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The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Franklin, Pennsylvania
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Friday, December 29, 1967
Page 13
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Marvels of Musicians At Marlboro Festival B TV SCOUT BEST BET The Bell Telephone Ilonr presents one of its finest telecasts of the season in nnlv a musical achievement of able dramatization of the intense the students at the Marlboro (Vt.) renowned musicians as Pablo (called the guiding force behind ander Schneider and Jaime Laredo, spend their summer teach ing and playing at Marlboro. In hearsing a movement from Mozart's "Haffner Symphony." At times he stops conducting, basking in delight at the sounds. His concentration is so complete less, sometimes even holding it music is equally visual in the they rehearse their individual must for music lovers, and a definite plus for everyone. This date is also Casal's 91st birthday. 1011 (NBC). 7:30-8:30 (CBS) Robert Wilfce has a fair share of guest shots tonight, the first being a hairy Indian fighter, Gen. Baldwin, on The Wild Wild West. Having had some success slaughtering Indians and gaining a fat repu tation for it, the General's am bitions spiral. He can see a possible Presidential nomination, if he can keep his image hot. To do that he has to keep killing Indians, and just because they want peace is no reason why he should stop. Jeannine Riley is featured as his daughter. 7:30-8:30 (ABC) A tighter version of the film "Zebra in the Kitchen," makes this concluding sequence in the two part presentation on Off to See the Wizard, far better than last week's show. Jay North made the film when he was between his Dennis the Menace and Maya ages. He is a youngster with a pet lion which must be donated to a zoo when his family moves to the city. On a visit to his pet, the sad lad sees an opportunity to free him and does, along with several other inhabitants, causing a good: deal of chaos. Marty Milner.l Television FRANKLIN COAXIAL CABLE KEY Channel 2 KDKA Pittsburgh 2. Channel 3 WIIC Pittsburgh 11. Channel 4 WYTV Youngs-town 33. Channel 5 WKBN Youngs-town 27. Channel 6 WICU Erie 12. Channel 7-WTAE Pittsburgh 4. Channel 8 WNYP Jamestown, N.Y. 26. Channel 9 - WQLN Erie Educational 54. Channel 10-WJET Erie 24. Channel 11-WQED Pittsburgh Educational 13. Channel 12 WFMJ Youngs-town 21. Channel 13 WSEE Erie 35. OIL CITY CABLE KEY Channel 2 KDKA Pittsburgh Channel 2 Channel 3 WICU Erie Channel 12 Channel 4 - WTAE Pittsburgh Channel 4 Channel 5 WSEE Erie Channel 35 Channel 6 WQED Pittsburgh Educational Channel 13 and WIIC Pittsburgh Channel 11 Friday I P. M. 2 One Step Beyond 26-4-11-12-21-27-News, Sports, Weather 24-Movie, "Mark of the Renegade" 33 Mike Douglas 6:30 P. M. 2 12-21-27 News 4 Perry Mason 13 Spectrum Science 11-McHale's Navy 35 Iroquois Sport Show 26 Aquanauts 7 P. M. 2 News, Sports, Weather 11 News 12 Hotline News 21-Mister Ed 35 News 27 Rifleman 13 Whafs New 7:30 P. M. 2-33-27 Wild Wild West 11-12-21 Tarzan 13 Opinion: Washington 4-33-24 Off to See the Wizard 13 Washington News 26 FNAM, "Angel Face" 8:00 P.M. 13 Actors Company 8:30 P. M. 2-35-27 Gomer Pyle 1112-21 Star Trek 4-33-24 Hondo 9 P. M. 2-33-27 Movie, "Portrait of t Mobster" 9:30 P. M. 11-12-21 Accidental Family 4-33-24 Will Sonnett 26 The Merv Griffin Show II P. M. 4-24-30Judd "Casals at Marlboro." It is not some note, but it is a remark dedication of the masters and Festival. Each year such world Casals, pianist Rudolf Serkin the festival) and violinists Alex the opening Casals is shown re that the baton becomes meaning upside down. The fervor of their faces of Serkin and Schneider as chamber groups. The program is Joyce Meadows and Andy De vine are featured. PART TWO 7:30-8:30 (XBC) The "Crocp ing Giants" in the Tarzan title refers to some mountains which give that impression. A land baron plans to dynamite the mountains to build a dam, an engineering project that will spell the destruction of several native villages. When Tarzan gets into the picture to prevent the project, the engineering team supervisor (Robert Wilke again) tries to kill him. 8:30-9 (CBS) There's anoth er singing treat in store on Comer Pyle USMC. The plot is incidental, having to do with a special show for visiting brass and the special treatment Go mer gets as the show's star What is important is "The Desert Song" and "Song of the Vagabond," which Jim Nabors sings. 