Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1952 · Page 22
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 22

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1952
Page 22
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P il ' •* HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, November 6, 1952 IF I ED AD RATES ''';•-."».'* .'i ?;*» .IJftXw, ^'.-^iW^ o( tfrsvnl, Including pea •Una, top noil, nnd fill dirt, Call " Good Art Becoming o Factor UKW YORK wB -" M«v« ymi not- J'fi'rt how many field Rosin college footlwll team* nrc klckln« thf* cniitpllfd by thi> NCAA rfini confirmed to<l«y ((ml Ihf foot I* Irtdwl coining back mf» frwllinll, v/llh ln*t Snliir<tfly'i> Bobcats Going All Out to Beat Panthers Hoinrich Takes Offensive Lead 7'25M>, 0-28'lnt' /lurry of 10 JMd «<i»l* In ft? major; hrTmB' 1 ''"" 111 " ««""•» r»i»l«« 'hf »«'»*''"'* WaiehV"drff-ViiT will bo "J"™ total of l»ii-e(».polri««T* to ftl. Thofn mnk * ,,„, vj ,. tl) ,. y ,,,| im ,n 'jju»t two l('*» thfin the »<ime --•--.- 1 - 1 NEW YORK (Jl It tnkes a pnr,» to join the lite among the loji Kround-gnincrs In major col- lf.-:V football (.>lrt>l«»ii these dnyjt — forward pass, ihnl U. Kialit of the nine players who have mnnaffcd to accumulate more Ihjm 1,000 ynrrH this senson nro Sooners Rote ! HunH "9 Decision jjvuner* i\«re j U|te|y Frjday Good Edge Over Irish By CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN SOUTH BEND. Ind. f/P) — On I'-aper. the undefeated Oklahoma Thp )fr)|K , • imarlly forward passer-.. Htolls-j Sooncrs must rate a sizeable ed 305 Gnhhnven, Colonial «lyle wlUt 4 bedroom*, » bftihii placo. Under W.OOO, Cull 7-30IM. | j <)c|u , f , „„ ,„„, y ,, ar ttw , flvo ,„„,.,, *''* (linn the 1030 tottil, wary of two t| ,.„ rcloalled by th( . N.C.A.A. .crir-jovor t , *•! I ••»/ ir, ri t ft . . ... ( « * * 1 J ITT1.K HOCK. "iUP» —Arkan:;,!:> niinrods may be able to bit t.ie trails again soon., depending on the weather and the lessening forest tire menace. J'.A. McAmis. executive sccre- t.iry of the Arkansas Oame and Fish Commission, said that tomor- ro.v. Ki-'day, is the deadline on re- i'fir/nlng or liftiiij,' the ban on The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring item* to Mlsi Turner •t Hlcki Funeral Home PANSY Plant*. Mont* Sort! Worn, R-fll MTcricATXY~nm*r HernlnliUm~22 automatic, Can b* w»n ot Ktur- JW* Gulf Kervleo or Phonn 7-27S7. 0-31 GOOD .hay, 7/lf per bnie, Atinlo Nwttl, 0 mils* mil on Columhu» JllKhvvny, (l-.1t *, Mll( ,,,,,| l;1 tryiiiK to hrrc Krl n ni, tanBlo * in n hureati .ihowf.d today, and the a Kood deal Thp nr/ tincft ti.ui tn do it thin your with the; . ,. . ..district cfiriU'si. boy* hftve-n t tupped. Muiinolin has a formllnble eluS. IB40, hill they nerrn cer- „,„, cnt| , m(| ,,„,, „,.„,,,<! „„ „,„,„. jot the bout rmtfilri in tlir stale. And : they too will b<- trying Imrd nn a j defeat nt the hiimls of the Unbent* i will prm.'tii nil)' eliminate; them | friirn district title piny. They have 1 In win this one arid -ire likely to he li Notre Dame Saturday, But bunting in Arkansas. The hunting. Funeral service for Mrs. Marglee p.iat Htrtistic.s mean little for game si-ch as this promises it, be. Mjj nnd XtcnUfUmtkm paper*, C»ll Southwest Wood Product*, 28-01 EJ08T downtown hey* with driver' • Mm. Johnny Brownlnu, Hcturu Ui Crcnt-enl Dru«*toro. Managing a Boxer Is Leon Pickings By JACK CUDDY NEW YORK, (UP) - Hyrnlo i I'ho Mink) Wnlltmm mild, "If you wimt to bo a hoxllR mannger tulny, you must hove Nomn other to mipport your hobby." llyrnlw cnn nffurd h:m had to do a! tiissinK himnelf. DI.II lleinrich, of Washington, Hi" '.'it.:l offense loader, with ;,.,,(!.. in seven Katnes. Me also Rcs t odt)s aBalnst !in | rish |. r,(l..; the passers in practically, h.-tll tciim in recent years , ,,.iythinK: 203 attempts. 10Beoin-| On paper they deserve it pli.