Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 5, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1896
Page 8
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LAST CALL! To WindiUp the Farewell Sale of FRANK. Startling Values to close out the balance of finis stock. Last Week's Bargains were sur- J \' prising. This week they are amazing. The Ibatence of this stocfcvmust go this week and Here are prices that will make you help do it. lens Fioe Business Snils worti. $15 now Iflens Fine Business Suits wort $10:DOW Mecs Fioe Worsted' Pants worth' $5 now $7-50 5-2 2.50 Boys 1 Suits 1-2 price, Children's Suits]} 1 2 price, Ulsters, Barber, Cook, Butcher and baker's Coats 1-2 price, Pants, Underwear, Shirts Neckwear, Suspenders, Hosiery and Collars at just 1-2 its actual value? It will pay youjto go 20 miles to attend this sale, as you never in your life, will have another chance like'this. Mens Fine Kearsey Overcoats $20 now Alens Fine Kearsey Overcoats 8.50 DOW Frisco Mackintojhe.. 12.00 now $10.00 3.98 5-75 Saturday, September will positively be the last day of our. 37 years Clothing 1 career in Log-ansport. Do not fail£to call if only to say Good Bye. Very Truly Yours HARRY FRANK, 314 Fourth Street. THE GOLDEN RULE. ' THE QOLDENPULE \\ T°°K- LAST GAME Clearing: up Shirt Waists - - THREE DAYS ONLY - THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY. Our Entire Stock of Shirt Waists, no matter if the former price was $2.60 or $2.00 will be on sale for 75 CENT5 EACH S"one reserved. This:: is choice of our entire stock of Shirt Waists. Another lot will be 25 cents SCHMJTT & HEINLY. Cleveland Made it Three Straight '".. From the Bridegrooms. Boston May' Yet Cut a Figure in the Race for Second Place. The Clcvcl:iiuls.l)!Klc farewell (o the .Bridegrooms yesterday, and they made tlioir farewell something to bo remembered by the Brooklynltes. It is the last lime .tii'i.s season tli.it . the two tbo State among Hie traveling men, anil thoy propose to remain so. The game will l.io n. hot on", and well worth see- in jr. Tim visitors will bo entertained by the members of Post F. at the Johnston hotel, and the boys of Logausport will endeavor to return the handsome treatment they wore accorded on the occasion of their recent visit to .Ft. Wayne. FRIENDLY RIVALRY. Two Popular Locomotive Engineers After the Columbia Wheel. $20.00 Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- We have the very best line of wool dress goods, lihem to appreciate them. You must see Are You Ooing to Spend Honey For a Fall or Winter Suit. If you are, don't fail to see our superb assortment of Stylish, Nobby and Up-to-Date. Garments. Our stock includes duplicates of all the styles shown by the latest merchant tailoring fashion plates at prices ranging from $3.oo*'t*p to $15.00 Remembtrour stock is entire y new, no old chestnuts. All we ask is your inspection, All our goods are marked iri plain figures and strictly one price. Plenty celery,—Rotherrnel. ; . New capes, new jackets, the very latest at the Trade Palace. . . :. •Miss Ella Dunham, who 1ms, been sick for somo time, is rapidly improv ; Ing. '• ; Five hook. Foster gloves, 73c; seven , hook, SOe. worth $1.50, today and oven: ing at the Trade Palace. . .. , W. ET. Thurstou has taken the position at John Baker's restaurant, form; erly filled by Will Radabaugh. Attend the kid glove sale at the Trade Palace today and evening. .Fos-j tor five hook gloves, 73e; seven .hook; SOc, Don't miss this sale. , .Don't forget the initial ball to be given by the Eastend Pleasure club, at Dolan & MeHale's hall on Monday' evening, Sept. 7, Labor Day. Good imislc and an enjoyable time promised to .all. ' • . i i tennis will set: together, and the We.st- ' eru club made it three straight wins. j Tal;i.n.;{. the last jrame by the score of 7 t,6 3. Today the club plays at Boston ! and Monday, Labor Day, all of-the eiiibs have two games ou. Monday ends the circuit East forthe Western clubs, and Wudnesday Cleveland plays :tt. home with. St. Louis. Cincinnati lost again yesterday and Baltimore j 1 took one from Chicago and tied another in six innings of play. Following are the scores of thn games played yesterday: , . ; 'AC Brooklyn—Cleveland 7, Brook;,' yl !, J ' , . „, . , T, ,,. ' die, and William Widgeon, of the Vau•• 'At- Bu t niore—Chicago 4, Baltimore i ' • , ,, , „„ ' . , . „. .