The Bend Bulletin from Bend, Oregon on December 30, 1946 · Page 5
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The Bend Bulletin from Bend, Oregon · Page 5

Bend, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1946
Page 5
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THE BEND BULLETIN, BEND. OREGON, MONDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1946 PAGE FIVE .oca) News TKMrKltATIIItIC Miilnnini ycHlcrtlity, ','11 ilncrum. 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lust llluM, 'i llt'Kli't'n. TOIIW'H WKATIIIK Tittnpi't'iiliirt'l HI p.m. yctler-iluy, H ili'K !; Ill ii.iii. Iniliiy, III rttH, llarnnit'tt'r (n'tlurctl lit m-n level) : III, .Ill.iill IikIh-ii; III H.lll., .10.71 llll'llt-H. Itl'lllllVH humidity: III, U.'t per ('ill; III, VI ir emit. ! II v nf wind; III ii.iii., t iiiIIi-h: III, II inlli'N. I'rc vhIIIiik illriH'lliiu (if wind: Weal. Tllt Ol'I'ltWI Hllltl' 'm I t tili-nl St'tVill' nltlll! Ill 1 1 It 1 t'HC 'It II t fM v unity rum IIiciuhi' w ill clime nl linen tntllnrrilW, mill will rciimlll closi-il all day on January I, nlllc-i i n annniiiii-i. Mr. anil Mm. IIhitIk Mt'iiuhcr anil family ami Mi. Owlcc Strand, of 1'orlliiinl. Hpt'iil tin Chrlxlmu.H holiday In I Unci wllli rt-lallvi'M. Mr. anil Mm. Tom Hustle. Yak. linn, visited wllh friends Iiciv ov-it tin' week-end on Ihrir way Id San I'VanrlKt'ii for the Kant West fnolliall i;inni Itu-itlc, a lniniiT ni.iiilx'i' ul the K I IN I Nlall, In now with a Ynklniii railUi station. MciiiImts ami ofllct'iH ol (lie )('KH'i of Honor iiri ui'Ki'il In at-li'iiil a hjm'cIhI ini'i'tlnc. litis eve-iiIiik at 7 o'clock ul tin' home of mm FOR YOUR COMPLETE BATTERY SERVICE Rc-ccidinq O Repairing Recharging Rentals and also a largo supply of rebuilt batteries. "No job too big to do and no job too small to appreciate." M. R. WEBER 1205 CumbnrUmd AUTOMOBILES HAVE COME A LONG WAY SBNCE THE F5RST And as models improved, methods and equipment tor servicing these newer cars have kept the pace, step by step. The village blacksmith has been replaced by the highly skilled factory trained mechanic, a man who knows your car from bumper to bumper. o We have kept up with changing times by adding to our shop, new equipment as it is perfected ... by obtaining experienced, factoi trained men to operate this equipment. In thesa ways we have been able to bring to your car the top bene-- fits of mechanical research and knowledge. In these ways we hope to continue satisfying and pleasing you. Chevrolet and Buick Dealers South of Post Office Now Playing f ii. j'w. ' f 'V' . ' '' . i i i.;, 7 Kubcit Voung mul lljtlurj I talc in 1 with Funic Moigiii Mm. Ijiwri'iiri- Clausi'ii, 1111 Our-Ilia iivciiui, whrii olllii'iH will hi' I'Iii'IikI ID fill HI'VI'llll viii'liiR-U'il rirali'il hy ri'l;natlonH. 1 ' Jaini'M Collui'll, of KiiKt'iu, ar-rlvi il In lli'tiil Satunlay In Nionil! , this wi'rU with tilfi fallli'l', .1. I..: Cnihiill. 'Illl Klvi'i-Nlili', 11ml Ids ' Hiainlari'ntH, Mr. and Sirs. A. II.! Ciitliii'll, l-'f SWi'innri'. Two Dtlirr tilallili.ons of Ihi' A. It. t'olhli'lls, ItoluTl and Itlilianl I'Iimto, and thi lr fili nd, llnd I liTKlilwinor. all , of Siilrm, an' KH'nillti I hi' w i'i'k 1 lirii' wllli thi'iii. i Mr. and Mm. John Mm', W.a Ilond htivrt. ari' paii'iitH of 11 Kim horn loday at tin- St. Chai li'S hospital, 'i hi' Imhy U'i'li:hi'tl 7 pounds, 1 1 'v ounri'S, at hit til. Miss Isalu'l 1'anaiil Is vlslllnu hi'i' pari'tns lu Wnd. Oillf. Shi' planui'd