Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 5, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1952
Page 14
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"s ' MOM ITAH, HdM, ARKANSAS ', Novumbef S, 5, HOP! §TA*, MOM, AtfA I'i^f'' J^^' g| ^^ ^ ^ta ^tt^ SSIFIED i'"MSitfmt i S '^ it -.i <tikuJ^A.U: **^~- -**' M * * ** ** ' "' STAR ma w m oftwnoon by lftMlt ItHMtr ForSoU AHY typ« nit gravel, Including pea ureveli mind, top noil, nrxl fill dirt. Call Je»«e Sinclair 7-MS9, O-M-lm GOOD u»ed 130 b»*» nccordlnn and Loti of rnunlc, 3 rnuulo *t«nd*, Damain. loai K. Second fit., Hope. plW»Y"i*iUANTsT"3fl «enl« 30-01 Khlpmonl of pot Beautiful Born,,lum)i In plant*, bloom. dloh In, flMortmtmt pottery for FLOWKH SHOP J8M South Kim, Phono 7-«2fl, 3-31 30.1 Onklmvcn, Colonial *tylt< home with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, fire- plncc. Under W,0(H), Cnll 7-3004. 4-Ot Mont» Store, A-Ol new llomlnuton 22 wutomntlc. Can t>« teen At Starkey'* Oulf Service vr Photic Ml Loit Fair Enough Copyright, 1M2 •y Ktng P«atUM* "yndloitt A Few Facts About the Razorbacks I OUT OF DOORS with A panning W« nnd civic credentials nt Inij Prank Sinatra* Fflv«- Kmortnn By CARL BELL I,JTT1<E ROCK prtrnrlot ____ ..... - , Th« .' ,!fhe u»«'infi'-«t team In the South-; Mountain nnd plnlns states. Some the rn * >rn M went Conference, n league in whlchiof the talon arc true, even allow- 700-V»rd WhlUUII By WARREN PAGE (Mooting Editor We hear a lot about long-range are! (hooting at «nmo in the Rocky ,i fcnv .,,*..«., ^un* Conference, n leHK'ie '" wnjvuyi" vnv ttuun mir uuu, vvcii oimv,- i Hi the f '« hl ">(),a t, oy1t Hi.,, to throw that bnlljlntr for exaggeration, but whoever and of "' M t nu,urtd I heard of 1-Janterners consistently ())IM -fhiil'it a t>>tnt of U2I tonne*, j whether he busts the buck in Maine (>f Rn av(M . n|(( , {) f 4511 per KBITIC.! Michigan, Pennsylvania, or any of ,._.. „ the Porker*! killing whitctoll deer out at 300 <i< lhc American pcopl" In Out ••'• (||(V<( t)!l9lic ^ \no times and their to 700 ynrdw? It'Ctlnn of u n»w prr»ld«nl in " m "i ( fl>) ^, mtw \ t \M t|m«». tnklriK advnn-i Usually tho fellow who talks of war and of emotional dUlurb\ ( , t(lp O j Arknn»B«' leaky nerlal dc-i about dropping a Virginia deer. Butt' «llw«IM«l ftlnrwul to violence. fp . . . . ty lhc pr<<»ld(>nl whom Barnard: Biiriicti de»crlbwl n» a rudo, i«n-; jj| fP| which rnnotn the Razor-Ithi* other stntes where whitelalls couth, Ignornnt m»n. ' li;»ck» nl Kfiyi'ltevlllc Hnturday, la! abound In the second growth — and I permit my»plf nonM- doubt tnni! M , cn(U , , n , jn( , ... lu Kamcll avcrnH .j wh(( b| . H( , s nbf)ul n . ti n nK hlm ul di-Hriui votera will l>(- porMiiuiO'i , llK 43 3 t i» Me ». Tlie Owls them-! 150 yards — Is doubling the actunl In vote for Adlnl SUwowm >y:, ;t ,i v ,. s I^HVI- thrown ir.0 times. yindnge between his rifle and the nmCHm.nl that thc-nc In-, _ (ki( , t . Rut some Kn ^ crn ultra . 1(mg . Intend t». A few yeary . So> ),.