Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 7, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 7, 1952
Page 9
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J =pv.t- ; s>*¥! fto*d, Stile Kink ffwftw* .-*•*«!%as* ..i ,' 11 ^iwik*' »W» 0 ,<* Hot ^frfe Count* iHi mll« ot the County to »,» mite* of bdumlnotw m the AWbamn-Mirhl* »ti j,Mte AttNW »» ; <**£> ft County -About t,M mllu of bHumlrwun turtle* eouww on the »*nt *fcy ft fefrete «ri4 |M*» AntdM ftl Chain Store ! Continued from Page One ce this y««r In Kansas City. I pro- sent to you Janette Barr of the Hope High club, who In turn wilt Introduce the other girls here tonight." 4-H Club Qlrln Here ore the champion 4-IT club girls: Earllnc Lester, Hop* Junior High; County winner In home man- agernvnt for 1052, her first year In club work. Carolyn Phillips, Hope Junior High; A first-year club girl, winner of first place In the Junior school dress division. Vivian Light, Hope Junior High: First-place winner In the sun dress division of the dress revue In the Junior division. A first-year club girl. Janade McCain, of Blcvlns: Gar-i , , v jurfl , lnB den winner In 1952. Six years in f r 1'V only « ^•K . Novembct f, 1M1 I,,- • •- •"••' Three Republican! in Arkansas Houti f -J. ^TKiStYJ ..,. ;. r .^ggflggg ; . ^ ^ i ' ~».rict achievement winner, district dairy showmanship trophy. county championship dairy animal. K/SL,iwt rth ln class at stat °i LirrLE ROCK * - ""*• wm Dairy Exhibit. • thr<?e Repub ii C£ , n memtters in James Robert Fuller. Hope Route j 1B33 House „, Representative* Two: First in district and second ( _ in state soils judging; district , November f, 1952 HO PI STAt, MOM, AI KANSAS 1953 House of Representative* i more than in 1951. ' manshVbeef'trophy; first in cot-; That was assured in Tufcpda .1. B. Ellen, 3d, Hope Route One: Beef cattle, dairy heifer, leadership camp, county camp. Charles (Butch) Beck, Route Two: First in state and fifth in district dairy judging; dairy team to National 4-H Club Congress at Chicago in early Decem bcr; six years a 4-H clubber -•! That was assured in TueSdal^a i balloting with the election oftM.^.- Teogu of Carroll County, M. D.l | Heathmtin, of Madison County ahdj I (,;i\vdon Bransctim of Searcy Coun»| SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A, M. and 4 P. M. u '•>"• Hope urnnseum and Charles Spradley of Newton County wer members of the 1951 House, but! Spradley was defeated for' *e-elec»| lion by Democrat Ata Arbnugh. i flransciirn defeated <lndependehtij Ned Ray Purtie, Hope Route j Robert Baker: Teague beat' ; Dehlo« Three: First in general livestock | cratic Rep. Melvin D. Arigllh •« judging". i Heathmcn eliminated Democrat , Richard Lynn Hunt, Hope Past | H- p. Rolla Fitch, council president: county rhamp * mi ' r . ferfdg* <m the Short Mourv ohe JuiiUon Kdftd, 1 (fAt), ' r -k j VLJjM*'^' lll "^ r ft | r«l ^'^IJSty, and Hits Him .n»i, <* -X w- no mtrt »»» «i,« wv»ivw vw" oofiiicd of dtrlklng U«V'fn. „..,..., "M» u|ly 'mhde m^ that <. . T , Thfi gifi IK Miry '& Burp* ot wytonit *fte«eh, Fltti.* Who ,»dlio« iy ft fltft unatU-BCUVB, 8hb ii i«rf»d w|th ««i«uU with lnt*nl ^'>mnrd«r» , , Tli« ItiUier, n»lrih\8urnii, 5?, of {.In it , dcprwtMd fractwe* o^the h«*d. M«- wy iw»», i»>« thw, iftW Jn Pftlrtonn |»«f huibftM H P|t ' MU il&e?, "tW* ftolhJn« •i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^W^^^^^^^^^^^^ .