv*; halfback. It Uti'l eertnln ^ot whether Cnr- >?rttt'r, who hurt his knee week n'ton- last, will bo »blo to play iH:iin»t SMI). "I'm not too oncouraRcd over ehnnces ot tmlnR ruacly," »ald, "Wo won't take n •hnnci; of KoltlnM hlmJnJured per- ".«rientl»." * The ios» to Rice l*>f| the Razor Ducks with a season rtconl ot two wins nnd six lossws, Their contev n.i'.rk is 1-4. Seven of the *tnte'* gridiron n-li'ven* nnllcd down District hardware In clnnhP* !«»< week while .mother xlx continued lo rent on crowns feed (jorllcr. The playoff huntwrs re«ume »af- nrlit for the *lnt<''» highest football tir-Bsurr Krlrlny — the deadline for (U'tprrnlnatlon of District winners. In OIK ca«c, tho Arkanias Ath, lollc Aidoclntlon's Kxcutlvo Com- therii inittec will deckl'- on a represent- tiK'-'ntl.Vc, Thill's In Dlntrlct 2AA where Jon^nhoro had n 2-0 record but Blylheville—whloh hnsn't played n district encounter ~must be Southern State on Top of AlCLoop By Of HOWARD GRAVES The Associated Pro»a Internal GOP Fight Shapes in House By WILLIAM F. ARBOGAST AAotujoy, Heyembcf 10i J^ ' '*" '.*''.'. r JL- L "'" —"-~ • •• • --- ~" •• •"•••• •»•'— The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring itemt to MlM Turnef it Hlckt Funeral Horn*' Hl-Ot C1UAKANTKE INVESTMENT »lvo« you you own in(I^M»ndorit business fltUig a i-oulu of tittv. 1 9 Ovtn pcn»«r» handllnn new, fast-ino\ um couftfctloiw In drug stores cafos, clubs, bus depots, etc Ail locttttons obtolncd for must h»v«» C*»N reference Devoting a few ot your spar to Uw busUifis, you ohoul turn up io $70 wtn<kty Umo, full Utuu tnof«< liuanclng eislst«nco to «W en F\iU Infunufttiwi, Bo tu BM to "8ei»y" name "JJosny" w«a given Cows hxnvi ««?lr 808," wui in The 10S2 Arknnsns Intfircollcgl- ;ilf.' ConfoiTitce football season l.is the* np|>cnrnncc of n brush firi- (jnidually dylnjj out with ftuuthoiTi Suite's Invincible; Mulo- ritlisrs ItamlllnK the rnko. For awhile there worn flicker- inu hoj •<•,>) some one of the five oilier members might slip up on .. . Ih'r bln/liiK Mulurlders but Conch I Klmer Smith's Inda appear to cinched n second AIC toita for the trophy ruck. The Mulerlders, In the midst of niin-conforencc gnmes. are sharp- up their attack Tor the Ari A & M finale on Thnnks- 1,'ivlnt? Dny. An AgKle win would Jiock Southern Into n tic with Henderson Slate. Southern meets Delta Stntn this week. Henderson practically scaled Hit- viu.lt for second place in ib 2t'-0 win over Arknnsn.-i Tech lust w.vk. The Heddiest meet Hendrix — MH-M victim of Mississippi Col- li'Ke last week —Saturday nifilit Only one conf«!ronco game Is on l,-,|i Snif.rday. The College of the ClKtirkH -who tied Arkansas A&M iii-i!!i last Saturday — faces win- lesf Arkansas State Teachers at C'onway. ASTC absorbed »_..„, Tdom Alabama State In fcnnta An " n> qu - c1 ^ trend, has announced CAFE DE POOCH—Hunting dogs point right for this doggy lunch counter when they come to Yaklmn, Wash. The bird-hunting reason has been delayed this year because of the lire hazard present In the dry woodlands, and all the guy dogs in town congregate here. Ann Bowkers serves a snak to a regular, customer, while Dolores Naasz waits to set 'em up again. SPORTS ROUNDUP .By GAYLE TALBOT. YORK Iff! — Indications; moot is giving the matter thought ' Always In the