Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1952
Page 10
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,Tf f M. . M, •rr»n««m«nt, MM. SflmueU mid Mr«, Jewel flttrfcft wHI b« High School PTA JC**c«liVB Botifd will rtiwl TUB*motoring «t it) w'ctwh nl Of Mi% Alh*rt O fdfrnt, All otftotf* »ml chairmen AH- urged to intend, John C'aln Chuptfcf tit of Arnefk-nn ttftvottitton Wit) have IfH-lr fMji»l»if rnwthly luncheon, flu-Minn «t the Barlow ffotal, tfov, ,18, at \1t-M, Mr#, H, A, Knftrr o* Plho niiiir, Htnte roaeni, will be prlnoipal xnosker, Ho»t«*»«J> wilt bfi Mr*. Mnyrl Sjwnccr, Mm. Rob* «rl I,«Or«ni» ( Jr,, Mm, Bmmnt Wlfll;im.i, nnd Mr«. Dick Wntklns, Thursday, November 13 Hop* BiulrtPM and Prater Womnn'H Club will have it's birthday dlnnor meotlng on AB flf PEO will Tuesday, November il. «t 3 |),tn, Thursday. November 13, at 7 p.m. at the homo of Mr», t" V. Nunn n ( «t 4Q(J 6<n«M1 Kirn. Barlow Hotel, Thl« U thi» Mn. Lftnt-oy H|mt»»» will b«» |f>»» t« Tfl« Mrt, Ow»n Club it, nt Will I/* Xttth nnnivargnry of the locnl club j and nil rnembitrft jtrt> urtfed to ot* •, u>nd Saturtlfty., Nov»mb«r 1R The VFW Auxiliary will hold a , A, A, Hulbert, profirxuri iHo<r,M»nmaB» fifilu B«t«rdny, Novt-itih will present Mr, Stmllrtn'w in, In front (if Iho N^w Thcnlcr, Cook who will fllvo tin IMturp on GtiiwWa*, ! Any November 1« The OflAnn Wise Garden nub Will m«ct November t?. In lbfl club ro0m nt 8:80, Mr*, Curlton Ham- twin nx hentoM «nU Mrs. Hoy Bur to a* to notrwifilng to *<w, BiAw Lilac Cluti will meet «t Uw home of Mrs. Truila Coffw pit W(?dnr«d«y. Ni<vr>rnbu 12, nl (a Ui lirlnu « - ,,r. r.M t»-m* ^^w^^WJJn «J***3'£*'™*E*^. hnvlng rummage, prnsA It nnd bring It to Mm, Fenwlck, Jr..' or call bofora Mint dura Osborn Hottoti to Nandlnn Qardtn Club Tile Nundlnn ftnrditn Club mel Thursday rilKht, November 8, Jn tin home of Miss Clara Osbom with Mr*, J'hinln Hcrrlnjt as co- After HIP provident. Mrs, Henry JjVnwlcik, ealletd the .minting to urdtr, tlm c v lub . wn» road m if* LAST TIMES TO&AY "1 !• „, iv:' ?i e& J lrytitim nrihH $«*$& ,- *hMW 5 »f Strkl, "Block Hawk" t« ?! Col»r Cartoon SvU ss,n .-MON. unison, Tho club voted to buy a biwk on flower arranging for the lrflvf:|lni{ prlxc, Arrangomehta for thl* mtitith were to be Chrtalmaa tnbl« ftt'coraUon*. Mr*. Hcrilnrt won ftrjft place, Ml«» Onborn, »cc- ima, nnd Mr*. Billy Jo Scale, third. At tlio cloxo of ttui meetlnK, the «<!i'v«d a Kandwlch pinto wltli I coil drink* to 'eighteen Arkansas Has Share of Farm Cooperatives By HSSWARD BUTTLE Th« New Era Wnthlngton Bureau DOROTHY DIX What to Give G, I.? By DOROTHY OIX DEAK MISS DIX: My problem I* one that t am sure facet many other young people. I Iwvo been with a boy for over a year. WASHINGTON, Ark«n«A« hue In fl ' cw w««k» he will celebrate ft* full share of <-m^rfe , dolne a thriving business '""'L^vleo which cuts a limit on hn» been seriously threatened ^-i*« rvl00 - wnlcft P ul * a umlt on new toxetlfn, as proposed In the (.ant two «e«slon» ot the federal Congreii. The fight In Con«re»» agalnd fn.'m cooperative* ha* be«n ipear- h ended by an organization calling Itself "The Notional Tax Equality AduoeliHiott," This organization has what I can buy. A SOLDIER'S GIRL Minimum Wage Sought By Educators LITTLE ROCK <*> - The Arkan- sa.« Education Asitoclation yesterAnswer: Your gift should something of comparative permanence, as I presume you'd like him to havo It as a keepsake. It can't be tno expensive, or too personal. ' Those are your limitations. Tho day temporarily be weighty problem collected larse immu of money j pofglblllties beyond them are quit frum certain Interr-sU opposed to thi> present tax *«l-up on farm cooperatives, and has been avidly (.'arrylnn on what It t"rrns a "campaign of education," Those donating to this "campaign c.f education" flKalnut the farm co operatives hove been deducting VFW Auxiliary H»« Meeting Tutoday Th« Vr-'W Auxiliary met Tuos- tiny, 4, »t 7:110 p.m. for ci'gulHt' meetlnn, which won culled lu order by the president. Ml 1 *, Tlxiinus I-'t-nwick, Jr., nnd Mr*, l^yie MoMiihen. vhoiiluln, !