Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1952
Page 16
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MOFI iTAl, HOPI, ARKANSA* Thursday, November 6, 19S2 Thursday, November 6, 1952 HOP! STAR, HO PI, ARKANSAS Pact* Ktfeftumi Oh it fittii/ Cluttitfti- ll fof a Ktircan poaee, . W wiwiw by permanent dalegnui of ttji t», Hi $f' RUM!"'* reaction, ntovn nam* «* wondered what ...,, to AmwMHtn pvt Wren would mull Ion of den. Dwiuht ^vRfifrj 'tt»OE »' DOROTHY DIX Ready To Forgive •y DOROTHY OIX j DK*« MIH8 DIX; taut your my wife went off with another mt»n,, •nd U olmrxt kt)l«d me. Shortly! *ft*rw*rd *he re»ll/*r! her nit»lBke iinrt left hlfri. I trlud lei «v«ry w*y: to hurt hpr nnd I »iicce«xl*rt. I evurn ullftwed mynpU in l>« i»ik»(i m»o « dfvnrc*. Now Uw «»he» IPSVP 0 blltor l*»lf'. I have neen her nt dftvorftl pftrll0ii nnd hnrt M tew dtitcn with her, t rcA'IlM I lovui h«r 8* much, |f n«t moro ihnn| ov«r. j We were murrtot) utmowt Ift yewr'i n i id II I* hiin) to put n wonirtn «»»oy from you nflur ol) thai tlmn,! of whtil »hu h«* done ' t\i& »nd other mn^tr problem* fiic- (njc the U, N, Awdinlily, Wiley Is, tli« FBfiklUB Rdpubllwftn (in th«, Ht-nttlo Fornl«n ftalflllonx Cormnlt-i Palm' 1 * af«t»ro«t'l' to ihn nl»t» won ort sn Inilon*ilit com pfoitilio bdlwocn Ani^rlCHn 'in'l UuMlmi re*filntk>i)« mi Kort<u. i Thn !nd«no«l8i> prnpomil now t« tinker prlvntv dUciinHlon by Hio Arrfb-Anliin UI»c itt Mi« U. M,, but h»» not yet be«m put forward for- It tmll* f«r n cofrtniUwlon linen KimizcBtMl by Soviet Amlrci Viihlnnky, to peace «tul iffllllo*llon to Ki>II fllno recopixtt* the American wUntenea thut (irKonom »f wur »iH(*t n»rt h« forded nt tfj retucti to their hoiticn, 1*He f«»oliUlim DweUi in away the different,'*-* rm thl* IK«UO by inttlnii up « n«utrnl cntnmlv li« ex- I dm virry lonely, sn'l nee^d her. I l<rww »lm t* doiry for. whnt nhfi rtld »nd hnn le»rnrd her le««on I'm »urr we wwild h* huppy thin: lime, . Tlu» trmiblft l« I'm ufrald rny filwniln will lough *l ru«- I llitmmd In thorn whim Ihl* huiipennd and did whirl they udvlncd: now I »m ,.finW th'-y'll t«n*4|m'- »l)out It. I IIWVP lold my wife Hint I mluht Civr htf nnothi-r clmnrc nnd I hnww nhe'tt bullditiK her hoppn on II 1ml, ;IK I «:iy, I am nfrnld I'll iorf fwt with my frlendt. They tlnn'l know I httvi- \n>i*n •r«mn my V.'lfl'. WMIIIIIKD Answer; Whnl mnke* them* no. > ilUnl frlendti no liiiporinul thnt you lire willing to utilise your own and your wlf«/» hnpplni'*» nttiilmil tiulr klildlny? Their arlvlce d|.ln't wurit nut »o wt'll when you look it fit why continue In put no lilxh a vnluii on their opinion*. !•>* |,i'i,p',e %u{ thnitiuh life wllhoul li.'iililntr «l lf'»»l one bitter le.snoii Jrorn t/xpeilente; the wine nnei IUB H|>r!i! who cnn profit by whni Ihey hiivp leiiniitrt, Iloth you and your wife nind I iiotjcp thnt not ftiK'* do you- refer to fi«r UK "ex- wlfi."i liBvo hud M lennon In llfe'.n liiirdi'Ht school, nnd Ood him iilvi-n yo.i M chance to rectify it. Olv* Hir A 8ocond Chance N o i ovcryorui hn» n necond t'lutnta! nun'l bo Utii'h n fool n« to Ihnnv »iwny thU golden opportunity merely to wcup* n few vvlno- ifiii-lfH, The friend* miiy luuKh »t you, nil ritiht, hut why rntt- their Nttmitlct HO hlKh? ft Is your future H«|iptnw» t-ntl thnt of your wife which i»rc nt Htiike, hni uttck, nnd nntuitincc Fires Not the Only Arkansas Farm Problem tty HAHOL.D HART ' MTT1.K R(H.'K * -t'orr.s\ flrns- Men'l thf '>nly dfuprrntrf problem facing Ark;ni*»ir f»mn>rn. An counlly xi-rlons thing i* nil truil cotton pourlnK <»it "f lh f< rlch| l>clla Ki'Ctl'in of tbf Ht.'ile. Ideal hnrvfst rondltlon.t have re- Milli'rl in n irf'tnendout supply. Fie<:,l!it ll;|* l>i>r-n .1 Kliltti-'l miirket. ' Ar.