Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 24, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1894
Page 3
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BABY ONE SOLID RED Jjlternlly on Fire with Kczema. Screaming nnd Clawing nil the Time. Added to iliis were "Abscesses and Suppuration. Entirely Ciirpil by Cutlcuru. Now Stout mill Hourly. Our littto 1-aliy. almost 24 years old, was takvii with sinnii I''>M:L of EUZIMIM wliuu shu was About ihruu inmiiln "U- " i;r Httlo Loily w.i< nno .loliit roil from tlio Molt-s of her fL'ot to tho crown ol' liur head, ami slu" Bt'umi-tl to hulitcnUlyutlry.rtCTi'ainint; nnil clawing lUl tho timu. •\viicn sho wan about tlvi> nioiilhs old, them w;u nddi-il tolu:rat)Hction,ul)Scesai;saiMl ftiipimratlon. Wo trlod the • local M. D.'a, and tome othiT nMupclitd without any relit 1 !'. 1 had read ronsldoraWcabOHt tlH'Ut'TICUHA llKM EDI KM, ftnl I ono of our nfiifjhhors lad used them, clalmiiit.- Uiatthcy WLTCHS coo.l nt claimed. I condiidcil to try thiMii.ainl after the iwn of three or fmir boxtvs of Crnerii.v, urn! about one and onr-half tiottl'rs of fh« cnii-Tis.v IlKsoi.vKS-r, with thti CL'TICL'UA So.u-, our little ono Is now entirely uurt'd.aiid 1.1 s-.outanrl hearty. Your Cr-nnit.v KKMKIMF-* :irtt all aud ninre than you claim thein to be.' I jilway-* havi* n [rood word to my friends and nci-li'jorn I'nr vonr exci-Ili-nt n-nii-ilii 1 :'. C. 11. WOOD, Wliito Cloud, -Mo. CUTICUHA WORKS WONDERS •Sotmne can 1<» more c-iie()iirai;iii2 t" di<- conra-.-il i>.-iri-:i:.- '.li.in H»- tvinarka!;," i-im-- (lailv i.nVr.T'l anl'i:i4 infants and L-llildr.-M I'.y tho'(Vri.-i-|:\ i:i-:.Mr.>:rs. run* in elnldhn,,,! mean a lil,-'im,' ol' i'r ..... loin from torturing, <li»liuriii)i. Ir.nai'.i.ilin: huiiior.-,. '!•• -.vi.rld. Frl.v, CfTKTllA, ..i.v:^-.*l. IMTTKI: LMU.-U .!-'- 1 !'i K'Mi'-.i.K "'•'. m'l-'ll. Pliaplicil, aaj 'ii i-uiv.. by i:i'THTi:A^".\e. if STOPS THE PAIN. ii'k.iehi'.kiilnrypaiiH. weakness, r!ifii:iia;i-.ui,a:id MIII-.-II/.II- pains re- lli'Vi-<l 1» on" mlniito hytlii'CuU- urn Aiitl-l'aln Wnittor. i!0c. EVERYBODYJATiSFlED. THAT DR. MKKKOLL AM) HIS ASSISTANTS. Do Kxactly an They Advcrtlvo, nu<l That They do Cure After Hlnuy OilierH Full. During Iho past six months Dr. Morroll and assistants gave a guarantee that all patients treated during that time, If they were dlssatisliod, that on the first Saturday of each month they would have their money returned 10 thorn. And out of 1,457 treated for all phases of diseases, but 3lx patients have returned dissatisfied and their money was cheerfully refunded. The name* of patients who wore dissatisfied and received their money back have boon given In those columns at the time the rnoney was refunded. Bead the Following Offer and Cull at Once. For the purpose of obtaining dates upon which to tiaae contemplated now departure in their professional and business dealings with the sick, Dr. Merroll has decided to make the following proposition: All now patients or old ones renewing treatment, who call at tke doctor'* office, 411 Broadway, during offloe hours, commencing Monday, March 26, and throughout the week. After a careful oxsunina. tion, If curable, will be treated until cured for $6. whether It la one month or many. $6 includes all medicines, examinations and treatment until the patient la permanently cured. This Is the only foe that will be charged to any one, and In any owe we fall to cure •we will refund the money, as wo have done ID the past. From M»rch 26th to March 31st In positively tbe only week for which we will treat patients at this great sacrifice. After March 31st, the doctor informs us that they will positively treat no patient less than $10 a month, and as wo know them to be strati? Brat-class physicians an well as mem of thotr word, wo would advise all afflicted to call upon them at once, and receive this most generous of all offers. DAILY JOURNAL. SATURDAY MORNING. MAHCH 24. Stick plnso! all kinds at the Golden Rule. Three dozen eggs 25 cent* at Foley's today See the new spring jackets and capes jurt opened-—Trade Palace. All the new shapes in hatg and caps at the Bankrupt sale. Four dollars buyi Russia calf tan •hoei.