Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 5, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 5, 1952
Page 7
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i^fPW,; ^, r , • MOM STA*, HOM, ARKANSAS Itrnig bid for and llv ft Wn» folt thui At' of pxpnttt- hid tholr rvtim- *, tnrtofiHfha Jwnw, merely 'felto? K«tlS« they , r Jbtobir nom« Chin*** It in Conrtr the , thl» effect liert »Wr.U,'o hftrd •to • nw*t« itetiofilnii He t von nlB itt ' think CJtlah« mi tht |h Utti PRESCOTT NEWS Thundsy, Nov*mb*f 0 th» WCW wflt m«et t 2:80 In th« j, W, TP«IW for thr trt tua Jonet fl*iroth»i Mad* Known Mr. and Mm. Morncjs f»f »» n tttfMlty wlntier, Slncft h«. hn» p!»rit«l W acre* erf plne» •ltd w»» Of black Incunta, wHh the ol,l nt W* father. The 4-tl'cr ha* f.nrvw/itcd W) acrft* (it pine timber »r>;l Improved at«nd» on 02 acre*. nt $l,SI9. 17, ttodland th<? BHHe Ann Taylor, t»ro»co(t, malto known the bnlrot- tdl of tholr duughtor, Vndn Sue, o Dr, Hurold Rhyrtiond Pollock, nun of Dr. end Mr*. A. A. Pollock of Oklahoma City. MU« JonW ft B. A. d«grot from A»-k»in»»* BUl« T*»ch*r» CoUcgn In Conway nnd attended Ildj-Jor 8ch0ol of Mcdlcil T«ch« In Dalian, Nevada Y«uth§ Attifldlno 4>H Con(ir«M In tlttl* Bophlc McKf Ivcy mid terrell Biff' thr*ft *t«te winner*, Taylor »«d Bwsjuw HtMarbrnnd, who will triw «tt«n4 the Nation* 1 . 4>H Con- fw»i in Chtcino, Dfoemtaftr 1-4, Bra AtHMtdtnk (he 7th nnnual 8ta> * 4.H CterijtrM* »»t the Mot«i Mw Km tn Little fteek, Tho group wn* by Mm, Mudgd , Jlortifl pomontlratinn Agent, )0. of UrgM l - »«mocr»t N«tloA»l Chairman Stephen A. Mitehfcll todny ur«««l mernbflr* of Hi* p»rty to forget thtair campaign dlWerdno«ii .nnd Ret on with tho Job of keeping Amorloa utrona and utatement WOH dellv- flpproxlmntely.ari hour uftor MM «lrven»on, the Demo- ile predldcntlftt candidate, had victory to O*n, Dwl«ht Mitchell §n Id Stpvehton hnd b« CQ/he "a leader of national ntntvire And w» Bhttll hear mar« fron hum." Jle tatd Sl*v«n«on and Son. John Bp^rkmun, hl» vlc« prontdantla running mute, had " kept thoh and tnlkrd ien|» to tho American "Our candidates and thin com m1tt«t—•«» fnr ns I struck a low blow In the cnm puljn," MitohvU nuUI. LOUHI/SNA PORK8T >IMKS 2lub, rntsd top* In home mnnage- ncnt. In six year» n» » 4-H'cr »he hos had :W dornonitrntlond. She pjnn* menu*, /ihap» for arocftrlen doc* cooklntf and hounihold clean tor th* family of four while part In achool and cnmmiml- .y affairs. Dwiyno HIJderbrand of Nevada County he* already been named iit, n hybrid com w/!nner. Mra. .Robert Maxwell has returned to her home In Texarkanu after with her mother, Mr«. W. 0. H«y«. Ike Carries State of New York Jackson Power Bottle Settled JTKWPORT i*l — A proposal t,>j night: Top Radio Programs NEW YORK 1.0 — Listening to- nil of Jackson County in z Public Utility District was by a majority r,( around NBC Truman's Home Votes for Ike Wednesday, November then gave Mr. Truman 197 votes to 135 for Gov. Thomas E. uewey. , NoVember 5, 19S2 MOM If A** BOH, ARKANSAS 8 Groucho Marx; il:30 INDEPENDENCE, Mo. Great GilfJorsleeve; i sklent Truman's home precinct four In fine »l yesterday's election. With 41 of the county's •){) boxes l t/ , jrporte'l, 3,084 votes had born cast! n, rnn rmj«h»hm.l "vcr. Klljnsl (he ,, m ,, 0!(a | („ 930 voles •Liberal opposition vi\ " „ ! By JAMES DELVIN NKW YOf^K I*.-On, Dwlght D. filrnnhowc-r DomocrHtlc- CBS — 7 Kin in l'f-aoc> and War; 7:30 Dr. Christian. ABC — 6:SO Lone Ranger: 7 Mys- Story, i here Rave Eisenhower 197 votes to Th.- I I-« f:30 Lifr: at York State and voted hy more than flOO.-i 000 In nn almost complete tolly;' today. i' Thi? Republican President-elect's' The proposed Diitrir.t would tjivp h.'id control over all electric Mvvrr in the county. fight ng.iin.st It was led by plurality wtis thn Kroalcut »|nc«.i Arkansas Power & Light Company. Calvin CoollddP look Hie state hy, *ho«f facilitiPH would have b«on . . . Mn.S--!l:30 a. in. Take A Num- rtnc- •, ir , , ^ MBS -7 Musical Comedy; 8:03 sho\v. Thursday: NBC — in a. rn. Strike It Rich. . .CnS--IO:30 a. m. Grand Klam. . .ABC — 0 :i. m. My Story; 124 for Ste\cnson in the prcsldcn tial election yesterday. That was almost a direct rever Mr. and Mm. Orln ElUworth