<* w'lh the n|d l«w of supply : :.:id itfifinnA working, Ihrn- nntur-, ,'illv followt « price decimal'. j The I'lnrtn hnx Rime out from. (In itnvprnincnt. K'.'dcr.'tl nupncleii h.ivc in.ftRoiilr'l I" product-rx In ArKHintar and other states th'il ttiry "hdlrl n h«lf and market a 1 I Kill- " 1'ut 5oirn> of that cotton under Home sort of lonn, they say, .•rid wiilt for the price to RO oji. 1'rfnlMctlon and Miirketfriu Ad- iiiinl.-itri.tlon officinln \vtll tii'U thirniti (.vi«r further today Thorn- ; (i-i.y nt Memphis with cotton men from Arkimiind, Mississippi nnd Arknuii«n producers must be hi.c(lini( the ndvicc One of tho InrU'T Me.mphl.t cotton merchants Mini eii-'ly this week that "thlngu me iiaht." The fin-men* «enerally to lie holding their cotton." Landslide for Ike Not the Republicans By JAMES MARLOW ! ,VAS1I!NGTON iff — It wii*: ;,-i. try n landslide for Gen. Ki-j .;. ,>ii,.i,ri Tuesday, not for the np- f.ir-licvr; party, ulthoinih the elec- tini> K.IVC the Kepiibllrans control, iif both th<- executive ;m<l lejiis- I -line !i'',-iricrurs of the' aovornmont. | '.Vluli- tin- vntr KlviriK tlic general; Hi,. jiri'-l'I'T.ry aw' rimtrol of the; exrrutivr br.inch smashed nil | r. i<>!<U, the rtfpiiljlirans came out 1 if the rl'-< (ion with only ;i slim' m.ijnrits in both (muses of Con-' XITSV v.llK.li just reversed the! prr-cl'-cUmi picture n bit. The 1 ' SHOP FOODLAND EVERYDAY AND SAVE MW MM«IWMpMMMrtM***M | hMMM* *wwa*p»»»»p«a»»* l *N***'« r ' 1 ' '»*«**»*•*- v****" 1 - m**** -»>*»*. SHELLBO ao>. ItrfAUC »ECAHS HOW CHOCOLATE «H 23c S-T.R-E-T-C-H HEKE! MINCE MEAT NONESUCH Per Pkg. 24c li SURE TO CHECK OUR STORE FOR LUCKY NUMIERS ON FREE GROCERIES "' *' .{funfu "ffc i MM ' 1,4 £ i '3LUs&^ r c n,>^ T v $v f \, GLOW 1 Lb, C.n 47c m: ^:* 1 ', • • •«* 49c MACKERM CATWELL 15 OK. Can 21c SPRY With Coko Improver 3 U, Can 79c JELLO 6 Delicious Flovort 3 For 23c ©MIT Market* JELLY Zttte Brand Pur* Apple 2 U. Jar 35c * PRODUCE * FLORIDA JUICY ORANGES 5 ^ 35c FRESH WAXED RUTABAGAS u 7c FRESH RIPB BANANAS 2 L 25c YELLOW ONIONS Lb 8c GRAPEFRUIT FJ ,25c Crttm Sty I. 2 ^ 37c V'* v MWJ 2 * 37c 2 ^ 45c Golckn Ilieult FLOUR 25 U, S«ck 9 U. Prtt $1.99 iragus LAHGI Pet Milk F 84c K ?5^v' Pkg. 27c Whitt SOAP 6C Bor OODLAND m Muck on the subject of fore.sl firm. : Tim drouth, of course, htis left \>:P. forc?l ripe prey for flros. But ll'c been ii two-pronged sltunllon. TiinbiT which was not destroyed ii.v the fires hi^ beon left In a wi-.-iH-ni-d condition nnd hl«hly sus- i-eotlble t'i ilHeasi- and insects. Here',: thr way Jose-ph D. Kurd .)•., assistant WitfihlnKlon County nKi'iit, sees IP. 1. Severe fired will kill some ,if Hie lai'Ker trees, weaken imtl .low the utrowth of others, and cioise. .ie.< Injuries by burnhiK the i,;ii'k and scorchlni! the tops. ;' Fire damaRe encouratjes bark l'c«'tU'!> anil I'ot-profliicluK diseases. It. Klre diimni.'.es tho top soil when hi'imis is lunieil to n.-ilies. Kro.-iloii Is a ruituriil offspring of forest (ires. Independence Comity farmers , m:ule 'i haul this year by poison. i'lti for control of Insects in cotton <.iiil sovbean fk-lds. County AKcnt Ben II, Price sets t!v % total revenue from appllcntlon of oolsons to those two crops at >.2it(t,42^. And Price says farmers I in thitt county could have made 1 niinlhi.v $l. r iO,iK)0 this year by using I irrin«t!ei. systems. Price siiys fur! nn-rs picked up $175,000 by using on cotton; $l)l,42.