^It^hlft^. SAFETY— Physical comfort on the job has n direct bearing on production- occl&Vit ho» been found. Steps In o continuing research Into these factors t, Wilmington, Del., arc shown above. At left. Paul Smith, Jr uses a dummy to le apparatus by which skin temperature and perspiration output ore measured Data thus gathered determine which types of clothing provide the greatest l'ter workers. At right"Elizabeth Dougherty, festooned with wires, rides an electrically Wcycl* with technical devices recording her pulse rate and blood pressure during a fatigue test. club work. Edna Earlc England, Hope High: Food preservation winner In 1951, active In club work for five years. She was county foods and cookery winner, and county achievement winner, in 1952. Patsy Ann Hollls, of Patmos: County winner in clothing for 1952; entered a school dress at the state 4-H club camp and won "A" rat- Ing. She has been active In club work for six years. Bettye Faye Thompson, of'Guernsey: Took part in the Talkfest at ate camp in 1951 and 1992, win- ng "A" rating in 1952, and was econd-place winner in the state n the Talkfest. She has been in ub work six years. Barbara Griffin, Hope Junior Igh: A first-year club ,glrl, sh«> as first-place whiner in the cotin- y junior baking contest. Also first- luce winner in the play-suit divi- lon of the county dress revue; en- erqd the state revue and won a 'B" rating on her suit. Annette Oliver, Hope High: Second-place winner in the county dress revue. Led the morning devotional at morning assembly. Another first-year girl. Donna Evans, of. Columbus: Fir ion 1951 dairy heifer exhibit; six th in district and fourth in stain j dairy judging. Missed Chicago' trip by only seven points. Delbert Johnson, BU-vins Route One: Third place in state crops contest, John Keck, Jr., Hope: A junior 4-H tractor maintenance and care leader; vice-president of the county 4-H club council; winner of the district Swine Showmanship Trophy with his FFA Swine. Johnny, Burke, DeAnn: Tractor Miscon NEWS ^it'fi^rln of the ^,^** V ^' ^ m.*$rW\)!H«rkn Church wl di-votlonal talk on "By 10 •Federation of the ut Church will afternoon ul 2; 30 „.,„..,-. fur -ih* monthly ni««tln« »iu1 Bibl« study. Methodist meet Monduy oft«r- ht the «hureh tor tho „„ W8C8 of the Mcth .„,. njlet on'Monduy nfler- 0»e church with twelve of "Family f othw bus., ™,», ,.... Vnncey prcsuntptl program on "Frult« of Evan- 'was adjourned with „„,„ ted by the chair- i, *W». 'A. M. Rettlg, Vtthoey will be hostess , ,,_,„ hostess to the WSCS of the Moth- lit on Monday afternoon, n ,j*B»» wa» conducted by 'itifto} Mm. B. A, DeLnirwr "Brpnthe on Mu ,,,^ ^.w. Mrs. Robert P<?a- it(kV« thb ttevotionnl thouK"! ' i'A WfeW «nd Living Way.' H. H, McKentle hud Sr. Ev»n«*llsm" and clo» pruyur, pie a«d cot members diur how. horn* ot Mn. JU«o Mont- with Ihw Lord's Prayer repeated In unitum. Tho devotional tnlk on "By A Now nnd t.ivliiK Way." wns Kivcn by Mm, Lee Kinncy. Mrs. W. S. Block «nv« an interesting talk on "Fruits of Evnngolism." During tho social hour the.hos- IcsotiH served « dainty dessert course to 14 rogulnr members. 2 now n\embers, Mrs. Tom Qnry and Mrs. Wallace Sngo nnd n visitor, Mrs. J. M. Putrell. LINEMAN KILLED SEAHCY Ul') —James Oscar M ynrd, 2!'-yenr-old Scnrcy linemar fur thr- Arkansas Power and Llg C 1 ). died nt n hospital here yeste dtiy shortly nftor he touched n hig wire while working ne ..toriui. The widow and two daughti survive. LOOKS LIKE MILK FEEDS LIKE MllK HALF THE COSt ( OF MILK FEEDING* WSC8 01rol«-4 : -WeetaV- ! ' ; '»l '•'".' Twulve members of WSCS of the Named for Him John Weslev Hyatt, who h more than 250 patents, Including celluloid, to his name, gave his name only to the Hyatt roller bearing which he nivented in 1888. Inland ort Houston, Texas, which is 50 miles fronWhe sen, ,1s : the third largest port in the United States. A cuhnl connects the city with the st-place winner in the baking con test In her school. Carolyn Sue Hicks, of Columbus: Frozen foods winner In 1951 and 1952. Active In club work four years. Wnunzell Powell, of Guernsey Food preservation winner In 1952; foods nnd cookery winner in 1951; active in club work five years. Vivian Tonnemaker, Hope Junior High; Another first-year girl; made a good showing