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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania • Page 3

Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania • Page 3

Chester, Pennsylvania
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DAILY TIMES. FE1PAT, SOVEMBBB 9, 1617. Fur caps have appeared. (iuard tbe little ones against croup. 1 jtst night was bard on the doctors.

The sewers were severely "--1 A HEAVY large cities eon- i POLICE NBW-- Jantrt was fideoce men torn op regolarly, hut in cities crowded tMs morning with people of both thesbe of Chester, their presence is not so sexes to bwttefhal disposition of the of the colored men charged with aMavJtfug Wednesday night, in Tuscarora often recorded, and' wlien they once get in their neat work they SO.MI dear out. The subject that called for this article, is one of the most successful that has prac- ticed in this place for a tone time. Green, held over from yesterday. He called upon Mrs. t-.

W. Sheaff, George Sumill sworn Saw Green strike officer Wilson with a razor while the officer Hall. The first case called was that of Dennis Tbe country editor is now casting his net for a fat Thanksgiving turkey. Go to Meams', Xo. 213 West Third street, for your cheap boots and shots.

The schooner aground on Little Chester Bar bks succeeded in getting oft AS tbe days roll on fainter and fainter s-iJTgrows tbe Chester Dry Dock matter, st-amship City of Washington will a 4 VJ A.MsW 4 Koacb's for Sew York in about a week. Ko one should go without shoes when they can be gotten so cheaply at Derricksoa's. Sanmel Wrigtey has bought the sttugeon boatSboo Fly, and will put an engine in her. resterday there have been thirty-one in Walkers' Club Room. it has been a year the Centennial International Exhibition closed, yet it seems butjesterday.

There will be a lull in the visits of distinguished men to Chester until the next pout "eal canvas. the rooms at aroused the she kept a The Oregonsteamship, No. 171, now bnild- at Roach's, will be ready for launching in a week or two. The carcasses of dogs, horses, and chicken thieves are said to make excellent fertilizers for asparagus. A small steam yacht bound for tbe Bay, was driven into tbe month of Chf ter creek last evening for shelter.

The Delaware County Advocate has 10,000 readers, having a bona fide circulation of over 2000 copies weekly. home of our mechanics want to go to Dom Pedro's country to help build that railroad Dom is about to begin. The line "Chester is a red letter station on the P. W. B.

R. R-," is kept standing in the newspaper offices of Chester for an emergency. Some of the oldest inhabitants say that we will have a flood in Chester creek one of these days that will cause a fearful destruction of property and life in this city. Mrs. Edward Faron, of this city, who has been ill for several weeks at New York, is improving, but it will be some time ae- fore she wilf be able to return to Chester.

The statement made by a Delaware county paper that tbe monitor Roanoke was being torn to piecek at Roach's is a mistake. Notb- ing has been done to the vessel since she arrived at the ship yard. A fruiter sprang a leak out in the Delaware, yesterday afternoon, and a quantity of banannas, oranges, and other fruit was thrown overboard to lighten the vessel. She was towed into Pennell's ship yard. A number of the members of tbe Hanley Hose Company had a joyful time at the hose house Wednesday night, over some cake and other refreshments furnished by Philip Dougherty, a member who had gotten married.

Sharpless' large logwood wagon broke down at Broad street and Edgmont avenue yesterday afternoon, and the load of wood was spilled in the street. It required considerable time and labor to put things, to rights. The clerks of election who performed Clerical duties at the voting polls in Ward Broomall's building, are indignant because they received only $1.50 for their services, while the clerks at work in City Hall received $2.50. Messrs. Wallace and Chadwick, city councilman, and Street Commissioner Smith, visited the BeRevBe quarries yesterday afternoon.

They report uat the quarry men reiterated their promise to supply sufficient stone, bnt they seem to hpve the machinery necessary. There is a movement on foot have that Up-Jersey stone used after alt. In rewriting an item which appeared an tbe EUrtlt-TlMES on the 3d insu, the Philadelphia Jwttik 'American got things very considerably noted. We stated that one day 1620 bales or 2,925,000 yards or 2,127 miles of print cloth had been from Philadelphia to tbe EddystoBevFMali Works; and the North American.said that that much printed material had been shipped: from Eddystone to Philadelphia. Just the wrong way about.

