Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 7, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1952
Page 17
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&TtfifeaBS682iLJI^_^ , ^ tffc 1^ itor *V ^WlW»»;sf.j ^,^ »' (•^--^^•"-"f-jwvip , KOFI, ARKANSAS „.„„..»,-.AS* horn* bedims, 8 b»th», fire Jl 1 1 iSSS»JhM LAWCASTKIl, P*, e*~Th« Mew >«f»r-oW f«t btill frwn n«nft»y Bphf«t«, to « 'fftftk semiti Ed Deck O'R'rtirtw, who for the world chwifiplon AmeHc«rt t-eoguo club, snld the High Scoring Sooners^Are Big Favorites By CHAWLB8 CHAMBBRtAlN SOUTH BKNf). Ind. i^l - Notre OUT OF DOORS *ith Uome'* Irloh, running a itntt-i taver and the unbraten pitcher will be »»«l«n«d to: omahoir>» Sooner* will rr.eet fur lliw Vdiik'* furrn club *l Joptm.!^ n r ,i ume on the gridiron to Mo,, in the Clam C • « Dog Ctttlng P«tt«rn* By JOB 8TET80N Dog Editor "Hup! Hup, Patch!" Jim called an the third bird In ax many minutes flushed — too wide for a shot, Brier Patch (lid to a stop nnd ii- j i, ik« «»« -'*«rti -> A«-j tr.rirrovv 'iri a I national tclr-vlmi n,tl-j looked over hl» nhoulder with the Under W.OOO. Cft» 7«!MW4. f«,cUU<ro, Mjckfljr Mantle, N«ws lirB |, . I white of his near eye showing in **<•» Vwk »t»r outfielder, nl«6 ftntfttd! Oklnhorrxt nnd It* spllt-T mimic I contnml to the odd black patch PAN8V Wnrttt. MonU «lwe, fi-Ot iBACTlCAikY new Ramfn«ton 82 automatic, Cnn be te«n n( Atur- •kfiy'* Gwit Sorvlca or Phmm ».3t the- mnjor* vl« the Joplln clul».jfj a ,, r ,, [(l lw „( \,. n ^ n two-touch-i thnt «ot him his name. Ditobcdl- Waul* wn* given tho utiUland- ( | nwn favorite In tho country's No. i mice wns not one of hl« fault*. He I»U plojer nwnrd at Shlbe Park!) ( ,, ( riteM of the cloy. i was Just too fant for Jim to may ln*t mimnw for hl» hurling pcr-j Klckoff IK nl 1:30 p. m. CST and'with him in hcnvy cover, and hi* Hll-stnr In nn Ar,n'rlcun Legion GJOOD hay, 7»c per tinlo, Annie Kent, 0 rrtlloR out on Columbu* , fl-3t Uit BROWN lasthor billfold containing |4S find Wentlfkntlon p«por». Oh 11 Swthwcul Wood Products, ; j.- 1 -- -'flf- '•y^" t " i f •-[••*-»'."j»>i I.XJ8T downtown key* with driver's jlctmio, Mrl, Johnny Urownlnu, Koturn to C'ronpent l)rtiB*toro. o-;it Services Offered VB3AHS of oxporlenco In floor unndlng ond finishing. Onto ROB* urn, 0)3 W, 7th. Phono 7-8234. O-ZMm LOCAL And long dlntanco Hnuling. At»o loont rnovlna. S«e Dannie or cull 7-3011. 0-23-1 m QKNICIUL hniilliltf. pppondnblo 2 ion truck*. Any ttmn or nny \vhecc-. Ainu noybeitn «r««« or My. We uUo do lrut?tnr w«>rk, For htfvrmHikm cnll 7-1071 O-Ill For Rent IIOOM duplex opnrtment, tmfur nlHhed. Front nnd back entrance And alusecd in front porch, Ono Block from itchoo!. 423 N, Kim Phono 7-2483, ftfler (I p.m. 7-llfttO. ao-tf T(»rins of not revealed. hl» con* Small College Passers Lead in Completions XKW YORK (/n ~~ A trin of Hlnnll cnllfyo ftirwflrd panning iiiflrkdrvpn, filming for n n«w completion record, havo their «onl In itl|(ht, *< enpiicJIy thrnriu "I 57,000 will | tendency to bore out ahead Instead jttr" Into Notre Dnmo Htndlum. (of ranging alternately to each side A hDrh-ncorlng «ami? is In proit-j resulted In too mnny bird* flushed pi.Tt n* the Irish m.ttt'h thrlr split- j wild. T ntinck o(jnlniit thnt of the Soon-] Jim wns too smart n dog mnn to er«. who lend U't 1 nntlon In bullihaok the dog continually by whist- c,.rryln,'( ynrds with nn avcrnge| ling nnd calling him In. This can of 20.1,2 per jtninc ami nr« No. I; cause any dog to lose his initiative in ttcnrlrtg with 2;)l points In nix j What Jim needed wns n good method for getting Pntch out to the Notre Dnme hns n season record sides without losing his initiative or of four victories, one loss nnd n developing the hnblt of costing to Rice Porker Game is Fight for the Cellar