Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1952 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1952
Page 3
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H0M ItAt, H*M, A tt AMI At Hy Pray Work of Your Church / / )'«• ' camo Is on! Twenty JiS ffi*n trained to perfection and timed to a fraction of n , Yw, thMM' AUovra are koyed to a high fever of expectancy. »r* Ww Mhws wlw live tho cleanest livos oh UJf^ helps Breatly in preparing men 'morally &*&«MHere are Two Groups of Substitutes el but none quite ready to deliver, Neither is there or the Influence of the Church in a man's life. «S^S£? ^•^i^c.^- , «ubatltute Cor ch»r»ct«r and morality, for integrity , «lipr«m« d<m«nd is lor the genuine and the true. -.,» * *r« on th« t«am (or goodness and for God. Our ids, our n«ighbor» and all our clBssmutos expect vis to be & pJiylp wln'in true sportsmanship manner. We can ibftmtf* tor our best, The church is a good place mmi\ (br f th* game of Ufe and on the gridiron. " we /earn to Wv« and p/ay th* Golden Rule „„**# a^ gtatitude and devotton to a man's Friend 'mutt be real. No substitute will do. This Page Is Made Possible Throiigh Tho Genvosity Of Firms Listed On This Page Standard Auto Co. . **** ,> 8»verly Johninn Foedors Supply Co. 1 Your Purina boater Co, Novoda Transit Co. Insuronco Agency Hope Furniture Co. Since 1898 Young Chevrolet Co. Phon« Bruner-lvory Handle Co. Phon» 7-8304 W.'Shanhousc Sons, Inc. South Haul & •>' A Norman Moore Diit. Cltlva Service Product* ^Crescent Drug Store Phone T^i» j;V ," Citixens National Bank 1 ^i| Phono 7-8813 Rettig Nash Motors •5? "' ^The Snock Shop But Wi St. Hope Sign & Neon Service r * Ph 0 n« 7*5W Decorator* Supply Foste r»|Hst Insurance Agency i PfeMMt News of the CHURCHES CMI West 2nd it f*ln« V. 0. K«el*y. Patter 0-4$ a.m. Church school John P. Vcscy will teach the Genry Bible Clam t(V56 a.m. Morning Worship. Sermon "Let Your Light So Shine" .•>;;# p.m. Intermediate MYF 5' 30 p.m. Senior MYF 7 p.m. Kvening Worship Strmon "The Foolish Farmer." Mand»y Circles of the WSC3 will meet us follows: 3 p.m. No. I home of Mrs. E. D. Galloway. Circle 2 Home of Mrs. J. W. Perkins, Mrs, W. T. Franks co- hoslen. Circle 3 Homo of Mrs. Dick Wat- kln.i. * Circle 4 at the Church, ho.Ucssc* arc Mrs. Ralph Smith and Mrs. 7:30 Little Brotherhood meeting. Clifton Carroll Booth, President 7 p.m. Teacher's meeting in charge of Eld. Eibcrt O'Stccn. Wednesday 7:30 Prayer meeting conducted by Johnnie Clark. Thursday 7:30 Jr. Auxiliary meeting, Miss Vcrln Allen, President. We welcome you to worship with us. Henry Hitt to 0 p.m. Pniycr FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 3. A, Whitlow, Pastor 9:3(1 Sunday School Perry Moses, Supt. It):50 a.m. Morning \Vorshlp message by, the Pastor 0:30 Baptist Training Union J, T. Bowden, Director. 7:30 Kvening Worship with sage by pastor. Monday 10:15 Woman's Missionary Soc U til W U i'.in. <fi/vu»ai * it\j*.i i »• Ser'vicc at St. Mark's Episcopal'icty Executive Committee meeting in. I V,*.*. " •- r- M U/MC rii.ut.inec mootlnrt Church. 7:30 Regular monthly meeting of the Board ot Stewards. Wedneiday 7:30 p.m. Regular weekly adult choir practice at the church. 7;30 p.m. Meeting ot the Board of Education in the Church office, (former Greene Home) UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH South Elm Street Elder Howard White, Pastor Unity's Gospel Hour 8:25-8:55. over KXAR. 10 a.m. Junior Choir, Mrs, Howard White 10 a.m. Sunday School. A. Gilbert Supt. 11 Morning Worship 8:30 p.m. B. T. S. Jerry KUld, President 7:30 Kvening Worship Monday 2 p.m. Regular Ladies Aux. Mrs. John B. Jordan, presiding 7 Willing Workers Auxiliary. Mrs. L. C. Kennedy Pros. Wednesday 7 p.m. Teachers and officers meeting. 8 p.m. Prayer Service led by Sonny Massey, Thursday 0:30 Girls Missionary Auxiliary. Mrs. Sam Williams in Charge. * CHURCH OP CHRIST Walnut Street A. T. Oliver, Minister 9:45 Bible Study 10:37 Preaching 11:30 Communion 6 p.m. Young Peoples Bible Study.. 7 p.m. Evening Worship Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Ladles Bible Study. Wednesday 7:30 Bible Study A welcome awaits you at all services. , 11 WMS Business meeting. 12 noon Pot Luck Luncheon 1:15 p.m. Missionary program 4 Jeanette Hunker Junior GA's will meet for study on Forward Steps and Stewardship program. 4 Lou Demie Junior GA's will meet for a business meeting on Stewardship program. 4 L'ucy Lin Intermediate GA's will meet at the home ot Mrs. Jack Hogg, counselor, 412 E 14th. 4 p.m. aunbearris 0:45 Junior Training Union has "Nutty" party. Tuesday 4 p.m. LaVora Murfin Intcrrncdi ate GA's will meet at the church Wednesday 7 p.m. Sunday School Officers and Teachers Me .Ing 7:30 p.m. Mid-week worship. ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL The Rev. Charles Chambers Jr. Priest -In -Charge 0:45 a.m. Sunday School !1 a.m. Holy Communion an sermon. 12:30 Meeting of the Executive committee. Monday 5:45 p.m. Prayer tor our country and for guidance in this national election. Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Meeting ot the Womans Auxiliary at the home of Mrs. J. McRae Andrews. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Eatt Second Street ' Rev. L. T. Lawrence, Pastor The Men's Bible Class will meet In the Parish House at 9:30 for cotfcc and doughnuts. Teacher of lesson which will begin at 10 o'clock taught by Judge Pllklnton. 