in the county dress revue, and took part in the 4-H club baking 'contest 4-H Club Boys Here are the champion 4-H club boys; Donald Ray Brown, Spi-ing Hill- maintenance and driving contest John Dennie Evans, of Columbus: Junior tractor driver of the county contest. Marshall Rowe, Jr.,: Attended state forestry camp nt Petit Jean tate park to aid in developing limself ns a junior leader in forestry: takes part in district show and all county 4-H activities. Travis Hunt: Has four register ed Jersey j; bought one and raided two. Was awarded the Kiwanis :lub Jersey heifer this fall. Norman Hugg,. of Blevins: Had a dairy heifer in Dairy Dny Show. Eddie Byors: Junior clubber with a registered Jersey at district show and at county Dairy Day exhibit Joe Mitchell England: Another junior clubber with a registered Jersey. Took part in the district stock show and county Dairy Dny. Wallace Martin, Hope; Had a fat call at the district show. Terrell Martin, his brother: Another calf at the district show. Eilly Hairr, Hope: Had a calf at the district show. HIGHLAND'S _ HB-NUTRA CONTAINS IMPORTANT ANTIIIOTIC TERRAMYCIN MAKES CAIVCS GROW MST«' W/TH LESS SCOURING ' Your Calves will show Increase up to 30% In Rate of Growth' GUARANTEED TO SATISFY OR MONfY BACKIJ AVAILABLE AT YOUR FEED DEALE I WUlvc meinucjs u* \ir ow.3 v* mv --—- -- - , , Methodist Church and a guest. Mrs, Gulf of Mexico »nnblmg ships W B aolden met on Monduy after from nil parts ot the world to sail IT * ••*» *-•*•••"•»» » , r . ,,.i,l rt.i* ti.ltti nnt»tr/inc noon in the home of Mrs. Oren KUaworth nnd Mrs. Sam T. . Mrs, B. A. Warren, circle chairman, presided, nml conducted th in and out with cargoes. . Mrs, C, A. Wynn had cl\arRe ot Ihe Cull to Worship nnd «ave thi* Uovotlunol. Mrs, Frunk Vlallom. Jr »nd charge of the program on 'Fruits of Evangelism." The closing prayer was offered by Mrs. Wynn. A delectable sandwich course was by tho hostesses. tn the Uuiied States, nbout 39 per cent of deaths from all fire* are in rural areas. at th* popular irica the millions pay! WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT 10e LIKE THE ORANGE FLAVOR . >ASPIIIK , irnniuiiMJ No nnd t» bruk ublttt. Hch li '/« •dull IJMI. »uj It Ud«y. Only Mo. NOTICE We have now moved to our new locc'.i.n . . . 116 E. Third Street We hove o complete itock of new and used DUNLOP TIRES COLLIER TIRE & BATTERY SERVICE Phone 7-5846 116 E. Third Street Make No Mistakes W. M. U, Hat Builneia Meeting The WMU ot tho First Baptist Church met on Monday afternoon at the church with twenty three members und a visitor present tor the monthly business nu-ciini;. The meeting was opum-d with the sliming of Uu? mnv \SMU humn for the y»ur. "Christ for the Whole Wide World." followi-d with prayer by Mrs, L-oroy Phillips, Mrs Jack Cooper ttnv« tin 1 devotional clused with prayer by Uev. Wesley Lindscy, Mrs, Lillio Butcher presided In the nbse^oe of the president. Tho new year books wore cUstrlbuteil Various reports were given and ap proved. Mr*. Phillips is the new yovmR people's director. Mrs. Jack Coopot the intermediate G. A. counselor Mrt.-Edward Bfy»on, R. A. coun selor »nd Mrs. Watson \\hilo. Jr. and. Mrs. Loyte Anderson havi eharg* of the sunbeams. Vtui meeting sdiourned with pra> er by Mrs. Fred White. Mr*. Jim Nelson, Jane and Wu t*r ore spending the week in Lonu view, TMBS «s the guests ot Mt »nd MM. W. R. Wilson. Mrs- Ruby Stewart of Kl Dorad Ji» tt» gu«*t Monday ol Mr. au iMrs, Gordon Banner. ^^, and Mr». Ho«w« Jones huv rtiurixtKl trom several months sta in Son Ditto, Calif, e- ,»...**-«*"" . Be S«!i!«!LS«! !«*»»«»>" W1 ' ZSlsaSs 381 „•»>>*. «"*"SS A CHEVROLET — «JnC IXOW uiuv" ' j r±»,-,.vM»i £«-.