Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 7, 1952 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 7, 1952
Page 3
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«^£» should hoU '"viiiufl thin American *••! t and uncles ..,..., ptt tent mow liWlMlstuMM of tho !»t« (hut toy .prle«a <ient lew thun B*5ft»h«i wftl add up to u Christmas ««*»• ftiMteltt Pff •»• w«y B flving r**nl»e." CMC tf-ttat Pr«a«tnWl*cV« rtwl today and h«'» d>r«at<nied 14 go " l»> (0 dayi of golf a* aHet th« Mrentfoua cam- pitying psrt- On* »f hto ner. hi r**tnt ner. i ,, lillrt ftobtH* of Augu*t«j Oi., and Me* 1&K, who ho»t» ttto f»mpu» In Georgia. a long ball off the , to, more playthings, ; will find Molt of the r .JA <«lr WJbply, and daiifni and to ., junior -» i >hort»go of « f«w old lomiJiore*. bflonune iif mctil, toy had to awhile baok, around SW per , in ito ihopi K whol«**lo value *. th* , Nor Mr*, Wlltem MeKlnrtey, Miss Me KbwW» mpUwr, im serious con dltlan a! tU Homer Memorl* Uo»ptt»l. M , Mf«R J»n«tt« t*v«rna Torrel wtto r«c»»v«d » shouldsr tnjur; Hebs Nell MeKlnndy, 10-y«sr-ol daughter of Mrs, McKlmuy, wh lost sevoraj teeth In U»« accident, Tho gtt«lp WM en route to Magnolia, Ark.. New President Is on Ardent Sportsman gy WILL OWlMll.ltY , good golfer, »«|wlarlr ' K$|»enhower W mor* «ay« hU flgur* '• «° and up bu acknowledged h« tfttt t » tw ycar» ago at Blind Break In For Ch«»t*r, N. Y., and recently had an ftJ wa* with him *"« n ne , , par four 14th," Robert* had two good f hlti and *ank ihiirawvw.. - - }»'bl« b»g " putter used by, Jack Wosllsnd »« tho latter'* *urprj*ln« Wumphjn the National Amstour OoW Cb»m- t-tonshlp »t Seattle Ust « u "V m « r Westland,, 47, ran for Contfresi »«»m Washington, fits wasn't «n oUtnUndlng Iron star at th« Point, Ho ptafrf Augutttt Await* the General AUGUSTA, Os.. HNS) -The I K fy of Augusta today aw.lted the •rHvsl of PresUKmt-Elect KJsen. >*«r with open srm*. the gcnersl is no stranger In tbr 0«orgt» <Ky- but this time "Ota" will gel » reception he Hkc» of which b* never had previously Btotnhower carried Rfchmonr County, which embrace* Augusta tay P,»M to 8,M8 for Gov. Stevenson on *t basis of virtually complete urvftlclnl e»«tlon return*. Klsenhower and hl» f«mlly arc enpected to arrive at tho nil-port Istc In the afternoon. Plan* call for * pollc* estort or » drive through the downtown sreo snd out to tho Augusta National Golf club. tke Is n member of the exclusive Club where' the annunl Mnntcr* Tournament Is oUywl each spring, He will occupy the private cot- tujte "f Georgia's famrtd llnksman, Robert T, Jones. It overlooks the tenth fairway, , uHbHek, did plundln* duties and , _,.,«, however, is not inii of other type* of iHM' >, > „„„, j e**euilv* ! Junior Toy Corp,, ha;r;» division o* „„,, J&fti-iflaiJJo toy de. ^MMfjMW-kttifti of <o1iftr woi-ih of lhl» year import* ottnt behind a A as-year-flld i, her five' eh II NBW YORK i* - Gen. Dwlght U, KlMnhowar, the presldont-eloct. It porhapi (he most sports mlnoeti chief «xeo«tlv« In our nation'* hi* Il« was « football player «t West T»afnt, pk-aud of tho fact he oncw tickled th» growl Jim Thorpe. He 103k n brief fling «t bssebsll In the Central League, Today — at« at hts oJd playing weight of W pound* T- he ihoots a hungup game " tfolf ,V1t<m A, B. (Happy) Chandler wn* tfiimlMod us commissioner o bHtobsil moro than « y«»r ago "" ehbWdr wai among ihoso con •wared for the post. Dut his dutlc «l NATO chief In Europe wero too important, . . 'jfce |» nri nvid'sporls fan. ."FoolbalM* aHromendous spec laolw " he soys. "Remember I sa> Sy tW Y»rU« from the sideline with dui Dorals (Notre Dar- throwing p»tts»S ( to tho n Me tofdfli >liiup «rf spwti "g 1 ""* at-ft-We*^™ tst-a-Me wenUy 1 "Totjuy 1 ^i ji'cfln go tl * f , up th« line. . . the wro*; he played naf Cm>U<l« Indians. was n pleasure to see a «uy We Thorpe running by," he »i»Ul. It wa* against Tufts In 1913 thnt Elsenhower suffered a torn carti- luce In hi* knee, cutting short his athletic career. "U took five days •to utrnlBhtcn out the leg," he aald. make* Cfwtmo Brand Margari „.,„ man was hurt li ilon near hero TUBS 8«t* Otto Orlffii * Identified a« irttvloui maf* n&g, Virginia ',8, »n<J T t J, R nuioand, Ci W, Ran* 1 th» driver of second lHUaVM $ Shvaviport, .',>>..) , \ >ndiy^t"i*ld all Vie- M5»^|^jjy; • ; • o acclde«t oo 1 , ;• T tlie GAS RANGE of th« DAY t.y- ROPER **,'.'