-tiun.t. I.3M7 yards and 12 scor- The Sc.oners are the ins; pasve.H, Di'liinf! him, in order, corne Cin- seasons on rabbit and squirrel'Taylor were held Wednesday, Nov. v.'cre closed last week because o£ .'>. Burial was in Snell Cemetery Notre: Dnmo is likely to enter • lni! forest fire situation. i in Kmmct. With Hicks Funerai IvlcAiriis said the commission! Home in Charge. the nationally-televised contest 10 to 12 point underdog, (he bigfoot- nation's top scoring and rushing outfit. Seventeen backs have carried the CJene llossi, Columbia's n players have scored; Mut thnt'« nothiim new for Mopp. Two Wf;pkx IIKO tin. 1 Hobcnts caught Nuiifivllle definitely "up" nntl )o«t. l.uxt weok the C'liniden tcnni wna nbotlt na filed up 'i'i "no could «et nnd the llnbciits look It on the chin. Frklny nljjht definitely made li. Texns Price. Maryland's Jack Scar-) done the passing Detroit's Ted Marchibroda, j nabbed 35 Si M's Ray Graves, Van-| |j ;l yers Bill Kreitemeyer and San; t ; n t ( . 8p and passes. Six 10 U or hull: have have seven are All-American candi- Offered YJEAW8 ot exportenco In floor in« and flnldhlnK, Dnle HOB- 013 W. 7tb, Phono 7-8234, LOCAL and lone distance Haullnu. ,< Atxo local moving, Bee Dnnnio Hamilton or crill 7-3011, 0-2,1-lm tn koop Atni'1'icn'n main-event OKNHRAL (muling. Dpncmdnblc 8 t«n trucks, Any tlmo or |iny whorft. Also »oyb««n firrian or liny, We nl»o do iruutor for tnfot'iitntlon cull 7-1071 (Kit ntnblc of flgtitoro only he It a wenltlty furrier, Jlo nnd two older brollu-r* mwnu- (nrltiro mink coiitu niul mink OtdlOD, "The only innnoccr who ccn nmko ivionry lodwy in tho guy who hn* n chmnplon In thr- w«llfr wci«lit, nil<i(lk-wi'lKht, Unlit heavy or tmnvyw«l|(ht C|UHHUH," he xtittoU, "llnk-ii* you l!0t n tltU'-holdfr in thr up|)i>r hnlf (if tin 1 wcl«lit divl KH>nn, you cun't lirtmk even. Not In tluidu mnnllitiito telpvlnlon diiyn." r)ni'l«'(!()rn|ik'xlon»'(l llymle, 51, l» n iiH'flaim-.Hlml nui n who luis n For Rent ^m^uini|Mm*"itmi4»tH »w*W tad N«vafla, M(iwr t^uft* •i ROOM duplex nptiitnipnl, tinfiiv- , ,ni«hadi l-'runt nrul buck pnlrnnco 4ii)d HliiBScd in frutit parch. One Dlock fi'om st'lionl, 42;i N. Kim I'luino 7«a-l05, nflpf 0 p.m. 7.!W10, 2ll-tf nOOM furnlHhod uptirtnient. vt-fi l«ei atnr, Hath and Mi'«, .hidHuu, SliO N, Kim. N i-tr tmfuvnlshod npitrUncnt bath nnd guriiHe, C'nll t.3J04 nftcr 8. 3D p.m. 4-31 J.p.se Stale's Lynn Aplanulp. As groui). these eight men have gained li'.i 'I per cent of their yardage by Ami ninth in Harvard's Dick the Bobcats have, ^.^hy, with 1,017 yards of which up their minds to do something about losing nnd in the words of Conch Joe Knsmlnser "1 can definitely promise tho boy» will piny better ball than they did against Camden." They are In flood condition nnd ready to go. Brookwood Keeps Record Intact Giifi have been mode by riising. Thai's a lot of horses. Notre Dame lacks this versatility of manpower. In fact, it lacks the manpower. But what it does will decide tomcrrow, depending! un fire reports and the prospect) Funeral services for Mrs. Octa 1 of rain, on whether the .state's: via Jefferson will be held Friday, Hilit deer season will be opened; N?,, V . 7 at the First Baptist church N-,v. ID on schedule. LiftinK "f thejjn Washington. Uicks Funeral b.in this weekend, he said, would Home in charge, give hunters ample time to K~' i e-.uly. Bob Fulce of visiting relatives Pratt, Kans. and friends. Dry cells are no more dry than cold chisels arc.' cold. Chemicals innde dry batteries must remain moist if they are to help produce electricity. ] BALTIMORE Iff) .