Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1880 · Page 2
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1880
Page 2
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L-v ' fl lWSPAPEIlf D A I L Y TIMES. T« CKKSTBR I»AII/V Tuuts is published ·vary fcflerxiooD (Sunday cxcept«i,) at No«. ·n and 519, Edgmont avenue, and delivered la Ouster and vicinity for six CENTS PI* WB*K, payable to the carriers. Mail sab- Mriptlone, poetace free, three Collars per an- ·om, or twenty-five eenu per Miontb in ad- Taac Advertisements inserted at reasonable rates. Address ·AU.TT1MXB. Ciwcter.Pa. JOEN SPEJJCER./Vaprtetor. AT CHESTER POST OFFICE, AS SECOND CLASS HATTER. Grand Opening Match BKTWEEXTHK MONDAY, MAY 10,1880. THIS Euclish brig Arabella has no yello* fever cases on board. They never have, of coarae. There are those in the country who are ready to say that there was not a case of yellow fever at the Lazaretto last season. CJiester City Cricket Club V8. THE Cricket Club, of PMa., On the ground* of the former, Twellth and Upland streets, WEDNESDAY NEXT, MAY 12th. Game tc commence at 12 o'c ock sharp. Admlmion, . · - - 35 Ceata. Ladies free. Season Tickets, admitting the holder to the groimdu av all times, .7-1 uu, to U: liai ol any of the members. Team of the Chester Club--Captain, John Griffin ; Joseph Woo.1, Thos. Harrison, Isaac Rodgers, W. W. Wood, Thomas Johnson. W. B. Broomall. Harry Brooks, G. P. Denis, OB. Dickinson and J. H. Ladomus. myS-3t SALE SPRING, 1880. WANAMAKBR BROWN, GENTLEMEN AND BOYS 1 OUTFITTERS S. B. Cor. Sixth and Market Sts., MEAD BOBBINS, P H I L A D E L P H I A IF tbis bot weather coatinues the politicians will have a bard time of it. Wouldn't it be better for all the office-seekers to agree OB a cessation of hostilities until the cool weather--say September or October--and then mike the fight "short, sharp And decisive ?'' BUILDING LOTS. Will he sold a: public sale, on the premises, On Saturday, May 15th, 1880, AT TWO O'CLOCK P. M., As in former years the present hot wave comes from the west. It originated in Breckmndge, Minnesota, some time iu the early part of last week, and has been traveling eastward ever since. The signal Service men are of the opinion that it will be followed by considerably colder weather. There was snow in Cheyenne yesterday. Tbis is a great country. Scow in one part, and aiiDos: tropical heat in another, and net extreme points either. WHENEVER the party in power ic England becviines unpopular with the people, and 3oes not have strength enough to pass an important bill which the dominant party thinks necessary, it has to go before the people again for re-election. This has a tendency to make the ius very careful in their mode of government, or they and the outs may change places, as Beaconsfield and Gladstone have recently done. The politicians tbere aje just as fond ol office as we in America. BUILDING LOTS! Krontirg on Concord avcnu 0 . Seventh, Fulton and Washington streets, South ward. Terms at sale. W M.P.EYRE. WM.WORRALL. Auctioneer. my6-8t Eastern Saa-Goast Route We respectfully announce the completion of the new stock of Men's and Boys' Clothing for the Spring of 1880, Which has not only the distinction of being the largest, but has cost ns more paiostakihg care than any stock we have ever made. We are not content unless each tear finds ns improving and progressing, and I860 shows the result of extraordinary effort to excel. To our long practical experience and commodious premises we add cot only the advantage of showing our customers the very largest stock, but the system of business originated by Mr. JOHN WANAMAKEU gives our customers every advantage in making their purchases at OAK HALL, BECAUSE, 1st.-- The qualities and defects of goods are stated. 2d.-- One price and only one. 3d.-- A thorough guarantee given. 4th. -- Money refunded if goods are returned. W A N A M A K E R BROWN, n _ k« +*~ CHESTNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, Are manufacturing and have on exhibition a choice selection of Nickel, Silver and Silver-Sol* dered Plated Table Ware, eon- binicg every modern improvement in plating and elegance of design with sterling quality, nd offer the most extensive and attractive assortment of these goods ev«r presented iu th:s country. -- n* THEIR-- EASTERN MAINE, OSB cf the causes of the present depression in business is caused by people running up the prices of goods to unnatural figures, and the consequent flooding of the market wiLfc goods of foreign manufacturers. This is particularly so in the case of iron. Had the makers beeu content with a reasonable prolit, they cuuld, with the assistance of the heavy duty, nave kept the English iron from the American markets, but in their eageraess to amass wealth quickly, they combined and put the paces to such a height that English makers could realize a handsome profit even after paj ing the tariff. What is true of iron, is also the case in other American productions. NEW BRUNSWICK, XOVA SCOTIA, Prince Edward Island, Ac.