Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1952
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS in for Dies irWii^v* '4fl unbf6kcn d««tt ^IrfUiv-i. WM*^ h«on," itJtMflUrt TUMdny to ehui|0, i, whJkh decided "" Up f»r fl«wr "Hew 4-ftuthor of « workman** Mttow net, «pan«or of Uw flr*t old «ffo pnnnlon plan, champion of «o> tint Hocurlty benefit* and the olghl- fwur wwk day, ilealh ciimo At Belhendfl Wov. nl iftupHnl 0* « remit of complloa- tloryi from a major opemlon lout June. llp.vntowd lha hnnpllitl lev* ei-fll i1«y» ago — and wn» mlou** jy 111 when ho won a M victory «t Ihc poll* Tuenday. A upeclnl election muni bo h»W k? nftine a tfueeniiwv. 8»l)»Ui unved pnnnle* m A i«w- mill helper (n Bohemia, now C*«oh- oiUwnkifl, to pity til* woy to Am«r- left, }|0 wwt (o work In Chlc««o ** n wMchlwy In a store, Boon li* toenrn* n jnlfUmftrti canhltr, book- and Inter enlcnM th« r«nl Mo took pride In hl« reputation tt a frlfthd of (he poor, a champion of tho unditrdoft. Jfa onpr0M«il HI* roll* of helping lh<* vnd^rpHviloffnd Ihlf wnyt "The «npr«Mi*d -~ lhoi«» ar« th« OHW who n««d It; the bi« fellow* — they don't mwd It," In 1911, ho married Mtti M»« Kuariti Tn«y had no children, Truman Not to Moke Any Big Decisions WA8WN0TQN, (UP) Pmldcnl Trilrriori Indicated lacing that ho will fir.l mnk« any moro major' decision* on the n»!lon"n chief ex- et'UUve, unlrmt (h«y are nbsolule- ly nocm nitty. If World *venU *hmild force n rnajor (/r«nldcnllnl doc in Ion before Jan. 20, indlciitlori* are that Mr, trtimn/i will not act without up- fircvttl of Prcililcnt-Klfct Dwlglit u, KUffihftwer. About two (WHIT* nft'T nrrlvlntt here »t I p, m, E8T yeatorrliiy, Mr, Truman'Invited RUenhowcr to ftn eurly White Huuie mvellnif to! Itiskc "*l«nr to nil Uic world thul thin nation In united In lt« tin for freedom ttnd prucc," Mr, Truman mild iiich a fllno Li fiecffMary to tho "orderly" cru»n«* cf udmlnlntnitlons utter the Jdn, 20 Inauguration of tho now republican president. Th« F'reitlrlent earlier hud Invited Klitenhower to send n rpprcgpnla- live to confer with Budgi.-t Dlrrc-. tot- Frederick J. I.awtoft on the' fhortl IPM biidfff-t which tnuBt go Ui conp.roiu by Jon. 18, Informed dourer* mid President probably will not send .v of unlwt mPHiagf' In th« new i .,j-PM, ns In cuHtomory, It Is. not required by liiw, ns 'is the an- i miiil tniditc-l, | 'l*h<JBcr source* nUo anld that Mr. Triimon probubly will lenv« thu! Mcml'Aitminl economic memin^- t«| conKrexfi for I'Jisi'Mhowi'r to bundle.) Mr, Truman pl<>dKerl hla support! to Kln«nhower ond wnrned thru the! rif'W pitdldenl will fnew "ftxlreme-i ly difficult problems, parllculorly! in tho fleld N of forclKn nffnlr*." I "Tho proper nolutlon of those l>rc>bk«rn» may detertnlnn whether wo Khull have, a third world war - urid, Indeed, whether we shall! Mirvlvtt us n fre<; und Democratic iiiilkm," Mr. Truniun xafd in n |i«at-clecton Htutoinent. Mr. Trumnri plnnned to stay elo«e to the Whltfi House for hl« reinnln- inn II we-ekn nt President, Aides Week ~ End Values at West Bros FRIDAY and SATURDAY ONLY *. ^ giN'snoz. BLUE JEANS front, Sizes 28 to 38, Special NOVEMBER CLEARANCE LADIES SHOES 100 pairs oxfords and loafers. Regular $5.95 values Reduced to $3.95 CLEARANCE MENS DRESS SHOES these dress shoes. $6.95 36 INCH OUTING is a real special buy at these low prices Stripe Solid Color 29c 35c CMBIR CLEARANCE On«sroup at this low 90Z. COWDEN OVERALLS These are in sizes 30 to 52 waist. Special only $3.29 ^isfiU '•IHi^ff NISHQfS Kiah toc^ CANNON SHEETS Theki ore 81x99, and classed as irregulars but hard to find any flows, Special $1.88 ea. MEN'S WINTER UNIONS THes* art 14 pound unions, Size to 46, Special Ohio Governor Gets 4th Term COLUMBUS. O. W Gov. Frnncls ,1. [,iiu.