Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 25, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 25, 1894
Page 2
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ivr THIS out. "IF CHRIST CAME TO CHICAGO" COUPON. ThH romion, tOKtMtlir with Forty-live | ivnls. [.rcifiitfil lit tlii' I'cirtfol.'o IH-imri- I mentor Thi' .linirniil, svr.uivs tin 1 deal book. "II I'hrM i'iim« to Clilwii:"-" i; r THIS ol r. cwr THIS OUT. Itlnrrh «.'>, 1811-1. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coup™ wHh two others of ilim n'nt d.'iti'i. Ill"] 'I 1 ' 1 !! Ci'iit.i. l.< cooil lor oiu> Piirt. raiitiilnlnu Uniity portrnlts, of i!m 1 Miiric lliirniiitrli's Art I'ort- i fiilio of St»;:<' Celebrities. THK JOUKNAL. 'If Christ NOW ......READY Came to Chicago' JOURNAL READERS SHOULD NOT MISS THE Greatest Sensation OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. THE FAMOUS EDITOR OF THE REVIEW OF REVIEW! WM. T. STEAD OF LONDON The most remarkable figure of reform in modern civilization, whoso books have been i>olil all over tho Erifrlish-spenkiiiB world 1!Y MILLIONS, Has Written this Book for America SELECTING CHICAGO AS THE TYPICAL CITY OF CORRUPTION AND OF GREATNESS Truths are told ns they havo not been told since C Hit 1ST CAMK TO PALESTINE. And the evils known to modern life are sketched like vi pers and thoir chief abettors are named openly without regard to person or consequences. Supply yourself at once with this (-rent book. Call and get it at -onoe, as tlii.s will be the most a<lvcrtlsert book, by the denunciations nod laudations of the press, that has been issued in this country. STRIKINGLY ILLUSTRATED SPLENDIDLY BOUND NEARLY 500 PAGES The Journal is pleased to announce that it has secured a large number of ooplos of the first edition of this wonderful book, -which will be sold to Journal readerB for 415 cents, together with ono coupon clipped from this paper. No one should miss reading this great book which contains start- Mog facts never before presented in such a graphic manner. See Coupon on 2nd page. ALL PROMISES KEPT. When The Journal began the now great distribution of WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIOS A promise was made to the . public that the Portfolios wculd contain 1 he finest series of views ever offered to the public by a newspaper. In point of mechanical and artistic excellence the DREAM CITY views HAVE SURPASSED EVERYTHING. which has yet been offered and it may safely be stated that their like will not be seen again When the series is completed it will include the following subjects: Architecture and Buildings 94 Photographs. Landscape and Water Scenes 23 Fountains, Sculpture and Statuary 36 Mbit* of All Nations "6 Famous Paintings of the World a / Trpet of Various Nations 21 Miscellaneous Views 15 This will constitute a complete pictorial and descriptive history of the great WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION. Don't fail to secure ALL of these superb Portfolios. See coupon on 1st page PART 7 NOW READY EVERYBODY SATISFIED. THAT 1>B. MERROLL AND HIS ASSISTANTS. Dr fol l»n Kxartly nx They Advertlne, ami Tliiit They «!«> Cure After nianv OlIivl'H Full. During tbo pafct six months Dr. Morroll and usbh-liiule guvo a. Ruaran. too thut all patients treated during that Urao, if ihoy worn dUsatislieJ, thut on tl.i! lir^t Saturday of each month they would fcavo their mono, returned to therm. And out of l,4;~ii treated for all pbasen ofulseimts, Im six piitUsnls havo roturncul diaaatielioi] and their money was cheerfully re funded. The names of pnllonts who wero di« satisfied and received tboir money back have been (riven In these columns a the time tho money was refunded. Head (he