10 Sunday School. James H. Mil Icr, Supt. 10:55 Morning Worship, Sermon "The Epistles According to You 5 p.m. Vesper Service Sermon Motion picture "Korea Today" 6 p.m. PYF. Meet In Parish House, Supper will bo served. Monday; 11 a.m. Executive Board of th Women of the Church, with lunch con ut noon. Wednesday 7:30 Midweek services "Man Breaks the Covenant" CATHOLIC Third and Walker 8U. Father A. G. Dunleavy, Pastor Saturday 9 a.m. Mass. Feast of All Saints A Holiday of obligation. Sunday 0:15 a.m. Catechism Classes for ill the grammar grade and High School students. 10:30 a.m. Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Followed by Benediction of he Most Blessed Sacrament. Monday 8 a.m. Feast of all Souls. Mass •7:30 p.m. Altar Society meets at Rectory. Friday The First Friday of the month. 8 a.m. Mass Guernsey Baptist Church Rev. Luther Volentine, Pastor 10 a.m. Sunday School 11 Preaching Services 6:30 p.m. Training Union 7:30 p.m. Evening services. Wednesday 7:30 Midweek Prayer Service CHURCH OF CHRIST Fifth And Orady Robert G. Cook, Evangelist Sunday 0:43 a.m. Bible Study 10:43 a.m. Sermon Jl:40 u.m. Lord's Supper 8:30 p.m. Young peoples class. 7:30 Evening Worship Wednesday 2:30 p.m. Ladies Bible Class 7:30 Midweek Services. Como study the Bible with us. You are always welcome here. FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Fourth and Ferguson Street Rev, H. C. Hudspeth Pastor 9:45 Sunday School C. J. Rowc, Supt. U Morning Worship Sermon by Pastor 6:30 p.m. Young Peoples Church Mrs. Joe Lively in charge. 6:30 Childrens Church Mrs. Lawrence Key in Charge. 7:30 Evening Worship Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Bible Study and prayer meeting, Thursday 3 p.m. Ladies Prayer Meeting The public is invited to attend «U services at this church. fcturrfty, tfartmtMt 1, It SI Delinquent Land Sole Continue* from Page Two OAK OaOVE ADDITION Mary Ella i Helen Heftdrtx L Lewis Bonner L 9 . R. T. Bonner L 10 OAK 1 Otcll Turcntine L 5 Jack McFaddin L 1 Roy Wells L 1 * 2. Curtis Brown pt L » Blk 2 ADDITION ' Charlie Bostic L 12 QAK Shy Buchanan L 4 & 5 Shy Buchanan L 6 & 7^ •• Vcrna Hays & Lucille Brewer L 2 ADDITION . Blk. 3 LAWN 3 ADDITION Blk. 2 Blk. 2 Blk. Connie Cox SVi L. 1 2 to 5 Thomas Walker t J. T. Turner L 12 -.. ... 4 J. S. Eastcrllrig-L 14 ............. • Eva Hatflold L 6 Hiram Lemley .L 1 & 2 18 19 Blk. . Blk. ADDITION Blk. Blk. Blk. ADDITION Blk. 50 200 150 150 500 500 25 150 50 500 100 200 400 20 20 W. C. Jones 10 Blk. 6 . 200 ARNOLD ADDITION Blk. 4 10 Blk. 6 10 H. A. West L3& Annie Casey L 3 Edwin Harmon L *.„ — ^ _ § Joseph Johnson L 3 ............................... Blk. 1 Earnest Perry L 4 ...................................... ° K - ' Simon Brown L Will Roberts L 7 John Burton L 10 & 11 Mollic Lautcrmilk L 1 & 2 Shelly Brantley L 3 & 4 Joe Carlton L 8 Lcona Moore L 4 Lewis Woods Jr. L 3 4 4 E. C. Stuart L 12 . Blk. Blk. Blk. Blk. Blk. Blk. Blk Blk. 2 3 4 5 5 G 11 U SHOVE R VILLAGE ADD. T - c - williamsL2 ^ & WITH QUARTERS Mattie Bell Bcnton L 5 Blk. B Dr. Don Smith L 8 B k- B Dr. Don Smith L 9 B He. B Dr. Don Smith L 10 .-.5 £:,.,* SOUTHLAND HEIGHTS Troy Aslin L 10 k 11 B ' k - ?. Lylc Brown L 12 S pt « Blk - z Arvillc & Jewell Tullls L 12 ... ................. Blk. SPRUDELL Blk. . Blk. 12 14 TELLINGfON ADD. D. D. Chcatham L 4 Blk. 1 J. L. Swift L 11 Blk. 1 A. H. Evcrmcyer E pt L 21 Blk. 1 VESTAL HEIGHTS Virginia Coleman L, 9 Blk. 4 WALLIS ADD. Kenneth Elledgc 45x90 L 5 Blk. 1 Frrd Collins E% S',4 NVi L 9 to 13 Blk. 10 E. R. Monclc E 6 L 10 all L Ii Blk. II W. R. Hughes L, 2 3 4 5 Blk. 12 M. D. Branch L 6 Rick Green S pt L 8 all 9 WVi L 10 Lawrence Cagle S 100 E Ms W. D. Ridgdill EVi L 11 all 12 WHITE ADDITION J. N. Hobbs S 46 W 1QO Blk. J. N. Hobbs N 142 E 80 W80 Blk. WINNS ADD. James H. Bennett Pt L 22 23 W'A L 24 VERGER ADD, J. T. Moore L 9 Blk. Kate Bedford L 6 • **IK. Mary Paxton 15 pt U 1 OIK. Gcrtha McCoy L 2 Blk. John Jamison L 4 .„;? BLEVINS ADD. J. W. Harper SMj L- 2- Blk. R. J. Horton 32x135 L.3 pt Lt 2 ...^ Blk. SMITH & HAYS ADD. W. L. Landers L 15 to 20 Blk. 4 Stale of Ark. L 2 'ti 3 : ; Blk. 6 W. A Austin pt L 2 ... BL6VIN CORP. TOWNSHIP io RANGE 24 WEST G. A. Wellington pt SW SW 16 125 25 150 150 400 50 90 20 140 50 220 115 100 50 130 30 40 20 500 150 . Blk.lG Blk. 17 8 B L. C 0 11 400 500 15 50 180 600 700 400 1000 700 600 500 25 25 900 500 320 10 30 300 50 210 25 20 20 1.85 11.42 1.83 3.04 10.22 7.82 7.82 24.57 24.57 1.85 . 7.82 304 24.57 5.43 10.22 19.79 1.61 1.61 10.22 1.12 1.12 .80 6.63 1.85 <| 7.82 7.82 19.79 3.04 4.95 1.61 7.35 3.04 11.18 6.15 5.43 ' 3.04 6.86 2.08 2.34 1.61 24.57 7.82 10.79 24.57 1.36 3.04 9.26 29.36 34.14 19.79 48.50 34.14 29.36 24.57 1.84 1.84 43.71 24.57 15.96 1.12 2.08 15.00 3.20 1 11.39 1,93 1.67 1.56 25 20 28 29 29 29 *£;*.. -. '&&&} .-:-,:.!, QARRSTT MEMORIAL North Ferguson Street HU«rt O'*t«en, Pastor "Hock ot Ate* Broadcast" U<m church auditorium A to 8:30. Sunday School 10 a.m. Qrtdy Hairstoo. Supt U Morning Worship 6:30 p.m. BTS. Classes lor ftU a&c&- Travis Purtie, President. 9:30 Eveuins Worship y Pastor. service ot Union Grace to follow., **•**!