and MM. Sam T. White, Sr,. have hod their fluent*, Mrs. Cleveland IIU of Little Kock and Mr. and *, Bam Mitt, Chrl* and John of Columbia, Mo. phurllo Thomas accompanied by M Qentry. of Hope attended the services for Edgar Fletch- «r Wddti in Llttli) Rook Saturday. Mr, and Mra. J, A. Cole were the Suturduy cvcnlns tuests of th«lr »on, Witllnm, at Southern State College, Magnolia, and now tho Ark, State vs Southern State football game. William accompanied them homo and spent Sunday. Dr., and Mr«, C, P. Arnold Jr. attended tho Ark. Slate v» Southern Stole gnme In Magnolia Suturduy evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Hubbard and trl Hubbnrd were tho weekend HUflst* of Ed Hulibai-d nt Arkan- snu AfcM Collogp, MonllCflllo, and attended the Homecoming doy U-s- tlvltleg. Mr, and Mrs. Dan Plttmtm, Jr., malor»'d to Magnolia Saturday cv- mlng and saw the Ark. State — Ji,Rith«rr» Hlato gam«. Itamby, Jr., accompanied by Jim Thornn* uf Little Rock at tended the Homecoming Day ct'Jo bc'itlon nt Hendrlx College, Con on Saturday. &AT6N tn, l^ulalitnii forvxl ' The out ogoin yeiterduy, 'fanned by sj«w)y riling winds cxp«ct«d to ttO mtleo an hour early to(Say 138 fltftg burning over morn than 6,000 acre* wHh tho largest we sweeping over l.SOO ncreii In Red ttJvtr Pnriiih Cottnty land owncfl by the International Paper Mliu Nonn Eagle, of Texarkana wait the weekend guest of her par- vhtji, Mr, and Mrs. J. A. Ea«lo. ttlso WQH the Saturday guc.*)t of at Hendrlx College, Conway, for tho Homecoming Day no- vlvltl**, ubuut one million voles In l!»24. It war. mor« than 13 times than Oov, Th»ma« fe. Dewey'a 81,600 margin over Prp»ident Truman j four years nn f ». i With New York City complete, j and returns from f>,787 of n,0fi4 | upstatf voting dfstrict!i, the tabulation WUH: I Klscnhower, 3.C51.075; Gov. Ad-i lal Stevenson, Democrat-Liberal, I :t,044,«M8; Vincent llnlllnun, Pro-! 'Ujislvf, U2.4U7. i The totnl vote exceeded sevrn; million for a new record, j Stevenson was nominated by' Ntjw York's Liberal party ras well; as the Democrat*, j New York City, traditionally; Uomocrntlc and the center of the! nation's liberal movi.-ment, voted| for Stevenson but the margin was, not large enough t" offset tho up-1 outpouring of Hlscnhower votes. Kven in New York City, Eisenhower's Htrcngth Burprisfd not only his opponents but his supporters. The New York City vote was: Stuvttnson 1,837,087; Kiscnhower 1,4>»,413; Vincent Hallitian, Prosres- slve, 57,838. Stevenson won!'835,888 ol his votes on the Liberal party line of the voting machine's. Eisenhower thus lost the city by 302,074 votoH to Stevenson. ' Dowey, irt 1048, lost It by ,488,257 to Truman who also hud"*Liberal burning. Truman's margin uit- (lo'.ibti'dly would have been higher except that mor« than 400,000 of the city's voters east their ballots that year for Henry A, Wallace, the Progressive party nominee. Th# 1048 New York City vote was: Truman 1.590, 545; D« i wey 1,108,280; Wallace 422,355. included In the district. bir. News Briefs Miss Loyce Stowart of tittle Roc* v)ns the wneuknd Kuust of hor mother, Mrs, Bob Stewart, and 'attend ?ti thu funeral services for her mint, Mrs. Ck-orgo Hunt, on Sat- tit day. MOUTA1N HOME, iff) — Installation of parking meters iti this village'.*) business district was approved 37S to 1HH in a special election held Tuesday. JASi'ER. !/P) Ono of Arknn- ens' two Republican state roprn- sc.iatives, apparently lost u bid for ro-floeticn In Tuesday's gonor.il election. With 20 of Newton County's 28 voting boxes reporting He,). Charles Spradloy trailed Domacr'at Ab Avbaufih 693 to 448'votes. RIVER but- h«r ey«a were ktehdy. thftt hi w*J right In wing'it, w« "You'r* «olng to h«to mo," ho .id WvwUy, tcldWMlng boih of ..j«ni« "Though I venture thtt you'U AfeQ «Ke wtoikt {la going to i stood «pol for «nonor» uQttd* two Mokota w*« at » Witt dUt»«o« off trom ahori, in A qulot ekokwitor affoni* «1 by me i« of in W»»4* hi «• i Aitrid vvf4 thow, looking , and WWrUr met hw glance t Do happy to consider It," he Mid, "but you go too (ar, Whlrtjbr. Thi Ik not a m«ttar (or force," "Mcunlng that you won'tT" ' OKLAHOMA CITY Wl —Dallas A. Sims, Internal Revenue' agent in char Re of Arkansas nrid Okla hormt netivitles since 1B42, is tho new Internal Revenue/ D I s I r i ct Commissioner for the Northwest. Sims' appointment is effective Friday. He will huve offices in Seattle, Wash. JACKSONVILLE. W — W. E. Keoton, Jr., n building contractor find newly elected president of the nibur of Commerce, wns oloct- mayor of Jncksonvllle in Tuos- dny's election. Kenton polld ii-*7 VOtS to 214 for J. E. Croft, Sr.. nnd 107 for tho present mayor, W. P. Cramer. 