Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 5, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1952
Page 13
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HOM STAt, HOM, ARKANSAS v Chtoflg fci ^trmtg bia Write nnd mornl w llv ~jl wo» felt that it of irtrpflt nd their niinv h«l, Indocttlna, l, THftl" merely >»U Ilffd ttlfl Confer. «»nornl4 Who den ih thfl^dologn'tei this tffitoi ?WltT"bi ttblu u l hard jtt 80 f thr m t 1 thf* Chiang PRESCOTT NEWS Nuvdwber I Th* WCTU wlH moot Thwudnr nt asSti In Ihe W. f«N»i«r M t y meeting. Sue Jon*» B»trotH»l Mud* Known Mr. and Wn, Itorncr Jrnie* of ttwcoit, make known th«» betrot- »fll 6f thnfr dflWBlUflr, V«d» Sue, * n wwwtry wnnei', SJnce I04« it ha* ptftnlffd 4« acre* of nine* (id one of folsck looiiiU, wMh thi? al.l of hl» father. Tho 4'fl'«r hai i0rv«f»t«!d (W ocrui of pine timber und Imtirovmi nUnil* on 02 acre*, the equivalent of 11,516. Ann Taylor, 17. Dr. Harold Haytiiond Pollock, «u»» Of Dr, and MM, A, A, Pollock of Oklahoma City. Ml«R Jons» r«onlv«d a fi, A, d« St6tl from Btftto T«"ach*r» In Conwuy and attended ;olo«y In Sctiool of Mfdle«l Tech Novada Youth* AtUndlng 4-H Oonflf*« In Uttlt R»ek ftophJo MtKrlvpy and Terrell Sic Cownfty <-H ch»mi»- Tyf«e, BIMIe Ann Taylor t>w«yn« HlWftrbfftnd, who will *U«n4 the National 4-H Con- m Chlea«o, Dccowber 14, flee «tl«H<tfn« the 7th unnuol 8la tit 4-H 0»h|tr«*ii ot the Hotel Mar loh In UttW Rock- The *roup waa «i'<JorrijJanted by Mrs. Madgn Bur- Horn* P«mon*lra«lon A|ent 16, of Mitchtll Urg« Full Cooptration i Chairman - Oemoorn Stephen A todny virked members of bin parly to foriet thnlr campaign <Jlfferenc«* and not on with tho loll of kcpplng Amerlon utrona nnd MUtheN'H statement won dollv •cd approximately. im hour nftn iV, Adim flteveimon, the Demo piniiJjIentlBl cmidldnle,n4< victory to d*n, Dwlgh Mitchell i»id (Stevenson had I* COrti* "H lander ot nnlUmnl ntnUir fend we shall hoar more from htm." lie laid Stevenson and 8cn. John prweldantln kept thei hit vice running mate, had and titlkfd g#mt> to th Anntrlcnn "Our cnndldntcs and tlila com w1lt«0»««» fttp on 1 know— nevfr struck a low blow In tho cam p«Jtrn," MUejiuU »ald. Ike Carries State of New York By JAMK8 DELVIN NEW YOKK Jackson Power Baffle Settled | NEWPORT (JTt -- A proposal to | place nil of Jackson County in n I ifriKlf Public Utility District was j tfjr-f.'tcd by ii m.ijorlly of around four to one HI y«?slprdny'» election. DwiRht D. Top Radio Programs| Truman's Home Listening to V ° fe$ f ° f WedneiJoy. November S, 19S2 ' then gave Mr. Truman 197 voles to 135 for Gov. Thomas E. Dewey. S, If Ait HOrt, AfcKANIAl NEW YOHK i.fl ni«ht: INDEPENDENCE. Mo. i^—Pre- NBC — 7;:«J Ureat C!iM<!rsleevc; i fcidont Truman's homo 8 Oi-oucho Mnrx; K-.20 flif; Slory. i hero gave Eisenhower 197 votes to CBS -•- 7 FBI in Peace and Wor; 124 for Ste\enson in the presiden- 7.30 Dr. Christian. ABC — 6:30 Lone Hanger: 7 Mys~ With 41 of thr county'. 40 boxes i,,,, Thf , !(lei .. 7:30 Life Ik-ins at . » - .1 •» /lift * . ,., I rt 1" *\ '!*•! l-L*\ r . *« XI -w« t *^ * f> * lub, rated tops In home manage nent, In »lx yuan n* « 4-H'er *he|^ 8 y" -.- :-.- rwigbsWM over j t , Democratic—-Liberal opposition I":.. | t irarry New York Stain and its 4fti ' . more than W»..i Tho proposed reported, 3,0(14 votes had boon cast to »3fi votr-s at/. tiiil election yesterday. That was almost sal of rhc 1948 vote. The prccincl Di-itrlct rn:t:itir«ii v«ni t ">y friMi «? VJHIH «»n/,- - • • , ..«„ rt i i t««4«t- W-O In m, almost complete tally.*"™ hwl f" ntro1 ", vot a " oloctrlc WC.T 111 the county. — 7 Musical Comedy; (1:03 'family Theater; 8:30 K.ugenie would B.'iird show. hod 36 dnmonslrtttfonfl, , JWWC.T 111 the county. ^ , Thursday: NBC — 10 a. m. Strike ....... Tho Hopubllcan PrfiSldonl.elpcfs! Tho light ogalnst It wns led byj It Rich. .018-10:30 n. m. Orand plflnfl menus, dhoplt for grocerl«»l p | Urfl | lt wag th(J 8r ,, n ( CSt E i nc(: ! Arkansas Power & Lijjhl Company,! Mam. . .ABC. •••-'.) a. m. My Story; doi»i cooking hotiRfihold clean nit for the family of four while lading part in »ehool and communi- y nffalm, Calvin Coolldge took the «tnte about onn million voted In 1024. tf war. mr.re than 13 times Inrtfor than Gov. Thornan E. Dcwoy's 81,-; whose facllltiM would have Ix-cn included In the district. | bu\ MI3S-n:30 a. m. Take A Nurn- « •»» * I '••*** I I \JI'/V i (. DM II IW» «.» , l-*^ VI *fj !J «/ f ( Wwtlyne Htld«rbrand of Nevada wo rnarKln OVf , r p rps |,| cm Truman County ha* already bcpn named - " n hybrid corn winner, Mr«. .Robert Maxwi-U han returned to her homo In Ti-xarkanu nftpr « vlfilt with her mother, Mm. W. 0. H«y«. Mr. and Mm, Qrln Kiln worth and Mr». 