Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1877 · Page 3
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1877
Page 3
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CHESTER_I)AILY TIMES: January 3. 877. Po»t Qfflca BnO«.BUa. f BH^MS^ 4Bh^^A«M - i. w * *. * 5 2BjgB£BTIBt JKI W» ww* _ Fr .m !*«·* V ·«* »K» »" ·»»».« ···« a » « » ·« -1 rf j- r ,n pii-tad*lphU«»l»l f»nt« bond, at r*. »«·. !Maw«». awl «··**·!· ^ .1.11. Fr . ,, 1'r i i P r P«p '»" ""'· ·" PO' B '» ' » *) i- - t t a-d«'te-t*r rr»k"Eii Bo»tl«, a* llS'am. Pliilai!«!,hi ·« *· _ \- r HM»r*a «! * -Jth «H *ct »i*4»»m A»J ill. . . · fi i'i'1 l i b a at 0 5 m. »n»44»im ' 7 tn f - \ j , i i.t .-in 4 D*l«»ii?»t74"-«in.»n 3*M' ,. ,, f , i cr, s » n » I ·'* ' n HP Bl.i no ,' · 'ir ' r f r t li " oad -it 7 19 '.nut- C -st-r P.-st Office li,i n' « t 7 i n i . n n l ··'··"·»'' ' m ..- n n a 9 t . I ses i 9 m ' O1..4POD. T , ] i 1 ,! time, sleigh it. A' i »i i r ! out -- the oM year. Not long aft^i .--'» in thaieityl* ,, r^eiftinfa Wtk driver was there to and sob^f Erin advanced in front of the blood and demanded**to wtaMt the Chesterian replied he did not owe him. The driver explained the reasonableness of his demand and told him if h« didn't pony over $8 li«- would give him one of the best thrtsumin- he ever r»e*ivwl. Our citizen paw Ct to hand over $S and let tin- thing drop then ami th*re. **tkfr *itfprvratf, rising baroatfter, T^etdty ami dear «·» Mtfr ' M«t*l Arrival*. the Morri* tfotnr, ·Jay. Benj. G. Price, Philadelphia !*wi* H. Wilds. K«orcia B. K. Ruke, riiilad*lpUia (\ \V. Price, " \V. f. Gannen, " ·A **·!*. a $Man»Meif moif. «· ·UM-tol tfetovwk. MMl OXlU * * · i JB iMiaitoeaa W . i*»w. th« ·.· MM Mart art TKU-T* ·*" «lwai*. a f«iUiic wptMMUp-^lw* outer ; «ttarait|wil. Afi»li«i c'ur-. Tf" ·( s * ·' Hjf !»«··* ' t . i» uiindiiiir its own bu.*ii.i'--. 1 -· i.'Jit uas the cokltstof the ?ea c o'i. - ; ~ oi deigns at Paiste's 4th anJ ' f t . .v. Year began on Maiuy, and so did thf --iiow storm. 1. lawan- county gets a paster and folder lt H:iiTi«Hir»,--J. F. Breweter. ^1 ii_'h bells in great quantity of finemetel a-d cheap at 1'aiste's, 4th and Market sts. Fourteen lodgers, two of which were women, in the City Hall last night. Tl-o police notified all property holders to have the pavement in front of their property cleai-ed off this morning. The trains on the F. W. B. R. R. are not running on time to-day. Mr. Sol. May, of South Chester, returned fioiu Harrisburg last night. Robert Mclowe'l. an o'l aud,este£iuc4 workman at Bancroft's lower bank, dropped dead, yotoiday, whiie shoveling s'io». llr had for many years been employed by Mr. Bancroft, and was a ertai iavorite. lie wa-- al out .-sixty-four years of sure, and was much esteemed by all who knew him. The coroner held an inquest, yesterday, afternoon, and the jury returned ft verdii't nf the oattsii of hi* dratli rc*u1ti'iTM fio'.it :; c:i-». lie \;n! been "-uovtlnist snou' al' luornin,' a-id iiui.'fili.iti-iy after d n i ' . i r I euav to c1e:.ii avvav the t-rovv in front ot some of the SMtetjr ateette** ThU BvMta*- Vovoiion.'ca « . '!· . N". H9, I O vf K. M . meets In Cutler'* Hal* at Ttiiril and K.«rlU S».. a* 7s, Ma«1t«on !»iv'si»'i. S f T , No. 5', m«M8 F i! .«t. llHll,oii U-"«0 TM oVi^K-k. T mm CIMIM- '. N · 23. ·*. a-ulO «* ^ .meet, at ''ui.'ic !!