New Castle Herald from New Castle, Pennsylvania on April 24, 1907 · Page 6
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New Castle Herald from New Castle, Pennsylvania · Page 6

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1907
Page 6
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 190 PAGE SIX 20 Pittsburg, FA SHION HINTS FOR SPRING MAHOMNGTOWN THE NEW CASTLE DAILY HJKKALD. AT. Guests Entertained By Mr. and Mr.H. M. Kirk and Dr. and Mrs. Perry COVERS ARE LAID FOR FIFTY TUESDAY EVENING WHEN THE SPOON CLUB MEMBERS AND OTHER FRIENDS ASSEMBLE The residence of Leander Raney, In North, Jefferson street, was the trysting place for the Spoon club associates, who congregated there Tuesday evening as the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Perry and Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Kirk. An innovation in club circles was the elaborate dinner served at 6:30 o'clock, covers being laid for fifty. Later the small tables were brought Into requisition for the game of six hand euchre. The honors at euchre were awarded Mrs. W. B. Gormley, Mrs. Chas. ti. Johnson, Mrs. H. K. Gregory, Dr. V. B. Jackson, D. H. Amsbary and Dr. E. Lee Boyles. Next Tuesday evening, April 30th, the club meets with Mr. and Mrs. James T. Ray, of East street. INDEPENDENT LINEN CLUB HAS PLEASANT EVENING Mrs. Seth Marshall, of East streei, wafl a pleasing hostess Tuesday evening when she entertained in such a ''delightful manner the members of the Independent Linen Club. Progressive euchre was the entertainment. The prizes were awarded Mrs. William Cromwell, Mrs. Benjamin Dean, Chas. Hopwood and William Cromwell. In two weeks the club meets with Mrs. C. W. Pitzer of Wabash av enue. m m MEETING OF YUCATAN CLUB The Yucatan Club will be entertained by Mr. and Mrs. B. U. Young, of Grant street, Monday evening, April 29th. AT r.lETZ LER'8 Entertainers Can find most everything desired at our stores INVITATIONS. DECORATIONS. PLAYING CARDS. FAVORS. TALLY CARDS Ask for suggestions. LARGEST JEWrLRY ESTAB. LISHMENT IN NEW CASTLE. Special Sale OF LADIES' HAND BAGS ALL THIS WEEK See them in our windows MATHER BROS. GO. 113 E. Washington Street Li RESIDENCE Two Stores. - BY SOCIAL Is The Topic of Conversation Among the Members These Days THE KENSINGTON-DINNER CLUB ENTERTAINED BY MR. AND MRS. W. J. CHAIN TUESDAY NIGHT LAST MEETING SOCN. Already the dinner and card clubs are commencing to arrange for -summer outings at Cascade park, during which time the regular club gatherings are set aside until the return cf the cooler days in the autumn. Some time in June the East Side Kensington-Dinner Club will inaugurate their semi-weekly summer gatherings. The last club meeting of the winter and spring season is to be held at the home of Mrs. Samuel Rearic, in Walnut street, on Tuesday evening, May 7th. On Tuesday evening the members of the club spent an enjoyable time as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Chain, of North Mercer street. After the elaborate dinner, when covers were laid for 23,the guests indulged in games and music until a late hour. Miss Gula Potter, of Pittsburg, was a special guest. K K H E 10 CLOSE IN II LAST HALL DANCE BY MRS. HAR. RIETT FRENCH-SHERMAN IN TWO WEEKS The winter series of assemblies, which Mrs. Harriett French-Sherman has been giving in the Mikado hall, will close on Tuesday night, May 7th. On this occasion the last dance on the program will be a prize waltz, when Mrs. Sherman will give a handsome prize to the best waltzers. Tuesday evening Mrs. Sherman's dance was attended by sixty couple end the success of the previous evening gatherings was repeated. The decorations were in blue and white. The r,ext dance is next Tuesday evening. Mrs. Sherman's summer dances at Cascade park will begin on May 14th. MORTON-HIGGINS WEDDING SATURDAY MORNING EVENT The wedding of Miiss 'Margaret Morton and Mr. Martin V. Higgins, president of the Youngstown city council, which is announced to tatie place next Saturday morning in Sacred Heart church, Youngstown, is of local interest Immediately after the church ceremony the couple will come to this city and from here go to Cambridge Springs to spend their honeymoon. inn HELENA AUXILIARY The Helena Auxiliary, of the First Presbyterian church, meets in the parlors Friday afternoon. The ladies expect to pack a Christmas box at this meeting. n n n THE WINDSOR GIRLS Miss Hilda Cypher, .of the Harbor Roard, will entertain the Windsor Girls Thursday evening. 