FAYETTEVILI.E — A pair of disappointed, downtrodden and disabled tootball teams will be fighting to escape the Southwest Con fcrenee cellar when Rice and Ark aliens meet here tomorrow nftcr- i nowi. Thc panic looks like a toss-up for ;m Arkansas Dncl's Day crowci of 15.000 to 1(5,000. Friday, Novemfe^r f^lffit Magnolia, Hope Square Off Tonight at 8 Hope and Magnolia square off here tonight at 8 o'clock in Hammons Stadium in what is likely tft a game as be about as rugged scon here all season. From almost any angle thft teams arc rated about even — in past performance aiut In weight. In the pro-season analyses, the| Thc visitors sport a 103 pound team nrnnnK /tmiill with 10/J complotlon«, Don Ooltlob of Sam Hounton Stnto, who tint! net tlio puce oil neuiiou, jit nvcond with 103 und Noel Hoi'- bonttcker of MtisunchunuttN ranka tic- with Pcnn, Oklnhomn hns flvy tilumpsn nod a dciidlockwlth Col- ori'do. ftneh has ployed Pittsburgh, Pitt uli'nncd tho Irish 22-10 while Qkln- homo trounced lhr« Pnnthers 4B-20. 'K'xas \vn» IhtMi' only other com- 4!l-20 4 HOOM iiu'nlHlu'd npnrlment. Kloelrlo rcifrlMynitor, Dnth and Mrs, Judnon, 820 N. Kim. NM-U 4 room duplex upnrt- Clos»!«ln. Phone 7«3743. 0-tU (t ROOM find until, 010 South Kim |l, , Franktltl Company. 7-IH "'" ^ "-'- «•" "- J- .v- v ^ -^ furnlnh«d apurtment, 1 for workshop, 4)u S, tt 4100 111!i (I with 100 E«ch louder h«» two game* remaining In which to nurpnoa the Word of IM completion*, get l««t KMUROII by Andy MacDonnld of C'cn- litti Mlchltinr), figures rulenmnl today by tho NCAA disclosed. Both Oottlob nnd Rcebunnckcr hiivc 1 n chnnec nt ccllpglim the totul tiffTHK. 1 rcriiiil of 2,000 yitrds. Which won set In MO by Connit' Cnllnhnh of MnrnlnHsIdc. Oottlob; nc-uilH ooly H4 yitriln to surpass the Htnnctiml. Ad Rutschninn hns gained the moitt ynrdaiti* ruithlii8-'-l|07fl yard* in I'litht unmet, followed by Loo Lewis of Lincoln U, (Mo) with l.WIO ytird* In mtven conlestH. Halfback Mnc Moore of Sum fteorlnu pass receiver with ten uiiehdnwm, needs one more Til l:i the air lanait to tlu the nil- Imo small collect) record of 11. Colorado Wr.HU-rn State's Vlr«H Sinn id the wont effective punter V'th u 44,2 yard averoKO In thr tooting dopnrlwunt. Al Conwny of hillnui Jtiivrll ranks as the No ccorur in the nntlon with 8H on 1(1 touchdowns. 7-3t & Wanted TENANT houso In «tiod condition, Sultttblo for movhm, Cnll T. S. Wanted to Buy ttf WAW'On« or T\Vo, five room , )iou»ts with biuhi'oom fiiclllttcs utility coiwectlon*. With vn lot , H(ijoluln« for colored 1 , Wrltft Box "K" of Mopo li> *& ouWe Mvctt '"lit, fctlM to Notice iW «$ rw*W»t |vtD»oripUon» to wf {natittilnft twblUhed. chrUt inn rotoi, Chl»flo» ItCynorson City llolU Day Phone, 7-S32H ? JPor SjBltj8i^Ri|iit jfltaOM "IrwnTKd^ouitfrAvatl ublo uruund lOUi, 400 S, Bonnet' Mtr», Kr« Jone*, Scott Store. About 39 million people, about n quarter. jgtVUia iwpulntion of thu Unltqd RiHlen, UveUn pr.no.ur this blggOBl eUle» of. the country. Legal Notice ^ NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HBMP8TEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THIS MATTKH OF THJS KSTATK OS' No, «30 JOHN C. WILLIAMS, deceftdod La»t known ndrtrnss of decedent: Wnsliln«ton, Arkun»o« U«te of dewUu October 20, 11152 An ItlitrunU'ikl dnled Fobrutu-y 20, 1047, \v«K on the 4U( day of No the following week. , however, should not be tnkon too seriously for to- inorrbw'f showdown, Note Dame 'ins woked Itself Into n typical do- oi'-dle lovor nnd U hnrd to beat if nt till, in such o mood. Tho Soonera ore In just as much of n lather. Conch Bud Wilkinson M persorinl friend of Irish coach Krimk Leahy, Is reported to have Marled pointing for Notre Dame three years n|{o when the two- (tiiini 1 , home-nnd-homc series wns flril agreed upon to stnrt In lf)!