—Pilling & White. Suventy flve cect trimmed Oxfords at the Kraus <ale for ehoei worth (1 50, and not 75 cents for trash never worth any more. No other medicine has equalled Hood'» Sareaparllla la the relief It gives In severe cases of dyspepsia, •Ick headache, etc. It will pay you to lee the display of five-cent goods la John Gray's north window, even If you don't want to buy. Go and tee them. If you do not find what you want at your regular places of trading, call at Murdoch's new shoe store, Market •treet, and seo what he can do for you. The Baby's Bent Friend—MoLlnn's Onion Syrup gives Immediate relief and ourea croup, oolda, oollc, and par- tloularly vomiting of curdled milk. For sale by B. F Keeping. Only 25 out* per bottle. A WARNING TO GAS TOWNS. Tho LoKiiuiiport Cane (o bo Argue April 4lh Will Show Whether • <;•• Company Can make a Con- tmct mid Get Oat or K or Slot. Indianapolis News: S. P. Sbeerln DoWltt C. Justice and ex-Judgi Nelson, of Logansport, repreeontini the Logansport Natural Gas Company wore hero today In consultation wit Miller, Winter & Elara, attorneys, 1 reference to the Logansport natura gas case, which IB in the Suprem Court. In the case, which has been carried to the highest court from Lo gansport, there la Involved practical! tho same question that has recentl; been raised In Indianapolis, The contention of the gas company ia tha it has the right to fix a sliding soali of pricee, notwithstanding the provl slon of the city ordinance. Miller Winter & Elam are the attorneys for tha Indianapolis Natural Gas Com pauy. An effort will be made to ob tnln from tha Supremo Court ft decl slon that will settle tho questions in controversy in both Logansport am Indianapolis, and ID othorcitics of the State. Tho constitutionality cf an ordinance fixing spcoilic rates to con sinners will bo to-sli'd. Farmer.-! havo been making good IL-O of tho beautiful weather plowing sowing oats and clover sued.. . .\Vhoa I* growing very riipidl.v and bids fiilr to rnakoa lino yield. If it comes up i llio present prospect, wheat will soil for -10 cents instead of $1 50 as WH promised last fall....Mr. Geo. W Gish is seriously ill with a complication of diseases. Dr. Barnott of Oa ward is tending him . . . .The Ladle Aid Society of Seven Milo havo just finished a very fine quilt which has nearly 300 names beautifully worked on it. If work counts for anything it ought to bo worth quite a sum of money Many of the farmers have their ground ready to plant their early potatoes on Good Friday but tho heavy rain put a stop to planting and now tbe query is, Will wo get any early potatoes?.. . .Aaron Jones, tho section foreman of this place has moved Into W. K. Tousloy's house... .Overcoats havo como Into us again.. . .The Mill er heirs have got the estate Bottled at last satisfactory to all parties. WlDKAWAKK. Not A dor filorv. Indianapolis Sentinel: Tho Hon. S. P. Sheerln of Loganaport wae at the Grand yesterday. He denies tho statement recently published In some of tho Indiana papers that he Is a candidate for congress from the thirteenth district. Tho report, he says, started from overzealouenoss on the part of some of his friends. 'The report is curreBt that Mr. Hammo; d will not boa candidate for reelection and it was suggested, in casting" about for a successor to him. that Mr. Sheorln would be a good man. The latter gentleman, however insists that he is not, nor will he bo, under any clrcum stances, a candidate for the office. "This thing of going to Washington Is all well enough If a man is looking for glory—sometimes," he said, "but that is not what I'm seeking at present." ^ mate Oeolom»l'» Report. The annual* 7 report of tho Stato Geologist has fbeen printed, and Is ready for distribution. The book con tains seventeen colored maps, showing tho geography of the State. A large map of Indiana accompanies tho volume. It shows the railroads and gas wells up to date, as well "as the Btone, coal and oil fields, • and glvea other information about Indiana that is new. Of course your money's your own to give to charity or throw away, which latter Is what you are doing when you pass the great Binkrupt shoe sale. P AINT cracks.