Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1952
Page 6
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w*SrVvxc**y< f * % ' "V ft\ J 9^^y&su^f'L^v aA * ••$*•**$& •'£;• •'. •• &ns$>. LJLUlv:!. _ M --,-- 4 *. PI^*^;, <W 4 \* ; "'** - MOM STAR ARKANSAS Tuesday, November 4, 1951 Tuesday, November 4, 1952 MOP! STAR, MO PI, A ft A N S A S fclETY 'l A, M. «ntl 4 P. M, p«u|titer» of American Revolution wilt be hontoM to • Silver ten at the home of the regsttt, Mr». Dick Wdlkln*. W4 Kurt Nth, W</dn*»<lay Nov. 3, frwn 3:30 t« *'-30, Proceed* 4"/ . wc«t *tin«. At Ihn , will Frtl. jjiffk, ifinlce Bnlley will be IJfellB "Kappa Onimmn Society meet with Mr*. P. U I'crkln* on Tui»«Uy, NoWttibe-r 4, al 7:80 ti.ffu Mil* CJwPtidulyn Demt Witt 0 *f^} In) M«ttiwli»t j)]«n to flifMnJ the Galloway Sob PlftCiet ttitotinK at B1*vlrm TUBI rtoy HlfSht *hottUl Im at thft chUfch nt fl o' Mov«mb«r 6 rcnn u'ftjn J^'JIBpttr of ttto IGER TODAY ONLY t'f know/ but we do know you will enjoy '* ft* you Oro woWnfl for tho ELECTION flttHMOUVAMOYRU^-i ...Ami id* ^n^\ T»i*M$ for U>« reit.af*t{4n of flock. will flfe Old Troot* No, 2 Will mt*t Wcd*t«i«l»y «fl«rm»on at <i o'clock at tfte homo of Mm. If, 0. TCy»«r, J*-,, W8 WMt Ittth. Thf Gard«nl« Garden Club will mc«l W»tln«*day nfterruxm at 2:.3() tit th«* W<wn« of Mr», Frank Hiwuoll wlih Mrs. P. H. Webb and Mrn Jack Hogg us e<vhoittflw«. Clrclu No 3 of th* Chrlntlnn Women's r«H0w»hIp of tho Vlttl ChrU film Church m*«U at the homo oJ Mr*. T. B, Fmwlck, Jr., Wednesday nl«ht, November ft, at 7:30. '& one tf icobr Mwileal DRVlt, DAYS" tho Twenties when stunt m«n »,%,'Mumon ( flfi8 on skyscrapers, dancing on j'fug-ofiwqr with horsos, and bolloon and tijl. pro 0 f^Vdf the thrills in this novelty. . & f BURS, * • AlftN II/AHIIII LAOD SCOTT I'aUtey JBrownl* Troop under thp t»nd#r«hl|j of Mm. O. C. Cromcr end Mr«. Mnrtln Oroon will rnoel Wwinwiday; wftcrnoon, Novemhflr 8, itmncdltttely after nchoot nt the l,lttt« tfouw. HogtcKli-s wilt bo t)or- othy Rmllh&na Vi»^lnla Anil Horn ftdny. Thuradny, Nsvemhsr 6 P«t Olebu'rno Chapter of UDC Will mc«t Thurxdny afternoon, No vember 0, st'SraO nl th« home of Mr*. J. M. DUffle with Mr«, titiit HH)'n«*. Mr», B. F. Ooodletl, and Ml»8 Almw Jfftnna n» co-hostciii»o«. Tho Nrtndmn CJorden Club will rn«flt Thursday, Nnvoinbor 0, nt 7:30 fun, ' n tho h')in<« of Misn Cliirn Osbocn, 005 W««t flth, wlih Mi'». Phlnls Herring tut < Friday, November 7 Th»» Hone CJ«ml«» Club will Frldny nftornoon hi 3:30 ul home of Mrs. Hurry shlvt-r, Pttn*y Plumk-y, Ml** Mary Allr.« Honored with 611 Ml«s Dan i l/jii Mr«. f'mil Mcrtf- mid Miss Mfiry Cutinlfichflm,' Mi9. l)al«' Ton-j .1 Ciwcit Krilhj Ahf.T' Hf»t{r»rfi,! bfld«f.fl>»( t of Howard Sutton, with; homo of Mrs. Klbf-rt O'Stwn Monday nlflht, Nov«-rtihi r 3. Thft honorfi* v.'.t:) jjr«son<fld n rsaue of rnfi'i'iiiritH! apofmsi and wtia (ho rnclpli-iit <--f n-iitiiy useful tcift*. ArtiAtlc flrrnnj?<:r!,i'nt« of iftflpn urifl ehrysjidttx irinii: : An" phirfd nt point* of lnk"H'nt (hronrhoi.'l ttiu (•ntcrtnlrilng rouiti* nt tin <!