8 THE UNKNOWN CLUB The Unknown Club met at the home of Miss Maude Kress, in Lincoln avenue, Tuesday evening. The favor at five hundred were captured by Mrs. Cassius Balp and Elder Rhodes. n n n THE BASKET CLUB The Basket Club' will meet at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. David Jameson, in North Mill street, Friday evening. The committee comprises Mrs. A. W. Harbison, Mrs. Chas. Greer, Mrs. Chas. Phillips and Mrs. Davia Jameson. n n TUESDAY NIGHT CLUB. The favorite game of progressive euchre was the channel .of amusement for those guests who gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Trelfall, in Boyles avenue, Tuesday evening, the event being the meeting of the Tuesday Night Club. n n n THE ROYAL NEIGHBORS Mrs. H. C. Humphrey, of Park avenue, will entertain the Royal Neighbors Thursday evening. n n n SETTLED IN NEW HOME. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice C. Winter, a bride and groom of April, who' returned last week from an eastern wedding trip, are now at home to their friends at 73 Wallace avenue. n n n PURELY PERSONAL Miss Marie Hutton, of Croton avenue, is visiting her uncle, S. A. Belles, of New Brighton. Miss Lena Greer, of Croton avenue, who was the guest of friends at Youngstown, has returned. Mrs. C. A. McCready, of Shaw street, is spending a week at the Mercer sanitarium. Mrs. William Heckathorn has returned to her home at Elizabeth, Pa., after a short visit with her sister, Mrs. Bert Haggerty, of Shenango street. Mrs. Robert Stunkard, of Eastbrook, has been confined to me house Dy illness for the past week. Miss Margaret Kirk, Highland avenue, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Snook, of Franklin, returned home Tuesday. Mrs. W.A. Byron and children, of Highland avenue, are guests of the former's sister, Mrs. George Tener, of Sewickley. Miss Gula Potter of Pittsburg, is the guest of friends and relatives In the city. STIFF LEG A chic little French hat model is though on the sailor order, presented was very wide across the face, the left From back to front it was much short-only a few inches from the crown. ThJ the natural color, the underbrim being pale pink rose, one in gray, a bunch of arranged across the crown from front rose with foliage and a bunch of 11- FORMER RESIDENT IN SONG RECITAL MISS NELLIE BLAKENEY MAKING WONDERFUL PROGRESS IN MUSIC "An artist of really exceptional worth" is what the Youngstown Vindicator says of Miss Nellie Blakeney, formerly of this city, but now residing in Lowellville, .in the event of a song recital which Miss Blakeney and Miss Marie Neville, a Youngstown contralto singer, both pupils of Mrs. Austin Gillen, gave Monday evening. Miss Blakeney began her study ot the voice in New Castle under Mr. Paul Browne Patterson, and developed a beautiful voice in her short period of study. The Vindicator in speaking of the song recital, has this to say of Miss Blakeney: "Miss Blakeney's voice is a high, clear soprano, one es-pecialls fitted for grand opera work and which probably will be heard in that line eventually." n n n MARRIED AT YOUNGSTOWN Miss Josephine H. Powell and Obra B. Black, both of this city, were married at Youngstown Tuesday. LINEN CLUB AFFAIR. The members of the Linen Club enjoyed the hospitality Tuesday evening of Mrs. Seth Marshall in her East street home. The hours were pleasantly passed away at euchre, the prizes having been awarded to Mrs. Ella Cromwell, Mrs. Benjamin Dean, Mr. Charles Hopwood and Mr. William Cromwell. An elegant luncheon was served by the hostess. The club meets in two