. On Display at Your Friendly i ^ti^^^^^^F WsfMttms l3tnii ^ !•• ,f. "7^—7 i m snail ! BWHIT! , f Ttei«r» of Cane Flavor! lUbbU voi* H»Y«rl •'•? ftwr Cum grower enthusiastic! ." . * . t tt ,\ Y ^-•HKMBI vXVV {oiks IMmMf <, m«PW|Jf«» • t 1 I™|*W " R lihr»<N¥ EIMUUAHI fMWW***w*H m»«w vWM^» **&* » * * i an4 th«tr thro attractive little daughters. i Uvftd in Louiilana for many years. They ' know ayrupl They think tha uew Brer /n «yrup if* *• that counts »ark«t but there's only OH« way to j«dg« th«m—aad that's on ftlvorTVttu'U nnd aom« h»vo * atixms t»»te, ottwr* H« ov«r* aw««t t*sU, But Brer Rabbit— .vrall, thvr^'s a'syrup that tastes *jim* rlf ftl,- And Brer Rabbit W»k«« pauc»V,«, waffte*, hot bia« e«H» and corn bread better than . „ k. .._•_ ^- EXTRA SAVINGS THROUGH Our Doily & Bread T Sliced thin by The Editor 1 AI»»- H. Washburn . It Takes a Heap of Prosperity to Cover Everyone in U. S. A. It is natural for one who makes his living by circulating the print word to hold a cautious distrust. jout accepting tho truth of some-1 thing just because it is printed. Plenty was printed in thu recent campaign about the threat to prosperity in the event the voters overturned the administration in Washington. But "prosperity" is a rela- Hope Star WiATHlR W«l t>rtf, j tonight and wamtr northwestt Saturday, Tewpirature ., High 78 Low 41 1. ' . »*, 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 22 Star 6( H»P« ia»», Pr«« Jan. »*, 1M» . ARKANSAS, PRIDAY. NOVEMBER7^952^ M«mb«n Tht Ai»«l«ted Pwn » Audit •«••«•' fl'l"! A». N«t Paid Orel. 6 Mot. InrtlBd J«Pf. 10, 1»S1 "^ *,' PROGRESSIVE Stores & Stations IN '•t HOPE, ARKANSAS HAYNES BROS. DEPARTMENT STORE 116 South Elm Street JOHN:P. COX DRUG COMPANY Second and Elm Streets WILLIS MEN'S STORE 101 South Main Street HOPE HARDWARE COMPANY Second and Elm Streets CASSIDY& WILLIAMS North Haiel Street LEWIS GROCERY & MARKET Third Street COX & BREEDLOVE SERVICE STATION West Third Street ALLEN'S SERVICE STATION Hazel and Division Streets WASHINGTON HARDWARE COMPANY * Washington, Arkansas THE EAGLE STAMP SAVINGS PLAN is simple easy and convenient. With each lOc cash purchase you will receive one Taale Stamp two tagle Stamps with a 20c purchase, three with 30c, etc. 5ave your EagTe P 'StSSp» and paste.them in the Eagle Stamp booklet and when it is filled with l,25a€ogie; Stamps you can exchange it for.... $2.50 « MERCHANDISE or $2.2 5 « CASH r FOR EACH FILLED BOOKLET (Food Stare, and SerrlL Sftion. Permitted to Give Only $2.25 in Cash or Merchandise) '""" ''' m ° y ^ Eagle Stamps received at different stores or stations in different towftji.or cities may be pasted in the same booklet and will be redeemed the same as if received at one store or station. Eagle Stamps are ALWAYS GOOD, regardless of when they were; issyed, where received or how long they may be kep|t> I • Eagle Stamps cosfyo5 nothing... yet represent a definite savings on the money you spend, i hey are the Extra Savings you receive when you purchase your daily personal, family and home requirements at Eagle Stamp sjares and stations. i * • i* v ~ f . ~ FREE BALLOONS to the CHILDREN -•< (When Accompanied by an Adult) At All Eagle Stamp Stores and Stations FRI. and SAT. Save Eagle Stamps Save as You Spend Chain Store Council Dines 4-H Clubbers course, used it in the narrow fits. What they'didn't talk about as the relatively poor position of .,. and public employes living on moru or less fixed salaries, and, poorest of all, retired folks living on a pension. You'll understand what I'm talking o'clock Thursday night in Hotel Barlow. The program headline)- was Wheeler R. Perkins ot Little Rock. Kxtension Service economist who has just returned from extended " - show- jii B uuuui. w.n... - ...