The Eugene Guard from Eugene, Oregon on January 11, 1929 · Page 2
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The Eugene Guard from Eugene, Oregon · Page 2

Eugene, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1929
Page 2
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0 Tlf K EUGENE QUART) Janrwrv 11 192SL By RALPH HEINZEN (United Prssa Staff Correspondent.) PARIS, Jan. 11. ( From the posts: stsmp rurb market, off the Champs, cornea the protest Phone 25 For Drugs Wa Dsllvar. Carroll's Pharmacy 730 Willamette Bicycles New and Uaed HENDERSHOTT'S Gun Store 770 Willamette Phone 101 HEAR AND SEE The Mohawk-Amerloan. The Lyrlo Voloe of Radio. "Radio Headquarter." Radio Service & Supply 111 Wert 7th Phone 09 8 howl no new assortment of Women's Sample Bhosa $2.98 and S3.98 Williams Self Service Store that the world la printing too many stamps. Like the national printing presses once turned out paper baoknntoa In excess, curb dealers contend the presses are now making too many commemorative and special issues of pontage atauiita, which takea 11,000,-(KK out of tht pockets of collectors annually. There were 1,fM8 new postage stamp issued In the world in the paiit year and It won never intend! that miiny of tbem would ever grace a letter. The curb points, an an example, to the French 10-frenc stamp Intended to fatten the national amortization fund so that world stamp roller) ora would help to reduce- the French internal debt. The stmnp, of a normal one franc fifty centimes value, wan sold for ten francn. It was an attractive Job of printing, but cost the government only one centime to print, ao , It represents Ifi.OOO per rent profit. If one million stamp rollcteors around the world bought It, the French nHtlona I t ren mi ry would be enriched by 10,000.000 francs. Hussla la a particular offender. In one serfea recently there were 40 denominations. Since 1921 the Snvift government has published 2M different postage stamps, and 1NQ since Ut2f. The curb market esti mates that collectors and denier a round the world absorb 1 ,000,000 stamps of every denomination of each Issue. That repreaenta pare prone ror tne issuing government. liusslsn stamps nave a greatly Increasing value fn the stamp euro market. The two I- three-, and flve-mhle stamp of i02f are already worm i.nuu rranca earn, area ob Hterated. The rarest and costliest stamp In the world la still the one-cent itrlt-tsh Guiana stamp of lftfWJ, which sold In Paris six years ago, at the time the Ferrari de la Jtenotlerre collection was broken no. for nfiSf. 000 franca. It fa now quoted on the curb at 7BO.00O franca. There la only one known example of this stamp, marie on carmine, and it la I a bad state, with its four eornera torn. The two-cent British Out una stamp of IHnO Is quoted at a half million franca, and others of hlirh value In elude the famous "miaalonarr tamo" I of Hawaii. inn nignest pnrea o men "an sramp is tne nve-rene postmasters stamp of Boscawen. New Hampshire, whirh ts qnoted at 40,000 francs. The five-cent Alexandria, Virginia, postmaster's stamp of 1Mfl Is worth 400,000 francs, and the Baltimore stamp signed hy .lamia M. Iturhannn In 140, la worth B7o,000 franca. ONE SOLDIER TO ANOTHER CASWELL'S"" Sell STANDARD GOODS at out prloea all the time. Who else dees that? For Superior Printing EUGENE PRINTING COMPANY Ouerd Building 1047 Willamette Phone 148 "DOCTOR" JAILED PUVTHiBrmN. Jan. 11. CP Dr. O. Ktnrrtnm of Umatilla, a self-styled "harmony doctor," was In jail here totlay, held under F-W) bond. Fiendlnr trial oh a chars, of prnrtJo-n trlthoiit a llrenee. 'Hie rharie was preferred hy the slsts board of medl ml eiamtners. Now le the Time to Bring In Your Old Felt We Clean and Hand Block Your Own Pe'eonaMty Into Vour Hat. The Style Shop MoOonald Theatre Bids, 1026 Willamette v - A - ft 4 V V turns- if u . 