- Ac. The staunch sea-going steamers of the International Steamship Company's Line will leave MONDAY A2il THURSDAY, t FROM BOSTON AT 8 A. M.. PORTLAND AT 6 P. M., For Eastport, Me., and St. John, N. B-, forwarding passengers by connecting lines to Calais, Me.; Grand Marian, St. Andrews, Frederickton, Shediac, MiramichicandBalhhurst, N. B ; Truro, Pictou, Digby, Annapolis, Kentville, Windsor, and Halifax, N. S.; Summerside and Charlottetown, P. E. I. The steamers are first-class in every respect, the climate of tbe region to which they run is delightfully cool and invigorating, and the expenses of travel very moderate. For circulars, with description of the route, and any further information, apply at ihe Company's office, No. 4, Milk street, Portland, Me"or to W. H. K1LBY, Agent, End of Commercial w harf. mye-tf__ Boston. 0~B X K W Y O R K . Up-i-H [To the Ladies of Chester and Vicinity. WE HAVE THE LARGEST ASSORTMEJ.T OF All-Wool Lace Bunting W --OF-- IN THE CITY.-- WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY Fancy Goods and Noveltie -WILL BE FOUND- New and Choice Goon We have just received a large lot of Electric Line of Steamers Will resume their trips, leaving Weiduer's ·wbari, Chester, OX SATURDAY, MARCH 13th, 1880, At 4 o'clock r. M.. and will sail regularly thereafter every Tuesday, Thursday and teat- Ur Returrnng, will sail from Pier 15, East River, New York, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. ^-Rates as low as 53 South street, New York. EDWARD ANDREWS, King street wharf, Wllnmgton. WLIUAM WEAVER. mb4-td!5 WeidnerSs wharf, Chester. Which for color, finish and cheapness have no equal in the city. THE $1.OO BLACK SILKS Every lady should see before buying. Black Cashmere our Great Specialty. DRESS GOODS! DRESS GOODS! In endless variety, from 12J cents no, tbe best imported. G-EO. D. WISHAM, No. 1 North Eighth Street, Philadelphia. M_K R--K--1^--I--A--E-- I-E S--T--O-R--E--._£H a21-law-^in VERY LOWEST PRICES ALSO, 2N SOME four years ago Prof. Baird engaged in tbe work of introducing into this country the best varieties of European food fish. A number of carp, of the varieties known as tbe '-leather carp" and the "minor carp" were imported, and in 1878 one hundred and twenty of these were removed to the Government carp ponds, at the National Capitol, constructed especially for the purpose on tbe Washington Monument reservation. The pond covers about twelve acres* and ihe carp have multiplied to such an extent that it is possible BOW to begin the work of distributing them. The introduction and domestication of the new food fish will be of much interest and importance to all luUod communities, as there is not a ditcb, Di'.'i-dam, or any boggy, muddy spot which cannot b« converted into a pond in Wnicb they will thrive. The carp soon become tame, and can be readily handled, and it is tbought that, in a few years, they can be made as common an article of diet as docks or pigeons. Professor Baird says that each of the female carp taken out of the pond will furnish frctfc one-quarter of a million to one million eggs, and by the aitificial system of propagat.oij, which insures the fertilization of all the ecgs, ninety per cent, of them wil 1 be hatched There is no reason why all our farme'S. who have ponds or streams on their places, sLoald not, eneage in the cultivation of fash, wrr.cb will yield *n average profit as great as from any of their other productions- »T»HE OLDEST AND MOST RELIABLE Line on the Delaware. THREE ESSENTIALS NEEDED IN EVERY HOME I Harrison's "Town and Country" R E A D Y - M I X E D P A I X T S . Sterling Silverware Our entirely X^v.