>'St«.'rn Elizabeth Opens Session of Parliament By W. 0. LANDREY LONDON, (UP) — Queen Eliza- 'H tli II opened her first session of r.arllom'-nt today with the an- ii.ii-m-wnt Britain will turn back toward capitalism in 1053 by do- r.nti'it.ali'ing the sti'ol and truck- J<"(»d drink a nr,d ' »crv<-d to tbf'S" (iri'Se town KU^«t waa mother of thf MCK. nt. An out fif U. I". Snlton, o'iiii-olrjut, cif j The 'JG-yc-ar-old qU«cn, resplen- I il.'n! iii '•< robe once worn by Queen : Vi<'tf,rui, iil.io t'»ld nsspmblctl peers of ihr- realm, diplomats nhrt mcm- •in-is <i( commons «ho* earnestly fur ;in '"irly nrmistice in i Tili! a truce Is concluded, lri, t" v| ' forces would continue Spaniards, Like Every Other People in Europe Are Simply Stck and Tired of Warfare fcy HAL BOYLE MADRID W -•- Snapshots from o touring typewriter: The face of Madrid is changing more rapidly than almost any otn- country anyway." To this question you can many answers, just as a stranger affection with the Franco regime among the masses. "Spaniards like every other people in Europe nre sick of war," said one longtime observer. "The aveiage Spaniard certainty would like to have things better than they nre now— but most of all he wants peace himself and a chance to raise a family in peace iust like everyone else in the world getl today." ILONDII •y Chkk Young OlftltlKI I,.,! Circle 1 of W8CS Meets With Mrs. E. D. Galloway Circle No. I ,.( lh.' W.SCli nl f'irnl Method IK t '.'tun' h w< n 1 HI of Mt4, M. 1), (;.il!u',v;iy iu District i>in-',fitr.ti'.<' for their Mrs. U. I..,. Hri.jf'i, kadi-i 1 . prayer Timl eluded U v, 1th the Prayer, .! might It he asked who really ran IT capital in Europe. New hotels Amer ' ca are rising to fill the demands of " Tho church rules Spnin," is the the tourist trade. Great chunks of'^'C'V often given by the man in pn.<te! colored apartment building i lhc street, who may affectionntely containing hundreds of apaitmcnts "dmire his own parish priest, but me being erected to meet the needs' ''islikos the top clergy. of a population desperately de- mnndlnp more housing. There Is an air of crisp modernity about thn city 'that in itself Is stirring the American visitors who the ttu tho :iflfl North Main, with Mm, F. C, Crow nnd Mm, L. T. Lawrence nn <;o- 'hoitt'Hic*. All members nre to |j ^r j^ft». * THUH World. Comdnmity tiny will bi« observed bv iMe Council of United Chnrdh Woirtm on November 7 in thu Flnl PrfiSbyteHnn Church. Instead of Kptacopul Church, tit ;i p.m. Woitu'n BIT nakrd to briniz warm clwlhlng for Infant* and child rcn Under «lx yours of ntfe. These "Packet* for 'P««&K«'" will t>v s*nt to the t'hjtdr«n In Births the hiiiilnt.- 1 .-.;; in'.'ctii roll wii.s railed, mlnou-^ wuri' and dii(tn wero colli-ct"d. Ml)i« Nannie I'urkini on-: till* prOKriint aixl Dili odili r KiK'Nt speaker, Miss Clnrlti' not), who upoke on the "Wor fnlrn'fit nl' tlvf U c.'ileynii Si-rvice Guild " l-'ollowiiiK the priifsrum, the were invited into the ciininj,' room to an nptjointcd tea tiibjc where aanilwli-'hos, eiike. nnd hot lea were served to sixlei-u meni- berH und two vi.-'il»r.'