***•»"• ^^^^^^il^lg^^^ ^sswiisw*'-^ Tint StytaUftv &a lu¥9 4-DAOf* (Coott'nuoJi'M of llantlytii fjul»a trim iUvilraltd I' dmnfanl «i Mrs. Burka Shelton, who has tb* guest of her daughter Mr** J. B. SUndcrfer and Mrs Jf. H, P*»m*r In Wtll* Rock, Col, wvd Mr*. I- C. Dill kuv* r«turn«<l faom several weeks stay S»u A«tooto,Tesas. Mf, and Mr*. Arlice Pittn\an Monday in Te««fk»na. W. L. Woods ot of Cox. Or. *nd Mrs M»iv«m »nd Calendar • Friday, November 7 The Rose Garden Club will meet Friday afternoon at 3: 3D at the home of Mrs. Harry Shiver, 308 Worth Main, with Mrs. F. C. Crow • and Mrs. L. T. Lawrence as co- hostesses. All members are urged .to be present World Community Day will be „ observed by the Council of United Church WoniL'ii on November 7 in the First Presbyterian Church, instead ot Episcopal Church, at 3 ,, p.m. Women are asked to bring "Warm clothing lor infants and child v;jfron under six years of age. These "Packets for Peace" will be sent t i' ; tO the children in Korea. the First Baptist Church will meet Monday night. November 10, at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. Jack Hogg, 412 East 14th, with Mrs. Joe Ensmingcr and Mrs. J. M. Marshall as co-hostesses. Tuesday, November 11 Mrs. b. A. Poo, past president of the State PTA. will speak on "United Nations" at the Arkansas Senior High School ut TexarKana luesduy, November 11, at 7:30 p.m. All PTA members are invited to attend. Junior-Senior High School PTA Executive Board will meet Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Albert Graves, president. All officers and committee chairmen arc urged to attend. ve and green planed on » ruftner of: Normandy lace. Silver baskets of roser, graced the buffet which also held silver candelabras with green, candles. Greeting the guests at the door were Mrs. Roy Allison and Mrs. Wilbur Jones of Ozan. Receiving with Mrs. \Vatkins were, the chapter officers. Mrs. J. J. Battle, Fulton, Mrs. McDowell Turner, Mrs. Charles Locke, Ozan, Mrs. James Martindale, Mrs. Gus Haynes, Mrs. R. M. LaGrone, Jr., and Mrs. Finley Ward. During the tea hours, the guests were served by the former regents Mrs. Charles Haynes, Mrs. J. M. Houston, Mrs. James Martindale, Mrs. Wilbur Jones, Ozan, Mrs. J. J. Battle, Fulton, assisted by Miss Ginanne Graves and Miss Judy Watkins, Others dispensing hospitalities won- Mrs. Bob Cain, Mrs. Lloyc Spencer, Mrs. John Barrow, and Mrs. Sid Hoffman. Proceeds of the tea will go to furnish a room at the Old State Capitol building in Little Rock. Starts Sunday at the Rialto Martin to B« 3rd Highest flanking WASHINGTON (UP) — RepuM!- can control of the House of Representatives will put Rep, Joseph W. Martin, Jr., (R-Mass.) third in line for the presidency, Martin will move up from Republican floor leader to speaker, a rost he held In the 'fiOth Congress. He will replace Sam Rayburn of Texas, who has been speaker longer than any man In history. Under the law, the speaker bf- cijiitcs president it the president and vice president both should die. The Ritual of Pope Pius in Giving Audience to His Followers Impressive Indeed ' Hope Country Club will hold "Open House" Friday night after the Hope—Magnolia football game Chapter AE ot PEO will meet Tuesday, November 11, at 3 p.m. at the home of Mrs. C. V. Nunn ... ..for its members. Mr. and Mrs. at 40 6 South Elm. James H. Jones and Judge and Mrs. James Pilkinton will be hosts and hostesses. li Monday, November 10 The Business Women's Club of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday, November 10, at the chur- ich-at 7:4,). Mrs. F. J. Burroughs will be hostess. Mrs. Lahroy Spates will be hostess to Iris Garden Club meeting. Tuesday, November 11, at 2:30. Mrs. Owen Nix will be co-hostess. Mrs. A. A. Halbcrt, program chair man, will present Mr. Sterling Cook who will give an illustration lecture on Camellias. The Wesleyan Service Guild of ' the First Methodist Church will . meet with Miss Clarice Cannon on ' Monday, November 10, at 7:30 