«che, lone Democratic survivor of n stntr.'-wide Republican »w«'Ci>, sported two Ohio election records today. He became tne first Ohio f[ov <r-'or to win n fourth tsrm nnd he -.ild it with a record plurality for that office With only a h.indful of the idiitc'a 11 877 polling plnccs incom p!(-tc idler Tuesday's record bnl IdllnK. l»JUKche paced Republican Charles A. Tnft, hrother of Sen Hol.-erl A.- Toft, by more than 422,- r,OP Sen. John W. Brickcr sc the previous record of 379,000 In the lfl-U nice for his third tent HP (jovrrnipi. Urlcker, 1944 vice presidential nomine''. won reelection Tuesday in what he termed his last ctirn- pni«n. Fly a margin of more than ;M:i,000 over Michael V. DISallc, President Truman's former price slnblltzer. Gen. Dwi|(ht D. Elsenhower had a 304,000 bulue over Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson of Illinois, the Democratic nominee. Iriirnnn carried the state by u 7,000-vote margin In 1948 and it writ Republican by 11,000 in 1944. Doubts That Continued from Pago One tury-old tradition of Democratic viewpoint. CorniTcnt by the South's political leaders on the election contained few outright suggestions of tho Bo- publican foothold developing into full-fk'dijod second party status. Florida Democratic National Commf'.kwmnn Hichard D. Barker Jouki'd i.pon the election as a "major operation" that was needed to remove- n cancerous growth from thr Ui-inocrntlc party." "That operation has been performed," he said, "and the patient lias four years In which to make a cuinplete recovery," Southern Democrats who supported the OOP candidate outright de- clr.red they had no intention of let- ling any Republicanism ri.b off on liicin during the next four years. Guv. Robert F. Kennon of Louisiana, who openly supported Eisenhower, said the Southerners had defected "temporarily" and would ,bi> ready to rejoin their party ns soon us a "true Jeffersonian" can didate appears. Kennon and Gov. Allan Shivers of Texas broke wi^h the administration's refusal to give those states title to their marginal oil lunds. Others objected to the administration's FEPC program and "spending." After feuding with Mr. Truman over "fair deal" matters, W'ey afterward accuswd Democratic Candidate Adlai E. Stevenson of lei'ing too much "Trumanism" rub off on him. "I think he will make a formidable candidate four years from now when he will be completely shed of the Truman sigma," said Guv. Hugh White of Mississippi, whose state went Democratic despite a party rift. Markets By The Associated Press Most grains moved a bit higher In early trading today, but soybeans lost ground. Wholesale meats are irregular but mostly steady to a. little higher. Hogs are mostly irregular and cattle steady to higher. Cotton futures opened 80 cents n bale lower to 15 cents higher. Today's commodity report, fur- Dished by the USDA: Hogs are selling steady to 25 cents higher and lower at Midwest markets. Most of the 180 to 280 pound butchers are bringing $10.75 to $17. 50 at the Missouri Hiver Markets with tops of $17.10 to $17.65. lt\ the east half of tlie corn belt 180 to 300 pounds aro bringing $17.90 to $18:50. Sows are steady to weak at one or two points but are generally steady to 25 cents higher. Choice lightweights have sold up to $17.50 at Chicago and East St. Louis but the bulk have been made under $17.23. Kentucky Vote Still in Doubt l.OU<SVlt,LE. Ky. Lfl — Will Dwight D. Eisenhower be the first Republican since Herbert Hoover to carty traditionally Democratic Kentucky in a presidential election? This was the most provocative question left unanswered today horn Tuesday's general election, u-ruch saw the state elect a Republican senator and retain six Demo- ci.»ts to two Republicans in the House of Representatives. It looked as it absentee hvMd thu answer to whether hower or Stevenson would U-e state. Returns from 4,011 of the state's 4,135 precincts gave: Stevenson, 484,036; Eisenhower. 