weeks with Mrs. C. W. Pitzer of Wabash avenue. n n n D. OF A. KENSINGTON The D. of A. Kensington, which was to have met with Mrs. William Graham next Wednesday evening, will gather at the home of Mrs. Martin Hoover of Greenwood avenue. Luck In Falling. "It's a peculiar thing the tricks that luck will now and then play a chap," said a prominent physician recently. "Take, for instance, the breaking of bones in one's body. Did you ever stop and think how very many hard and high falls a man can have, light on rocky ground with half his body twisted under the other ha.f, so to speak, and come off with not even a scratch? Then, again, a fellow will just trip over his own foot and, falling to the ground, break a leg or an arm. A good many will say it all depends on how one alights, but that seems to have absolutely nothing to do with it, as I have seen a man alight In a certain way from a high fail and never injure himself, and then again have I seen a second chap alight in the same identical way and break a leg and an arm." Columbus Dispatch. Diplomatic Reticence. The social reformer was paying a visit to the convicts in the peniten-tlary and asking them various que tions. ''And what are you doing here, my friend?" he said to a good looking man In the shoeshop. "Making shoes," was the reply that discouraged any further Inquisition io that direction. Discharging the Cook. "Well, cook's gone at last, John," said Mrs. B. "Good. You must have had more courage than I gave you credit for to discharge her." "I didn't do it. She discharged herself. I flattered her so about her cooking that she thought she was too good to stay with us, and off she went." Music Hath Charms. "Waiter!" called the customer in the restaurant where an orchestra was playing. "Yes, sir." "Kindly tell the leader of the orchestra to play something sad and low while I dine. I want to see if it won't have a softening influence on this iteak!"-Tit-Bits. Italy has 230 convicts to the million inhabitants, which is the highest record. HORN HAT. about the crown. here illustrated, the shape of which, one or two novel features. The brim fide being even wider than the right. er, the front brim especially Jutting out model was in heavy stiff leghorn in faced with dark gray taffeta. A large violets and a creamy white rose were to back, under the brim being a pink lacs. Black satin ribbon was folded CARNATION PARTY IS PRETTY AFFAIR SEVENTY-FIVE COUPLES ATTENDED DANCE GIVEN BY MR. F. B. GILMORE. Peerless hall was the scene of a jolly social gathering Tuesday evening on the occasion of the carnation party given by Mr. Frank B. Gil- more, 75 couples being in attendance. The hall was prettily decorated in pink and white and each guest receiv ed a carnation as a favor. Sypher's full orchestra furnished inspiring music for the party. An Unintentional Joke. ' An English writer tells the story of hi first sixpence, which he earned by an unpremeditated joke. His father bad been for twenty-seven years engaged in a suit in chancery and had just gained his cause. The expenses of the suit, however, had swallowed up the entire estate, the residue being merely 3s. Cd. The writer says: My father i:ged the seven sixpences on our breakfast table. "My boy," said ho, "see what comes of going to law in Great Britain! Your mother has told you that I have won my suit In chancery?" . "Yes, papa." "Well, then, look! That is all I get sf it," and ha pointed grimly at the sixpences. I opened wide my eyes. "AH you get of the whole suit?" I echoed with n puzzled air, convinced that a suit in chancery was composed, as other suits are, of a coat, waistcoat and trousers. "Why. pnpa, those are only the buttons!" It was this deplorable joke that earned me my sixpence, for my father, laughing, toss3d me one across the table, and I rushed off with it like a dog pelted with a bone. We Aim to please all who come to out Studio. Let tis please you with some of our latest photos. Seavy's Ground Floor Studio 12 N. Mercer St. Blevins Millinery Parlors 215 