-—- - Korea and Japan. Me snow- federal E Savings Bonds. ™c BOV- m y ^ t ^^ ^ ernmcnt sells them to >ou on uii., ^ ^ ^ ^^ Rnat and toW promise to pay you back m iu years $4 for every $3 you invest. But the truth is that the $4 you get back today won't anywhere lipcar buy as much as $3 would at the time you made the investment. Jn case you're thinking I'm running down federal bonds as a poor investment I'll tell you now I've got quite a few myself, and I never sold a dollar's worth until the bonds matured. U. S. government securities are the safest savings on earth. But those who purchase them — and particularly have looked forwart turcs of the _ them about agriculture and 4-H club work in those countries. The annual banquet was arranged this year by Aaron B. Tollett, chairman of the Hope Chain Store Council, in conjunction with L. C. Bnber, manager of the Arkansas Chain Store Council, Little Rock, and the Hempstead county Extension Service representatives, Farm Agent Oliver L. Adams and Home Demonstration Agent Lorraino Blackwood. Kay Kent, president of the 4-H County Council, wa\, toastmastcr. Pat Buttram When the Gene Autry show play Vicro Friday nifiht, November 2 at the Third District Lives oc Show Coliseum, he will bring alon his old pal, Pat Buttram, an ami be cuss with a rustic souther drawl who has just finished —•••- )ewey Not Interested in Cabinet Post ALBANY. N. Y. (UP) — Gpv Thomas E. Dewcy, an untiring 4-H C/u6 Youths to Hold Annual Achievement Day All achievement day program for Hempstcad 4-H Club boys and girls will bc hold at Hope City Hall slartlnK ut 10 a.m. Saturday. November II. Kay Kent of Pntinos. Arkansas 4-H Club sonf! leader and county president will preside. The follow, ing discussions wi!l be held: campaigner for Dwlght D. Elscn hower before and after the Repuo Hcan convention, removed hlmsci • today from tho new president's i cabinet picture. , eslry ( , amp) The man who backed the wm ' district trophys, John Keck: ncr after losinR himself in two mas Kansas City conference, Jancllo for the presidency had been ""•": Barr, soil conservation camp, Ja- Dairy program, Don Brown; judging, "Butch" Beck; sla- igress. Edna K. England; k-n jdership camp, Patsy Hollis; For- Marshall Rowc and tloned often as a possible caumei Forest Fire Situation Again Critical LITTLE ROCK (M —Asst. Stnt Forester F. H. (Hanger Jim)' Mnr tin, snys 27 fires arc burnin« ovo 1,200 acres of land in south Ai knnsas today nnd the sittmtio n«ain Is "critical." Martin said 50 now tires hrok out In Southern Arkansas yesto day, nnd a total ot 111 lire cei lered in the El Dorado-S I a m P He said 23 tires whit e& , R i.. u , lcl .. slatc cnmp| Betty member if Eisenhower became j p _ Tho ' mpso|l; Bounty cllmi)l j. B. president 23 tires acres wero Ellen, III, tractor driving, Johnny ing two pictures with "Apache Country" and Wire." Barbed io an old age depending on income Tnc program opened with the sing- L'rom them — aren't exactly cxuer- i ng o f "America," followed by tho icncing "prosperity." 4-H Club Pledge, and by invocation How about the case of the old f rO m Royce Smith, manager of the couple who retired 10 years aRO A. & P. store. Emil Kadcn, mana- to live on their life insurance an- Ker o f Scott stores, made the ad- nuity or a company pension- 1 These| dress o f welcome, with response by things are payable in rigidly-stated j. B. Ellen, 3d. dollars. The dollar tfoes way down in value. Then it's happy days for young folks and middle-aged folks and everybody else who's still .working or running a business — Vbut it's rough on our old couple, because they're in trouble, and they can't do anything about it. The federal politicians have hac a great' deal to say about Socia Security, but the odd thing abou their performance is that the more Social Security they chalk up foi part of the population the greate they jeopardize the Social Security of all. Vast bonding operation; * have impoverished the salaries and (U'retired tolks, and, unless checked, ^will eventually catch up with, eyevy- After dinner, special guests and nembers of the Chain Store Coun cil were introduced by Fred Rober son, manager of Rephan's Depart ment. store. Home Demonstration Agent Blackwood introduced Jean elte Barr, who in turn introducct the champion 4-H -club girls. Farm Agent Adams introduced Donal Ray Brown, and he made the auc ience acquainted with the 4-H clu boys. Mr. Perkins, agronomy spccla 1st and the main speaker, was introduced by the loastmaster, Miss Kent. Sponsors and Guests Here is the guest list: ,.Banquet sponsors:-'Mr. 