432.506- The unaccounted for precincts, were ID territory apparently a tually divided between St«v< o--id Eisenhower. Jefferson County atan* had 4.000 absentee ballots. Tabulation ol ballots began today. ballots Eisen- cerry s*M that b* 4MB not pl*a to -fc hi> wwtaeahry wiol *- * **.*•*,, Thursday, November 6, 1952 Thursday, November 6, 1952 HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS savings you can count on i^l*J*m^Hr • DEL MONTE CLING No. 21/2 M^m • •in^lllHV SLICES Oft HALVES Can Mm * r ADM o ill n|l| DEL MONTE f ^l^^lmlv CREAM STYLE GOLDEN mm TOMATO JUICE,. 29* • VI^F% rivlf FLAKES No. Va Can AmmW fIIMA s? NA -N-v Oflc mire iAi I IIPlAA LIGHT No.% yW* Ilill •• CAMPBELL'S 13Vi-oz. Ill' • VllflMEAT Can AT JUI%t TOMATO CarilU TUNA SK^A 31' BEANS ssevi 10' SOCIETY Phonft 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. r.TY : ': dimitowri Gap. Pn for residence. Mrs. James rt. iStevon. haw reti .. this week ond Moor* and son, u-ncd to Benton Arts at Northwestern University. KvnnstiMi, tllinots. Births 9 J< ma Moore. Mr mid Mrs. Raymond Huctt otj r [Cdlendar November 7 TKfa Rose Garden Club will meet Friday afternoon at 3:30 at the many before an Improvised altar of huckleberry and white stock. Mlss Audrey Light provided u program of nuptial music. The brido chose a two-piece dress Conw;iv itnnounce the arrival of son oi\ November 4. The pater- Mrs. A. t:. Slusser will leave to-!ual Kumdmother, is Mrs. Mnry morrow for the General UDC Con! Bright of this city. vt-ntioii which convenes in Biloxi, | Mi*s. Mrs. Slusser will Rive a nu>-| Hospital Not6S 9 Hope Firms Join Eagle Stamp Plan j Nine progri ome; of Mrs. Harry Shiver, l!08; of wintcr wnlto - ue ng!iiine. fashion- fcftth Main, with Mrs. F. C. Crow; od wjth a colonln i st and-iip collar lanfl *Mr$. L. T. Lawrence as co- ;icccnted with ,-hinestones. Shu wore ihostefeses. AH members are urged, pink acccssol . les !IIK i pinned a tor- Ito be present No. 303 Cans sage of pink rosebuds at her should TUNA 31 Juicy, Tender, Flavorful SiipehRiht" Meats ALL PURPOSE SHORTENING...' 3&7fc Mllt> * MELLOW 1-lb. EIGHT O'CLOCK Pkg. DDE An JANE PARKER DKEHU ENRICHED large 2Q^ GRAHAMS CENTER CUT wm *.-»,»*« niv**u PORK CHOPS i. 61C «W«OXB«ACH LOIN END ' PORK ROAST ib COUNTRY STYLE PORK BACK BONES ib SMOkED — PIECE SLAB BACON ": d „ >| A. 49C 45c SMOKED RAfAII DAVVll NO. 1 SUCID BACON TAIL KORN SLICED ................... Ib. 49C BACON ;S:" 1GHT : ............................ Ib 55c GROUND BEEF ^ lb 494 "SUPER-RIGHT" FINE SMOKED HAMS Butt or Shank Portion Ib. CENTER SLICES ...... IB. 99* CHERRIES l/j-Gol. WORTHMORE 1-lb. CHOC.-COV'D Box 28< 294 49* Fall Harvest - Fruits • and Vegetables Jonathan Lbs. Seedless GRAPEFRUIT 2^ 15c y RAPES Emperor 2 Lbs 25C CELERY Pascal Stalk . 15c BEANS Kentucky Wonder Lb. 19c RADISHES Bunch 5c APPLES Delicious Lb. 19c Fresh CRANBERRIES Lb. 31c Red McClure's PQIATOES^S^aSc ANGEL fOOD RING JANE PARKER Reg. 59* LARGE SIZE Ea. JANE PARKER GOLDEN LOAF CAKE Each JANE PARKER . FRANK ROLLS 'r 49 29* 15 CRISCO 3 85 IVORY SNOW IVORY FLAKES X 27 IVORY 21* IVORYo. 