Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1952 · Page 25
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 25

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1952
Page 25
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MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Thursday, November 6/19M »««»ix* »n declared; triumph • of flea, BJ- st #a«cw» -and *r« Wflj *0fitin>JB the ved IK StlAPJB tlWji*»m0 i, .AUlWlt »a*m »fi nm«ndor And will ntudy to «i« «<?• of 0»»t clow »»»ocu- Oft tft»er«l *« pr«*l' U. 8, AmbUMiidoT to London Wtftcr 8, Olfford Mid; "I ««n HMuri Ut« Arlttnh people Ihhl thtt clo»o »nd friendly rein- tfofii bfttweon u« Will continue und A'oorlclM will continue to Mel thry ne«d you *nd you ncwd iu In ihft t»»t« of pr«cervin« our e«dom nnd Oemoeritlc way of pr&ilemji In Rom«. » Vntlean touree do- clnrvd; "The world murt rejoice at the slocllon of such n Bra»t interim- llonnl fl«urc. U In certain that under Kluerthotor'* leadership, tin? Ul)Uod StMlffi will not witndrnw from the pre-omlnent po»iiioii it r.iuol hold In an effort to nettle proulem* HC-IIIB nu eweri, And pnrtlou dan power*, with which iitltiif during hit lon« ,»^-. T tiler J'aul Hcynttua iifld added ihfll h« clean p&oplc gather- Wt»«l chtyf In tho niBrmor they wont w *.'* Minuter Win;*' .con J£H»aua the «)cotlor» now* in lha V))0 with mnnlly." no the'rtw of jten mako « food chl«f Atio in the eternal clly. Premier Alcldo Do Oatperi exBroiuod "nut inlnctlon' with dm otitauma, corn mentlngi "it in H triumph for dcmocrncy and proof that America In a greut Democratic nation where thu poo- pic iiro allowed to inuko their own enolce according lo their own ty ULTRA-MODERN RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE - Architect', model, above, itlmwn tho ultra-modern deilgn embodied In the Robert IT. Cnrr Memorial Chapel of St. Sivlor, which has been built for the [Undents nnd utafl of the Hllnoli Initltute of Technology, nt Cliici.K'i, III. The Interdenominational chapel features an alUir nil! nnd ultnr rro«i of ntnlnleiu Rteel, and a ilmple altar of Roman Travertine mnrblo. and hai a glaw facade. It U the first •ccloslaitlcnl ttrticture to bo designed by Ludwlg Ml lei van der llohe, director of architecture at Illlnoia Tech. 1\cM who r ^W-* ^T UM«^ *l tor In Atliolii. Orook* wore purtlau Jarly Intcroited In the ouicomti, jwtimg tnnt U may help the elite- tion cHinpalan of Field Mnralial Alexander I'apagon, a militury hoio lika ISIiomiowor, who«o Oi'wuii lidiiy farty i* Urn lariicwt in Urcooe, , in Copenhagen, DunUh Promler «»idt Imvu choxen a lend wnp, In the war and uftur, irovod tilt worth, inlonrtty ana S 'in able to wold th* world d sjjAPjBi n^ wut m«»« P' ifretddeni ih ,Am«rl- W'' >, - /" '' • ' a UporUos, thny upllt te a raemlMir ot ttd edltur of tho Uovnnlte t'{ f 6 ^ oir fl' turrlbk ,dl»B(ilcr for tha ' mmlty ana Uumwi tho the world, U ot an «co» in Amorloft, which 1« lc»t dnnuov to tha freo of i government, pointed to pl'i pas tlntBt'nBtlonttl ox- Gof Heesrfburn? Ntw Mexico Eltcts Democrat PRESCOTT NEWS Important That Stock Be Fed Properly WinicM-infl the hoof cow herd and Rtocrs In HerripHlcnd coun- this winter will require that e consideration be given to us\i\K itii- minimum amount of rough- ngp with one to one-half pounds of pr'oinn rupplement and some ({rain to supply fimrKy. says County Awe-iit Oliver !