— often costs more to prepar house for repainting that has l.c- painted in the first place v.'itli ch. ready-mixed paints, than it v<-< to have painted it twice with s-M "' \y pure white lead, ground i;; \j. linseed oil. Strictly Pure White L te e forms a permanent base for rep:. ing and never has to be buriK.^ \ scraped ofl" on account of KC.:I',\; or cracking. It is always sn:r\ • and clean. To be sure of pot- : strictly pure white lead, pi:iO.. any o'f the following brand?: "Anchor," "Souther.?.," "Eckstein," "EcclSaC" "Kentucky," "Collie:-." FOR COLORS. — National Lend Co.'; 1 . Ti White LeaJ Tiiitinir (.V.ors, it onc-|ioii!irt , to o jypotiiu! ksK of l-cai! am! mi;: >.>• v • • paints. Saves time and amioyniiri: in i:::t(':. shades, and insures tilt bc>t |);iint ilia'L.u ; . j. »ibie to put en wood. Send us a postal card nnd frt onr IKK U paints und color-card, free; il will protaL:/!.:. you ajjood many dollars. NATIONAL LEAD CO., New York. \ Cincinnati Branch, Seventh wid Freeman Avenue, Cincinnati. Tell th* Truth. There is no use attempting to cove up tho facts by misrepresentations, The Davis bridge ia a weak, defectlvi bridge, three feet short by the admls slon of the commissioners, the bridge company and all tho engineers. It I quite probable that it Is equally de fective in other respects and the re port of the engineers show that U ia The Reporter defends the brldg and quotes Wallace Marshall of the Lafayette bridge company as author! ty. Mr. Marshall just secured the Deer Creek bridge and ex County Commissioner Button of the Reporto was with the comailfesioners a ROCK deal when they wero acting on the bids. Mr. Sulton, like Mr. Marshall may be interested in defending the Davis bridge though Mr. Marshal went to see the Davis bridge at tho suggestion of tho Journal and statec when he got oft the street car at the corner of Fourth and Broadway on his return that the brldjje was very light. Bnt the Reporter showa its interest by its misrepresentations. It stales that Harry Coloman wixs in tho employ of a rival bridgo company but, denied this fact tu tho commissioners. Mr. Colemun that ho has not in bridjrc woro tunco 1.S8I'; this.t his business Is structural wo-'k. roofs, nR-s, etc.. acd that ho put in a hid on the Dcor Crock bridge for the Variety works on account of the Davis bridge mutter and that ho has n»t nor dooj ho intend to do any work any plauo olso in the United States. Mr. Coleman states also that the Commissioners tent after him three tlmos before he consented to act In the Dav-U bridge matter and that when ho did act they attempted to cast a reflection on him because he told the truth. Tho Reporter's statement about the Journal IB aleo false. For many years the Auditor's annual report was run in the Journal for the information of the axpayers. The present Commicslon. et-6 paid the bill for the 5rstyoar, thus recognizing tho custom, but tho second year rejected tho bill. They had a right to terminate the contract but should havo settled up lirat. This was hardly a businesslike way of doing but as for the Journal having any In tho mattar, that is absurd. Tho matter came up almost a year ngo and the editor of the Journal had orgotten all about it The Davis bridge is throe feet short and otherwise defective and all the misrepresentation in tho world won't make it longer or stronger, $100 Jlcnard, $100. Tho rfludnr of tills paper will bo pleased to earn th'it thnrw la at Must ono clrwdud clIrtftiiHeM hat .science has bppn abl« to curn In nil Its 8taKt*.s and tliir Is Ciitiirrh. Hull's Catarrh Cur« Is the mly posrivo t'nre known to thft medical fraternity, -atari-it balnea constltntlnnal dl.s«-ia«. retiul'-HH a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Care Is »ken IntBrnnlly, acting dlrMtlr on tho blo»d and nticus surfaces of the nystem, thereby dc.itro.lng he foundation of the disease, anil Kivlnx tha pa lent strenKth by building up the constitution and wclstliiR nature In dolnu Its work. The proprie- orshavesio m'i«h fulth In I's ctirntlve powers, hat they offer Ono Hundred Dollars Tor any ™se bat it falls to cure. Semi for list of testimonials. Address, K, ,1. CHENKT & CO., Toledo, O. ^-:jold by druggists. ADDITIONAL J.OCALS. Family flour $1 So ahun—Rothermel Get a sample can of Van Houten's :ocoa at Foley's today Have a new Easter scarf of Patter- ion, the Haberdasher. Kid gloves in all shades, dressed and undressed.