Followlnir Oiler and Cull u Once. For tho purpose of obtaining: cate upon which to base contemplated now departure in tbeir pro'essional and business dealings with the sick. Merroll has decided to make the lowing- proportion: Al! new patient or old ODOS renewing treatment, wh cull at the doctor's cilice, -111 Broad way, during oftico hours, commonciut, Monday, March '2('>, urn! throujrbou tho week. After a careful exumma tion, if curable, will be treated unti cured for >?6, whether it is ono motiti or many. $C includes all roediciiys exnminalions and treatment, until th> paliont is permanently cured. This ii this Only fee that svill hn charged to nny ono, and in any caeo wo fail to euro we will refund tho money, as we havo none in tho ptist. From March 2Gth to March 31st la positively tto on!, week for which wo will treat patients at this preat sacrifice. After March 81st, tho doctor Informs ua that they will positively treat no patient les than $10 a month, and as wo know thorn to bo strictly first-claas physl cians an well aa men of their word, we would advise all afflicted to call upon thorn at once, and receive this most genorous of all offers. MINOR NEWS NOTES. George C. liivkcr, tlio inventor of tho submarine torpedo boat, died in Washington, aged 55 years. John R. Rico, tlio cowboy preacher, has been placed in the jail at Scratiton, ['a., for holding disorderly meetings. Dispatches from St. Johns, N. F., arc to the effect that three arctic par- Lies are in course oi formation there, It V.-O.S decided by tho Iowa Jegisla- ;uro to adjourn April 0. Perry's bill against insurance combines was passed. Ohio populists and prohibitionists lavo combined to defeat candidates of both democratic and republican parties. Post office authorities at Toronto havo seized copies of the Congressional Eec- ord, refusing to recognize the congress frank. At Ho ma, Tex., two boys, aged 15, n love with tho same ffirl, fought a duel with daggers. One was fatally mrt, Shocking cases of cruelty at the county poor farm aro reported by a •CansM City paralytic who was discharged. Hungarian strikers at Pateraon', N. J., have beaten nonunion men severely and are holding the citizens < in a state of terror. Dispatches from Ontario intimata ;hat England Is delaying Uehring sea etflslB-tlon in order to benefit the Canadian Dealers. rr.. Potter Palmer has written a letter to Mme. Carnot, thanking French women for their cooperatiou at the world's fuir. Discovery and development of valuable coal mines have increased the >opulatioD of Tuluca, 111., from iOO to i.OOO in a vcar. Mew York police made ti raid on riminal operators and discovered tho jodies of two infants. Sixteen doctors vero arrestra). M. F. Hatch, of Chicago, and M. B. Davis, of Detroit, head a syndicate which has purchased u California estate for $0,000,000. T H E PATENT OFFC E. Annual lloport of tlin Comiiiln»liiin>r, Jolin H. Seymour. WASHINGTON, March 'J4. — Commis- iioner of Talents John a. Seymour has ut>mittod his annual report for the alondar year 1SD3 to eongreas The total number of applications for pat- ints received during' the year was 7.893. There were !i3,070 patents fronted, including designs; 9fl patents e-tssued, and 1,077 trade marks egistered. The number of patents which expired was 14,172, The total eceipts mure than expenditures to tho redit of the patent office now held by he United States treasury amount to 4,281,7»8. At the beginning of the •ear the applications awaiting action aggregated 9,127. 'The numbar of ap- >lications now pending in G,'JB1. Train Goua Over HU Cmbniikrannt. liLiNfl, Tex., March i!4.