„ ( , u ,,,. reasonable to aR-j rn n«c stuff i« no kidding. mljtht hnvi! »nld finny mni.. M , m< . tho»« teams will be In the! The section of Pennsylvania a u«n, 1 mljtht hnv«! »nld inuy in«.: M , m< . tho»« teams will be In the| The section of Pennsylvania o«,Hh P tonlrary, thslr «md».-iicmenU|,,,,. most f)f „„. flU(!rn()(m nl Fay-! rolind Balelon Is cut by steepsidcd «m-ld to him hnrm, not jjo,«l. Uit, !fl , t . v||)o Bul , htlt doosn . t mmn , . i)most ( ,. ( m t _ MHr tlim-*. other• mornU nnd l«'-j,|, ( . gllme wt || be one of aerial j 1000 vttrds njrnnc ,,.„,„ rim lo < r ?*>-,. 1 . "77 ' m '""^"r; u." "I 01 ,"". i »'"*«'• I rim. The gully sides arc crisscross! f j. ".'i i»*lituiMnitiitH*il** DROWN Jcnthor billfold containing M2 find Wentlftcntion paper*. Call Southwell Wood Produoti. 29-01 OKEEN melMl tool box oonttilnlng radio looli, finder >-otum to Hope Star or Leonard Weitmoro- Jnnd, Rt, S, Preicott, and 4. it Servictfi Offored YICAHS of exporicnco In floor *«nd!n« ond fi)il»hln«. Dalo er«, 012 W. 7th. Phono 7-a»34. O-21-lm i)i>«."«" IX)CAL And long dUtnnco Hauling. Alflo local movinif. btm Dnnnie Hamilton or coll 7-3011, O-2!Mm For font 4 UOOM dupU'X apoi'tnicnt, unfiir- nlihiid. Front nnd buck cntnmct) und «Ui»*cd In front porch. One Block fi-om Mhool, 423 N, Elm Phono 7-840a, lifter 8 p.m. 7-231(1. 2!Mf 4 ROOM funiiahcd npnrtmont. ISlectrlc refrluvrnlar. Batlx and . Mi'K. .ItidKcm, 2^0 N, Kim, N l-lt I Kilt ctln« to n hunch thnt a dc-j vvhllo they've thrown rlitlvc den ont c*f our people, HJ stroln of Americnnd of nil degrees n f wealth, tho kind who in-e truly wlll bo iiiiury. They will think f to IrmuH them. Hunpectnlilllty Is not ncTj-ndii; lly HIIHIH. Mont of thoRc \viio liny It U »»y that bpciiune they reipectnblllty fit beyond tiH-m, lhc .,,, „,„, lhc Huxoi-buck. havoi " ' vation nnd s . Mt comp , etlon nv era«e« ? b1 " ° "" ^ ' Kittens Win But'B'Boys Are Swamped The Hope Bobkittcns came out in perfect condition and a 19 to victory over the Magnolia Panther.* juniors hist night fit Hammonds stadium. Hope scored first on a intercept-j ed pass on tho Miignolia 43 yard line. After a series of downs. Stove Mnrlar passed to end Henry Cox lor l!i yards and a score. Hope led at the end of the first quarter « to 0. The Kittens came right back in the second quarter, as they recovered a Magnolia fumble on the Panthers 26 yard line. Hoy Mullins scoied a few plays later on a 4 j yard plunge over center. Charles Downs crashed over g.tard for the extra point. Hope led at hnlftime 13 to 0. In the third quarter Magnolia blocked a Hope punt on the Bob- for correction shots and the'; kittens 40 yard line and two plays ... ,, i i , • finisher. Why? Because hi: scents 1 l!ltur Kp "ny Dalrympie went 38 more I'''!", i e |* / ? M T C l ''T; rOSS |no human! hears no human, a w\y»r** around end and a score, mo. <.!,.,, lwold ranroad ,, r:R | cs lmtl Iurn-| n<) ^.^ . )nd cannot .,^',,,.,-^i Jones kicked the extra point. ,. _.