«»• their contributions from their In camo tax os "educational." Prop«Q»nd«, Not Education But first the U, S. Tax Court, thon the U. S. Court of Appeals for Die Elyhth District, and now the Court of the United bos decided that those con tfltoutlon* to NTKA arc not for "ed ucatlonul" but for "propaganda" purposes — and an such are not deductible from Income for tax pur poses, This decision of the highest court in the l&nd will put quite a crimp In the determined drive against fflvrn cooperatives. These coopcra tlves, which are the very antlthe sis of statism In state .socialism, because they are entirely controlled locally, have been doing a splendid ob In building up the strength of .hi- Illlie frames against such 'arerplng soslalls/n" as the Bran i.-in Plan. They may now go forward without the Damosletian word of punitive taxation hanulni! uiivlly over their heads. At least IKIs Is the opinion of ex- in Washington who have kept passed the f adequate teacher salaries to outsiders. But Saturday, post* and can be broken dowft Into about six categories; 1. Heads and assistant heads of departments, In this group are the Cabinet members — the secretaries of all the departments,—artd U.eir undersecretaries arid assistant serrctarii . 2. Others li, the departments, They include the general counsels .•of. each department. Each depqf- "° ment has a staff of lawyers and toe general counsel is top lawyer. No. 2 also includes ambassadors and mlnist'esr, and such jobtf as dl* rector of geological survey, com 1 Next 2 Months to Be Busy for Eisenhower By JAM£3 MARLOW WASHINGTON 1*1 — Since moves into the White House Jan. 20, Gen. Elsenhower has a little over 2'/j **nonths to get ready for the presidency. One ot his first and most tick-, ^issioner of reclamation, commls- ' ' problems is naming the right sloner O f Indian affairs, director men for key government Jobs, such as the secretary of state and the secretary of defense,. Who will be it gave emphatic notice that a $2,-I members of his cabinet. 40(J annual minimum wagn is Its 1'iea of a satisfactory rnlntion. Purltitt the buslneiw session the pump voted to have u rummag «nU>, Haturdny, November Ifl. The mcu'tlng was'. closed with pruyei- by tho chaplain. Coffee and dmitthruits were serv- vtl by the hostesses to tho twelve member*. Mm, Chariot Taylor Guest at Circle 3 or W8C8 Circle 3 of WSC8 of the First MctluntUt Church mel Monday, No- V«rnbor 3, at the homo (if Mv*. Pit-It Walking. RIvH, J, M, lUirbln, leader, opened the mooting with prnyor. HC-JJ- UlHV liaslnt'SH was cunduuted anil il was docklod that tho met'tinw «' Circle 3 will meet with Mrs. R, K>. Galloway with Mrs. I, U Tonley tin i$ue«t Mrs. S«m Witrnmvk, for the nfternoon, rend tho hymn, "Mid AH the Trnfflc.of the World," and gave n tnlk on "Blvss- wt Arc tho Poor |n Spirit." Mrs. Clmrlos Tuyloi-, guest speaker, oht»8i' for her subjevt, "Ambnssa di»-8 fov Clu-ist," tcl.UnK ot tho Wcs INirsill.1 IVAN-EDMUND GWENH I : s BUM: • SiiGI PFRRFAI) leyan Service Guild work. She cou eluded her spoech reading th« We* U\vnn Guild Hymn, Mrs. Ada Talley closed tho meeting with prnyor. The hostesses assisted by Mrs, Urcoy uud Mrs. Lmiterbach scrv cd do»8«rt ami hot coffee to fifteen nnd two visitors, Mm. •KtoiW and Mr*. Taylor, Coming and Going Mr, Tommy Xacom and child ren, AUce, Nancy, ,!sylvla, wne lUiw«ixt, and Miss Pats; were guests In the home Mr. und Mrs. W. K. Snundurs ay and Friday. J, R, Prator and dftughtor Caiiil>'n, of Anchorage, Alaska, ur i-ly«d Thursday lor « visit with h«i mother, Mrs. Mnry Pullard, und , Mrs. Dannie Hamilton, Mrs. Is the former Agatha Bul- extensive, You need not confine your gift to something he can use v;hlln In service, since he will he! Lnc!