'and Mrs Aaron Tollett, of West Brothers; has" borrowed all the Old Age Mr< an d Mrs. Royce Smith, of A money as fast as it is deducted i& p. ; Emil Kaden, of Scott's'; Sam from our pay-checks, and when Barnett, of Morgan it Lindsey; """ Mr. and Mrs. Albert Evans, of Kroger's; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hall of J. C. Penney Co.; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Robertson, of Rephan's Other special guests: L. B. Tool ey, of Radio Station KXAR; County Judge-elect U. G. Garrett, State Senator F. C. Crow. State Repre sentativc Talbot Feild, Jr.; Ray Lawrence, secretary-manager o Hope Chamber of Commerce; Mrs Monroe Stuart, president ot th Artillery May Force Reds Off Hill Positions By WILLIAM C. BARNARD SEOUL (ffl — Tire biggest gun n the U. N.'s Korean arsenal ham nered Red positions on the Cc ral Front today 'and jubilant a tillerymen claimed they were win- lins the bloody battle of the hills. Allied officers said about half of the 200 Chinese field pieces aronud Triangle Hill and Sniper Ridge have been destroyed or damaged. G riffln. Counly ,i t . mons i,. a ui m l winners bc antum|u:cd alld eel .iificatcfl ^..,.»^.... , , ii,i|UU, LU, IIUUIUI Ulivmfc,, uvilll"^ Dcwcy announced last n i g » i. Burkc ail(1 v lsiling days, Barbara owevcr, he "expects and HI-> ends" to finish, his term as f rnor of New York. It ends 934. t l awarded. Certificate winners will "My only interest is serving ouj i ^ of ^ SncnBcr Theater my term as governor and fiom nflernoon. 10 w on that is fioing to be myi answer to any questions on the •subject," he said. He had been referred to several times, along with GOP Foreign Affairs Adviser John Foster Dulles, as a possible secretary of state in an Elsenhower cabinet. Dcwcy, too, h»d been mentioned as a likely candidate for secretary of defense in view ot his tour of Korea and other sections of the of area. burned 411 tingulshed, and four lhat covered 2ft acres were put out in north Arkansas. Six tires covering 215 acres land were still burnlnrn I" lnu northern port of the state today. Martin suld yesterday's outbreak was "critical, but no quite as bud as U was in the latter part o October." ompnns, public ./fjSo visor, Irv n Mattlek, wi ope High School gents' aOj). IK oC°tlie m Rotory' Club oh Novom- n« ° Far East. But the governor said he had not talked about cabinet appointments with Eisenhower. "I don't believe anyone else las," Dcwcy said. \V 111 CVyiivwiAiij **»»»•••- * u.^' > • -j . r •• body. For instance, the 'fpvernment the time comes for us to draw our own retirement money another generation is going to have to pay fantastic taxes to take care o£ the I. O. U. That's when it's going to make a youna man feel old before his time. . V If this is grimly humorous I intend it so. Ours is too big a country to bc howlmu calamity. I think most Americans are thoroughly alarmed about the still-climbing i federal debt, and that's one of the I reasons we shook up federalist Washington this week — so we can expect better management from now on. No one can tell you for sure what's ahead of us in business. — But just for the record 1 have filed *away the Wall Street Journal for November 4, 1952, It carries com- Janetl modity prices here and around the said: world as of Monday, November 3, 1952 — a record which was written while Harry Truman was still President, climaxinii 20 years of one- party administration. On November 3, according to the Wall Street Journal; "Price weakness in commodity markets stretches around W'- : the world. "Take a look at the tumble of the Reuthers daily commo- cry. dity price index. This British barometer measures the cost of staples produced in many corners of the globe — sugar, qotton, grains, metal, spices, cocoa, rice, jute. It now reads about 517 around tho lowest since July, 1950. It's down 18% Irom its 1951 high. "The official index of U. S. import prices has had sn even gharper letdown. It takes in commodities like rubber, tin, wool, coffee, hides, shellac. At 280 this indicator stands 35% below its 1951 pinnacle. It's only 4% over it pre-Korea level. It has been hitting new 1952 lows day after day." Obviously the world is levelling off a bit, and America with it ^~ and don't tell me any bunch pf politicians, regardless of their .JabeU can hold up the