.t, Mra. I. n. Toolcy and Ml»:> I'larice Cannon. lo ln!tit ifi Korea as clear proof of lintaifi's attachment to the Ideals ,,: liic United Nations. hi prniiiised Britain would fol-' m " Imv (i f'ji'i'ijin policy based on the •', jn-iOKl and most friendly" rcla- til:, wilh the United States. '!':.>• qiit'cn oullined the conscrva- prij'j t,|vi- government's program for t: with! i (i,-,;'."):) In a speech written for her L.ord'H', iiv I'l-imi: Minister Winston Chur- ! .•lull's I'iiliinet. It was the trndi* liii.il ".•ipt'ecli from the throne" like an atmosphere of progress in a storied settin«. They also find the 1 ," 01 ' 0 "No, Franco is a true general isfimo," disagrees a nationalistic patriot. "If Franco went to Korea with our Spanish divisions, he would destroy the Chinese Army." But an observer who has been y years said that Spain individual Spaniard one of thcf : ' lClllnllv is bossed by what he most likeable Kuropeans. | called "the nine old men." It is Moat vacationists, of course, arel lllp contention that the country has c interested in having a good u< ori controlled by the army for rend, j \vini-h npetiM each new session of time here than in the politics of thin colorful country which has sicch tremendous contrasts of an- splendor and cient grrmf'c'iir, old poverty. After dining at a palatial holel — spending for one meal enough to keep a poor Spanish family in beans and bread for a month — they ask idly, "Who runs this Mr. bnd Mrs. Uohn R pi Ilougton, TOXHS, announce the nrrlvnl of nu eight pound ><m, John Pobort, Jr., on October ;!l at « Hopo hospitnl. Mr, and Mrs. Cocil Smith of Hopo nro th* rnatcrn.ii Janet McKenzrc i;or>'. ns to Melody Maklu Saturday Janet McKi-rv/.U- entertained th, Melody Maids Saturday inonnnj nt her lunra- on Kast Third. Sue Cook presided over the' meet ing with nmeti'en members pro:'.- - j(,,|, si net. Ktuma ,fean Toll.-it, liillii-' Dawn Franks atul l'o ; . Ardtih liar Tic were; elected to till vacaneie: 1 . In the club Donna Kennedy (;;ivc a .sl;eti-li of the life of Jenny Kind. Carolyn Story SaiiK. "The Last Uo;:e of Summer" which was one of .lonny l.iod's fnvorite son);;,. Toni Tlioinp- XWHEAinfSSMCKmW Vw 1 fefe K»TOF«&;* v* fen atf ^ L ' ™m? Circle 4 of W8C8 Ho» Mtetlna Monday Clfi'lw No, 4 of HIQ WSCS of the Kfofhortlnf Ch\lWh met at the church Moudny ; tlfturnoon with i Mrs. Wnry iriitt, Mi'».. Ralph Smith. and Mri, C&rl ttotoorta as hostess- ppftyor was Riven -hy Bnrnttm nnd Mrs. 1', the meditation. Mrs. Httlph Smith presentod the urojj- rmn und, Used us her talk. "Mis- htid. Human Rlehls." Mrs, Curtis Moran guvo n ttilk on the Revlsotl Version ot the Ulbln" An Aft'lcnn Proyer" was senUid by Mrs, lU'm-y Hlti After n short buslrioss mot-tinu conduced by Mrs. Rornum, pic end ootfCo wus sorvvd to olewu und one guest. Dnle H. Wtobb pro- IntormidUt* M«thot)iit Youth Cellowihlp Hat Halloween Party The niot»bers of the Intermediate Methodl'st Youth and their tnvitcd guests enjoyed a ho} dog svippor, Hnllawwn i»nrly. find hay ride Friday cwninii, Oi-« tober SI, Miss Mary Louise Copelwnd toUi fortunes from a Witch's hut. th* Kucc«fcgful contestant in tho nie-ont- IttB cotU^Di