—Gollen Rule. New Ties—None nicer than those at ,he Bankrupt sale at half price. Today will be banner day for spring wraps and gloves—Trade Palace. Those men's $2 and 2 50 shoes at Murdook's Market street shoe store, are beauties. Call and jot a pair for Jaeter wear. Ladies wishing spring wraps would o well to call early before our hand- omo selection is broke, at the Now 'ashlon store. As a little Easter gift we will pre- ont every purchaser of a pair of kid loves with a pretty souvenir.—The Jee Hive. Come early. We challenge the world in behalf of Miss Qulgley's tasty, dainty, and ar. istlo pattern hats now on exhibition t the New Fashion store. No wonder John Gray's corner on ve.oent goods Is a success when he ells such goods for a nlcltle as are (splayed In his north window. Go rjd see. Otto Kraus was offered the appraise- ient for the shoe stock in a lump, but referred to let his patrons, tbe oltl» en» of Lottansport, • the consumers Is frlendc, have it one pair at a time. CUT THI* OUT. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two otaers or different dittos, aiirt Ten Ce its. Is K.KX! for one piiri, containing twtnty portraits, ot he Marie Burrongh's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOURNAL. OUT THl* OUT. HONOR TO DARTMOUTH! Prof. Edward E. Phelps, M. D.. LL. D., Whose Giant Intellect Di-covered Paine's Celery Compound. Two giants among- men—the greatest statesman and the greatest physician that America has produced—Daniel Webster and Edward E. Pholps have both done honor to Dartmouth college, one as a btudent, the other us an instructor. To Prof. Edward K. Phelps, M. D., LL , D., the world today owes longer ,ife and more freedom from sickness than to any other physician. Every Dartmouth alumnus of more than a dozen years' standing remembers the awe In which he held the keen observer whose name appeared in the college catalogue next to that of the jresldent as professor of materia medlca; and every younger graduate las admired the complete museum of medical botany which Dr. Phelps gave to the college. But it was the world-famed discovery of Prof. Phtlps of an infallible ure for those fearful Ills that result rom an impaired nervous system and mpure blood which has endeared the 'real doctor to the world, and made ils life an era In the practice of medicine. Prof Phelps was born in Connecticut and graduated from the military ichoolat Norwich Vt. He studied mediclna with Prof Nathan Smith of few Haven. Conn, and graduated in medicine at Yale. : His unusual talent soon brought him reputation and prominence among bis professional brethren. In 1835 he was elected to the professorship of anatomy and surgery in the Vermont university. In 1841 he was appointed lecturer on materia medica and med- leal botany in Dartmouth College The next year he was chosen profesjor of the chair then vacated by Prof. | Robby, and occupied the chair, the most important one In the country, until a few years before his death In , 1800. | He had for years foreseen the dangers of the American way of living. Ho went about to find a scientific, j common sense remedy to cure the ; common evils that, under one name . and another, result from an unhealth- ! ful state of the nervous system, and j within a i>core of years have seemed to be sweeping over the country like an epidemic. He succeeded. He gavb to the medical profession a celebratod remedy, which has since come to be known to the world over as Paine'u celery compound. It