8«m T. White, Sr., have had an tholr Biiont*. Mm. Cleveland lilt of Little Rock and Mr. and Bam Mitt, Chris and John of Columbia, Mo. ThomoH accompanied by Will Gentry of Hope? attended th«.< funoml larvjeei for Edgar Flntch- tr Wodi In Little ttook Saturday, Mr. lind Mr». J, A. Cole wore, the Saturday evening guests of thtlr nan, William, nt Southern State Collfclfe, Ma«nolln, and auw the Ark. State VR Houthern State foot- l) fame, William accompanied them home and spent Sunday. four y»»ar« n«o. Wllh New York City complete.! and I'ttturnfl from 5,787 of 5,fl."i4: voting district.'), the tabu-' ! Dr. and Mrs. C, P, Arnold Jr. attondod the Ark, State vn Southern 9tnte gnme In Magnolia Saturday Mr, itrtd Mm. John Hubbard nnd Ir"! • Hubbard ware th« weokend MU««t8 of Kd Hubbard at Arkan- San A AM Colloflt', Montlcollo, und flttendi'd th* Homicoinlng day f*«- tlvutcfl. Mr, and Mr*, Don Pittmtm, Jr., niotored to Magnolia Saturday evening arid ««W the Ark, State— Jioulherr. Hlnto «am«. Hanvby, Jr., accompanied by Jim Thomas of Little Rock at- frmdiKl the Homecoming Day celo- taritlon nt Mcndrlx College, Conon Saturdtiy. LOU III AN A FOREST 'FlAK« ROtJOE, U. Wl - The ! UmldlJina foreHl f(i«* o\it ngnln ynnterguy, 'fanned by slowly lining winds expected to SO milCB an hovir early to* CommlMlon ed 189 (ire* burning over wore Ihim C.OW acres with the l«w»t 'tiro iwcoplng over UOO u«r«« In R«d JfMver. Parlfth 6v,nafl by to, County Innd MU» Ndnn EiiKle.of Texarknnn WQ» the wci'ktiul KVietit of her pur- chin, Mr, and Mrs. J. A, tiuulu. Slib (il*o WIIK the Saturday Koe«t of flk-ndM M Hcuilrtx ColU'Ki', Con- Way, for thi) Homecoming Dny ue- \lvltt«*. In tion wait: KUenhowir, V3I.875; Oov. A«l-j In! Steveruon, Demoeral-Hberiil.i 3.044,040; Vincent llallinan, Pro-| Mi'<'Siilv«s (12,407. i The totnl vote exceeded seven; million for a now record, ; Hlevennon was nominated byj Ni.-w York's Liberal party riis well; n« the D'jinocr.'it.H. i New York City, traditionally' Dumocrntlc nnd thr center of tho! nation's liberal movement, votodj for Stevomton but tho margin was, not lurKu enough to offsrH the up-j iilute • outpouring of Kisenhower voles, Evon in New York City, Elson- howi-r's Htrength surprised not only his opponents but his supporters. The New York Clly vole was; Stevonson 1,857,087; Elsenhower !,- 4M.413; Vincent Hulllnnn, Progres-i slvo, 57.8MH. Stt-venson won'.'835,8611' 01 his vottrx on the Liberal pnrty line of tin; voting mnchlnes. '. Elucnhowcr thus lost the glty by! .'I02.(^ votes to Stevenson. ' | newoy, In 194H. lost It by,4(10,257j to Truman who also hnd •'Llbornli burning. Trmmm's margin un- cUnibti'dly would have been hliihcr ••xcopt that mori 1 than 400,000 of the city's voters east Uielr ballots thnt year for Henry A, Wallace, the ProKreKstlve parly nominee. The 1948 N»v; York City vote wan: Truman 1.58U, 545; Dewey 1.108,2«a; Wallace 4^2,335. WANT LKSHt LUPFY BISCUITS THAT MELT IN YOUR MOUTH ? News Briefs MOUTA1N HOME, UP) — Tnstal- l.ition of parking meters In this village's business district was approved 375 to 133 In a .special election held Tuesday. JASVRR. Wl — One of 'Arknn- SIIH' two Republican stale ri'pre- se.ialive*. apparently lost u bid for MI»K Loyoo Stewart ot Little Roc* wits the woeeknd guest of hor mother, Mr*. Bob Stewnrt, nnd'attend ell the funeral services for her Mint, MM, Qeorgo Hunt, on Sat- rP-floctien In Tuesday's cloctlon. With 20 of Nowton County's 28 voting boxes reporting Rc,i. Charles Spradley trailed Democrat Ab Arbaugn 893 lo 448' ytrtts. OKLAHOMA CITY W) —Dallas A, Sims. Interr.nl Revenue' agent n charge of Arkansas and Okla- tomn activities slnco 1942,' is tho ow Inu-rnul Revomic D i s t r i ct omrnisBionpr for the N o rthwest. Jims' appointment Is effective Frilay. He will have offices tn Seattle, Wash. of giaour* HtWaetlon, M l*vto|b«4tt koad«4 V> » ._..