( In civilian life before too long, and perhaps would appreciate something he can anticipate tilting then If he has a hobby, buy something In that line. For other suggestions: wallet, pipe, cigar teetcaso Or lighter, personally blended tobacco, writing case, leather folding phflto frame with, perhaps, pictures of you and a picture of his mother. If he's away t,t camp, nothing will be more appreciated than a home-made birthday cake which con be packed h popcorn, boxed, marked fragile, ,md will, surprisingly, travel quite nicely. DEAR MISS DIX: Duo to poor litalth I have taken up golf. I like being outdoors. The problem is that It leaves my wife very much .ilone most of the time. We are until employed and have no children. TIM As some 7,000 di-logates opened (ho knows, without reading any the AEA's annual 2-day convention more history than that of the past lonely In touch with the form co- upvratlvv Hlluatlon, amon« them at east the Supreme Court decision Is >eing hailed us n significant victory or the cooperatives, and a boon ,o their progress and Advancement. Test Ca«t) Interesting The Supreme Court's decision come In a denial of n writ of cer- ,lorl to the Huberts Dairy Company, of Omaha, Nebraska, .for n •evlew of UK famous tux deduc- Ion cau.se. This company had exhausted all eanl means, short of the Supreme 2c<urt, to avoid payment of federal income tax en $7SO.OO contributed to the National Tax Equality As- '•'oclallon, '4wo yours the U. S. Tax Answer: What In the world is the matter with your wife ploying yoll, too? It's on ideal sport foi people situated us you are. Or are yi;u afraid she'll prove a better player than you? DEAH MISS DIX: I'm 1C and very fond of a boy 10, whom my father has forbidden me to date. I don't know why. He's the only boy I've dated and I would feel terrible if 1 have to give him up. DISCOURAGED here, the organization's ruling -Oiincil on education puts its firm Approval on the $2,400 minimum salary for teachers with bachelor's degrees. Put a:, the snme time, the powerful, policy-making Council ordered the AKA Legislative Committee offered charting a course of action le attain the goal in thi General Assembly. Tho Council wants to get a better look at the politic.'! 1 atmosphere when the Legislature convenes next January. And, 1. c K i s I a t ive Committee Chnlrman H. H. Cole of Magnolia toV. delegates that it would be impossible to draft a practical pro-! grain a! this lime because so many lay and civic groups are studying school problems: The convention adopted Cole's motion to authorize the Executive Committee to call the Legislative Committee into emergency session to draft its program after the various surveyc have been completed. The delegates spent most of he opening day in meetings of small groups. Then, last night they got together to hear a Colorado educa- toi assail a "national organized attack" on public education. Dr. Harl li. Douglass, director of the College of Education of the University of Colorado, charged of the Bureau of Mines. 3. Heads and assistant heads t independent agencies. A couple O. | good examples here are the He« cunstruction Finance Corpi lion and the Civil Service mission. 