The last regular meeting or tbe Thornbury Central Lyceum was called to order by the President Mr. James. Sweeney. Hhe ttmutes of previous meeting: were anprowri as read. Charles Barley declaimed "Barbara Frietchie." "Scared out of a Wife? 7 read by Robert Brown, George Brinton read "Pickwick's Dttausaa, a Bed Koom." George Placg sajsc "Yellow Gal Dressed in Blue." a Revolutionary Rising" was read by Miss Kate Tomlinsot), and Stump Speech" by George B.

Brinton. The question, Resolved that tbe Government should pass a law prohibiting the distillery of malt liquors, was debated on the affirmative by Joseph Faddis and James Sweeney, on tbe negative by John Barley and R. A. Brown. The judges rendered their decision in favor of the affirmative.

"(Aoieed, That tbe Managers of tbe Permanent Exhibition should he censured for opening said Exhibition on Sunday, will be the next subject for debate. Bolly Tree Ball, on Frid evening, Iftb insU, CapU B. K. Carter, of the p. it A will deliver a lecture on California far tor tbe bene- of UM temnmBoa wait.

Tin torture will contain information on afl potota of tostttienand tourists, dewtPtieawof d'nate, scenery, camp fife, silver mining, life a sheep with an acooajalof tbe cxmdftkm politicaUy, mamlly and Major east corner of Fifth and Madison streets, for board, about 4 o'clock Wednesday evening. Be gave his name, bnt Mrs. Sheafr does not remember it now, it of ancient Eng? lish origin; produced a written reeommenda- tkra from Black Bife, efted the names of Mr. J. P.

Smith, Messrs. Lewis Parker, and other prominent parties, with whom, he said he was acquaintea, aad held them out for references as to his previous good He knew Mr. SheafTstrade and all about him, claimed intimacy with Messrs. Black A Bra, and when his hoard was demanded in advance, be referred to that firm as his vouchers, and to his Urge trunk which he said he would bring around in tbe morning from tbe depot. Be further claimed to be the new manager of Patterson's mill, instead of Mr.

Stevens, resigned. All of this, Mrs. Sheaff thought sufficient to justify bar in taking tbe stranger, and to accommodate him with bed and board. When the men came home she introduced thfjpew boarder to-them, and when it was time to retire, she consigned Mm to a room with Joseph Owens, a young man that works at Wetberill A shops. After breakfast yesterday morning, the stranger made himself somewhat disagreeable by sitting around tbe house smoking, and trying to go through had hold of the prisoner.

The dbturtwoee was in a crowd of twenty-five, or thirty. When tbe officer was trying biing tbe prisoner out of tbe ball saw some one stiike tbe ottcer upon tbe head or in tbe face. Chta. Kauflman sworn: Was at tbe hall, bnt not ner- the disturbance. Was talking to George McAlear.

Did not see Green, ner any one. struck. Emma Williams sworn: Was at the hall that night. Saw Green eorne into tbe ing room in tbe early part of the evening and brandish a razor about, saj ing he would cut somebody before morning. Don't know anything about tbe assauU on officer Wilson.

After other testimony had been taken, tbe defendant was held in $500 for his AxonutE Smpwiu other shipwrecked crew was brought to the Breakwater yesterday by the Norwegian Oregon, having on board the captain and part of the crew of the hark Zealand'a, which was abandoned at sea October 21st, in 1st. long. 40. Captain Allen, of the lost vessel, makes the following report: We left Quebec September 20th. bound for Greenock; experienced heavy gales and weather rntil October 17th, when we discovered the vessel was leaking badly; cut away the masts and started the pumps hut the leak gained on us; the same day the -vessel rolled over OB her beam ends; four of the crew were washr ed over and lost; we remained on part of the vessel tat three days without water or food, except a dog, which we killed aod October 21st, ship Oregon cane to our relief and took us all on board, and landed us at Lewes, Delaware.

ance at court to answer the charge of assault" of the a horn by the professor of muse. Mr. Sorter, of Oxford, to toad the From Ha power and reaeatblanee to tbe busman voice, aa of this kind to an admirable accompaniment in of a food performer. Wanaa It is Mid that Mr. In Philadelphia Some of his actions of Mrs.