&, it pl«M«fl Wm to Know he waj rtgHt in taking It. -folng me," ho . Wuntjy, addr«(Uitn« both ot ih I venturo that ^•Iwi you'l) «»o Uke what t«w going to ^ • "• ' tpot f6r wnonof but her eyes were steady, ... .. turned. "under other condition*! we _.lghl be ttkppy to consider It," he liilct, **but you go too far, Whlrtbr. thm Ul not « mattftr for force." "Mcunlnt th»t you won't?" '"ThAt'l the slso or it" "I think you will Or would you like it better reverted—Aati-ld to marry luwn, Kathleen to be my btuthing bride?" RkWls h«d controlled his anger up to «ow. But this put a strain on it mat wtt hard to bear, ( er the ona nor the oUwr," "Have you k»t your be one or the other," Whir* and his rage wan an •k. "You and every,40 well to get It your heada that I'm mas- "~ tever i think la beat ition la what will be you girl* would might find younelVea Mm, a stinging that drove the trow, hU face, then aent it Hooding baote ta «h* angwj-marJw, WWrter did not move, but hie eyea ^U^iwwiabir 1***." «*» prom- W to puah un too far," JACKSONVILLE. «l — W. E. Ken ton, Jr., n building contractor and newly elected president of the Chcmber of Commnrce, was oloct- mayor of Jacksonville in Tuesday's election. Kcuton polld 247 vots to 214 for J. E. Croft, Sr., and 187 for the present mayor, W. F, Cramer, ni ont" R*wUi naked, ' U nd out, ' CJome along Oac* Uw two paokeU w«re at dUt»no» of* h-om quiet tjaoh*at«r « iw of an UUand, h« mind, Whii-tert . k tcld WM lihaw, looking ruwu . wtuu ytt OMI g«t vtns with, *»mt M tht t W^ JPBlMP* -^4«ii {7j| MORRILTON, (ffi -•• Stevp Combs lost his second straight bid foi Conway County's scat in tho state House of Hvpresontatlvtt in Tuos duy's election when Domocrat Jim Burton piled up n 1737 to 1375 vote lend in 20 of tho county's 25 voting boxes. Combs was defeated in the summer Democratic p r i m a rles oy Hep. Ira Long, who later withdrew from the race because of his health. Combs, who had lost n court contest, over his defeat, qualified ns an independent candidate after the county Democratic committee nominated llruton in Long's pluee. MQRRILTON, (JH — M«arionj Rnmor, Democratic nominee forj Conway County clerk, appeared lo'luy to Ue on« of the few Arkansas Democrats facing defeat as a result 'of Tuesday's election. Mrs. Ruby Wear, who qualified us on Independent, had a 1743 to 1401 vot* margin over Rawer on tho basis of unofficial returns from 20 of the county's 35 voting boxes. LITTLE ROCK i* — The State Health Department said yesterday there were seven new polio cases in Arkansas last week. Bringing to MS tho number of cases for this year. Hoovtr Units Statonttnt NEW YORK <*~Former Pve*i-i dent Herbert Hoover issued a statement early today saying. "The Amertam people have ordered a change in the, administration of our government but the hour of victory for our c»use is no time for either recrimination or exulta lion." U« added: "Ttw problems before us are difficult than w«re even debated iu this tamp*ij{«. Th* majority of ow p*opl« »re giving their faith Ot soluttoa of our problems into Uw» Iwuuds of Gen. Eisenhower awj hi* Mends- } ««a sure the whole p»«y the » th.e gw»t PENNEY'; We're cleaning house for Santa! "" Coint in... Save! 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VAT-DYED! Dress Shirts • Whitel * Color*! • All First Quality! SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar observed by the Council of t)niled Church Women on November 7 in Wednesday, November 5 .The Jonn uain Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution State Gives Continued from Page One Amis Guthridge, Little Rock lawyer. Some returns in the presidential l-.ad been received from 74 of the state's 75 counties — Sharp was missing. Eisenhower led In the incomplete it urns from 16 of these 74 coun- tlie First Presbyterian Church. in-! ties although in some only a few stead of Episcopal Church, at had beer, reported, and ii p.m. Women an- nski-ci to brim;i othor the difference was very slight vote in Montgomery Coun 'will be hostess to ;i Silver Tea at j warm clothing for infants and child'.— one the home of the regent, Mrs. DicU I ron under six years of age. Tln.'si:|ty. Catkins, 404 East 14th, Wednesday) "Packets for Peace" will bo sent! Besides Montgomery these "Ike Nov. 6, from 3:30 to 5:30. Proceeds | to the children in Korea. I counties were Benton, Boone, Cnr Will be used for the restoration ot Old State House in Little Rock. Wednesday, The DcAnn Brookwood Brownie Troop No. 2j w jn m eet Nov will meet Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the homo of Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Jr., 508 West 16th. The Gardenia Garden Club will meet Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Frank Russell with Mrs. P. H. Webb and Mrs Jack Hogg as co-hostesses. November 12 Lilac Garden •mber 12 in tin Mrs. C'arlton Sain- I roll. Crawford, Fulton, Q« r land i Independence, Logan, Madison, Club Newton, Polk. Scarcy, Sebastian, i-lub-V.m Huron and Washington. Two minor parties on the Ari OUIM <* 1. *• • «'". 