wus Jimmy JotYe* Intei'uicttlatus who served on Un- commlttues wer«: Arvnngcmcnts Marlon McQueen. '^Ofi,VolK, Cavo- I ise culoi'dil ccrumony In the rod ai'o jjiiid House of Lords was the In• ;| in ;• senes of ceremonials for the yuun; 1 i.iueen, to bo climaxed ne'-.i JIHU with h«!r coronation. The (jiieen's disclosure that the I'huicliill (ji.vr.'rnmont will take the lii-si formal step of turnint? Brit- ,,i.i from the path ot socialism l.inl down by the post-war labor );.i«.-erniiients came in those words: "Hills will he laid before you for the ri'orKanjy.allon of the iron and iiteel industl-y and to provide for i hanjti.'S in the transport industry. ' j Thin means legislation will be j I MHi'.eii throufih the Houses of Com- j metis and Lords during the next i l;! months to return both industries I in I'.rivate ownership. i The si-ene awaiting her inside the of Lords was a rainbow of eulors. the scarlet and ermine eapes of the noblemi'n S(^t off by tlie |iirik and blue satins of their lai'li'.s and the bemedalled uniforms In tin 1 diplomntlc gallery. Philip held his wife's white- cloved hand gently as he escort- id liiT lo the choir of state, then solemnly moved to his chair on lower platform. Then, in a clear, still girlish voice, ' Elizabeth said: "My lords, pray be seated." It was the first time Elizabeth tii'd addressed her parliament. There was none who found it I «lrani',e to hear the beautiful girl sovereign speak of "my" troops in Korea, or denationalization of stool, the North Atlantic treaty, aiv.l federation in central Africa. Some 20,000 persons had gathered outside Buckingham Palace aKne, and they did not disperse! v.bon the coach drove back through A great roar arose as Elizabeth and t'hilip suddenly appeared on the palace balcony to smile and wave lo the crowd. They disappeared for n moment, then returned with their children, Pr'nce Charles and Princess Anne. it member of the Olee Club, Quill i A still greater cheer resounded, and Scroll, the lli-l..ight,s Stair, undj Finally it was over. The roynl the Future Homemakvrs of Amor-j family disappeared inside the pu'- Icn. She was chosen the sv/oel- j tuv again, and the good-nnturecl heart of tho Future Fanners of j crowd slowly dissolved. America for the year 'U)3l-.v,'. Siiuj The reign of Elizabeth II had 1st a member of the choir of tlu> tri'ly begun. 1'Trsl 1'rosb.vterian r.'iureh nf Hopo j " _ _ acting seer e-l a r.v-treasurer ' Markets Tho hoc market at Chicago opened slow and 25 to 35 cents a hundred lower. Cattle were steady to strong and sheep steady to weak. The Chicago Board of Trade wns closed for election clay. No 'wholesale meals on account of election. Commodity report furnished by the USDA: Hogs are 25 to HO cents lower at Eastern corn belt mar kPts but about steady at Missouii Hivcr markets. Most of tin: 190 to 270 pound butchers in the ea.st half of the corn belt are bringing $17.(>0 U $18. Tops nre .