—A wreck ccurred on tho Lockhart branch of he Missouri, Kansas & Texas railroad near Dale at daylight Friday morning, 'he whole train le't the track except he engine nnd rolled down an embankment and live passengers were serious- y injured. Wttpt >° Colored HOKUII Butter. DRS MOI.MCS, la., March 34.—The' louse passed the dairyman's bill pro- ibiting 1 tiie coloring of imitation butter or cheese with yellow coloring mater. _ The Foot. A fool empties his head rvery tirna e opens his mouth.—Ram's Horn. TIIE_MAKKETS. Grain, rrovl»k>i,j, Klc. CuiCAcio, March M. JI'I.OUH— Hilled vory quloi ana bnrc.'Jy Mi'ad. Quouulons urn us lullmm; Whiter— PuU.'ii SiPO-alUIi; stnilKMs. ri.MliiisO: clears, K.UO' !!»); si.'t'Ollils. 4l.KXiM.UU; low mjrs, tl. I.TU. f-lirilll.— PiiU-11'.s. il&UVfca.iX); B i'r;i!(? K.:ii)'il-.i!ll; UiikcrK 1 . ifi.7sa-.>,:ju; | OW ,.,-u .W; Ki-iIDoi.;, Sl.^'idil.W: Kyn, fJMuai, 5flr L j;fji'i.i 4 i:: M;iy. ivr'/a&fivo.ic; ,)uiy, r^ry-x^y 1 .^;, O.ntN—\VilH <;uicL ill'.d (r:^k-r. No. ^ iiinl N"< y Vfllnw, l!ic r.nU'T Miiy, ;i.V.ic; Nu. :!, '-'i Hiitr, liml iVo. ;l Vi;llo\\', i'.Ji: miller Muy, :!.V ;t M:i.v. '.K&'fl'.iu'. ,Hih', 'iVVitWe. O'/TS—Fulrly active unil r;isy. Kn. •_' ivisl ;lij].^;il|t.jc: M;iy, IlO'-H'UM^r: July, 171 j(^',- 1 .^ S;uiiplt.'ri In KOUI! d<'m;uul ;uul sturdy. Nu. ; III hit; No. - VVlllto, .".3>/i((C:iH;, MKS* I'OHK—TrudiiiK ]i£ht uml pricirj. lower n-euiiir; JIO.tcail.lKJi for Mny, :i«d s'mt'o ll.nl fur July. r.Altl>—Murkiit vfsry (pilot und lower. Quot L'.oiirt niiik r f;tl in Jtl ^X^'-fl" Tor cuMli: "('tW, IU17V4 ro1 ' M' 1 }'. ""'1 Sti.W'/jtiifl.W/a for.Inly. L1VK POULTRY—1'rr pound: Ollicltrns. H S-^c: TurUi.'yH, IJ^Bc; Ducks, Wj£lOu; (Jce^e, t'J i, 4j(U)0 pur do/™. Hirn'KK—('ruiimcry. lOrrj^i i-iu; Dairy, Hit-tie l j nc.'i;lcs Sloi-.lc, 7USc. Oli^—Wisconsin Prtnio Whim, 7 1 ic; \Ya'e Willie, 74c: MicltiKJU) I'rhm; Wllitf, S'ii 1 ; \Y; tor Whiiu, 'IL;; lunliiiiu 1'riiin: White. H^c: \Vii tel 1 \Vllltc, x?4Ui Huiullii-'hl, 175 lost, n;,i!; (.i;u olinf, *7 di>h''n, IHic; 7-1 di'^'s. He: N:iph:iiu. 0 ill'K's. Olic. Inwis of ft. Iii !«::• Kiii. for l!i».<lu»l woods. Ni:w VIIKK Mari'li --I. Fi,"i:K— (Jihc WHI:AT---,M;I.V -nl.l m' ti ;c\vi>i MOH,: ;i h. vi'r ivai'lii-d: cil :i-:ii '.''•; '-.I'f; July, ivd-niit'i:!- -, (,'t'ltN No. Li ii;ii't:ci' \vi-;il*'M' Oil llii tio;i t'.iM K"od ui'.ith'T wi'sL wou'ii ri uuirr Hlirnil '.novrini'Mt. May, -I--'.!! 1 . O.\'l'* -No. - dtlll :uid fiMliirclc.^: I'lii ivisk'Ns- -1 ii'rf ^i":'idy: iiniiily. Slii'ii- *l:. l .OU''"/.r-.' 1 0; rmnily. ^l-.^) iTcKOXJ: short fkm- S-i:i.(Jii;t l"'.i>'. Lurd steady: IT.IIMJ wcst'-n .su-iiiH. :T. IJ noir.liiiiL Voi.r.Iio, (>., M:in'li -I. \UII:AT— Qtr.it unit sn-aily. No, '2 fa-.li ;un CoUM—.Slcudy. Ni.). M v;ish ;md M;iy. :'"r liid O.vrs—l-'lrai. No. - mixiM, K.'c bid: No. : whin;. 3.U-. J{VB—lllglicr. Cash, r>0;ic. Oi.oVKIIsiiKU— MiKiK'r iiinl Jiclivo: i)rinu; cash ami Miu-cli, S. r )7r.; April. f.:i.M\ OcUjl-cr, S-t.S" JLlvo Mock. CHICAGO, Murcii 24. HOGS—Muriel rather active and prices u'ii. out ifialcrtal elian^e. Opened rattier strong but closed ^veiilt. .Sales ranged at M.^. r »^ ror l'lt;s: R53i34.7."i for llijht: iM.COa-l.iri for rou^U packing; s•^.&(Vii,^.7.") for mixed, and Hoi S4.7J for heavy paulilnfC i""l sliipplnj; loss. CATTI.B—Market rather slow i"»l weak, Prices ftwor buyers. Quotations rur.trc-l at H.70^6").L>0 for cholco to extra shipping Steers; H.UUA-'-'^ for pood to i-holce do.: }aiVit'->W tor fair to h'ood: Ji90.a3 :» for common to medium do.; KliRQiia) for butchers' Steers: IZ.&'<13 10 forStockcrHi 13.10^3.«5 for Feeders; f 1.50*3 00 for Cows; >S.05B3.a) for Helfors; J1.&033 00 for Bulls: Ji50(({!tC5 for Texas Steers, and K50l(| 0.00 for Veal Calves. Shot Hl« lliiby itroljinr. PISK BLUFF, Ark,, March 24.