1,. I i>. v m inn, t.j..., > . « uels as hostess and Mrs. H<.y mn-|k->"sas ballot made a negligible party, whoso presidential candidate was Stuart ko as co-hostess. Everyone bring something to sew. is lo p Circle No. 3 of the Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Chris tian Church meets at the home of Mrs. T. B. Fenwick, Jr., Wednesday night, November 5, at 7:30. Paisley Brownie Troop under the leadership of Mrs. G. C. Cromer and Mrs. Martin Green will meet . Wednesday afternoon, November 5, immediately alter school at the Little House. Hostesses will be Dorothy Smith and Virginia Ann Horn- Thursday, November 6 Pat Cleburne Chapter of UDC i oiviny The Prohibition , » Council of United Church Women Changes Meeting Place World Community Day will be observed by the Council of United i Church Women on November 7i -l ° First Presbyterian Church j sl " instead of ll><-' Episcopal! as previously announced. Fields for They Are White Already ot ArcAdin, Calif., fot 107 votes. The Christian Nationalist p*rty. which wanted Gen. Douglas MacArthur to be president, got lW> The Eisenhower showing followed what perhaps tvas the most Vigorous campaign ever waged tot a Republican candidate In Arkansas. In the forefront, right alongside the regular Ropubllcnn org«nl*a lion, were the "Democrats for El- senhower," with Little Hock businessman Robert Roach as chair man. Verne Tindall, Stuttgart rlcj planter and a pre-conventlon El- senhower booster of long standing, was chairman of the Republican campaign. Elsenhower himself visited Arkansas — the first cundidatc of a major party to do so while actively campaigning. He spoke at MacArthur Park here on Sept. 3. Eisenhower got no help — as he did in a number of Southern .nates — from major Democratic officeholders. All openly supported Stevenson as did Gov.-Elect Fran- m the Church Women are asked to bring warm clothing for intants and children under six years of age. These •Packets for Peacn" will be sent to the children in Korea. Lou Demie Junior GA's Meets at Church which is taken -35. They' also sang the "Christ for the Whole World." Mrs. L. C. Cook led in prayer for God's leadership in our work and for the sick of the church. Committee reports and circle reports were heard after which a pot luck luncheon was held. Tho meeting was resumed at 1:15 for a Royal Service program. After announcements by the president, Mrs. Roy Smith Introduced the cis Cherry. Five Southern Continued from Page One Louisiana, four states, Alubama, Mississippi and South Carolina. The Lou Dcmio Junior GA's ofj Mul . tna Hail . s t on Circle with Mrs. First Baptist Church met Monday | F ,. ankli n Horton in charge. After the sinning of the hymn, "Love Divine," the program "Awakened Nigeria Learns of Love." afternoon for a business meeting, with twenty-two members and loin- visitors present. During the will meet Thursday afternoon, No vombcr 6, at 2:30 at the home o meeting the Mrs. J. M. Duffic with Mrs. GiisP'What Is the Cooperative which returned State* nights majorities. In rolling up the largest southern vote ever registered by a Republican made heavy inroads In practically all of the states he Jallou to carry 1 . latter part of the stewardship playlet, Pnl - Tollott, Haytics. Mrs. B. F. Goodlett. and j gram?" was presented. Th.