p. aaT». Mrs. Charles Taylor will bo associate hostess. Mrs. L. B. Too, ley, president of WSCS, will be j guest speaker. Rebecca Sunday' School Class of *SAENGER TODAY & TOMORROW DOUBLE FEATURE Wednesday, November 12 The DcAnn Lilac Garden Club will meet November 12 in the club room at 2:30. Mrs. Carlton Samuels as hostess and Mrs. Roy Burke as co-hostess. Everyone is to bring something to sew. Wayno MORRIS Lola ALBRIGHT ALAN HALE, it. The DeAnn Lilac Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Trulia Coffee on Wednesday, November 12, at 2 p.m. Each member is to bring a Thanksgiving arrangement. Mrs. Carlton Samuels and Mrs. Jewe Burke will be co-hostcsscs. Senior Ladles Auxiliary Has Meeting November 3 The Senior Ladles Auxiliary of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Chur ch met at the home of Mrs. Elbert O'Steen November $, with Mrs. Neecc as co-hostess. Mrs. Ted Purtlc, president, was in charge of the business session ud asked Mrs. Tolin to lead in raycr. Mrs. Ruth Johnston, pro- ram chairman, presented a pro ram on "Praise and Thanksgiv ng." Mrs. Calhoun gave tho de- •otional with Mrs. Volentinc Icad- ng in prayer. Part 1 was given by Mrs. Grady iairston with Mrs. David Frith ;iving Part 2. Mrs. Paul McRce endcred a solo and was accom panied at the piano by Mrs. Wade ,varrcn. Mrs. Paul Church gave Part 3 and Mrs. Purtie, Part 4. A Thanksgiving poem was read by VIrs. Tom Duckctt. Mrs. "Thomas Morton closed the meeting with prayer. .Refreshments were served to 26 members and one visitor, Mrs. McGregor of Tucson, Arizona. John Cain Chapter of Daughters of American Revolution will have their regular monthly luncheor meeting at the Barlow Hotel, Nov 12, at 12:30, Mrs. H. A. Knorr o Pino Blulf, state regent, will b principal speaker. Hostesses wil be Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, Mrs. Rob crt LaGrone, Jr., Mrs. Emmo Williams, and Mrs. Dick Watkins Alan Young and Dinah Shore make love a la Eskimo In this scene from "Aaron Slick From Punkln Crick", The stars piny the parts of a country boy with big city ideas and his hard-to-get honey, The Technicolor comedy musical, playing Sunday, Mor.dny and Tuesday at the Rialto, Is based on the record-breaking play of the same nani.-. Sun.-Mon. at the Saenger 6y HAU 6OYUE CASTRL aANDOLPO, Italy, I/ft -— You climb slowly up a road ort n hill near Home worn by the pas« igc of endless thousands of pll- rim fct-t. You pause nl one of the little shops way nnd buy a few John Cain Chapter DAR Entertains With Silver Tea John Cain Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution entertained with a Silver Tea in the home of Mrs. Dick Watkins Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:30. Mrs. Watkins 1 home was decorated in autumn colored chrysanthemums and roses.. The tea table was centered with a crystal epergne containing chrysanthemums, nuts, crystalized fruit, and wheal emphasizing the colors, rose, mau Circle 3 of Christian Women's Fellowship Meets Circle 3 of the Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian Church met Wednesday afternoon November 5 at the home of Mrs Thomas Fenwick. The leader, Mrs. Odell Luck, pro sided over the meeting which was opened with prayer by Mrs. Gla cune B. Morris. After a short business meetinj he 3rd chapter of the Study Course •Beginning of Jerusalem" wa given by Mrs. Oliver Adams. Th neeting was closed with the benc diction. CUKO and coffee was served to those present. "BLACK HAWK" Chapter 5 of Serial Popeye Color Cartoon RIALTO * • TODAY & SATURDAY • 2-FEATURES-2 Foreign Student- Ends Own Life AUSTIN. Tex. (M— A r.