world when she's settling. This doesn't necessarily mean depression. I'll say one thing for the Democrats: They certainly taught Herbert Hoover what he ought to have done when panic bit the country back in 1929. Hoov- pr ce-uld have put the government jn behind the frightened New Yqrk GMy banks and let our economy down gradually over 10 years or so. But without government help had no alternative but The Kumhwa valley shuddered under the impact of the all-out Allied barrage. As the big guns roared, the Tirsl snowfall of the winter sifted down from leaden skies. Infantrymen o both sides huddled in bunkers and foxholes, leaving them only foi scattered patrol clashes across the dirmal 155-mile front. Chinese Reds threw two feeble attacks at Sniper Ridge in the pro dawn darkness. Allied artillery and mortar fire chopped them to b.lts The U. N. high command turnc over the Central Front battle t the artillerymen Wednesday nigh Correspondent John Randolp News dispatches concerning his uture were "purely speculative, he governor added. Dewcy said he had begun work on his opening message to the 1953 state legislature. After delivering his message, he will take a throe-week vacation In Florida. He said he thought Eisenhower's election Tuesday would "restore the nation's bipartisan foreign policy" and give the country a "progressive, honest government with a far better chance of avoiding World War III or Communist ex pansion In the world." Dewey said he was confidcn the new Congress would accept the. foreign policy that Eisenhower spelled out in his 52,000-mile cam- was eroded with swing- Cotton Loan Program Is Criticized MEMPHIS (/I 1 ) — The 1052 cotton loan program of the Commodity Credit Corp. was both sharply criticized and strongly defended ycstcrd:\y. The critics were Memphis colton- mcn. The defenders were slate and county chairman of the Production and Marketing Administration from West Tennessee, East Arkansas and north Mississippi. U. S. May Have Already Set OffH-Bbmb WASHINGTON I/PI — The Unite have exploded 11 States may world's first full-scale hydroi? bomb—and be keeping U secret. This year's nuclear weupo tests at. Eniwclok, announced t the "autumn months," are eith completed or noaring an end. In Southwestern Democrats Lookto lorNewb WASHINGTON I*) -* wero ahoftd today in six unddclded'contCBts; to the tK 9. Htousd ol ' tlvcs, Final tallies *ta theife ractifi may ttotl weeks. < - •• f -M With 818 Bdati* needed t&i the House, tho ttopubttdabs *| elected 430 and thd D*m( ~ while one In<lc^(thjlent v 7 chosen. One ot thq olefll otnts —Adolph Sabttlh i — did yesterday^ «au Domooratlo roster ^.to." , v Using Inboratory models of rownvo transmitter and ret rs, Mr. MiUtlek will send »W«»~" u music through spaco }«« aa clcphone culls nnd television pro. irams nre sent through the «ir. Speech .and music- wlU_ bo Inter. the makeup ot *he> assembling , will bo; .J 2ai; Domooratu 313 o Independent 1.- ^ A tabulatjbn; ot\tho, .K,™, lots or an oftiou canvass, wi needed Inthe undecided ,-fc determine thh «jvent\rar w * Jn Missouri's s llth, dlsk "Kp ed bent around corners' tumid wor and polnrlzod before tho aud« °lI C o'will bo n8«I»tcd by G._Morton tidal eomplct«' Domocratlo Inoumbont Schwabo, Republican, sentoo ballots \o 'bo) day. Robert J. Husscy, spokesman fori goiierally were expected t" inclui the Memphis group, described the URO o f a stundnrd atomic bomb program a? "unworkable, social- to touch oft enough hydrogen to istic, paternalistic and a form of in - 0 duca n super-sized blast, regimentation." The Atomic Energy Commission The 1952 program is working cf- nil8 ,,iade no announcements ot ficicmtly and there is no need for results such as followed thu pre- a change, said the PMA represent-1 v i ous mid-Pacific experiments be- atives. The new program is keeping cot- Kli'nlng in 1048 tft »«•"*--— - ., of these have been closed to ton out of loan, charged the Mem- hj wC p t . C! ;s and public, taut rcstrlo- lions wore unusually tight this phis cottonmen votes men figure it 10 days to destroy JIB UULLUIllI IWIII I llOUn WUl** 144!