Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 3, 1952
Page 10
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H0M STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Monday, 3, xs 1 «- "S(f could fnntmel- <«f IM W eonlbtiK 1 to da the work wttd«r the employ*' 1 '* Wrm» or to by armpd fedtral mnr- wllh rft»tnicl«mm to w«* n»e#»nry to we that tinned to do thu work, The Demwi-nt* fr^cd tin of thf»« ftnrtlHortu «"'• WP ftppraelBte tt, The Republican* h«v* maif« It very th«t they Intontl to re-nnw Otom If Uwy «r«t return»d lo j>owcr You tM> doubt roeall the »lBtcmrnt f»x*«, tt he »Dld, mad» Ift J3«>C(sm»»r, "If *)t <h»- 0»iv»)iton, In Which to to jtflnwn lh«y wilt have «i ont, a bed and a rftof ov*r thtfr n," M^-Mimr, thl» l« not t»<i kind Of *«fiirlty w« wont, In Taot, we want IM Kittd U»» »«m- - «lver> .«* «««'««« the SO y*ir». A F*)r »*•»! tut oil i>rle«« «HIWn», net JiMt n prfvl )<jfed few. Wt win admit that the war in Koran If deplflrab!*, but you «•«« th*t w« do not w»nt com- munlim which wn* crneplng upon u« from «ll p»rt» of the cnrth. nnd l.tm ««• j«m ttid «Vffryo««!i w»l *gfe» tlMf It wi* rtwcMHry for t« to rnnto * fttortti «omR plae« and to »»* tltit wherftval- thl> *lnnd wn»< would not be n miltoblf or piece for 'tin, No, Mr, Editor, you con not cull tho** of thc Republican party Hint ymt hlv* condemned *" corrupt 1 nnd tmr«ll»blfl from those that ore For Eisenhower Continual r.nrn Pnwr One WUft If) tfin Msttlij'/, I for Ki»i"nJt«>wrrr. »!•:• ( ii;i tnornlnn pupor. irrn-i-Tftl, whfeH (s Our ('«.<-rii!!H paper. UK!*, Is for SlCSCtt- Presidential Continued from Page One by Itep. Henry M. Jack I' flaw Kelly Uryont. nbgtttv.,* month nj?'< h*/n- M fhrr borff n»k>»d him .''bout you, MIM« rim aeriinn Mr. and Mrs, Wnrd nnd Jack Witt. j I nm lifWifcJu'f'pf r fnr the Eolftj nnd Nnk'hcx holols. thf.Ktiln (V/f f<"<> shop, find tho Fl'tln Offico IHiild iwn. M<>ntnnn —Zalc.1 N. Ecton, opposed by fti'p. Mlko Mansfield. Indinnn — William E. Jcnner. <!j,pfiswl by Oov. Henry F. Schrlck- DICK Coat of mnlnlolnlnK cotlffifn nnd UnlVfriltten in the United Stotcn in IOSI wo* about two billion dollnrx. Oft, 31, Ktrtn 1».")2 iuppo»Bd to be Bond -- no you had better get off the fcncn nnd e<> ..... „.._, slang with tho party of the•,people, I jn« t-«r|)or«tl»h. Ui* Winner, th« Democrat*. ' EDOAK C. Nov. I, 1932 f)23 «. Elm Hii Hope, Ark. Prom Alabama Kdlfor The Stnr: 1 my >!on Ht-rbcrt nnd wife h"r<' In Alnbimiii, yi-titorday See the GAS HANOI off Ik* DAY *V Display at Your Frfendly •\ WffMvssm down ; \vhon [ tlui little |inp"r boy drllvorofl tho ] Time a loon ti Ni'Wf. on tin 1 fi'inl pn {>(.•: 1 n.v.v this Hlppinc from Hojw, an thought I would send It to yon. NCWN K'H iH'niind very fnsl. I just hope your I'rcfildont v'ill IK- ourH, MHH. H. II. DARNA!.?! Nov. 1, 10r>2 Knyettc, Aln. From Claud W. Garner Kdltor Thf Slur; I'm Rl;id to find your -column back in Th» SUn. Thnt'H the port of your paper '.hot I enjoy most. I was ii.iltcd by my local pupor^to write iho nttarhod letter and dlneo your recent. r.Uii.e- mont (in this Mihji'cl w:is in line with rny own conclusions 1 ibmmht you might bo lntore.ilfd In h:>;irin(! Jiml, what turned me to hover, I have the ndvuntnjre of watching both candldtitcH over television tipil thcit ulve.M me n vlumee to study > Dflawaro — John J. Williams, uppiixfid by M. Gov. Alexis I. DU ptint Uaynrd. Otfi«, - Arthur V, Wotklns, op- po-od by ,p T Walter K. Granger. MH.