Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 3, 1952
Page 16
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$*>'<{< •* ',;<„ .A |f »*Pfif«^pW l f^OrTOW £., *\ * V f & J> * t "? , f ***• ' J t \ »r' HOM if A*, HO PI, ARKANSAS Monday, jlevembiir 3, RATES M>* , »«fld, lop noil, snd flit dirt, Cull Jem Slnelnlr 7'2S99, 28 Football fiomt Still »**i v 11,80 15,00 0000 trtftd IM c«»e, fx)t* of m««fc «nnd*. fit., Hopfl, Wh 0« WUMI count «• «* Accordfan and music, 2 1021 K. 30'Ot PLANTS. »» Vintn'rtmtru. xhlpitK'nt of pot pllintu, flnatitlful K^rnnlumn In htorim. J«*t In, BMortment jiottfry fof di»h gardenit, i'BRLL rr/>wisn Huor South Kim, Phono 7-1420. .1-31 NEW YORK <# — Twenty-elicit cnllegc football «*»m* r«m«lnod unnnntt thu country'* otllo tonny with iinb«*l»n and untied rftcord*. Lltllft Pffiu T«neher* of N»bro»ka b(m*t« lh« b<;*t murk -- el«ht «tr*l#ht triumph* without B daf««t. w* the m»)«r coll9«e», Oeor- Tech, Maryland and UCtA all .,„,«» won n'^«rt while Mlehldnn f«,ile »t>d Southsrn Cullfornla ' B«pttir«rt »4x, ; " SPORTS ROUNDUP OAYtt TALBOT. HBW YORK Tn uplte «f they «avc prnycr of thnnk», after.! Pass Defense of Hog* Hat Folded FAYETTEVlLtiE. <Jfl — If It's not one ptiMJ*, It's another for the Atknnans R&yorback*. current —and most baffling — . — PVi>rylhfn« wir foremont educator*; which there were the Irnprosulve! on( , ,g. w hat has happened tn - - - • "•- -•" ----- ---i.." n. M n,^i*. f«ii nu , M i h u „ t *• * - hnv« done to leaden the evil, over followed by a thojr pro . gtylc defense, designed es- nftVff uonr in ipnnt*n in«r t-vu, »iv«;i . vi««""» —-• -••—-— •-* « incir pro-m/ie iirn--ii»t.-, UKUIKIII'U i emphB»lii rode the nnllon'* «rld-' formal banquet, where ornlors, p Cl .| B )|y to stop forward passes? . Irrm* two day* Bgrt. i jxwts, mu*tclnn» and other* who j n t |, t . Porkers' 31-12 defeat at] Many « young hu»ky wn* out'were famous, contributed to the| t h e hands of Texas AftM at Col- there getting hl» lump* only bc-i pr»i»c of the triumphant warriors." | Pgc station Saturday night— as In cniiae of the free board and room! -Returning to hi* home, pro- trt ,| r {wr n ^ vr setbacks this sea, n ,. lh .ar.w»r MW f«W» dropped frorn »• L thif C0(lch dw . cnime of the free board and room ••— ™ --• - • «-• I Involved, und Iwcmisp his paitlcu- (Hcd by n procession, each vie- 'tor condi »nw him before some } lor was showered with more hon- I or*. He entered the city through . lint, lnclii«lln« Dlike. which wa* j "''n,' 'thmitthT"* deeply di*turbln«,[a hole In the city's wall, made V;s- hnovH cii«n« ie. n, thmtth* deeply di*turbln«,[a hoe n e cs a by OeorgU T r. ch '" n i l1V ''; ! anrl In nn Mori to rcc»pturc tht-l|i«taWy for such entry. , tied by the I'nrrUt Islnnd; amateurism we have' "Th* 1 winner tnen m*t**' * '• •-. . t Holp Wanted unlary, nice plflcfl lo work. Apply Manager Diamond Cnfe, 27-if Lost ^^ SnOWNTMher biilfnld conlnlnlntf 142 nnd kJentlflfntltm popem. Cull Southwest Wood Product*. tri'C npirt of amateurism we have K'ims back to the orlsinnl Olympic l!nrn«» on Mt. Qlyinpun In Greece, was wlrted „„„ dined most lovlshly In his home city at public expense. Gifts Kmnjc G, Menke's of Sport*." EVII. vJiyinp 111 * ul ^-»>w<.ti:, ,."i."- —* - r~- _.