«• Ad»rns. Whi-ri tin- totiil avcrot;c ration of ruiiKti ;i;<<- Is cut In half, say* Afjcnt Adam;!. Uirrf-' will be need for some iiiifiilional source of energy for [ mainl'.TNiiK.'C'. At the present price, j juipiilyiiiu iliis throuKh two pounds ; of cnarsely Kniuntl corn Booms to I be the Ix.vit substitute that can be : riuidi' lor this Itiek of roufthngc. The ! cob. 1 ! will add bulk and nutrients. I Wli''i'<' niliiH have made some i growth mi pastures and in fields, j Koine nmjjhiiKe. and a supply of 1 vitamin A and minerals from the material will be available * CODY RIYER 1«t by At King F«otw«l Symfteot*. | well into December. ! Tho use of thc tmc. pound of pro| ti'in supplement can bo begun with ' the cuttle whiU- they are gathering __ | the rounhiit'0 from the fields and ~~ ~~" " ~ thus H void IOKS of weight. The Urn- In crynlal holders. Miss til-'itcd suiiply of hay will probably Icn Mark 1 Holt and Mrs. Jake Hu-ilnist be kept for the mid-winter Th<. mnrrliii'ftif Mini* Ktilhryn'I'ortl n»»l»te<l m dining room court-'; month;-, to bo used as auRRcstcd Booty *ml Cv'.-H U. Joim«»i wn.ica.ua. !*'«»• the protein supplement and noletrmlml N'uvcinDur I in thu| '1'hu honorce was presented a; thi- coin. homo ot tht- brlrt«'» purcnU, Mr. icor»u«e of white carnations. ! and Mrs. Knit-Hi lU-oty in Krn-i Sixty-five guests culled during John«on -~ Beaty Vowi Exchanged mot. Tilt.' Itrldc KIOOIII l» the «on of lh« Mr, Mrs. JucU lati- o( Hev, W. CJ. fJctisbi>r« perfornt- th(> dfuiblu rliiK ceremony bo- tiiu appolnlud hours. However, the late winter and irly spring grazing on these : winter grains will be more important than ever following the limited railon <m low quality roughage j clurin.i'. mid-winter. In experimenls recently conduct- For hor w nn vg« Bhol hut ALBUQUERQUE Up ; bon, Dentil* Chavez nun won re- aver Htipuolleun chwllun- 1'ntricU J, Jlurloy (or the second Htriitght time. Uul thu result may not beconu* official tor wooJu, C'hnvQt, head of tha Bonuta I'uu- DC Wtn'K* Committee, led 131,803 to 117,0111 in the unofficial count With nil but 13 of tho utate'K nfl* sister of the KVI»»<< by n turo,iioi,se blui; sutiu cdvurctl In senuinii. Her cur wail Ifliu; list Tho couple will Ucnlon. wen; Mrx. I loss Gordon, Mr*. Letter Steed Hostess To Sewing Club Friday Mrs, Industry Dullsville. Maryland, one twin ol each pair was kept on rations thai llouquets of chrysanthemums iii;\ vn .,. 1 . VL , I1 slightly below the main- the iiulumn tones were used foi•! (CIKUH-e level while the other twins r», U-slei- Steed was hostess ( , t| wlth kloillica i lwin cnlvcs al thc fore nn Improvised nltiu 1 morkeclilo the; Stitch and Chatter sewing n un . ;iu (1 [ Animal Industry's herd with floor bti«hi;ts flllfil with white club at her home on I-'riday after anil fern. the bride chose fitilli- «u II with imvy CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT A GENERAL assembly waa ordered aboard the Vartna the next per, morning, to Include all who could be spared from the AMtrid's crew M well. "We'll have a proper burial service before • proceeding," Whirter said. "We still have a long way to go." He opened a Bible, thumbed through It. Taber interrupted. "Do you mean