- tol- lowing girls took part on the pro- Miss June vVilson gram: Announcer, Suzanne Som- Honored With Shower Club will mcrville, quiz master. Jacquo Wil- at linms, 1st quiz kid, Sue Ann Smith, Miss Alma Hannu as co-hostesses. will The Nanclina Garden meet Thursday, November 6, >7:30 p.m. in the home of Miss Clara Osborn, 8Uf> West 6th, with Mrs. Phinis Herring as co-hostess. presented by Mrs. Guntcr, Mrs. Wylie Robinson, Mrs. A. B. and Mrs. Sterling. Mr. nnd Mrs. Lester Brown hon 2nd quiz kid, Carol Coop. 3rd quizjored Miss June Wilson, bride-elect kid, Judy Beth Davis, 4th quiz of Karl Davis Downs, with a mis kid, Judy Lana Beth Davis, Thompson. Friday, November 7 The Rose Garden Club will meet j Friday afternoon at 3:30 at the' Mrs. P. J. Holt in Charge of WMS Meeting quiz of Karl Davis Downs, with a mis cellanoous shower at their homo at Spring Hill Tuesday night, No vember 4. I Artistic arrangements of chrys Named iy United Press The following senators were elected Tuesday, (X denotes Incumbent) California William F. Knowland, R. lX> Connecticut William A. Purtcll, R., (full term) Present Bush, R., (four years) Delaw»r« John J. Willlnms, R., (X) Florida Spessard L. Holland, D:, <X> Maine Frederick Payne, R., (elected In September) M«ry|»nd J. Glenn Beall, R. Mississippi John C. Stennls. D., (X) Nebraska Hugh Butler, R., CX» (full term) DwlRht Grlswold, R,, (two years) New Jersey H. Alexander Smith, R., (X) New York IrvinR M. Ivcs R., (X) North Dn K otii William Longer, R., (X) Rhode Island John O. Pastorc, D.. (X) Tennessee Albert Gore, D Texas Price Daniel, D. Utah Arthur V. Watklns. U (X) Vermont Ralph K. Flanders, R., (X) Virginia Harry F. Byrd, D., (X) West Virginia Harley M. Kllgore. D., (X) DOROTHY DIX Be//tt/es W/7es Work DEAR MISS DIX: Six years n«o; 1 really believed t had found someone who would make me completely happy, so we wore married shortly after. Since then, 1 have felt the love I had for him slowly leave me. I keep our homo neat, nnd our two smnll children spotless. 1 don't drink, smoke or have anything to do with other men. Supper Is on the table when he returns home from work. I do all n\y own house- nold chores without help. Hut my| husbnml says 1 don't do enough; thai many women raise children, able to return tho money to the old folks, they don't even invlto vis for n ride In the new enr or over for an evening of TV. II we mention the fact thnt we need the money, they get peeved nnd don't come to see us nl alt, C..D.M. Answer: The young folks nre most certainly obll«r»ted to pny bnek the loan—and with eompount Intorost— when they can afford so nv>n,v luxuries, They can never re. pny the love and devotion thnt went with the money, but they The WMS of tho First Baptist, iinthemums were placed at points home of Mrs Harry Shiver 308 i Church met at the church Monday, \ of vantage throughout the enter North Main with Mrs. F. C. Crow November 3. at 11 o'clock tor a|lainm« rooms. ..,.„, business meeting with tho prcsi-j The Ruests were received m tho dent. Mrs. P. J. Holt, in ciiargo. ! living room and seated in a largo and Mrs. L. T. Lawrence as co- hostesses. All members are urged to be present World Community Day be The meeting was opened with! circle with the honorce in the ccn- the watchword for 1052-53, "Liftller. Up Your Eyes and Look on the j Several games were played after _. - 'which Miss Wilson was led blind*SAENGER TODAY ond THURSDAY LOVE AND LIFE WERE CHEAP...WHEN QUANTRELL'S RAIDERS BLAZED A TRAIL OF TERROR ACROSS THE WEST! KENNEDY John IRELAND NEWS - CARTOON - COMEDY ended at a lace covered table holding many useful gifts. Alter the opening of the gifts, the guests were invited into the dining room where the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Howard Prichard and Mrs. Emma Turner, served cake and punch to approximately fifty. Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jones, Charles and Larry, of Blevins and Mrs. Tom Vickers of Texarkana. The outcome was a victory tor some old line Democrats, defea for others. Notable winners wen Gov. Allan Shivers ot Texas and his Democratic party organization which bolted to Elsenhower ovet the tidclands oil issue. On the setback side are Govs Robert Kennon ot Louisiana and James Byrnes of South Carolina Both also endorsed Eisenhower am urged tneir supporters to do likewise. In Virginia, Sen. Harry F. Byrd, a severe critic of the Truman Administration, repudiated Stevenson but did not say he would support Eisenhower, nor did he ui'(jo his mends to do so. The most unexpected result was in Oklahoma, which had not figured high in Republicans' pro-cleg tion predictions of their chanves in the South. Florid u, Texas. Virginia, Tennessee and Louisiana they saw some chance to win, but Okla Republicans in State Did Not Fare Well keep hintse and occupy Jobs, also. Well, 1 just wasn't built that way,! I'm tired out tit the end of the day, We are not, by the way, ii\ positive need of extra money. Ho claims t shouldn't expect to go to a movie oncu it week