8:30-9:30 (ABC)-Jack Elam is a welcome addition to Ilondo, appearing as a sadistic Mexican bandit leading a group of ter rorists. It all starts in a simcle horse-trading mission during which Hondo loses his prized hat. He follows the thief, a Mex ican, and finds the man s wife who is just about to hava a baby. It seems her husband has been forced to steal by the ban- Programs 11-2M2 Bell Telephone 11 P. H. 26- 2-4-1M2-21-24-27-35 News 11:20 P. M. 4-Movie, "Golden Girl" 11:30 P. M. 35-The Late Show, "Port Afrique" 11-12.21 Johnny Carson 21 Joey Bishoo Show 2-Movie, "The Private War of Major Benson" 27 Movie, "A Star is Born" 26-Fright Night Theatre. "The Invisible Dr. Mabuse" Saturday 12 NOON 26- 2 News, Sports 4-24-33 Beatles 11-12-21 Top Cat 12:15 P. M. 2 Job Line 12:30 P. M. 2 SupermanAquaman 27- 35 Johnny Quest 2M2-Cool McCool 33-24 American Bandstand 4 Junior Bowling 26 Boy Scout Show 11 Joe Pyne Show 1 P. M. 27- 35 Lone Ranger 12 Garden and Farm 2 Road Runner 21 Sea Hunt 26 Underway for Peace 1:30 P. M. 2-27-35 Blue Gray Game 12 The Sun Bowl Game: Texas vs. Mississippi 21 Westerns 33 Davey and Goliath 26-WNYP's Education Forum 24 Pioneers 4 TBA 11 Come Alive 2 P. M. 13 The Place 26 Movie 21 Movie 4 33-24 Gator Bowl 2:30 P. M. 13 Folk Guitar 3 P. M. 13 Actors Company 11 G-E College Bowl 3:30 P. H. 27- Film Short 11 Studio Wrestling 4 P. M. 35 Tom and Jerry 26 Rough Riders 4:30 P. M. 13 R and D Review 35 Underdog 26 Tombstone Territory 21-11-12 East-West Shrine Game 2 Sports Contact 5 P. M. 35 Carol Burnett 33-24 Wide World of Sports 4 Championship Bowling 26 My Favorite Story 27 Cartoons 2 Movie, "China Clipper" 5:15 P. M. 27 Catholic Schools 5:31 P. M. 13 Film Feature 26 News swears to set I 9-11 (CBS) "Portrait of Mobster" on The Friday Night Movies is a good portrayal of the lawless prohibition era for film fans who like their action fast and furious and not lulled row plays Dutch Schultz and by factual distortions. Vic Mor R;?y Danton is the dapper "Legs" Diamond, both of whom are iar more paiataDie nere than they were in real life. The picture details their nse in the underworld from the days of their youth in the Bronx to the inevitable bullet-splatter ed end. Peter Breck and Leslie Parrish are co-starred in the 1961 release. 9-30-10 (ABC) It's Robert Wilke time again, this time as the sheriff and focal character on The Guns of Will Sonnett It begins with a bank robbery with Will getting himself gunned down when he tries to stop it Wilke as the lawmen sets out r,fter the gang all by himself and when Jeff rides out after him to help, he is not too casual ly told he isn't needed, and more so, not wanted. 10-11 (NBC) The Bell Tele phone Hour "Casals At Marl boro" (tonight's Best Bet). 10-11 (ABC) Vera Miles is the best thing in tonight's Judd For The Defense as sole wit ness to her husband's shooting and the prime suspect when the police call it murder. It begins with Judd trying to patch up an impending split in her mar riage. Charles Drake plays the husband whose sudden death changes Judd's status from marriage counselor to de'lnse attorney. His assignment is to Drove the aeatn accidental, u he can first prove it to him self. Claude Akins is featured as the D. A. and M argot Jane as the daughter. Two Local Sfudenis Viih Symphonetfe In Music Festival GROVE CITY Two Indi ana University of Pennsylva nia students rrom throve uty recently performed with the University Symphonette in the third annual contemporary Music Festival held at the uni versity. They are Paula Barron, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul ("Barron, Grove City RD 1, and Bonnie L. Moon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Essington B. Moon, Grove City RD 2. Miss Moon is a