3p K3i!i? iff9 rr; sa-r"niinis !' in' N V if' 4 i , Ji NBA London Bureau lt was not aa former heavyweight ohamplon of the world, but aa a captain or tne United Biaioe mannoa, mat uana I unney waa aoiing here. Tunney. rloht. le pictured aa he preaentod to Brig. Gen. L. 8. T. Halllday a trophy for which the British Royal Marines will fight In their annual aeaoolatlon football tournamenta. The preaentatlon took place In the Royal Barraoke at Portsmouth, England, where Oene and hla bride were visiting. "Y" Will Honor Pioneer Directors A combined annual meeting and membership campaign kick-off la be-ins planned for the second week of February by the Y. M. C. A. accord-In to Henry Howard, general secretary. The plana include lionorini ur-rlvina members of the original build-in committee, eiecutlve committee and board of directora: M. A. llooth, Oeorae Kelly, K. K. DeOou, U. . French, J. O. Holt, 0. P. Deveienui, C. A. Mctlaln. Frank I,. Chamber, and P. E. Snodaraaa, who were c-tlre In eatabliebtnx the local aaao-datlon In 1IX)8. The local "YM la also planning to aend a delegation of Ita railroad men $29.50 2 PANTS SUITS AT. Tailored to Meaaure 0y Fulton, 30 W. 10th members to the third annual Younger rtnilroiid Men's conference at Salt ke City, February lf, 16 a?d 17. The conference la held by the Y. M. . A. with the cooperation of the railroads of the Pacific region. Eugene Birth Rate Low in Patt Year The birth rate for Kugene during the year 102M waa somewhat lower than In the previous year and deaths were Increased, It wna ahown by the annual report announced Thursday by lr. H. M, Kerron, city and county health officer. There were tiHl births In Lane county in liL'S aa compared to 505 fn 1 HUT. The total deaths in Kugene I nut year were 413 and In 1027 the total waa 320. i Completed lists of births and deaths for t be nion t h of I ecemher, 1023, nIiows M births nnd 88 deaths. The Infant death rate in Kugene la very low compared to that In other pi u res, stated the health officer. There were 20 deaths of Infanta un-dor one year of age in lOiifl and In 1027 there were 2S such deaths. ''Enclosed Please Find Check" of the sweetest words In the English language. W i you have a desire to experience the joy they bring, just dig up something you don't need and sell it. Old furni-ture piled in the basement (it'll bring real money and leave more space in the storeroom). That old camera' or Nellie's latest batch of puppies-they all win be fcirned into cash with a Guard Want Ad! Try one today! You'll find a buyer for anything! Wfint Ad Hindquarters Pulpit Exchange To Be on Jan. 20 Pr. John Marvin Dean, president I of the Western Baptist seminary and i pastor of the Minnon Memorial Baptist church nt Portland will exchange pulpila with hr. t. L. Trawin, pastor of the first ltaptiit church of Ku-kimh both morning and evening on Sunday. Jan. 2D. Ir. Ican will be hre to complete arrangements for evangelistic servicer, whirh will be held at the local ' church for two weeks opening Sunday, .Inn. 27. They wilt be conducted by Minn Amy Lee Stockton, evangelist, nnd Mix Hits (tould, song leader, both of Pasadena, t'sl. Servian for the evangelistic meet-Inge will be held nightly at 7:30 p. m. I'srept Saturday evenings. American Legion Honor Board Up Through the efforts of R. H. Vn-e nr. Kiigen representative of Foster it Kleiwcr company. a large NiKiidard city bulletin has been erected on Kigtiih avenue ent ad-.b'ining the public market for the Kugene post of the American Leg-iou. The purpose of thlg bulletin le to i --11 Km rA for serve aa nn uvuvi v all er-aervice men who aerveo in the World war ana wno r n 1 I aAu1 BttMnilinaT fPaiu up mcmuvrm u n the Eugene post. Hhcn the ex- man pay a f-m.u '.r, V . t . l. . T 1,1. noma Will hs aues id ins ULm , ' . written in on the very elaborate dty bulieun aiong was w of his service buadiea. . .1. . I I . hatal AT1 Aireaay me iochi ry-1 , 200 names to put on the board and these names will be arranged al- Enaneticaiiy so aaauiouaj -" e added in the proper places. The to 700 names, and It is boned to have It completely filled by fbru-ary 1. The board Is electrically la donating hia serricea m painting . L . k.1lin nt- hnnAf ine nsnips u iu uiii:wf - - roll board. Permiasion to bo lid the bulletin on county property was received from .Tndcrt Barnard of the Lane county court. SUBSTITUTE LAST WA87TT.VOTN, Jan. 11. G By a vote of 144 to 135, the house today rejected a proposed! substitute for the Kenn bill which would leave a reapportionment of ita membership to the congress sitting after the 1030 census. Health Programs Begin in Schools Schools throughout Lane county are. already reporting pupils signed up for the achool health program sponsored by the Lane County Health association, according to officers of the association. Schools announced aa ready to start the program, with the names of teachers and number of nunils. are: Florence. 25, Leta D. Seifert; Silt- coos, 7, Marian Gibbs: Cloverdalc, 20, Nita D. Ziniker: Latham. 