$17.7. r > at Chicnfio and East St. Louis and $18.25 at Indianapolis. At the Missouri Tlivor market* most hows scaling around 190 U 1'70 are brinp.ini; $17 to $17.33 al though a few have sold down t $10.75 at Sioux City. hiO years and any regime that tails to meet its demands is al ways sure to be toppled by the military junta still firmly in th<? saddle. "Thy nine old men are the captain generals or military governors of Spain's nine military districts," he said. "They hold the real power and whatever they decide as a clique becomes the policy of tile government. "Franco is, in fact, only the front man for these nine old men, even though the majority of thenv now are his appointees. He is no absolute dictator. He is answerable to them in any real showdown. They can unseat him anytime he moves against the army's wishes — and he knows it." There is surprisingly small dis- Fights Last Ni^ht By The Associated Press New Orleans — Marcels':'Rocky i-isphois, Hfl'i. Montreal. Cannda outpointed Bernard Docusen, 147 1 /;!, Now Orleans, 10. 1'rovidence. R. I. — Tommy Harrison, 178, Los Angeles, outpoint- ed Jimmy Bivins, 185, Cleveland,^ 10. Edmonton, Altn. — George Dunn, 134, Edmonton, poutpointed Drive Shade, 137, Charleston, VV. V.i., 10. Quebec, Canada — Mario Terry, M2, Havana, Cuba, stopped Bryan Kcily, 140, Niagara Falls, Ont. Do give you that monthly look? Wfcy lit Itll-tili mliiry, "nerm"ihow In year tjiit Docs your mirror show an older-looking, worn-out, nervous face during your "bad days?" Why let men see that you mr« suffering from monthly cramps? Try n llttli CaiMut ench day as thousands 01 women do. Let ft help build strength and resistance BO I yon have less and leas misery each month. Some KU through periods without feeling any discomforts nt all. Also helps rclnx jittery nervea—sleep better. Look. feel, net younger, more normal all month.'Ask for Cardui. CARDUI .MONTHLY CRAMPS CHANGE OF UFI 4 Used Treadle Machines Reconditioned and guaranteed in first class condition. Button hole attachments with each. Priced to sell. Easy terms and small down payment. Singer Sewing Center 108 S. Elm "We Deliver" Phone 7-5840 CALL US OR COME IN son iiuct Souyii cd a piano iliu-t plnyod a pi;mn SoiniiKM vilU; and ,Jo Hi-tl> HO!O. Hofrt!Khiricnt,>i wun- servod by tin hosilt'ss us.-Ut;lfil by her inotl:c;, Mm. Jim McKcn;-.k'. M|M Lorrnlne Qrooks to Charles Edward Roynton Intt marriage o( Lorraiiu- Hnmks to Charles Edwaul Hoy.*ton ut' St Louis la inndt- known hy her J.KII-- in-tjt, Mr. and Mrs. Osurio.s Kills lirooktt of Hope. Mr. !!<!>.,ton is the .son ot Mr. and Mr::, (itandv.sim Royston of ISk'vni.s. Tho wi'ddiru: w -ill i>u r.;i .event of the Thajiksi!ivlng holidays in t!u- pnrlov of lhc Khst 1-n-sbytorian Church of Hopi>. Miss Brooks i* a jjr;>,cluuU> of Uopo llissh School, whore sho was line! is Of the Sunday H.-ho.il. ! Mr. Ilo.vsU'n was graduated iron*j the. John Bun-ou^lis <.'uui'.try.! Day School iu St. I,,mis. II.