Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 25, 1894 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 25, 1894
Page 4
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The Ijfifayotto conimoD council p tho gas comblno what It asked and a a result tho people are paylnp $50,00 a year more than theo were paying bo fore Tho Logaosport council made , bold, honest tight and aa a result Is h< Ing attacked by the Pharos, an organ o tho saa combine, and by tho hireling ol tho gas company. Xho people of Loffansport ar being ralalod bv lalso ropro sentations and by secret attacka Tho I'haroa has willfully and malic iously Hod about iho Journal IIBI about tbo council. The Journal this morninp publi&he lh« report ot the council about thi expenditures and ihoso who wish ti condomn have'tho fiiot? before thorn Tbe.-iO ai-o fuels and tho public eai corn u out un them as they seofit. Thi Journal has no comment to miiko. I roco^Qi'/.es tho hand of the gas oeto pus in tho attacks that have boon made and the public rceo^ nixes tho fact that tni Pharos purposely. rnaliciousl; nnd prerooditatedly lies abou its own democratic council in tho in tore*t of tho gas monopoly. Tho Journal Is not cal od upon to defend democrats from tho attacks o their ti-aitor organ. It /.-• called upon to warn tho people of the conspiracy which is formed against them and 1 urges them to beware oi tho damnable dangers which threaten. There was never a more corrupt combination than that which now seeks to mislead the people and to lead them into hond ago. It Is a time when honesty, fidelity and common eonse must rule or tyranny, falsehood and oppression will prevail. Down monopoly and those who under some disguise eoek to advance Its ends! THK city attempted to collect from the owners of the canal bod taxes for Lmprovedcity property. The owners of tho canal bod claimed that they oame under tho five-acre unimproved city property law and refused to pay taxes on Improved city property. The city sold the property on MB assess ment of Improved city property taxes and George forgj bought It In at tax sale. Judge Chase and other eminent lawyers decided that all the city could collect was for five-acre tracts and the city refunded to Mr. Forgy the money he had paid and collected from the owners of the canal bed the $750 due under the five-acre law. These are the facts and the Pharos knows It hut t does not hesitate to lie about it to malign the democratic council because t stood solid against tho gas company. COUNCILMAN D.OLAN, democrat, tated to B. F. Louthaln, editor of the democratic Pharos, that he had taken he clerk's report from tho Journal eporter because it was incomplete ind to prove It pulled the report out >f his pocket and showed to it to B. Louthaln, editor of tho Pharos, ^withstanding this the Pharos re- ssortB i' s charge that the Journal uppressod the report. Such willful nd malicious liars as this ought to be arred and feathered. The gae com- iany cannot win by such tools aa his. THE Journal has no particular In- oreet in the defense of tho democratic ounoll hut It does not like to see the ouncil maligned by the gas organs jcauee it stood solid against the gas omblne. The Journal likes to see ilr play and it likes to see the truth. ; is opposed to misrepresentation and o malicious falsehood. If the truth s damaging the Journal will have othing to say. In reply. It is op- losed to falsehood and will insist that he truth be known though the loavene fall. THE report made at the council meeting last night Is the same report made at the council meeting Wednee- lay night which Finance Committee Dolan took charge of. If the Journal upprewed it what has it BUppre«»ed nd in what particular does the report iffer? Let the Pharos explain this in etall! Let the people know the ruth! The Journal defies the Pharos o show any material difference. DAY OF RESURRECTION. Our Hlenmitl Over ttvdermer Triumph* nn«t il»c <Jrnvo. Special Corrpspomlencc. NKW YOIIK. Murcli 20, 13111. Haw did It eomo to you last year— this roturrectiou diiy? Did you greet It with beautiful inmie. lovely (lowers and much joj ? O.- did it como to yon, us to me, with that perfect quietness which moum worship? 