* , 1 r, ,., daha, will be the contestants. The 0; (second game) Chicago 11, Bajti- . , . • „ , ,, ,. , i. ' > .,, *' „ , , „ . ' , , prize offered is a Columbia bicycle more 11. ( Called in the sixth, darkness.) .''• • j At New York—Cincinnati 5, New • '•York .15. ' ' : • i •At 'Philadelphia—Fittsbtirjr 3, Phila- One of the public institutions of the ! 1 city which.should receive the support j ' of all who are able to give the charity j is the St. Joseph hospital. -It is an in- : : stitution qf whicli the -citizens may i I well feel proud, and uphold with all j i that they are able to give. -The Sisters i of Mercy, who are In charge of th I hospital, will give their annual fail : at the rink, September 1C. to 22 inclu sive, and one of the attractions will be :L voting contest, in which two well known aod well-liked locomotive en giueers. Robert Green, of the Pauhan- W. D. CRAIG. 4 26 Broad way, Second Floor. (n conclusion we wish to state our furnishing and hat department embraces all the latest novelties and stylesi* Come to our store and examine our stock and if what we say in print is not proven we will relinquish all future hope of your favor or trade. THE GLOBE. Northeast Corner Fourth and Market Streets. .dolphin. 5. ' r ' •' At Boston—St. Louis 3, Boston 13.. ; At Washington—Louisville 3, Washington 17; (second game) Louisville fi, Washington 0. '-• ' STANDING OF THE'CLUBS, -••Clubs Won Lost Per Ct. Baltimore .77 Cincinnati' 70 Cleveland CO Boston C4 Chicago .,05 Pittsbiirg : 01 Philadelpbia ...'....I35 Model 40, the latest improved make, and was secured through Line W. Pil ling, the agent for the wheel iu this city. The Pope Mfg. Co.. makers of the wheel, when the object of the, gift OPERA HOUSE ORCHESTRA. -'I At Dolan's opera house during >V^waT/ngtoii' 40. coming season, music. .TCill be rendered ^is'tV-Louis ;. ,• 35 by Stelnh'art's orchestra, made up-of Louisville .-.•:.2!) 34 43 43 49 31 51. 59 61 00 GO 70 SO was explained to them, cut the price in ' two and donated their profit and good- j ly share of the cost of the wheel to the ; good cause. .The voting has already bo- .• gun. and the number of votes cast for ' each of the gentlemen named up to tlie ' opeuijig of the fair ou the ICth, will be 1 announced ou that date, and not until the close of the fair on the 22nd. -The friends of each contestant will "vote' rco ' early and often'' in their endeavor to V.J- ! land the prize. .452 ' .010 , .CIO .500 , .474 .473 .411 .307 .200 the following players: William Stelnbart, violin, leader i director, • ' .T. E. McMillen, piano. William Reed, clarionet. Jliu'k Miller, cornet. Victor E. Seiter, flute. Ted Miller, trombone. M. Fornoff, jr., bass violin. Charles Worstell, trap drum.- ' Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W. IT. Downs, i .-daughter. Children's Tarn O'Shanters from ISc npwards.—Trade Palace. Natural gas bills for the month of September are now due. Mlss-Ollie Bopp and Mr. A. Brent- Sidgor •••were the winners of the sixth prize in'-th'e- Cordova coffee contest. ' Natural'gns-tills for the month of September »TO now due and payable at:tKo Company's offlec on Pearl street,;, Fay your Natural gas bills before September 10th. Children's school dresses, sizes 4 to. 14.—flrade Palace. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J-. J, May', of the Wcstside, a son. • From all accounts Chamberlain's Cough Remedy "Is a Godsend to the afflicted, .^here is no advertisement about this'; we feel just like saying it, —The Democrat, Carrolton 7 , Ky. For sale-by B; F. Keesllng, druggist. MISS BARNES ABROAD. ..! Wlnamac Republican: Miss cieo Barnes as a rccltatlonlst proved to be a success in her 1 -entertainment at'the 'Christian efcurch FricTay evening.-She was deserving of a a'ueh""b s e'tter house than she had, but the time of advertis ; ing was entirely too short. If she concludes to return agafa In the course of .a few weeks we feel entirely, safe in assuring her a crowded: bouse." ; .