-. the moKic eorpct of «*« forced upon him He was ex- '1C CH I Ot I wl ' »• vi v- •-'••' — -- --» --— -- •• ' "Kiicycloiir-diD-cnspted from tnxntlon. As a ell i urn*, he was permitted to build Dodd Gives Formula for .*» i-xhorted by the most famous ora-in;;io», Y........J .««.,.,...v... „„„ XX/iriMlHrl TA/im t'" 1 " from their'cMlM to «lve .their! .crlbcd whatever n m ount was Winning i cam j b » t iU , p?hi (nlr .„,«..«, ««>»«* -• obg(;rvo . thc Grcoks gavc "Emerl'ng the Hludlurn," we arcj a inomimcnt to himself In any part * w ' r **. ., sn._.,lt«*M«t tinnan If V\t\ iD^l/tt/l J)urh(»m, N, C. Co»ch Hob told, "Ihc different *(|tiiuU ixhorted by the most famous ora-1 ft nd», ,tori« from their dlloH lo «ive .their Ucrlbet tbi-it, to fight fnlr nnd clean, ami! needed. ! win for the borne city. i A* . h '( cho «°' hc ! wenlthy townsmen sub- , , . by Dodd'd ftii-niuln for footbnll »uc Services Offered ifEATta of experience In floor unndlntf and flnUhlng. Palo n .«!•», Dl'4 W, 7th. Phone 7-2334. 0-21-Im Tnch ono; "Be IOOBP, Hi-lax. Hnvu fun.' | Porhfi(>M no lonnt In tho cmiritry: Kt<l Kf'Ottur relish out of tho »"• tci.in st>«*t)n tlmri these enthuslnn- lie ranibllntf wreckcnt from Atlon- In, who now hnvti gonn through 21 rnlght gamoM without n defeat. The renson IB onsily trocud to Dmld, n mil, Clary Cooporlnh Individual who w«* ono of Tonnun- ,»*•«'» «rent field inmernls and bofom Kolng to Toch "At the conclusion of thc five- day festival, the winner* wero cs- c-rled to the lilwlue of Zou*. wher': ovcr-t'inphnsls a bard time so long us they hnd the Barnes to thern- s<;ii —tnelr aerlnl defense was pitifully porous. The Negro Community By H«l«n Turrter Phone 7-4474 Or brint item* to Ml*» Turnaf •t Hlcki Funeral Horn* Octooer 31. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Mrs. Marglec Taylor, aged 4l died at her home Saturday, NtK vomber 1. Funeral nrrnngemennS are Incomplete. -, <te Keystone Lodge No. 43 will meet Tuesday nl^ht, November 4, at the regular meeting place. All memb- Legal Notice 1 Z. 'A^S, who were the pre- «" '"'< »^« * * » M season choices for the Southwest Conference cellar, used the throwing' of Ray Graves nnd the receiving of halfback Don Ellis for three first hnll touchdowns, which wou|d hove been enough to Rive thorn t§c victory. j Jf it had always been this way, there'd be no puzzle. But, back in Jt)50 when Conch. Otis I) o u glas ca;ne down from the pass-minded LEGAL NOTICE G K Coleman made application at the City Council Meeting of Od- tobcr 21, 19S2, for permit to locatfe a gasoline pump and undergrounu tank on Lot 1, Ward's Replat, facing Walker Street. Date of hear* ing/is set for November 4, 1952, at Mrs. Oelnvia Jefferson died at her home in Washington, Friday, .Spartans" next Indiana, Notre Pross poll, the three opponents: , DHiiie and Marqucllb — are think me up ways and means of keeping the score down. Of them all the stimd the best chance of get- , «nd king dUtnnco Hauling. AUo local movlns, 800 Dannie Hamilton or cttll 7-3011, For Rent 4 ROOM duplex npnrtmont, unfur nWiod, Front and buck inUrnnco And «lnB«ed In front porch. One lllock from nchoo), 4SUI N. Elm 7440S, nftnr ft P.m. 7-3310, 204f „» n»»lsliint In 1931. Ho became heud conch In lIMfl. "Aflnr nil, thin U }»*t a game," the -M-ycnr-oW Tech mt-ntor "ro- innrUwl aftur carvlnu up Duke. 2H- 1, In the South'* bl« K«me here , Wo Ilko to keep It that way. We don't »frlnimn«e nt all nftwr the OUT OF DOORS with How Hunting Dogi Ride Trunk By JOE 8TET80N Doo Editor "Can we u«e your cnr?" nskcd Jeff, sheepishly. I knew this was comln« since mid-Summer, when the Stevens sedan, pair of family nequircd n new luirdly the place for n muddy setters, 'Sure, Jeff," I twtd, "but what on K(3 III Ull «IHVI vt'v - —•-• • ...» t „.