past, foreign ! horses which attempted to run on l our soft dirt or composition a l tracks, were seriously handicapped NKVV iiru thai horse racing truly iiili-rnnlUmiil within the next I will become I character, years result of the great success of ln;>ittiur>il running of the Washing lor, D. C,, International at Laur el, won hy the English horse Wil thei and selciom If ever performed up ' to their reputations. Wilsyn proved the footing they know arc siia- Those close to the name predicting that within a few .sons tin- champions oC I'rnnce nnd Australia will be fly- in« lo tills I'ouutry annually to strides with our best in a of rich events on turf , the fooling which Is most 2B-0 fi |n iiliiir to I he foreign stars. " whipping its last I.lltle Croxed Former Takes Own Life to scent a it will eon- .'Mnict a banked yrass course to and it is re- coast 1-lnnt's lop events, possibly the §100.000 San Juan Caplstrano Han- .licap, will be shifted there to attract an International field. Del- Hock Junior College Shoots for Its second strnlRht win I 1 * ready next year when It meets Arkansas Tech Frl- P™^* "• llt °" c af lhc day nt'.ernoon. Kllgoro. Tex. Jin- lor Collu«e was dumped 11!-0 by tho Trojnns last Saturdny. Ounchitn. secklnK Us third wiix f the year trnvels to Clinton, ittM,, for a battle with Missis- lilppl Colloftc nnd Arkansas Stn\6 S host to Kansas State Teachers College of Emporln In other Sat- irdny nl«ht tanj!les, MlllSiips pasted Ounchitn last w,-t>k 27-0 while the Klchle Woll- smackud PlllsburK (Kos.) Stnto, 2U-7. AIC STANDINGS Southern Stnte Henderson Arkansas A&M Arkansas A&M Oz.irks Sfite Teachers W L T Pol 400 1.000 0 , .(I .057 .000 .out this thi-t, given the footing they the foreigners can scoot, and opened exciting possibilities. In such future classics the hom«- breds will, of course, have to fa- miliarye themselves with running OH turf, but our guess would bo that this poses less of a problem tiian changing from turf to dirt. Most every thoroughbred has seen grass at some time or other. IC'.cos over the beautiful green tracks of England and Australia are, for our tasle, a greater pleasure to watch than those on our own drub gambling strips. WASHINGTON ..'1 V > — House Republicans hoping to carry a united majority into the 83rd Congress U'diiy facinl the threat of an in tunal fi^ht ovi-r leadership. While it Had generally been con ceded that the same House leader ship of the GOP fiOth Congress of 1U-I7-48 would be carried over into the cumins session, some influential Hepublicans are talking about a change. Hop. Joseph W. Martin Jr. of Massachusetts was speaker of the house and Rep Charles A. Hallee kof Indiana was majority lear.1- i r in the HOtli Congress. They have the inside track to riK-'iin those posts in the new House. But friends of Halleck are talk- inu about booming him for th speakership and privately claim to liavti the backing of the Eiser hciwor forces. They claim that H;rl let:!-: w:io an Eisenhower stipportei before the general won the GOI nomination, while Martin's firs clviico was Gen. Douglas MacArthur. It Ha'.leck marie a bid for the spoakiM'ship, Rep. Arends (.R-I11.) may seek the Republican floor leadership. However, Aronds reportedly would »u>l run against Halleck lor the majority leader poil if Halleck sought that in- stoad. Arends has been Republican whip of the House. Strengthening Martin's bid to return to the speakership is the fact that most Republicans in the new House are old-timers with whom Mrrtin is personally popular. The f.