·! a T '-9 'CUV* To Rename t!ii» Ev*ni«5. The winter term of the P. M. A. will commerce this evening at six o'clock. The Cadets have now had a long vacation and doubtless will resume their studies with re- r. t -wed energy. The number of Cadets will be about the same as last term. The Steamship Illinois. The steamship Illinois, of the American line, pa??ed in the Delaware Capes from Liverpool at 11 A. M., yesterday, hut she was jiot expected to arrive at the company's docks at the foot of Christian street, until to-day, owing to the channel being filled w ith ice. Figfct »*H» * h « *·«·*!»·» Tribfc Soutlu Chester lias been the scene of another clu'eken fight. This time it was held in a cellar on Hew Year's night and attract- c.i a eood miinher of spectator*. Thisamj^e- nient is Incoming of frequent occurrence in that borough now. Ampntfttcil. Yesterday George Marsh, chief carpenter for Crozier's old mill was running the circular yaw, and it is thought his hand be- cam- eo cold that he thrust his hand in the ^a't unknowingly and fearfully mutilated hi. third and forth fingers on the right hand. Dr. J. F. M. Forwood was called in and amputated the fingers. Mr. Elliott's daughter had -.-one to one of the neighbor*, and, after mnainine there a few minutes, returned home, and on the way, saw McDowell fall. She summoned aid, but when they reached him he was dead. He leaves a wife and several children, all of which are grown up. »_»-« "When Dnt Soap Hnnie Start." Yesterday, while walking along Third street, we met that well-known colored man Minns, and saluted him with th« time of day, adding that Hawkins was out pretty strong to-day. Minns says,'"Mister, He has spread his white cap all ober de ground, and what are we poor cullid people goin' to do. We can't get work or liquor, and de chickens, geese and turkeys are flying all night. Say, boss, when's dat soup h«u««, on Seventh street, goin' to start. I und'stand deh gib us a good plate o' soup for five cents. We told him it would be spring before the house would open. He replied, "don't want it den, kase ol* Phebe '11 be out. We want it now." Th« Resnlt off » Fair. Mr. Charles Creamer, of York, Pa., who has been visiting this city for sometime past, was in Baltimore last week, and for a mere joke took a chance in a roast of beef at a fail there, not thinking anything mor«- about it until this morning, when he was notified by the Adams Express Agent that a box was in the office for him. H«? had the 1 ox brought to -Appleby'fe Hotel and opei)«d. To his gri-at astonishment he found it to contain the !arj;e rib roast weighing *M |ts. which hi= number had drawn. He will on thi-, and it may be he will jjive ·\ social d i n n t r to his many friends here. James Collins, 3ROAD AND UPLAND STS., M A N C r *C1t l-l R \ M I K \ l r K IN LADIES', GENTS', MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S Boots and Shoes. o i-t i ^ a ' w i n »!i !!'··', an-l at price.- u- iv c..tu|«titiuu Custom Work a Specialty. UEPA1MI.NG PKOMIM'LV DONE. W A N T E D - * Kt.l t ' ·!'» »···»"*' App,, .t the «« ;« .«, v.,,,,,. W \Sl' vi- v \ S l ' K H -- !'«» »*.-!!.» «». F JJf S A L K - A IHMJ^E * vi, O\ A II. \lCSlta k |!qn f HI OMi mi I otic il Avt'iiui'. C W In !* J* w.Tsmntr.: " Wi^HMAfcJ^R/IMi*- ^MQiHj**!?^ 1 '**^ j ···IB. «· ivr^ T~ ALDBBMAN. It'f-F J«a WMBATttN. , ·III veatar and e«lla«tar. tn. Ita WEST TUIHP STIUtBt, CHBHTBB, Oyatera IPIA !