«fu«ee student from Austria, upset after n lovers' qunrrcl with his young American fiancee, commit oil suicide lute ycstordny by entln« poisoned cookies, n city detective snys. The student, 27-yenr-old lleiiv/. Herger, killed himself In n Unl- verslly of Tcxns science Inborn- lory. His body wns found sliunpeil in n chair by his flnncec, Miss nboth Trncht, 22. rosaries, n religious medal or two. You «top hastily through a gateway ami find n place In tho throng tlrU pucks the rnurtynrd from wall lo will!. It Is an odd throng. . , whispering children, . , . black' (owned nuns. . . . .brown-robed Tionk*. . . Young students. . . rich poor people. . .the Huge Crater Meteor Crater, In Ari/onn, caused by a comet which crashed Inti the earth many years ago, is big enough to provide plnylni; spaci for 20 football games at one lime while 2,000,000 spectators could wa ch from tho sides. Bonzo. the educated chimp, enjoys his own piano artistry In this scene from the new comedy, "Bonzo Goes to College." The movie, pldving at the Saenger Sunday and Monday, details the zany experiences of an educated chimpanzee who runs away from a carnival and becomes a football star, believe It or not. Who's That Knocking? your Intention Is to marry again In fact, It appeals that he is draw your nine-year-old ..friendship I Oi'U; 000 members ot vor.t or merely curious from a do*>n land around tho world. A sudden wave of silence washes ivor the dense tlironfi, All eyes ».n upward to n balcony. A door ipt-ns mid n tall, elderly figure Mod In white stops out. . Thero Is a luminous quality to ils spore, kindly face as ho looks :lown nnd raises his hand In bon idijtlon. A cry torn spontaneously from hundreds of hearts rises l> tiio brlu-ht sunshine: "II Pupn! 11 Papal" This Is the scene ns Pope 1 Xll, born Kiiyenoo Pncelll 70 year* tlivo.i audience at his summer us often ns his health permits. It Is always n moment ot tro« momlous pngonntry as the faithful j not tholr first glimpse of tholr ns« I cetle, fruunl-llvlnit scholar, living' symbol and spiritual ruler ot 400,an nnckiut iRtous momentoc* oleiliL latholle friflrids' back hoftyeVjj "II Papni "H Papal iri» The erics 4row more eto ' .« the \Vhjtft fistttx'BisndX 'si and flexes his fingers Int ctipped pnlms In the ItnllaM icr of waving — as,.« M peering to him the d from the throng, "II Papa" 11 Pftpat A kWd n,f hysterlft « throng, growing from throat. Women 'qog_Ih this shored tumult of many stand at the rollglouiy ot tholr lifetime. Tho po'be, modern nn electric rnzor, leitrnodJ,,, to spenked half n dozen Iftng^i Then Plus steps baok ( '," ' throng will not let him gtf, "11 pnpn! -II pupa* 11 papa with hl6 ultima, ng.nln withdrawn The baid closes, the throng f(los sl6w« quietly out, .reluctant,,. tb ,le.l mystic moinent go, to a close, anyway. You assuredly must hyo suspected before this that ho wasn't matrimonially Inclined. Begin to see other people; your married friends will be so relieved that you arc breaking off that they no doubt will be do- lighted to make It possible for you to moot other men and to invlto you wlhout him. Adventure! Suspense! "Underground Spy" "WILD BILL ELLIOTT WESTERN" Gardenia Garden .Club' Meets With Mrs. Russell The Gardenia Garden Club met Nov. 5 at the home of Mrs. Frank Russell with Mrs. P. H. Webb and Mrs. J. W. Hogg as co-hostesses. Artistic arrangements of chrysanthemums and roses were placed at points of interest throughout the house. Mrs. Arch Moore, program chair man, presented Mrs. Manuel Hamm who gave an interesting talk on flower arrangements. A salad course with coffee was served to 20 members and one guest, Mrs. Barney Hamm. Chapter 2 of New Serial KING OF THE CONGO" BUGS BUNNY CARTOON HEY KIDS! Be sure to Get "Branded" at OWEN'S so you can see the Free Show at the Rialto Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. SEE WHAT YOU OWN *«* *wn-» *> WITH THIS! CHEVtOJJT WATUtlS ME WHAT YOU5AYI WITHTHI YOUN Powerful Valve.fc-Head Engine pofcj? Power • Safety Plate Glass all ..._ fow«$lkle Automatic Transmit around, with £*Z-Eye