that we'ri still going on—after what's happened?" he aaked Incredulously. "Going on 7" Whlrter'a eyes were frosty. "Ot course. Nothing has happened to change our plans. Nothing will change them." A protesting murmur ran among the gathered crewmen, and uneasy glances were cast at the not-distant shore, at what thc leafy green of trees might conceal. Sol Sherwood hesitated, then backed his partner. "It sounds to me like a crazy notion, Cap'n, going on when the Injuns are so hostile," ho said bluntly. "We never expected nothin' like this when you said you had a Job—" "Shut up !" Tho words were a sudden roar of pent-up anger. "I'll stand for no back talk from anyone, much less from a bungler like you—" That was the moment when an arrow came winging out from among the trees, hard-driven. It buried Itself In Sherwood's fat throat, so that he otaggered and choked, then sought to wrench at It with both hands. As he tugged, crimson gushed suddenly, and he ' ' thc gun blast, rolling ofl among the hills Into a distant mocking whis- Astrld's hand was at her mouth, btit no one spoke. After a moment, Whirter went on, almost as if nothing had happened. "Mr. Earnshaw, please have those unfortunates prepared for burial, also. We'll use one service tor all. And move everyone to the main salopn, as a precautionary measure." "Meaning that you refuse to )llot any more?" "Uprlver, yes." Whirter's reaction waa not quite what the others had expected. He mmm NEVER IMPROVE VCUR MINfc RSAttNC THIS KINO OP STUFF IN EVEWV NIGHT SOME HKS*CtA8S • THEY MAK6 NHSHTSC MUPOER MVSTEKy KTU AT TOREADN BED TONIGHT W1U Give YOU CUUTURE f . _t- - •. • *i_ " . j. .J± ^.jmtS WfJ looked at Astrid. Have you, by any chance, Her ci'Slunn; wn« lie- decoration. At the conclusion of a | were r.ivon full feed. Whan the pk-asunt afternoon spent sewing,! scantily fed calves were later put the hootess served a dainty salad j on full feed they gained rapidly and pliilu in the Halloween motif loiccimumlcally. ol home In flKhl members and guests Mrs. J. M. Uuku. Sr,, Mrs. Robert Dlak i'ly. Mrs. J. M. Kutrell und Mrs. Mrst. W. O. ;1" C. Dill. reported. Utidlmng comment. Hurley, former 4ecf<uary of war und tit one tiii-e anibtinnndoi' to Chlnti, had ballot boxes In four Narlhcrn cintn- ttof Impounded. Thu counlluH gave about 3,700 votoi of hla lead. ft may bo week* boforo tho ballot* Ufa chocked And rol«nnod by the Stale Cmmmlng Board. ' MIIMons StJoseph ASP9RIN VflRlDS LARGEST SULER AT 10C Mi, and; Mrs, Jiirk Hi.stty of Hope, Mr*. Tht-roti Wilson Complimented Mm, l,nwri!iici' Sttivtill those from out of town who attended thc funcrul services for Mrs, tieortfc Hunt on Saturdiiy morning were Mrs. Grace Prince. ! Rcpubllciui governor. Montana Names Republican HELfc'NA: Mont. I/ft — Montana today to have elected a Mrs. MiifKiic-ltc Hunt, M. und Mrs. and Mrs. wi Monthly uUi'i'iionii nnd In hor ttttruclivu ni;w lunui- on Rt, ,1, Artistic HrranRrim-nU of yollow nnd whllo rhi-yKimlhonuinu: wort 1 placed «t vmutnti' points lu the living room. 