· aeaMW. FHP ·no t noriif. pi M ' S Mul'E, Co ilfi R i w u i t a l S'-fuint *»« Sin Cli «i«i. tiaciii-- mn-Ic, K K id's Ki«in-ii. Ac Mn-lo, W for 24 !*·«· »»"« IMher ftianffp" q ta'lv m -it-Mntp. -I -W S A Y L O R . NO. 504 MARKET ST., CONFECTIONERY, FRUITS. NUT8, BRBAD, CABLES, PASTKY. AC. CHICAGO CAROMELS, Seven Flavors. French Chocolate Cream Drops, Assorted Flavors, 40 cents. A VERY Ft ME ASSORTMENT OF Holiday Goods W v \ ri;i)_ v »,\ 1 1 I - H » i ' · ·· »· · '·" '" -" V ;. i in OlX*. M. Ul.K, co'lifi-iif Hfi«t i . r. c u ii * v ' u iiuf.rt A M \ s .. i! i.i- ··" . » t i n i - III L u l l i in. I fl · ' I ., -. p.i a. i t ; t Y '' ' *' '' '" " "' k - k ' i 11 "", » i - - i n ! \ v n i i h n i i i- vd K e i h . | i " i - r i t \ . i l ' i ' - l ' \ , ( f i i ! « i i i ^ ut P. A hi. ··«,-» ·MIOl'K," rnilt- ,th". t n . - t i - i . lll '^ r ' L w ^ i _ \ c i AL NKi'K l j \ ' K. wirii a !.«« k f t i', 1 M- (1 1 1 In HI unit, ml-- ill f out nf UK- (! uti.l i nt al llotfi, mi Mttiki-l ct.t'ft, l«Mt evi-iilng. a'-out KPVPII oVIiicH. O-i the I/tch'"! wfie thfl ml t u w "L M " Then- will hi- a UiM-inl ipwaid pax), if i, -in. iinl l.i tin." offlceof THE TIMES. d ' - «-" j_^_ ______ ____ _________ HIM f n *»? I" IM. -ultable f'r t e holUlafB EI»WO U8LA- IIUNT. «'o · 13th am! Poin-r SW., 4 1 lte»tei-, Pa, BOURKE'ft HOTEL. JAMR-4T. OOP 1 KR, PW»Mtl«Tol». I'crurr Third ··! Il*wrll »!·., 'ho ·« Furt'lan ««U l ate* tl.- »!»»« *mi i l,,u«n nl*»t» an h«ni\ 1* »tii| D* r · it rungKI !· mm fr»m th w«i i in tti-y M. F. bOUKN. PMintirroit. Third anil Krrltn T!n li uuiK 1 '. -i. ut 01 Hoc*MiiUinU«M«uit (m WM. J. McCLURE, _ _ F 7.UWKKS FOU HALK-- l'lt« t-ai- » rt ic .n uf car n «w." * Al«» W \ N r K D - A h o . H C , light w«g«m ami tatialf fornouae. »l «. «» r Saitff or oinit- l italntlng A«1l^i»"«X)lTNrRY t "tn«(.nHre I AN l'KD-H«i Hi the Bioom Kaelory, N-t 9t\ t arenue. deo«» de7-j Open In a few }»ys. ""'.SSlTOomTHWAHDI I c V E Y GETTING READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS. DOLLS! DOLLS! DOLLS! Tocetherwiih si* '·'ndlewi Ttrl*'? of Notions Fancy Qoods Suitable lor present- for the joani? and old, »uu evei j article to be sold as usual ar. the Lowest Philadelphia Price! CALL AND SEE US. Yours Truly, B. F. McVEY, r1e21-3t 810 E-lgmont avenue, Chester, Pa. KRISS KINGLE HEADQUARTERS. 818 Edgmont Avenue. THE OLDEST CONFECTIONERY IN CHESTER! W ANTED-Situation as Chumhoi mni«1 '» Uo- tel.. ng'it n »«·«·-woi It. bjf aouugWMttiiiM Add. e« K. Tl MBS Offlce. FOREIGN DOMESTIC WINES, LIQUORS, BRANDIES, NO. 7UJ W. THIRD OT,, · :1IK»TEH, PA. * Rye. Wheat Mia Bourbon Whlnkled, of cho!C« biaaU* always on hand. n is T W . H . G R A H BUTCHER, C*r*«r *f Third a ad Concord Av*»«e, ANTED-^ FE* THOUSAND, MlQk,MtUk- · » i at anil akuuk8*ln», at B. BAUBR'8 Clothing Nloi e. First dwr from-the Bridge, (LaUomu* BU.clfc,) 3d street. rtec 1«-8n W ANTED-- A tenant to a dutiable house on Btlffuiout avenae between Eleventh TM t u TwelfrTM ! Appl.toS.U DAVID, Peon Bulld- . Maiket " t ' clg A^TED^TWO single gentlemen who .lenlre a private hunting home for tho winter. Inquire at No. 85 Maiitot 81., ^herter.