pl#e glass (qp» sion (optkwsl on De Luxe models at tional at extra cost) • Largest Brakes in extra cost) • Body by Fisher * Center- its field • Unitized Knee-Action Ride. .. jCid Line in its ReL- CHEVROLET CO. • * ' vt it, Cr. SUN DAY--MONDAY SUN. - MON. - TUES. Mrs. J, M. Duffle Hostess to Pat Cleburne Chapter UDC Pat Cleburne Chapter of Unitec Daughters of Confederacy me Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. M. Duffie at 2:30 will Mrs. Gus Haynes, Mrs. B. F. Good lett, and Mrs. Alma Hanna as as sociate hostesses. The president, Mrs. H. C. Whit worth, presided over the busines meeting. Reports were heard frorr the Various committees. Mrs. J W. Branch, program chairman fo the afternoon, presented Mrs. W W. Duckett who read an article on "Ministers, Priests, and Chaplains" of the Confederacy. Mrs. Branch gave the life story of David O. Dodd. Mrs. J. M. O'Neal reported on the state convention held in Texarkana, Ark. last month. I'luirch. Profoundly moving to Catholics, tin.' experience ulso In deeply Stirrim: to tho scores ot hundreds of I'rntoslnntfc who attend to have re- RELIEF PACHAQE3 TOKYO W — Winter relief pack' j;iU : s sponsored by HIH Intornntlonal, .lu'iior Chamber of Commerce will li'Mln iirrivlnK In Jnpnn about Dec. It) fur trans-shipment to civilians DEAK MISS DIX: In tho near future 1 am to be married to a man who is very ambitious. He! in w:\r-wrouked Korea. cannot pet along with his follow! .-.- •..•-;— ••• .••—-— workers. Me Is jealous, holds ;i i grudge, nnd Is constantly com-! plniniiiK, though he Is vary Rood to me. 1 love him, allhotiRh . I realize he has bad qualities. I innj interested In mnkliiR our man-lane last and would appreciate any nil- vice you can give me. HITA Answer: The murrlnRc .should easily last a month. Maybe if you arc n particularly lonR-stiffcrlnR person, It might hold out, for a year. Are you so hard up for n husband that you have to settle for taking chances .cm sucli nn, unpleasant piece of humanity? W lie complains to others, ho will soon be complninlng to you nnd how you cook and keep house arid mike your life miserably. Better side-step him and his ways while you can. HOPE DRIVE-II THCAfttr THE WILD NORTH („... GRANGER Wrn,H CORLY c,,i r.HHRISS! II THEGROOJ .WORE SPUR! /Plus "SPOILERS 0ft THE COMING SOON OLD SANTA- IN; That's Marilyn Monroe guarding the concealed Richard Wld- mark from inquisitive and unwelcome guests In the appropriately named "Don't Bother to Knock," conjing to the Saenger Theatre next Wednesday and Thursday. Pressed tor space, the torrid team plays most of the action of the new movie In a hotel room, but audiences aren't finding it the least bit confining. DOROTHY DIX The hostesses plate with coffee present. served a salad to 17 members Ruby Jo Brandon to Wed A-3 Noel D. Carlton Mr. and Mrs. Hannie Brandon of Hope announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Ruby Jo, to A-3c Ncxel D. Carlton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Carlton of Bodcaw. The wedding will be an event of December. Miss Brandon is a graduate ot Trouble Makers DEAR MISS DIX: We have livfl in o u r present house for suven years. During that time we met and made quite a few new friends. However, there is one won. an who is considered a trouble maker. Shi- visits one of us and talks, usually adversely, against the oilier. She clsims she wants to be friendly, yet she is very snobbish toward the rest of us. No one uan do things Quite as well as she tun No child is quite as good as her In her leaflet D-2, "Divorce," Dorothy Dlx has words of wisdom. To obtain n copy, send n 3-cenl stamped self-addressed envelope to Miss Dix care of this paper. Kiddlci—Tolk to S«| Clout. SeehliToyi Sears, Roebuck and Co. CATALOG SALES OFFICE daughter, etc. that way? What makes P.N. Answer: The fall of tho year must