—The 8-year-old son of the late Joseph Davis killed his 4-year-old brother with a re volver which he had found in a room in which they were playinp during the absence of their mother. The boy then attempted to commit suicide iu the Arkansas river, but was prevented Centenarian Squavr tilven i* IMTOro*. IACOMA, Wash., March v!4.— Mary Ann McDolin, a I'uyallup squaw aged 102 years, has been divorced from William McDolin. McDolin deserted her and ihe has secured the divorce to protect her Iteirs, to whom sho will bequeath her share of the Puyallup Indian reservation. U'eatb of Unrry .McGI«nn«s.-i. BOSTON, March 24.—Harry McGlen- nen, business agent of tbe Boston theater, and one of the best-known theatrical men in New Enfrland, 'died at hi* home in 'this city. Wnr on Hrewerlci. ST. Louis, March -J4.—Knights of Labor are said to have declared war on the twenty or more breweries In thU cit; controlled by Englishmen. —Aubcr (lre;idou to hear anything nbout death. All persons were forbidden in his presence to say anything that could call up :iny mipluasant associations connected with funerals. Brings comfort and Improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced m the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to ita presenting in the form n>o*t acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches nnd fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met wfth«the approval of the medical profession, because it acta on the Kia- neyg, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggist* in 50c anJf 1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of tigs,. and being well informed/youi will J"> accept imy substitute if. oneiw STATE OF TRADE. Business Outlook Throughout the Country of an Uncertain Nature. The Volume oi Trade Is Larger, But Not More Profitable—The Silver Bill Adds to the Situation. THICKS TAKK A i»uor, Nl-:\v VOKK, Miirfh 'J-l.—Ii. <•. Dun A Co.'s wc-i'kly I'cvii-Nv (if trade say.->: It Is pi-n>:i:XinK to }••!• olil!::i-il to report ll:;lt bvislrd-'ss t^row.t hinrrr in vohmu' and ;L' L llir (•ami; IImu n"l ninru proiltnlili-. UKt-iirlulnty tloi-n not iliininish. l"-i !«'•! i':i!h.-r ia- cri'iiscU In tin; juduiuuni "f iii^iiiy fiin- ni(,'rfi:tl hiidfcs uhk'h J.'in'c iuw.1 l)if? pix-.-ddt-nt, to viM.n :IH- M'i^nlni-u^o lull. I'r'.rus oi roiniroililn-s do mil rS-. Im! :vro on tlio ivlioli- about l.'i I»T cent lout r iliiui litnl wi-cli, though tlitn '.IVL- IOWI-M t-vi:r known ;u Dliii coiuilr.v, :U)il iiri> I-.O l)(.-r it-iii. IUWIT tlum a yeur ut?o. Morf .MltlK ill M'<,rk. More mills nv; ui work, uioiifh ilic proportion of productive force iitn-mployrd i^ HHK from ii llfllj lo n iliinl In dUTi-rcn; bruiii-lu-s or Imliiftlry. :tn<l ninny niill.i iin- sto;>>.i:ik' ln-taii'-i- Il-.oir ordi'rs hti'.'i-r:iii n'.M. i-v'iiii whlli- u ]:n'[;i'r time. The suninx i 1 " four flirn:iei-» !i.v Ihelllu.ois Steel eoniiMiiy sin! 0:11- mlier ;il l'ill>lmr(;li ill yt-1 '..^f.ic'.ory pricu^. S:\les of wecl;i havo e.xci.-cdt-d luM per cent., through '.i-alisiictioi;.^ lust yeur wen: :ilxnit <U per !ou - iJio average. Tliere is more di.- Kucli wool us l> needed In the ITI:II but Hue lle'cee* nrj uli'.ioM unsulahlo. Ohio X helng quoted ut -"- C(ji^>, niul ciirpet. miin'.ifa turers buy spivrineiy, though about half the iniictlHiery Is active, Thu MarkotH FJUettlllU-, Wheat, cotton und pork have declined a Ii lie, wheat milking ar*thi.-r record a 8li»i!c be low 00 cents at New York. Western receipt are i,filW.:CT bushcl.i, aciilrisi 2,M5,709 la year, and exports only J.013,-09 bushel ofiainsi I.L'U.'I.HSU last year, Miowim; Hi even utciirrrni prices the Krairi is not large wanted abroad. Corn was » ee:ii strongc with \ves;ern receipts l',874.0'J!