|the distant rifle boom with the im-i J " lhe fiaal Quarter the Bobkit- The Negro Community By Helen Turntr Phone 7-4474 Or bring item* to Mlu TttffWf •t Hicks Funeral Horn* ILONDII By Chick Yountf OtARKlKI «»«;« thnn nny other teams, the! , M .,. jnK roau - B that make excellent Bcthol AME church will observe Harvest Day Nov. 9, at 8 p.m. Music for the program will be furnished by the Yerger band. Mrs. Smith will (jive the principle ad- dross. The program is being sponsored by the class leaders. Mrs. E. L. Hicks. L. E. Powell. S. E. Wright, Mrs. Mary Chambeisl Mrs. Olcvia Wilson, Mrs. Fannie^ Alexander. Mrs. Josie Frierson >| and Harry Jones. A Halloween Carnival was given Friday night, in the Columbus high school auditorium. Sponsored by the PTA. 1 TOLD HIM HOW HARD IT WAS -r TO GET ALONG ON MY v-, SALARV- STRUGGLE TO <*?( MAKE BOTH ENDS MEET DID MDLJ ASK \( I SURE YOUR BOSS FDR 17 DID THAT RAISE, TODAV River Routes Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 3 Produces 1 Russian river Mr. and Mrs. Willie Davis had as dinner guest Sunday, the Rev. E. Butler. ,„ lhe contlirmct , Rlco hna c « )n .l " „„ ,v In the past 10i u ' ns '''•'covered a Panther fumble 'iyears long-range fanatics from one! 011 lncir own 23. yard line and from its cent. only 30,7 per cent of j whcll lherc .. Snow :inci Arkansas on 31).8 pert Men who know football best lonu have held that a team wilt lose lively open second growth timber in those valleyg leaves a moving animal visible to the naked eye, a dozing buck deer to good bin- Whmvono recalls the roMor of Mliy R(m)c )n which tnrco of ltfl who hove been) Jjj ,, r , lnlc rcepted, Arkansas j oe """' s or n sp< * Un * s f° nt thC White HUIIIO Since n . ndo doub , y gure ()f u by loU , nK r>»""> ci<u.s.imllv hunt,,of itx fllpH no astray in the I Dry Hollow camp have last only I;"] one wounded buck nnd have killed a couple of dozen — and what a bunch of brush-busters, shooting at running deer at close range, can boast as much? Distributed by NEA Service lftS.V the Communlats, the Hollywood nnd I'nrk Avenue trnRh, the rtlKhtclub riff-raff nnrl the notorious Texan AfcM game. The Porkers, by the way. have _ * i •»< »wi «»*..•«, tfj »*iv "**.r» uu v *,• old-Urn* bootleKHor*, of whom Ih,, lt | rnrre paH8e g intercepted than could name »evf-rnl, one must nd mlt that we hnve been "condl llonwl", nil the Harvartl Jargnnar- Inn* soy, to u utiuulnrd that 'would hnve been ropulnlvo In the time of Hoover, Collldge, Wilson and even Prt-KldMit flnrdin«. Mr. Hunting hud some disreputable personal friends, lo be sure. but hi* know they were below the clliinlty of hlH office nnd hud the ik-drncy lo simulate a virtue, though he hud it nnl, Thus, they Ihtjlr poker In u little green on I 1 , Q or strecl. And we were- »!iocki'<l and nngprcd when tho Neandttls exploded after Hard- mil died. Now nothing makes us sick. Mrs. wns n tiuiet woman who any other conference team (wison — 10 In seven tilts. Ihis Cne of tho reasons the U. of A. I turned to the pro league for a i head conch when conservative John Banihlll quit tutoring to become full-time athletic dhector in 1050 wine that the funs were yelling Those cross-gully hunters, all of them, are expert riflemen, rigged out wilh rifles of target weight (about 12 pounds) dolled up wttti target telescopes of from 10 to 20 