In stH'inl Ni-w Yi'm's day. with 11 luolhi r In San Kram lsio, and ri'turn to Itind iiIhiuI Jan. U. ; Sill' IS lIH'I'ptlolllSt III till' oflli-i of lr. It. K. Johnson, : 1 Mm. Jai k Itarron. of l'i Inrvllli', j was a lis'al shopH'r lod.ty. , 1 It. M. Tatr. of t'uhir, was a Until visitor Saturday. J tlordon ihu:i'n left hy plant' Satunlay for Iis Aniii'lrs to Bprnd a wi'i'k vlslllnij his hiothrr, . I.i. I'hailis it. Hlolii llai;i'n, who, Is a patlt'tit at Hii uiluhatn vi'l-rrans atltuliilsliatlon hosptial. W'hili' In t'alllornta, tin' loi-al man : , also planui'd to atti'lld tin Itlllvvr- Bend "HORSELESS CARRIAGE' Factory Trained Tire Specialists at the Capito J vi l flu,. A"1' t f 1 ''if.,; loiiuniic itcnc liulll "Udy Lutk," iiui Jiitm Olcjion. slly of IlllnolsUCI.A fiiotliall Kami' Ni;w iYai'' day In lhc Itit-.n howl. , Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vallry, H05 Shnsla. an' pan'rits of a hoy horn Sunday at tin St. t'harlrH hn-.pilal, 'Ihi' hahy wi'luhi'd U poiiudK, M miners, ul hlrlh. Mrs. Jfan downs and ilaturhlrr Lorralnr, spi'iil Sunday vlslllni! at thi' raurli liouii' of Mr. and irs. S. N. Muri'ls and, family, ni'.'ir llrolhi'm. Mr. and Mm, J. K. Smith anil dau'.dili'r Martha Ann, forrni-r llrud ri'sldi'iit.s, art' vlsltlnii Iiimi? ovi'c tin.' wri'k-end from lln'lr h'uni' In San h'ranrlsi'o, t'allf, Thi-y an' arrompanli'd to llind hy Mr. and Mm. IVut A. Stollih and two I'hllihi'ii, of Salinas, Calif. Nelson li. Minis, ol llurns, was a wi'i'k i nd vlsllor In lii'nd. I'r.ini-ls It. Ci-i'ws, of Madras, was In llrml today. A ulrl, wrl,'lilnt! 8 pounds, 2 nuiiivs, was horn SuniUiy at (first . Charli'S hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Milton Whlli'. Kin Florida. Mr. and Mm. Oni Hill wore In Hi-nil today from Hums. A 7 pound. 15-oiinci' i;li l was horn today at Ihi' Si. Charli-s hospital to Mr. and Mm. Ivan Marsh, IVITi l-.l,'ln. M. It. Malhi'w- was In llrnd loday from his homo In The Hallos, .n a routini' visit, and will leave for Burns tomorrow, to spend the week-end In the Harney county NOTICK A meeting of the ProiM-rly Owners Association will he held in tile basement of the Courthouse Wednesday, Jan. 8.1UI7, al H p.m. An urgent reucs( to all nropeny owners Is made. Special lnloriua-llnn of future taxes, parking meters and taxing of small businesses. It's time (or the trox-rly owner (o lake action, and not M-r-mlt their taxes raised again and again. The Pro(KTty Owners Association. Adv. Phone 193 flghy JepssL Salem, On-., Dir. 30 mi- He-lowfreehiK leinperatuii'S made roads Ic-y In mosl parts of Oi econ today, and the state highway t.-ommisHlon warned molorlsts to earry i-hains on mountain routes. One of the eolilest iipols in the slale was al Meai liain where the lill,:hway dejiarlment reeorded u ti-niii-i 111 UK' of It) deyrees helow zero. 'J'lie meriury fell 10 two decrees helow zero at Sun Ml. pass, uerordiuK I" the eomrnlsslon. The dally load report compiled at ' a.m.: f Joveriiinent camp, Ml. Hood-Waplnltla hlKhway 10 de'trees; packed snow and lee, well sanded. Sanllaui Junetlon, South San-(lam hlnhway '12 decrees; clear; packed snow and Ice, sailed and sanded; some slush JioeiiUKo of Handliik; 'M Inches roadside snow. Odell lake, Willamette highway 7 di'Kroe.s; clear; packed snow, nanded; 2-1 Indies roadside ii.