— Whittake' Wilkinson was center and quarter-j Chambers remained in serious cnn- ^Chamber Sufers Heart Attack withI back' coach at Iowa preflij-ht, addition at St. Agnes Hospital today, , Navy service group endowed with] suffering from a heart attack that |)n>inln(*ni<«chno/./(iln but a ly ivtrcnlliiK Inililliu-. Alllinuiili w< II (>(luciili-(l, lumUy, touitli-Kt Typlrnlly hi' hi- tulkH In tho will »uy, "I toll HIT) to IIH* 1 III' K'ft jab. So hi; iwe.s til' U'fl Jnh, nr I him him u Hhol In th' bond," Hynilo him five mnln-cvi>nt flnhl- t-i'it, And 11.1 1'ini; IIH tho dolls keep mink coiilH, lie I'lin nfford to Kupl'nit Ills hii'-llmers: Welter- \M'lKhl Jolinny Uriitton, lleuvy- Ceanr llrlon, WelterwetKht Believes NCA Policy Little Too Difficult By CARL, BELL MTTUr. HOCK Wl — Could th"j N<ith Central Association be straining at a gnnt and swallow n i-i.tTie! in Its new athletic policy? The Brnokwoofl hoys kept their! An ardent University of Arkansas undefented record clean.— H to »! .<i'l-porter who cornered us the by downing the Ciarhmd boys yes!" tht>r (lny thinks thllt is tno caso - terday ,in 'iVmeh FootbUill. The! The NCA is an Accrediting agen- Brookwood Grldders have won 7M'.v. ' l <--an lift the accreditation Klimes i-Kiilnst no defeats to eanij"' an y member college which l:ave will be supercharged fighting spirit. The vibrant, emotional pitch, ro s.ich professional players as Dick! came List Monday. typical of Notre Dame teams point- Todd, Vince Banonis and "~''' "" ; " " ing for n big one, is hilling Its peak this week. So put away your form charts. It looks like one of those do-or-die at fairs. Stretching a point a bit, it took a war to bring Oklahoma and Notre Dame together on the gridiron for tlu: first time. In 1943, Oklahoma coach Bud six otn-l Doctors said his conditions in cx- <_,,_). ( peeled to stay serious for, some H was coached by Don Faurot,, time. veteran University of Missouri mentor, who was the exponent of a ncw-f.-'nglcd formation called the The !32-yoar-olci Chombcrs, who has a farm near Westminster, Mel., was Ihe government's star witness in sending Algcr Hiss to prison. u sure Classic spot In the which will • Thanksgiving j (l »' s "' 1 follow ils rlllt>s ,„, p| ily , >c | .,t| Under the NCA's new policy Ifammon.H Stadium before the Bob! "thirties a scholnrship may not be cnl game. The H'"iie was hard fought nil the awarded to a boy just because he'si Hazorbaek club. won't have any control over that) type of under-the-trible recruiting j nnd it could really get rotten. ; "You'll see good athletes sitting! back and wait for the highest bid. j uhile the supporters of this college and that one scramble for him." Of course, fans put up a lot of money for the type of recruiting which has been done in recent years. In Arkansas, for instance, this money has been through the way with the on a punning only score comini; combination of 'lie .1 good athlete. That puts Arkansas llunily Sandy, imtl l.lghls Orlftiulo ?,ulueti\ anil Uither Hnw- wwma attcl sn, rnfurnJihed lwtmc;liBB W«»hln»ton, Phono 7-4803., ._ ...•_-«-Ji t 4 ronTii thmltjx npni't- Closihtn, Phono 7sVH3. 0-31 Wonted T£SKANT house tn good condition, jstiillnblt! tor moving, Uitll T, S, MePnvUt. 5-Ot QN1£ D. Wanted to Buy gftod rabbit doji, Bring lo C, tu locnvl nmvuxlnnrt for at 4 i>,m. "Only » crii/.y mnn would be in ilvhi buiiliH'ss, where you sweat: your brnhm out to lowe money," days llyinlo, "I Kel kk-U.n onttu it or t would stick strictly in the furs Where people, are snno unil muke money," Urtforlunntcly, Hymle wn» bitten iiy I he fl«ln bu^ in hit) youth. He liii'l 11 lew nmutour bouts mid then he tunu-it profeniiioniil iia u junior wrUcrwvliiht who sculeil 130 pound*. He won his flrsl two pro bo.iU, but in bin third uiul hint he WIIH knockud out by the lute Dunny Ulilgo, who became w referee iittor he hvinu vip the inlttenn "In H|iltu o( everything, I don't roii My net Into the. uuniv deep until 1D40, when one wf my friends tiilks IVK> Into handltnK u fl-H B»^f Phone, 30-121 on my pi'oj>«r- ot cattlo, j, o, STRAY ISO tiliHH) Octobur 0, one brown ihoro pony. \Volnhn be- twoen 500 and QUO pounds. Cull CHiy J. Downinu, ArkansuH State Police, 7.&S44 or 7-3103. 