4. Others in independent agert"; four years, how much damage a cies. For example: the comrfti: poor selection can do his adminls- sioner of education in the Federa He'll have to rely on them for guidance In the year ahead. And Iratlot). i Security Administration and th Because they've won control of'director of locomot.ive inspection both Congress and the executive j in the Interstate Commerce Corn- branch of the government. The Re- mission. publicans will be able to name people to a lot of jobs. Miscellaneous boards and com' missions. Truman There are two main kinds of i special groups as the jobs which the President can fill £ i . vert ,.. n ?± by appointment. In one kind he can appoint a man for a certain number of years, fixed by law; in the other kind the jobs ore "at the pleasure of the president," meaning the president can give them and take them away.when ho pleases. White House researcher said there are about 060 jobs "at the that the attack is being waged by American Me r c n r y magazine: Allen 2.cll, president of the National Council for American Education, and other groups. He urjfed that the teachers embark on a program of public re- lutions extending beyond the mere school own hands, you should abide by Jard, Mt. and Mrs. Walter Locke- and daughter, Caculyu, ot Mugnoliu, arc \vookaiul gwsts In Hope and at tended the' Hope— Magnolia toot- ball «ume Fvlduy Mr, and Mrs. Alvin Jordan and rhtldwi, Joyce, Shirley, unit Unda, and Mr. «nd Mr«. Uobcrt Jordan ot GarUind, Te.xas, ar« the gucstx ot Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hospital Notes AUmUUil: Mr. Cdiwson Rill*, ot Saratoga. Mr«. Wayne Huckabee, Taylor, Ark,. Mill. Walter McKl- n ilo4*i, Mr*, A. C. >>urt held the contribution } was "non-deductible," because the ob- |«ctlves of NTKA wore to "carry on propaganda and otherwise in flvcncc legislation" within the o( section 23 (g> (2) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tho tox court decision was later confirmed by the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth District, St. Louis, Mo., April IS, 1952. The Court held that the NTEA in 1043, the year it was orgutmcd, and in subsequent years has engaged in. "propaganda primarily to persuade Congress to enact legislation unfavorable to cooperatives." 'n denying a writ of ccrtiorl in this case, the Supreme Court In effect has declared thai the decisions of the U. S. Tax Court and the U. S. Court of Appeals must slnnd, and that the millions of dollars contributed to NTKA and other orguni/ation sfor propaganda purposes, in tho name of "education," must henceforth be taxed. School Construction Advancing In the past throe months, the Defense Production Administration aiul the National Production Authority at Washington have approved tho release of critical inuk'rinls to commence construction on BUT elementary and secondary schools and 99 college and university projects, to cost $330,- oqo.ooo. Those figures, foi the entire country, including Arkansas, when broken down show $287,3a7,098 for y and secondary schools, and $40,080,291 for college and university construction. Lust month alone, materials were released for the Wonder State in the sum of $3,500.000 tor twelve , Jn September the figures 901S.OOA for two projects. full Sp««d Now These figures from the Civilian Education Requirements Division of the Olfici- of Education, indicate thai at lust the school building pro- ot the country can expect to go tonvfrd. full speed, without be in* retarded by rod tape und lack at approval of critical materials in your parents' decision. I'm sure they have a sound reason for their decision and will tell you what li Is If you will listen patiently. .There's no reason, for you to feel that life has passed you by simply because, at 10, you aren't deluged with dates. They'll come fast and plenty any day now or later. DEAR MISS DIX: For sometime I have been baby-sitting for a very nice couple. They want me to stay with them, and I'm sure I would like it very much. I haven't said anything