'Punch it ml cuke woro sorvod In the din I n it room from « tahlo ov- tii'ltiUI with ti luuul crocht'tod cloth over pink nnd conlurod with n brhtcR lioiHinct ilcsiKiHnl of pink mid inkTinmiiled «ith niu- white line liiitl Iliinkfit by )|lowiii(f pink Moore Bros. 5 'ii< Serving You Since 1896 DIAL 7-4431 Fresh Dressed Frash Pork Shoulder ROAST Lb. 43< «on, 11 tw'iu l.nUc, with u '"»j Mr. and Mr.s. Thoron Stewart. Mrs. G. Sutton, Mr. Snow Williams, Mr. Harold Gibbons of Texnrkima. Miss Jane Wade, Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Dimlcl, Miss Loycc Stuwari of l.ltllu Rock, Mr. and Mrs. H«nry Inslcr, Will Thomas of Koxtori, Tcxns, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hunt, Bob Hunt, Lnmesa, Texas. Mrs. J. B. Jones. Fred Thomas, Paris, Texas, Mrs. C. A. Nelson, Shrovo; part, Mr. nnd Mrs. \V. T. Urimson Oak Grove, La., Mr. anil Mrs. John Auxler, Bristow, Okla., A-lc Murvln Auxior, Clovis, New Mexico, Mrs. J, W. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Troy Wade, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Honen, W. V. Wade of Blevlns. Unofficial returns from all bu •K of 1,13V precincts gave State Sen. J Hujjo Arronson, Rcpubll can, a load of nearly 5,000 votc.s over the governor, incumbent Democratic Jobs VV. Bonnor, Aron pitched forward on his face, arrow still quivering. For a breathless moment there was no sound, while men stared in fascination. No crash of guns or further flight of arrows followed, only that single missive that had been ao well aimed. A count of ten could have been taken over tho fallen man while the silence endured- Then, with a choking grunt that was almost n scream, Taber turned and leaped toward Whirter, and a knife gleamed in his hand. No ope saw the gun appear in Whirter's fls,t He still held the Bible In tho other, and Taber's jump waa fast, but not so quick aa the gun. As it roared, Taber collapsed, crumpling on the deck almost at Whlrter'a feet. Bilence followed the echo of thc The sudden rage had gone out of him, but It had had its effect Momentarily, at least, the spirit of revolt was quelled. No, one commented as preparations went for ward. Whirter prepared to conduct thc funeral, placing the Bible on a desk, and ostentatiously laying his revolver beside It. Thumb- Ing lor the place he sought, he read a passage, Intoning the words solemnly. "As for man, his days are as grass; aa a flower of the field, so he flouiisheth. "For the wind passeth over It, and It la gone; and the place there- ot shall know It no more." He signed to some ot the hands as the service was ended, and the canvas-wrapped, weighted bodies were taken out. Whirter closed the book and reached for the gun. I've been aware of the talk that's been going on for some time," no said. "Mutinous talk, men saying that it's folly to go on. I'll have no more of it. Those who signed for this enterprise knew that they were embarking upon a rislcy venture, but It was for home and country. Nothing Is altered. Remember that you are under my orders aa your superior officer, that your only hope of salvation lies in sticking together and doing as I changed your mind? About mar-( rytng me?" "After you've murdered my father?" Aslrid's voice broke on grlet and anger. "1 should say not!" Whtrter shrugged. His demeanor became icy. "Unless you pilot us, Mr. Rawls, you become merely excess baggage, an encumbrance abiard and ol no possible use to the purposes ot this expedition. So I'll give you a choice. You will continue to " ' these boats upstream, or you will be set