«»achu/-etU — Henry Cnbot IxrlHft Jr., opposed by Hep, John Wisconsin —• -Toseph R. McCarthy, opfMisetl by Thomas K. Fair- t-iii Id. ({(.•publican* are hopeful of pick- in:,' up Oernocrntlc aents In Wyo- IT itn;, Now Mexico, Michigan. Con- n.-uii-ut. M.-trylnnd nnd Arizona. lluliiins! these seats now are !!,<;.• Domocrnt*: V/yoming -- Joseph C. O'Maho- ,.,-y, <j|iposed by Gov. Frank A. Hi.nct>. r.'ov; Moxlco — Dennis Chavez. !.;•(.>)'<•<! by former Secretary of Wiir Patrick J. Hurley. ! Michiitan -• Hlair Moody, op'•• J.IIIM••! by Rep. Charles K. Potter. i ('iiiuioi.'itncl — William Bcnton, ! oppw-l by William A. Purtoll. j In Mi'iryliind, the incumbent i [iMnofi-at, Horhcrt O'Conor, is re- lirmi;. Democratic nominee George i M.ihiMK.v is opposed by ,Rep. i ,1. c;io;m Beall. ; Ari/nriii — Majority Leader Kr; belli nun, their expressions, ac- i tlc.iis. etc. Ike is holding his own ' oven though Stevenson has a won! dorfiil ne?t W. McFarland. opposed by| Borry M. Goldwater. fn the House. Republicans arc counting on an Elsenhower sweep to tflvo them up to 24(1 se;it<i. 28 more than a majority. Kven with u Stevenson victory, GOP exports ftla'm, Republicans expert at !<-?istj 230 House seats, 12 more than «] majority. i Democrats can't see it that way. They figure on retaining Hnu.^e control by a slim margin even if Eisenhower wins. They are counting on up*to 2.10 if Stevenson triumphs. Two nationally prominent governors are among those seeking reelection. They ore Frank J. Lauscho, Ohio Democrat, opposed by Charles P. Taft, brother of tho senator; and Allan Shivers. Texas D e m oernl who has endorsed F.isonhovvor. Shivers has no opposition. Oov. Paul A. Dover, who keynoted the Democratic N a t ional convention, Is seeking to'd me they intend to vote Republican this fall so that Risen- howcr should win the election. "2. Stevenson's one hope for victory lies In a possible (read of tlu- electoral college system—by squeaking through with small mar.. '4'in* in the big city states with thc ln a - luiviesl doctoral voles—New York nnd Illinois, plus either California. Pennsylvania or Michigan. "3. If that happens, I would not be surprised If Eisenhower actually got more popular votes through j the whole country, while losing I out on the electoral count. i "4. Should the pro - Eisenhower | trend prove strong enough to crack i t.'irei 1 or four of the big city states. i I'ci'ii Ike would win by a land- Crime Does Not pay: 8:30 Eugenie B;>ird. Monday, November 3, 1952 ~ HOP! STAR, MOM, A *JIAMSAI - 9 a. m. Welcome Travelers. . . CBS — 1 p.m. Second Mrs. Burton. . . ABC — 8 n. m. Breakfast Club. . . MBS — Don't fas at Your Wife SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. ro-olpctlon! bl ' c ' w nn in Massachusetts. Mi:! major op-i lltu ' ully in ponent is Rep. Chris Iforti>r. I Other states electing governors' iirc Arizona, Arknn.'ias. Colorado.: Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Incli-i ana, fowa, Kansas, Michigan, Min-' licsota, Missouri. Montana, Ncbrns- kfi, Now Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North D a kota. Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utnh, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. ".">. In any case, tho pattern of voting which prevailed four years iit:o will noV be repeated. A Stevenson victory would produce an electoral map closer to that of 1944. An Eisenhower triumph would sctoral alignment un- modern .limes." Pol Is Fa i &"• \ '• 'fe'V-' #"'**• » ,*,. command of the English i'li..f-n- i )iin.!;ua;',c and Is very good at word us;u;<". Miil'i- to sec you before too long. CLAUD W. GARNF.R Nov. 1. in, r )2 ; V,oathorford, Texas : (liklitor's Note: Clipping from • Wcatherford Democrat duly readj i ani.l digested. Mr. Garner, native j jut Washington, Hempstead county, | i is iiritionally-known author of the 1 ! novels "Wetback" and "Cornbreadj SIX MONTHS ABC CIRCULATION STATEMENT " J r ^v ,. f, y If* 1: |wf $$,^ I^^Iv'Vi For th« six months ending September 30,1952, Hope Star Had an overage dolly net paid circulation of Hi-.' Authority: ABC PubluHer's Statement 9-30-52 .BRJ '"jTt ' ¥^\^^ & Y ^ /> ffyf ' v,t% s $*W' llf *t' >•*, /,~^ itopfV-% •pp,- ,v- ^r •• < *&', - ; crfYiwi Dealers and Carpiecs- . , . Pwblisher's Counter Sates c: . Mail Subscriptions , , , u , City Zone . .... RETAtt TRAD(N€fONE 1,973 13 _ 3 1,989 per 42.:?! and I of| • Aiistncrat.") Continued from Page One Eisenhower would got 47.4 cent of the popular vote to for Gov. Acllai E. Stevenson 0.4 for other candidates. The poll listed 9.9 per cent the vote as undecided. Roper said: "Our final poll, for which the interviewing ended only Friday night, shows that there are enough people still undecided to throw this election either way." Lubell came up with a five-part appraisal: "1. Enough persons who voted Top Radio Programs NEW YORK UP) — Listening tonight: NBC — 7 MacHae Program; 8 Donald Voorhees; 8:30 Band of America. CDS —7 Suspense; 8 Radio The a tor; 9 Bob Hawk. ABC — 6:30 Lone Ranger; 7:30 Rex Mpupin; 8 Jazz Beat. MBS — 7 Woman of Year; 7:30 BECAUSE HER COOKING GIVES YOU HEARTBURN!, She tries mighty' hard to serve >\ou th*< foods you like be»tf* lAntl she does such m good job, you jutl can't resist a second or third helping. S* sornctimej gas, ion* stomach, acid indi* eestion may result. But Turns quickly solve the problem. For Tunis quickly neutralize excess acid, almost before . it starts. Contain no soda to over-alka-' lize or cause acid rebound. Eat 1 or 2 Turns after meals or whenever distress occurs. Always keep Turns handy, eat like candy. Get a roll today! SH/lonf/lOilo foil "v*» ? £alender ^Monday, November 3 The Hope Ministerial Alliance Will have a special prayer service lop our country and for guidance a the national election on Monday, po.vembcr 3, at 5:45 p.m. at the > Mai k'«s Episcopal Church. All ._ citizens of Hope are asked to pmc to this special service to ask the Old State House in Little Rock. The Gardenia Garden Club will jut: wtiiutiii™ —••- m"f nomination, i-rcmit-i »>»<»• T...... meet Wednesday afternoon at 2:JU accused the Soviet Union to- at the home of Mrs. Frank Russell guidance. help for our 'country and foi Tito Lashes Russia, Pledges Aid to West By ALEX SINGLETON Singing Cowboy Coming to Hope ZAGREB, Yugoslavia fiery defiance of Russian threats rJ , omin . l(i()n , Premier Marshal day of promoting n world Hope Band Auxiliary will mee for their regular monthly meeting at 7:;iO Monday night at Cannon Hall. All band mothers are urged .io attend. with Mrs. P. H. Webb wid Mrs. Jack Hogg as co-hostesses. Circle No. 3 of the Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Chris, tian Church meets at the home of Mrs. T. B. Fenwick, Jr., \\ednca day night, November 5, at 7:30. '• ^~~ „,,„,. ti^ 1 against heavy military and cco^ Paisley Browive Troop under the ( -^ ()dds -^^ ht> brokc wlth leadership of Mrs. G. C. Cromer ; ' Kl . t , mlin . lecl Comintorm in 1948. n " d ,_ M ^,- Ma :!:':.