because 1 can see pictures on TV. When we do (jo somewhere, \\liich is very seldom, ho drinks until he becomes loud and unbearable. IK- cli'lms he is the breadwinner and it is his privilege, 1 feel so bored and depressed. Could you possibly jjivu me some helpwul MIIS. W. Answer: What you need is tc plonl your feet firmly on the ground and slop being pushed 'around. For six years you have apparently treated hubby liko a tin 1 god, Hiving in to his every whim, culerinu to every wish. Nuw you have ubout come to the. limit ot what you can give him, and inj desperation seek somothtnfS else 1 you cun do to appcasi; him. I think you an' not so concerned nboiil freedom for youvsclt, us you are •iboul satisfying your husband in every demand. His last request is downright unrousotuiblu ana mi- wise. should have the decency to roatbu. that Mom and Pop should be re paid. Keep tiHhi hold of your purno strings after this. Don't fall tor any mote i • * In hor leaftel tells of "Th» depicted byittrli'ltf fi«r<f fi copy, send J> 3-ccnt 8ti) addressed onv*lOpe-.tft caro of thlft ••••••^••••••^H^I^HM^^Hi^lHH mattes gH t your 4 Used Treadle Machines Reconditioned and guaranteed In first clds$ v W ,i- K i dition. Button hole attachments with each, Priced^ to sell. Easy terms and small down payment* Singer Sewing Center Phono 7-5840 108 S. Elm "Wo Deliver" CALL US OR COME IN LITTLE ROCK \l vote gathered by homa was not counted seriously. The size of the Texas vote caught some attention. Stevenson is with in 25,000 votes of Truman's 1948 vote there, and still is trailing bet: ter than '00,000 votes. Republicans and States Righter* together rolled up a total of onlj 388,000. 1 — The record the Republican ticket in Arkansas yesterday didn't help state and district GOP candidates a bit. They went down to defeat at the nnds of the Democrats according o lone-established custom. But in no instance there was an uncx- levted reverberation. Jeff Speck, the Republicans' de- eatcd candidate for governor, jlnmed his comparatively poor showing against Democrat Francis Cherry on ho "lack of co-opera,ion I've had from the Republican caders in Arkansas." He didn't say what leaders he meant. As a result, Speck resigned loony as a member of the GOP State Committee. FEATURES AT: 2:00 • 3:24 - 4:57 - 6:30 8:C3 - 9:36 RIALTO TODAY & TOMORROW ALL SEATS 50c — PASS LIST SUSPENDED Jeanette Hunker GA's Meets November 5 The Jeanette Hunker Junior r. A.'s of the First Baptist Church met Monday for work on Forward Steps with all members present and one new member. After their Forward Steps study the girls met with the Lou Demie G. A.'s for a Stewardship pro gram. Next Monday the girls will meel at 4:15 for a mission study anc a pot luck supper. 41-42 ONIY - * These are all first quality shirts, comfortably full cut of high count raerc$riz|^ broadcloth! They're styled with fused collars that stay neat all day long, never need starch. Choose white, blue, tip, green, grey. Sues 14 to 17, tTwIifcrtak «**«•» 1%. Coming and Going Miss Carolyn Barr and Miss Rita Fitzgerald of Chicago will leave New York via plane November 8 tor Borne. They will spend a month louring Italy, Spain, and France returning to New York December 0. Miss Barr is the daughter of Vlr. and Mrs. H. B. Barr. Dean Fred N. Briggs of the Col- nee of California. Davis. Calif.. A'ill arrive via plane Thursday even ng to spend the weekend wilh his mother, Mrs. J. K. Briggs, and sister, Mrs. W. L. Carter, and oh- or relatives. Continued from Page One Lawson of Little Rock, Ray mond Orr of Ft. Smith, Cecil S. Lynch of Pine Bluff, Glenn Wallace o Nashville, and Dan Portls of Le •panto. This first commission will dra\ lots to del ermine which ot it members serve twp t four, six eight and 10 years, respectively so that the staggered term arrange ment may become effective. Proposed amendment 41, the oil cc adopled yesterday, removes present constitutional reuircmci that counties must have a popula tion of at least 15,000 to be a lov.'ed to elect a County Clerk. In counties of lesser populatio the Circuit Clerk also serves as the County Clerk. Twenty-nine counties do not now have the reuired minimum population, nine of them having fallen below the 15,000-mark between 1940 and 195U. Lawyers say language of the amendment is such that It still will be necessary for the Lcgisla Miracle Holds False T Tight.. • loses