senior in the Biology Department and is a member of the Biology Club Miss Barron, a freshman in the Music Department, is a mem ber of the concert band. Biddy Basketball Is Planned Here GROVE CITY Announce ment of biddy basketball for boys from 9 through 12 years of age was made recently by the Grove City Optimist Club. Registration for the basket ball program will be held from 6 to 7:30 p. m. Jain. 4 at the Junior High School. A one dollar registration fee ill be charged. Greenville OKs Year's Budget; Down From 1967 GREENVILLE The local borough council has adopted its 19G8 operating budget. Finance committee chairman William Fitzmartin made the motion to approve the $601,738 budget which is $24,630 less than last year's figure. Taxes will remain the same. They include a 22-mill real estate levy, one-half per cent wage tax, $10 occupational privilege tax and a $5 per capita tax. BASHLINF MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Admitted Miss Tina Kelly, Boyers RD 1 Frank McWilliams, Grove City RD 4 .John Carl, Portersville RD 1 Mrs. Karen Brady, 166 W. Liberty St., Slippery Rock Mrs. Olive Breese, Grove City RD 2 Miss Vicki Meals, Clintonville James Dunbar, 502 Pershing St., Ellwood City John Williams, 25 Evergreen Drive, Greenville Craig Redmond, Mercer RD 5 Andrew Bocky, Mercer RD 6 Mrs. Helen Stillwagon, Har-risville RD 2 Mrs. Margaret Tebay, West Sunbury Miss Geraldine Gargasz, Mercer RD 6 Discharged Mrs. Cora Bollinger, Boyers Mrs. Margaret Frishcorn, Boyers RD 1 Births A daughter Thursday to Mr. ?nd Mrs. David C. Amos, Butler. A son today to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Daniels, West Sunbury RD 1. dit and Hondo things straight. Miss Belle McNeisn County Judge Appointment Is Announced MERCER Gov. Raymond P. Shafer Thursday officially appointed Sharon Attorney Al bert E. Acker to the judgeship in the Mercer County court of common pleas. The announcement was ex pected. Acker had been one of four candidates for the position, but had been reported as the choice as early as four weeks ago. He succeeds Judge Leo II. McKay, who resigned in the second year of his second ten-year term to become a judge-by-assignment under the supervision of the state chief justice. Acker wil be sworn in at special ceremonies at Mercer at 1:30 p.m. Monday and will serve as an appointee until Jan. 1, 1970. If he desires to con tinue as judge beyond that date he must stand for election in the 19C9 municipal elections, The new judge is 42 years old and joins Judge John Q. Stran ahan, who becomes president judge with the retirement of Judge McKay. Stranahan is 48 and McKay is 72. Acker is one of eight common pleas judges being appointed by the governor in seven different counties. However, he is the only one who will succeed a sit ting judge. The other seven fil posts recently created by the legislature. The new judge will receive an annual salary of $27,500. Presi dent Judge Stranahan will get $28,500. Acker was born in Sharon on July 25, 1925, to Dr. Kemp G Acker, a practicing dentist, and Leah Mitchell Acker, who died in his childbirth. His only brother, William M. Acker, practices law in Pitts burgh Acker was president of hi graduating class at Sharon High School in 1943 and enrolled at Allegheny College the same year. He was unable to compete his first semester there, being called to military service for World War II in September of 1943. He served in the infantry branch of the U. S. Army until April, 1946. He returned to Allegheny College and completed the equivalent of three years of college in one year, enrolling in Dickinson Law School in Sep tember, 1947. Acker attended Dickinson from 1947 to 1950 and was ad mitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in 1951. He was recalled to military service through the inactive re serves from February 1951 to June 1952 with the 43rd Infan try Division in Germany as an executive officer of a rifle com pany. Judge McKay, who was Ack ers preceptor, induced him to become a partner in the law firm of Brockway, McKay and Brockway in Sharon upon his second discharge. He remained with