0»« size of it" "t think you will, Or would you lttt« It Dtitter reveried— Aitrid to lUwli, Kathleen to b« my bluihlng brtda?" had controlled ttla anger up to now, But thin put a strain on it that wan hard to tear. "Neither the on« nor tht other," h* MWrttd. "Have you »o§t your wind, WhlrterT" "»'»»)« ont or the othar," WWr. tar gtowitfl, and his rage WM an *MW»rlng iiwirk. "You and every- Will do well to get tt tfcrjouth your h««dji that fm HIM^ tffe Wtotover I think ta b«t Mtii expedition U what will tw ,.VWrt»»p§ yoj» glrta woxu« j^itw to b« »et MhoN, itwtwd— -' ,yju laltW; find youweivw ibid him, * »Unffln« &ow th»t drovti th* hU fie*, then mat it It to th* fliyt«Mn»rlw. nqlnvQV*, but hU eywi a* prom- UB too fw," *UnUtt» with," tb«jr*'» 'Whir•Many of aa th» T»»»r, Wa tmia km, HI* voice waa MORRILTON, I* — Steve Combs! lost his second straight bid for! Conway County's scat in the state I House of Representative in TIH-S-! duy'a election when Democrat Jim Burton piled up n 1737 to 1375 vote lead in 20 of tho county's 25 votinK boxes. Combs was defeated in the summer Democratic p r i in a ries by Rep, Irn Long, who later withdrew from the race because of his health. Combs, who had lost a court contest, over his defeat, qualified «s an independent candidate after tho county Democratic committee nominated Bruton in Long's place. MORHILTON, MJ ~ N»n r i o n Rn:n«r, Democratic nominee foi Conway County clerk, appeared Uv.lay to be one of the few Arkan&«» Democnits (ncing dofout as a result-of Tuesday's election. Mrs. Ruby Wear, who qualified as an independent, had a 1743 to 1401 vote margin over Ramer on the basU ol unofficial returns from iiC of the county'* 35 voting boxes. LITTLE ROCK (JH — The State Health Department said yesterday thtr* were seven new polio cases in Arkansas last week. Bringing to 3to the number of cases (or this year. Hoov«r Isiuts ! Statement NEW YORK *-Former President Herbert Hoover issued a statement eau-iy today saying, "Tlxe American people have ordered a Ctapge in the administration ot our •o^rtwnent but the hour of victory for our cause is no time tor either recrimination or exults Uon" He added: "Ttoe problenxs before u$ are diffteult than were even debated in this camjuign. T* 1 * majority of our |M»ot»l* »m fivlng their faith ef Mlution ol our problems toto th« hands of G«n. 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'will be used for the restoration ot rtturns from 16 of these 74 coun tios although in some only a few stead of Kpiscopal Church, at 3| boxes had been reported, and ir p.m. \\omen are askeci to brinfi| other the difference was very slight warm clothing fen- infants and child \ — one vote in Montgomery Coun ' Besides Montgomery these "Ike 1 counties were Benton. Boone, Car roll. Crawford, Fulton, Oa r land tot Hamblfn ot Arcadia, Cftilt., 107 votes. The Christian Nationalist patty, which wanted Oen. DougUs Mae* Arthur to be president, got 106. The Elsenhower showing followed what perhaps was the most Vigorous campaign ever waged for * Republican candidate In Arkansas. In the forefront, right alongside the regular Republican organl*** tion, were the "Democrats for Eisenhower," with Little Rock businessman Robert Roach as chairman. Verne Tindall, Stuttgart rlca planter nnd u pre-conventlon El- senhower booster of long standing, was chairman of the Republican Old State House in Little Rock. Brookvvood Brownie Troop No. 2 Will meet Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the home of Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Jr., 508 West IGth. The Gardenia Garden Club will meet Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 at the home ot Mrs. Frank Russell with Mrs. P. H. Webb and Mrs Jack Hogg as