# 1MB- Sr. Avttiltery Kttifel tt cfcurcb, Mrs. T*4 Pvrtfr, Pre*- Reds Hurling Same Old Accusations PANMUNJOM, Korea, (UP) — North Korean Gen. Nam II, chief Communist truce delgeate, today accused the United Nations of a "bloody war crime" and "mass murder" in registering one of his strongest protests against alleged Allied war prisoner mistreatment. Nam specifically protested to Lt. Gen. William H. Harrison, senior United Nations negotiator, UIP death of two Communist prisoner? and the wounding of 178 at Kojo aud Chr-ju Islands this week. "U Is decidedly not coincdicnce that your side on the one hand broke off the armistice negotiations without any Justification, while on the other hand steps up thr slaughter ol war prisoners," ho said. "This series of bloody murders conclusively proves the bankruptcy of your proposition of retaining war prisoners and demonstrates that your side is certainly determined lo disrupt the armistice negotiations and is plotting to extend the Korean war." Nam's vitriolic protest, containing most of the old stock Communist phrases as well as several new ones, was made in a letter hund.ed over at a brief liaison officer's meeting. The U.N. said Friday that one prisoner was shot and killed by d guard on Cheju, one was found hanged in a Koje pow compound, ana 178 were injured when South Korean guards broke up demonstrations io four Koje stockades. Nam said the "spokesman of your side" at tine U.N. general assembly in New York "flaunts your so-called principle of human- nisiB U»yw*» prisoner* oi *Wl y«l Utters not a single about **» Woody twte of the C D. Green & Joe Beaty Jr. L 10 ........ Blk. 21 Gerald Reyenga L 12 3 10 11 12 ........ Blk. 22 C. D. Green & Joe Bcaty Jr .................. Blk. 28 FULTON Cinda Beard L 2 & 3 ................................ Blk. 2 Florence Ellis L 5 ................................ Blk. 2 James Helton L 10 11 12 & 13 ................ Bik. 3 Lee Helton L 2 .......: .................................. ,. Blk. 18 Ida Jones, Bessie Weaver, Frances Carson L I 2 it 3 .............. .'....' ..................................... Blk. Mary Webster L ll'to 16 ... ..................... Blk. Earl P. Clayton L' 9 .... ............................ Blk. Will Jones L 11 ti 12 ............................ Blk. Andrew Riven L 13 ... ............................. Blk. Unknown S Vt L 15 all 16 ......................... Blk. PAUL CORNELIUS SUB. DIV. GUP Davis L 148 ^j 1 i^ | A bblTION TO FULTON N. L. Paxton L 1 .. ...................................... Blk. 2 N. L. Paxton L 8 .................................... Blk. 2 W. H. McGUlL 14 .................................. Blk. 7 Georga McGill L 3 & 4 ............................ Bn\- 18 Bean M. Johnson et al W. 14 L 9 N 75 L 10 all 14 & 15 ............................................... Blk. 21 McCASKILL W. D. Hood L 1 .............................................. Blk. 6 McCASKILL CORP. Bert Scott all .......................... .......................... Blk. 8 . ATKINS ADD. Orvillc Wortham L 1 .... ............................ Blk. 1 C. S. Bittick L 2 3 & 4i .'.: . ................. Blk. 1 TOWNSHIP 9 RANGE 23 WEST W D. Hood ............................ pt SE SE 35 McNAB Otis Morgan pt ............................................ Blk. 12 150 10 500 10 10 50 15 5 5 170 100 90 10 10 1250 10 100 300 200 150 10 155 420 Varnon McLaufihlln all Jus S. McConnell all ............................................ . VICTORY HEIGHTS TO NASHVILLE 20 Otis Gray L 3 17 Mrs. D. J. Citty N Vi K. G. Ratliff L, 5 O. J. Ratliff L; 1 Slate pt L 2 : Dr. C. Camp S pt U to 3 ... Lora Laigston E Vi L 2 J. M. Scott W pt L ' OAK HAVEN ADD. Blk. Blk. OZAN PATMOS T 6kl6 Blk. 17 Blk. 1 Blk. 2 Blk. 4 Blk. 6 Dewey Samucll L 4 Freddie Jefferson .'. .................... WASHINGTON Blk. Blk. Blk. Blk. 1 5 10 77 DIXON J. H. Rowc frl Blk. 89 J. R. Rowe Blk. 120 TOWNSHIP 11 RANGE 23 WEST 140" 140 720 10 100 400 10 220 75 10 50 5 10 10 10.88 1.08 22.37 1.08 1.12 3.04 1.36 .89 .89 8.78 5.43 4.95 1.12 1.12 53.58 1.12 5.43 15.00 10.22 7.82 1.67 . 1.16 8.58 22.13 1.42 1.54 7.35 7.35 31.14 '1.73 5.10 18.47 1.00 10.45 4.24 1.12 3.09 .89 1,13 1.13 Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor - Alt«. H. Washburn The Voting i Record of dn,Ediror Adlai Stevenson complains of "i two-party country and a one-party |prcss." Bui if there are two parties in [' the South thcy must be the Press and the People. Al that, I'll take the South. ThirlyVcars ago I lived m Pennsylvania which had but one party and one press, Republican— so I starlcd off my hard.lreaded caicer by registering and voting up yonder, as a Democrat. Hope Star ARKANSAS -tartly cooler with lower humidity» northeast winds this afternoon mfiht; generally f«If Tuesday diminishing northo«t,wind*. High 82 Low 88 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 18 t«f of ContolMattd Jan. HOPE/ARKANSAS, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1952 The «t e uece Av. Net PaM Clwl. I M«. l"«li»* Mewfi 11, HM -•».««» PRICE 5c Here Are Letters to Editor in Full as Received by the Newspaper Through Sunday The Star-is publishing in full today all tlic letters it received through Sunday night's mail regarding the November 4 election. Railroader Writes Editor The Star: You seem to be trying to straddle the fence on And I'll still be a Democrat Tties-. lno presidential election issue. If day when I vote Ihe parly "ticket .but spill il for Dwight Eisenhower lor Presidcnl. The queslion too many voters jik themselves is, "Who's going to win?" or "What's in it for me?" This isn't a football game. Nor a prize give-away. A review of my personal voting j record in eight presidential elect-! ions fails to show that I went after winners; but I can't say that the people who voted strictly out of self-interest had any better luck. In eight presidential elections I have voted Democratic four times, Republican twice, and twice for third-party candidates. In 1920 Woodi'ow