>2. Oklnhomn, ranked No. 4 nation- .ill) In tho Associated Press poll, ttt more than anxious to move up nn Impressive victory over the Jrhih, currently No. 10, would provide nn Ideal skipping stone,. Undoubtedly, the Soontrs would like to pour It on with n chnnce of looking better against the Irish Hum Michigan State, top-rntcd nn- lloniilly, possibly cnn do when H l.iiH'.H'.s with Notre Dnme next week. Despite Leahy's ability to Ret nn nil-out effort from his lads, sonic ootball experts think OkUihonin in.« the matcrlnl not only to win nit to slam out the worst defeat •ver handed the Lonhy-c o o c lied ilsh. ' Tho biggest victory score iver run up against Leahy's out It was 23-0 by Michigan Stole last yenr, Notre TJninc's worst defeat of all wns by Army, ,19-0, In 18<M Leahy wns In the Nnvjyttncl ho team wns couched' by Edmc», Soever. the rear, Jim had watched springers rang- 1K in trials und was well nware of -the fact that a dog which responds to hand signals can bo wav cd successively to one side, then to the other, or caused to turn by nslriK a whistle to end each cast, tint he could not reconcile continuous Kymnnstics or toodllng scs Top Radio Programs YORK l/fl — Listening to- 7 Hit Parade; 7:30 Music NEW r.ixht: NBC by Mar.tovani: 8 Best Plays. CBS — 7 Mr. Keen; 7:30 Gun Smoke; 8 Mr. Chameleon. ABC — 6:30 Lone Ranger; 7 Crime Letter; 7:30 This is FBI. MBS — 7 Maisie, 7:130 Crack Owls of Rice and Arkansas' Razor- j backs were figured to have strong I tnancea to win the Southwest championship. But now Arkansas lias a dismal record of, only two \v,ns nncl five defeats, one of the victories having come in conference play. Rice can point to only one triumph — not In the confcf- ence — against five lickings. The Razorbacks will be without the services of their leading ball cncrlcr and pass receiver, Full- b.ick Lewis Carpenter, who was injured in the Texas A&M game Inyt week. But Carpenter's absence may offset partly by a return to full spet-d by Porkers Quarterback sions with enjoyable gunning. In Fic-lns: 8:05 Great Day. this respect I cnn well agree with him. Legal Notic* «t Football thw hu«w stretch, ,oid In th« farm flwy to the fcwi the exception of the Unl the 1*11 «?«m to have , we» on their way Seven cr^wn, « tttw h»y« Ittltutlwv ojt «l ttw day IMS, ndmUU'it to probutc us the lust will of the ubovo named rtecedcnt, nnd tho undmtgnvd hus been appointed uxccutov there under, A tiotttfiftV « f the probuto o the will can. bo efti'i-tod only by riliUK n petition within the time pro vldcd by Inw. All pefKonis huvlnji claims attain* the fr»t«le uiunt exhibit them. d'.il % > verified, to the undeuUjnc'd wlthli six inonUiit from the dute of thu first publication of thl« notice, ov they Khul) be forever burred und • ' ' ' the GridPlayoff to Be Aired by Coaches j KITTLE ROCK UP) — Fireworks may explode when two controVer sUil proposals nppeur before th< full mei'Unu of tho Arkansas Alh Idle Association heri! today. The measures would tl> Abolish tbe hlfih school football playoff system n«;\lu nnd i2i kick the Rig Suveit out of state basketball tour- ot Nuvt»mb«i\ CUAIQ WJU.IAMS Esucutor 7U5 Kast Oypvovs Street Louisiana McKtiniiu & McRn«, for E»tt«tt> l»re»cott. Nov. 7, 14 UKQAU NOTICB PROBATE QOURT NOTICES Nctlco I* hereby given that the rt, Admtnlslvatw* h&v* fU«d th*ir ftnd. A«\»u»l Settlements with the ProUftte Quurt of Hempstend Coumy, Al'k»nsa«, {ar And «!fiitl»'n»»tlw\, to-wlt: of Willlwn Administrator of the «»t*te ot Mr«, Ulla R, il«d Ocwber 10. and Pinei Settlement of Hatel McNeill, fi^ecuutx ul the of C, C. MeNelH. Both sutujestkma wen- submitted! to advance of the meeting by member schools, Thu squabble over the tootball plpyoffs isn't a new argument. It tins api/eured on the auetuia ouch .Yi'.'ir sli'.oc ittt