Sheafr, and over htm, but be succeeded in getting into die room he occupied during the night, and stole $35 in money, a gold watch and chain, valued at over $100, a new suit of clothes, a set of gold cuff buttons, a gold shirt stud, a revolver and a pear of pants, amounting to over two hundred dollars. He stayed around until 11 o'clock, when he started for the depot to bring his trunk, and that was the hut ever seen of him. Nothing was known of the theft until noontime, when Mr. Owens came home and missed the above articles. The police were informed of it, but it was too late.

He had gone with his spoils. He was a tall, heavy set ioaa, about 40 years old, with sandy side whiskers and moustache, dark eyes and wore dark clothes. Mr. Owens has telegraphed the number of hfe watch to Philadelphia, witti the hope that tc mar be gotten thew testimony was brought out to tbe effect that the defendant struck the officer and was with a razor earlier in the ever'ng, be was held in the sum of $500 to appear at conn and answer tbe charge. Wm.

Summers charged with interfering with tbe same officer, was held in $300 to answer in the county court. George Potts was charged with assault on special officer Scull. Held in $300 to answer next term of court. None of the parties furnished bail and all were recommitted. NEW MAP OP D.

Scott, of Philadelphia, the well known publisher, it getting up a new map of Chester and surrounding villages on a large state 300 to the inch. The map will he drawn from actual and measuiementa, which has never been' done' heretofore in this dty. It will give the boundary line of properties and lots with buildings on the same, showing which are brick, frame, or stone, and owners' ninm It will he corrected and surveyed to the time of publication. The map will be handsonely colored, mounted on rollers or folding, as persons may order. Mr.

Scott's work and experience art so very weU known that he will no doubt be successful in Chester. A number of our citizens have already subscribed. is ted in this manner. The eveniac lectures a high order. On Monday evealng.

Deatst Dougherty, delighted lite aadtanm with bis deUaeattons of ibeatafe. On Tuesday evening, Prof: Johou- notned a on culture. In which he attanaiad to abaw bow might be taught and leave out tbe tbsoiacy. On Taanday evealng, Hon. Colfax Abraham a Thiileetara, delivered wttfa- ttefemof the course.

Tbe an- dteaee was select aad composed of taeetteeof West Cheater and the nrnuadtaf townsHlps. On Friday evealac, ths WMfcH duties were- closed with by Pref. Bailey. Interspersed wllb vocal moale by tbe Quartette Clttb, and Instrumental music by Taylor's or- Heywood Brothers' combination will appear at Tuscarora Hall this evening. Tbe Port Jervis N.

Y. Daily Union, of October 30tb, says of'this combination: "Tbe Heywood "Brotbersf coomtoation troupe appsaMdat BMtflfonday to a large audience. Tbe entertainment Cheater county alnw to lead In tbe matter of County and feneiatly A. A. XI.

Baaplnaw and praperity Me eo liMllMolu- bly linked with food health, that all tboae aof- fennf with boanenew. eooftw. ookla, try Dr. Couch Syrup and be cured. Price, 35 ATTACK A iwetoe or fifteen rough looking boarded ax freight tomi.aftk*f.

railroad, below Chester, ant take possession. They were onfMuT ofngr brakeman, and repHedbytbrowtngathim and the men on the. engine. The brakeman offered to fight tbe roughs, one at a time, but they declined to deal that way, and for a time it looked as though tbe rascals would take the tra from those in charge. Word was telegraphed to the office of the company in this city, and tbe train started for Chester.

Mr. T. W. Stone, the Chester agent, sent a message to the police headquarters, and officer Stewart proceeded to the Market street crossing with tbe intention of making an arrest when tbe traiii arrived there; bnt the scamps jumped off at Pean street, and escaped. When the engineer saw tbe roughs beginning to leave the cars, he whipped up," in hopes of preventing them from alighting, but was not successful.