*•«**"•• J. "O"- - , Few farmers nre now offering ycar . The AEC said they wero to cotton for the loan because tho bc "conducted under til security iriee is several prov^sionsv"' ot tho Atomj.flSn'orgy jpport price, an-l'^t o n c source said there, was officials. I nc CC rtainty there would bo uny Quake Shakes Sections in California HAKERSF1ELD, Calif. Wl - A rolling earthquake that shook buildings hit early today In «n* area o£ Southern California's San Joaqulu Valley. t There were no reports of damage ui- injuries, although tho temblor woa felt in Shatter, ,20 miles to the north, and at Wheeler Ridge, iO miles to tho south. Residents who hovo more or less accustomed since the devastating; ones July «* ot Tchaohnpl and AUR, 22 in-B»k' Democrats; Ahead iff, , House Races WASHINGTON, (N&j crats organizing ,f or ..u back to federal power today to'rijoch Southwest .fo ' senate floor bqcomo pre-senl;, selling price is several provisions'"' ot cents "above the support price, an- A( , t o nc : sour swnrlnfi the out with us." . The continual barrage already was showing its effect. Tuesday] about 23,000 rounds of Chinese fire hit the Allied lines. Wednesday only 11,000 rounds were counted. Thursday it dropped .to 4,000. Friday was quieter still. Randolph said the big guns cant Chinese The major change from the 1051 ,,, inQ uneomcnt this time program is the handling of lontis. Tno government has announced Under the old setup all loans were tnjlt tne spring, 1951, series In- handled from ho CCC's regional cludod t( , sts "contributing to tho office at New Orleans. Now the f ru . rm0 nuclear weapons rcseurch, ocal PMA commiltees in the vur- a re xerenca to tho intenso heat of „ hydrogen explosion. Presumably, \yho^ wa» defe BjRpobUcan landBlldo. •m* &•• «4«BA CM^n <t '^* < ttn Monroe Stuart, president OT iu h . " b alonc Somc Chinese Hempstead County Council of Homi> J are protectc d by log e * Cool Breezes Skipping in Across Nation Demonstration clubs; Moss Rowe, president of the Hempstead County Farm Bureau; and L. C. Baber, ] parapets up to 23 feet c ' . ' v hidden jn tunnels WU1C10 «n- and caves. By United Press Cool, invigorating breezes skippc( across the eastern two-thirds o • • - th of Little. Rock, manager of the "" artillery hopes to get most the country today, pushing Arkansas Chain Store Council. o£ th c m Air Force attacks with last remnants of Indian summe - ' Mrs. Blackwood prefaced the in napalm and big bombs toward the GuU Coast. • ' Only the Gulf -*-• — the coas troduction of the 4-H «lub girls °-, o£ tnc rest Only the Gulf states, the coab with a word about Kay Kent and "'it T, s EiK hth Army said the a i portions of the South Atlanl „ ^ B ,.. _ T.r__i. «U« 111U U. O. 0_,lfc,i^*» * •/ \ r T»-~I*1« Onoet ctat( Janette Barr. Of Miss Kent she "I would like to tell o very lovely and talented club girl who has a desire to be a school teacher. She is a senior at Hope'-High school this year, a| typical American girl, enjoying all .. launched v ral '"hit and Aboard, the Pacific Coast state . ,lrun" atucks along the fro.U Frl- and the Southwest missed the co you about ' u gaid lh probably were aU- which poured down from th J( lentcd 4 : H harassing attacks only, with no in- Canadian weather factory. L ous counties are in charge. . The assistant area director for a srna n, experimental amount of he PMA who presided over the hydrogen was used then. ublic .meeting here, R. E. West- A full-scale tost of on H-bomb morcland of Washington, said that n)j ghl be the reason for the high report with recommendations d L , arco o f security imposed on the vill bc made to high PMA officials luU>gt 8or j 08> n Washington. He didn't say what hese recommendations would be. A number of cotton producers and bankers attacked the 1952 pro;ram at a congressional subcommittee bearing here last Friday iriui tho .newspaper «i ficus for information. , Thirteen- people wetcr' Rifled . m Tohnchapl. disaster and, ^WO .died in the big Bakersflcld quake..Dollar damage was counted • in * tho tens o£ millions. ' Pollco at Los Angeles, 120, miles south, reported a scattorlng of calls from nearby roslents who, flaw they felt'a light shock, ' Toxaa 1 "HUtf S - dldatos for I Ucntlol nominal Iparkmari^wM' , vfce-prosldcntla! N ri Johnson -»PB lion a 1 pronlut . , chairmanship Oj Jp;,t pnrcdnooB C6r , tho Senate Democratic; ' The mercury dropped slowly kinds of sports, likes