„«, We don't drive our jure you Kolns to do when I m not don't try to liet them upjhuntln« with you?' A«»V #a»*n***ini •I- tM In **H«k;i.w.A»w i ..,(«.n«u>Sif«>ji«>rti<Wi HOOM funil.lHHl opnrl- mcnt, Prlvsto both, Klcetrlc re- friKerator. Utilities pnld. Phono MIB9 lifter 0, 3l-.1t 4 ROOM minfiw hiniKP, (Mil N, Kim. I'lrone 7-2003. 3 Kit furnished anurtment, 4 ROOM Electric nsfrJKerntor, Hulh and «(iriiut', Mr». Jud&on, 220 N. Kim. N or n particular , 1 think tiint In "IIP of the reu- wo don't hnve nniny 'flsit' Sut- urday«. Kvoi-y «nme Is moru or JCHI th(? Htinu- to us •- Just » «nmt\ 8wwtlme» the boys thum- <H!lvo» 'up' for » luuttU opponent, Just its* they w«-ro uni«l»nt Duko, but wu don't try lf> lift thorn our- ^ilVCl,*." Dodil IH o icfroMhlntt departure from the- ol<l ai'lwol couch, the Hirk-t dlsclplinurltin who believes In tlvlvinu with u whip i*W«pH ,i ",«»•''" UNFURNISHED B room house. Modern. SOS Utah Street. Phono 7-sm. a-at I HOOM furnished opiirtment with bath, 315 W. Oth. See Volmo do**, IJud'H Httmbur««r SUinct. 33t . -if jl~- *C« i, Ills «id«» sny he novcr crltlemts u player on the fit-Id or durlnu pruclic'u. He holds ,n private conference vvllh nny boy ho fool* Is H!ini»n In his work, Thcfu'H nuver « Uiilldup bi'fovo Uui locker K»mc\ room The to ,Lon<? Stur Ordnnce Plant, Swing shtfi. Call i**i MAN or boy. minimum URU 10 yam's, for uvnernl work In MoMt« aomery Wni-d Catalog Office, hours per day, six dnys per 70 eunU tin hour, Kitlua' ti'tim flISO to 10! 30 a m. or trom 8!30 to 8:30 p.m. Ask for Mm. Comjmui «t Montgomery Business Opportunity m i ----- i 3\vod on my proper- ot oJE c«Ulc, it, 0. ai.ot MONEY BACK OUARANT18E 100 INVlCSTMtSNT til VMS you your own Independent bushiest unevtv- ting it route of new S cent dU- erst handling iww, fasl-mov- confections In drug stores, ,_.,j«, bu» depoU, etc, AU location* obmuu»d (or you, You must have ems r/etrenccs and $800, which U Vrutected by an Ironclad money back Muuruntee, l)e- voting n few of your »paro houi-n to the buxittejx. you should «»rn to $70 weekly sunre time, full in. toot, leave the room for Hevei;al minutes ...-. every content.' 'the hnlftlme Intermission Is not devoted to Inspira,- ticnutl oratory such as nrnde famous by the late Knute Rockne, but to cold technical details. Candidates Are Both Sportsmen WASHINGTON Wi — No matter who wins tho election, the White Hutise will have, for the first time since Warren 0. Hnrdlnu was there 3tt year* ago. a president Who »<oe» tn tor « competitive Eisenhower plays «olf; Steven •Well." said Jeff. "I've been thinkln« of pullintt the do((s in the trunk. It's plenty Uwge enough, but the idea Just doesn't seem to be rlitht. How about ventilation and exhause Bases', 1 " There la room enouxh, nlthoufih I con understand anyone's concern for ventilation, heat. and. car bon monoxide standpoint. 