ndnpliiMi in liHU. The pluyoffs were ubuiuioned nlto- this u form and reinstated the playoff for championships. AA, A niui 11 take part in the playoffs. The Big Seven — Cluss AAA, — determines its «rid championship on thu basis ot rogu- l«r soustui piny- Tho hubbub over kicking thu Hi«< Sevtn out Of the state basket- Uull tourney has brought stern opposition from the- Association's Ex- Com nut toe. What to do then? Each doR trnlner probnbly has his own method for getting a job done. There are several ways I know of, and perhaps many more I haven't heard of thnt cnn develop easting patterns. In Patch's case I felt thnt tho job could best be done by getting Patch in the hnblt of casting, but staying within ran/c. This can best be done in nn open field, nnd If one with fences or. walls nt the proper width cun be located, the job becomes much easier, If the handler walks up the center of a comparatively narrow field, the dog cnn be swung from side to side by signal. He need not slow clown In the least In these casts and If this is done often enough he will get into a habit which will be transferred to the hunting field. Incidentally, if it is desirable to cross from one piece of cover to another, It is much better to cnlf a dog to heel nnd walk with him to the new cover nnd then cast him off thntv to let him get out nhcad and then try to slow him down until you catch up. It is not consistent to expect a dog to turn It on nnd off. A good clog, like n good football player, only knows fine pace. He's either out there doing his best; or at heel Impatiently nwnlting your signal to do so. I have always considered the sound of the owner's voice to be of considerable importance to a dog when working, and I feel that dogs of the flushing breeds like to be talked to In the field. If you nnd your dog have n real understanding, I think the dog likes to stny within sound of your voice. Thus it's possible to encourage n clog to stay In close in heavy cover by speaking softly. My dogs seem to react that way and will immediately range out further \vJiori I increase the volume or raise the pitch so that they can work still hear their muster talking to them. Distributed by NEA Service oaturclay: NBC— 9:30 a. m. Mary Lee Tnjlor. . . CBS —10:30 a. m. Uwe and Take. Ko School today. ABC — 8 a. m. MBS— 10:30 mar Mrtum. McHanf All-Southwest triple • threat star as a sophomore in 1951 hns been hampered most of this season by a knee injury. However no hns uecn running hard in practice this week, showing no signs o the ailment. Couch Otis Douglas admits tha the whole Arkansas team has beci looking better in workouts this week, but he refuses to predict a victory tomorrow. "What a team docs in praclid during the week and what it doe on Saturday are two diffcren things," he said. Rice has a long list of injurei i players who may or may not se voluntary manslaughter charge* any action tomorrow. They includ u. m. Farm Conference. Man Freed of Manslaughter GRADV, (UP)—R.L. Harkcy, 00, Little Hock, today was free of in- involving tho traffic death of n 90-year old Negro woman here yesterday. Justice of the Peace John M. Jlnrvoy dismissed charges against Harkey in the highway death of Lucie Curry, 96, of Grady. The egro woman died in Desha County Hospital of injuries sustained when she was hit by Ilnrk- ey's auto on Highway 65. Harkey told State Trooper R.H. Torig that the woman stepped in front of his car from the side of the road and he was unable to stop before the car hit her. 300,000 In One The amount of material consti luting the sun is equivalent to 300,000 earths rolled into one, according to the Encyclopedia Britanni- en. inn for man with the weight ell distributed. Thc'line tips at 63 and the backs at 162. Mope has little weight advantage with a 64 team average. 