4-at iwu««> Avail 0Q 8, Boniw , ScoU Store, Strayed limiU'd Joe Biiksi," ho suld. "Well, I |»iy Olio Ul« Ivink's \vuy until ho htm -13 Ntruluht wins, 1 not midy to prttcticnlly mnke him However, the money was turned at a dis- over to the University, which used advantage In the Soulhwest Con-j it to award athletic scholarship.;| feren'cc, for it is the only mem-Jin line with Soulhwest Conference 'ier of the conference which also! rc-jiulations. The athletic depart- iH'inncs to the NCA. Other South-1 menl has had control of the situa- vvesl schools are memhers of the! tu,r.. Southern Association, which has Arkansas seems to face three al- iiot adopted such n sports de-em- frnatives if the NCA poVj;y stands were olitstandliiK for the Oar land i " >l:lsis P'-"«ram. (it Drop out of the Southwest. boys, the Brookwood line headed' y "- Perhaps the Ra?.orback boost-jr.nd join a conference in which all by Joe Jones, Phillip Cillllnm, iindi 1 ' 1 wll ° was "IvinK us his ideas is j other members are in tho NCA — -- -- ' ' ' •-•-" ' '--•' ---•--• >-- says | the Bit; Seven is one such loop; (2> Play independent of any con- Sooler twins in the second nuarfi-r. Jimmy Uiuln h.-u-h was also found on the receiving cud of several (jas.ses thill helped to si't up the touchdown JJavid Watkins and Billy Iliiir m.-kes sense. Freddy Robertson kept them front j I'i'ojudiced, but what he hlttlnK pay dirt. Coaches for the Brookwood buys; ore Clyde Arnold and l-lllis linih-i well and for the Gnrlanders ;,«, " Ir tlll> NCA thilll<s substdi/ation Vvhlch is t-'ontrolU-d by the college "thletic departments is evil, it Tom Kd Hnys and Bobby Bruce. ! l ' aqn ' t scc " «'»'t'>i»« yet," ho snid. Officials for the game were Moss- 1 "When the coach can't go out, I " nf ' " 1(1 nthleteit he wants and of- j for them scholarships, the nlumni I are going to take over the recruit! ing. They'll want to sec their col- „,. , m( | Keck Top Radio Programs NEW YO11K W) — Listening to- nlt'.ht: NBC — 7 Hoy Kogers; 7:30 Father Knows lU-st: I! Truth or Con- ference, meeting only teams from NCA member shools: (3) Remain in the ' Southwest Conference nnd switch to another accrediting association. The problem is being weighed by U. of A. karnhill, Athletic Director President John John Tyler Caldwell. the Faculty Athletic Com- lege win nnd they'll offer those'nuttcc, the Board of Trustees and, bovs everything under the sun to > to their college. "The coaches and the colleges even, members of the Stnte Legislature. Reaching be difficult. decision will vv!nm oru> ut my own relative* HU'lib him inviiy from nic. May bo 4'ni lucky bociutso Bakii becomes u cnsu and don't wunt to tniin or fight. Still, 1 think he'd boon world chuni])L'i-n It ho'd stuck with me." Mow come Hymif «mt his five filthier* uiut four pi-e- ti^hu-vs iMU'l niukv inon- CHS — 7 Meet Millie; 7:30 Junior Mlns; 1! Dr,im;i Time; AUC -~ 6:30 Silver Kagle; 7i Top Gv.y; 7:M News-Stimd The-j nter; j MBS 7 Modern Casanovii;' 7:SU Hardy l,''amily; 11:30 Kugeuiei Friday Items: NIK 1 — 10::iO a.m.j Bob tind Hay; i CBS - - U)::i() :i. m. Grand Slam;! ABC — li' a. m. Breakfast Club;' MBS — It: 1ft ii. m. Cliff's Family:! Knd Advance for I 1 MS of Thurs day, Nov. ii. Bear Disturbed by Situation at Kentucky By WIUU QRIM8LKY Nixons En route to Washington LOS ANltKUKS irt'i Vice Presi- NS\V YORK Punts nnd AH Uie *mohc blowup out of th? southland in not from the fo»-o»t (ir««. A \(A of it sterna from v«n1ho\ import U that sllver-holrod Curl Snuvely Is on his way out at Nortlv Carolina mvd that his pluco will U« Uk«n by «<th«r »»rcltiy or Jim Tatum, Bnrcluy is th« (prmvr W«»hl«B- ton Dn<t b<« coscb who came over to U»» T*r H*«l» ft* »n assistant to , Tatum U th* hc«d couch of ' Wowiv North CuruUna way thuy Nor in «t » «,t>on •alary. It's ht» Alma M rumor to unit nt, the young who was on,» of Alabama'* *r««t «nto, U slatwi to «tur«> to I \ "* old untvoi'slty as succewwr to "It's lolcvUlon," suld tho fistic fut-rlor, "I'eople won't pay to see| w)«nt they cnn sec for notldnu., Look ul lust Friday night. My, ........ , ,, Jdmny Onutou stous Joe Mlc«ll in! di'nt-i'U-ct Uiohnrd Nixon and his W>u of thu greatest fight* ever w >''« ^» ^ P\ a «w '» s « «V«ht lo at the Garden. So — S.SOOJ l ' c J° m llu ' lr children in Washing- pay only $10.687 (or the '«»• "• c - ptivilvgtt. WJlhout TV It would Later they plan to ake the chil- h»v« Ul'Hwn ttt leust $00.000." dri-n. PntrJca. fi, nnd Julio 4, on Whut's the tt»*\v»r? j u vacation trip. ____ "If I live lonu enough, maybe I some tluy I'll get some of my money buck through thonter television," he answered. v l mean when more than R thousand theaters COMING SOON OLD SANTA IN PERSON Kiddies—Talk to Santa Glaus. See his Toys. Watch for date. OLD SANTA |N PERSON! Sears, Roebuck and Co. CATALOG SALES OFFICE WEEK- END SPECIALS BUSHS PINTO BEANS 13c 2 2 con Sz ' 25c 20 Oz. Can Bushs Best Early June Peas JOG 2 Cans 35C 303 Can FOR ALL TOMATOES 16c 2 303 Can 303 Cans HUNTS PEACH HALVES In Heavy Syrup 300 Can 16c 30C World Wide Bartlett Pears 3k 2« 29 Oz Can 29 Oz. • Cans COFFEE Admiration or Folgers 1 Lb. Tin 87c PRODUCE NICE SWEET POTATOES 8c Pound NICE LARGE BANANAS Ik Pound NICE RIPE 4 TOMATOES 16c Pound MARKET NICE Pound 49c Country Style Pure Pork Sausage 49c Pound PLENTY OF Catfish and Buffalo Fish WILLIAMS 106 S. Walnut FLOUR & FEED Phone 7-3871 |1IVJT(V! (<l«ll| n W*WM*»»»»*.« *«*VM*W« Vi show the fljjhts Uut right now t; hot»e the broads keep buy in' furs," Fights Last Night By Th* Aitoolattd Prtlt CLEVKLAND -Dick Wagner ITS! Toppenlsh, \Vaah. "U»u" SaUotU\, E«i) War»-«?«, Ohio, BEACH, Kla. - Willie Pep. iaa, H « rtlord, Conn, slopp- tsl Mumiy Casti-o, m'», Mex- Jeo City, 5, _____ , T Is, wttl t»dd*r, and Bryant wUl move has a d» another did ours." tnd End* S»n JIMS State is one ihe of the (Pacific Hokum ."^Vg. ,'.» * Thursday, November 6, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Legal Notice j Symington Is j Spain Is the Place to Visit ORDINANCE NO. 699 BE AN ORDINANCE TO •DINANCE ENTITLED AN OR. AN OR. DINANCE AMENDING SECTION 400 OF ORDINANCE NUMBER 537 OF THE ORDINANCES OF Winner in Missouri in Europe-the American Dollar Still Worth 100 Cents There ST. LOUIS -.hooter, oui.tcd Republican James P. Kem as returns shall linn. bring :• offer ive in k pro- milk was a dins-dong battle in the i ;.rly counting, when Kem held the cdire in outslate areas. Hut as ihe votis tolled in from the l)em- ocialic big cities of St . Louis and Kansas City, Symington's lead swelled beyond 10,000. In 4.031 of 4,771 precincts. Sym- in:;ton had 773. 27-1, Kem 032,973. Many of the outstanding votes •A cie fr:;m normally Republican St. Louis County but Symingten lives th THE CITY OK HOPK. AHKAN-'ton. former fair SAS, AND FOH OTHKH I'l'H- POSES. Section 460. PKRMITS: It be unlawful for any person, association or corporation t-.i Into or receive into the C Hope, Arkansas, or its |io!kv Ction, for pale or to soil, o 'r sale therein, or to h .orage where mili; \v niilk dUCts are sold or served. ;ir,y Of rtWlk product clc'lined in till'- | Ordinance, who cl.H-.-; not i.Assess a j permit from the City Milk 'inspector | of the City of Hope. Arkansas, anil': on whose vehiLle there' does noli nppeor in a conspicuous place the permit number in figures at li-asti three (3) inches hi«h and one and! one-half <Hj>i inches wide. Hereinafter liefore (hi- issuance of y permit, by the City Milk In-i fepeclor, permittiiiK the sah or milk products within the Citv of Hope, Arkansas, where such milk or ; milk products are produced and received from points beyond the limits of routine inspections of the City Milk Inspector of the City of Hope, Arkansas, such person, firm, association or corporation seekim: such permit shall make written application lo the City Milk Inspector of the City of Hope, Arkans-is and Will furnish a certificate from the Uniled Sf> ies Public Health Service, bearing a ratinj: of the milk shed in which such milk or