Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 24, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1894
Page 5
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We are both on the lookout, you for the latest Eaeter neck-dressings, and we for wearers who appreciate nice goods properly made. This also will apply to our hats. We would like to convince you by showing you the gaodi.— Deweoier, the Hatter, THE TRIAL AT KOKOMO. The* Court Itoom Packed and Urea Attrutlou IIvli>e Pal«l to tli« I'ro- coedlDCM In Iho Trinl ol' A u^iiMtn Mrlmililt. The trial at Kokomo of August Schmidt, for tho killing 1 of Osca Wnlton last October is aitracliiif? degree of interest ovor there whic packs tho not overly large court room to overflowing and standing room only is at » premium during the sessions o tho court. Yesterday morning peopl began filing into tbo court room an hour before court convened that the. might secure a front seat, and when court convened the room was packed and the aisles and the space at the rca filled by men and womon standing Women are in attendance in grea numbers and many stood patlentli throughout tho sessions listening to tke evidence. Tho State's evidence is being pro sented as rapidly as possible, and i ia probable tho State will rest its caso Tuesday. A largo number of wit. nesses havo been subpooned on both aides and tho case will consume tho most of next week. The State is making a strong offort to show pro meditated malice at an inciting 1 cause of the shooting and several witnesses have testified to throats Mrs. Schmidt had mude against tho life of Walt«n some time previous to tho shooting. The dofaoso bad made no statement of its case but enough has been brought out on cross examination to indicate that they will work on the lino of jus tillable homicide und will attempt \o show that Mrs. Schmidt was com polled to protect herself against tbo criminal approaches of Walton during tho absence of her husband. This theory wasa'dducc-d in cross examination yesterday and added a feature to the case that had never before been presented. The defense will also attempt to show that Walton was shot while ia the act of pushing into Mrs. Schmidt's room. Among tho witnesses for tho State who testified to previous threats oa tho part of Mrs. Schmidt, was Mrs. Albert Armstrong, wife of the Georgo street carpenter, who testified that several times last fall Mrs. Schmidt had called at the homo of the witness to make arrangements for the building of a home in the city and that she had complained of Walton and upon her last call a few days befo r e tho shoot- Ing, had declared that she would shoot him If things did not go better. Dr. Dutchess of Walton waa the first witness called yesterday morning. He testified to the examination ol Walton's injuries and described the nature and extent of the fatal wound. The bullet hole was on the forehead near the hair line at tbe right of the median line. There was a cut over the nose on the right eye brow and there were abrasions below the right eye. The victim was unconscious at tbe time of .the physician's arrival at 3:30, nor did he revive. Witness further testified that Mrs, Schmidt bad called at bla office between 11 and 12 o'clock on that day to use the telephone which is In his office; wanted to telephone to Judge Dyke man at Loganspon. Her dresa was disordered and her hair disheveled and there were several bruises on the left side of tho forehead and above the eye such as night have been caused by » clenched fist or a blunt instrument. Her nose was bleeding or had boon' bleeding and she was much exoited. She said that she was huri and that Walton had hurt her. On cross examination tho witness said that from the trend of the ball on Walton's head, it having passed down and out at' the rear of tho right ear, the man must have been stooping ovor to receive such an injury. Mrs, Ann* Mason Allen who lives near the Schmidt home testified that she bad seen Mrs. Schmidt pass the house hurriedly on that day and that her dress was disordered and in an untidy condition and that she appeared excited. Had talked with Mrs. Schmidt the day before and the latter had said that •'Oscar was lazy and mean." John Sboup, jr., had seen the prisoner and Walton talking excited together one day, apparently over a matter of a fence, both making angry gestures and talking loudly. Did not hear what was said. She had told witness one day that Oscar was a rascal and a thief and bad, stolen her clover. Witness replied that "Oscar Is all right; better than you are." She said that people were trying to impose upon her because she was German, and he told her that she ought to move out and give the Walton's a chance as she had agreed to do. George Kantner testified that Mrs. Schmidt had toU him that Oscar waa a bud man and that she had got some- ihtng to defend herself and -would shoot him if Old not mind his own jusiness. On cross examination Judge Jykeman brought out of, tbU : very reluctant witness that Mrt. Schmidt HALF PRICE FOR SEASONABLE MERCHANDISE. 5 cents for Linen Collars worth lOc. IO cents for Linen Cuffs worth 20c- 37 1-2 cents for French Balbriggan Underwear worth 75c. 37 1-2 cents for Unlaundried Shirts, No. 1 quality, worth 75c. 50 cents for Fancy Percale Shirts worth $1.00. Oxfords for 75c—Ladies' Oxfords--worth $1.50. f~ 200 Pairs All Sizes, worth $1,50, for 75e. $ 1.00 for Ladies Kid Button worth $1.50. 1.00 for Men's Congress or Lace Shoes worth $1,50, 1.00 for Misses' Heel Shoes worth $2.00. 1.50 for Ladies' Fine Kid Button, sizes 1 to 3, worth $4. 