that firm, doing a majority of the trial work, until Novem ber of 1957 when the present law firm of Cusick, Madden, Joyce, Acker & McKay was formed. The McKay in this firm is the retiring judge's son, Donald. Acker is married to the for mer Helen Cartwright of Buf falo, N. Y. They reside at 656 Carley Ave., Sharon. They are we parents of five children: David, 14; Peter, 13: Mary Hol land, 12; Alan, 11, and Andrew, age 6. He is admitted to practice be fore the various courts of Mer cer County, the Pennsylvania Supreme and Superior Courts, tne Federal District Court for the Western District of Pennsyl vania, the United States for the District of Columbia, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and the Tax Court of the United States. Damage is Heavy In Auto Accidents On Area Highways GROVE CITY - Three recent accidents on county roads patrolled by State Police caused approximately $1,900 damage but no injuries. Frank Firster, 78, Stoneboro RD 2, and Raymond E. Joyce. 58, of 345 North Pitt St., Mercer, were involved in the first mishap that occurred on Rt. 62, a mile south of Stoneboro. Dam ages were estimated at $375. Cars driven by Michael David son, 24, Meadville, and Douglas Robinson, Erie, collided at Rt. 79 and 62, near Jackson Center. Police estimated damage at $250 to Davidson's coupe and $75 to Robinson's convertible. Brian David Guynn. 20, Jack son Center RD 2, escaped injury wnen his car skidded on ice on Rt. 173, a half-mile north of Sandy Lake, knocked down seven guard rails and sustained approximately $1,200 damage. Obituary ANTHONY SOMORA GROVE CITY Anthony So-mora, 52, a resident of Mercer RD 5 for the past 17 years and an employe of Cooper-Bessemer, died at 1:30 p. m. Thursday in the Grove City Hospital following a three-day illness. He was born in Pennsylvania cn Jan. 14, 1915, a son of Joseph and Mary Nelinanick Somora. Mr. Somora had been employed by Cooper-Bessemer for the past 22 years as a chipper in the foundry. Surviving are: two sisters, Mrs. George (Mary) Seelbaugh of Mercer and Mrs. William (Josie Rose) Sharon of U n i o n Lake, Mich., and two brothers, Joseph Somora of Detroit, Mich., and John Somora of Grove City. The family will receive friends from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m. Saturday at the H. Glenn Cunning ham and Sons Funeral Home Services will be held at 2 m Sunday in the funeral home with Dr. Gordon E. Boak, pas tor of the East Main United Presbyterian Church, officiating, Interment will be in Crestview Memorial Park. SAMUEL DUNWOODY GROVE CITY Samuel Dun- woodv. a former resident Grove City, died Monday after noon at St. Vincent's Hospital Erie, after suffering a heart at tack at his home in Fainiew Erie County. He was 57. Bern June 23, 1910, in County Monoghan, Ireland, he was son of Samuel and Eleanor Dun woodv. In 1940 he married Elizabeth Marsh, who survives Mr. Dunwoody moved to Fair-view from Grove City 13 years ago. He attended the University of Pittsburgh and was employed as technical representative of Eutectic Welding Alloys Corp of Flushing, Long Island, N. Y, He was a member and elder of Westminster United Presby terian Church, Erie, a past president of the Erie Hunt and Saddle Club, a member of the Kevstone Lodge 455, Free and Accepted Masons at Erie and the American Welding Society He was the author of a column in the Erie Times-News entitled "Horse Corner." Surviving, besides his widow, are a daughVr, Colleen Jane, a registered nurse and student at the University of Pittsburgh and a brother, Steward, and a sister. Mrs. Richard Graham both in Ireland. Memorial service were con ducted at the Westminster Unit ed Presbyterian Church, Erie with the Rev. Dr. Alexander Fleming, officiating. Burial was Thursday in Halcvon Hills Memorial Part Sherrard, W. Va. Funerals WESLEY DAVID WTLMER GROVE CITY Funeral serv ices were held at 1:30 p.m. to day in the Cunningham Funeral Home, Leesburg, for Wesley David Wimer. 