°r n iEE ' T H o . d dre...d the 2.300 dele- and pledged Yugoslavia's co operation with the West in pre serving peace. Hq laid before the sixth Con- 1 gross of the Yugoslav Communist Party, which opened yesterday, a 40,000-word review of his struggle in maintain his country's freedom Wednesday attcrnoon, November , immediately after school at the ^ittle House. Hostesses will be Doi . Tuesday, November 4 "The'VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday nighl at 7:30 at the Hut for a social meeting. Hostesses will be Mrs. Lorraine Blackwoocl and' Mrs. Klsie Hall. ^ . otny Smith and Virginia Ann Horn- iday. IUMS FOX THI TtlMMV | for President Truman in 1948 have FOR INDUSTRY'S SAKE VOTE FOR Amendment 43 It is not a tax, unless the people of cities vote a tax on themselves to bring in an industry that would help the city and the country. We need more industry in Southwest Arkansas. This might help us get it. Pol. adv. paid for by Royce Weisenberger Garland Brownie Troop under the leadership of Mrs. J. W. Franks •Slid Mrs. M. I. Dillard, will meet Jjl'uesclay afternoon, Nov. 4. at 4 '.o'clock at the Little House at Fail (park. Janice Bailey will be hostess i Delta Kappa Gamma Societ '.will meet with Mrs. P. L. Perk in ?on Tuesday, November 4, at 7:30 jp.m. Miss Gwendolyn Dean will !bc. co-hostess. Friday, November 7 Worlu Community Day will be observed by the Council of United Church Vvomen on November 7 -in tne Episcopal Church at 3 p.m. Women are asked to bring warm cloimng lo riniants and children unue.r six years of age. Tiicse ••Baskets lor Peace" will be sent lo Ihe children in Korea. gates as boss and secretary-general of this country's Red pt.rty. His speech today was one of cautious optimism, but he warned; his patty that "there is less and' le«s prospect of finding a reasonable solution for buring International Questions." Tito cautioned that Russia "is aiming itself and its satellites in order to achieve its aims by force: to hold enslaved countries in subjugation, to seize new territories enslave other peoples." Turning toward Yugoslavia's rcla lions with the West. Tito said co- of ol ing Peace," of thc led Church Women will be given: m the Episcopal Church Friday! afternoon, November 7, at 3 o clock. At this meeting "jackets lor peace" will be received. I swapped my old stove , for a Modern AUTOMATIC Gas Range Because • • * An Automatic Gas Range Gives Me EVERY Modern FEATURE I Want! "Talk about modern features! My new Automatic Gas Range really has them! Preparing meals I* simple now. All I do is put togclher a menu which will bake at the same temperature and set : * * - ' '* my automatic clock control. While I'm out visiting in the afternoon, my dinner is cooking at home—automatically. All of my friends have been over to see my new Gas Range and how easy it operates. They can't get over the automatic cooking speeds, the automatic clock, the smokeless broiler and all the other wonderful features. Our family is certainly glad we swapped our old stove for this new Automatic Gas Range! I gof a liberal trade-in allowance on my old stove—and It was installed fRffl" i Wednesday, November 5 ; The Jonn