^ ^deT TO UIRE-A Horse and Express Wagon, by the 1 i»v or week, on very reasonable terms. In- W ANTED--An«-ngineer wanraa ·Itnatlon to inn either a CorllM or »lWc vaive enflne. Apply at the Tuirawmo^Bigmont^ihoveTlh, F " "oirsALiB^A ONE-HOIWE" EXPRESS WAO- on will t»e Folrt l«w for want of nw. Apply FRESH MEAT, CORNED BEEF * PICKLED TONGUES COMTANTLt OH HAND. 9 U T KT rimiliT Ont*-cun^l«4lly attMiM *»· Pennsylvania Military Academy, CttKSTKR, PA. Reunion opened September ittk. For eirrnlari apnly trf COL, TU«O. HYATT, »-!» m J. W. SWARTZ, Plumber^ Gas and Steam Fitter, BROAD AND MADI9OS 8TRKKT0, CHESTKM, I»A. IHwtarla CUCUMBEU rtiirs, HYDRAULIC UAIU. IftO* AMD B*»«« tAI-»M, OO««»,O*L»*»Ui«», WEOCOBT **» CAST I»OM Ptr» o» A New Fir* Ladder. John G. Kurtz, of Milton, Pa., is i-!_r in Phila. the model of an inpeuiou.- r... LidJer and escape. It differs from the ^ c.:t-l da ladder, now in «?· by the ~«w "\ . r^: Fire tl-; artment. as it eVvsitf-s pe.-pen- "". u l i r l v a':il the men and ho«e can ^ - · ·.Hai'e.m'H- lifted. The mo.i«l i.« made r-' -,M-O i. br.\-. ar.d iron, from the o'd r .«· y En-'iae. of Philadelphia, sold in t- tlif town of Milford. An Arciimeut wSlcii end«l In Blew* Last night a yoor.q man named Shingles ./ot into an argument with Schull, ho«s of 'he doc: f. tehers brigade, and an altercation »'«=ned which involved the whole of the 4th trpet cai-ts. A number of black eyes, - rrachtJ fafe- and swollen nos^s was the ie-ult. V\V be'ievc no one was seriously injured, but the question still remains un- !t-'"it-led. Th. i,ic uuuc. a .» u ^. deairea to Inform his frkjpds and the public that he has Just rccelred a choice stock of Christmas Tree Ornaments, FANCY BOXES, ETC., With a tail lines of first class CONFFCTIONERIES, Mating the largest and finest selection to be found in this city. WM. BACSHAW. Motor -eiv. the inventor of the motor i -\r ». i- havinc made attheSt»"l WoYk :,,.. r «. McHaffe. thi« city, two immense -. the larger of which is thirty-six i' - i:i diampt^r ont-:de,and weigh" Pfty- » ti'ou-and pound*. The s-malVr one'-on i---he« in diaw.etT ar.d weisrha ,'. .-n thousand pounds. It is supposed .- are intended for additional experimenls .i L.s apparatus. rpHE MOST RELIABLE PLACE T* »if tovn WATCHES, f LOCKS, AND JEWELRY p Y E W E L U ' S , 703 Eds«a»n» »Vl l'l»wK;aUioll« tlmreh, »air . PA JOHN WIKGATE, Chimney Cleaner. Thorongnjy cleans chlmn»r» for f 180 to ts.M f ach. Any order* throngti 'K^Sf r^nSfTi I A*^ C Pivo nrornpt attention. SATISFACTION »OAR- ANTEED. (led»-y A Joke '. gn,,djok- is relatel to as concerning - of rhr=ter's gentry, ^ome months . ... vcnn- men of nrp«r tendnm went ,' v i.;.M P hia, and thought they would ... .1^,0,1 time. Accordingly they hire - · ..f Krin to take them around the city a ,xrh. The amount to be paid was At lol'ars. Th- roarhman drove aronnd and around. '·· . - h e wa.-« doing this, and came near the i r f b . * jonrney. hi« passengers quietly , " - 1 ,, it.' Said" not a word to anybody. I - .Tth-c-.»flU stopped and the driver j «... 1 around for his paawngers and to g* j ; ,y. L o ' the coach, greatly to his snr-, -- w.v- m p t y . j T;,.. -Irirer -ore over his disappointment j - · ,,n -.1 one his basinet not revising the j 4'onrf. f (ii* arrest of th«» tramp* rc- * TJMF of y«f.terday was heard ' .-.ore 'he T'yor thi-i morring. Aft»T a ce-^t'ps- nisrht and ron«id«rall« mirth amonsf fi I ) r i )sflvpc- thev w»re brought out in a row , - follow-, · I'atr^k ruMy, Jame« Ward, Danitl John-on. E. I'avi^. Frank Bradley, John Riley and Cha«. P.rown What an array of outcaste was here seated an onr reporter read vice, lazvneas an.l dirtyne^s very r o l i l y nicturtfl m each of their face«. They wcie arre-tH ye-t»"-day »v OfEc»r 5'e wart and Constable Pnllfii and Wheaton. were charged with raerancy.flrnnk- ~- and disorderly conduct. Abram Murray, prosecutor, sworn, *ail he was verelv assaulted yesterday on Wel'l bj thW mpn. Identified J. Riley a? mak- ins the a.