Wilson was stumping the country for the pro posed League of Nations and the Democratic nominee, James M. Cox. I voted for Cox. But the Republicans, like the Democrats ol my memory serves me right, in one of your recent editorials you denounced Senator Joe McCarthy Republican, Wis., as one of the most corrupt, unreliable members of our national legislature and left your readers with the impression that he is unworthy of their confidence. Now in your editorial of Oct. 29 you embrace him with loving arms and tell us that you arc going to do your little bit to throw out the present crooks and clean up the corruption in Washington by voting for "Ike and McCarthy" for I am sure you are aware of the fact that in his recent speech in Milwaukee Ike took, McCarthy under his wing today, rattled , bucket" slogan Milk Salesman Arrested for 'No Permit' At its last remiliir session Hopi City Council denied an nppllcntloi to the Ounehiia Vallt-y Dairy Com pany of Camden to sell milk in Hope. However the Dairy firm has been distributing milk here without n permit and Mayor John L. Wilson , issued an order to city police to- Unfortunately, it appears to me, day to arrest drivers when^ they too many people who insist on ' ' ' ' ' ' -•»- ' » For Eisenhower Editor The Star: I have always admired your editorials, and' usually agreed with them. 1 was there- lore quite pleased to Vead in The Gazette that you had taken your stand for Gen. Eisenhower. I now have a copy of your editorial of. Nov. 29 and think it a fine one. Star's Position as to Proposals on Nov. 4 Ballot In line with Its editorial analysis October 30 The Stnr SUR- ju % sts you vote as follows on the state acts and amendments which will appear on the No- vi'inber 4 ballot: BeCk Sides Vision Bi Amendment 41 (County Clerk) FOR AGAINST votin« what is being called the Democratic ticket for President, are losing si^ht of tho real issues because of all the misleading' propaganda bciiifi tos,sud out by Mr. Truman and his carefully chosen candidate for his ticket. wore found distributing milk here. Shortly afterwards City Officers arrested Howard K. Boatman, driver of a Ouaehila Valley Dairy truck as he was distributing milk. He posted $l>r, bond for sell- infi without a permit and told he would be arrested every time he was caught selling. In addition to those which you| The Mayor, City Attorney W. S. listed (almost all of which can bo I Atkins and Dr. Herbert Rogers, is- attributed to the hidden efforts of the Soviet Master Plan) there one which I heard last night that declaring that, "Their ends were I came as a surprise to me, though the "full dinner- and it was a sound more alluring than the caution of another world war. By 1024 the Republicans had had a double-barreled scandal in the Teapot Dome oil steal and Harry the same but their methods were different." It is evident that if Ike is elected McCarthy will probably be a member of his cabinet or at least one of his closest and most dependable advisers. You are no doubt also aware o£ the fact that Nash Morgan Mason, a member of congress from Illinois who has represented the 15th district of that • state for about 16 I've tried to keep up to date. It was offered by the Dean of the Law School ot Notre Dame University in a radio talk. He has been a Democrat all his life but is voting for Ike because he says our Constitution and our very 1 freedom Daugherty's corrupt Department of years, a true Republican who-loves Justice; but against their Calvin Bob Taft and denounces the pro- sent leaders, wrote an article that was published in a recent issue ot the Sycamore, 111., Tribune stating: "The Republicans of the mid- west were and still are Taft supporters. Ike was elected as our Republican standard bearer. Now it is either Ike or Stevenson. Taft Is still Mr. Republican. Taft wil still be the Republican senate lead er. If you are a Taft supporter the only way you can help Taft i to vote for 'Ike 1 . Taft and Ike have gotten together, Ike has promised Taft to stand by his legislative demands." In view of this we must believe, when voting for Ike we are in i-eality, .ypjing for Taft, the ..salf- ccntercd economic tyrant. You state that the country voted wrong in 1928 by failing to throw ut the corrupt Republican admin- stration and voting in Al Smith, Coolidge the Democrats nominated John W. Davis, attorney for J. Pierpont Morgan. I walked out on both and voted for Robert M. LaFollette of the Progressive party.' In 1928 the Republicans had Herbert Hoover and "Prosperity" — and I was a better judge of that one than several million of the misguided majority, because 1 voted for Al Smith. Hoover won in a walk, and "Prosperity" evaporated. sued the following statement today: "An investigation by Dr. Horbcrl Rogers, city health officer, o dairies in and around Camden dis closes that there are dairies sellinf milk to this company which do no meet the requirements of the ordl nance of the city of Hope and th U. S. Health Department. "The city administration realize that there is very little we can d arc being threatened by the num-! lo kccp this company out of Hop* crous treaties now being nqgotiated. ;f thcy mcet Uu , r( , q i,i,. ernen i s o J voted twice for F. D. Roose velt, but against him on the third and fourth term issues. By 1948 i seemed to me the bureaucrats had the party, hook, line and sinker, and I wasn't prepared to vote for thotr... .nominee! Harry«-~Sr-5 ! r'Umati, But the Republican, Thomas E. Dewcy, clammed up just when