-. Or eirial Styles in AH tic Hand Work cannot f\l to meet theapr ap7-dav-3i batioa of all. S TEAMBOAT NOTICE- On and after MONDAY, MARCH 1, 18? THE STEAMER Will resume her trips between SRTDGEPORT, MARCL'S HOOJK, CS TJSK, BILLIXGSPORT, AND Daily, Sundays excepted. * TIME TABLE --Leaves Bridgeport at 7 a. Marcu« H' ok at 7 10, Chester ai 7.40, Bilhi port at 7 CM. Hemming, leaves Philadelj at 3.30 p. m., from ^ecci.d wharf above B street. F -vKES -- Marcu* Kootc or Chester to Pb ia, 20 cents. Marcus Hook or Chester to P adelphia. excursion, 30 cent*. Marcus H and Chester, 10 cents. fe27-d*-w- H . O R A K A M . The swift and popular iron steamer Having been thoroughly renovated and newly equipped, is now making her daily trips, (Sundays excepted,) between Salem and Phil- sue leaves Salem, N. J.. at 7A.M. -----in" leave* Arch s-treet wharf. Philadelphia, at°2 P M-, stopping each way at Delaware Citv, New Castle, Pennsgrove and Chester. Stages connect with the steamer for Woodstown and Shoptown. N. J., and St. Georges and Odessa, Delaware. . . . . ,,,,,,,,.,, Fare from Chester to Philadelphia, ?o cents. Leaves Chester at 9.30 A. M. mh30 tf Borate of Zinc Kalsomine AND mHK CHEAPEST FAINT 8TOBE IN i. CHESTER. H. B. DAVIS, HOUSE PAINTER. No. 220 Concord Aoe., near Tldrd Street Is now prepare*! to sell cheap, la large o small quantities, White Lead. Oils. Turpentine. Varnishes, Japan. Kalsomine, OUie, Sand-Paper. Window Glass and Putty,JKoof- Ing PalHtr all colors, dry and in oil; Mixed Paints. 5 K7-PARIS GREEN FOR POTATO BUGS._« Persons about to do painting will do well to call and get an estimate for work or material. All work guaranteed to give satisfaction. Residence. *a to*» Penn street, Chester. P R A T T ' S A S T R A L O I L The first is one of the most convenient articles to have in the household. It is always ready for use, and even the " gude wife " will have no difficulty in making old things look like new. I The second makes one oi the nicest coatings for walls and ceilings that have lost their ire«h- ^. Eighteen different shades are kept, and every taste can be suited- It is equal to paint in beauty, and much cheaper. 1'ratf* Astral Oil. which every family should use who want a safe and anti- explosive burning oil. There is no danger from it. These throe- articles can be found in all then- purity and freshness at the store of L. G. JAMES SON'S 5e?L LIVERY STABLE, No. 506 Edgmont Avenue, (Next Door to Uew Post Office,) CHESTER, PA. First-Class Single or Double Teams w B U T C H B B Has removed from Th.rd and Concord enue. to his new and commodious store No. 613 Edgmont AVI Where he will keep a full supply of FRESH MEAT, CORNED BEI -- AXD-- PICKLED TONGUES AT REASONABLE PRICES. Your trade solicited. Family orders pi tually attended to. __*- R7 The third IM: FOURTH AND MARKET STS. A J O R , ap24-ly-dw P OK F^uT w-cV.-..r:o: Quarter Se TO HIRE AT ALL TIMES. , Cabs furnisnel for Wedding* and f AND CLERK OF j Horses taker, to board by d«y, weeUor! (SITE US A CALL. fe V.' The jr.dc-rs.gned offers himself as a cand;- s - ^^ of tte Republican j J.M.STCEVER. T H E H A T T E R . 16 West Third Street. CHESTER PA. HOWARD BROTHERS, Commission Merchants and Wholesale Dealers in Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Flour and Vinegar, HAVE A LARGE STO^K OP CHEAP P O T A T O E S . * ^ A.3STD "WEljSH: STS- delS-tf OAK GROVE, NORTH CHEST! Has a variety of the newest and pop plant*, comprising Geraniuius. Koses, gen eral Bedd i n g P 1 ants . Fern .« . et c- A visit to the Greenhouse is earnesiij quested belore purchasing elsewhere- i this place for the benefit of the resweni Delaware county. I have also a large stock of VEGETABLE PLANTS, Of the best varieties, which I will sell * They will be on exhibition at the NORTH END OF FARMERS' MARK A fine assortment of flowers daily throt out the season, at less than Fiiiu wholesale or retail prices, and orders received for the same. _ _ L P A P K R COR.- N FW'SKKir.S.-THF, CHESTER BT- ins Association will isMTeanew .-Tie- ·· ns Associaion . at i» MM I. annual nicettng. May -,th HAS. C. LABKIN. Real Estate aid Insurance Agent, Con- veyancer and Notary Public. Office-- Fror-t Room. Second Floor. First MKsattoiw m Jhe city. . , Nation*; B*nk Building. de2My Subscription.- .ue now being receiveu at the _ . . ------office of the SecretaTV. Market Si«an. ,579 a WPPK. *U » day at home pasiiy made. COM omcc oi Hit ^ lll " ( ,' EO M BOOTH. S ···- » *· !y oniht ir.*. Addr*^ TRVK Co..»t» B. K.BAKEK. Pre*. apu-eod-lf Mom- W A WINDOW SHADE! i I frave about 10.000 rolls of new » nd ^J ble patterns of Wall Paper recently aw ! rny stock and. 5,000 rolls more to come · i !y. -with a good assortment of Window »o I respectfully invite all who co" 116 "; ! beautifying their homes thisspriagtocw j examine my stock. Wall Paper and Window Shades hung ; ·workfr.anliKe mariner. 22O and 222 Tenn Street^ ;-U CHK8T1 t

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