co-hostesses. Wednesday. November 12 i Independence, Logan, The DeAnn Lilac Garden ciub>'«wlon. Polk, Searcy, Madison, Campaign. Sebastian, will meet November 12 in the club;V.m Uuren and Washington. room at 2:30. Mrs. Carlton Sam- Two minor parties on the Ar- ut>ls as hostess and Mrs. Roy Bur-! k-'nsas ballot made a negligible ke as co-hostess. Everyone is to ' ' bring something to sew. ,•'" Circle No. 3 of the Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Chris tian Church meets at the home of Mrs. T. B. Fenwick, Jr.. Wednesday night, November 5,' at 7:30. Paisley Brownie Troop under the leadership of Mrs. G. C. Cromer and Mrs. Martin Green will meet . Wednesday afternoon, November 5, immediately after school at the Little House. Hostesses will be Dor- Smith and Virginia Ann Horn- Thursday, November 6 Pat Cleburne Chapter of UDC will meet Thursday afternoon. No vcmber 6, at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. J. M. Duffic vfilh Mrs. Gus Council of United Church Women Changes Meeting Place World Community Day will be observed by the Council of United The Prohibition party, whose presidential candidate was Stuart at 3 p.m instead of the Episcopal Church as previously announced. Women are asked to bring warm clothing for inl;mts iind children under six years of age. These Packets for Peace" will be sent to the children in Korea. Lou Demle Junior GA's Meets at Church Fields for They Are White Already to Harvest," which is taken from John 4-33. They also sang the WMU sons. "Christ for the Whole Wide Mrs. L. C. Cook led in prayor for God's leadership in our work and tor the sick of the church. Committee reports and circle reports were heard after which a pot luck luncheon was held. Tho meeting was resumed at 1:15 for a Royal Service program. After announcements by the president, Mrs. Rov Smith introduced the Elsenhower himself visited Ar k.ii;sas — the first candidate of a major party to do so while actively campaigning. He spoke at Mac Arthur Park horc on Sept. 3. Eisenhower got no help — as he did in a number of Southern .nates — from major Democratic officeholders. All openly supported Stevenson as did Gov.-Elect Francis Cherry. The Lou Deniie Junior GA's <>M Martha Hairston Circle with Mrs. First Baptist Church met Monday j FrankUn Horton in 'charge. afternoon for a business meeting, with twenty-two members and four visitors present. During the latter part of tho meeting the stewardship playlet. After the singing of the hymn, "Love Divine," the program "Awakened Nigeria Learns of Love," was presented by Mrs. Gunter, Wvlic Robinson. Mrs. A. B. , 'What Is the Cooperative Pr"-| xolletl, "and Mrs. Sterling. J.Vi.1 D. U . 1V1. J^UI * **- *T li.il i.4.» tj. —- —~ r . i Haynes. Mrs. B. F. Goodlctt, and gram? was urcsunlcd. Ih« lol- Miss Alma Hanna as co-hostesses. I lowing girls took part on the pi ogram: Annouiiccr, Suzanne oom- Thc Nanclina Garden Club will' mervillc, quiz master. Jacquo \Vil- mcct Thursday, November 6, at Uams, 1st quiz kid. Sue Aim Smith, 'ii>7:30 p.m. in the home of Miss Clara Osborn, 805 West 6th, with Mrs. Phinis Hen-ing :'.s co-hostess. 2nd quiz kid, Carol Coop, 3rd quiz kid, kid, Judy Beth Davis, Lana Thompson. 4th quiz Mrs. P. J. Holt in Charge of WMS Meeting Friday, November 7 The Rose Garden Club will meet Friday afternoon at 3:30 at the home of Mrs. Harry Shiver, 308 Church met al the ehureh Monday,; ol vi North Main, with Mrs. F. C. Crow November H. at 11 o'clock for a!ta business meeting with the presi Miss June Wilson Honored With Shower Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brown honored Miss June Wilson, bride-elect of Karl Davis Downs, with a miscellaneous shower at their homo al Spring Hill Tuesday night, November 4. Artistic arrangements of chrya- The WMS of the First Baptist| anthemums were placed at points antage throughout the enter- Five Southern Continued from Page One four states, Alabama, Louisiana Mississippi and South Carolina, which returned States nights ma joritics. In rolling up the largest southern vote ever rcRistcrcd by a Republl' can made heavy inroads In praC' tically all ot the states he falloa to carry. The outcome was a victory for some old line Democrats, defea for