he should have been giving some .answers — so 1 cast a protest ballot for the States Righters. by Aehcson and his Communist' riddled State Dept. • These all override the Constitution in authority and many legal decisions in various states have already proven this. I certainly couldn't associate Mr. Truman with Communism, but it seems that his every move is one which 1 think Unole Joe would smilingly approve. I can't feel that I'm wrong when so many great Democrats — Gov. Jimmy Byrnes, Sen. Byrd, Gov. Shivers, etc. — have publicly denounced Stevenson. I'm sure you have enjoyed the editorial in the nation's outstanding magazines — Time, Life. S. E. Amendment 42 (Highway Commission) FOR AGAINST Amendment 43 (Sites for Industries) FOR AGAINST Referred Act No. 2'I2 (Purchasing Act) FOR AGAINST D SI ret a a n Deadly Chinese Mortars Stall ROK Attacks Victory, Prepare Last our laws, ordinances and regula lions concerning the production o milk. "We are therefore taking im mediate action to do one of tw things. Either to Mi see that Ouaehila Valley Dairy Company complies with the laws of the City of Hope and the U. S. Health Department or (21 keep them out altogether. "In the meantime we feel that it is to the best interest of the public that we make this statement." Man Taken Off Bus for Clark Sheriff By MILO FARETI SEOUL, Korea IM—Deadly Chin(•so mortar fire cut to bits and sloppul cold a series of heroic South Korean attacks today on bloody Triangle Hill. At li-Jisl four times the UOKs stormed the crest. Dug-in Chinese stood thorn off with pin-pointer! innrtiir fire and showers of hand tjronados. Big L'.N. guns literally blew the top off Triangle and saturated Red positions in a valley to the north. The barrage disrupted the Chinese artillery batteries, but it couldn't suppress the lighter, moro accurate mortars, not nor rout Red troops from their holes and tunnels. Savage fighting on the Central Presidential Success Depends on Congress By WILLIAM F. ARBOOA8T WASHINGTON Iff) — A new Con f?r»ss which could hnvo n moro Important role than tho now president In shaping America's destiny In the critical years ahead will be elected tomorrow, along with 29 governors. The 432 men and women who will be named to the House of Representatives and the 34 men svlio will bo elected to round out the Senate's membership of 98 mny largely determine the success of tho new administration. Maine elected n governor, a senator nnd three representatives on Sept. 8. [ Here Is n quick summary of the' side elections Tuesday: House ot Representatives — the entire membership ot 435 must be elected every two years. For control of the House, a political party needs 21H seals. Tho present line Sales Person of Month Is Selected Tuesda Get Chance to Have Their By The Democratic and Republic,* ers Hcross the nation cro»« lingers today, spoke hop*' victory toh^Qfcrow for tnfl dates, nnd tyaHed for tho i settle tho big truostlohs ot, Will, the,next president!,* publican candidate Dwlft ' sunhowor, o'r will ho bel lc nominee Adlai E, Stove And will the next Democratic or US 4IO MJHH1. AHV. I'l *.,«>...v ...— . is 232 Democrats, 202 Republl- '<"' Ocloboi Hulan White Hulau White, o! Herbert Burns' Clothing Store, has been selected us the "Sales Person of the Month" Post, Colliers, U. S. News andi Local police Sunday took a Curtis World Report, to name a few —I Junction man off a bus here at the which have been strong supporters I request of the sheriff of Clark Conn of the General, as well as almost \iy.' He was- listed as Harold John- I have a low opinion of protest voles. A ballot ought to count for somclhing. Bui also; 1 have a low opinion of people who never go to the polling place except' to ask, "What's ill il for me?" Elections are where n.en stand up to be counted — not bought. Not evicn bought honestly, al all the leading newspapers. son and was turned over to Slier- I am forwarding my absentee iff Arnold of Arkadelphiii. Local ballot tomorrow in which I will officers said he was wanted in con- vote a straight Democratic ticket nee lion with some bad checks. on all Arkansas candidates ex- 21 27 27 27 27 28 18.60 2.50 3 4 9.94 .50 14.11 1.63 2.11 10.44 14.84 8.2* W. M. Baker pt NW SE State pt SW NW : Frank Booth pt £W NW , Gilbert Clark pt' SW NW .;... Ed Trent,-EsV pt SE NW Britton Booker p> ^JgjNE v STATE OF ARKANSAS. COUNTY OF HEMPSTEAD. I ciaud H. Button,-Collector of Hcmpslead County, Arkansas, do solemly swear that the foregoing Twenty Four (24) pages contain a true and correct list of all lands, lots, and parls. of lots in Hempstead County. Arkansas, on which I have been unable lo collect the ta*es due thereon, for the year of 1951, within the time prescribed by law. thai — 'as witness 1928, and perhaps 1952. For the years 1928 and 1952 ominously resemble one another. Pros perity at Ihe peak. Valualions very high. The banks full of money Wilh jusl a hinl of Irouble in a depression in Europe . . . which o course would never get over here The one "assel" 1952 has over 192 is thai we have a war going on ii Korea — without which it is fair comment to say the roof might n }°^ '• have been oh our ears before now. imes. An ugly picture for a once virtuous and wealthy nation whose fe-Jeral politicians now have loaded her with a mortgage equal to all her land and cattle and buildings and machines. Don't rock the boat while we're crossing the stream? How wide, then,' is this river? Ur has il become lhal limitless ocean inlo which all the republics