1 wonder if you fool, us I do, that stillness must bo the tribute paid to grout (svonts>? Jf you have a ueaso of horror when a noise, oven it bo a sweet one, accompanies a great pleasure or a great pain? Do you see and comprehend the exquisite beauty of ellonco? Somebody says that there aro people who are born to enjoy and to suffer quietly. And be sure, my friend, that these are the people who feel everything: Intensely. Silonca is worship. You know this wben you enter a great lofty cathedral, and, impressed by its magnificence and its stillness, you fall on voui- knees and pray to God in His greatness to think of your littleness. And the same fooling cornea to you when you go into tho plain, underrated house where the Friends meet to worship (rod in perfect quiet, speaking' only when tho Spirit descends upon thorn, telling thorn to arise and say thnt which would be food !or another to hear. VHKN ALL NATUKE KKAWAKBNS. It was Knster Day. Tbo crocusse*, tbo iUDsSinci of tho earth, had como up in tho little graveyard that wr.s around the meetinghouse, and as I walked up to the door they seemed to bo nodding a friendly greeting, and remtadlflg me that as they camo out of the dark, deep earth, so many a golden spot would como when the days seemed blackest. Past the flowers up tho step and into the meetinghouse I wont. There was no carpet on tho lioor, no cushions on tho seats, but in this congregation there were no poor, for the rich looked after them, and tho money given to the meeting went not to buy soft seats or velvet cushions, but to help those who needed it end to help them BO quietly and so well that only the few whose business it was to attend to the distribution of it knew of the old people who wore cared for, of the children who were educated, and of tho helping hand given to those who needed n, little, so that they might in time bo able to help thomselvei and others, too. That's charity: There aro no linking 1 cymbals. There U no plate handed around in which tho rich may drop a gold piece and the poor man look unhappy because he bas nothing, but at the proper time he who can give, gives liberally and sends It to those tried and trusty men who care for the others and who know just what to do with every dollar ;iven to the rigkt cause. WHERE RICH AND POOR ABE ONE, We are together, the rich and the poor. The seats are alike, and they are not paid for. On Easter Day It teems as if the alienee, which is a tribute to the Almighty God has come 10 the meeting house and settled upon all the congregation. And we sit quietly and think. And our sins rise up before us and wo long to do better, and we mean to try to. And after a while different sentences seem to come ,o my mind. It Is the day oi the iosurrectlon. And the sea will give us Its dead, and we will all stand before the judgment seat, and God .'.mighty will read us like open books. When tho time comes do you think hero will be any noise? No; a ;reat stillness will come over the earth, and you and I will hare loss horror of appearing before all the world burdened with our sins, than we will to stand alone in the presence if the Great King, answering to Him or the soulJHe has given us. 1 raise my eyes and look at the face of the ;entle Friend just beside me. She as reached the age when, if she were _' woman of the world, she would be called old; but as ihe Is, she an never be that. Her eyes are lear, her skin is soft and white, and he closely fitting little bonnet of gray rameu her face as if it were some Ind of an aureole. The soft gray ilk gown, plainly made, is the only ne that eoujd connect with her, and s you glance at her and »ee the bliss- ul look upon her face, again the rords come to you: "And the sea shall Ive up its dead." And you remem- er as I do, that Cousin Deborah ovea to help dress the bpppy bride, oves to do some of the fine sewing on er dainty linen, and is never to bap- y as when she can be the last one to Ive her a blessing before she makei er vow of love to the man she has hosen for her husband. And you remember, as I do. ever , so many yeara back, Doborah loved «nd WEB All her trousseau was made, ndthe was to' be married to her ailor lover when the ship came b«ok- ut It never did. She has lived »U her life bringing happiness wherever she goes, consoling those who are wretched in her own eweet, gentle manner, and onlv waiting- for the day, but waiting as the saints do, by working, for the soa to g-ivc up Us dead. You notice us I do, a pretty girl who Is sitting bj&lde her mother, tho mother in 36 n hat ousln oved. TIIK yUAfNT Qi;,un-:i; UAB11, And the daughter in tho drc-Mi of tno world. Xhero is gentle consideration for her, anil because of her youth much is forgiven her. - But on a day like this, she foels she must leave everybody else and come back nnd worship in stillness in the old meeting house. Nobody has said anything, but tho tears aro running down her checks. and you and I can bo sure that the old-time placo is reminding her of/ the difference between right and wrong, and is suggesting to her what she has left undone, as well as what she has done. On the other side, among the men. is a gentle-faced man, tall and dignified, who has just beaitlo him a girl child. One whom an entire household could not control, but A - ho, 1( she could tnko grandfather's haad und y;o to mooting with him, would be. an still as possibJo. She Jook.t <ip in hid fact! for a lon<,' time, whispers something, then is lifted on hi* knee, rests her hond against his shoulder and goes to sleep. And you ana I, who look on. wonder if the chi'.J will live a Hfo as beautiful as that, of tbo maa. Surely his children can riee up »nd call