others. Notable winners wcra Gov. Allan Shivers ot Texas ant his Democratic party organization which bolted to Eisenhower ove the; tldclands oil issue. On tiie setback side are Govs Robert Kennori of Louisiana and James Byrnes of South Carolina Both also endorsed Eisenhower ant urged tneir supporters to do likt wise. In Virginia, Sen. Harry F. Byrt a severe critic of the Truman Administration, repudiated Stevenson but did not say he would support Eisenhower, nor did he urtfe his Stnoton Nomad •y United Petal The following senators were clcfcttvl Tuesday. (X denotes Incumbent!) California Willlum F. Knowland, R. tX) Connecticut William A. Purtcll, R.. (full Prescctt Bush, R., (four years) Delaware John J. Williams. R., (X) Florid* Spossard t,. Holland, D;, (X) Maine Frederick Payne, R., (elected In September) Maryland J. Glenn Bcnll, R. Mlisliulppl John C. Stcnnla, D., (X) Nebraska Hugh Butler, R., <X> (full term) DwlRht Orlswold, R., (two years) New Jersey H. Alexander Smith, n., (X) New York Irving M. Ives #.. (X) North D«*oU William LanRcr, R., (X) Rhode Island John O. Pastorc, D., (X) Tennetse* Albert Gore, D Texas Price Daniel, D. Utah Arthur V. Walkins, R (X) Vertiont Ralph K. Flanders, R., (X) Virginia Harry F. Byrd, D., (X) West Virginia Harley M. Kllgoro, D., (X) DOROTHY DIX Belittles Wites Work Republicans in State Did Not Fare Well DKAR MISS DtX: Six years n«oj 1 i-(-ally belinved I had found sonic- one who would make me completely happy, so we wore married shortly after. Since then, I have felt the love I had (or him slowly leave me. .1 keep our home nent, and our two small children spotless. I don'I drink, $moke or hove nnythint! to <lo with other men. Supper Is on the table when he returns home from work. 1 do all my own house- nold chores Without help. Uut my husband says t don't do enough;! that many women raise children, keep houso and occupy jobs, also. Well, I Just wasn't built that way. I'm tired out nl the end of tho .lay. We are not, by tho way, in, positive need ot extra money. Ho claims I shouldn't expect to go to a movlb once n WI-OK. bo- cause I can see pictures oa TV. When we do RO somewhere, which is very seldom, he drinks until In: becomes loud and unbearable. II cl.<lms he is tho breadwinner mid it is his privilege. I feel so bored and depressed. Could you possibly give, me some helpwul advice',' MRS. W Answer: What you nucil is U pUmt your fuel firmly on thi ground and slop being pushci around, for six yours you h;iv apparently treated hubby like tin' god, giving In to his uvuryi whim, catering to every wish. Now you have about come to the limit ol what you can give him, and in desperation seek isonuHhliiK clsu you cun do to appeusi: him. 1 think you arc not so concerned about freedom for yourself, us you uiv fiboul satisfying your husband in every demand. His lust request is downright unreasonable and unwise. able ,to return the money to th6 old f<V"ks, they don't oven Invite us for n 'i-ldeJl!). 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All members are urged to be present World Community Day will be The guests were received in the dent, Mrs. P. J. Holt, in c!.arge. ! living room and seated in a larpo The meeting the watchword Up Your Eyes was for and .. . opened with! circle with the honoree in the cen- l!). r i2-53. "Liftj tcr. * SAENGER TODAY ond THURSDAY LOVE AND LIFE WERE CHEAP...WHEN QUANTRELL'S RAiDERS BLAZED A TRAIL OF TERROR ACROSS THE WEST1 KENNEDY John IRELAND NEWS - CARTOON - COMEDY .. Look on the Several games were played after - j which Miss Wilson was led blindfolded on a treasure hunt which Dueled at a lace covered table holding many useful gifts. After the opening of tho gifts, the quests were invited into tho dining room where the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Howard Prichard and Mrs. Emma Turner, served cake and punch to approximately fifty. Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jones, Charles and Larry, of Blcvins and Mrs. Tom Vickers of Texarkana. friends to do so. The most unexpected result was in Oklahoma, which had not figured high in Republicans' prc-olcc tion predictions of their chances in the South. Florida, Texas. Virain- ia, Tennessee and Louisiana they saw some chance to win, but Okla- oma was not counted seriously. The size of the Texas vote caught ome attention. Stevenson is with 25,000 votes of Truman's 1948 ote there, and still is trailing bpt- or than lOfl.OOO votes. Republicans and States Rightcr* ogether rolled up a total of only 88,000, Jeanette Hunker GA's Meets November 5 The Jeanette Hunker Junior G. A.'s of the First Baptist Chur eh met Monday for work on For ward Steps with all members present and one new member. After their Forward Steps study the girls met with the Lou Demic G. A.'s for a Stewardship pro gram. Next Monday the girls will mee at 4:15 for a mission study anc a pot luck supper. FEATURES AT: 2:00 - 3:24 - 4:57 - 6:30 8:03 - 9:36 RIALTO * TODAY & TOMORROW ALL SEATS 50c — PASS LIST SUSPENDED Coming and Going Miss Carolyn Barr and Miss Rit Fitzgerald of Chicago will leav New York via plane November lor Rome. They will spend a mon th touring Italy, Spain, and Franc cturning to New York Decembe '. Miss Barr is the daughter Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Barr. Dress Shirts • Whlt*l * Color»l t All first Quality! 1.50 ONLY These are 9)! first quality shirts, comfortably full cut of high count mercerm^ broadcloth! They're styled with fused collars that stay neat all day long, never aeed starch. Choose white, blue, tan, green, grey. Site* 14 to 17* -WU>€T€ISmTV... \HlTtiWCfNTSOCim 41-42 LITTLE ROCK W — The record vole Ralhercd by the Republican national ticket in Arkansas yesterday didn't help state and dis trict OOP candidates a bit. They went down to defeat at the hands of the Democrats according to long-established custom. But in one instance there was an unexpected reverberation. Jeff Speck, the Republicans' de- featod candidate for Governor blamed his comparatively poor snowing against Democrat Francis Cherry on he "lack of co-operation I've had from the Republican leaders in Arkansas." He didn't .•say what leaders he meant. As a result, Speck resigned loony as a member of the GOP State Committee. There have been hints — and more — at times nt friction between Speck and other Republican !;i# wheels. Some months BRO' Speck was quoted as snyinjj that if Dwtfiht D. Eisenhower was clect- ?rt president — as the general was yesterday — he, Speck, would be "fodcral governor" of Arkansas. Tho stole — Speck said later his words were "Republican governor" — drew reprimands from several Republican spokesmen. Speck, along with Verne Tindall of Stuttgart and a few others, wns an early battler for Elsenhower In thi- pre-natinnal con vention days when the "Old Guard" faction of Continued from Page One ,nwson of Little Rock, Ray mond Orr of Ft. Smith, Cecil S. Lynch of Pine Bluff, Glenn Wallace of Nashville, and Dan Portls of Le- >anto. This first commission will draw lots to determine which of its members serve two t four, six, eight and 10 years, respectively, so that the staggered term arrange inent may become effective. Proposed amendment 41, the oth of adopted yesterday, removes a present constitutional reulrcment that counties must have a popula tion of at least 15,000 to be al lowed to elect a County Clerk. In counties of lesser populatloi the Circuit Clerk also serves a the County Clerk. Twenty-nine counties do not now have the reulred minimum popu lation, nine of them having fallen] who then was seeking a term, This year's try, Should A Wlfo Work Outsldo The Home No mother of small children should bu forced to work outside her home unless circumstances make it necossury. What, does your husband expect you to do with thu youngsters while you work to satisfy his uered? There are lew worn on who can do a thoroughly .con-! scicnttous and competent job ol \ raising children and keeping auj outside position. 