of r the Past have plungcfd never to return? Not thai I really believe America is going lo hell if Eisenhower isn't elected. Adlai Stevenson is an American, too. But there's a quest ion whether the people haven't los control of the country. It reminds. me of the story o the two gentlemen of color who were fighting-with razors. One o them made a swipe at the other' neck. "Missed me." he said. "Yo think so, Big Boy," replied the first one, "just try and shake your head!" I'm going to try. a Democrat. You failed to mention hat the Tea Pot Dome scandal, vhich was probably the greatest attempted steal from our government of all times, occurred in the first Republican administration after eight years of Democratic rule and prosperity. This and the Department of Justice (Attorney General Harry Daugherty) lawless rule occurred during the Harding administration, 1921 to 1924. The first four years of Republican rule, Calvin Coolidge and his administration, made a pretty good job of cleaning up their mess. I think F. N. Porter Jr., Reported Better cept the Presidential electors. As the Notre Dame Dean stated, on that one, I'm voting for the Constitution of the United States. Best The condition of F. N. Porter Jr. regards. I who is seriously ill In a Veterans JACK McCAB-E Hospital in Little Rock, was re- Nov. 1, 1952 ported considerably improved members of his family said here Amendment 43 today. Editor The Star: As one who has made a study of Propsocd Amendment No. 43, I appreciate y'our explanation and endorsement of it. Of course, the Arkansas Gadette then came out against it. | That was to be expected as Amend- Front hill mass continued until dusk with the Rods holding grimly to the pri/.ed peak. $!n. Juroos A. Van Fleet, Eighth Army commander, saitl in n state- iii'.Mit that Allied forces arc "in complete control of the situation" at Triangle and nearby Sniper Ridge. "We can and will continue to chew up all the Chinese thcy want to throw into the battle," ho as tin ted. South Koreans are clinging to positions on Sniper's crest. Allied raiding parties jabbed Chinese lines on the Western Front. There was scattered action elsewhere.. llll IS ZUA t~/\ I I1UUI II V*M ««•* *»»• |»«"«» - . elms and ono Independent, Includ- Mr. While was born mid reared ing four vacancies. Socking elec- In Nevada County, moving to Hc-po lion are Oil candidates. In 10«2. Ho served thret > *ouri in Senate— 35 will bo elected this the army, with two of those three year including one already chosen years spent overseas In tho Padin Maine. These Include 33 seeking Nc area. Mr. White was employed full six-year terms nnd two runnlg for one nnd one-half years With the for unexplred terms. For control, Hope Hardware, nnd Is now em- 40 seats are necessary. The present ployed with Herbert. Burns, where lineup is 40 Democrats, 40 Rcpub- he has been for thu past four nnd Means and one Republlcan-lndeperi- O ne-hnlf years. Mr. White nnd. im dent. Ot tho 34 seats nt stake Tues- w if q , the former Imogene Taylor, County Clork Harry''ft! Ihorno today urged election^ tlclals to please bring clef boxes to the courthouse ai,I as possible Tuesday nighfc L office will bo open at lea»t;w midnight to receive boxen.',-*- 1 Local, state and nation* turns will bo broadcast -j. KXAR. Tho Star will noi.jl an election, party. In tho the Radio Station has ha.,,. all .general elections and V again carry returns for the .If lie. Over tho final week end\o campaign, loaders ot both'] in every state, wlth.fiiv' tlons, predicted victories 'ia\t states for their candidate But the week end repot ted a feeling of unccrU This was the stata-bf tare: . , day, 20 arc held by Republicans, reside nt U19 South Walnut SU'W,, 14 by TJembcrats, The OL,holdovers l.'>rhe "Sale* Pei-iioiv of tWe'Swi- to Alabama — you will agree thai Ihe Democrats ment 18, adopted in 1928, gives have nominated one of the most|Pulaski county the same rights Hempstead 4-H Club Group to Attend 2-Day Arkansas If! Little honest, capable and worthwhile men of our country, for the presidency, and it elected I think he will give us one of the fairest and most just administrations of all As to your reference to the steve- ore and prosperity. I am a member of a labor organization com- uriscd of -approximately 60,000 that proposed Amendment 43 would Hempstead County delegates to give to all cities of the first and the Arkansas 4-H Congress which second class. opens at Hotel Marion in Littlr Unfortunately many think it is Rock Tuesday are Don Ray Brown a tax. It is not. It would give to | ol Spring Hill, Edna Earl England of Shovcr Springs, Kay Kent of. Palmos, and Charles "Butch" Buck riembers. In 1913 at Ihe beginning of Ihe Dcmocralic administralion our wages averaged approximately cents ah hour, we made $70 per month' pn a basis of-63 hours work per week. During the Woodrow Wilson administralion we averaged 76 cents per hour $155.00 per month on a basis of 48 hours work per week. That was our situation when the Republican^ came back into power in 1921. The same year with the G.O.P. in power only a few months, a labor board in Chicago imuosed a 6-cents hourly decrease in our earnings, bringing Ihe rate down to 70 cents per hour. In 1923 the same board decreed another 4 cents hourly decrease, shoving the hourly scale down to 66 cents. During the period 19241929, the golden era of Republican prosperity, we received two increases that gave us a grand total cities of the first and second class a legal means of calling an election in the city to votu not over 10-imll tax on property in the city to ob- atin sites for new industries. Senator Crow helped me get this through the last legislature. Rep.