milk products are produced. A re.ting made in accordance with "methods of making ratings of milk sheds" as established by the United Suites Public Health Service will'be acceptable, provided sucji ratine,:! shall have been mnde within one (II year prior to the date of tin application for ;i permit. •LA permit will he issued in every instance when the r.itini; of the milk shed in which the milk <>:• milk products are produced shall bear a rating which is the equivulen of. or higher than, the ratine, of the Uniled States Public Health Service of the Hope Milk Shed, and •jm-'V' Stuart Deal SymlnR-: trouble 1 Sen. from President Truman's Mi.'.sotiri piled up to- By HAL BOYUE ' I . , •• ' bucks that cost at least double that I MADRID (If! — More snapshots' on Fifti- Avenue. from a touring typewriter: j — Spain today has become the; Although the main tourist season iiK-ccn of Europe for vncationlnfl: ls OV er tor the rest of Europe. Ma- Americans for two reasons: jdud still is thronged by late-slay- Americans il but unobtalnabl "Pol terns" •— the noyed at America because of the delay In the, U. $. giving financial flid to the O'ranco regime. But this attitude husn't filtered down to the r>v"rnge citizen. "The Spaniards are proud of being an old cultured people," one longtime foreign resident here snid. 1 They look on most Americans us noisy but rather likeable children," SI. Louis suburb arid was loading of! in also elected another governor, returninn T'hi' M. Donnelly of the job he held from | fll ) Repub- Klliott in the i.'r(.ve v^oeur. the county. jMlssouri i-f mill; i Domncr.ilic former Gov Lebanon to HM5-ID. In 4.Mil precincts, he led liciin stale Hep. Howard 7fi7,505 to 617,1151. But the battle over Missouri's 13 electoral votes for President was a tossup. H looked as if an estimated 40.000 absentee balloli; mifhl decide that contest. \Vith the issue decided nationally, the only question was the academic one whether Missouri would :;tay with the winning presidential candidate as it has since 11101. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the pi-esident-eleet, built up a big lead in the rmtsU.le voting. But Gov. Adlai Stevenson shaved it clown as the SI. Louis and' Kansas Ci|/ vote oiled in. has become the pe for vncntlonlnR; two reasons: ; 1. A visitor from the U. S. gets fever black looks here than in ai\v oilier E'.uropean country. Juan Lo-! p•_••/.. Spain's man in the strcef, j m-.'y think Joe Doakes from Du-i bu<|ue is cra/.y — but nice crazy, j L'. This is one of thu few places .'eft in the world where the American buck still has its oldtimc muscle. A lii.-)2 dollar still is worth 100 cents here —and will go as far •u: it did back home before the war. ins Tipping Is a mnjor worry to the American visitor abroad who Is never quite sure whether he is ,«iv- im> too much or two little. He and hotel rooms are' wants to do rlfiht by everybody but | do.-sn't like to be regarded as u hotel key jock- sucker. In this dilemma, many American tourists remember Europe as ii nightmare of wilderness of ruined. ^ c.i.-tles Mirroiinded by n forest of! p, This Mm;!, ins discovery that hU | dollar has regained its health | cuiir.es many .an American tourist : to go on a wild buying jag, stock- in;! up en $•()() tailor made suits ••— made in two days — and bcauli- ladies' leather handbags at 10 eys here -- have a magnificent dis dain for the Knglish language. If you seek to find a friend lodging at a hotel, it is all but impossible to locate him as the portent's Invariable a n s w e r is "Mistev Doakes? Mister Dokes —., he's checked out." Recently an American lady who had lost her pooch approached a hotel portero and asked "Have you Sfen my dog?" Without even liftinj; an eye. por- lero replied suavely: "Mister Dog? Mister Dog — he checked out." High level Spaniards are an- WOMAN KILLED made on rating shall be lowing factors: 1. Rating of raw milk 'o Plants 2. Rating of Pasteurization i ! POCAHONTAS i.l'l A 20-year-old i woman was killed nnd a man ser- 1 j u.usly injured in a truck-car . col j iision a mile south of here on hist nigh.t. SU( -M Hhhv.