'Those who arc able to do it HIT tiil'led with exceptional talout imd organization ability; theirs, however, is not a home standard that everyone can follow or iiclniiix-. Most mothers like you, after cooking and cleaning, are often tired at the end of, a day caring for strenuous youngsters. You have a whole-time Job to m imago a home and a family. What you haven't learned to mini- age Is a husband 1 Stop being so ^asy-going Jind.ip^isl on your instead of crying'over their loss, And don't let your husband net away with the notion that merely because 1 he earns a salary he has a right to drink too much and uet like a boor. Being assertive is difficult al first, especially when you hnvo be-on too docile for so long, but il is the only way to handle a man Miracle Cushion Holds False T Tight •. • sore gums .NOW! Ent, talk, laugh as you plenae. Goodbye forever to 'tonne, rooking, wobbly, uncomfortable plates. One ro-Hner lusl« for months', quick,__ onsy, absolutely xufo. SNUG DENTURE CUSHIONS are n triumph ot now tiJnsUc rc-llrjiug that ends tho annoyance; loose, badly fitting false teeth. Onq re-llnlng,. M»p minutes, makes tho wobbliest pltttes stay firmly in perfect comfort. Eat covn-on-lho-cob, steaks, applesrtWK,^ na you please-plates "stay put," firmly, solidly. Farewejl;t<|« barrnsBlng falling, clicking and wobbling. Soft, easy-t Donluro Cushions nro absolutely harmless to Arkansas Republicanism was all for Sen. Robert A, Taft as the party's presidential candidate. In contrast to Elsenhower's vote in Arkansas yesterday — the big- pest any GOP presidential candidate evcir Rot In the state — Speck got 24,049 votcs against 177,874 Cherry. Those were the figures when 1,371 of the state's 2,382 boxes hod mode unofficial returns Speck, who made a v 1 g o r o us campaign, apparently was recall in a 1050 when he polled some 50, 000 votes against Gov. Sid McMath as pig-headed as tho one you have. Subtlety Just doesn't fio over with those males. You certainly huva corned the right to manueo your Mvn home, and to expect consideration from your mate; you are entitled to some pleasure outside tho and he should show decent below the 15,000-mark between 1940 Dean Fred N. Briggs of the Col- oee of California, Davis. Calif., will arrive via plane Thursday even ng to spend the weekend with his nether, Mrs. J. K. Briggs, and sister, Mrs. W. L. Carter, ajid oh- er relatives. and 195U. Lawyers say language of the sucont again:) )m A ' btnffvloi when you are out together in public. Don't settle for less. DEAR MISS DIX: Can you soy something about parents giving their chlldien a loan when the young people are In u tight spot? Now that our children are well No Sore, Irritated Gums or Danger of Infection Sore, irritated gums are comforted nt once. No moro chafing of wob- ----- . . , m tM«tr"il^i bly dentures.. All tender areas are plastic material wKMi J«fl uently cushioned. D»ngor of Wee- call acrylics, SlmplytJ tion from swollen, irritated gums is avoided. Comfort is so enjoyable, most folks wear their plates day and night nnd only remove them for cleaning. Snug Dentur* L, „ ,sheets of a marvelous, jw! these wonderful re-lju cleaned denture (ub according to simple J package, and preitot -, Hospital Notes Branch Admittt-d: Mrs Marjorle Richardson, Hope, Miss Mary Nell Tolbert, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Ralph Brookshier, Houston, Texas, Mrs. Char> lie McClendon. LewisvUle, Roy Davis. Hope, Miss Mary Nell Tolbert, Hope. amendment is such that It still will be necessary for the Legislature to specifically authorize the additional clerks before they may be elected. The third proposed amendment, No. 43, which apparently was defeated, would have e m p o wcrcd cities to levy up to one per cent of thu assessed property valuation to industrial facilities for provide lease. At least two statewide industrial organizations opposed the measure. Act 242 has been the subject of pometimes bitter controversy for almost two years, but after the Arkansa Supreme Court last Cherry, was Speck's second for the governorship. Cherry did not campaign in his own behalf, even before he was stricken ill several weeks ago. Speck, a Frenchman's Bayou merchant and planter, telephoned his congratulations to Cherry at tho letter's home at Jonesboro, ' Them also wort- Republican candidates this year for Lieutenant governor and attorney gen eral while other stattewlde offices went to Democrats without opposition, For lieutenant governor, 1,298 loxes e» v e incumbent and fourth- term candidate Nathan O o r d a n 158,978 vote* to 25,924 for Le e noids of Conway. Republican George W. Jonnaon Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. T. E. Urrey