Cam Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution [Will be hostess lo a Silver Tea at Hhe home of the regent, Mrs. Dick Watkins, 404 East 14th, Wednesday Nov. 5. from :i:30 to 5:30. Proceeds will be used for the restoration ot * SAENGER ^ LAST TIMES A ^ TODAY w Mrs. Dick Watkins Names Committees for Silver Tea Mrs. Dick Watkins. regent ol Ihe John Cain Chapter of Daugh tors of American Revolution, has| countries but that experience shown in concrete ways that] co-operation may prove mutu ally useful. Vie expressed Yugoslavia s appreciation for Western aid in time of need but made plain his opinion it was extended chiefly as a matter of self-protection for the West. Forest Fire Situation Much Better henslvo of this morning's Wlhtl. Two now fires sprung Up this mornlnn In Snllne County, north of Alexander. Martin snld Ui<" situation over wore ex .stale "wns n lot better" but ,\ change in the weather would "Ignite the powder keg." He again ! ropnted tho serious need for rain LITTLF. ROCK W! — Arkansas' t,, nllovlnle the dry. parched con forest fire situation was Improved dition of Ihe forests. vastly today but the dry timber- ...... lar.ds still constituted what Assist ant Stnto Forester F. U. R' Jim Martin described us "a dor kog." Flro fighters concentrated on Columbia and Union Counlios in Soulh Arkansas, where (lanus near McNeil and El Dorado -\vi'.') oi.;rnln« over 3,000 to 4,000 ne«'ts ol timber. They also were in 'Jttl yesterday but -9$ 8(111 day. * Martin said total damage the October flr« "Witt ftil tho millions of dollars, one. Your dnughtiM-AnUnv • mny over Ihe power slui wii-Uls at home, but she would have muun move ctnise tor exultation If suo thought she could keep Her hus bund's family away horn l>im nl- together. Furthermore, It is most important that both your ton mui his daughters uu assured of tin. devotion of his family, especially vvnen their domestic life is in such uhaos. tors of American Revolution, lias, o£ Mrs announced her committees tor the \^>ni- lub "^i ai inc Oclobcr , . i i U .„ .••!•. .-4 i\ ^. 'V . LjV \ (- l v. l l.t. .»w* America's favorite singing *pd t cowboy, Gene Autry, and his two ittle Champ, will appear r , person rtrrte'bte 3t ^blAT'ApplaNng with Autr^w.H t b !L 8ml ! ey Burnett. Johnny d, the Silver Tea to be given by the chap ler on Wednesday afternoon, \M—. W. L.v X u I V. I l-t. .«. H meeting. Tho mooting was called to order by Mrs. W. D. Gorham, vember 5, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. , pl .p S i dt , nti 'and tho Home Demon- al Ihe Walkins' new home al 404 j strntion Women's Creed repealed I.-. t i ,i«u . »i rtM... .-. ,t nf i VIM m nnl n Kast 14th. Mrs. Robert LaGrone will serve as General chairman with the food committee headed by Mrs. Lloyd Spencer assiscd by Mrs. J. W. Houston and Mrs. John Barrow. Sr. Mrs. Finley Ward, assisled by Mrs. rt. C. Cam anti Mrs. J. V. Dll(lll>'l' % » i .11 i n. i i n ---»— - » by all. Tho song of the month ••Count Your Blessings" was sung, after which the devotional was given by Mrs. J. J. Foster. Everyone repeated the Lord's Prayer. Tho roll call was answered with everyone tolling how they had been blessed during the past year. The DOROTHY DIX LaGrossa, will have charge decorations. the! minutes were road und approved. Old and ' ' """ '''"' Mrs. Charles A. Haynes, Mrs. itoy Allison, and Mrs. Sidney HoU- man will lorm the hospitality