E. North St. F DEATH BY THE HEROIC ACT OF 8RAKEMAN Thompson Is In Line For Cov eted Decoration of Carnegie Medal FROM UNDER THE VERY WHEELS ITALIAN BABE WAS SNATCHED AND LIFE SAVED SEVENTH WARD BRIEFS To save a small Italian child from what seemed Instant death; Brakeman Thompson, of . the Pennsylvania branch between the Junction and Oil City, risked his own life by leaping in front of his train near Gardner avenue late yesterday afternoon, and dragged from the rails a three-year-old child. .The incident occurred while Thompson's crew was making up a train at Gardner avenue prior to leaving for Oil City. Several cars had been shifted down the track some distance to where there is a crossing that leads to the Greer tin mill. Here they were left standing until the crew returned to the Junction for a number of cars that made up part of the train. On their return to Gardner avenue and while backing down to the cars that were left on the siding, an Italian driving a grocery wagon that seemed ready to fall apart, appeared on the crossing directly in front of the train, his horse became frightened and while trying to gain control of the animal lost his hold on the child that was riding with him. No sooner was the child out of his grasp than she fell from the wagon onto the tracks. Thompson, seeing the danger, gave his engineer the signal to slow down and when within a few" feet of the babe he leaped onto the track, grabbed the child in his arms, and sprang from the track just in time to escape being hit. The train crashed into the wagon damaging it to some extent. Thompson's deed was one of genuine courage and he is being highly complimented by his fellows. TO HOLD P1CWS. Employes of the different mill3 in Mahoningtown are planning to run a number of excursions this summer. Both the Shenango and Greer tin mill men will hold a picnic the early part of the summer, the date and place to be announced soon. The Stamping and Forge and Bolt works employes will hold their outing in August either at Silver Lake or in Erie. It is probable that the workmen of the Standard Motor Truck company in Mahoning avenue will organize and hold an outing. PROGRAM IS ANNOUNCED .. More than two hundred tickets have been sold for the recital and entertainment to be given in the Third Christian church Friday evening. The affair is for the benefit of the church and gives promise of being a success. Miss Daisy Pyle, reader, and Miss Elizabeth Bevan, pianist, have charge. The following program will be rendered: Piano True Happiness Gustave Lange. Telephone Romance. Progress of Madness. - Dialogue Pauline Phelps. Piano Titania Lefebure Wely. . Burglar Bill Aunt Sophronia Tabor at the Opera Solo Miss Bronwin Jenkins Nobody's Child Phil H. Case. Piano Warbling St. Eve Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene Shakespeare. Minister's Black Nance ...Monologue Pauline Phelps. The Cracked Mouthed Family. WILLiAM DENNY ILL. William Denny, of the Mt. Jackson road, one of the oldest residents of this county, is lying at his hom ser-' lously ill with pneumonia. His condition is reported to be critical and his friends are alarmed. BARN NEARLY COMPLETED. The new 40 ft. by 16 ft barn that Is being erected at the race track south of xuahoningtown, is nearly completed. A harness room, an office anu granary are being added to the barn and with these the structure will be the most complete of any in the Pennsylvania and Ohio circuit. MAHONINGTOWN PERSONALS Dan Serney, of Cedar street ,has returned to work after several days' illness. Sam Jones, of Ashland avenue, has accepted a position as hostler at the Arlington hotel in Ashland avenue. Rears Emerick, of Liberty street, has returned home after a few days' stay with friends in Bessemer. The young son of Mr. and Mrs. David Walker, of Clayton street, is reported to be very ill. Charles Thoman, of Sixth street, has returned home after a few days' stay in Youngstown on business. Victor Patterson, of Cedar street, is suffering from a severe attack of the