to Mother and Dad yet. informiiifr of patrons too young p,.,,^,^ as into your tho ()pptsition- The AEA's stand on the $2,400 I m 10. R. M. Answer: You would be a very foolish and ungrateful child to leave .your parents' home because Someone offers you a few extr.i attractions. These people are nice to you now, but living with them day in rfnd day out might prave more trying than you think. S'.;,v w.th your own Mom and Dad. DEAl'. MISS DIX: The wife of one of my sons has been goinu out with another man while lin- husband is working nights. Should D&ghargeci; Mr,s, H. IS, NcCnr a And b^by boy. Mr. am) Mrs. W«lt«r McKlver boy. announce the «rlv*l of Mrs, A, C. tho mtvftl «t ft SanUra, Butt*rfUe« h«v« b«#u Ux an effort to »nd by team tell my son? A.W.M. Answer: Before you go any fiir- thcr, 1 advise that you consult your pastor. Knowing all parties, l-c is lit a better position to te'l what would be the best course. Carrying tales is never a roll of a mother-in-law; your son is as apt to be as resentful of your ctn- duct us your daughter-in-law. DEAR MISS DIX: I am a boy 14?i- Do you think I am old enough to date? D. J. Answer: Generally speaking, no! There might be exceptions such as a dance or something else in scnool, but I suggest you postpone dating for at least another half year. DEAR MISS DIX: A friend who is SO yours old would like to adopt u child. She can afford it, and the child would have a good home Can you tell her how to go about it'/ T.T.H. Answer: I am almost certaui that it would be impossible for jxur friend, at her age. to be given •u child in adoption unless directly minimum wage was part of a leng thy report by the Educational Policies Committee, which recommended, among other things: (1) opposition to federal control of federal funds to aid public schools; i2> single salary schedules based on training, experience and teach- iiiti-louds. and CM higher professional and" educational qualifications for teachers, including n min- of such singers as Tony Martin, Tuni Arden and others. She had been working as a model until lost summer. Then she told her father that she thought she could sing. He took a listen, and a& he puts it: "She discovered herself right under my nose." Since then the father groomed her for a professional debut. Local Clitics did cartwheels after her Mocambo opening. Joanne combines a little of the the Presidential Commission on the Health Needs of the Nation, and the President's CommiHce on Equality of Treatment Armed Services. 0. International These involve men appointed nt the pleasure of the president to bi; American representatives in such groups as the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the International Bo, dary Commission United States and Canada. But there arc a number of other very important government agon cies whore the top men were ap pointed by President Truman or even President ,Roo.scvelt fixed number of years and can't be replaced by Ei ineir term expires. Tiie fiom a mother herself. A following the outbreak of hostilities in Korea, Uv« i. vi tiding program throvigh- uu« th« ^-ountry wuai for a long pe* nod of time stymied, In the n»effort u> build up a «' criUcal war muterials. U is «$ tunatetl her* that this program $ven now is about two years b* hind schedule, accounting tor much ot Ui« school-crowding throughout lite available far adoption today must be assured of two parents in most. U not alt. states. She can s«*k further information from the Family Service Association or oth- !