167. pound line nd 160 pound back£ie.ld, : Again the Bobcats will be play- ng n "keyed Up" band which mist win this one to Stay in dis- rict title play. The Bobcats are radically out of the picture al- eady but would like to bolster thfi vin column which now stands at ive against three losses and to dnda build up their confidence af- er iwo straight defeats. Kach team should be fairly familiar with the typo of ball the ither plays. This week the Magnolia seconds downed the Hope Bees by a lop-sided score but the ocal Juniors came through with i decisive win over the Magnolia youngsters, A large crowd is expected for ;onight's contest. a reserve Quarterback Lorpu Fenste maker, Ends James Hcflin and Le Kucka. Halfbacks Dick Moegle Buddy Grantham and Gordon Ke c, and Fullback Bob Garbrccht. If Garbrccht is able to play Conch Jess Neely plans to mov /iis regular fullback, hard-hittin Kcsse Johnson, to halfback to pi more punch in the lagging Owl attack. "When your team has to play in Fayetteville on Dad's Day, you know the opposition will be rug- gerl," Neely said today. "We naturally have been disappointed in cur record to date, but the morale of our squad is high, if our boys keep hustling, we might got a break or two and surprise .somebody. "Arkansas figures to be the favorite but we hope we can win." In addition to Johnson's running, tho Owls rely heavily on the pass- ma of Quarterback Dan Drake. The game could sec n lot of passing. Not only are McHan and Drake among the Southwest'R leading acrialists, but both of these tet-ms have boon notoriously weak on pass defense. How Arkansas' rushing attack will go without Carpenter — who is the key blocker when he isn't carrying the ball himself — remains to be seen. The starting fullback job has been handed to Larry Hoguc, a boy with a lot of straightaway power. Sophomore Kor! Kaiser probably will share tiic position. The Razorbacks haven't beaten the Owls since 1946, when a 7-0 upset threw tho two into a tie for the conference title and put Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. In 27 ^ast games. Rice has won 20 games to Arkansas' five. They lied twice. Probable offensive starters: Rice Bridges LE Tim mons LT Little LG Moore C Lee RG Crockett RT CODY RIVER Copyright, 1957, by Al Cody. Distributed by King Feotuitl Syndleat*.. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press SIOUX CITY, la. — Nelson Lev- 143, Macy, Neb., stopped 141, St ~ den — .Gaby Ferlnnd, 147, Mon- tronl, outpointed Joey Klein, 152, NI.W York, 8. Tn«» coinmlttee claims that if the bin city schools arc kicked out of the stato meet: U) The winner of the Big Seven tw-rney, which now has the status os other district meeu, would be considered the s t it t « chsmpio)) and Class A and B teams would not have an opportunity to win the state's highest cagc» iltle; lit Tuurnament gate receipts Ike's Win Conforms to a Cycle By CARL C. CRANMER Allocated Prett Foreign 8Uff Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's vie- j lory in the United States, putting an end to 20 years of New Deal- Fnir Deal administration, conforms to a swins from the cycle of si*.Mai welfare .experiment in most of the Entjlish-speakmfi world. In the non-English speaking west em world, too, a trend to m erute or outright conservatism is uupurent. As the cleavage between the Communist East and the West has | 1* coins sharper, socialist, leftist IHvid Mitchell, , filed October 15, iftg. 5» Aimudl Hoport Of a like Hen»»»n, of ths person mud e«t*t* Q. K«*\»gan and Bhodie would decline and a new source : jjod decidedly liberal regimes that uf vevcttue would have to be found j sprang up in the depression and Uy the AAA. I pvis»-w»r years have fallen away. Th* -Hate tourney under the! Until ihe Republican