- served two >var,s In Uu. 1 I'mh'd States Navy and has completed three years ol training iu the ,Si;luuil ut Ktlttinei'riUK ;t I tho University of Michigan at Aim Arbor. Coming ;qnd Going Webb h Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: JU. 1. Hope, Hi. «. Hope, Hope. Mrs. L. H. Parris, Mrs. W. P. O'Steen. Mrs. H. A. Whitten, "Freedom of the Press" what does it mean to YOU? SleepTonight Without Acid Indigestion Food, Oharlottc Clark, Mr, Hoy firoaqh, « Joo Polk Mr. nnd Mrs. ware In charge at iho sistt'r, Mrs, Noiui Dickinson Ins, Texas, House, and Mrs, Herbert t.ew«:- len, Mr*, W»tr- Qvn-esi i«nd Mrs. K, L. Broach served the |«r, «nd Mrs. ^Roy Footer dec Juu e«t I or 2 Tumi bvloru icuriajt. of Ft, Stockton. Texas, will arrive Wednesday fo W«x»iaUtJ. Jack o'Unterns. black npd wUch««, Other adults who entcrtoUunem Hrctich nnd , Giving Is Q The Whole World Loves! Send Flowers to Someone Who U III Send Flowers to Soy, 'Hoppy Birthday' Send Flowers to Soy, M Lov« You' Yoyr Florist Will TelegropH Ypyr «Siit$ of Flowers Anywhere in th» World Southern High School Students Are Writing Essays On This Subject Now... Three Will Receive $1,000 LION OIL SCHOLARSHIPS Freedom of the Press is particularly significant during election week. But—as one of the foundation stones of our democracy—it is important to America every week of every year ... a good thing for youngsters to think ahout seriously and talk over with their parents. Right now, thousands are doing just that. For "What Freedom Of The Press Means To Me" is the subject for this year's second Lion Oil Student-Essay Contest. Tferee winners will be awarded $1,000 college scholarships in this contest. Forty-five other students will receive $25 cash awards. Forty-eight teachers who sponsor winning essays will also receive cash prizes. In four student contests this year, Lion Oil will award a total of fu-efce $1,000 college scholarships and three hundred and sewnfy-tuv cash awards. In addition, six $1,200 scholarships will be awarded in two separate essay contests for teachers .,. one of which is now in progress. This is all part of a scholarship program that provides worth-while educational grants for Southern students and teachers. For we of Lion Oil Company are sincerely interested in the progress of the South. And since education is one of the keys to that progress, the Lion Oil Scholarship Fund is our way of showing faith in the Southern communities in which we work, build, lit*. STUDENTS ... Your thoughts on this subject may win a $1,000 scholarship! Second Lion Oil Essay Contest Open Now! REMEMBER .. . Judges give more credit to your ideas thun to your literary skill. Talk to your teacher, friends, family— show them this* announcement. You may ctune up with the winning ideas. ELIGIBILITY ... All high school stu- denta attending any public, private, or parochial school in a county where Lion petroleum products are sold at the sign of the Lion are eligible to enter. HOW TO ENTER ... Write your essay, in 600 words or less, on "What Freedom Of The Press Means To Me." Have it approved by your teacher and submit it to; Lion Oil Scholarship t x und, El Dorado, Ark. CLOSINff pATI , . . Thi» contest closes midnight, December 16, NIW ZQHING SYSTIM ... Thi? year the Lion scholarship contest ttrea |g divided into three zones. You compete on£y against students from your zone. Pnzes for each zone are a $1,000 college scholarship, and fifteen. $25 