sore gums. 1 NOW! Eat, talk, laugh as you please, Goodbye forever to Tooao, rooking, wobbly, uncomfortable plates. One There have been hints and more — at times ot friction between Speck and other Republican bja wheels. Some months a«o Speck was quoted as saying that If DwlRht D. Eisenhower was elected president — as the general was yesterday — he, Speck, would be "federal governor" of Arkansas. Tho state — Speck said later his words svcro "Republican governor" — ; drew reprimands from several Republican spokesmen. Speck, along with Verne Tindnll of Stuttgart and a few others, was an early battler for Eisenhower in Inn pro-national con vcntion days when the "Old Guard" faction of Should A Wife Work Outside The Home No mother o£ small children should bo forced lo work outside her home unless circumstances make it necessary. What dues youi husband 'expect you id do wilh the youngsters while you work to sal isfy his nerod? There are lew worn] re-liner lasts for months; quick, en who can do a thoroughly coit-| easy, absolutely Mile, scicnlious and competent joli ot raising children and keoplnjj air outside position. Yhose who are able lo do it arc Killed with exceptional lulgwt and organization ability; theirs, however, is not a home standard that everyone can follow or admire. Most mothers like you, after cooking and cleaning, nra often tired ut tho end ot a day caring for strenuous youngsters. You hove a whole-time Job to manage a, norm' and a family. What you haven't learned to mun- age is a husband! Stop being so tsisy-going and Insist on.your rights instead o£ crying over, their JOSH. And don't let your husband gc.1 away with the mtion that morel) because he earns a salary ho hub u right to drink loo much and act like u boor, Being assertive is difficult u rst, especially when you havu >ten too docile for so loni!, but i : the jnly way lo handle a mm Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs Marjorie Richardson, Hope, Miss Mary Nell Tolbert, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Ralph Brookshier, Houston, Texas, Mrs. Charlie McClendon, Lewisvillc, Roy Davis. Hope, Miss Mary Nell Tolbert, Hope. lure lo specifically authorize the additional clerks before they may be elected. The third proposed amendment, No. 43, which apparently was dc> feated, would have e m p o werec cities to levy up to one per cent o the assessed property valuation to industrial facilities for provide lease. At least two statewide industrial organizations opposed the measure. Act 242 has been the subject of fometimes bitter controversy for almost two years, but after the Arkansa Supreme Court lent month refused to keep It off yes- Arkansas Republicanism was all for Sen. Robert A. Taft as the party's presidcnllBl candidate In contrast to Elsenhower's vole in Arkansas yeslcrday — Ihc big- pest any GOP presidential candi date ever fiot in the state — Speck got 24,049 votes against 177,874 Cherry. Those were the figures when 1,371 of the state's 2,382 boxes hod made unofficial returns Speck, who made a v 1 g o r o u campaign, apparently was recal me 1950 when he polled some 50 000 votes against Gov. Sid McMath who then was seeking a seconc term. This year's try. again: Cherry, was Speck's second for th governorship. Cherry did not campaign in h own behalf, even before he wa stricken 111 several weeks ago. Speck, a Frenchman's Bayo merchant and plsnter, telephoned his congratulations to Cherry at tho letter's home at Joncsboro, ! Thero also were- Republican candidates this yeer for Lieutenant governor and attorney gen eral while other staUewido offices went to Democrats v.'lthout opposition. For lieutenant governor, 1,298 boxes gave Incumbent and fourth- term candidate Nathan G o r d a n 158.978 votes to 25,924 for Le q noids of Conway. Republican George W. Johnson s pig-headed as the one you havu iiblloly Just doesn't go over wilh hcse males. You certainly huvi urncd the right to manugo you wn homo, and to expect consider lion from your mute; you art; en itled to some pleasure outside th iom* and he should show duccn btnavloi when you arc out togeth r in public. Don't settle Cor less DEAR MISS DIX: Can you sa something about parents givln heir children a loan when in young people arc in a tight spot Sow lhal our children are we SNUG DENTURE CUSHIONS arc a triumph of science, a Mr new plastic re-lining that ends the annoyawte *r$,toL loose, badly filling falsa teeth. One re-lining, applied fiv* minutes, makes tho wobbliest plates stay firmly in place-* perfect comfort. Eat corn-on-the-oob, steaks, apples-talkMl ria you plcnse-plates "stay put," firmly, solidly. FawweUHpi ban-Basing fulling, clicking nnd wobbling.Soft,easy-to-cleaV Dentui-d Cushions are absolutely harmless to "gum* "-* - JYo Sore, Irritated Gums Easy,"fjt*i$$ii or Danger of Infection Done at lu " ~ Snug DentUCi sheets of a i plastic materiel which d« cnll acrylics. Simply' ; pl*wVj( these wonderful re-lto cleaned d»i)twe< (upPf* according to simplejiut package, and pwatol'1 practically a'njttftjaf 1 ' ing, ready to bit*, on i Sore, irritated gums are comforted nt once. No moro chafing of wobbly dentures* All tender areas are gently cushioned. Danger of infoc- ' tion from swollen, irritated gums is uvoidod. Comfort la so enjoyable, most folks wear their plates day and night and only remove them for cleaning. UsedWidelyby Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. T. E. Urrcy of Hope, Dewey Puttman, Hope, Mrs. E. L. Powell, Hope, Mrs. Coy L. Hutson, McCaskill, Mrs. O. A. Bright, Fulton, Mrs. M. D. Foley, Hope, Allen W. Martin, Hope. Discharged: Donna Taylor, Hope, Mrs. S. B. Smith, Hope, Mrs. Thomas Hays, Hope, Mrs. Dexter Alford and son, Jimmy Dale, Hope. . OfR€<H€T Axe SHAMt Acid Stomach After You Eat? TUMS Fast Relief Can't Be B«at/ terday's ballot little was heard of it. Appaiently both its sponsors and it£ enemies had, considered defeat of the measure a foregone conclusion, particularly since it'was opposed by Cherry. It was passed in the 1931 Legis lature with the blessing of Gov. Sid McMath, whose forces later backed the unsuccssful effort to prevent a vote on it. A court suit protested that the petitions which were filed for it referral to the general clectloi vote were so shot with fraud and ii regularities that they should b invalidated. Sponsors of the act said it woul< modernize and systemitize pur I chasing procedure*. O ppqnenU Of Greenwood picked up 27,174 votes tor attorney general against he ducressful Democratic candidate, Tom Gentry of Little Rock, who got 145,778, This count repre- bented },259 boxes. Republicans tried unsuccessfully for two district offices. Democratic Nominee H. A. Tucker beat Republic &n Roy Mitchell, 5.094 to 2.948. for 18th Pi*' trict prosi-cuttna attorney on tho ba?i» of returns from 63 of 61 boxes. The district comprises Garland an*' Montgomery Counties. Both men live in Hot Springs. Sen, Max Howell of Little Rock beat Republican William A- Cheek also ot Little Rock, 5,075 to 1,381 fur one of the three state senator ships from the 15th District, PIM-10RMS MAY BE * A FAMILY AFFAIR Kldgotlnu, no»o-plcUln« ond a tor- meriting rccUl Itch ur» often tBll. tiilc »lKn» of I'ln-Wocnm . . . unly p«ro«itc» thut m«(ll«ul cxpurtu nay lnfc«t one out ol euerv utrte P«f- •ant oxumlniid. Entira luinllluo n»y ka victim* and not know it. To gel rid of J'ln-Wormn, thuw »e>t» must not only bo killed, but killed In the la run Intwtliic whoru they llv« «nd tnultlnly./l'hiit's «• «ctfy what i*W» l'-W ubl«U do . . . »nd hcrc'» how they do It! Pirit-n »cl!intlftc coating cyr- r\u» tho tablets Into the bowel* Iw- fore th«y dinnolve. Then- J»yn»'ji modern. mcdl<:»lly-»pprov«4 ii- Krcdlunt gw« rlKht (v workr-ltiUt Plu-VVornw quickly and cully, Don't titka clmnten with this daniterouk, hl«hly contaglouii dltlon. At this ifrtt «l«n at Pin. 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Snug Denture Cushions re«w4«9 the plate so that there are W> «W|» W tw wo plates end gunw, Fflfld PWWW, cannot get underneath to Cftuse irritation and "dsnjiwe farw*-' Piate* re-Uned with Cushions can^be Pl«f bybrushingundee.ee Cushions are t«ateles|, and sanitary, ••- >, i Why put -"'- adheslves day when . .^ .., are so clean. and;c< (or months?' wu », Itlneri See GAS of the DAY •V»s Tb* act ha* been heid in abey l $» referral petitioof take* in Pulaski County only. Thi caunt was on return* (rom 27 o 97 boxes. In Pula*ki County Philip* B Boyer, (secretary ol the »tat« Be- publican commuter, wa* defeated U>t county a»*e8»or by loog-tJme Incumbtnt Brt»ce HuddJUsftoij. $ev- eral 'Republican candidate* tor Pu- ia«ki County reor*«i>»»ttvfi» and Liitie Rock aldermen sJ»o wer« OB Display no luck f jtftftrt

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