An officer, seeing the engine put to its full speed, thought that it had been and was about in the act of turning switch for the purpose of running the train into the marsh, and of bagging" the but recognizing the eagineer be did not interfere with the course of the engine. Traafpure becoming exceedingly bold in was good, one of the best of the kind that has taken place in this village for many days, and every act was encored to tbe echo. Their superb first part and tbe beautiful ballad by Miss Octavia Cavella well deserved the appreciation it received. Tbe "end men" kept die audience in uproarious applause with their new and original jokes. Mr.

J. A. Cresville, on the comet has few equals. Tbe Arnold Brothers were up to their old standard. Frank West with the banjo was exceediogiy funny.

The Cavellas in their German sketches Were superior to anything in their line that has visited this village. Miss Ida Siddons did a neat act with a skipping rope which was loudly applauded. Tbe after piece, not like the old threadbare farcer, was new and spicy, and all tbe char- actors were well sustained. The acting throughout was excellent, and should the Croupe ever return to this place they may be crowded house." This evening the Royal Marionettes will exhibit in Holly Tree Hall. They are well endorsed by the press of other cities, and doubtless they are well worth seeing.

How THEY MISSED night ev- reporters met on the streets had something to say about the heavy storm, all predicted a snapping cold day. One man rubbed his hands and Mid: "Itellyounow this wind is going to bop out and set old Hawkins a-howling round here in tbe morning. Oh my! bow tbe boys will bop around, and wish they hadn't spent so much money in the summer for ice cream, so as they could get an overcoat." Our young men were frightened almost lifeless by tbe prospect, and when they went home they put an extra newspaper on then: beds to guard against freezing to death. This morning was a bright, warm, spring-like day. I A41OODFINE LINEN BOSOM SHIRT For 79 ecnta.

A better one for one dollar. The beat finished three-ply Linen Shirt In the city forai.2S,Mt W.WRIGLEY'S, 363 West Third Stravt. nov9-tr Soutli Ward. SUNDAY SCHOOL fifth anDiversaty of the Third Presbyterian Sunday School will be held on Sunday next at 3 o'clock. In consequence of these there will be no services in tbe evening.

The school will take a new departure tbis year, in that tbe scholars will take in the exercises, instead of adult addresses. AH are cordially invited to be present. air depredations, and one cause of this is a mistafen, misdirected system of philanthropy on the subject of prison reform. It has reduced tbe matter to just this Instead of a fear of imprisonment, instead of tbe exist ence of a salutary horror of that particular deprivation tif liberty which plight induce men to restrain their vicious impulses, tbe prison not only excites no terror, but appears a desirable if not a delightful place. In fact, though it be not a place where a man is settled for six months or a year in a cushioned armchair, with foot warmers and not punches sad pints, fc pretty near it, and tbe life of a prisoner well lodged, regularly fed, and against the uncertainties of tbe material aspects, bet- MUDDY complaint is made about tbe hydrant water being so muuuy.

Just at this time it is due to-tbe recent heavy rains. Notwithstanding, some measure should be taken by the Water Board to furnish more purt water. TTOLLY TKfeE HALL. FOK TWO 91GUTB AND OMB MATUtEE, FRIDAY SATURDAY, NOV. 0 AXI 10, TUB, ORIGINAL ROYAL MARIONETTES, From Great St.

James' Hall, London; New York, Philadelphia, alio at HmnutAttOKAi, BXHISITIOM, Philadelphia-- where they appeared before people. PART 1-- Overture, Orchestra. By tbe celebrated CHRI8TY MINSTRELS, Introducing Songs, Speeches, Walk- Arauuds, Jlga, Choruses, PART 2-- Operatic Selections, Orchestra. PABT 3-- Pantomlc Overture, Orchestra. Presenting tbe Grand Comic, Romantic, Operatic, Meto-DcamaUc Fairy Spectacular Pantomlne, entitled BEAUTY IKO THE BEAST, with Hnmpty Dumpty and Harlequin's Adventures.

Evening performances at Matinee at 2. LEFT HIS following story of love, wedlock'and separation, was told to us by a friend who had lived close by and was cognizant of all tbe facts: For some time prior to September 1st, Charles Simmons, of Bethel township, paid his attentions to a young lady of the same place. His love was reciprocated and his suit was very warmly encouraged by friends, who argued that the young lady was the possessor of a thousand or two. This increased his devotions all the more and made him more anxious for a union of fortunes, as well as hearts. She consented to take him for better or for worse, and accordingly on the second of September they were legally united in the holy bonds of matrimony.