--ault on him Tnhile he was walk- ins along with Mr. Story by striking him in the face twice and two blows he warded off. Riley was prevented from farther assaulting him by comrade. Mr. C. A. Story corroborated the above. Officer Stewart, sworn, said h« h*lp«*l to make arrests and saw they were drunk and disorderly. Constables PnlUn and Wheaton testified as above and earh of th« tramps was committed to the county jail for sixty days on the above charge. NOTICE. Ta thr L»4ir» «f f hrstrr mnri Vicinity : Mr. A Mrs. Ceo. Sheldon Are prepared to do all kinds of HAIR WORK Sncti as *witehe«, Cn.-K, Braul*. Puffs, Watch Oaar'U, A". Tneir work U -ion* In a superior manner and prniraateerl, rom-nngi mvle op at M cent?, per on nee. Also Piaiuaa done to Or'ler and Plaiting Machines for sate. Mrs. ftnetnon tn T tea the af f^-nuon of ladies especially to her W ax F'Oit aafl Flowers Sne tn prppa ed ro fearti the ^!/»e art lA'lie^ are respectfully invite«l to call and examine oir wa r R Room»~o. 3f W«t Srcontl Strrrt. de» CHuSTER, PA. JOHN MTETMER. Messenger, · Leaves Cheater at *4T » *. All oriters left at the ciry notPi, Bwtnjfs ei»r»r store, at the D^pot, or at. the Tmr,s office lnthi»cltf,oratH7North Fourth St., i'uii*aelphia, will fecelre hi* pernoual attention. · flpe Watches and Clocks CAREFULLY RKPAIRED J. H. LADOMUS,' TIIIRT STRBBT, NEXT TO THEfBRIDOt. · Si 1 » C O A L COAL U5DER COVER. U N D E R COAL TJSnKR COVER. C O Y E R ·r In LADIES' GRSTV,BH'**'*TMIIt'tB»JI,8 BOOTS AND SHOES, NO. MS MARKET STREET. CHESTER. ·· W«rk *! Chemical Sh«*t L*»i Burning W*rk · ClMllf. JOBBING PROMPTLY ATTBNDKD TO. KTfoitt 0(lc« Addreif, Rax *»S. 10-Ttf COAL UNDER COVER. «O TO Praser Leedom's TO* Tin BEST QUALITY or Lehigh and Schuylklll C O A L . (K40 POUNDS TO TB« TOW.) Kindling and Oord-«vood. fHAAEK. fc I-EBPOM, 1 j-5-y M ami Market iitreet. COAL! COAL!! COAL!!! THIOKkEBBATID Enterprise Ooal* AT RKDUCKD PRICES FOR CASK '. FULL WEIGHT OUARANTEKB. BK.OADBECT, HOUSE PAINTER, GfttlHER A PAPER HANGER, HO. 711 DMII^WO »TR«BT, ( B4t*wn 7'h «Oi1 fh.) OHRHTKtt, FA. AT Button Anderson's, 135 WEST THIRD ST. JUST OPENED OS THltCO«**RO» Seventh and Edgmont Avenue; Charter, Delaware co., Pm., COMMUB* of Fresh and Salt Meat, dectt-y Scoop the core of a baked apple, 811th* hole with milk and snsar. and ««t on th» front «tep t« freeze. It will sarpn-* yon to «e*'how soon that apple will fre«z*--to sotn«- j MERCHANT CO, Mi ARCH ft ««« CHERKT »T». Of all W«ekerel, Pnnwrr, B«»er, Kgr*. Urd, Fkwr, Corn Meal, Boe«wfteat noar, etc., Fruits and Vegetables Of ail leacH9UoM ta AT THB TABD OF WM. WEAVER, A PIWW STRMTS, CHB0TBB. Orderi by «*il prmnjlly attended to. -·-* ·· METHODIST KPISOOPAt, ff(?^ j^rf Publishing House, rhiiftd«l»lrift Conform'* Tract 9nei«ty, 1018 ARCH STREET. O«Mra1 D^Mifory of ··thodM Books, Tracts and Periodical* OBCBCB ABO ». · mmic »oe«*, '* fact. ·!« ·t»*«tTthin«»«fT«-aI««f h«*H»« «·- » I ' Tin and Roofing Plates 1 trc««. Fresh Meat a Specialty. BRAS* A!f» WIRE. OKM8 OF B. MoCtfl-LOtrOH, Acsat i Ar«fi sH.

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