power. They use high-speed magnums like the .300 Holland Si Holland, or hot wildcats like the .270- 4000 ' 7 nim ' Mashburn and the like. Bivinsls Plagued by Misfortune extreme flatness of bullet. PROVIDENCE, R. I. W - Jim- to trajectory, and plenty of wallop nt the delivery end. The rifles are carefully sighted in at 400 yards, and each rifleman for a hiph scoring team. The pros curries a little dope card number- lire known for their poinl-makihg. j '»K lne s 'R nt corrections needed Well, how has it punned out? In the 27 (James they've played under Olln DotiKlax, the Ro/or-1 steady the rifle. And they kill doer. for other ranges. The old crossed of the butfitlo hunter help UNFURNISHED ft room houats Modern. 208 11 lulv street. Phono 7-3174, 3-3i 3 HOOM furnifihud apnrlment with bath, 815 W, Oth, See Velma OOB», Dnd'R llnmburxcr Slond, ' 3 BKDHOOM hountj ut 810 W, Av«j, E. Phone 7-3803. 4 1'iieks have nvernged 15.57 points a Homo, in -Vi under the punt-nnd- liold Unrnhill style, they averaged 17.10. The Douglas defense hns yielded fled (rotr* rounders, volunteered noi t , n ; Wl .nixe ,,f 111.37 „ gnme, while opinion* on nffiilrs of i«Uito nnd] Ul ,. 8tylo of KUnn | in(! brousht to Kl.unnod n dubious dollar. And Mr.) Arkansas from, close-to-the-vest Tennessee by Bnrnhlll unve up only 13.04. Of course, no one can say how the material varied over tho two terms. But, at least, Porker followers fillll nrc looking for offense •— and, now. defense to go with-it. half n doxen bucks a year from one camp alone by this method. A buck hit but not killed doesn't run away. He stands around wait- i..y Bivins, Cleveland heavyweight, today was plagued by a double dose, of fistic misfortune. After Bivins learned he had bcc-ii suspended tjy lhe National Boxing Association lasft night he dropped a Jo-round decision lo Tommy Harrison of Lr.s Angeles. Harrison weighed 17U to Bivins' IBS and piled up his winning margin with an accurate left jab and fast footwork. Bivins' ban was announced in Mariar passed to Dale left end for T2. yards and a touchdown. The Hope "B" Team found de- Tivnton, N. J. by Abe J. Greene, the N. B. A. commissioner, who charged that the Cleveland battler frid failed to fulfill a contract to meet Billy Gilliam of East Orange, N. J. The ruling, however, was not made in time to interfere with Bivins' bout with Harrison. Harrison, who has served .sparring partner for new cham-' I?ion Rocky Marciano, had the latter'.s trainer, Charlie Goldman, presiding in his corner as he clicked off his 25th win in 28 professional starts. Bivins is scheduled to battle ex- cluunpion Ex/ard Charles in Chicago on Nov. 20. Greene said Bivins agreed to meet Gilliam in Newark, N. J., last June 17 and then asked for a postponement because of a back injury. Sinco then Bivins has beaten Coioy Wallace in New York, and Wcs Bascom in St. Louis. Funeral services for Mrs. Octavia Jefferson will be held Friday Nov. 7, at 2:30 p.m. at the First, Baptist Church in Washington. „-» < ' * t M_I T" u. e f A R A G O A T 0 % 5 9 A R 1 p B r*. M A N « A T R e f s M A 1 N A » y B C T & F» 