«• counseling agency, to be located through the local telephone book. in the Office ot Educa- Uoa h«re and In the DP A believ* th»t, b«rrlng aity expansion of the Korean warfare, the nation should catch, up with its school-building program in Mine tor the opening ot schools in 1993- Hot to Ntw TcitvUioti fir*t was inUo<iuc*4 i ire^ulur public set-vie* ia 1998 ris«d an ft Uv« Fed*r*l Top Radio Programs NEW YORK (Jfi — Saturday night: NBC — 7 Bob and Ray; 7:30 Dude Rtwch Jamboree; 8 People are Funny. CBS — 6:30 Vaughn Monroe; V Gene Autry, 1:30 T»r»i«n. ABC -4:15 Women in Uniform 1 D»nttw« P«rty; 9 Music from Kouston. MBS — «:SO Down You Go; 1 Twenty Questions; 7:90 Tbeatei- of Aur. iuyU«Uon -*!» »• MBS- Saturday* November 6, 19S1 02AM IKI ty Chlek Yay*| BlONPIE. I S1MPLV HAVE TO USE THAT PHONE RIGHT NOW.' EXCUSE ME ONE MOMENT CLAWA CUA(?A. NOW, WHAT t WERE VOU 7 SAVING? I PROMISED THE 9OSS I'D CALL HIM AT I'LL BE FIRED THIS SHE WORE THAT SAME HAT LAST VEAf? . IS TH' BEST SOUTHPAW PASStft . IN YEARS/ By Michael O'MolUy and Ralph OUT OUR WAY By j, ft. Williams Answer to Previous Puzzle I'M MOT \ EVEN STICK1M' \ AAV MOSE OUT OF THI5. 1 ROOM TILL. ( 1 CnfcT TEN \ CAT2TDONS ) DOME.' d MORE COFFEE! WELL,THAT'LL BE AT LEAST TWELVE CAM'T ^OLI 6IVE A LliiT OP WHAT YOU'LL, MEEP FOR AT LEA<=.T A HALF HOUR? HERB "SIX MATCHES IN THIS BOOK'LL HOLD HINA TILL 1 R.UM r>owN no TH' STORE.' In New England AROUNC7.THE CAFE- /60IN& UP A\AkBS J TO WATCH GCxSt? K>Y AMP &TAV C*OOK$ LIKE FUB£ N A 5U&APT BOWL/ 50MB OP OU!* HORIZONTAL, 3 Mimicker MEN WILL STAKT PWPTIN6 IN EARUBFt 4 Symbol for nickel INew Hampshire is ao DOWM ACvMM TILL HE THINKS OF AT LEAST TWO 6 Years between 12 and 20. 7 Domestic slaves 8 British South Africa (ab.) 8 Emend 27 Calf .meat 46 Fence doors 10 Passage in the 28 Social insects 47 Measures of 13 Grumbles 14 Bristles 15 Poem 16 Cognizance 17 Turn aside 18 Existed 20 New cloth 48 Tumult 49 Donated 52 Poker stake 53 Penal decree 54 Steamers (ab.) 56 Compass point 58 Entomology (ab.) 62 An (Scot.) brain- 30 Assam •u, m «d • • 11 Female horse silkworm Hampshire is 12 Hardens 31 Fruit skin iLoi ^ »„»„ 19 Lohengrin's 32 Droops 9»A«« tC bricle 34 Fragrant " An eers 21 Sagcr oleoresin 40 Waistcoat 42 One who organizations. WASH TUBBS By Uillo Tu IF'WB FLOWED UP, TOOi KNOW idolizes 45 Get up 33 Legislative body '35 Out at 1 (prefix) 36 Narrow inlet 37 Dine 38 Symbol for ' illinium 3? Wandering 41 French •province *43 Peruses > 44 Injures . ! 47 Therefore fc ; 50 God of war " ;51 Small children 155 Prevaricators • 57 Follower 26 Bewildered NiOMEKJT, THEN. THE RECLUbE be replaced by Eisenhower OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople For example, the Federal Ro serve Board with seven members. *)%( YOUR ATTITUD& W M H AT RK6T t DEEMED IT A DRASTIC CO/WrDOWM TO S.?:} HA.6 CHAl^GEO ) .. ELECTED JUSTlCe OP TKE- )*\ l2l_MCIs£K THAN) PcACe IM6TEAD OF PK£5lDeNiT'/••'•'') FlReMAM COMIMG SOT AFTER ALL, A ') FIR& DOVMM There are others, like the Na \'^— C*UM or~ Deri's ^\uu>r\ \ji-^^>\>wcr I CAM &E-A ^£RITASL& PLUMED —v - ~ -^- 1 I/ i 1 I /" I It* >-^il A Vk\iM-|-r-_ BOuTS AND HER BUDDIES Uy Edgar M i S9 Negative word 160 Idolizes 161 Bridges and Toboy are New nications Commission 5 members, j HOfsSE, KlDiMG DO\MM DARK FORCES = CKl\\£ AMD mss I ft viwiv <sooo O? B ONf\ ,^00 i, V the Security Commission 11 mem and the Interstate Com merce and board members Hampshire's two s 163 Cubic meter 64 Venerates - - ^ HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE VERTICAL 1 Expand in size \ 2 Interpret 8. Main & country Club rd. SUNDAY ONLY First Run Show By Dick Turner CARNIVAL Jose Ferrer Fabulous . . as the one and only . . . . BUGS BUNNY CYRANO de bergerac" VA AUL-eVCAT BUM,YAFD LBTME HAVB IT A MOMENT, SIKE,WHILE I TKV TO RECTIFY THE I'M CERTAIN YOO'i,L- FINP T'PUT STARCH IN N\V HAT.' LOOK A WILTEP/ evenng sequins, By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS MAKE IT«NAPPy.' TfA REAP/ T'OPEN UP/ Co-Starring Mala Powers topped with a white