59. of Mercer RD 5 who died at 8:45 p.m. Tuesday in the family resi dence. He had been ill for the past six months. The Rev. Dr. Paul E. Carson of the Bethany United Presby terian Church of Mercer offi ciated. Interment was made in the Findley Cemetery. Born in Liberty Twp., Mercer County, Jan. 19, 1908, he was son of Charles and Mary Thompson Wimer. On Dec. 24, 1939, he married Laura A. McCommons, who sur vives. Mr. Wimer had been employ ed as a mechanic at the Penn sylvania State Highway Depart ment garage, Mercer. Surviving, besides his widow, are three sons, Stanley of Mer cer; Robert of California, and Albert with the Army at Aber deen, Md.; two daughters, Mrs. Daniel (Laura) Hartman, Stone boro, and Olive Jean, at home; three sisters, Mrs. Howard (Bessie) Gross of Edinboro; Mrs. Zella Nelson, Grove City, and Mrs. Laura Morrow, Mer cer RD 6; a brother, Stanley of Volant and four grandchildren. Three sisters and two broth ers preceded him in death. HENRY A. WINKLEVOSS GROVE CITY Funeral serv ices were held at 2 p.m. Thurs day in the L. Trevor Sample Funeral Home, Greenville, for Henry August Winklevoss, 86, of Jackson Center, who died early Christmas morning in the Grove City Hospital, following an extended illness. The Rev. Charles Rowe, pas tor of the First Baptist Church officiated. Interment was made in Oak- wood Cemetery. Born on Oct. 5, 1881, at Or- angeville, O., he was the son of August and Minnie Weinland Winklevoss. He had been a lifetime resident of Jackson Center. He was married to the former Laura Day on Aug. 26, 1908. Mr. Wrinklevoss was a retired coal miner and farmer. Surviving in addition to his widow are seven sons, Howard Winklevoss of Mercer, Stan ley A. Winklevoss, Paul Winkle- Telephone 458-7879 Tract Maps Presented To County MERCER State Sen. James E. Willard and State Rep. Jchn E. Biair have presented warrantee tract maps of Mercer County to Recorder Stephen Lu-kacs and county commissioners. The maps, they said, will save Mercer Countians considerable trouble and time in their survey and real estate title searching activities. Willard and Blair said they had just received the maps from John K. Tabor, state secretary of Internal Affairs, under whose authority they were prepared. The maps represent one of the programs in the Department of Internal Affairs which Blair and Willard say "is being pushed and updated to bring its activities more in line with modern needs at all levels of government." They added, "With maps in the county seat, it will no longer be necessary for title searchers and surveyors to go to Harrisburg for information when they are searching land titles and boundaries back to the original land pat ents." The Department of Internal Affairs is speeding up the pro duction of such maps for all counties in Pennsylvania, and each county project involves a map for every township. Seventeen countii have been completed to date. Tabor said it will take several years to com plete all of the commonwealth's counties because the work is so time consuming. GROVE CITY HOSPITAL Admitted John Watkins, Alum Bank, Bedford County, Pa. LeRoy Gilmore, 416 Memorial Miss Sharon Parsnti, Clinton ville Miss Evelyn Crtchlow, Har risville RD 2 David Gilson, Grove City RD 1 Kenneth Westlake, 611 Spring George Fenechi, 528 Ellwood Ave., Ellwood City Mrs. Burdella Ramsey, 314 Jackson Miss Cheri Lee Baker, 213 College Mrs. Helen Black, 639 Miller Richard Baughman, Mercer RD 6 Scott Hovis, 121 Carlton Place, Media Miss Vicki Gosser, Grennville RD 4 Raymond Riddle, Grove City RD 1 Discharged William Horner, 126 Winfield Drive Michael Rhoades, 805 Tidball Mrs. Ronald Whetzel and son, Grove City RD 1 Emergencies Ronald L. Patton, 19, of 105 N. Broad St., was checked for possible injuries after the car he was driving was involved in a skidding accident on Route 8 near Harrisville. Bryan J. Kearney Jr. of 614 Lincoln Ave. received a head injury while sledding. He was treated and released. Edgar B. Cole Jr., 22, of 415 Stewart Ave. received lacera tions of the face and mouth when he lost control of his car on Route 79, three miles west of Grove City, at 5:30 p. m. Thurs day and struck an embankment, He was treated and released. Area Ambulance Service Given Zoning Code OK GREENVILLE An amend ment to