1 SI f 6 It A f s U ft N R a & T O R V A 1 N B P 7 A •J *, . A N 1 * A G O 3 9 B R A T E 6 A C T O R ( O V E R O J A S t» A P b r R bt & & E S T 1 A e A I. e E T O M E A N 3 N f O 1C A L. A 1 C R E & T # XX N P e K. R •$• Switched Tackle Is Best Lineman \ NEW YORK (/Ft — A guar switched to tackle Bob Lcnzi ol Illinois — won the lineman of the week award today. Lenzini, a 198-pounder from Waukcgan, look top honors in the weekly Associated Press poll for his sterling defense work last Saturday as the IHini upset Michigan 22-13. feat at Magnolia last night as they were defeated by a score of; 36 to 6. AMERICA'S mother and child FAVORITE Has The Cxclutlvf Pure Orange Flavor ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN the Horrible Example of the Old Routine, so often cited by the dofenckM'H of the Now, was after nil but n toper at worst with n ^oclnl prufereneo for Urn boys in the bock room nnd u passing w<niknt?ii» for n bubo who told. HO ncvor took a nickel, his family the bnoKl!>'oiiiHl, Hi!en>in« to know InitlncUygiy- that U",' *•«» tu UDK tho White Mount* as i ROOM unturnlnhmt apnnment Prlvnto bath and xurngo, Cull 7-S104 nttcr 8:30 p.m. 4-3t 3 ROOM vmiuml«hed hovuw. IQD „ N, WunKtnglon. Phono 7-4805, to ao-iat \ room duplex upnrt- S-8t Phone Wanted u k'ucker-trnp for rich men tiblt< to blackmail, nnd the few individual* In the prosldcntliil set who cnfingcd in oxtrncurrlcvilnr irtiHchlct knew what door* nnd !>'.Hidi;!t were mndo for. Our siUindiirds are not us prim a> I hoy were and, In somu ways, that may be well tor us. That Is for us lo soy, Wo are tho Jury, So lot us connldiT tlu> evidence, Does H offend women of decent lUU'iicU'i' nnd oollto behavior or dous It ploasu them to Vienr the ar- 10 Lone Star SwiiiH slvlft, Cull 7-3773. l-3t J. 0. or Reni • ^ Bonnor, i j^ft 1SMF MAN w boy, minimum n«u 10 ytjni'u, fov neuurul work lu Mmtt- ttomery Wurd Catalog Office, Two hours pet dwy, »ix days per W<s«k. 70 ctimts uu hour, Klthor Work from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. ou from 3:30 to 3:30 p.m. AiK for Mv*. Coivtptou ut Montgomery 1-31 TENANT Immv in «ood condition Suitable tor moving. Call T. 8, McQuviU, 1-tJi KV^I-^W H»«lf*V»»K MtfeFraHVIl'MTtlt "•"* »«Wr«-)'lH-«MJr >.™W "> tificial thentvical and bin twnt voice notorius woman in Iruduce « cnndldnto for urvndunlV I* suclx an intruduvtlun iiorsunsive l Insulting? 1 have In mind tint prcsontntion »pt>«ch of Miss Tnlluluh Uaukhuud tt opeclncvUar Uroudwny fsKuro and Texas Meets Baylor in Top Contest By ED FITE DALLAS, Tex. (UPt - Tejjas. rldinn o victory wave thut niay carry it Into the Southwest Coiv fcronee ehamviion.ship and the Cot ton Bowl, meets Baylor this week in n resumption of a 51-year-old series that has spawned some tre- rocnclous ui'seta. The Texas-Baylor rivalry has teon pretty much one-sided as far an won-loss records RO. But it is iH-ver dull. The 1910 game ended when Irate Baylor players, who thought the officials were trying A winning team for power and mileage! 