-iow. Klamath Kalis 9 degrees; clear. Sun Ml. iss, The DallevCali-fornla hlchway 2 di-Krees Ik--low zero; road frosty, sanded; 23 inches roadside snow. Warning Notes Sent by Firebug Vancouver, H. C Dec. 30 di. rolice were searelilnK today for u flrehu.'i who sent arson notes to two families and set fire to a vacant warehouse heie. Kite chief Archie KiiiR said the warehouse fire, which caused damages uf several thousand do!-lars, was prohahly the work of tile same person who sent the warnlm,' notes. Most Beautiful Chicken (Hen) To De Selected C'hlrauo, Pec. 30 illi-A nationwide contest to select the most beautiful hen in Die United States was announced today hy the poultry and t'tiu national hoard. Hoard secretary Clenn II. Camp-liell said the winner "Miss Slick t'hlck of l!l 17" would he selected "entirely on the basis of charm, personality and sex appeal." IIKAI.TII MKKTIMS SKT Thi only hea I til department activity scheduled for this week Is the regular Friday immunization clinic, from 1 to 3 in the afier-110011 of Jan. 3, in the health department offices of the county courthouse. 27.000 NAZIS F.U'K TKIAI. Ilerlln, Dec. 30 HI-. The llritish military government announced today that 27.000 former members of Hitler's gestapo, nazi leadership corps a-id (he SS org .inizat ions declared criminal by (he Nuernberg tribunal will be tried before 100 special ' tier-man courts beginning in February. Women of the Moose polio bone-fit card partv scheduled for Dec. 7. will be held Jan. 4. 1M7. Adv. Dunce the old year out, (he new-year in at Kasiern Star Grange New Year's Music by Ann Fischer's orchestra. Adv. CARD OF THANKS With deepest gratitude we extend tills word of thanks for the many kind acts of sympathy expressed hy thoughtful friends. Those kindnesses have meant much to us. Mrs. It. U. Thompson. Adv. Big New Year's Eve dance at Terrebonne. Amsbury's orchestra. Dancing till one o'clock. Adv. Pai n Dance at Carroll Acres, 9 ! to IL'Ntt) Saturday, Doc. 28 and j New Year's Eve. Music by 'Ross & his Western Meloiliers." Adv. , Bulletin Classifieds brinij results, Bennett's Machine Shop Phono 11 83 Bill Bennett 1114 Kooscvelt Ave. General Machine Work Siieclalizlng In Crank Shaft Grinding . Motor Rebuilding . Cylinder Iteboring Crunk Shaft Grinding In the Car KclmbhitUng Service Lino Boring Brake Drum Grinding General Automotive IicHilrs Klectrle & Acetylene Welding G NOTICE O THE BEND WASHER SERVICE 633 Harmon and Galveston IS NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Parts ntiri lie pa Irs For Must WtishliiK Machines ANDERSON Office Phono fHS PUMSCE CONCRETE BUBLDENO BLOCKS BRICK WE CAN FURNISH CEMENT Oregon Pumice Products Co. Lytle St. Near Revere School Sponsors Christmas Party I Richardson, Dec. 30 (Special) --Kiicntls anil lelutives crowded I In; Itichardson scliool last Monday evening when (lie school children held their uniiuai Christmas piouiam and celebrated ttie installation of elcctiic lipids in the scliool, j hiilertalniTicnt was presented in the lorrn ot a radio pioram from "station ItltSD," Jtichajiison i rural school district and inter-'siierscd wllh various nurnoors un tne program. The announcer, : Homer Maltson, read news Items, I classified ads and weather roiortB 1 which wore enjoyed hy the group. I The children' program consisted ol recitations by Judy Call, IWilia Jean Hx, Kosalee ferry, IJohn Walker, dary llolien, Mavis Ilowlcy, Joan Iteeves, George Lar-sen, Unlield, Janice Hx, Cecil Snyder, Gary Wilson and Itlchard iTorkelson; several songs by the primary girls; a poem by Barbara ilurtou, Diana Mason and Laura Dudley. Aubrey Carnegey and his