~i on ; SIDKLIGHTS: Craitthonri County Ajjent John M. i CuviMider nny» small grains and winter k'Kumcs cun be sown in ; UMU ureu us lute as Nov. 13. The ArktmsHB Knrm Hureau Fedora- | linn has lined up some top spedk- erii for its annuiil convention in Lllllo Rock. Nov. 23-as. They in- elude Jonesboro's Krancis Cherry, • I Sen, McClellan and F. K. Stanford';! of Louisville. Ky., executive secretary of tht! Kentucky Farm Bureiuij| . , .KdRnr Kurmor of Lincoln! County SH.VS a onc-acro test plot brought him 142 bushels of corn; II.is yenr . . , the turkey market ut Borryvlllp reportedly has stead-!] i"d nt 3;t to III! cents « pound ... the. National Cotton Council will)I hold Its 2nd Annual conference on! I hci'blclilnl wi-od control in cotton ftl Memphis. Dec. 4-5. ! The pe«iplc of the United States | drmk more coffee than do tho I people in all the rest of the world. 11 *«>•* the U. S. Department of An- j to '.he world. pro\uil>". that you are j fe-mnrryinii her, Be^in u new mar-; I ! I'ioU lite with no rojirets, no re- crin\inutions. Good, luck to you' DEAR MISS IMX: I recently | read an article of yours concerning |. n lonely widower. I belong to «; clob lor just such people nnd feel j thore are many others who would:I lw interested, H you could find all place In your column to give us a|l \v»'.ti?.up, I would be appreciative I The club U in Philadelphia. S.M.J I Answer; Bravo for the wise folks;I who organbed your club! I know; of no social need greater than u»j provide friendship for older, lonely I oe:ipk\ I'm sure my readers ii;|| r vicinity will be very interest- d In viiitmy; the club, whose ', \ ic and address may he had for, \ stumped, self-addressed envelope.; | md perhaps others would like ad- on how to orauniie one. Thanks: | ov the h«U). DEAR MISS DIX: 1 have been I guins with a boy tor a mo»un.: [ lud love him very much. Sum- lu\c» he acts «s though ho likes Ij nw, ana sometime* he seems to prefer ««y gi«-l friend. 1 know I'mjl uu* ol hi'r. but hate to tell her to come around when he's vis-- Uli>8, Sl»iHild 1 break ott with the | i?y, or with »»' girl fricad? A.M.B. Answer: Aren't you (oolislily U> concluskws r a ih- quiekly* After ou* month's ac- aauintance, you certainly dun't I liave exclusive rights to the boy.' | \Vny not acc«pl hi* friendship on nuJde!) basis, and keep your 11 friend, loo? Friends aro nut'I plentUul th»t Ux«y can be dis-J at •s«,v •Ti»)i*uciiU Tr^bto," which Dot-- Dt-itmcr its had control by a slim majority before Tuscluy. ! The 'jiffci f rice between the pros-! JdpTitiftl vole and the results in l.'oiigres'' v, ere pretty clear cvi-' (11-:cc i!ic people didn't vote so much ni;airi:it the Democrats as as they apparently dut nfcainst hav inn another Uoim eralic administra- lion in charge of the executive branch which runs the government. There wore plenty of examples in thi.s (.'lection where the volets. usi'd iixlependcnt jiKljjment • Instead iii voting :it|.ii|4lH party tieK-, tls. While picl(iii(i Republican Ki- Kenhower for president. they Piemen «>nd chose when It en mo to cfindlditos for other jobs, like se.n- 1 •iti.r iiiui governor. ! In Mh.csHchnselts for inslanr.