All things went well for about nine days, when Charles asked her to deposit her fortune in his hands, that be might use it to a good advantage. She informed her dear Charles, that her fortune consisted only in her ability to make a comfortable home and to share his care and trouble. This be did not particulary desire, and was very much perplexed when be found the two thousand he anticipated was not forthcoming, and he thereupon left his home, wife, amd all to him that was dear that day. Search was instituted, but failed to bring him to HIGH tide in tbe river and creek yesterday afternoon was unusually high, flooding tbe wharves and washing high upon the embankments. GOOD TEMPI thirty-ninth quarterly session of the Good convention of Delawp'-e county, will be held in Chester next Thursday.

PRICKS: Admission Mo extra charge for reserved seats. MATINEE Saturday, at 2 o'clock. Admission to all parts of the House its cents. Children 1 0 Cents. MAMAOKK.

J. A. MOOBK, PVKKTI8IKQ AGKHT. Reserved seats for rale at Todd and Zook't Bookstore. mrt-st Bio Grande with lumber for Messrs.

Button Anderson. ter tbatt Hiat of many an industrious add Ifffioref. This is wrong. But what iviaedy2 No one can propose a re- torn to barbarities of prison discipline as few generations since, and public opinion would scout the suggestion of there-erection of the whipping post. But if prisons cannot be made unpleasant in some legitimate way, we shall have to build presently many more than we now possess.

LETTER List of unclaimed letters remaining in the Post Office at Chester, for the week ending Nov. 8tb, 1877. Miller Sr Chas Minthall Mrs Em Moore Mrs Mary Morrison LJule MorrteonWm is young wife, in grief came to Alderman Weber's, took out a warraat, and the officers made a diligent search, but he has not since been heard of nor are bis whereabouts known Birch John BayllssJohn Barnes Mary Bates Mrs Man Bates Mrs Mary Bowers Mrs Mary t. Bourn Mrs Mary Cane Bella Cannon Mrs Eliza Casner Ell Carpenter Henry Cooper Pan! Cummins Joseph Carry Mrs Manerj Delaney John Dotujherty Patrick Dougherty Ellen Doman Isaac Donnelly Fay John Gardner James Murray Mrs Megonlgal John O'Brien Mary ODonnell Thomas Parry Phosbe Perrlck A Porter RMMte Samuel Rellly Reunite James Ross Mrs ROSS Tbomas Roblson Marian Shlvely A Man CJIASGE OP change has been made in the tune table of tbe P. W.

B. R. taking effect on Sunday next. Trains now leaving Philadelphia for Wilmington at 6 p. m.

and Wilmington for Philadelphia at 6.40 a. will be withdrawn. On Sundays the 6 p. m. will nm as now.

The train now leaving Lamokin at 0.45 a. m. will leave at 6.55 a. m. and arrive at Philadelphia at 7.43a.m.

The train now leaving Philadelphia at 11.30 p. m. for La- mokin and way stations will leave at 10.30 p. m. A train will leave Philadelphia at 11.30 p.

m. daily, for Baltimore and Washington, stopping at the principal and tbe 11.60 p. so. connection with the New York and Washington Exprr-s be withdrawn. The 11.35 p.

m. Lain Baltimore will leave at 11.10 p. nr A change has also been made in tbe run- nine time of tbe Chester branch of the P. 3TBEKT vary deep and dangerous hole exists at tbe crossing of Seventh street and Barker. Oaly a few evenings ago A flag stone crossiDf ouht to he laced there Ward November Otb, 1877.

Mr. was surprised to see in the TIMEH of last r'ght, over tbe signature of "A Citizen," (if he is one), a communication charging neglect of duty on tbe of the North ward policeman. Does he know that that has the whole North wfd to look after? If be did, he would not call it neglect of duty. And agan, does he suppose tint the officar must tramp all over that farm of Blakefeyt and find where the quarry holes are? If the officer had been within three hundred of that fight be could not have en it. The boys that were quarre ng were not 10 or 18 years old, as Cesar "says.