ashore, along with the four women ol the party. I leave it to you to decide." • The cold-bloodedness of that pronouncement was staggering. Some of thc crew looked shocked, but it was plain that they would obey orders. That made Kathleen and Astrid hostages lor Rawls' good behavior. "In that case, we'll try it a while longer," Rawls agreed. "Up-« anchorj please, Mr. Earnshaw." Whirter returned to thc Astrid, with no further word to anyone. Both boats plowed ahead, the engines racing, paddle wheels churn- Ing the water to froth -- "—" sought enough grip tf Male Nicknames HORIZONTAL 62 Scottish 1 Nickname for sheepfold James VERTICAL • 4 Nickname for 1Joke i 9 Robert's i nickname | 12 Before ; 13 Conducts , „ , « 14 British tnonev 5 Female rufl ; of account 6 Native 27 Grafted (her.)4l Nlcknam. I«r 15 Harden ? Roman date 28 Roman bronze Albert i ISFestivals 8 Worm 29 Native of 17 Seine 9 Rib Latvia 44 Flower 18 Farmer 10 Native metals 30 Anglo-Saxon 45 Nfcknamt for Rpsstan ruler "• Baseball slave ^ Pater ^ 2BDuct(anat.) sticks 31 Erect 46 "Emerald lilt" 21 Promontory 19 Rant 33 Born 47 Grit OUT OUR WAY •y j. R. Wllliamt VIC FLINT •v Michael O'Mdll.y and Ralph > ••• -- . • • • say. "Mutiny would bring not alone the savage hordes upon us. Escape from them leaves you in a wilderness, in the enemy country, and out of uniform, where your status ia nothing less than that of spies. Keep it in mind that I make the decisions, and that we are going on." Rawls. along, trien slowing to a crawl aa Rawls hunted a channel. Several times every day they had to turn back and nose out a new coupse like a dog sniffing at a new trail. but son had 129,702 votes and Bonnet 12-1,705. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dcwoody Sharim and Brcndu spent Sunday in Little Rock. u, Price Special IT" Dorothy Gray's Dry Skin Lotion Kurl Hnynlu of Cnmdcn was thu Sunday ot his mother, Mrs. Howard Huynlc. Mr, and Mrs. Fred Anderson had us their week end quests M. D. Uanvy uf Kil«orc, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Luo WliiKtield of Little Uock. Delicious Smoll Siie Picnic HAMS Lb. 39' FRISH COUNTRY ^^^^^" ^P^^P ^^^^w' ^^^^ Mr. and Mrs. Hill Johnson oC Hope were Sunday uvi'iiiiiu visitors iu Prvscotl. Mrs, Madge Burgess had us her guosls Sunday, Mr. and Mr.s. Minor 1'olk und daughtcrii of Hope, * Virginia Ann Hays wiis thc week end guest of her uunt, Mrs. T. H. Uuku uiui Mr. Puke in Little Hock, Mi. nnd Mrs. Wade Bell of Littlu Ruck have, been the guests ot Mr. :uiul Mrs. \\ulls Hmnby. $ Ife. CtrtOA CrutNne f*i _ SHORTENING 6/C Miss June White was the week end guest of Miss Mary Ann Po- Hici^' ul Southern State College, aiiiiollu and saw thc Arkansas bluie-Southcrn State game. Mr. and Mrs, R. W, Reynolds spent the week cud in Jonesburo as tha guest ot Mr. and Mrs. Bob Finclwr. Mr. and Mrs. William Hoys ot Qholona have b«en the gut-sis ol Mr», W. O. Hay*. CHOCQUATI COVIRID Box 49c Orange Juice Mr, and Mrs. Pat Combs and Jan have returned to their home in Kl Dorado after u visit with Mr, and Mrs. C. D. McSwain. , Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Warren. Rita and P«cgy spent the week end in Stephens and Magnolia where they «»W the Akfc*usa« State • Southern Sute game. Strik« Grounds Airlint Strawberries NEW YORK « — A strike