-e.! Kivenhower won. but John K, Ken- I'cdy. Democratic me.mber of the House of Representatives, defeated Me i.'uuliean ,Sen. Lodge, who was seekini: re-elertinn. Lodge^ said m:>naK*'d Kisenhower's campaign fi.r th>- Republican presidential nomination. And ir. Massachusetts the voters turned down Democratic Gcv. Paul A. Dover, who was tryins for rc-j election, in favoi of a Republican Aito Have up hi.< seat in the House li- run for governor, Christian A.; Herter. ! In Ol'.io. Kisonhowor won andj liepubliean Sen. Bi ieker WMS re- 1 elected over Democrat Michael; TliSalle,. fin mer boss of price sta-j l,iii/.ation. But the voters re-elect-1 e<! their Democratic governor, Frank J. Lausche, who was running against Sen. Taft's brother, Charles P. Taft. And in Washington Eisenhower won, bi:t Republican Sen. Cain was defeated for re-election by iJernoei atie Henty M. Jackson, a numbei of the House. TRANSPORT TO DOCK SAN FRANCISCO UT) — The tran port Gen. K. D. Patrick, returning 825 Army and Navy men from Pacific bases, docks here today. The U. S. Census Bureau says that about 12 1-4 million people live in the New York urban area in New York State and New Jersey. Stevenson Turns to State Duties I When PILE Misery Robs You of Sleep ...HERE'S QUICK RELIEF! Tnnlffht you can Mcept Thornton Mlnof Rretal Ointment hrlnn quick rrllcf from naming pain «ml ncrve-rncVlnic Iteh of iilmplo pilpn. Thin snntMnff formula to«t to work fant. Help* nature heat raw. »or« tln!iiic9 . . . rcrluee nwelllnflr. Drvelnpeii nnd Kuarantccil by world-famous Thornton Minor U«ta1 Clinic. Get it today—nlwp tonight! Thornton Minor in tubes of eonei nb good drusr >tore> crerywhero. bacV- to his desk in the official | nnd to supporters who .seemed mansion here, it seemed inevitable: mnr« shocked and crestfallen than that politics and the fate of the'he. Democratic Party would preoccupy • .Vyotl. who refused to concede ! him again soon. defeat until the last vestige ot I His campaign manager, Wilson hope disappeared early yesterday. I v.'yatt. was ready to admit that held a final news conference at I Stevenson's crushing defeat in the whii.-h he said he and Stevenson s ! presidential election might mean aides were unanimous In the be- SPRINGFIELD III. <UP>— Gov. co.i-idorable "realignment" within lief that Stevenson would head the Acllai E. Stevenson, looking like a tnc party and that some old Demo- .Democratic ticket in 1950. man who has had a great burden' crntie axioms no looser held true. "Our feeling is definitely that it farms received lifted from his slender shoulders, St-venson spent the greater part is Stevenson in '56," he said., from the State Hempstead Convict Is Paroled Drowning of Helena V/omon Probed down an 6mbankment Miss Nicholls hnd earlier visited her sister, Mrs. Charles here and apparently w;ts TU.I.IFF. (UP1—A two-;hc'ne U. Helena when t! *• investigation was under •, occurred. today in the drowning. Nixon and Coroner !)i. prominent Miss NiuV r> ' (ll ' Hs W(MV ''' 1 "<''»'""« iiunestij'utlons said. ignored politics today and devoted of y«!Slerd: ( y saying goodbye to '''-'• sti^-enson would not com- hls energies to government. newsmen who bad traveled wit'i mcnt on this, your guess on his But as the Illinois governor went him during the hectic campaign opinion is as good ^ as mine." OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY CO. REPHANS Scale Model For cold winter days ahead. Shop now and save throughout the store. 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'.Villiam Dlackwood. Mississippi, ct. 23, UMfi, kidnapiiiK. 