grip. W. S. Davy, of Liberty street, has returned home after a short stay in Mercer on business. Miss Sylvia Lovick, of Elm street, is some better after a few days' illness. Mike Masterdom, of Cedar street, is some better after several days' illness. Mrs. H. H. McCombs, of Lafayette street, is suffering from a severe attack of the grip. Howard Emery, of Liberty street, has recovered after a few days' illness. Miss Merl Coulter, of Cedar street, is much better after a few days illness. Miss May Criner, of Liberty street, is aDie to be about after several days' illness. Bert Grassel, of Madison avenue, has returned to work after a few days' illness. Fred Berner, a telegraph operator on the Pennsylvania at New Brighton, has returned home after a short stay in the ward on business. THE WASH For the better disnlav have spread them out over generally occupy m our store. JNow when the patterns are all new and select is the time to make your purchase, and if you want to buy it at the right place and the right price, this is the store of New Be sure to ask to see The Floral Lawns at 5c. The Rosemont Organdies at 10c. The Claribel Batistes at 10c. The Holly Batistes at 12c. The plain Dotted Swisses at 12c.' The Corded Madras at 12c. The Antoinette Rayures at 15c. The Figured Dotted Swisses at 15c yd. The Organdie Francaise at 15c yd. The Golden Rod Batiste at 18c yd. The Silk Tissues at 25c yd. The Carreaux de Paris at 25c yd. The Timaine Plaids at 25c yd. The Silk Ginghams at 25c and 29c yd. The Opalescent Silk at 50c. The Silk Dots sold everywhere at 25c special at 19c yd. The Zephyr Ginghams at 12c and 15c yd. The Mercerized Suitings at 18c yd. The Colored Shrunk Muslins at 15c. The Dress Ginghams at 6c, 8c, 10c. Etc., Etc., Etc. Don't forget ! If you want to save dollars supply your Cloak wants and your Lace Curtain wants at 20 PITTSBURG ST. BRIGH The time to clean renovate and make DICKSON & PRIEST DENOUNCES BRYAN SAYS DEMOCRATIC LEADER IS A "BLATHERSKITE." Special Dispatch to The Herald. LOWELL, MASS., April 24. A sensation has been caused in Catholic circles, by the Rev. Father Roberts in denouncing William J. Bryan as a blatherskiie and urging Catholics not to listen ..o his speeches here last night. Father Roberts is conducting a mission at St. Peter's church and in the course of a sermon last night requested that his hearers attend service tomorrow rather than waste time at the opera house listening to a "blatherskite." The Han library at Peking contains the works of several thousand authors on philosophy; of several thousand on mathematics; of many hundreds on war; of hundreds on medicine; of more than 1,000 poets. The library was founded some 2,000 years ago. CANTATA DAVID THE SHEPHERD BOY at the EMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH APRIL 26-27 Commencing at 7:30 p. m Chorus of seventy voices, assisted by a chorus of children, forty voices. ADMISSION : Adults, 50c. Children, 25c. NEW GOODS of nnr new Wash ("Jnnrls we four times the space they Castle. UP tip about the house. the old things look neat and clean is here again. We want to help yot in this work. Let us furnish you some good paint, specially prepared for the purpose for which you need it. Yoti will then find this cleaning job a real pleasure instead of an irksome task. Over 100 colors to select from. CO., Hardware Few Jew Commit Suicide. Hebrews rarely commit suicide. In London there were only five cases in 34 years. Not a single suicide of a Jewess was recorded last year in the United Slates. TONIGHT at the TRINITY GUILD HALL, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Admission 25c. NEVER TOO LATE Don't put off looking after your eyes. We are prepared to give you the best possible attention in the way of eye glass fitting. We have a full line of our stick on mountings. The very best ever invented. All spectacles and eye glasses Guaranteed or yourmoney refunded. JB0. G. DVYER JEWELER AND OPTICIAN. No. 77 E. Washington St, City.

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