landslide In present sptup is composed of two; Tuesday's election, the most start- teams f»xwn eight geographical dis-jimx reversal tor socialism was in ^ » j trtets and the Big Seven, Pine! England where Winston Churchill's. t»..» ... .i.. ^ seven copped the! Conservatives captured a slim par d r «w'Blu«of - ISM title. U»« Htatgan. IW. minors, tU«d Oc- AoflW«) Account of Eo>»» E. Hi)Mii QuwdUu of this estate of Mulon Flower*. incomp*tont, filed ~ clobtH' *8> 193$, And ttU pcf$fttt (nteretled in thft abt>vB named estates »r* t» soni* forward mid. ttis e: jygrs?»*»y».wwto'»wjr \ltffo *'1|»» f*«MN»t*if" "»uck ! Ut-mentary margin j>ist over a year Other proposed legislation to be.aao. There the Socialists of the acted wpon by the AAA today in- Labor party, who came to power elwled; i. - - .... |in 1WS even as the West was at- Repeal of a ruling adopted last j tempting to fashion a post-war un- iprlniT under which junior highi dcr$tanding with Russia »t JPots- «vhoot tasketball teams would bo ! dwm. ,vere thrown out after sis divided into classifications similui years ui sweeping social ami to senior high schools. The repeal have all junior cage teams in the same lourhament — »s th\>y have been doing. the number of basketball gamfes a team may play — revolution, and nationalit- in« of industry that now is being ctieckmate** but aot wholly cancelled by the Churchill government- There are $)| mechanical co«l CHAPTRR TWENTY-NINE SUMMER had caught up with them. Tho days were long, the nun hot in a cloudless sky. Occasional thunderheads blew up during the afternoons, black and threatening, but they passed with never more than a few scattered drops of rain. Tho hills took on a brown tint, and the river continued to drop. Picking a channel was tike walking a tightrope. But other boats had come this far upstream in the past. They came upon the wreckage of one, so weathered that it must have been there at least since the previous summer. It lay at the lower point of an island, half-submerged, and they halted for a look. Hot much was left, but Rawls came upon a cannon, half in mud, covered over by drift and wreckage. Apparently it had escaped observation by the Indians, or else they had known of no way to make use of it. "Hoist it aboard," Rawls instructed, and at Earnahaw's look of Incredulity, he explained. "Once it'i cleaned and polished, we have powder and we can contrive shrapnel to load it with. It may come ln r handy." Earnshaw was dubious. "Are you •ure It won't explode and kill the jjun crew If It's fired?" he asked. "That's « possibility," Rawls conceded. "But also a risk that I'd balance against some others." "You've got something there," Earnshaw agreed. A thin cheer went up when filially they reached the 'Powder Not * big; river at this season of the year, still it made a difference in the amount of water when that much was subtracted as they went on. Here the badlands were beau tiful and blsarre, a fitting settinj for the nightmare journey the: had embarked upon. Anger was building in Rawls. For himself he didn't particularly care, but holding the women a. Hostages tied his hands. Whirter had planned it that way from th first, and he was capable of carry ing out nts threat to get his way "U wouldn't te so bad if you. boat wasn't involved." Rawls sai< to Kathleen. "Each day makes a worne situation. P*ve« « we were to turn back, there's 40 m o r water f«i«g downstream than up and it I*Hes ju*t so much to float a Packet," • • ;i rtght f eel iBwry fer mmM pk |l tor schools pUytag football anu' cleaning plants in ojveraUon at U, "" for non-tootbaU plying schools. S- bitwmwous coal mine*. "** the HtWse- rules Cwa A F*jder*tfe« wwww Here cnme the Tongue, with the aturo of the country beginning to rnnge, a more ordinary landscape