21 years. Elton Dledsoe, Mississippi, Oct. H, 1951, robbery, three years. Gwendolyn Hradley, Miller, StpL ' . 11)51, forgcr-y and uttering, two cars. B. J. Briton. Oiiachita, Nov. , r ). ' M5, second degree nuirdor, 21 i oars. Daniel Lewis. Hempstead. April J, 1051, assault with intent to kill, our years. John Thomas Carson. Pulaski, )cl. C, lfl-17, uur.ulary and grand iirceny. 10 years. ' Will Cherry, Phillips, Nov. 18,! 942. burglary and grand larceny, 0 years. Eernic Elliott, Ouachila, July li, 1949. .second degree murder, t) years. •Foe Evan Jr., Jefferson, Jan. 6, 1952. forgery, three years. mchard L. George,' Pomsult, Vtarch 12, 1952. grand larceny, two ears. James Godbold. Phillips, April 10, 1951. grand larceny. Luther Hulcheson, O u a c h i t a, Nov. 4, 194G, burglary and grand i cony, 10 years. Monroe Johnson, While, Sept, M, lOiiO. robbery, five .years. Moses Jonos, St. Kranciji. Jan. 14, 1952. forgery and uttering a forged mstiumcnt, two years. Sylvester Rogers. Jefferson, Aug. 21, 1951, robbery, three years. Arthur Rucks, Garland, Sept. 15, 1951, burglary and grand larceny, two years. George Senior, Sebastian. Murclij 17, 1952, burglary and grand lar-| ccny, two years. j Jimmy Surralt, Pulaski. March 1 23, 1940, burglary and grand larceny, 10 years. ! William Turner, Phillips, May 11,' I!i4t), second degree murder, 12 years. merged auto yesterday by state llr:h\Vi.' In-'.peetors John Strom :ii'd HI! Mattock. Sheriff Allen Nixon .-.liii (he unto apparently !nd crossed a levee and plunged Draft to Take 603 Arkansnns L1TTLK ROCK, till' A !. lit),'< Arkiinsiins will be ralN a t ai'i'ied forces in the J:ii'.u.o\ ••late Selective Service hvaia crs anneuiH'cd toilay. MaJ. Carl Wells, chief ol i !e iirafi system'* nnmppwer iivi.-i,.\n. said nbout 7SO men Will ..« c died for Induction to fill tho limn i.\. «|i'ola ot 003 men. Thl?, )e .s.n.i, will «ivc a backlog lo^pro-| v..-ic '01 rejections, nbscntocs nnd! •u-'i rmnils. I Tin 1 .lanuary iHUita ot (103 men ••- :'•'! le..s tbau the Dccombcr cftll. ',t <:, tiu- stale's share of the .10,0011- i! in ,i'ionv\ide qtiodi. the hlKhesl • i-M-e .1 .unary, lilfil, when—total of '• ,•''••!> iMcii were tlrnftod Into tho . i mod iurces. tell-tale look on your face say change of lite A «r*»l many women nviffer "cJifcng* <jfl(! »ft«r rovti'. Thry «« r*Mly/hhW.''WfMnfctffijj •Iwn piwfly, *v» hunt In llvn with. TWlT.1ftwP.iVSl unit fofCimt thnt "thniiBv." twaS. • ; 6 *"• S Cnrilnl niw (wiped tlimmniitt " ., -•: , ,js Improve nr>p»lit<>, (jj) thira anil rmlmniun, (U) ««•*> tenitlrfn ; \;.n(.;i:i Vnlls i.-l-Titd. The heli; <'i:r : i,|c of tile Island Is mill i"i the other ICfl feet. is divided by nn 185 fuel Oimltil hrlp jnni tool twit (if, look u* your normal, «Kin>>rftit <Hs|f A Corilul tnilny. I.Sny! "tmrrt.j/im.tfr, ,, ,-,-.. -nwa '" "" MONtHtY;filMri!p OHAHOt 01- Uff Forest Fire Damage Is Million LITTLE ROCK (At Slate cstry Division officiuls ji a ruspilc from the weathor in coin- wiring disastrous forest firu-.s in Ar- tansas — yesterday began totalin;; ' Iho monetary damage to Arkansas': valued timberland. "Ranger Jim" Martin, assistant state forester, said it had reached a record $u' million for the yeiir, highest in the history ot the stale. Martin said "the forest fire si'.