< bushel against l,»»:l.3a! last year. Cotton rccelpu froci planiaiions arc apaiii larger than las year, lo the disgust of prophet*, \*'ho ha' foretold a "perpendicular drop" ever since Ja uary I. The termination of the rebellion I3rav.il opens u new crop of coffee, which is r ported, very large, Uul prices are as yet sioady Cattle are low abroad and the exports are re larded. tncrfiue In K»»t»rn Tonnair«- Thero Is encouraging Increase, the tirst to many month* In east-bound lonuagc frori Chicago, and »t IndlBnapolls the movement i Blmost an lar*e aa last yc»r, while west-boun tonnaico o! high-class iDeroianillse is al»o large. ]illHlll«M F»Ulir«A. Failures Tor tho wcok ending March 15 __ vo'.vea llabilHIes or only K.858.818, ami to two weeks of March only J4.835.110, of whic K,3SO.iS7 were of manufacturing aud K,44«,oe of trading concerns. Some deferred report* will further swell the ftgyregate, but San Francisco yin resumption* report, oil no* exceed ibo failures. A numbe of railroad receivernhlpn »ro notlceil, thoug" none of Importance. 1'hc failures Ibis wee number 'M In the United States, against S17 last year, and 50 In Canada agntnut 26 lu year. It U noteworthy Ihit Can»ndl»n f»ll uren are considorubly Increasing. Cf OHlDK tbe AU ^. u » w InvolTenen glcknwis. When the wave play plteb and tons with you. strong Indeed mus >« file stomach that can «tand It without revo.t ng. Tourlsta, commercial travelers, yatcht-m«n martneM, fill Ksittfy that Hoitettef'i Siomaih Bitters 1* the belt remeCr lor the nausea experl anced In ran«li weather on the water. Nervom ind weaklj travelers by land often snfter from something nkln to thii, and find In the Bllten Its surest remedy. No dlsordet of the rtomacb Iver or bowels l»io obstlnnte that It may not be overcvme by tke prompt and thorough remedy ;qniilly eflkaclous Is It for chills and fever, kid nej nnd rhenmatlc trouble and nervousness, Emigrants to the frontier should provide them inlvto with this fine rat dlcliml safeguard against heertoctsof vicissitudes of climate, hardship, ixposnreandlatlgue. <;. A. K. On the occasion of the Encampment G. A. R. and Womnn'8 Relief Jorps of Indiana, at Lafayette, Ind., April 4 and 5, 1894, tho Wabaah Rail- •oad Company, will sell round trip Ickts for $1.11. Tickets will be eold April 3d and 4th, good golnp date of ale and good returning not later than April 6th. C, G. NKWELI,, Ag'l, Wabash R. R. Co. Is your head clear P Hare you a (rood grip on all your interests and a loundlesa energy In your blood P You an have both If you observe the pre- autlon to take, when retiring for the night, a done of Smith's Bile Beans. By the time you get to work next day will feel «8 If you could u 1 a rain of OMB. Be sure to get the small Handle F«ctor» Wood for »»le. Handle factory wood delivered to ny part of the city. Mall orders to Hillock & Plttman, Handle Factory, n Toledo 3t., or P. J- KImmer. To cure all nervous diseases, ' Dr. Wheeler's Nerve.Vitalizer," pronounc- the greatest medical discovery of Sold by Bon Fisher. K«np'» BaJiwn will Mop »nc <-o k 'i t onoe Quaker headache capsule give re. ^Profoundly Grateful Symptoms of Cancer Removed—Rheumatism Cured A Chicago Clergyman's Faith In Hood's Sarsaparilla. "C. 1. Hood ,1 ('"., J.u«v!'.. M.-I-M.: "J)i':ir Sirs: 1 :i:n iir(ii"i;:!i'.ly riil>rf^c<1 with tlio nuMlic-.'il viT-;i;,-s of J:*,uii'v s:irsapan;ia, \ -wnn thr<'r\lrii4-«l with raiicrr, ;i:uL dls- aj^ri-'cnhlt: ri - ;!p:i't:i^ nr; :ny ]':n:k :nul oilier !i!:ic.'?. Thoi-.-nii-'T w:i< T!]i]>c:i! J ii!g mi my !ip. rrnviiloniially J »MMi:i-<l a b,i',i:« of Hood's Sars;i|,;irill;i, .-i.-i'I !•>• tlio tin:'; it v.;n gono, 11:0 b.lil syir.iitolrH !i:iU m-.