1 thinu, however, thnt tho problem ciin be very easily .solved, In the first place, you mustJ-ncv- cr leave the dojjs In the eoiKwhen It In standing In the sun. This is a must. Ventilation can be very ensily provided by piittinjj a KratinK in the section of deck between the back of the rear seat and thc rear window. When the car Is In motion with the windows open, tin-re Is a pressure attainst the rear window which will force air ,into th'« trunk. This wll . • — JIIMI Humu iiit; LIU.IU wiui I>io lensue nnd installed the man-! t j llK through unscathed fur-man defense, the Rnzorbacks did a right Rood job of breaking )> thc opposition's air shots. Aransas' trouble then was it's im- otent f.ftensc. The boys who were aln cogs in the 1950 pass defense • and who earned the nickname f "the anti-touchdown twins," Jcari Pryor and Johnny Cole, still re on hand. Jim Tatum's Maryland forces face the two toughest foes on their schedule when they Ret back into action two weeks hence — Missis si,:pi and Alabama. If Bobby Dodd and his Georgia Tech operatives can get by Alabama en Nov. 15, they should be able to close the season's business with n perfect slate. In addition to Missisippi, Okla-- • - - s tin are although 7 p. m Mrs. Chas. F. Rcynerson, City Clerk. Oct. 22 end Nov. 3 Legal Notice lion (if the inside deck und Insertion of a Krnting or some device for IctliiiK tho air through. If this is nonlly done, the cnr is the better for it. Incidentally, don't forget thai the ventilator must be closed if thc windows are closed ns thp carbon monoxide content Inside the cnr will be .increased. Your concern over this is an indication that there is reason for concern for your dogs if they ride in thc trunk. Distributed by NEA Service. Five Teams Stay in the Select Circle By ED CORRIGAN NEW YORK Wl — As the politicians would say, the time has come, ladies and gentlemen, to stnit looking ahead. Five football conches of the country's rnnjor teams are doing just ihal today. They're looking ahead to thc remainder of their schedules nnd hoping they can remain unbeaten and untied. Mich igan StiUc, Maryland, Georgia Tech, .*.,..,,,^ >,. B ... , „ Southern California and UCLA are upset. 22-13, by Illinois Saturday. the teams still in thc select cir- ""• "-•" r r -h-,™. etc. One thing is certain and thnt is, I barring a tie, either UCLA's Red I Sanders or Southern Cal's Jesse home and V i 1 lanova among the unbeatens lied. As for thc bowls, thc picture still is cloudy and probably will be for .it least another week. Georgia Tech is a certainty to go to cither the Orsnge or Sugar Bowl— Probably the latter. Michigan State, which operates under Big Ten ru'cs, is ineligible as is Maiyland, which i!, on a one-year suspension from the Southern Conference for playing in the Sugar Bowl Jan. 1. The Rose Bowl probably will have UCLA or Southern California as the host. The Big Ten representative is far from being determined. Purdue is the currenl leader. Michigan also has a gooc chance of making it, despite bcin NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OP HENIPSTEAD COUNTY, ' ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 836' G. E. Roberts, deceased w -|| Last known address 'of decedent" Hope, Arkansas :• . Date of death: October 17, 1952. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above-named decedent on the 24th day of October, 1952. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred arl* precluded from any benefit in trV~ estate. • This notice first published 3 day of November, 1952. Albert Graves (Administrator) Box 24, Hope, Arkansas Nov. 3, 10 Legal Notice Hill is going to be uefore the season disappointed ends. Their ter.ms meet head on two weeks from Saturday and on thc result probably will go the Pacific Coast Conference title and a bid to the Rose Bowl. Neither has a particularly tough task this week. UCLA meets Ore- State and Southern Cal goes The Southwest Conference champion acts as host in the Cotton Uo-.vl. The best that can be said is that Texas, on the basis of its ai-14' triumph over Southern Method 1st, is in the favorite's role. Except for South Carolina's well- turned 21-14 victory over Virginia, must of, Saturday's games followed the expected script. Michigan State nipped Purdue, 14-7; M a r yland breezed past Boston University, 3-17; Oklahoma shut out Iowa State. •11-0; Georgia Tech defeated Duke, 2!i-7; Kansas stopped Kansas State, against Stanford, the defendin.7 i 20-15; UCLA defeated California, 23 conference champion. Tennessee swept past North \s for Biggie Munn and his i Carolina, 41-14; Notre Dame halt Michigan State outfit, the No. I eel Navy, 17-6, and Penn State team -in the weekly Associated nipped Pcnn, 14-7. NOTICE : Notice is herewith given that*' Hope School District No. 1-A* Emma Poindexler and Geraldinc. Rowe have filed a petition with thc City Council of Hope, Arkansas, to vacate all of Ward Avenue and also Lo vacate the nine foot alley be-i tween Lots 12 nnd 13 of Ward's Re-1 plat of parts of Blocks 11 and 12, Beard's Addition to the City of Hope, Hempstead County, Arkar|- sas, as shown on the original plat recorded in Misc. Book 3, paffd !J4, Hempstead County Recorder's^-, office. All interested persons nre* advised that the City Council;.;of Hope, Arkansas, will at its meeting on the 4th day of November, 1952; hear and determine whether or not all of Ward Avenue and ,the nine foot alloy between Lots 12-hnd 13 o£ Ward's Replat shall be vacated. WITNESS my hand and seal on this 21st day of October 1952. Mrs. Chas. F. Royncrson City Clerk Oct. 22 and Nov. 3 time wore. llnanclna «*• . . slstenee to mid «xpftn»iwi, Full irrfovkn»tlon> Wriw Box "C" (supply nmple ventilation while traveling. It will also help to satisfy tho partial vaceu- um thnt Is formed in buck of the cur which tends to pull exhaust fumes Into the trunk. Thus there will bo less carbon monoxide pulled Into the dogs' compartment. Such un nrranseintMit is adequate or short trips --- but not for j park- If you want more room and ventilation while parked you'll have ;o build (there are concerns thnt julld to fit your car and your spec iflcationsi an adapter with .sides und rear to fit under the raised trunk Ud, The ventilation which such a device will permit will al so increase the exhaust luu.ard. With the rear ventihuion it is Advisable to "stack" inn exhaust. An extension of flexible tubing car be rlfiKed to u heiKht of u foot 01 more above the roof line, Tho tub Inti uun be held la place with sue tiori cups such as are used