to cook and mnntns a head. sew. and displays plenty of must- Lagt night B2 6 invader bombers cal talent. Her 4-H club projects ranged over Red lines in their have included six years in clothing continuing attacks on Communist and five years in foods and cook- transpor t. pilots reported 120 Red ... to capture Allied ground. All were beaten back. ^te" 3 ^ of rSt tnt°m^abUo ™ '«Xwi* southwestward j They said the shift of the loan operation from a centralized point at New Orleans to the PMA offices in counties involved so much, red tape it was unworkable.' The chairman of the subcommittee, Rep. Tom A b e r nethy (D-Miss), urged lhat PMA revert to the 1951 plan in addition to tho 952 plan, so farmers could use ither method they desired. Department Store nto the lower Mississippi Valley In the Great Plains temperatures gT LOUJS w _ Department limbed 5 to 10 degrees after the Her various achievements since entering 4-H club work are: Cowv ty winner junior dress revue 194R< 49; song leader 1949; county winner school dress division 1950; entered the state dress revue in 1950 and won an "A" rating on her dress; was elected county song leader in 1951, and state song leader in 1952; county dress revue winner in 1951, trucks destroyed. Hempstead Mqn Buys Registered Ayrshire J. **U^ r UUUI11V ui vaa * « v u*; mr *»**»*-*. **» -"-"-PI . V*« Ooi ** r and won an "A" rating at the Uade an initial purchase of one state revue in 1951; attended the registered Ayrshire, according t state 4-H Congress in Little Rock the Ayrshire Breeders' Associatlo in 1951-52, and the American Royal Executive Secretary, cnesier in 1951; county achievement and putney, of Brandon, Vermont leadership winner in 1951; county The transaction was recoraeo in Russia Hurls Warmongers Charges MOSCOW, (UP) — Marshal Senv yon K, Tlmoshcnko, reviewing Russian troops on the 35th anniversary of the 1D17 Bolshevik revolution, accused Western "warmongers" today of "trying to Incite certain Rtutcs against tho Soviet IH11UWV4 " -«• -- ——«» ,j 5(,Qrii saiut* in tho Eljjntn JctiucrBi irst chilly onslaught ol the cow Reservc District have dropped be air mass. Snow flakes wer9 s c a 11 c r ear-" "'^ p"^ r " ccn t j n the week end across upper and lower Michigan, j il( ., N northwest Indiana, Ohio, western New York, West .v^...,, low the same 1951 week by an av- lne crovv ds and massed troops ou- Nothing About Empoyer, Employe Party Tho arrangements committee and the other committees working on the plans and details ot tho employer-employee party wish to Impress upon tho people that this occasion Is certainly not a formal affuir, U Is o party got together for tho omplpyors and employees and tho activities of tho cvco* jng will be carried on In ft very informal fashion, A "como us you arc" Invitation] Is moro Uw order of the day 1IUI , , ruther than o fprmal evening. Tn* Premier Josef Stalin mounted a mea i w |u bo serve* In WO hW Red square rostrum outsido tho school cafeteria, cafeteria, style. Kremlin in the first snowfall of an d the food workers will bo local the season to watch the annual retall employers," both men anfl display of Soviet armed strength. He raised an arm in greeting to On (B) N. ap Job Republican However, union. .„ Nov. I. The St. Louis Federal Reserve Pennsylvania, New York, V cb ' Bank, which prepared the report, Virginia and .the New England i Hid toflay th(j dropg in individual - . btates where flurries were report- cHJeg ran g e d f rom 14 per cent in ed ott and on for 24 hours. Lotilsvilje, Ky., to 3 per cent In Caribou, Me., had the only meas- &l Loulg gmaU citleg ln the area urable fall — two inches. reported a 4 per cent increase dur- Forest fires continued to cloak the week but did not speak. "It Is true the warmongers arc dreaming of another war and preparing for it," Timoshenko, 67- year-old Marsholl of the Soviet Union said following the Inspection. the ACC*^*^'* W»"«f »• -«•«•».• •»- ••—- , — vi —• leadership winner in 1952; attend- the National Office of the ed the state 4-H club camp in 1949, Breeder's association in Brandon 1950,. 