|vaakershtp and leadership posts are selected by the majority party in party caucu. House Democrats have less organization trouble, now that they will be the minority party. Normally, Sam Rayburn of Tex- would step clown from tho Funeral services for Mrs. Ora La Cour will be held Tuesday, November 11, at Bethel A M E Church at 2 p.m. Burial will in Cane Hill Cemetery with Hlc 1 Funeral Home in charge. Mrs. Rose Belcher died at home in Schaal. Friday, Novcrh. bcr 7. Funeral arrangements incomplete. Mrs. Ella Beaver died at he homo in Hope,' Saturday, November a. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK 'tYI — Listening '*' niahl: NBC — 7 Gordon MacCrae; 8 Donald Voorhces; 8:30 Band ot America. CBS — 7 Suspense; 8 Radio Theater; 9 Bob Hawk. ABC — 0:30 Lone Ranger; 7 Henry Taylor; 7:30 Rex Maupin. MBS —~7 Woman of the Year; 7:.!0 Crime Does Not Pay; 8:05 Reporter;-' Roundup. Tuesday Times: NBC—9:30 a\ Double or Nothing. . . CBS— 10:45 a. m. Rosemary's Serial. . . ABC •— 8 a. m. Breakfast Club. . . MBS— 10 a. in. Ladies Fair. The brave men and women who threw their money into the Dallas Tox'ahs and saw it disappear quickly, as down a numhole, now know so'Ticthing that many persons le-irncd before them during tho pa ft quarter-century — that pro- K^sioiKM football is a cold, merciless sport in which only the few can hf.pc to survive. The now member of the lodge c;ai expect no real help from anybody. He is strictly on his own. Most ot the others have had it tiuiRli too, and if they finally have attained a condition of fair stability it is because they gambled their money, took iheir losses un- compkiiiiingly and came back clnwing. It is no business for the weak ol spirit. Many Stars to Visit Soldiers HOLLYWOOD Wl — More than CO Hollywood film stars will give up Christmas at home to entertain United States troops in *- ; .0- rea, Alaska, Greenland and the Caribbean during the holidays. This announcement was made today by President George Murphy of the Hollywood Co-ordinating Committee. The organization handles volunteer entertainment pro- 'ii'£>ms tor armed forces. AKltON, Colo., — <XJP> coroner's jury tomorrow will the slayinKs of two lav iU officers by "craxt'd" youoji (urmvr who took his. own- lllu \vhon u posse trapped him. The Colorado posse found the budy of Clarence Haas, 27, lytnu in simw »p«tU>n>il with his own Pittsburgh Looms ! in Bow! (Picture By WILL, QRIMSLEY NEW YOHK l.*> — H.iiiiilnu out Monday's football wash, and whou it's dry Just throw it over then* In those bowls: of bowls, lUm't he stir- to sec tho big post-season jM'ne ororuturs stnrt in u k ing tracks toward 1'ittsburgh. Th« blood shortly utter 3 n.m. (MST)j overlooked iMUsburuh Panthers hss$N|yf! 'twti $to&m$ttisto ^m**^* Li PMffld^PWf *J*«»J hichw f as wliippod Notre Dame and Army KWcd himself with tho Jiamo kill Sheriff. 