the borough zoning code to permit the Greenville Area Ambulance Service to continue operating at 97 North Main St won approval at a recent special meeting of borough council. Solons voted five to two in favor of the amendment the exact vote necessary to provide the two-thirds majority necessary since a citizens' petition had been filed opposing the variance. oss and Carl Winklevoss, all of Jackson Center, Frederick Winklevoss of Port Hueneme, Calif., Donald Winklevoss of New Lebanon and Alfred Winklevoss of Painesvffle, O.; five daughters, Mrs. Elwin (Hazel) Poppleton of Sharon, Mrs. Robert (Helen) Filer of Grove City, Mrs. Pearl Perrine of Sandy Lake, Mrs. Clarence (Mabel) Counselman of Greenville and Mrs. Donald Rudolph of San Jose, Calif.; 32 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Friday, December 29, 1967 Women's Club to Mark 50th Year of Founding GROVE CITY The Grove City Women's Club is celebrating its golden year this year, the 50th anniversary of its founding. Mrs. Robert P. Wood serves as president. On Thursday, Jan. 4, at 2 p. m. at the Penn Grove Hotel, a program will be presented to honor the club and its sincere and capable efforts on behalf of the Grove City community during the past 50 years. "We Express Pride In Our Heritage" will be the theme for the meeting. A panel of speakers wil present addresses emphasizing the club's purpose for 50 years in the community whose slogan has been "Where Education and Industry Unite." Miss Esther Urey will speak for the public schools. Mrs. J. Stanley Harker will represent Grove City Col lege. John Bartholomew will speak for the Cooper-Bessemer Corp. and Samuel R. Hunter Miss Linda Hill Home for Holidays GROVE CITY Miss Linda Hill, a student at the New Castle Business College, has been spending her Christmas vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard lull. Grove City RD 2. A June graduate of Grove City High School, Linda is studying business administration at New Castle. Her classes will resume on Wednesday, Jan. 3. Fellowships Plan Special Programs GROVE CITY - Both Pioneer and Builders Youth Fellowships of the East Main United Pres byterian Church will have special Watch Night programs on Sunday. They will meet from 6:45 until 7:45 p.m. The Pioneers will meet under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stinson and Miss Ann Stinson, sponsors. The officers, Tom Barron, Betsy Boak, Gail Kiser and Reid Bonnig will participate. All former Builders who are home from college or from the service are invited to attend the Euilders program in the church parlor. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pa den will be in charge of the pro gram. Don Barron, Bonnie Boak, Linda Paden and Bob Penar, the officers, will par ticipate. Culprits Caught Stealing Bulbs GROVE CITY Borough po lice, while on a routine patrol, apprehended two persons at 12:50 a. m. today stealing out door Christmas bulbs from a tree on Tidball Avenue. Frank Ralph Lumley, 18, of 433 S. Broad St., was taken be fore Squire William Jackson where he posted a $200 bond for a hearing at a later date on a larceny charge. His 14-year-old companion was released in.the custody of his parents to await action by juv enile court. Youths to Assist In Worship At Broad St. UP GROVE CITY December 31 is Student Recognition Day throughout the United Presbyterian Church. Youths who are home for the holidays will be assisting in the worship service at 11 a.m. Sunday in the Broad Street United Presbyterian Church. James Bell Jr., senior student at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, will lead in the morning prayer, and teach the Adult Church School Class during the Sunday School hour. Miss Carol Annabel, sophomore at Indiana University, will have the call to worship. William McKay Jr., junior at Allegheny College, will lead the litany for world peace Miss Genette Forker, freshman at Slippery Rock College, will lead the responsive readings. The Rev. Robert L. Veon, pas tor, will speak on "Carrying Your Life Over the Threshold." Elders will be ordained in eluding Joseph Alberth, Ray mond