silk mannish type blouse, for her debut. pleasure of the president." The nclude the very top government I TURNER'S GROCERY 723 West 3rd Street Good growing business. Will sell., at inventory: Reason for selling' other business. ALLEY OOP OOOLA/ FOR; VEH...MVGOSH, WMICH* \ V.Vf. «\UEY, I'M ONLY TRYING TO HEAVENS /BRINGING TAGGER IN HERE ) 6EETHAT SOUR KITTEN HAU A SAKE! <\ FOR? YOU TRYIN' TO GUT i\ PLAYMATE" WORTHY OF HER MVCATETUF? J ^ 6WEET,SENTLE NATURE.' r~\ Phone 7-4232 Sunday . COMING SOON "You can't quit, Heggins! In this business that's mutiny!" OLD SANTA IN PERSON By Golbroith Kiddies — Talk to Santo Clous. See his Toys. Watch for date. Mostly a headache! He made a lot of rash campaign promises—and got elected!"/,. CHRIS WELKIN, Plonetwr FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WE'U TALK ABOUT THE COPE NAME MENTIONI?P ANYWHERE; OLD SANTA IN PERSON! ^•{ MASCOTS .DANCES,EMBLEMS,SPECIA.L PRIN/ILS3B5 / THE JUNIORS ARE MAWM'us.SENIORSTHe LAU^H- *v*^x*> NOT BV6N A CITIZEN AMAIZA AOjyAlNTgC? ITH /1PJZIU UUISUJK DRAMA ctus wia COMIN& . JUNIORS' Sears, Roebuck and Co. CATALOG SALES OFFICE , SAD SENIORS i HAVB M«T" A NEAT WA.V Of OIVIN6- QOft CUSS SOME CLASS/ ^ K^W .'•<-.* hffa 60TA SMILE Ol OlBfflTS mu ff fixsL |f you're having all thow r*Jat»W if ftto f$r TM$|(i» b« *ur« to ask Uncli OwiAt ****** styles of Lena Home and Billy years. D.miels, yet comes out like a nightclub Debbie Reynolds. Her father claims he put only about \2 hours actual training on Joanne But her poise in front of an audience is the sort of thing that veteran performers acquire only after years. Gilbert is the composer ot such tunes as "You Belong to My Heart," "Cuanto le Gusta" "Baia," and the Oscar-winning "Sip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah." Gilbert is one of those behind- the-scenes talents who make their- Ijrotcgcs famous but seldom themselves. 'My daughter," he says, fulfillment of all my own dreams of show business. Although Joanne is trovert on the stage, she is very imuni requirement of a bachelor's degree for beginning teachers. The report was adopted unanimously. Also approved without dissent were: 1. The Constitution Committee's report r e c o m m e n cling seven changes in the AEA constitution and by-laws. 2. A resolutions Committee report offering only three resolutions for convention cosnidcration. The resolutions provide for participation by the AEA in a selective recruitment program; authorize creation of a special committee to determine the b;isis of attacks on the ur.hlic schools and teachers, and endorse individual contributions to u defense fund for discharged teachers. Another educational group, the Arkansas State Music Teachers Association, opens its convention today in Hot Springs. The Arkansas Teachers Association began its annual meet- iuS in Pine Bluff .yesterday, Joanne's Story Is That of a Cinderella HOLLYWOOD (If* — Most of Hollywood is talking today about singer named Joanne whose success story combines a lit le of Cinderella and a Svengali. The 20-year-old girl made professional debut only u week ago at the Mocambo, famed strip playground of movie stars und Texas millionaires. On the strength of this first night club stint, Paramount has signed her for the lead opposite Donald O'Connor in "The Big Song Dance" It also earned her smaller shy in person. Gilbert discloses that her one passion before taking up singing was knitting. He will not allow her to appear in formal evening dress, as do most night club singers. He signed slacks i/,V parts in -Forcer Female" and child -Houdim." A few months ago, this girl con- ined hoi singing in the shower, although her father, Ray Gilbert. a fmv.ous song writer and coach

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