- mtion is about back to as normal as you can expect for this lime of] year _ and Ihis kind of weather.' j But he warned the danger point I is nol passed, pointing oul that! sudden high winds could flame; «. new the tinder-dry timberlands. j He said 10 fires burned 25(i acres in Southern Arkansas yesterday wnile four fires covivints UU acres j were burning in the :iorlhern sec-i lor of the stale. , ] Martin said the near nonnal condilion was allribuled lo milder winds, a dampening frost and the absence of hunters in the lorc-sls. All huning in the state has been banned by the stale Game and! Fish Commission unlil further notice. The forester said the 'October fire damage alone would reach $1 million. A record 2,122 fires destroyed an estimated 200,000 acres of forest over the stale in October. The old record for October wa:> in 1U4H when 7C9 fires burned 7,7<JU acres. Wyatt on a day when the- Demo- cii'tic Party as a whole was feeling pretty blue, found a cheering note , ' "The total popular east for Stevenson was greater than that here- totore received by any Republican candidate in history," he said. "The great outpouring of votes should be a heartening thing to all Americans." vVyatt expressed pleasure at the way the campaign had gone. "Gov. Stevenson made no coni- prcmiseE, no committments and has no regrets," Wyatt said. "The outcome eould not have been other than it was and Stevenson abides cheerfully by the decision." The defeated candi&ite did give evidence ot one regret. He admit- tea he hated to give up the re m a ol the state govrnorship, a jou he thoroughly liked and sincerely wanted to retain, a wish that, went b> the boards with his draft for the Democratic nomination last auAuir PRICE 1105. "IA" DILUX Auto Heater 17,99 Reg. 19.9S Specigl question of Stevenson's status »n the Democratic Party was put to Wyatt and the governor's campaign manager said that "it was the customary thing for the presidential candidate, eveo^jjough defeated, to remain as thelp^rty s EVERY PRICE ENDING \\\ Li S A MAGIC NUMBER I --41 Plastic Bag. With Coupon DOG FOOD *m ail or I'urpichulls ^•':i«si -.I:«S5 ii#sp$ .ijjjffc^l&sT 'ff&i'tl,,,:,. H"StiSS|'^J .•^i-:.'^!^ Monte Early Gordon 2 No. 303 Cans STUFFED OLIVES Embassy Brand. TOMATO SAUCE 6 Del Monte or Hunt's finest. CAT FOOD 5 Puss-n-Boots Brand. WAXTEX PAPER 2 Heavily waxed, keeps foods fresh. REYNOLDS WRAP Aluminum Foil, 6i Oz. Bucket Ot J 80z. Cans 1-Lb. Cans Rolls 49c Roll Each *"** i* c ? c LAYER CAKE Kroger baked, Lemon iced golden cake. Pork Loin Tender, juicy pork, cut from young corn fed porkers. COFFEE CAKE ;. Kroger Baked toasted caramel. , . CREAM CORN Del Monte Brand, Golden Yellow. FRUIT COCKTAIL Kroger Brand, finest quality. MIXED GREENS '2 Alma Brand, Chopped. • •-.-.. TOMATOES lop quality deep red tomatoes. SALAD OLIVES Embassy Brand, stuffed, 2 '", Npi$g&3&| Cans'''%*! Full Cut 7 rib Lb.. PORK ROAST l-ull 9 inch loin cut. GROUND BEEF Only one grade . . . the best. PIECE BACON Armour Star, 2-3 Ib. first cuts. SLICED BACON Wicklow Brand, tray packed. PORK SAUSAGE Armour Star or Morning Glory. BRICK CHILI Armour Star, tastily seasoned. Lb Lb, Lb. Lb. Lb. Roll Lb. Pkg. 3c 49c COTTAGE BUTTS Star Delights, 2 to 3 Ib. ayg; * : . ; /^ CURED HAM, Swift Premium, 10-12 UvAvg,* CURED HAM Sv/ift Premium PURE LARD PORK CHOPS Choice center cuts. tit ; >. \ :^ : 4 ,<••••'.* -^••m ^./«.;^:.,v»'7*;':J U JH N ft mm vw'w , <Vyatt said Stevenson's position Aflwricaq. politics and govern- ouy POTATOES U.S No. 1 reds. APPLES Ujrge/ red Western wiw 10 Lb*. W?- 59c 19c Top Quolity GpJb'ea ripe fruit. PRAN YOUNG 14 to 16 Ib- ovg. rujly dresse

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