committee. Mrs. F. R. Johnson is chai~ cussed. A nominating committee consisting of Mrs. T. J. Stewart, Mrs. Irvin Brooks and Mrs. Russell Stephens was appointed. Canned products were brought to Aloof Bride DEAR MISS DIX: While my son was in service overseas in 1944, he married a girl wo ;ill act-opted with open arms. 1 have two daugh tcrs, both married lo fine boys. I was a widow and raised my children alone. When my son brought his wii'o homo, we were all anxious lo help! her. She resenled every tivorturej' PEAR MISS DIX: 1 went with i boy for three years and, up to two months ago, things wore purred. Then I bocnme 111. Since then, little things have bothered mu, making me lirltibio und unreasonable. Last week he stopped goinn with me because he says! I uruuo too much. 1 roalUc 1. w«s wrong and have begged for unothur chance, but he says I should wait n month lo see it I reully love him. Do you think, it's wise for me to wait I know -I love him. but fear he may find someone else In thc meantime. Answer; If the boy finds another girl within a month, you miiy fif he wasn't very much in love with you, a harsh truth which would have come toligh I soonei or Inter. Also, if be cared, hi would have been more patient will you, making allowances for yoin Illness. Why not spend the montl making new friends yourself .Don't get Into the habit of crawl E J.M, ing Into a corner und wen pint most of his salary. Answer: Although to look askance at, ing molher-in-law : law problems, appreciating —- . . fact lhat of tho two sides 1 am | martiage. shown only one, your letter, which I have somothat shortened, is so p o| . otri y ]3| x knows tho pitf; TUESDAY • Election Day Special • man o£ arrangements, with Mrs. bc given to the Arkansas Crippled nicnards Howard as publicity chair | children's Home. Due to the ab- man. i stnce of the food presonvatlon lead- All proceeds of the tea will bo ' cl . t ne foods were not judged. A sed to i'urlner thc completion ot, demonstration was given on mak- ne Old State House in Lnlle Hock, jng hassocks. About 20 hassocks _ , and Carriers . |^|^;-.(V\ail Subscriptions. . ,^-H'V «wt t*H%^ ^ * (jTyVK " *•j- ^'^ ^ ^ l <" mj^.tiW'Cfty anrf RTZ l^'Kl Other Mail . . - «nfc.V'.«- j'V/* ^ >f f |M^ K ( 'ft s-> v iVl, otalNet Paid . . * !?''>'"• '"•»<' " ' 187 921 1,108 3,097 127 3,224 ' it -t!« "^'-^,-M J -». ,.,. *' I * * *. VM L&££ •yt Hope Star's tocoi advertising costs in 1951V. The mte^pAi^tncH Is higher, it is . trtcrwied wUH *•• rate v Her* is th* ,.'*.'.,"> it jm^,^ ^ < ^ ^'^ "V.« Wx, •* REMEMBER «' The Title Tells Everything! AH friends of chapter members and ttiose who are interested in his project arc cordially invited o be the chapter's guests on Wed- icsday afternoon. * RIALTO • Today & Tuesday • we made and resenled the facl thai Ihey were living in my home. I helped with the work, did thc cook ins, as she didn't know »ny- IhinR aboul housework. N o w. though they have been married eight years she still knows nothing about cooking; rny son goes home; cannot accept ,t as . oblcnls lu . 0 . se over the o t n"Hasty Marriage," which in discussed In her lenflct 13-H. 'I Births Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Wren of Prescott announce the arrival ot a son on November 1 at a Pres- . have been made by club members. The recreation lp;ick>r led in a very interestin with thc nexl meeting lo be held at the home of Mrs. Carl Brown. Ozan - St. Paul Tho Ozan-St. Paul Home Demonstration club met Thursday, October 16, at the home of Mrs. Floyd Matthews with five members and ntnitj |" •.