-uv 67 r,ii. „ .', , old .Randolph County Sheriff Rex Harper snid the woman, Beatrice j Lampkin of Pocahontas, was i. -• 11 -. .1 : . . of of Pasteurized enforcement 3. Rating milk, and 4. Rating methods. Only a person, firm, association or corporation who complies with the requirements of this Ordinance shall be entitled to receive and : retain such a permit. Such a permit may be revoked by the City Milk Inspector upon the violation by tho holder of any of! f e terms of this ordinance or in iy emergency when in the; judgment of the City Milk Inspector the milk or milk product in question has become a public health menace: Provided, that the holder of said permit shall, nfk-r complying with such revocation, have the right of appeal to the Board of Health WHEREAS, the passage of this Ordinance is deemed a matter of public interest and requiring im- Mediate passage, inasmuch as an '"equate and sanitary supply of milk and milk products for the residents of the City of Hope, Arkansas. is deemed of paramount importance to the health and general welfare of the residents of said city, such creates an emergency and an im perativc public necessity requiring the passage of this Ordinance, this Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage. PASSED AND APPROVED BY « iE CITY COUNCIL ON 11 4 , r .2 PUBLISHED IN THF. HOPE STAR ON 11 fi f,2 (Signedl John L. Wilson, Mayor. ATTEST: (Signed) Mrs. Charles F. Reynerson, City Clerk. (SEAU i killed, instantly. He identified the injured man as Jack Polk. 37, a Pocahortas baker owner. The driver of the truck escaped injury. in the City of Hope, Arkansas. SECTION 2. That a copy of the ordinance, duly certified by the City Clerk, shall be filed in the office of the Recorder of the County, and recorded in the Deed Records of Hempstead Coun- y, Arkansas. SECTION 3. That this ordinance shall take ffect and- be in force from, and fter, its passage. PASSED AND APPROVED B'Y THE CITY COUNCIL ON 4th DAY OF NOV. 1952. PUBLISHED IN THE HOPE iTAR ON 11 .'6/52. (Signed) John L. Wilson Mayor. ATTEST: I Signed I Mrs. Chas. F. Reynerson, City Clerk. (SEAL) ..AND YOU'LL FIND IT IN THESE PLACES taum tm cusmm tUSHMHJD UfM SUPfOUT cnil-sli for his But Spain reaching! W ar etched palms, pockethook, the wages are so low (licit tipping puts no strain Michigan Still Behind Williams DETROIT UB — CVw. Q. Mcnncn Williams, the "boy wonder" of MichiRnn politic!), today once ngttln .•t»ad ns tht' sole barrier to a Republican sweep of state offices in Tuesday's jjenernl elections. In almost complete return,* from the stair's 4,480 preclhcla. Williams alone on the Democratic tick-; el holds n'rhnnccf of winning. The! governor holds n slln\ lend of ;i,- : 1)48 volrs over his Republican oppo- i Jiont, Secretary of State Kred M.t Alijer Jr. I Williams' protege, Sen. Rlalri Moody, former. Wnshlngton nows-j man, was beaten by better than i '",1100 votes by Rep. Charles E, i >l(cr of ChelH-ygan, the IcKlessi veteran \vht, gave up his I IHou.ii' sent lo buttle Moody's New i 111 1 Deal position. :it nil Tip the taxi j cents - driver •above five pesetas — 7'. llu- fare clocked on tho meter nnd ho salutes .von as If you were a Many Greeks In the United Status mv named "Pappus," which inoans "the sort of." says the National Geographic Society. Legal Notice SHOCK ABSORBING INSOLES Sryle23241^H&|fe§H^y^wP|a —^ Rich Brown calf, ^KsSBteffi-MJ K AATI^I steel shank arch ^•JSSaM^M^g -M^Xm_L^ M support ^^j^$^Sai ROYAL $12.95 Want tasting comfort? Check for these three vital features! Or play it safe, insist on RAND shoes with built-in comfort features and each step will be a pleasure. See them soon! FOSTER'S 101 FAMILY SHOE STORE 'Where Good Shoes ore Fitted