26 Spoken 27 Boy's nickname 30 Respect 32 Inferior race horse 34 Afternoon nap 35 Natural fats 36 Worm 37 Exclamations 39 River in Asia 40 Mast 41 Household god 42 Consent 45 Put forth again 49 Convents 51 Written form of Mistress fi2 Heavenly body 53 Salute 54 Turkish general 55 Diminutive suffix 56 Gaelic 57 satz, Yugoslav city on the Danube VERTICAL 1 Clubs .2 Western st- CARNIVAL 17 Bores 19 Musical 28 Sea bird 43 Proficient in instruments 29 Major or languages 23 Yawns Minor (suffix) 24 " 31 Russian 44 Underground Majesty" storehouses plant part 25 Egyptian 33 Book of maps 46 Goddess of goddess 38 Unpaid discord 26 Nebraska city balance 47 Press on the 40 French river 48 Brother of Missouri river 41 French city Jacob (Bib.) 27 Helmsman 42 Peak 50 Article n e 18 21 30 M jt n ti 51 "> Z K M3 J l\ IV 9 '^ Hu 3 i ^ 31 J7 ' n Zb SO ii 56 fi 0 H 36 « ^ %'// U 31 35 d 16 17 16 ^ il * 3 39 ^ 51 5H 51 0 Z6 M7 1 » 16 S By Dick Turner hvrolun, If Uu»t U word, of •cm »c«nd«U, *• Adlat btev«n- wo erf. hU of t h rt T(>xns , 0 , or(e , t prl . T , „ , ; . i for Vho Job of -cuitodUn of our, y , d , ^ l»v«. mir tortwnw and our sacred « honor, Now U " Wanted to Buy ii-rth^Jmlifelfcu us**- ' "W* ^Ofef -*n i if good rabbit do«, ' «t loc«l to Vlt 6u«lntft Opportunity A V MCK OWARANYKK WOO 1NVBSTMKNT «lv»» you yow,r own taclepend«nt bujinew !»'»** which no But Coach George Saner'; have shown no bat In or tech nlral «UI\SP, which phase la of in- U-rvsl only to other profusslonuls and to di>vati-««, and *ho flavints which contempt Jw th« old «taiuinrd» \wmen, «nd most ir«n in their decent hours, not only observe but demand of tther*. . us refer to her book, entitled {ivt behind, They have staged luto comebacks to win or Uc in four of tnolr six games. \ Thus there's the prospect toduy for such erout upsets in this es those of 1036, 19,17, and 1041, In 1930, Texas team rolled up an 18-0 leud and pulled out its b 1 o M raohy »'*«rv»a> 1£ - onyiw caugm me. Ana ''bv tilling »^ough too Texas regulars w«re " nuhe<l back ta - Ba y lw w *»<« to to "TulluUh" !*« teUs us U>»t ut<Ki tft Ihink It cutw to go | «"*«"», tw wsfttoe. I u> f« e upset. Hev«njiu, however, canie the ful- Texas had dropped game* atut Baylor was 1MB, and lor name touted as for the Rose Bowl. V»rd»" •t »U next d«y tor you. YOU mv»t and $900, by mi iron. 4|uw*n.t*». houif» il fi Jbw U\ w««kly tptrn Ume, Ml "ecmlvwod tny ft-lsuds by ewato* te slmpl* divine','' tri«\4 give hw lt Uk« "« ot ITu Mtuxehu," w*f|«4 hoin? to a LouOfla tlat, flun« on her w»« dUcovcml by »row« mar? pouy fe»t, ArkawMrt State StUl later, this character Adlat or tell* U* cwfumed "only « haudtul invites us to this w»* Uw IW»IM« ol her "sure b*t"i Its pictures! spread utl over a national j iua(%»iu« as the "invincible Longhorns" - Baylor deflated that bub-; with a f-T Ue. «'• men ot this nation? ' i Repartee »nd g«dety ar« not »b- by the deceul women who will vt>t« in this election. But will be won to a candidate by the ol a \vom«i\ wha vvrU«»*: 'TIS root for w»y politiciau. actur. s«e«nd fcss*m«u or bsnvk.