They were small boys; and as for Mr. A. Blakeley, be has told nothing but the truth. Tbe officer does b's duty, and tbe citifcens of North ward will uphold him. "Ca ar" nld a falsehood when he said the officer's face had not been seen around there.

"A Citizen" sa)j that A. note was a squib. for one, think it would have gone off before his; and so do a great many more around here. That fight occurred while the officer was at dinner. That I I ow.

5 nr- Itstic encounter and did not try to stop it, be is as bad. If not worse, than tbe fiat Juanck. -pUBLJC SALE OF BANK STOCK. Will bemldjat public nale. at the banking house of GEORGE BAKER, In the city of Cheater, ON MONDAY, NOV.

12ft, 1877, At 10 o'clock A. four shares of the capital unty National Bank. B.F. BAKER, stock of tbe Delaware County National B.F. BAKER, Administrate! of Job Bishop, deceased.

Immediately after the sale of the above, on account of whom it may concern, the following stack will be told Share of the capital stock of the First National Bank of Chester. 5 Shares of tbe stock of the Chester and Upland Building Association, first series. 0 Snares of the R. R. Co.

stock. tan Bond Chester Water Loan. aaso School Loan. Improvement Co. no8-3t B.

F. BAKER, Auctioneer. HANGED HANDS--WE WOULD RE- spectfolly announce to the people of Chester and surrounding country, that we have bought the old and popular grocery and provision store of Mesirs. Thompson A Cutler, Comer Third and Kerlln streets. We nope, by following tbe same just and equitable deal- ingsof tbeokl firm, to secure tbe aad patronage of all their customers, and the public generally.

We purchasing goods of the best quality and SELL FOR CASH, at prices low as In the market. Yours, respectfully, nofrdjtrwlt JAME8GA88. OST--A small white dog. with brown nose and ear. The finder will leave it at Farley's Drag store, Broad street.

oofl-M. TSOR SALE, AT A GREAT SACRIFICE --A floe large book case of black walnut and maple, very suitable for a lawyer's office. Tbe case is nearly new and will be sold for half price. Address, Box Chester. noff-lw W.H.MA«TII»,PM.

Scotch terrier dog, jbtfffr, was poisoned ofWal valuable. WEN- WSST CHESTa-a, Nov. 6,1877. MR. EDITOR: This borough, regarded by many hereabouts as the Athens of Pennsylva nla, enjoyed 1M annual Institute excitement last week, and has again relapsed Into its usual state of quietude.

Nearly Awnrfml teachers gathered from the different boroughs and townships of Chester county, tohear words of and exchange greetings with acquaintances. Men eminent In their profession, or supnoMiI to be, were onsent to furnish intellectual nutriment to sweetrfaced school mams and digalfied school masters, white the evening entertainments were supplied by gentlemen of a different class and culture. The principal teachers were Messrs. Joboanot, of New P. Beard, of the California State Normal School; J.

V. Montgomery, of MlltatSYllkfWoraal School; Geo. L. Marts, of West Chester Horsaal Sehoel; aad Prof. Mark Bailey, of Yale CoUefe.

Otter eebool wen, not eawatai In ftxulty of Instruction, threw Ja imaslaaal tM-Mts. The BROOMALL AJtD T. M. BROOMALL, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW, HaveopeMd an office In MARKET SQUARE, CHE8TER7 where tbe latter may be seen every day from 9 o'clock A. until 4 o'clock The former will be at his office in Chewon Mondays and Thursdays, aad at bis of- In Media, on the other of tbe week.


B8IONED ESTATE OF JOHN H. gtrood. Robert Booth, and B. F. Baeha, as John H.

Btrood A and as Indi- Notice hereby given mat the above named parties have made an the ben- em of their creditors to the ttndmtaned. At Indebted to them, or any ofZheu, will or any o7 will pnaeat PERCIPHORBAKfeR, Chester, agai tbcvt Or, WILLIAM M. LLOYD, att and Btsjap Avenue, Philadelphia A -Houses, at iHadelphia. CHEAP toi BOl-U mosieal ewerciata and stature of she te to I AND All kiadsof Jewelry reaalfsJ. 1EWSP4PERS 1EWSP4PERS.

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