him blessed, for ho know his duty and did It; he was lovicg: and kind and true. He made gentle consideration iho keynote of hi3 life, and each one who camo near him, loved him. THE CONSliCUATKD ItUND FIUKNU. Near him sits one who has never been able to see tho beautiful earth, whoso eyes look at you and sea not, and who can only understand about the blueness of tbo skies, tho loveliness of the flowers, and how those for whom he cares look, by what others tell him. But If you attempt to condole with him, he will tell you that If he doesn't see tho kind faces, he doesn't see the cross ones; if ho doesn't see the roses he doesn't seo the weeds; and if he doesn't know the color of sunshine, neither can he realize that o tho clouds. There is no need "for hi to speak in meeting His life is sermon and the young men members look at him and learn from him. And be goes along In his gentle fashion never dreaming that he is a poem aui that he will be a saint. LOVELV KLOWEBS AND CCAKITf. You, perhaps, are hearing fine music. You are seeing those gorgeous flowers for which so much money has bean paid. Yes, I do believe la ffi the most beautiful to God, but when there is so much suffering in the world, it seems to me that the flowers of charity will be counted of more value than those purp white lilleg that by tomorrow will bo dead. The gentle Friend believes that to educate a boy so that he may be an honest mao capable of talcing care of himself, U more pleasing to God than an anthem sung by one whose voice represents so many golden plecee. He thinks, to care for the widow and orphans and to care for them in such a way that the right hand is Ignorant of wtat the left hand does, will bo more pleasing to the Saviour of mankind than the wagon loads of (lowers out from hot houses and paid for by money that would do, oh! so much good. If it were put some where elee. Perhaps you do not agree with me; but I think if you stop and remember, you will conclude that I am right. Of the (lowers of tho field, of tho flower which jou have tended and watched, of those that come out uf your own garden, give to the glory of God. But don't throw away money buying (lowers when there aro girls and boys crying to , be helped that they'may in the future be useful men and women, and helpful to each other. There has no/er a word been spoken. The Spirit which has descended upon all has only suggested silent devotion, and now two of the oldest members of the meeting arise and take each other's band. And we know that it is time to depart. Quietly w« walk out, and you and I linger among the tombstones, looking for the one where some one lays who is near and dear to us. And Cousin Deborah comes to us, and with Highest of all in Leavening Power. — Latest U. S. Gov't Report. ABSOLUTELY PI/RE 1IKK SWKET • T1JEKS" AN 11 "TI1OUS" makes us feel glad that wo havw come back to worship with thorn once more, j And as I stoop to gather a fow gretn | leaves from a grave, she saye, "Howl happy must ba those people who can , go where their dear dead lie." And i we both thinkof the sailor lad;butj we say nothing. And Cousin Deborah mom among the gentle friends by her I whn has a birthright in the meeting', j where r,hv is known as Barbara, but \ whom jou call— BAH. GOT WHAT Ho Wanted it. HE ASKED FOR. lornfc with Lotw of Snap In It. niiri <•<>!, It. "(.lot.something frisky'.'" ho asked, as . he \valUccl into u '.ivory .stable and tell us in a quiet, pleasant way of iho ' called for a saddle hors wedding that she is goicg to Ourlng- the week, and how glad she is that she has been able to hem all tho lino handkerchiefs that belong to Iho little biido. She is eager that, they may bo used or.ly to wipe away tenrs of joy, and she hopes; tbut thoro will bo a great many happy weddings during tho beautiful spring days. And ihon we talk about itt being tho Resurrection day, and v»6; hour from a church near by tho boils | ch)mir;(T a hymn o! joy, :»cd J look up j and I am alone. THK ]>KAK 1,'UAKKK AT \VOHSH11'. Alone in tho meeting bouse. No ono is with mo and I can't understand it. And then I remember that I came down here to the old placo to worship as my grandfather had, and that I buve been sitting here dreaming. There is no little child and no gentlo- manjbothof them have gone long ago. Cousin Deborah and her sailor Iftd are united And I am waiting all alone for the Frlerds to corns In, for I have gotten hero hall an hour too soon. But it is a good dream that I have had. It is always good for us to remember. Gradually the congregation aro coming in—tho dear gentle Friends who have taken the places of those who lived with me only half an hour ago. And tho stillness of worship falls upon tno. And, sitting there quietly, I can seo how so many hundred years ago tte good tidings camo that Christ had arisen; and I feel sure that those who loved and worshipped Him mot these glad tidings In quietness, and thanked God In their hearts