either side. The crew performed icir tasks, guns ever at hand, in a lent watchfulness. That this was journey of folly was increaslng- t apparent, but Mark Whirter lowed no signs of giving up. awl. 1 } knew how the men with olumbus must have felt, con- inced that they were approach- ng £he edge of darkness, the drop- ff to destruction. Such an atmos- here was here. Somehow they reached the Big Horn, flowing strong from the outh. And Whirter'a good nature amc back as a horseman appeared and signaled from the shore, a icculiar sideways and up and down notion with Uis hat. "We'll drop anchor," Whirter In- tructcd Rawls, though it was still arly. "That's the sign I've been vaiting for. The Innocents are icre with horses for the trip ever, ar>d. That fellow is one of them." Having signaled, the messenger withdrew, apparently to wait for night, Watching as the dark made black ribbon of the river, Rawls saw the man come down to the shore, a shadow merging with the vater. He called softly when he reached the Variiia and was assisted to the deck. •Thought I'd wait, just to be on the safe side," he explained. "You Mr. Whirter?" "He's on the other boat," Rawls explained. "We'll send word to him Jiat you're here," He Jed tho way ,o a cabin. In the light, the outlaw was not prepossessing. A young man gone :o seed too soon. Whiskers sproutec n patches from his face, and the rest ot him was In keeping. There was an overbold look In his eyes as 10 surveyed his surroundings. "Pretty 8ne." he said. "You tellers do yourselves well. I'm Slash Jenkyn— lately of Alder Gulch." Swagger edged the words, but they sounded like an attempt to cover inner nervousness. Whirter entered, escorted , by Earnshaw He looked at fj»wls. as i| undecided and then jerk*} Ma head. *You might 99 well ajay," he suggested, "You're in this now with tilt rest ot us." He refrained from adding, Like it or not, an< there to uncertainty that bad been noticeable before. Though too proud to ask, be wanted Rawls Judgment. Jenkyn reintroduced himself, ex tending Us bant). "I got sometbin 1 tier* to identify me," ha added, and pulled out a fetter, wrapped against th« vet nes*. "It's tfce one you wrote ifst, ae.a«i«) fjfnateantly. "Just to let i b» mm H fm "The fact that you're here (is roof enough," he said. "You've got the horses?" "Yeah, some of the boys are lOldln' a cavy, back on shore. You oilers know how to ride?" he asked curiously. Most of our men were In the avalry," Whirter explained curt- y. "How is everything?" "Couldn't be bettor, I reckon. Everybody minin' lots of gold and afraid to ship it out." His smile vas crocked. "We've seen to that. When they tried it, it didn't get ar, an' neither did them that was akin' it. It'll be rich pickin's." He explained that his compan- ons were keeping back out of sight, as he had done, until sure of the lay of the land. It paid -to ie careful, these days., No fault could be found with that, though there had been sign of Indians for more than week, and Jenkyn reported that his mrty had seen no recent sign. rVlurter inclined to the opinion t^iat they nad finally grown tired of pursuing two boats that were obviously t,oo strong for a successful attack. Now, with extra men on shore to bolster their party, he was confident ot a swift foray overland, a devastating attack on the gold camps, and success. Daylight brought confirmation of Jenkyn's story. There was a broad open plain here on the southern shore, except for a single clump of cottonwood trees, a couple of acres In extent, a quarter of a mile back from the r^ver. On the open ground appeared a full two hundred head of horses, sleek cayuse stock being herded by half a dozen riders. "The rest of the boys'U be havln' breakfast back at camp," Jenkyn explained, with a wave to