30, Mrs, Alice Mercer; Florence, 15, Oeorgia Walrath; Idylwild, 6, Mrs. C. E. Bes- tor; i'MBHtinfl, ho, upal Aittcneii; Bain. 7, Mrs. Emma P. Hake; El-mlra, 23. Wflma Scott: College Crest, 18, Jessie Leep; London, 55, Mrs. Newton; Rlverroad. 50, Mra. Pirtle; Zion, Mrs. Ruby Mathewa; Cushmnn, 52, Nellie Iep; Mabel, 25, Mra. Chase; Alvadore. 18, Xfrs. Morrow; Bethel, Mrs. Michael. Honor Fraternity Elects Members A group of ten newspapermen were elected to associate membership in Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalistic fraternity, Thursday by members of the local chapter. Those elected follow: Jack Biadioe, McMinnville Telephone-Register; A. K. Voorhies. Grants Pass Courier; A. L. Crookham, city editor of the Oregon Journal; S. H. Winch, manager of the Journal; Frank Appleby, LnGrande Observer; Oeorge Cheney, Enterprise Record Chieftan; Ben Litfln, The Dalles Chronicle; Jennings Suter, newa editor of the Oregon Journal; C. J. Gillette, Forest Grove Times. The following students at the University of Oregon were elected to active membership: Cecil Snyder, Eugene; Rcott Milligan, Eugene; Joe Brown, Redmond ; CJa retire Craw, Portland; and Leonard Delano, Portland. Vespers Program Ready For Sunday Program for the UnJvendtv of Ore gon vespers program to be held Sun (Mr. Jan. 13 at 4:30 p. m. at the school of music auditorium will be open to the public. The doors will be closed promptly at 4:30 o'clock since the affair is to be broadcast over Eugene radio station KOKB. Rev. Ernest M. Whitesmith. TMtstor of the First Unitarian church, will read; special music will include a contralto solo by Agnes Petzold and organ mimhers hy ,Iohn Stark Evans, associate dean of the school of music. FEATUF i' t- ii vrtnv i- 11 f & T lew bujiw if the steel shares, based on reports of unusuallj farorable trade ounditioDs. festured the IrreiruUrlj higher price movement in today a etock market. The announcement ot a new puum. ...M:. L.U:.. n.nan hv .T . P. Morgan and company interests re vived speculation ior mo buu iu tlie power and liht stocks. Commonwealth power and American water worka quickly advanced iVt points, the former to a new hinh at 117 3-8, and aeveral others moved up a point or two. ... j if I.-. ww.nli tulrlnv mummed rather large proportiona in the late atteruoon, wiin o- oieei CY eral other leaders droppina back a couple of points from their earlier hirh flmirea. the Motors, especially tleneral Motors, showed increaaed heaviness. In the meantime a uanniui of stocks --fleeted confident accumu- t-.: -.0.,1t;. In niivanma nf 4 to fl points In I'ere Marquette. Ildlmn Steel, l olumoia uas aou wn-un, American Steel Foundries, and Beechnut packing. Commonwealth Power ne 10 points to 123, a new high. The cloning whs irregular. Sales approximated 4,500.000, aruO cm ' ina utiuiu " - - eating machine on eiactlj the same prinaple. .l.hfs Among me - "l was one row which had come down . v Aava am which irora pre-iu""u ,""7 -r still is legal standard in the Chan nel islands, aitnousn m - There were weiguio , rocK-cryBiai, tuia. -u CTiinese balance of Ivory which would slip into a vest pocsei, t. vT" ' u- 4 n1ann mrtnil.r Well! itS. grHpiiM m m.n.. ... --D weighing hundreds of tons. Brie.-Gen. White Will be Honored Officers and men of the national guard units stationed at Kugene and Springfield are planning a dinner for their membership and reserve offi-cera in thia vicinity to honor BriK. Gen. George A. White of Salem. . The event will be held In the Eu-gene armory on Tuesdsy, Jan. 15, at (i. HO p. m. Progress Made in Power House Work 11 I. 1- nAri.aeHnv An th. HP1T power house of the city of Eugene -u- u-L'.n.i- oa with fniindfl- un uie juncuiic ...v., .-- tions completed and concrete floor poured. .... n;u;nM rrm .nil cnnnults ln- staluition were necessary before the floor could oe poureo. J. W. McArthur, engineer for the water board, has just returned from T),1.HJ vkan, n Annferred with engineers on details of the power nouse conscrucuou. Wool Growers of State Optimistic BAKER. Ore., Jan. 11. W) The annual convention of Oregon Wool Growers' association opened here today wit hmore than 100 attending. Talks by leaden of the group sounded a note of optimism. The growing cooperation !(, the sheep and cattle Industrie, commented upon by Mac HokeI Pendleton, In response to w.!