thnt death was no more. And the women around me AITISAR LIKE MARY AND MARTHA and seem to belong to a better world than the one we all know; seem to be more fitted to welcome Him who died that we might live, than to those others where there is nolee and confusion. Sur«ly T think it must be good to be here. Friend, I ask of you, you who perhaps do not give much thought to the worship of God, on this Resurrection Day, to offer Him a silent prayer, a silent thanksgiving and a silent promise. Believe me, it will mean much, very much, to you. and much more to Htm. Perhaps you prefer to worship some other way. Thank God, that in the meeting they are liberal enough to allow every man to worship God after his own fashion. They are more liberal loan the unbelievers who say there is nothing good but un belief. I am certain, though, that on this Easter morn, you will find a quiet prayer closest to your heart. Sometimes we are afraid to utter with our lips what we think, and what we hope for, but God, who looks into the heart knows what is there, and judges of u; by that. Sny in your heart, as I do today, "God help ue all wherever we may be." THE KTEKNAL WORLD BEYOND. And when that last great Resurrection day comes, give us courage to ( stand before Him, and. laying bare all < our sins, worship Him forever and < orever." The whole world today knows that wo are celebrating the victory over death, and what we must do besides is to gain the control over sin, so that _ _ _ _ - - _ wo can live and die as God would wish «*Hfc WjniMrtt Jus too. But, especially, must wo earn to live a good, pure, honest life, •equires a continual silent prapor for help. The Spirit moved me to write This little story of an Easter that will prance about, lively and wake ii fellow out of his lel.liarjry. I can ride the trick mule in :i circus. ;ind can back anything tlial wears liair." They brought lii"i out, a ealk'o-col- orC'tl beast wilh n visions eyi 1 , and he jniv.iDt.cil it :!iiil 'lahlioii <>tV- Koforo he had yum. 1 twn 1>]neks tin; ;ini:iial 1 nicked, cr:islii-<l lliroiigh :i !ii;_ r i\ lioanl tVne,! .•in,! nhtn^td into ;t <\'IK'ir. S<'»'->i!!;.;• his I'iiliT 'H'lT tin- tiijl of .'ill ;:iij:U!,.llt Wn:jil- slu'd and laiiditi;: Hill mi l.lu: i':i^;;'i'd cd;'!' of a 1;: ivii-in, ,\v,-" They l«nv him homo. >ir:ii^liU 1 :!'. 1 ,! him out and Thri^o MIJ-^C"JIN calm' in ;ifVJ ivimN-d his dislo- t;:iti<i;l<. ami j>l.i>t.'!V-l liii:) up wiwli raw bw(. I A (Vw works hiU-r he, ealUxl ;:! the I stahU' and r-:iid if they had a gentle s;i\v-bor,si; will: an aiTVct ional,.' disposition, a bridlo with a. mrb bit :i:ul i:jar- liiifrnlos and a saddle witli two horns and a cropper to it, h« believed he would go up in the haymow and gallop nrmi»d a, littii: whore it wa.s soft and it wouldn't hurt him if ho went V> sleep and fell olT, as he did the oilier day.— Washington I'osU Something tit Tliltf Name. The mania for ffivinff a larjre number of Christian names to one and the same person is particularly prevalent in Italy. An Italian Rentleiiiuii named Ciiinpatrna, who lias jnst been nat-.iral- i/.ed a Frenchman, has given some iit- tle trouble to the French foreign office clerk in repristerinf; his full designation. Here it is: Vincemio Snlvnlore Maria Gemiaro Francesco-Sales Fran- ceseo-d'Assisi Francesco de Paolo Uoeca Michclct Croeifisso Kmiddio Pasquale tiiovan Giuseppe Geltrude Carlo Gnetuna Alfonso Ciro Andrea Lnig-i Gioran Ueraldj) Antonio-di-1'ara Antonio-Aba ttc Campagaa.-Loudon Xews, MW-rded Highest Honors-World's Fair. D*PRICE'S The only Pwe Cream of TarUr Powder. -No AmmonU; Used In Mil^ns rf Cornea— 40 Y" - ** ' , J - Fresh Air and Exercise. Octal] that's possible of both, if in need of flesh strength and ne rve force. There's need,too, of plcntjr of fat-food. Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil builds up flesh" and strength quicker than any other preparation known to science. Scott's Emulsion is constantly effecting Cure of Comumptien, Eronthitii and kindred diseases where other methods FAIL. )>r Bcott A Btmm. K. Y. All'dnmriiU. s still at the front! You can rely on it! It never 'ails to perform a cure! DLBufl'sg s sold by all dealers for2 Jc Don't be misled. . 11 * •ome other "ju»t. »i good, "'"'«« "| telling the old reliable Dr. null » Cough Syrup. Noimil«tion»»re«£0oa. P|. MU It's the Part of Wisdom. Time* may be hard and moner close trot tnese things Have their oompen.istlon. We can Bell fou watcliei and will, nt wrr close figure* to «t tn« money. Come and see wtat you can do with little money. 1 ftm amloos to sell not only watches but other good*. Diamonds, ClocW, Silverware, Spectacles and NoTeltlea. I am agani Tor the Lytle Siife and Lock Co., Cincinnati • Ohio. Call nnd »>e a small sample. D. A. HATJK, JEWELER AND OPTICAN. STORAGE. For storage In large or •mail. qumntUiea, apply to W. ». PRATT. Pollard & Wilwn wardxouie,-

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