merit awards—a total of three $1,000 scholar, ships and forty-five merit awards for all three zones. YOUt dent Rules Booklet, or write tho Lioa Oil Scholarship Fund. f, tfcfe coalttl C/<MW 0«c 15, that mitt ywr diooc* » 9 wi« a LION OSi COMPANY I SON HAVEN'T M3U HEARD?.') «' DAGWOOD I PROMISE * I SHALL ( WITH COURAGE > AND bEVOTlON «'VE SEEN KLECTED SCOWLUHOOTA , ORAN-NSW CONTRACT H,X WHUT1 wnocA WAKEJP-WAKE UP.' ANO 1 fHANK VOU FOR THE . ONFlOENCEVOU ) EXPRESSED WE By MIcha.rO'Mdloy and Ralph Co ou OUR AY you LACK PIN On the Silver Screen UKT'6 ' NtXlXVWfeftB THB &AVJ6 i? THIN© OM PL.AN5 *IO IMPBJ6SONATB "S PROP 1 - WIU,VOUSBTA 52 Fly aloft 53 Among \ 54 Self-esteem 56 Arabian prince 56 Light browns 57 Drone bee 58 Dry wines VERTICAL 1 Unit of length '1 Motion picture actress, Freeman 5 Blood money 8 She is a TWBM AN AKrnaHT AU» PCfTH screen 12 Angers 13 Knock 14 Fir tree 15 Jump 16 Cqmpass point 17 Bopk of the Bible 18 Compound • ethers 20 Rat 22 Feline Hail! She has I-'layed many diversified HAVE CHIPPIM' WITH f TO TELL V, VOU A.vuv, -,.- .• •• f ^^^'^^jr.f'^n /. .$//y S2T1 \.\ 11 !M^/^-f\^^! I 2 Native metals 21 Above 24 Brazilian state 39 Harem room 25 Dry 40 Ties 26 Ribbed fabrics 41 Performer 27 Blackbirds of 42 Animal cuckoo family 43 Girl's name 8 Type of shovel 28 On the 44 Principal 9 Duration sheltered side 46 Heavy volume 10 Soon 29 Rail bird 47 Secu'.nr 11 Pause 30 Grit ' 48 Makes 19 Short-napped 32 Decrees mistakes fabric 35 Ardor 51 Since 3 Tidy 4 Phases 5 Wave top 6 Sped 7 Runs WASH TUBES GOT WHgnE Trite jtpfrO IF THE M^FleP^TOR WA4 RIGHT, THE BRlepCNse. CO^R(\DB«, rv'wiuE OR'TWO UP AHJSNI?.' lit THE BRIEFCfsf E ^ 'E^H FARM lANEr«.« 27 Goddess of infatuation 28 Onager 31 Greek god of war 32 Hfeavy blow 33 African worm ,34 Tear ,|f> Goddess of discord With Major HoopTe OUR BOARDING HOUSE A A RECORD -ruRiJOUT, Tt-ieY -feuL ME .' DOB Mo DOUBT ^ tO MV ^PLEI^DID SPEECH EXHORTlMS_EVE5Ey Mftsi A(^D vJOWANi 'Tb VOT6 PARTY / -**^' AMD FROM THAT £ (5RE5T ME. 1 JUDSe Tl4AT 1 :36 Gull-like bird 37 Paid notices in newspapers 38 Lords (ab.) 39 Mountain nymph 40 Sheep's bleat 41 Fruit drink 42 Sign of the Zodiac 45 Princely " residence 49 Algerian seaport 50 Burmese wood sprite By Edgar Marti BOuTS AND HER BUDDIES By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY HB'UL PB BACK NA/ITH THW 0\F IN /*. MA.TTBR O' By Hershberger FUNNYBUSINESS ALLEY OOP WHAT \UIKG A'WITCH DID IT \ R1DINS .._ . LOOK j BROOM.,. Y TO ME LIKE?/ISN'T THAT I IT 6H.LYP A AIN'T., JUeT A.Q 1 GOT WINPOW ACOCOANUL' ^ MY GOODNESS oOCTOK.r DON'T KNPW WHETHER HIT ME? oUTTHEflE, I W OR 0URE JUST WH T. M. R«I. W. 8. P«. OH. Off. 1952 b> NCA Sirvici. Inc. "Oh, any one of them will do! It's just for him to carry his pay home in!" By Galbraith SIDE GLANCES 1 "It's a new kind of parking rheter-p-eyery time 'th« tintt limit expires it blows taps?' i4/iilSO'E / *fs*t CtftJffS I iMMMff^lNMMftMPIfPVRIMMPM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AAJAlZATOTHe WELL. NOW WHAT DO YOU ALWAYS SAY? rwlS PA$K,iN & SPACB FO^ JUNIORS ONUY ! vo

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