son, Otis, entertaineu .with a I banjo and guitar duel of Christ mas songs and John Kluijas gave a harmonica solo. Four piays were presented by the childien. Mrs. Villa liuMinell and Homer j Maltson, teachers ol tne school ;were In charge ot the program. i.Mrs. Oi-rui rix accompanied the primary girbs at the piano. Following the program Santa gave each child a sacK ot candy. Santiam Snow Survey Started j County watermastor Aubrey j Perry, accompanied by his son, 1 Fred, lclt this morning to make I the season's first oineial nm survey, lor the war department. i or a nuinlier of years, cerry has taken measurements over an established snow course, to compile data used In Irrigation statistics, osccially lor the Detroit dam project. Points to be covered 10-uay were the Hogg pass, Marion fork and Santiam junction sta-(10ns. I FAf KS DKIVING ( IIAKGK , D. D. Van Lanuuyt was arrested by city police early Sunday morning on a charge of violating ; the basic speed rule for vehicles. !Van Landuyt was charged with dining in excess of 45 miles per (hour on South Third street, bail jut SJ0 was pasted. I Ernest L. vulrath, route 1, was charged Saturday with operating a venicle with no driver's license. MOWICH MAN FINED I Michael Taylor, of Mow ich, was released touay from the count v jail, alter serving out a S15 fine which was asssessed against him :in a justice court hearing. He .... .. WII d t-naige 01 being Intoxicated on a public highway. DISEASE KEI'OKT MADE 1- ive cases of communicable diseases were reported to the county health department, by 100 percent of the county's doctors, for the week ending Dec. 28. They include four cases of mumps and one of syphilis. Official Records HONORABLE DISCHARGE An honorable discharge from (he army w;ls filed Dec. 27 with the county clerk for Sydney E. Stewart. MARRIAGE LICENSE . The enimtv eloi-lc icuiwul riae licensp Ratinviav Irt llmi-nr U uramtvold and Alice M. Bond, both of Bend. Klwtrlo and Acotvlcne Welding of All Types end RHODES Residence I'hone 1SH3..I Powell Buite Powell liutte, December 30 (SM'clal) Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cooper and family had as their guests for Christmas dinner Miss Virginia Caryl of Lindsay, Calif., cousin of Mis. Cooper, Mr. ami Mrs. William Stange of Wood- burn, Ore., parents of Mrs. Coop-' or, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wllmot of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Wllmot' and two children, and Mrs. Lillian Moreland, all of Uod-; mond, and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. t Cooper, parents of Mr. Cooper. Mr. and Mrs. Ebon Ray visited relatives in Portland recently. i Mr. and Mrs. Hill Houk and family of Portland returned Sun-1 day to their home after spending 1 I the week end here with her par-i ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Lewis.; I Mr. and Mrs. Eancard Gentry , and daughter, Joan, have been In I Inglewood, Calif., over the Christ-1 mas holidays with her sister and , family. j Theodore Sleasman Is home from the Prlneville general hos-l pltal where he had undergone an appendectomy. Mrs. Bud Reese and son, Clar- i ence, of Redmond, were recent dinner and afternoon guests at 1 the home ol Mr. and Mrs. Charles .Covey and family. j Mr. and Mrs. Ed Micheis and; j daughter, Margaret Ann, and. j Mrs. Eva Doakes of Redmond, I ! were Christmas dinner guests of : Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Haynes and ' family. I I Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kissler and (family left Friday morning for ; Grants Pass to visit relatives. 