where a wisp of smoke showed. "There's a dozen more of 'em—twenty of us in all. Plenty to make any Injuns think twice, but we didn't aim to take no chances, and we ain't seen ary sign of a redskin all the way here," ^ "We'll go ashore and get started right away," Whirter decided, Days before, with cool forethought, he had had packs made up for those who would make the trip, small turkeys containing only bare necessities — a blanket, matches, sufficient food, and extra ammunition for the guns. Eacb man would carry this on Us back until mounted. Turning back, be picked Us men, most of them eager to volunteer now that prospects looked bright. Eighty were selected, sines that would give a hundred in all, a force ample for a surprise raid. That left an extra horse apiece for relays, Jeaitya assured him that pick horse* would be easy to aecur* H HOU STAR, H*vemtM»r 7, T9S2 Chick Yttunf i jtmm FROM NOW CM, THERE S) GOING TO BE A PLACE < FOR EVERVtHING,ANO EVERVTHING IS GOING TO BE IN ITS PLACE M GOING TO iET MV TOOLS AND BUILD A HELP WITH CLOTHES HOOKS N THE HALL ANVBOOV L~l SUCH L SEEN K^ CAP?/CARELESSNESS 'VE LOST MV SWEATER OH. MV SCARF SGONE AGAIN THE RUSTLERS DRILL FOR THEIR NEXT GAME fTH THE 1LDCATS,,, By Mlchoal O'MalU -^-.^—..'LlA..-.. f y j. R. WHIIomt OUT OUR WAY Answer to Previous PuizU HAW 5AS» THEV WAVB ONLY BANK VOS* UA»T VBAfT AKIC? * _. .. THAT, , ._ I'D BETTER. \ OMTH'WAV KNOCK ON j OUT--KOT WOOD-- / ONLV IM WOOD-- L A SHOP Music Lesson NIAHV, AT AMPNI6HT TWVlU erop P •AT THfc HORIZONTAL 1 The big drum S Wooden wind instrument 0 Musical syllable 12 Pen name of Charles Lamb 13 Embraces 14 Pronoun 15 Those skilled 10 Back in public 11 Weapons affairs 17 Male sheep 19 Heavy .' volumes 19 Eyes (slang) ,21 Strewn (her.) 22 Comrades 23 Ocean 24 Measure of 84'Tune 2? Unusual 20 Famous English school 32 Trust 34 Remove 36 Lament 37 Happenings 38 Paradise 39 A few 41 Toper 42"The World Symphony" 44 Dress wool 46 Take away 49 Transparent linen 53 Mineral rock 54 Cherishes 86 Knlghfs title 57 Head (Fr.) 58 Card game 1 Finest 2 Singing voice 3 Thailand 4 Cloys 5 Exclamations G Car part 7 Curved molding 8 Hirelings 9 Menaces 26 Those who 45 Wet regret 46 Prescribed 28 Dropsy amount 30 German king 47 Land of the 31 Bird's home 33 Pullman car 35 Turns outward 40 Double quartets 43 British hymnist 16 Used to contract eye pupils 20 British dramatist shamrock 48 Algonquian Indian ' 50 Annoys 51 Meadows 52 City of Italy 55 Roman bronze WASH TUBBS THE HiflHWN AM3LED OPF, PIR.T KOM) QOE£ IM THC / TttNT THE PICKUP TRUCK WOULDM'T WOT BELONG , HERE. I'LL £EE IF- V, MWOWE'S HOME. WERB GNNIN'ON land 25 Angered With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^AEA^i THAT X , A DiDATE FOR PReSIDE^T, By €dgor MA\ie SEEM DOLY ELBCTEDY -THE- BENCH BOulS AND HER BUDDIES f OR YOU) TO 30STICE OF 1H& P5ACE ?/) A<£> TK£ •\fcte';-:\LAU6HA6LB OKI VOftCKlO OB. aOTX COOWO OtW 59 Abstract being 60 Soap-making frame 61 Essential being By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY SVBWV TIME WE euow, OUR THE MU61C ON THB FLOOR / By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP SUCH WORDY EX- /TIMSVPUM YtfTH VOU DON'T HAvFTA, BE / MISTER OOP,_FQR LIKE THAT.' OOOLA IS /THAT TERRIFIC REAU.Y -t. * BUILD NICE PERSON] ME ePEECHUESG,..BUT NOT QUITE/ T. M. R«(. ". S. P«l. Oil. , Cepr. 1962 by NEA Si»ic«, In. I like it myself, but the wife want? to redecorate—- •omething in a patent medicine ad with pastel shades, By Galbroith SIDE GLANCES "Jot's wife has him in the dog house «o often he built on an addition! 1 CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS PILOT*' EVENT OP PAUL HILDA .MY DE>K HEART; 'HONOR OF TME- IORS is BEING- , SULUED/ COMFORTJ»\E/ C8OWMIM& *BgL)IN-Hll£A

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