1.50 for real elegant Low Shoes, all styles. OTTO KRAUS. The Bankrupt Sale. had meant that her defense was of her person; that Oacar had been trying to tali6 advantage of her husband's absence and gain possession of her person. Tbla last fact and new feature of the case caused a perceptible sensation In the court room and the effect of the reluctant admission was apparent upon the jury. Valentine ArnottaWalton hardware dealer testified to Mrs. Schmidt's pur chase of him in June, '93, of i revolver, which a month later she brought back abd exchanged for a larger one, a 38-callbre, Smith & Wewon. Th» revolver with which Walton was shot was identified by the witness as the one bo sold to Mrs. Schmidt, who claimed at the time the purchase that she wanted It as a protection against burglars. Chas. Emery testified that he was turnkey of the Cass county jail at the time of the shooting, and that he transferred Mrs, Schmidt from the callaboose at Walton to the jail here also testified ae to the unkempt and disordered appearance of tho woman, aud to the blood on her face which ho persuaded her to waah off. He iden tiliod tho revolver as the Bame which be had secured from tho top of a cup board at the Schmidt home the day after the shooting:. Held tho light at l while Dr. Jordan examined the prisoner's injuries the evening 1 she was brought here and saw no serious DrulseB on her face, back or chest. Frank Packer testified that he had seen Mrs. Schmidt in tbe callabooso and saw her amealng blood from her nose onto her face. Several witnesses testified to their being at the eoene of the tragedy and described '.he two rooms and the posi- ilon of the corps. If the court room was crowded dur- ,ng the morning session yesterday it was doubly crowded in the afternoon. [n fact there was a perfect jam of lumanlty which overflowed the bar )ar rail, swarmed around tbe lawyers :ables, judge's bench, clerk's stand and jury box, seizing 1 upon the awyer's chairs if purceanoe one of tbe profession arose for a moment with- mt taking tils chair in his hand. The court room over there was crowded during the recent Cal Armstrong trial, mt there was DO such crowd as that which swarmed into the room -yester- >ay afternoon. Two of the most important witnesses for tbe State in the line of bowing premeditated malice were ntroduccd la this afternoon eofiston. 'hey were Kate Trltt and Nora Shir- ev who testified substantially the ame that on the 8th of October at the omeof Wm. Gibson. Mrs. Schmidt, declared that "If Osoar Walton calls me a liar again I will shoot him and I have the thing to do it with, as long as that," indicating on her hacd the length of a revolver, "and I ijllput a bullbt through hU brain." Wm. Gibson's testimony in this connection was corroborative. He was present when Mrs. Schmidt Made the above startling statement and said to her • Oh no, 'Gusts' you would not shoot anybody; you would shoot like any other woman, around the corner ot under the bed," to which ihe re< plied "You vill see, Mr. Kipson, you vlll see, if me no shoot." Tbe State Introduced several other witnesses to show Mrs. Schmidt's attitude toward Walton and to present to the jury the position of the body of Walton and the. condition of tbe house after the tragedy. The aged mother of Walton sits through the tedious sessions apparently keenly alive to all that is passing and taking a close interest' in the transactions of court, a scone so novel to her. She and Mrs Schmidt's eldest foo, a boy of 11 vears, wero the only witnesses to the tragedy and old Mrs. Walton wilt therefore be the State's most important witness. She will probably be Introduced Monday. Upon motion of the prosecution it was ordered that the jury go to the (scene of the tragedy and personally Inspect tho premises. Tho jury will therefore be driven out to the Jackson township home of the Schmidt's today. The jury is not to separate during the trial; nor will they be allowed to read the newspapers. Cow have been provided for them and they will sleep in the court room. Cucumbers at RothermolV. LOOK HEREI It you want to buy or sell a bouse lot, If you want to buy or sell a farm, If you want to buy or sell a store, If you want to trade city property tor a farm, If you have any cheap bourns for sale, Call on M. M. GORDON, Room No. 1 and 2 Spry Block, Logan*pott, Ind- «•• WUlUmi Lut GUI Williams the popular German comedian, assisted by an excellent- company of fun makers entertained a» large audience at Dolan'g la»t night in the now farce comedy, ••April Fool." Following the performance Mr. Williams and company were given a reception and an elegant time by the Elk's at their pleasant hall on Peart. street. Tbe Modern W"T Commends itself to the well.informed,, to do pleasantly and effectually what, was formerly done in the crudest manner and disagreeably as well. To> cleanse the si stem and break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of FSps. The Book or the Fair. The Journal ban received Part Five- of • The Boolr of the Fair" issued by the Bancroft Company of Chicago. This work is an exhaustive history o! the Fair replete with fine illustrations- and it will doubtless find a large sale-. We are showing ft floe line of ki<5 gloves.—Golden Rule. NOW THIS IS A FACT Carl W. Keller & Co., the Merchant Tailors, lead them all in the Spring Trade. LOOK AT TBEIR PATTERNS. Ask any man in the city the way their clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. CARL W. KELLER & CO. 811 Market St.

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