1 Mr. fjnd Mrs. Henry Musick ; and family left Wednesday morn-! ing for Idaho to visit relatives. ' Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rittcr had as their guests on Christmas day, his brother, Roy Ritter of Paulina and Mr. and Mrs. Burl Yates and family. Roy Ritter returned to Paulina Thursday. j ! Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griffith ; and daugliter of Redmond were Christmas dinner guests of Mr. : and Mrs. Bruce Lindquist and I family. j ' Mr. and Mrs. Louis Flock, Mr. ! and Mrs. Orlo Flock and family ' and Lee Anderson spent Christmas eve at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. Avery Sherman and family.' I Mr. and .Mrs. Orlo Flock and , 1 family left early Christmas morn- i ling for Eula, Ore., to spend the: I holidays with her parents. ) .Mr. and Mrs. Charles covey and children had a bird's eye view of the Powell Butte community Monday when Dick Ballan-tine took them up in a new four-passenger Stinson Voyageur. i Mrs. Morgan Elliott and new son returned to her home in Terrebonne after spending three das v ith her Trandmother, Mrs. Mary McDanlel. i Mr. aid Mis Eruce Lindquist left Sunday morning for Seattle to a, t.- business interests. 1 j I'.-", and Mrs. C. C Vice and son, Charlos, left Sunday mom-ing for southern California. They plan to attend the Rose bowl game at Pasadena on New Year's day and will visit her relatives j lor three weeks. 1 Clyde Carlson is in Washington i WHO'S WHO In BEND AN ALPHABETICAL CLASS D7IED DIRECTORY OF REUABLE BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL OFFICES CESSPOOL SERVICE Cesspool & Septic Tanks Complete Service Best of Materials Furnished Our' periodical Inspection will Insure you more efficient operation. B F. Rhodes & Son Phone 866-W or 716-W CLEANING DRY CLEANING OF QUALITY Repairs and Hat Blocking Capitol Cleaners 8-27 Hall ELECTRICAL i ELECTRIC i Contract Wlrine I Appliance Repair i Fleotrical Supplies I Fluorescent LiRhts UK Alaztla Lainps Smith's Electric 11X3 Wall I'hone 98 j ELECTRIC MOTORS j Jerrys Motor Shop ; Electric Motors Repaired I Armature Re-Winding ; Minor Repiars or Rebuild 5.T Revere Phone 195-.I Heating Plumbing " PLUMBING Steam Fitting New Work Repairing Home Water Systems Sump Pump Plumbing Supplies Warner Plumbing " Wnll Phone 217-W Commercial Printing of Quality PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFSET LETTERPRESS THE BEND BULLETIN Phone S& Waiting his sister during the; holidays. Mrs. Edgar Peterson entertained at a party Sunday afternoon honoring her son, Joe Bill, on his birthday. Mrs. Fred McCaffery entertain-! ed at three tables of pinochle Saturday afternoon honoring j Mi s. McCalllsler and Francella i Hapgood of Laguna Beach. Hon- ors were accorded Miss Hapgood, Mrs. Blanche McKeen of Port-! land and Mrs. Jack Wcigand of'i lerrcbonne. Mrs. Mattie Sanns, of Silverton, who is spending the winter with 1 her niece, Mrs. Fred McCaffery, Is a patient In the St. Charles hospital for a few days. N. L. Welgand took his son, Phillip, Jack McCaffery and Jerry Heston to The Dalles to attend the basketball tournament on Friday and Saturday. j Dale Ayres, Anna Deane Wel gand, Norman Weigand and Lois McCaffery went to Portland on Christmas day and returned Frl-! day. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Chestnut of Bend spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rachor and daughter. 