••-"•* brides who wore brought lo this country by their husbands in serv ice. What began as a romantic lark on foreign soil turned Into grim reality when the girls came over and discovered that things were not as rosy as they had an- Tho majority of them obtain a copy a son on i^uvuiiiuwi ± «^ « * •-" i . . cott hospital. Mrs Wren I. U,o| one v,«tor pre.cn. former Josephine Crews, daugntei ot Mr. and Mrs. Seth Crews of Ihis cily. aboul coouing; my h»" K'»-.-, 1 """ t i licipat( , c j Tho majority or mem to prepare dinner every nighl. All , n , s ',. Adjusted benutifully to times, she showed her dislike tor, nd]Uons ' , m this side tit lh( us by using thc vilest names imaginable. Finally, as things were aUogeth- workers. Some few, like you er too unpleasant here, they left daughter-in-law, absolutely rclusec and moved several hundred mile* j t o rn ako concessions, and hav away. They now are near my two spro ad unhappincss ever since, daughters, and what I want to know is this: my girls have gone! _.. to visit my son in his home, and, household is being stoically ac I feel they are showing little re- Copied by you, which is, after all, ocean, and have become mode wives, mothers and community Keep Your Hands Off The; situation In your son's stamped, self-addressed cnvcloi o Miss Dlx, care of this ne\ japer. Embassy official* l«l give "Dupont" and' •' the most common named ce, says thb M^lotifct j Society. I ! I ' V*' THRU FAMOUI Dorothy Lotions? to keep your ikin lovely ,,, in all $100 JL BIUITHV WIAtHIt All-over body nmootltcijto i oliapplng^lMdn«MiiifO SMCIAl okY-MlN U ni it pawdor-hniei IBI lih(id» And tnoo.' 12 ««, , „ ( . •,' MTKOOINIC HORMONI lOtMN^V^' 5,0001. u. *r N«ftu4rEiiWg«^r Hormones pbr OUtifl*. UM M «« cronin, povfd«r b»v>. ^ot.i/ LlmiMl r ' n 3-cu P. (OX DRUG WE GiVEEAGLE STAMPS, DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 Coming and Going and vice ir present. l leet iney aio SIIUWIMI; nmi; ' > •: cppiea D> you, wiut-ii '"i "•«-« absence of the president' spccl for me by doing so. Thc \\ }e (m \ y thing you can do. You :-presidenl Mrs. A. .W. only reason my daughter-in-law. Burled every possible effort to nd sons, John and Ross, of Littlf j 1 end Wilh Mrs | H. Copeland. Miss Minella Berry was tho veek end guest of Harold Cumbio and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cumbio and family in New Orleans, La. WED. & THURS.! Modern Gas Ranges Cost Less to Buy, Les5 vo Install, Less to Operate, and Less-lo Maintain. $ Slevens, secretary, conducted thc business meeting which was followed with the judging of canned foods brought by the members to be donated to the Arkansas Crippled Children's Home. contest using names of presi- has them is to show them her i mt ,i<e the girl welcome; her re power over my son. I might add that she is as <lis rccable to everyone as she was fusal to respond in kind puts "finis" to your obligations in thut| quarter. ti lil UIt-u U1L, LIJ wvm.)viii»; **o nil v. >i u.j i \jn« • »»- • • . to us and my son has told me! There's no reason, however, lor of nrosi that the only reason he stays with ''• you to conclude that your daugh- Malhews her is because of their two chil-;lers were disrespectful lo you In the winner dre-n. and the facl