was Dr. Phelps' prescription which ever since has been freely used and prescribed by the most eminent of the profession. The formula was furnished to all reputable physicians. They found the wonderful remedy to bo exactly what wm« claimed for it, a great nerve and brain strengthener and restorer. It was demonstrated beyond doubt that Paine's celery compound would cure nervous debility and exhaustion, neuralgia, sleeplessness. dyspepai* and all blood diseases. It was as harlces as it was good, and It was the universal advice of the medical profession that the compound be placed where the general public could secure it, and thousands of people have every year proven the wisdom of this good advice. The recent advice of Commodore Howoll to use this compound, which the conmodore publicly said had eaved his own life, and tbe published testimonials of Mayor McShane of Montreal, the pool author Hardy, George Wright, Marie Tempest, Councilor Morse, Mabel Jenness, and other men and women of national reputation, has brought tbe compound into special notice. As a well known physician in this city says: "Paine's celer/ compound i» not a patent medicine, it is not a sarsaparllla. It is cot a mere tonic; it is as 'ar beyond them all as the diamond is superior to cheap glass." CANDIDATE*. FOR THKASORBB, I will be ft candidate for Treasurer of the cltj I Loimnsport. subject to the will of the Bepubll can City Nominating Convention. U* rJ, oAHGENT, Loransport. Ind., February 13, 1894. I will ben candidate for Treasurer of the city f Logansport, mibJKit to the will of. the Bepnbll- cim City Nominating; Convention. Ai I.ONG. Logansport, Ind., February 16, 1894, I will be a cnn-ltdate fo- nomination for the (Bee of Cltj TML-urer subject to the will of the HepublicanConvent,™^^ ^J-ft ALL.SON. I will be ft -undtcinte for Trmsnrer of tbe cltj ort, subject to the will of the Bepub- Logansport, lud., March 5, 1S91. H-unkcr'H arminatlve Balsam, the great stom- ch and bowel remedy, is still working wonders. For sale by all druggistn. To cure all nervous diseases, ' Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vilalizer," pronounc- c. tbe greatest medical discovery of he age. Sold by Ben Fisher. K.emp'» Balsam "til stop the c at once Quaker headache capiula give re. iel In ten mlnutei. La Grippe Vanauished. 'Q A. C I s a SUBK SPKCl- o T-b KIC to this dreaded disease, as most any resident of Arkansas City can testify. Santa Fe Railroad Boys Heard From. MB, R. K. PHKLPS: . DKAH -m.—l toko great pleasure In recommending your Kour-U f jr coughs and colds. Having given It a trial, I coul.i recommend no better me Heine for mj fr.ends. Vari trulv, L, "f. Ksmtxnt. Station Baggageman. A Santa Fe Enolneer's Story I contracted a bad cold; win so hoarse I could only speik above a whisper; the cough was very dlstr using! purer, .sed a bottle of your -our-C; It cureJ almost from the Ktart. I take great uleiisure In recomniwmlng It u> mytrjenu*. Kng|nePr , ^.J^Etta?^. 1 riTir*! TIC* A C* U itold under * fnftt* PHELPS 4-t anteeto glre perfect i or money always returned By BEN FISHER. Notice to Contractor*. Sealed proposals will be received by A. C Barnett uotil Wednesday, thft 28th day of March, at 4 p. m , of said day at tbe office of J. H. Rhode*, architect, 427 Broadway, city, for the construction of the new Barnett Hotel. Plans and specifications and full particulars can be obtained at tho above office. The owner reserves tbe right to accept or reject any or »11 bids. A. C. BAKNETT. G. A. B. On the occasion of the Encampment G. A K and Woman's Relief Corps of Indiana, at Lafayette, Ind., April 4 and 5, 1894. the Wabash Railroad Company, will sell round trip tlckta for $1 11. Tickets will be told April 3d »nd 4lh, good going date of sale and good returning not later than April 6th. C. G. NEWELL, Ag't, Wabasb R. K. Co. Handle Factory Woo« n»r Hate. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mall order* to Hillock & PUtraan, Handle Factory,, on Toledo H., or P. J. Kiroaor.

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