for sk racks and can be installed or re Harding wiin n Kolfer, and t good one. He shot consistently h Klsenhower recently shot un 01, • — — -- •-• •- m.d once hnd a ?tt at Blind Brook moved In a minute. Such a nn w.t caro of Hope Sur, 3-3t MAN" OR WOMAN WOO PKK MONTH POSS1UUK A Ntttlonal concern with referonct-* barvk», Chamber of Comin tn Port Chester, N, Y. Aftfr Hai-dlng' itame u couple ot IUhevme«5 Calvin CoolWgo nnd Herbert Hoover. KiimlsUn 1). Roo.scvolt swam his Harry S. Tvunum \v«lk«i. None ol Uioxo sporti Is conslil- tntKt couipiHllivo, ttltho\>Kh Uioro m«y bo n ilttforeutfO of opinloi , ,, u»«d» hi»h typo pur* sons to supervise rtlhrlbutlon ut wally AdvcrtUcti Mtti-ehau- to BstubliithBci mall outlets. HONfiSTV ANO RKUU81WTY *»0»J8 PAST KXPBRIENCE. No iclllivg AU cquipmeivt own- by fluhcnv.nv, fish ami by some ! greatly reduce the percentann o deadly carbon monoxide from th exhuvust which would otherwise h sucked Into the compartment b the partial vnecuuin produced h the forward motion of tho oar. There is no need to modify tb ear or cause undue wear and tea with either a stack or a trunk In sert. The only change from a stni The White House ha» had several dnrd ear is the removal of a sec To Esso Dealers and our Other Customers: Geor«o Washington was quite an athlete in hi* youth. Abraham Ian- coin wrestled, De*plte his 345 pound*. WUtlum Howard; Taft had been a good baseball player, Tvum»n several Ume« has told thn story about haw he wanted to lw u baseball player, and how he fulled, to mute U hocBUse his eye- aight was pew, "$a they made me the umpU:c." Trumftn cheerfully rec«ll«. U KU?fthttw«r wiiw, h«'U UiiB di*tluctlot» no other pre „„,„,. -" >r tefcs h»4. H* w»U »« *» *wiy ,,„_„„.,.,..,. wa* paying' toot ball «t, We** Point, oud m»de Uw lii«;kle in a gAm^with^CftrlUl*. Kl* didn't wakt» The enau^fc tacfetes, won. Texons Trail in Pro Loop Grid Play Kven the high-powered San Fran elsco -liters aren't safe tn this un- let tain league. The Chicago Bears—15-point un- ileidogs—hunded the 49«rs their first setback of the season yester- Ay with u jolting iO-17 victory OM George Qlanda's -ia-yurd field iV*l in the fourth period. San Francisco ha'd won five trnight name* and was threaten- ill to make a complete runaway ith the National Conference. But ow It's a close rae«, with the ietrolt Lions 4-% only one obiuct in second place. The Uonf milled « rniM ------ hemseives by defeating the Qteve- anU Utxjwns, lt<4. This K«m« not wily moved De> ' closer to San Francisco, but »«ttt «>« Atuwrican Conference do a two-way tie tor first plact Between Cleveland and Uxe New Vork Giants, 'rt»» QUnt* moved into a tie for hit te»d by walloping the Chicago CarOtaaU. W-& As « rasult, th# iiavM and Browns h»\e identical I records. In othw games, the Los Angeles ,MW broke loose for the first tin\« this seasoii to trounce the TwMMS, «>StO; Pittsburgh stopped ' "- " jr*«y lor » 34- f-Tf-*,ff ;i '" ' t '""*» Monday, November S, 1951 jAl'mWsWiW, w ,4 * IJ T?..)7," i y^'- ™" v5Pl*£ MO PI STAftt MOI»I, A •y Ctitek Youn« HAT'S ONE OF, HE FIRST TRIO<5 HUSBAND LEARNS, Binr IT DOESN'T LAST LONG ONE PICKLE ON A DISH TWO STRIMG BEANS ON A DISH-ONE R«viSH E FRIED POTAtO-ONE DAB OF PUDDING- •4O WONDER/ JAGWOOD BUMSTEAD, COME HEf?E MIS MINUTE WELLJHATS