be bringing out th-j worst :n neighbors, for several letters in "Happy Birthday" Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Jim Breed, and Mrs. Lawrence Easterling o£ Hope served iced drinks, ice cream and cakes, inscribed with Happy Birthday Blevins High School and A-3c Carl-i Sandra Kaye to the 32 guests, ton attended Bodcaw High School, j Mrs. Winfred Butler Feted With Shower Mrs. Mary Bright and Miss Beryl pickard honored Mrs. Win- h-ed Butler with a pink and blue shower Monday night at the home of Mrs. Bright. The honoree was presented a corsage of pink carnations. Her chair was marked with a large blue bow. Following several games directed by Mrs. Sam Williams, Mrs. Butler was given a large basket holding the many gifts. j A dessert plate and iced drinks were served to the 23 guest*. s;.rne theme. It is, of course, al most an ubiquitous problem. Almost any block in any community harbors at least one troublesome woman who has nothing good to say about anyone, but delights in repeating (und enlarging upon) any derogatory tale she hears. She l-kes to run everyone else's business and has little or no chalrty in her for anyone. The problem is particularly onerous in a community of home owners, especially if the homes ar'J small -ind close together, as th,uy are in most suburbs. How to Handle a Gossip What to do? The remedy is ifi- lIUIUULf^l a, »U1 o\;vciui i.;n...... .-- . '_ " fcw . my mail this week dealt with this nonng the. trouble maker and glv- ing her as little material for her gossip as possible. You probably will have to resort to all but actual insults to achieve your purpose of Keeping her out of your homes, but bud situations call for drastic measures. When she comes to the door. tell her you're sorry but have no time to visit just then and close the door. If all the other neighbors are us troubled over the situaion as get together in a concert- to bar the lady from your filled with gum and candy were j nonies In time g ne ']i catch on given to each guest. Arrangements of autumn flowers were used throughout the entertain ing rooms. Pictures were taken of the group VO(J arc and favors of little plastic baskets fc£ j e ff or 'i Coming and Going and should mend her ways, at least to a more neighborly level. There's no use pretending that j life will ever be harmonious in 8 neighborhood with such a gossip, Mrs. Buford Poe and chiHren, but it must bL . accepted p» the Johnny and Rebecca Ann, of Forti bust tenns possible. You have good Smith are visiting in the home °'j fronds; ' " ' "'" her parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. N. • Mouser, this week end. WEEKE SPEC) A SELECTED GROUP OF LADIES SWEAT! FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK GREATLY Wools - Nylons - Slipover and Long and Short Sleeves - Girls and Ladies Begutifyl Shades ' " "*"* • , *& VALUES TQ $&5ft - .;;. keep the place. t hc most of'them; unp i ea sant one to hfr K«ye Honored on 3rd Mr. and Mr*- Aubrey Anderson of Emmet honored their daughter Sandra Kaye, with a party at their home 04 Thursday, Mojr, 6, an her 3rd birthday. Uw *«fi AliwHnL.% DEAR MISS DIX: I am a dlvojr- cee in my early forties. My bu«- Mr. and Mrs. Dale Edward Barnum and son, Allan of Houston, ^ Texas, are visiting Mr. Barnum's] band desened me ten yeajri ago, parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. D, Bar-' num. Hospital Notes 4jdimtted: Miss Judy BosweU, |M*efe«rf$l: Mr- if. I, M«t '- leaving me with a child to port. About a year lal*r I '. bachelor and have been going with him ever since. I am very much in love with him. but he ha* mentioned marriage, Lately he has bf'ome somewhat ^different, still comes to see n>e Answer: THIS HT»M^^li P ^tfrm ^P ^l^li ,P^^^W^i SIX iEAUTIF,yi $$$ $1,00 * .'V:SSy«B'?i8SE •m&uim

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