- elect Feild has investigated now it works in Mississippi where it has been in effect 11 years. It is successful. In addition, these two promise to help get the next General Assembly to enact the necessary and wise enabling legislation. We need more industry in Hope, in Prescott, and Southwest Arkansas. The business men in Hope generally arc for proposed Amendment 43, 1 hope il is adopted. ROYCE WE1SENUKRGER Hews Briefs WTTLE ROCK OPI — Arkansas' rural youth will gather here tomorrow ano Wednesday for the 7th annual Arkansas 4-H C o n g r e ss. About 200 boys and girls are expected to attend the meeting. Oct. 31, 1952 Hope, Ark. From Old Settler Editor The Star: I have just read in the Memphis Commercial Appeal that your paper has been the seventh in Arkansas to come out for Eisenhower, and I just had of Shovcr Springs. The local groQp will travel by bus Tuesday morning. Every county in the state sviU have delegates — farm boys and girls who lead the field in farm and home demonstrations, youngsters who have risen to prominence through their leadership and ability in their local communities. With them for the recognition program will be approximately 75 of their adult leaders and parents and 5U representatives of the groups responsible for the activity. The 2-day event is sponsored by the Agricultural Extcnsioon Service, which Irough local county aotl home demonstration agents, conducts 4-H club work as a part f'f the University of Arkansas — Da- parlment o£ Agricullure's co-oper ation Extension program. While In Little Rock the 4-H'ers will be entertained at a banquet by the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation, a breakfast by the Arkansas Cham Stores Council and a tour. They l*J \ff_ WW ***** V» »••»*» »-«•« — -» i r ---'-, I • *j*f«4 ff^m-^ff „ ,-_- ,-^ - - - V_\include 35 Democrats nnd 20 Re- th" program wan. sot up by tnf publicans. Tho already elected son- Retail Merchants Committee of th* ator from Mnlne Is a Republican. Hopo chamber of Commerce, and Seoking election arc 00 candidates, inaugurated at the beginning of Governors — 30, including one ul- October. A secret committee shop, ready elected in Maine, will bo poc i j n the retail businesses In soar' elected this year. They nre uboutL^ O f the person who proved to be equally divided now between Be- tno m0 st helpful, moat 'courteous, publicans nnd Democrats. Ot the nn d displayed the best selling tech- 1H'governors not affected by TUCH- n iq UC!)l a s well as being proper in day's voting, 10 are Republicans, U p poara nce for the particular work eight are Democrats. Seeking the U, c i n g done. governorships to be filled are '/O iy no p B crot selection committee candidates. reported that It was a difficult Historically, but not invariably, tn - gk to muko lno selection, as-tho the political parly thai wins Iho C0rnpo titi 0 n was very keen, presidency wins' control of Con- lt [s tho plung o j- t nc Retail Mer : gross, .chants to contlnuo this program The Democrats have a tactical f(n , at lcn|)t ono year am i tnc go . edge In' Ihe Senate In that they let!llon commiten for the month hold 35 of tho seats not at stake o£ Novembor i s already at work at this year, and five of the 14 Demo- thlg ^ ob _ Thc bttBlg (or tn i s B0 i 0 ct- crats running this year are fromi K Jg the hdpfuimjai), courteous- Southern states and are almost salesmanship, and appear- certain to win. Four other Demo- • , .. DOrBOI f crats are running In border states | anco OI tno porBon or stales Iradltlonally Democratic Counting their holdovers, Demo crats figure they have a hard coro f 44 scuts to start with, and need] only five victories In the remain- g 20 contests to clinch control. While Democrats privately admit hey may lotfc several seats they low hold, Ihey claim c x c cllenl chances lo win seals now held by Republicans In falssouri, Washing- Ion, Monlana, Indiana, Delaware, first victory since 1 Arizona f k ! B$jflH Arizona down-lo'tho-wiro drive governorship nnd capture"* a U. S. Senate seat uv;§ Democratic. ArUona<u , .- ;;* Arkansas — Republican Commlttoeman Wallace " admits only "« faint outs Eisenhower will carry s California — State in column with Its 32 elector* Republicans Intensified . ca In the past weak: with indl| ot strong October swing ' son. Colorado *r-,Rccor4 1 600,000 voters forecast'by{ tary of state's otfico.v ^(5 Connecticut —• Stn^e, with voting m«or used everywhere for m expected to be first state results, 'Both 'H leaders Don Ray Brown Collector of Hempstead County Arkansas. Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 15th day of October, 1958. „ t . Harry Hawthorne County Clerk of Hempstead County. Arkansas NOTICE Notice is hereby given that said several tracts, tots, and parts of lots, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pyf the taxes, penalty and costs due thereon, will be sold by !tbe Collector of Hempstead County. Arkansas, at the Court House Door on the Second Monday in November. 1M2. unless the said taxes, penalty and cosu d*ie thereon, be paid before that time. And th* «*!» wJU $$*»tfeii» fewa 4»y to day until the said tract* 01 ja^t ittts. UM parti flf' WH jMy £~ 'ft^fb 'WASHINGTON U?) Arkansas ihMlUY VX A W*» \JXf ~~~' *>n*«l*sjaa . , . . been alloted ,8,484.040 in fed-1-ur^ unfair ere are who will defend right before (Arkansas Economic Council- Sta do nartv te Chamber of Commerce. of 6 cents an hour, that brought I to let you know that I am glad to, ----- . rr ., . }nlta - me hv our hourly scale up to 72 cenls. I see that there are• peop* in Arkan.