Correctly" E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 7-6700 Concrete is the economical pavement for two-lane federal, state and county roads as well as for heavy-duty highways. Rigid concrete pavement is moderate in first cost yet can be designed accurately for any legal axle load—and it will keep its load- carrying capacity throughout its long service life. Concrete costs less to maintain than other pavements as proved by average cost figures from official records of 28 State Highway Departments that report maintenance figures by type of surface. Concrete highways also last longer than other pavements as proved by studies published by the Highway Research Board. Moderate first cost + low maintenance cost •*• long life » low annual cost. With low-annual-tost concrete less money Is dissipated on maintenance, leaving more money for new construction. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 916 Falls Bldg., Memphis 3, Term. A national organization to Improve and extend Ihe use* of Portland cement and concrete . . . through scientific research and engineering field work Be Holsum Coast but has u\> Ucfcles weigh-1 ' » votal of nearly SQO Bound*. CardtaalU is *J4, Jon P$|«r«9» Down at \YlHt»m & M»ry C$U £4 l$ityl}U£<|iQW4kth 8iUt KoU*r and Brucdj ;«f 'Thft » Lw»t*(M»><j Four-; MMtwe' ot the of Ui* B4f SftV^a U Veryl r .Of IKBIHi.lM SUfctat Wbo Look wMBP^BlEBR^^ ^^WW^^^™ You get flavor for sure every time yog buy Holsum bread. Makes your meals bright and friendly. And this new plastic-coated package is a boon to shoppers-»-no messy wax to rub off. Get Holsum! •*> t. « HOLSUM uNineo IAXUS New plastic wrapper flavor tight keeps Holium tfatw right A ORDINANCE NO. 693 £jST ORDINANCE TO VACAT1 AND ABANDON A C'EH'l^ ALLEY BETWEEN SOUTH MAIN STREET- AND SOUTH WALNUT STREET IN THE CITY OF HOPE, AHKANKAS, AND 1 FOR OTHER PUR I'OSES. WHEREAS, a petition was duly filed- with the City Council of ihe | City of Hope,. Arkansas, on the 7th ; of October, 1952, petitirning i City of Hope, Arkansas, to va-1 and abandon that certain alley i ing Northwest and Southeast J paraUel to South Main Street j id South Walnut Street and be- j tween South Walnut Street and j South Jdain Street and between 12th j Street and 13th Street, in the City ' of Hope, Arkansas; And, j WHEREAS, after due notices, as j required by law. the Council has. j ijwe time and place mentioned in! notices, heard all persons de- ig to be heard on the question, i has ascertained that the alley! ibcfore described has hereto- been dedicated to the public Use as an alley, but has not been Used by the public: That all the (JWners of the property abutting ipon the alley to be vacated, have | with the Council their written j onsent of such abandonment; j that public interest and v. el- '. will not be adversely affected! iy tbe abandonment of such alley. : NOW, THEREFORE. BE IT OR» INED BY THE CITY COUNCIL! THE CITY OF HOPE. ARKANSAS: SECTION 1 '; That the City of Hope. Arkansas,; releases, vacates and aban-1 II its rights, together with right* of the public generally,! and to tfte alley designated as to-wit running Nojrth- Like your travel with a JOYOUS THRILL ? W E HAVE NEWS for a lot of folks who want more fun from driving than they get from their present cars. There's a trim bundle of eager high-powered energy that's just the ticket for you — a spirited automobile that can give you thrill after joyous thrill, for mile after fleeting mile. Why not come in and try the Buick we have in mind? ibe excitement starts with your first look at it, your first sitting in it, your first fingering of its slender wheel. But wait till Dynaflow Drive* begins working its magic—and its constant and complete smoothness fills you with neveB-enjUttg wonder. • • ,. Wait till you feel the bubbling exufeefagee of taking y,our first hill with a high-compression Fireball 8 Engine doing the honors. 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