• Cleveland is but three points behind .Cincinnati,in the race for second place, and is almost certain, to snatch the chance of playing the Baltimores in the Temple Cup series from the Porkopoll- tans. That is about all there is left to fight over now, and whilt • the figures are figuring, they don't want to forget Boston, as that club has license to wipe out the difference now . existing between themselves and tte leaders for second place. It's an even bet that Boston will finish third, and they may give Cleveland a very tight race for second monfcy.. IMPORTANT M.EETINQ. Railroad Hen'sSomid Honey Club Monday Night, t;, '•. The Railroad Men's Sound Money club will meet .at the rink _ Monday evening at S o'clock sharp, to attend to important business matters. Every member is urged to be present at this meeting,..as it is Important that , the matters under consideration be prompt ly attended to. By order of 4 • E. F. KEARNEY, Pros. FA.VILV Thursday night at the l^me or Mr. -iud Mre. C. II. Ferguson of the Westside, occurred a. most pleasant event In the form of a family reunion. The .visiting relatives were Mr. .Wm. Grant and daughter. Mrs. R. O. Perry and family ofWatscka, 111., and Mrs. Isaiah Wyand, another . daughter, of Wina- mae, Ind. A splendid supper was served, and a delightful time reported. WILL BE SETTLED. J. E: Grain of this city and Joseph Goodale of Peru are investigating the matter of the difficulty between Coil-, tractors Gibson and Redmond of the. city, and the Commissioners of. Fulton county, ns to the settlement of the pay- meat for the new Rochester court house. The. matter will be settled next Monday by this board of arbitration. If you want to enjoy, life, build up your nervous system, Lave .the best ap.- petite in town, in fact make a "ne.vv-. n;an" out of yourself,.take the Lorene Tobacco .Cure and be free of a verj; undesirable habit—See Adrain M. Tobias, sland View hotel, near Panhandle de- • )ot NINE CENT SALE •••TRAVELING MEN PI/AY BALL. :.-:,M- .' V:.' . ^^^^^ Team -From Post 'A., Ft. Wayne, to • 'Battle With tin; Boys of Post F. DEATH OF JOSEPH WOLF. The death of Joseph Wolt occurred yesterday morning at the. late-home iu: Clinton township. He had been ill for some time.--.He was one o'f the earliest of the early settlers of the county. He was respected, in.his neighborhood/and wherever he was known. The funeral will b'e announced tomorrow. < There will be a hot game of ball this afternoon-at the driving park. The traveling men of Ft. Wayne, wfco were iso badly defeated by the Wfceball team !o'f Post F./of Logansport, at Ft.Wayne •some weeks since, are anxious fop re- Avenge arid they will come down today Un a special coach, with several visi- itors-from the capital'of Allen county, •and -will endeavor to win back the lau- TclS'tney lost". On the other hand, the iboys of Post F.' are the champions of A NARROW ESCAPE, Yesterday afternoon as 'the train from Louisville .was backing* from the station to the shops an accident was narrowly averted at the Fifth street crossing. A wagon heavily loaded with brick, drawn by two heavy horses was-ou'the track just as' the.' train backed past the crossing. However. the driver noticed the tra-iu before he was too far on the track," turned the team aside, and DO one was Injured. • Respectfully invited—everybody— to participate-in'our last'day slaughter sale. Positively all goods must go by tonight, no matter what, they bring.—. Harry Frank's, farewell sale. •. : A Special Sale For Nine Cents. Who Ever Heard of a Nine Cent Special Sale. James- Grey was arrested last night on the charge of vagrancy. Well here it is; for one week we will sell choice of the following- well known '-shoe dressing, Whltemore Bros., GJlt Edge Oil Dressing, Button & Thuroston's Celebrated _ Raven Gloss, Restorff & Bettmann's Celebrated GJycerole, Alma and other celebrated shoe dressings all of which retail at 25 cents per bottle by all merchants. Choice of these celebrated dressings ONLY NINE CENTS. PILLING, THE SHOE MAN, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. Infallible Corn Salve worth 25 cents for 9 cents.—Pilling, . • - - -. White Clover, powder retail price 25 cents; reduced to 9 cents.—Pilling. ow is tbe 1 time to' supply yoursel^ with shoe'dressing at less than •whole-sale price.—Pilling, tbe shoe man, 412 Broadway.

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