last ol 30Q United Airlines flight Jtrowwled the line's in HUB Unitied States wxd & "quickie 1 «r«w out ol disputu will* wtlknut «Urik« by UM> a Jtdnwfl,tt»-oJ«J Ifce Alt. Tkia *^"? sud ~*«i WHILB vie rusnte TO PDUCB S£AV/MG COUNTtlt IVE GOT fWER COMMON LABOR, WHILE : THETRE GCNE OM WASH TUBBS 22 Brother of 21 Louse egg 34 Eye (Scot.) 48 Wolfhound ; Cain (Bib.) 23 Exist 37 Crafty 50 Smell 24 Three-toed 24 Also 38 Enthusiastic 51 Get up ; sloth 25 Pierce With a ardor 52 Apportion ; 28 Nickname for knife 40 Powerful .-. Stephen 26 Weary explosive 55 East (fr.) 28 Horn HEKE'fr A GOOD PLACE TO A0K ABOUT THB BRIEFCASE. THI5 FARM WU5T 66 CL05B TO WHERE THAT ^MAU PLAM6 TURNCP BACK LEANING. I.' STOP THB PICK-UP TRUCK M4P *9Kr 32 Prong 33 Require 35 Compass point OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople ' Sicily 39 Insect 41 Change 42 "Empire State" (ab.) 43 Festive array 45 Nuisance /m .., IM.. t, M. MB *»'. M. nfl KBMfflffl L if keep going. The thrill of adventure, the hint of romantic endeavor that had sus- •y Edgar Ma BOulS AND HER BUDDIES 48 Art (Latin) tained the crew up to this point, PRESIDENT/ 49 Norman's nickname 63 Age 54 Puff up 56 Expire 57 Important metal 58 Dips with a ladle 59 Hops' kiln 60 Conclusion €1 Lethargic was gone. They still obeyed orders, but McQuestion's death, the tragic . fate of Taber and Sherwood, the callous brutality of Whirter's pronouncement concerning the women, had changed everything was matched by the unreasoning Rawls, we will get fanaticism of the man who suddenly become a stranger. Earlier they had laughed at Nar- under way, please. At once." Rawls had listened to the service, wondering anew what sort of There was a cup of trouble that I have an idea that we've come By Dick Turner CARNIVAL Car enough. So far as I'm con- (To Be Continued). cerned, we certainly have. Distributed by King Features Syndicats. Copyright. 11)52. by Al Cody JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. BUGS BUNNY ._ ^ _ JSTICE OF tUE PEACE WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 By Herihberger FUNNY BUSINESS • TUMBLERS | ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY LITTLB UONSBR/ •^ \^J likV'w-' ALLEY OOT PAPER-MATE PENS 469 for <kttkt. , I GUARANTEED. Ltikproof Stopper 2-Quart TYSON WATER BOTTLE SAL HEPATICA •, v I T. M. «•(. V. 5. fit Off. I Cepr. 19S2 by NEA Swvict. "Commanrfef" Face or Baby Bottle Sa/c QOc priced.. 30 Soft rubber. So this is Gladys, her girl friend! You and your latcd risk*!".-- — """ 6-ii. WOOD SNACK IOWLS 2 "R 89 e 5«« VALUES $1.59 ---Seamless, it can't leak! By Golbrfltth SIDE GLANCES j o j BAND-AID Plastic Strips .Tin of 27. only , think it's titled .'Defeated Candidate'!" CHRIS WIUKIN, PlontUtr FRECKIES AND HIS FRIENDS Sut/'oflt ry 6»' FENWAY "PASTELS" A/WAIZA . J ALKEACV IWANTVCWTO60 TOWIEBT THE 18 tnvs. . . Colw choic*. Momrch BnnJ Water Bottle & Ft!. Syriage 2 19 """ With fittings. 6-Inch Sift SERVICE ICE BAG Priced OQc low .... "Tyson" BnnJ RUBBER GLOVES 75c ASPIRIN TABLETS Bottle /[Qe .. "til Saccharin Tablets Tn>ft QrJi t t»«fit» VITAMIN HOPS tOct 78' Smokers' Specials! 10' TOBACCO . toi above ooy • GoldcaCnuB • Uaioa Uadw •Gtan»«t Med«l 2i« Ulfcttr Fluid Zippo Lighter FliBU 10 s Hpi Ufiwr

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