- voblter who continues Ul«nt and '. I'd rather hote up wiU» a Juicy cvfu*» Ui»u « soar-faced ftry." TUis u»Um»les lo me that this thU>liu her candidate com- U-»i)U. Rut «re they «a codtarinf (airtnuU la * FROM THE VERY START and all the way, Esso Extra Gasoline delivers ready, steady power ... long mileage . . . smooth performance .. . clean-engine protection — all in one great "all- around" gasoline. Try a tankful today ... and find out why Esso Extra, is the biggest selling premium gasoline in the area served by Esso Dealers. MILE AFTER MILE, your engine runs smoothly, safely when Esso Extra Motor Oil is on the job." Now heavy duty. Esso Extra Motor Oil is engineered for endurance ... holds its lubricating body at high engine temperatures to keep oil consumption down . . • circulates fast to give moving engine parts instant protection... cleans as it lubricates. Helps check power-robbing deposits. Change to Esso Extra Motor Oil today... and enjoy the difference. T. M. R, e . u. S. PH. Oil. Copr. 1952 by NEA Ser.il.', Inc. "Not now, Elmo! This is the menu, not the check!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrnith Or « irac« I coacod* Mr to ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY (£SSO tltASI OHVi C4IHUUV THfllPI YOU 5 A V I M A Y IE YOU t ^,1 HE BPOKE DOWN ANP yj;|.l!j! 'i !• LIKE A BABY- ) ' IT WAS PITIFUL--HE HAfJ TO BORROW <( GET TH E MY HANDKERCHIEF ) f PAlSE ? ,.THEV6DT 4AMEO HA WHO.KIN H EYG PRUM AWAV.A-STANOIN O YUP, THEY BEEN A-BCATIN'EVUHBUOOY WITH LONG TOUCH* . DOWN TOSSES-AN NO WONDUH.n HE PPOMIS6DTO HAVt MY HANKERCHlEFr-/ -AN'NEX'WEErt, WE PI AY TM' KUSTLUHS By Mlehod O'Moll.v and BV j. R. William* OUT OUR WAY CaiBCTlONB TOMIAHT? WBU,MOW •7 UBTM&9BB COME IM AND STAND AROUKlt? AWHILE •THAT TElP SVA'3 A LOMO SIT. 1 MECK OUT POPt MB \VHIL6 W6 WERE BOTH ON tHft POI«CB ( 1 VVOULPN't 9Q TBLUNS S» THl(f 5 *rHS«B» ONUV ON* CAPE" Y65--THI9 10 CALUIHAM. VVBLU VtCV VA OUP WASH TUBES ORTEM THfiRE 1 * NO TO WT HINN,J6D IN TH 1 PICK-UP TRUCKi With Major Hooplo OUR BOARDING HOUSE AvJPF - 5PDTT - TT/i ' VOUK- ofz A BIG FLASH' VDU WERE m SPOTTER 6LECT60/ L AT E RETORNi6 A ^ . T Y^U -^ \ MATCH ! FROSiT 6 PHOTO tKAT WHOOSH ROolS AND HER BUDDIES i CO? PV CO»60V\VVfe IIV? BUGS BUNNY ISN'T THAT PROOF AAV WHICH ONH / NONE/ l& " " SHOW WENT A MOKNING, BE RIGHT f t —-^^IT FENPER By Hershbcrger FUNNY BUSINESS 7P& '• v -"^VA'*ff ALLEY OOP 00 MY LITTLE KITTEN' SOT CAUGHT BY THB ACCOUNTfr-D VRIBING OH NOWLOOKAULEY, I \OUVC i^D 6OME FANTASXOKAY, TIC EXPERIENCED, BUT / IT'G CRACKING RIDING AROUND WITH A WITCH ON A BROOM.,,. TSK./ THAT'S TOO MUCHllV ALL ABOUT , NIA S...K,, l«. T. M. »f«. U. $. far. Oil "After waiting four years to express his opinion, it just dawned on hir» he marked his ballot wrong when he voted I" CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HMM,,, WATCH HIM ^DIRMl ye^M YOPVp <3<?T '70METHIN& CW,AMAlZA/6lVECMT-l^ AB«?AK.;,.eou.y,lFI WERE AND THI^ APRIL pl^H OF THB , I'D AT L.£A£T WATCHING CHClS fC?WPM THBRB/ANMJ RATED SENIORS SAY, vou ooVr THINK A SEMSIBUE WOUU3 BM.U FOB AMY OP THIS JUNIOR STUFF POYA? Bar, June//xw CAKT/ , f i ' ifr " '"J*"".' ? .i*i^s: * V~ %S4Sr» :

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