2^15^ IVORY SOAP CAMAY tow 2 CAMAY OfAHS WITHOUT IINSIMO •Hp M| ^H WWi MMW- OXYDOL large Pkg. DUZ large Pkg. TIDE Large Pkg. DREFT Large Pkg. 2 CHEER large Pkg. JOY 7-01. Bottle P*G SOAP I.JCT 13* UVASOAP World .Community Day will be| Miss HlMcn Atklns . c()U sin of the fob^prvcd by the Council of United j b ,. ide ,, licl , najcl of i lonori was ; ,(. Church Women on Novombcr 7 in ltil . L . d in ., sU . Lll bUlc t .,ff ct n dress, the First Presbyterian Church, in-i fashioned with a fitted bodice and stead of Episcopal Church, at 3; u fu n s ^ irl Rhinestones accented p.m. Women are asked to bring; tllc fnml , lf lhl > bolero. She wore warm clothing for infants and child' jblacl - accessories and pinned at ran under six years of age. These hcr shoulder a corsage ol pink mi.rial to Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp , the Memorial service to be hold i in tlu- Church of the Redeemer In; j which President Jefferson Davis j I worshipped. i I f I Mr. and Mrs. Hobcrt Edwnrds of Shrevepni-t and Mr. and Mrs. C. W. f.dwartls and son of Fuyclte- ville were tho weekend silests of Mr. and Mrs. L.. H. Urrcy. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tiipp and son j of Porker City spent Sunday with j Mrs. Tapp's grandmother, Mrs. S. A. Burke. Sr. way to secure cxtrn snvlngs oniKoRlc Stnmp Corfipfitly of St. Lfttils iovervdoy puri-hanes. 'Kor rveryl«« «iwtituMon which for 49jrenrs : . ' . . . „ v .iJhns provided rctfttiers with the MO cents rash purohnso one W".«1'N Kng , b stnWjls SnvlnRS t*fmi. A : su\n\p is lss\i«-d, 3 stamps for ov- |gp) , c | n i fum i has been batfttillfthott i'i-,v 20 cent purchase, 5 stumps for j to take onto of the redfernptlotx S0c purchase, etc. A l-ook: value of every otttstnndlnu booklet . , f i of stamps. Those ninny ycnrs>they x Blvon to Mich shopper for .»| hnvc slnort b(u , u ot lh cir » Wgl , n L ,'ei\leiit place to paste then'; r ,, „ s 4 «-.. .. .. l»t». m t ...i li« i» ,*l.i i •*-*'' U ll •*. Stnmp* When filled. Knt . aflle -Stamps Aro Alwnyn Ooott Branch Admitted: Mst. . T.arry Lawrence, Hopi-, Msi. Sammy Strong, of Hope. nischarued: Mrs. W. P. O'Steen Hope, Rt. .3. Mrs. Mary Torbert, Hope. Korea Proud of Ike's ElecHon PUNSAN ri'im 1'n the Kanle Stamp Piv:nn savinr.s plan that ha« bcci istciu-o f(>r furlv uini' vo; illed. Knjt . j A . B rcdoniiMiblOi "Packets for Peace to 'the children in will be Korea. sent • Hope Country Club will hold "Open House" Friday night after the Hope—Magnolia football game Sat-', its members. Mr. and Mrs. JaTnes H. Jones and Judge and Mrs. James Pilkinton will be hosts Jand hostesses. Monday, November 10 The Business Women's Club of thb-First Baptist Church will meet Monday, November 10, at the church at 7:-15. Mrs. F. J. Burroughs will, 1 'be hostess. The Wesleyan Service Guild of the First Methodist Church will ' n^eet tvvilh Miss Clarice Cannon on McfHday, November 10. at 7:30 p. lit:' Mrs. Charles Taylor will be carnations. Charles Downs served his brother as best man. Immediately following the wedding, a small reception was held. After a short wedding trip the couple will be at home in Emmet, where Mr. Downs is employed. Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Louia Soutcr and son, Michael, of Springhill, La., nnd Mrs. Tom Vickers of Texarkana. Mrs. P. L. Perkins Hostess To Alpha Delta Chapter ! Mrs. Paul Klipsch spoke on "India" at a meeting of the Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society in the home of Mrs. P. L. Perkins on Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m. Miss Gwendolyn Dean was associate hostess. Emphasizing the need for th Mrs. I).".. Butler of Spring Hill w;is ihe Tuesday guest of Mrs. J. S. McDowell. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Vann of Texas City have been the guusts of Mrs. Aubrey Collier, Jr. College Notes Benjamin Carroll Hyatt is enrolled in the College of Liberal tiny mes scnhoxvei the entir his proje ail end i "Pleas Korke l.-Vi — South Ko- ident Synyman Hhcc to •^I'oi- S2.SO in merchandise or $2.2.1; '" ox - in cash ifood stores and service j Approximately t ,no etRhth of the ;n ; 11 " 1 stiMinns give only $2.25 m cash of; f,.,,i H ht rcvomtes of the, American ns , merchandise*. j railroads ts derived from bltumltv "'' It lakes a very short time ln' ous pon j | v nfflc, i fill an Kaglo Stamp booklet, when,.. _.. —... . i •x-iyou consider theFcost of living to-j or'day and the fact that for every j i.il dollar vou receive ton Kagloj aged President-elect El "we are delighted and nation is thrilled" ovel ti-d trip to Korea to seek i the war. West To Hope oili/cns this means ti'a savings on money spent everyday househnli'l and prrsn nei-ds. As these morehants poi|\t<'d ' Stamps, out i'\t-iyone today is U-uKini; I'or ; As one Hope retailer pointed a \\ ay to snve. now that living' out, "You pay no moro because co>ts ,11-0 at a record bi;;h and tin-: of Kagle Stamps. This Is nn nddi- family budget is strained Itional snvlliu we give our , custo- Kinphasi/.ing the simplieily of mers In appreciation of their eon- the plan an onthuniaslir ret.->ilc>r ! tinned patronage." pointed out this jasy. 'convenient ' Hack of Kngle Stumps is tho 1 Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? ThfliiMiut* nf rnunVvs «ii» wfnk, vroriMnil, 8t- ImuairO Milrty IH<I-III»« ln«U: InojiJ Ifon. hif ««» ("MM vlliniilii »i' I'rlnl nlMttHlnlUH*, Of SAVfj NHI\I:\ . UM minlnr si.Ill »>« i>nlu US' For Nil! Mam' imvliws "•<• numrjvMvlini "tai««mir* HIM. At all dru« stores everywhoru — in Hope, at Cox urug, HOPE 01 THE) i. THE mo NORTH <,„„• GRANGE IUS, €'• tt& _ associate hostess. Mrs. L. B. Too- 1 deveuTpmen't "of India's" natural re- !.__.. _. _____ ;_i ___ i _r^ijc>/-*C" ...:il l,^. ley, president (•uest speaker. of WSCS, will be Tuesday, November 11 Mrs. S. A. Poe, past president of. the State PTA. will speak on "United Nations" at the Arkansas Senior High School at Texarkana Tuesday, November 11, at 7:30 p.m. All PTA members are invited to'^tlend. ^Wednesday, November 12 TSio DeAnn Lilac Garden Club wijl-.meel November 12 in the club roorri at 2:30. Mrs. Carlton Snm- uajs as hostess and Mrs. Roy Bur- kd^a^'' co-hostess. Everyone is to bring something to sew. sources, Mrs. Klipsch discussect the- economic, industrial, agricultural, and social life of that country. The meeting opened with the reading of the Delta Kappa Gamma collect, followed by the song of the society. Mrs. H. L. Hanegan, president, was in charge of the business meeting. She announced that -the Delta Kappa Gamma breakfast will be in the ballroom of Hotel Marion, Little Rock, on Novembei 7 at 7:30 a.m., during the AKA Convention. The hostesses served a dosser plate to twelve members. DeAnn Lilnc Club will moot at-the home of Mrs. Trulia Coffee on Wednesday. November 12, ,at 2 p.m. Each member is to bring a Thanksgiving arrangement. Mrs. Co.r.lton -Samuels and Mrs. Jewel Burly; will be co-hostesses. K» -m'rss-Wilson Weds In Home Cererilony ^Inss June Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson of Hope, became the bride of Earl Davis Do)vns, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Downs of Bodcaw, in a ceremony performed at tlie home of the bride's parents Wednesday night, November 5, at G:30. The Reverend Claude Clark of- at the double ring cere- Coming and Going Mi-, and Mrs. L. R. Urrey hav returned from Little Rock wher Mrs. Urrcy visited her sister, Mrs W. B. Compton, while Mr. Urn attended the consistory and cek brated his 25th anniversary. Mr. .and Mr*. returned from John Clark hay* a visit with rela lives in Oklahoma City. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Groves an son, Mack, left Wednesday aftc noon for a few days visit wi friends in Siloam Springs. Mrs. James H. Moore and baby son, Steven, will join 1st Lt. James H. Moore who is stationed at In.. SAENGER • LAST TIMES TODAY •„ Fetatures at: 5:15 - 7:16 • 9:17 iss the West...aTrailofJerror! RIALTO * LAST DAY! FEATURES AT: 4:57-6:30-8:03-9:36 m NATIQH IWIACK News - Cartoon - Comedy FRIDAY & SATURDAY Double Feature Manhunt From the Air! W *r COMINGSOON! iW », ^ • ALL SEATS 50c t Pels Li»t Suspended • FRIDAY & SATURDAY • 2 -FEATURES -2 "Underground Spy" "BIU EUI0TT WESTERN" HEY KIDS! Be swre to Get "Branded" qt OWEN'S so you can ree Shpw gt th« morning . Mrs. Elscn snid. "Her presence will bi 1 :i vro;it honor ai\d oncowr iij'oniiMit to our suffering people and Iho U. N. forces fighting in th«; front line." A govornnu-nt spoV;esmon snid Kircnhowcr would be welcomed with possibly ll>o greatest reccp- '(.ion evor lield in Seoul. • ' i v; ' ~~~'t 3 Lb. Can 83c Tuna Fish Star Kist Can 28c JELLO o oo- «J Boxes £m*J\~ COCONUT 9 40z 97r BAKERS JL Pkgs. 1*1 C 8RM6 US YOUR COUPONS OXYDOL with coupon 1 Giant Package Large Packages 63c 45c WHEN YOU BUY $5.00 OTHER GROCERIES SUGAR 10 Pound Bag 85c PURE LARD Pound Carton 49c CHERRIES Red Sour Pitted r No. 2 For Pies *J Cans 95c BROWN BEAUTY Spanish Rice 1.5 Oz. Cans Pet and Carnation MILK 7 aST 95c MIRACLE WHIP SALAD DRESSING Quart 49c SPAM 12 Oz. Can 45c SCOT TISSUE 2 ROLLS 23c Salmon PINK 1 LB. TALL CAN 45c HUNTS Peaches 2 No. 303 CANS 31c ALL lOc PACKS BEANS Closing C-. Them Out Pack Jt KRAFT DINNER 2 ^m ^^^ f\Jf Boxes A. 7V. WHOLE SUN ORANGE JUICE 6 Oz. Cans 29c PRODUCE DEPT. RED TOKAY GRAPES JL Pounds ^DC CALIFORNIA CARROTS 2 Large OTT-. Pnrknnp^ ^^f L^ HEARTS CELERY Package ZVC GOLDEN YELLOW BANANAS JL Pounds 4.DC Home Grown Sweet POTATOES 3 - Pounds 25c MEAT DEPT. PICNIC HAMS Pound 34C FRANKS 1 Lb. Pkg. 47 C HOME GROWN FRYERS Pound DOC TALL KORN BACON Pound 48C SUN VALLEY ! OLEO 2 Pounds 4|C PRICES FOR FRIDAY 7th «nd SATURDAY 9th BBB Market KIDS How Would You Like to See This Western Film.. . 4 E OF SACRAMENTO FREE . .J, »jMt *«-*> . To Be Sh6wn AT THE RIALTO STARTING 10 A. M. SAt. N0V. I TO DO - GO THROU ( GltOWEN{S BRANDING C Each youngster will be "BRANDED" ,.. ..,. of the hand with harmless vegetable-dyfe will be shown for their admittance to 1 THEATRE:. A miniature pair of^LE^ also be given every yoCingster goipg OWEN'S BrandlngiChute, , .... 4 Agci 2 to 16 Yean May Bo Branded Mr. J. B. Irullor, represcnling the H. D. LEE Company will be in our store Friday and Saturday to explain the outstanding features of tho NEW LEE CHETOPA TWILL Garments. GET BRANDED FRIDAY, Nov. 7th betwe.n 10 A. M. and S:30»|; and SAT. MORNING Nov. 8th up until Show Ti In addition to being branded you will receive ,. FREE - Minature Lee Riders PRIZES NO OBLIGATION TO BUY-YOU NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN Come by and see the WprW'l l*arge*t Overalls, pnd enter the "Guessing Contest" . ., Guess the numbf r of inches of thread it tokes tp sew up this huge ment.., and receive the foffowJng prizes: 1st PRIZE: One matched Chetopa twill luit 2nd PRIZE; One pair Chetopa Twill Fonts 3rd PRIZE: One pair HE RIDER Jean* 4th PRIZE: One Chetopa Twill Shirt Prizes to be awarded 2:30 P. M. Saturday, . 8th, 1952. You need not be present to win.

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