that he brouRht; visiting your son's home. Natur- the \Mnnei. . x , away from ,„_,,. own :-uiy. ihey wanted to see their left him once, but re-i brother and two nieces, he tact ' i tp¥V^ ry&w "•*v * jj* f kS -f^ :• > •' ' ^*. '4r- Uf'sSWAP NOW/ • w * ' W. H. Gunter, Jr., SN is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gunter. He has just returned from Pearl Harbor where he was stationed for a year. mc r nt S< The d ncx^mcctlnfl winTbc I turned' when she discovered lh«l! that sister-in-law was also ment. inc ncxi mcciint V.IH m. i , , drawback, but a n with Mrs. Aubrey Slevens. w||g Q dl . awback , but a necessary | ELECTION DAY SPECIAL BE SURE TO VOTE It's your privilege '' It's your obligation AND BE SURE TO SEE These Election Dpy Specials at Sears Catalog Sales Office X X i" W A,"! A-3c Jean \\atlorson of Shaw Ail- Force Base, Sumter, South Carolina, is spending a 15 day furlough ith her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Watterson. Mr and Mrs. Kennie Atkins, Mr. nd Mrs. Kennie Atkins, Jr., and Miss Helen Atkins spent thc day in Hot Springs Sunday. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. H. E. McCorke Rt 3, Hope, Mr. George Winham, Texarkana, Mrs. T. L. Com- plon, Hope. Discharged: Mst. Roy Rowe. of | Hope, Mrs. C. V. Flowers, Hope, , Mrs. L. A. Qf'ant. Hope, Miss Mary i Lou Moore; Hope. i Mr. and Mrs. H. E. McCorklei of Rt. 3. Hope, announce the ar- j rival of a baby boy on Nov. 2 MEN'S SUEDED COTTON PULLOVER Sanforized. Excitingly sport styled. Handsomely tailored. , ^^^^ You'd expect to pay $2.50 and more for these good- «..,,*».*£, looking jacket-shirts! 4.1*1 w" Boys 1 Gabardine Sorcoat - Wool Lined . t I._.___L._.«.J!.*I.« *|*WA*» • f < ••> ';>,,. • i , 3(ii-/ i ^ &M m OV> \PHMM1MIHW, »*»»•»••"•• • •• •- —- •"-- 2&f% i 1 W Firmly woven rayon and nylon gabardine. Treated to *r^p^l|| i „„:«.*.„« r^nnsp resistant. Smart nalt-belteq ^ ^i'. f . Clubs Sw«et Home The home 9} Mrs. Doris Carman was beautifully decorated with zenias and dallias for the Sweet Home Demonstration Club. The president called the meeting to order. The American Creed was repeated by all. The devolion- al was given by Mrs. Doris Carman. Mrs Doris Carman gave the ueas- i urer report. We had a wonderful ' turn out for our pie supper. All members are buying luminous mail box markers. The club is having a special meeting September 1 at Mrs. W. I- Yarberrys. The'prizes were won by Mrs. J. E. Ward. Mrs. W. I. Y»rberry, Mrs. C. A. Phillip »nd Mrs. BttJ Bright. *L The mpst Important new low-priced car in year»l The 1953 PLYMOUTH will arrive at your |\ Plymouth dealer 1 * Thursday, November 20th Firmly woven rayon and nyion ggparqinw. '"»"VT M '". repel moisture, Crease resistant. Smart hqlf-belted styling gives it an expensive look. , . ,"'""," "; r 7?^jf . . ' ',.' |\7'V^| BLESSED EVENT "KISS ME" DOLL • £ If^^ Sh« cries, pflwt$ /t pycKers^i! lips- Mead, 5 tegs and oime ^R^fl of soft vinyl plastic. Wears shirt-panty combination and. \ **l[j$& 9 o,wa Wrapped Jn^Oftket. - ^EWffliL..-,.^.. *- fr "'';/'^- 'M - • -T f S B , Fully dressed and%ttpped as you see him erftht popy! Howdy Ooody program, Floppy —- cotton §twnea?"» NAPKIN OF THI MONTH GIFT Uook qt the savings on these 12 pqc^if|rir^lwdM^A j, nopkiBs tor each major holiday- -» '.,.<4^'tS« 5IAR5 RQI6UCK AND Catalo- •f t >y*-J. is *-.*m

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