G. Boyer, Clair V. Keough, James E. Longnecker, Mrs. P. L. Shelley, Mrs. R. P, Smith and William S. Whitten. Twins are Born To David Bensons GROVE CITY Announce ments have been received of the birth of twins, a boy and a girl, to Mr. and Mrs. David S. Ben son of Buffalo, N. Y.f on De cember 16. This is the second set of twins for the Bensons, who also have two other children. Mr. Benson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Benson, 521 Woodland I Ave. THE NEWS-HERALD 13 will represent the farming community. Special music will be presented under the direction of Mrs. Truman Lawrence. All the past presidents of the club have received special invitations to attend. Mrs. Creig Hoyt will give the invocation. Mrs. Thomas Ryall and Miss Ethel Offutt are receptionists. Mrs. A. J. Schell and Mrs. Joseph Penman Sr. head the Hospitality Committee and are arranging table decorations in keeping with the history of the club's service to the community. They will be assisted by Mrs. Henry Pety, Mrs. Ronald Hay, Mrs. Floyd McClymonds, Mrs. Ralph Stowe, Miss Mary Has-sell, Mrs. Ross Sams, Mrs. Harold Hulbert and Mrs. Thomas E. Eagan. All members of the club are urged to attend this important meeting. Coffee Cup Corner Miss Mary Kay McKnight, State Street, is in Enon, Ohio, today attending the wedding of Miss Nancy Carr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Carr, and Robert Mann. The Carrs are former Grove City residents. Mrs. Charles Cornelius has returned to her home on Miller Avenue, after spending the Christmas holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cornelius Jr. and son, Joe, in East Liverpool, Ohio, and Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. David McCarl in Cochran-ton. Mrs. Alfred Burlbaugh was the guest speaker at the Christmas meeting of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Slippery Rock Methodist Church recently. Mrs. Burlbaugh spoke on the emerging identity of African nations and displayed handcrafted articles she had brought back from the Congo, where she and her husband served in the mission field. Mrs. Marjorie Hoffman, a resident of the Ashcom Convalescent and Rest Home, Sharon, spent Christmas with her daughter, Miss Louise Hoffman, Park Street. Robert McDougall, son of Mr. and Mrs. John McDougalL Grove City RD 1, a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, is listed on the dean's list for the fall quarter. He is majoring in industrial management, and is spending the Christmas holidays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joel fcarckr and children, Susan and Sammy, of Greencastle, Ind.. have concluded a brief vacation xvi'.h local relatives. Dr. and Mrs. William Runk are in San Francisco, visiting with their son, William Runk. Miss Jane Ramsey and Miss Lcuise Park spent last weekend with relatives in Karns City. Lee Pearce, a student at West Virginia Wesleyan College, was the holiday guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Pearce, Su perior Street. Silent Communion To be Observed GROVE CITY - Silent Com munion will be observed at Grace Methodist Church on New Year's Eve from 10 p.m. unui mionignt. The elements have been pre pared and consecrated. Communicants may come and go as they please. The Rev. H. Clair Heitzenrat- er and the Rev. William Walker will conduct the service. Every one is cordially invited to attend this special sen-ice. There will be no evening worship service at the church this Sunday. Recognition Day Set for Students GROVE CITY - Grace Meth- odist Church will observe Stu dent Recognition Day on Sunday, Dec. 31. This service is held in honor of all students of the Methodist Church throughout the world. Many of the college students from Grace Church will help lead the service. The Rev. William Walker has chosen for his sermon subject, "Uiauenging Today's Students." which is developed around the theme of student response to the 20th century's call for ex cellence. Earliest important m a d s showed the coast lines of the Aegean Sea and were used by tne week sailors.

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