44, «nd hi* deputy, Jim Jackson, 87, Sat">' day. Has* *hot down lh^ two oHlcers as th«y drove w p to hU Binall Jam hws» 85 mile* »o«th of htr«J lo take him to Colorado psycho nuthic Hospitnt tn Denver tor inonial esamluBlton. Than, b\ « TO ol mgo. he set *ito io his hou»fl, the barn, othw and » nMfby whoal lioki suid <h« firmer's parents Mo. and Mr«, Osiuer Hass, had UM> sheritt when their son craw," burylcadlng him hv»i tbolr hous* '•&houi un>'\Mu> who *«ls in my on UflolNotle* NOTICE IN tHI PROBATR COURT QP O. I Ust known ^ 4 u .„ , M . 9t death: Oot«*»r If, l»t, «** ol the estate ot ttw on U» tith ' ot October. person* hsviujt cl ^ ' must successive week-ends and three • niewbers of the . — lowu, Indiana and Ohio Stnto. , j J»llt, 21-H winner over Ohio SUV* Saturday, has lost two decisions -• a 40-30 bow to Oklahoma twd a 16-0 surprise at the hands ot West Vlc«inia. Hut ibo Panthers, who have no bowl bars, should have a great string of victims. Their remaining games nre with North Carolina State and Penn State. Advtnc* Utn«up Hew do you like this for an advance lineup of the m»i«r bowls: Hose —Purdue vs. Soutl\crn Cul- winner. T«ch vs. Tea- Once you own a new International Truck, you'll never be quite satisfied with anything less. The reasons are simple. International Trucks are engineered for your job. You get a truck that is easier to handle . .. that gives, you lower operating and maintenance costs, longer truck life. These are just a few of the reasons why so many International Truck owners are repeat buyers. Why not stop in soon for all the " •' I F Texas vs. Pittsburgh Mississippi vs. Syra- i, But everybody looked like pikers co;»parvd to JacK Parker of Mis- ii 4 .rn 43-54, all Jack did was score Uir*« touchdowns, uass for three j more and set up the seventh besides HicKins six extra points. . , he now has 97 points for the just one away from \he Conlerence record oy St»v« Van Bwen of tSU in 1*43. »nd there are two games play, . . Notre, Dame's Jotutny was »lmost as busy ttgaiust Oltl»bw»a Lattaer carried Um«« for 19 ywds, c»x^tht two passes tor 46 y«Jrd*. punt«d tuwsss fwr « **•>' wd ' Buy on Proof I Bef<w« you buy any truck, let us giye you a Ust of persons itt this area who have recenBy bought pew Inter' natM»o»te Ulte the one you are considering. Check with any or all of them. Find out how latfrnatioiiaU cut bailing costs on jbba Ukf yours. " '•'.'• " ARKANSAS Monday, November *0, 19J>2 * •y Chick Yotiftf OZARKIKI SMIL6, DEAR, SO THE NEIGHBORS WON'T THINK WE WERE FIGHTING .' i VOU HAVE JUST TWO MINUTES *, TO CATCH J .- VDUR BUS : ' By Michael O'MalUy By J. ft. William* OUT OUR WAY Previous Pmzfg WHAT ISHS&AME THIKXS SOi ) AR6 WA';» = THAT I tOT OFFA THERE, \. : 'BUT I THINK IT'= IN--,V.Y ^ v PL AIRS ARB" WAITING POfl.TWS »UT IP THI6NEBP MB FOR Partnerships PHONY < ANVTWINS I ,V\ , FLINT? 156MSEK "TO SHOW WTVVBftN BxaB* I TOLP vouy UPI vou FO««BT I'M M HBRB.,,y 12 AND 19. WHBRB HORIZONTAL VEUTICAL TO STAV If BMP TO SHOW AN AWAY. y\ NT6REST IN THESfi s) I'M UP IM HERE.' 2 Stratford on 4 Neither -- , fowl nor red herring 8 - and that 12 Eggs 13 Resound 14 Owl's cry 3 Without affectation 4 Made, as a wolk ot art Sacrctl Ima 8 c with 18 Accustoming 20 Dutch East Indian island 21 and cheese 22 River in Belgian Congo 24 Scape 26 Peruvian i Indian •7 Hint 30 Bowling 32 Longest term prisoners 34 Popular girls 35 The Ark :md Mount (Bib.) 36 beans 8 onelwo __ 25 __ 41 Essential parts (J G] ..