of Hope, Dewey Puttman, Hope, Mrs. E. L. Powell, Hope, Mrs. Coy L. Hutson, McCaskill, Mrs. O. A. Bright, Fulton, Mrs. M. D. Foley, Hope, Allen W. Martin, Hope. Discharged: Donna Taylor, Hope, Mrs. S. B. Smith, Hope, Mrs. Thomas Hays. Hope, Mrs. Dexter Alford and son. Jimmy Dale, Hope. month refused to keep it off yes- Of Greenwood picked up 27,174 terday's ballot little was heard of vote* for attorney general against it, the successful Democratic candl- Appatently both its sponuors and date, Tom Gentry of Little Rock. itr enemies had considered defeat who got 145,779. Thl* count repre-| of the measure a foregone conclu- sented 1,259 boxes, sion, particularly since it'wa* op- Republicans tried unsuccessfully MAY BE * A FAMILY AFFAIR Fidgeting, none-plcklnu nnd »tor- mealing rccWl llch «ro often wll- lulo »lgn« of Pln-'Wqrms... u«!y pariulUB that medical ex per U >uy frifait one out of «»«rw thret oaf. soot oxumlntd. Entlvo families may be vlcUm» and not know It. To get rid of Pln-Wormn, thiwo pent* mu»t nut only tw Ijllliid, but killed In tho largo fnU»tli>« wheru th«-y live and multiply./nist'ii «x- •ctfy what lnyne'n I'-W UbluU do ... and here'i haw they do It: Pint-* hcloutlflo coating ear- rle» the Ubleta Into thu buwuU Iw- foro they dl««(lve, 'I'hen-itYnf't modern, medlcally-api>ruv<ul In- Krttdlnnl g<w« right to work~AtiH« Pln.WorniH quickly and eaully, Don't take cbanco* With UlU dangnruuu, liighly contagtou« WJH. dltlon. At the ifrtt »l*n of Wn. ing, ready to bite on' i Cleaned in a Ji Odorless,Safe> ', *«, .-.it] Plates re-lined wjthj Cushions «wi.b» cjfi by brushing wndef cold ,^ Cushlora «« and »anlUry r Why put up VJth',1 •dheuves( f Sti?W &«•»'• »• Bon, tp*cl£!it» ID worm (or ov*r 100 ywrs. it. by many dentists to help patients be" come accustomed to new plates... to comfort patients with old plates that have become lopse due to tissue shrinkage. Since they were so effective, the cushions are now available to tho public. „ ,. /, w . are 90 clean, One Re-Liner Can last for month*? Months-Easily Replaced Ono Snug Denture Cushion re» liner can lost for 2 to fl months, according to the individual mouth. Stays soft and pliable-does not harden and ruin plate. Peek right out when ready to replace. pcfed by Cherry. lor two district offices, Acid Stomach After You Eat? Can't Be B«at/ It was passed in the 1951 Legis- Ppmpcratic Nominee H. A. Tuck, lature with the blessing of Gov. cr beat Republican Roy Mitchell, Sid McMath, whose forces later 5.091 to 3,«46. for 18th »»• backed the unsuccssful effort to trict prosecutina attorney on tho| prevent a vote on it. ba*i» ot returns {rom 83 of 81 A court suit protested that the boxes. The district comprises Car petitions which were filed for its land and Montgomery Counties, referral to the general election Both men live in Hot Springs, vote were so shot with fraud and Sen, Max Howell of Uttle Bocif U regularities teat they should be beat Republican WOllam A. Cheek, invalidated. ajso of, Little Rock, 8,075 to l.Sfei Sponsors of the act said it would for on* of the three state senatpj- modernize and systematize pur« ships from the 15th District, wbjcb chasing procedures. Opponents takes in Pulaski County only, TJw »i the act undertopk to "legalize caunt was on returns worn VI m lagal practices" and declared Us 187 boxes. ' provisions for competitive bidding! In Pulaski County Rftiiips B were designed so they could be Bpyer, secretary ol th* sMt evcded. I publican coromltte*. was d The moverotnt for its referral fcr county assessor b> long-time was ted by John F. W<*U«, Uttte Inrurobeat Bruce Hud41e«t«^. Sgv- Rock govw nmfirt news d 1 g e * t Ural TUpublican candWates tor Pur publisher and freo.wnt critic ot tfae »a*ki County reorewrtatty** and ^^^^ • - - - Hock sWernMB »)«o Resurfaces Lwse When Gums Shrink It'B not your dentfofm fatjiU that ttaraei and gums shrink gradually - leave spaees between the pWW and the p>o«th. Snug Cvwhlons rawrftwe m that ther^ ore no gap* platei and giwfts, Food caiirwt get underneath to irritation and "d»nM« See GAS •f the ROPfjt '.S On wt J?*«i» in abey- were lot disirict ~ 1f *Sf" ,..

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