THAT- THE DISHES ARE FINISHED jp mi. Kii|ttii«in.l|«<»i». I". *"^ "I We at Esso Standard Oil Company believe that the right to vote take* precedence over all other rights on Election Day. For that reason we are giving all our employees ample time off on November 4, so that they may all exercise their franchise as free citizens. Because so many of our employees will be in voting booths instead of at their jobs on flection Day, we may not be able to serve aft our dealers and other customers as swiftly and efficiently as we wawJd lifce to. If you experience any inconvenience, ple§»e bear witt^ us on this day of the year. You'll be lnconv««i«K:*d for a pVighty «ood c»usel victory, and Gre«» Bay IWENTIFl BO WASHINGTON W — Tb» $88 irf »»» €sso ^^^^^BIPPPBI^^^^^ IARD OltfCOMPANY I*AiK .-«f .."^ A >t * "* ^^^ &$£. %i.*<iS ^1\. , •«- . 4ft* )%. ^" - S «*( . '^ if?- Answer to Previous Puzile 38 Orange legs blossom oil 47 Mimtow 40 Lithuanian 4tf Girl's name coin 50 Guided Clothes Conscious HORIZONTAL 2 Kind of bomb 1 Worn on the 3 Head to head ttaar! ' *' .", . 4 Electrical 4 Sleeveless mcMU «s garment 5 Bacchanalian $ 8 Turfs cry 12 Follower 6 Burned 13 Baking 7 High explosive chamber g R 0p ' e fiber 14 Sacred image 9 scent 26 Natural fat 41 Corn breads 15 Cooking vessel 10 cupola 27 Prescience 42 Gaiter 16 Hateful 11 Snow vehicle 28 Employer 43 Polynesian 18 Metal refinery n j n t - n j s p ] ace 29 Communists plant 20 With hearing jg Faithful 31 Sweater wool 44 Again organs 23 Assent 33 Meditated 46 Worn on the 21 Sloths 24 Greater 22 Nobleman quantity a24 Speck 25 Hebrew w 26Him measure 27 Coat material 30 Greek letters 32 Full -of chinks 34 Remainder 25 Accustomed 36 Before 37 Heredity unit 39 Indian weights 40 Learning 41 Footlike part 42 Flight of steps |)45 Native of ' Rhodes 49 Old style trouser 81 General post office (ab.) 52 Region 53 Otherwise 54 Pronoun 55 Pulls 58 Expires 57 Musical «l syllable ** VERTICAL 1 Skirts or pants cover these 1 0. IS 18 ») M y> 36 « W SI SK z K 13 3 " 41 19 ^ W ^ * 37 ^. tb jfl W 55 St> U. Nf m % MS * A a ii ^ </fc ; /u '%<< 11 3 1 "m » 'fi i'l SI 51 57 K) U <n n w s CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T. M. B. C . U. S. Pit. Oil Copr. 1952 ty NE» Sirtlct, V "I'm sorry, Herbert, but '.ve can still be friends! You majj ** continue to give -.tie presents If you like!" / By Golbraith OlAIKIItl By Mlchoel O'MolUy and Ralph By j. R. William* OUT OUR WAY MO? WHAT<HOW CAW V3U IP THRYV6 AUR6APV >OU MEAN THAT ASOP AN'T FOUNP < DI5TO&BP OP TH6iR A»OUT TMi&^ PROVB THE W8V- TO PU.U A JO» WfTH THIS ME9«BM- you POUITICIAMS ., , 3\& ME .' VOL) ('GET TH 1 COUNTRY , IM TH' COMDITIOM • I OF * BALE OF H^V WITH OKIE WIRE CUT X AKJP ARE AFRAID- TO Cin TH' OTHER. MUTTlN' ACROSS ) LOOT, THERB'S NO " \\AILM*N'S ^ CtBAWINS e6(T5 UNlPORM. MV KMS ABTB ffiOIMe h|V I lir* **V»l*'M'«77 I hwwi, imcrscs;? I'V^r TW HALU-VIC'/V PfittCBMTAG.& IN * ' ••^/y\AWN&ANARR6ST NOW 7>tt OP THB citwe Pfiuu OUT TO AAAKB A PINCH FIRST/ THE OTHER WAV.' HE'S IM FOR IT NOW" H WIRE AMC? 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'YOU'VE CAM i Heru» PICKED YOURSEUF I It IF HB a N fta NEW P6EL ME ANOTHER. r? AT THB . £&gKS VA)NLV TOLBARW VWfH IN riiNRY MU""***^«,

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