^ wit ' h margarine 42 Agile 1Q Greel . i ctler 26 Put forth 43 Operatic solo n stall: 27 Graveclothcs 44 Narrate J7 F rcnc h pastry 28 Russian river 4G Eternity 19 Bndgerlikc 29 Italian city 47 Strong smell 31 Longs 48 Remain 33 Wilted 50 Tall (prefix) WASH TUBES OPER(XTOfe.l ( THKT PHONED DBNDi H^D TO BRE^< THE WINPOW GET IM, £UH. BUT IT^ LUCKV TuU FM.U! U\» PICK-UP TRUCK THE V WHOEVER TIED VOU Cai . n i v0 rc 23 Splendor R^N WB DOWN WHEW I TH SHBKIFF- \IJP CUT THI5 WIRE 1 . STOPPED TO MK OPERKTOR! OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople 6AY.3AKE, NOVM AFTER TH/XT IFFEr H& "DCAL V^O ^l FROWM6 AT TRIED TO PULL\REMDER HI/V\ DOWlM oti tne MAJOR'S RTO LAUMDRV CAMPAlGNi 39 Semovc 40 Region 41 Jewel 42 Silk and 45 Marauders 49 Exertions of force 51 Seine 52 Brook „ ; 53 Plant part 54 Afternoon t«OI lir NCA limit*, Int. T. M. Rut. U. n. Kii?o A 3USTICE OF THE PEACE. SHOULDN'T YOU SB A F5VJ RCWD MAPS? 5.9. CAM YOU TO VOLJR OLD suite IM TH& CLINK/ • <¥>; ( By Edgar.M«' BOulS AND HER BUDDIES 6l\/E6M6A <SER\\ OF IDEA / VOS\ "VKt S\X \ speakership to become minority leader. He did that in the 80th Congress, accepting the leadership reluctantly. His choice for that post in the 80th Congress was Rep. McCormack of Massachusetts-, majority leader in the present Congress. ?omf.- Southern Democrats arc insisting that Rayburn again take the job and are threatening to put forth a compromise candidate perhaps Rep. Walter of Pennsylvania, in the event Rayburn declines. DORVi'. ; 56 Possess^ . 57 Firmament By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY • / I WARNED VA NOT WITH TH/ST FOOTBALL IN TH 1 HOU&e.' VER SONN/S •4P IN TH 1 CORNER BR. ONE HOUR,' By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS You'll do better with these International Truck features: • All-truck engines— exclusively for truck work — built In the world's largest truck engine plant. • The "roomies!, most comfortable cab on. the road"— the Comfo-Vision Cab designed by drivers for drivers. • Super-steering system — more positive control, easier handling and 37° turning angle. • The traditional truck toughness that has kept International first in heavy-duty truck sales for 20 straight years. • The truck engineered for your job, selected from the world's most complete line ... 1 15 basic models, from Vision pickups to 90,000 pounds GVW. ratings. ALLEY OOP THIS ISN'T \WBU-, ALL RIQMT- WHY MV6TAR5,/\tLfcY- YEAH. .SURE JUST AN NOW CMM YOU THIB ISN'T JU6T THOTU1TUE BLACK ORDINARV TEtUleWHV CAT COMPUETEUY ^AN ORDINARY CAT CAT/ x If ISN'T P - .;» >. KOirrEDOUD "i-'-M/VlA lAR^FB • America's largest exclusiv .... service organization. "Y'know that picture window you always wanted, Pet? Well, why don't we knock a hole here in the utility room and put 'er in?" By Golbroith SIDE GLANCES "traffic really stops quick in this to^vn, doesn't It?" By Blosser CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AM4/ZA PUZZLE* As OF JUNlCft3 BEANIES OliAY, UJMEEL-&EAI., \ BY USIN6 OUR. MOW oo WE our CUSS -me CAP5 FOR MEM OF LETTERS/ , AH. RSHT/ J |T JUST SO HAPPWS i p\ T3^TgM - BUT \M4BRe DO WE CAN MAKg TDU A pe/U. / /-«>UR SAFCTY \ »!»-wh««l modtb art ovoilobU la 3VW ralingi from 22,000 la 70,000 Ibi. far cen^fof* wiformgtion dbevf <*>/ fitfvrnofranal frwcfc TOI-E-TEX COMPANY HOPE, ARK.

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