1951 and ,1958; and repre* wn ere complete records on au reg- sented Hempstead,', PflUnty at th«> istered Ayrshires in the Umtea state-•Wt,^conserYatrph «»rop at states have been maintained sine* Pelit Jean park' in. 19S2." ' 1fl7s much of the Southland with a man- Qther d g were 12 pcr ccn t a t tie of smoke, and new blazes were h , aml 5 cent to Ut0e reported in Indiana and Washing- Rock " Ark ton. A ragged marsh fire covering Foj . the four . weck per j 0 d ending some three square miles near Wau- Nov j district sale8 werc 5 per sau. Wls., was brought under con- 1 t hi£her than ^ ^ gamc pe . trol late yesterday. | riod ot 195 j. Little Rock had a 10 per cent increase over the four-week period, Memphis 6 per cent, Loui*vilJfi | and St. Louis 3 per cent and small cities 20 per cent. Frisco Railway Figure Diet SPRINGFIELD <*) - Fred H. women. A good menu has been Jig ranged by the foods (committee that is anything but fancy. Immediate' ly following tho meal, the entire group will move to the Junior high school auditorium tot ft se»» ion at which Lylo Brown will 'act as master of ceremonies ana along with the, lntrq4uctlon« of special guests, C, 1.. Gjnus, Dean «|.« American School Pf Stu4ic» , Harding College, will dellv#r ft short talk <& "The Aro«r>c/iiA WiRV." At the conclusion ot tho ta^ by Mr. Ganus, the card tfames, «n4 Of MisT'Barr the home demon- Because of their ability to prostration agent said: duce at a low cost an abundance to let things slide. Everything went down the chute in just three years _ joan 1931, and 1932. Jtw»s » beaui. I ought to know. I bought * couple of newspapers and put 'em together January W, 8» i »«*«•» * *«• ILiUJt «6*-f»» »u*»*« I »**-*•*- —- «. -w .. -- . She is ahother outstanding 4-B p £ milk with an average buttertat tl v.b girl, secretary-treasurer of test of 4 per cent the Ayrshire the County Council, county winner breed of dairy cattle has become in the personal improvement dem- increasingly popular with ftau y- onstration. and active in 4-H ckjr- men throughout the country, work for the- last five years. She i.'aa u>mty_Group_t« represented Hempstead county all the American Royal 4-H conferee- Continued on Page Two 1 —,-— ~~^ T - .„ t . * ' wail fnd all 48 state* wul be rep- .resented when the National Asso- wasn't untU the 1930 drouth and. tiatlon of Baijroad and U<.MUtteS ' ' Commissioners opens its 64th — nual convention Here Monday C. Howant Accuses Ike of Discrimination BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, (UP) — American born Negro, a-ii . ... singer Josephine Baker .accused (jjUQrdS tO hower mat Ion. "It he did U in his own Army where men die so the flag waves with glory, imagine what he will " Miss LITTLE BOCK W - Alaska, Ha- Fire Fighting Fund LITTLE ROCK W — Arkansas Adit. Gen. John B. Morris said today that the 1953 Legislature wUl "* • a series of bank closings the of that year that the istorm Wt this section. We lived through it don't w%wt to get so far tCUlaV *ha* im "" «Wft^ Wl» 1P do now he is president," Miss Baker said. "Colored people wUl suffer they have never suffered. And white people who dared defend them will be persecuted in such a way the famous German persecutions wiM be 'W4 stuff.' God b*ye ptty on who now wa* be to appropriate S2DOCO to pay salaries »nd ex- senses ot the National Guard in fighting the south Arkansas forest No funds are presently available for this purpose. Seven South Arkansas units of the Guard were caUeoV out two weeks ago by Gov. McM*th to aid Shaffer, 70, former vice-president and chief operations officers of the Frisco Railroad, died last night. He has been a patient at the Springfield Baptist Hospital for 41 His railroad career spanned more than 50 years, 82 years of that time, with the Frisco, He joined the system in 1918 as to- sp«ctor of transportation at »t. Louis. Two years later he came here as superintendent of the Frisco's eastern division. In 1925 he be* came »s*i*t»»t general manager later was appointed iger of the system. He uptU 1948 dominoes.wJU .,_.., and a class room ol the Jr. school building, The orcheiU* ..... „ ..... ,. when bc wa» promoted to vice president to chttg* ot operations, lit retired to jMMWy w«* Hope Student to Tour With CMr Sept. 80, W& He i««t ia the battle against toe series ol devastating fires. At one time l f m Ouardwnss « field, but th* reduced. *\**m Mi

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