-- address by William Duby, of cattle association Reports of PrcsTJeuTTi""?; "(I' " snd Secretary W. A. Holt, WflS the spirit of optimism. MADE IN EUOENK Rubber Stamps BY THE VALLEY PRINTING CO 76 W. B ROADWAY PHONE476 Call us for your repair work, our 17 years elect rical experience is at year service. ' ihins ELECTRIC SHOP PORTTANT), Ore., Jan. 11. OP The doors of the Golden West hotel, one of Portland's most prominent negro establishments, failed to open today. For last night, fifteen government operatives, armed with crowbars, picka and other Implementa of destruction, visited the hostelry and barred doors fell before the onslaught. The place waa closed, and W, D. Allen, its proprietor, was under arrest today on a charge of maintaining a nuisance. The federal agents said much gambling paraphernalia waa gathered in the raid; that a gambling game was broken up and $'200 waa confiscated as evidence, and that dice boxes and decks of cards were found. Modern Scales ! Changed Little From Old Ones TNTK)N, Jan. 11. U.R) There Is little or no difference between the scales used todhy and those used in the day of ancient Egypt, judging by an exhibition in the Science museum. South Kensington, recently. Illustrating the history of weighing as far bao,V as Is known, a steelyard used by a ltoman butcher identical to the orient-day "meat purveyor," waa on snow. Modem scales of nickel and en- ; amel, with multi-colored dials, on , which the weight can he rend In an Instant, stood) side bv side with mod els showing that centuries ago Leon- ( The Willamette Furniture Co. IS NEVER UNDERSOLD! Eugene! Leading Davenport 8tor Lftrgefjt Select I re-Very Lowest Prloea on Davenportal It will pay you to come in and see us for your furniture. Willamette Furniture Co. On Corner of 8th and Olive Streets isaejrw ',T w' ; HOW TO STOP FOOO -FERMENTATION In Stomach and Avoid Sourness and IndlQMtlon !f Is gas. formed by fermenting, that after meal bloat yur stomach, cunning siriirness, heartburn. -Villm", unoomfortsbli fnii. and pains of indigfaiti,,,, iVnga, tumach tonics and ariificial diget-tenti like ppp-tin fail to give satis-fa.-t.i-y relief becsiixr they hav Httie or n. effect on the ntomaclt acids that bnvp been provrd to be the rea.1 ,mie of g-.t.T stonmch and practic-ily H indigestion. Insfend an ab-!hisetv pur nnt-acid or nentralii-In sgent yhdiid be uned after mewls to lieutrrtltre thi dmigerom acid in the stomach, and undoubtedly nothing could be better or safer 'for the purpose than pure ftimirated Mag-T!?i Ton can obtntn from mv r.mhI drug store In either powder nr tf'!et. and in irot cncs a te-iNv,,i,i'ul of the lewder, or two tab-U't mKen w;th a little wter after '-xmU mil suffi.ient to instantly nemrsbre e,Ttstive aridity of the stofsch. s!cp and prcTi-nt premature "'Hrng and fer mentation of the 'd snd permit a norms!, painle ds:e4i..n of ihjt(er t.mi hsve eaten. Trv ti ninip pra4crptton and be !; hiMt w-!r our entire freed U. of O. Group to Leave For Orient Tire Tniverslry of Oregon men stu-denta compost nc an orchestra headed by .lack Reynolds, will leave lCugene Jan. fc't. sailing for the orient on .Inn, on the S. S, President Pierce. The group, who will enjoy the cruUe while being entertainers on the ooat Include: Jerk Remolds. Clifford Mtrd. -ene Hurt. Mervin rury and Al Woodruff. They will return to Ku-rene In time to take up their studies at the university for the spring term, but will meanwhile have visited China. Japan, Philippines and Hawaii. Eugene Group Will Go to Scout Meet Annual meeting of the Pprtngfield council of boy scouts will be held PHdsv evening. Jan. U at 7:"0 o'clock in the Springfield chamber of commerce rooms at 7:30 o'clock. A delegation will be present from Kugene. Among those going from here will be C U. Clark. Lnne executive Nelson F. Macduff. K. C Merrill Or. W. E. Motley, and W. N. Wint-lef Mr. Clara, will spend next Tue-dsy at Cottage 11 rove and Junction City arranging the annual meeting in those cities. Vestrymen Named j By Episcopalians The annual meeting of St Marv j Kpmcopsl ehinvh held Wednei- idav night. Tr. M. I York ee.-te..j ; senior wsrden, accorihnc to Hev Kredeni-k O. .tennincs. rector. Other "'r-trtinn choen for the 'eir sre iTm llreenwood. Frank Pace V T Sm. Kred tlerot. T . Oerow j Prank INlner, Ije it. (.e.trce V tT- bert and Harry 1L Knight. ALL MAKES e Typewriters - SOI o Rnred Repaired ije! Our Prices Eugene Office Equipment Co. Z? E. Broadsy phona The FINAL Cut On COM3 ORES Out They Go Every One! DRASTIC SURPRISING COMPELLING REDUCTIONS Big Selection of Ml Styles and All Sizes to Select From . . . ST ft EUGENE'S GARMENT SHOP 957 Willajnette Eugene i " mitUWninfu..nvntfnm Ml1'" HWr" e oe c era O CO O O

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