1 Gale Blakely and daughter of Bend were callers Saturday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rachor. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Copley and daughter, Joanne Elaine, of Des-' Young Mother... tfVourhifdHasA6old Relieve Distress While He Sleeps r 1 'ri i-a. at tanMi rub throat, chest and back with soothing Vlcks VapoRub. Its relief-bringing action starts instantly . . . Invites restful, comforting sleep.Then it Best-known home remedy you con use to relieve miseries ef colds Is warming VICKS VAPORUB NOW IS THE TIME TO WEATHERSTRIP SAVE FUEL We'll be glad to give you estimates without obligating you in any way on how you can save fuel by installing our metal interlock weatherstxipping. Consult our local Bend representative. ... VALLEY WEATHERSTRIP Office in Sherwin-Williams Paint Store Phone 21 LAND CLEARING Bulldozer and Cat Basements Dur. Land Cleaned. Any kind of dirt work. No Job too small none too large. ALLISON'S DIESEL SHOP SO Kearney Phone 139 Long Distance Hauling BEACH TRUCK SERVICE Tel. 168 839 Columbia Specializing In Long Distance Household Goods Movement BEND-PORTLAND TRUCK SERVICE Fast Dally Service Every Day Of the Year Phone 544 MONUMENTS R. C. CARYlT "The Monument Man" lim Awhrey Kit. Tel. R29-M RADIO SERVICE Guaranteed Radio Servicing - Sylvanla Tubes and Parts Quick Service Oliver's Radio Repair Wtt7 Wall Phone 20 Refrigerator Service AU Types ot mechanical Service On REFRIGERATORS COMMERCIAL HOUSEHOLD Oregon Equipment Co. Bonrt Minnesota Phone frtS chutes visited Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Itldgeway. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Splllman and son, Bud, wero Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mitchell of Tumnlo. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Williams of Bend, Mr, and Mrs. Elmo King and family spent Christmas eve with Mr. and Mrs. Ebon Ray and family. On Christmas day, the group was together at tin-King home. She's Now! Smarter After months of squinting, and frowning . . bc- cause she wouldn't wear eve- giastM-s . . . thin little lady now enjoys good vision and freedom from headaches with eye-Classes accurately preacrllicd, made and fitted. Dr. M. B. McKenney Optometrist 908 Wall St. Phone 3 12-M woiks fob hows to bring relief during the night. Often by morning most distress of the cold Is gone. Try it I . . . Get Vlcks VapoRub today. RESTAURANTS THE OASIS 528 Arizona The Oasis will be open 7 days per week, food served from 4 p-m. to 2 a.m. Keaervationa available for Dining Bounu Phone 1148. Parks Fine Foods Cafe o0 Penn Avenue (under new management) . Mr. and Mrs. Clyde B. Wills Dinners, Lunches. Sandwiches Short Orders All Home Cooking Homemade Pastries ROOFING SHINGLES - SIDING INSULATION ROOFING Free Estimates Given Use Our Easy Payment Plaij Central Oregon Roofing Co. 610 Franklin Phone 127 . UPHOLSTERING UPHOLSTERING Old furniture will look Ilk new when upholstered and required at Hobby's Upholstery and Furniture Repair Shop Phone 1B3-.I SIM Miller SERVICE STATIONS TERRACE SERVICE on South Highway 97 Claude It. Kice Frank E. Crail TEXACO PHODUCTS Tires - Tire Repairing Batteries - Battery Churning Antl-Freezo - Accessories Park Service Station 50 Penn Ave. Phono 1193 On North Highway ASSOCIATED PKODl'CTS TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE Open 24 Hours a Day

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