|- ± mg P^v^d gQ ^ and in 1929 slill 4 cents an hour below what we were earning when the Republicans took over in 1921; and before the Republicans finally left power in 1933 a final 10-percent decrease left us making 65 cents an hour. Now, Mr. Editor, we have the same purpose in mind that you, the merchant, the doctor, and politicians have. That is, they do party. I was raised in Hempstead county but am retired and live here; but I love Hope and the good peo.- ple of your county. I just heard one man tell another, Polls Fail to Say Whether Ike Will Win Delaware Democratic sweeps, Florida — - Democratic, appear morn confWp campaign approaches (JeWa * GOP * mitteomon Roecoe. Tuck* no victory prediction.' ~ hower wfll mprp than best previous KepiT Continued -pn NEW YORK MV-Survcy of thrcg „ ...alls Monday showed them In- Utah and Massachusetts. They give q u nut j to think Dwight D. Elsen- themselves a fighting chance to hower ahead in the presidential take a GOP seat .in rsce—but none flatly picked him Wisconsin. to win. Republicans now holding these Tne tnre6i which have made oeats are: „ their final surveys, wa the Cross. Missouri — James P, Kem, op- leyj p oU| th B Elmo Roper Poll posed, by Stuart Symington Wa»hln«ton — Harry P. Coin, Continue* 04 Don Ray Brown was designated Southwesl Arkansas Champion for Achievement. Don Ray specialize* in raising Jersey Cattle. At tlif present time he owns 12 head — • .... 1.1 i* X JUDk JlCOiU UtlC lllCTtt VVtl OfAUVAAVt, • , "I don't want my children peddling i«Yf. «»*•. »« ^"•" ldn u oral funds for highway work in the year beginning next July 1, the Commerce Department has announced. The department also announced that Arkansas has been authorized 1816,550 in federal funds for highway improvement in national forests during the year that starts next July 1. These funds, to he local- think the only opportunity we have to get this is under Democratic rule. Another thing we don't like is the Republican system of labor by injunction. Regardless of how little we were paid or bow bad the working conditions, we had no defense against the employer under this system, either singular <w collec- apples on the street." The reply was, "I don't want my t-hildren peddling dope in school like they do in Chicago and Kansas City, and neither Truman or Stevenson said a word against it — the two strongholds of our country." OSCAR M. MORRIS Oct. 31, 1952 1279 Lamor Ave. Memphis, Tenn. From Dick Editor The Star: As yw» «e This year he won first place io the dairy talkfest at the stat» camp and also an "A" award for individual demonstrations in dairy ing. In 1951 Don took first place In the state 4-H dairy judging con test with 585 points out of a possible 600. He has taken an active lead in assisting other 4-H Club Boys with their dairy demonstra tions through fitting, showing and selection demonstrations. Don ha been e 4-H Club member for r.we cherry pie baking contest and rep resented the county at the distrlc pie baking contest at Hot Springs At State 4-H Camp this summe she entered the State 4-H Clu baking contest. She has been active in 4-H Club work for the* past six years. Kay Kent who was elected State 4-H Club song leader at the State 4-H Club Camp will direct thf group singing at the State 4-H Con gress. Kay has been active in 4-H :iub work for the past eight years and is 4-H Council president f«r Hempstead County. She has held many offices in her own 4-H Club as well as in the Council. She las represented the county at Sta Us Camp for the past three years in the dress revue winning, an "A" rating each year. She has been active as a leader with the junior 4-H Club girls in her community Sentences Handed Down in Court Before adjournment this morning Circuit Judge Dick Huic disposed of the following pases; and the Samuel Uibell Analyst* made for the 6jcrlpp» • Howard osqM«lt newspapers. Gallup Poll results will n<; available until Monday ni«W. The Crosslpy conclusion was that, as of the middle of last week, Continued on Page Two Negro Youth HMbMM, Serious/y Hurt ***w ch»»p- for the past three or four year* Charles "Butch" Beck will attend the Congress a« hi«b p«io individual on the state dairy iudg ing team named at the state (how Jn early December "Sutcb" wil attend the National 4-H Club Con. erets at Chicago with headquarter at the Conrad Hilton Hotel ai a trip award. He 4» an a.e«v* ' ' member w«h «»y«*r«' Richard Wright, pleaded guilty to grand larceny and was sentence to pnejfear in prison. Climmie l^e Chfsatbam. pleaded guilty of buritery, 9, year and on another soUnt of twrglary and grand larceny was given 3 years and a Sr'yw suspended *en» tence handed down May 9, 19SO was revoked. , . , A charge ol alt*r IP g a check againit Robert Jefferson was 'di»missed. Wade 9r failure to Wesley Jame* L. lary. charged with dismissed; with burf Dairy Group to Mo$* \Verfiies JL •' ' •• »i'4 -J of Courthouse Io a civil ttylt, Uties Ctowos and Mkbigaa Firs ln». company vs £• 1U Archw »U4 Sm Fetter- miik 'from ypiw Autr*y'< Wwi 4»lry.«ommittee, today, , meets Wednesday . University of Arkan»a« Dairyman Clenn B. Pwftley je»d the discussion. Mr works with dairy people Arkansas, He has tton lo a usable form,

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