-irly ili-,:i|)iif:ir>:J. I have used Jour bolilc^, JITM! 1 liclii/vi: J. JIMS Saved Wo From Premature Death. ief In ten mlnutts. bane* Ererrtoy om tbe ;Medl*ln» Bowel* Mo«t people need to use libciitiKrr. Am! 1 linow t!i:-.t Hood's Sar- sap.irill.-i lias had iimcli ;o i!o will! my vic,'or anil strength. I rrdmiMiciiili'il it to my wife, who • hid saflcreil so imicl) witii rlieiuiuitic troubles, Flood's^ Cures as also with female weakness. In two year! sboliasu.-ifi) :i!)u»t Hiree hottlo.sof Jloort's Sarsaparilla, ami t'i.l:iy, ami fur Hie last six roontlis, she scorns like .1 new being. TN'c ara Hearty and Robust as tlic younj: jH'oplc who jivo \viih ns. AVo dc- wanttlio.'iniicii'il !" know what Hood's Sarsaparilla has done fur us. :md I feel it a duty to let people know in :liis nnyofthe liulp obtained. With Grateful :i.-!i:iinvl,-ili; 1 'iniT.t to C. I- Hood &Co." KKV. i). Jl. j 1 uWK)i,ia.'4JIai!OVflrStrcct I Chicago, Illinois. _ (Jet HOOD'S. Hood's Pills are the best after- dinner pills. assist digestion, euro headache. 25c. per boi. No other medicine in tbe world was- over given sucb a. tust of its curative qualities, as Olio'* Cure. Thoui-ande of bottles of ibU great German remedy are being distributed free of char^o, by druggists in thin country, to tboee afllicteU with cuntumption, asthma, croup, severe coughs, pneuaiocia and all throat and lung diseases, giving the people proof that Otto's Cure will curw them, and that H is tbe grandest triumph of medical science. For sale^ only by Ben Fisher, 311 Founh street. Samples free. Large bottles 50 cents. California Fruit Laxative is nature'* own true remedy. It combines th* medicinal virtues of California frulu and plant* which are known to have «•-. beneficial effect on the human system . Although harmless to the most dell- - oate constitution u is • thorough »ndi effective, and will afford a peimanent- cure for- habitual consvipation -and tbes many dlaordera arising, from a weak- or inactive condition of the kldnoyi, liver, stomach and bowels. For **l*t. by all druggists at 60 cents a r^ttl*. Por Or«r FlftT Y*«r» Mrs. Wtnslow's Soothing Syrup hat-t been used for over fifty years bj'.- mllllons of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success.. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic. an<?. IB the best remedy for diarrhoea. Ii • will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists ic- every part of tho world. Twenty-five- cents a bottle. Be sure and ask fo»- •Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup" ant' take no other kind. The fiolclfn Secret of Ix)»(t Lift. Keep the head cool, the feet warm and the bowels open. Bacon's Celery King for the nerves is a vegetable preparation and acts as a natural laxa^ live, and Is tho greatest remedy tvet discovered for the cure of dyspepsia, liver complaint, and all blood, liver and kidney diseases. Call on Ben. Fisher, sole agent, and get a trial package free. Largest iize, SO cents. MRoral Baby'' Part Wine. If you are reduced In vitality or- strength by Illness or any other cauae, we recommend the use of this Old >ort Wine, the very blood of th«, ra Tape. A grand tonio for nufilng mothers, and those reduced by wart- • ig disease. It creates strength; im> provoa the appetite; nature 1 )) own •emedy, mucl preferable to drugi;. guaranteed absolutely pure and over • ive years of age. Young wine ordi. iarily sold Is not fit to use. Insist on tavlng this standard brand, it cost*no more. $1 in quart bottles. Bot- by Royal Wino Co., sale t>y Johnston Bros. Chioagr. Karl's Clover Boot, the new blood ; urifier, glvas freshness and clearnwt > o the complexion and cures constlp» ion; Me,, 60o. Keeilinff, and $* SoM by J»

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