The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania on December 27, 1968 · Page 13
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The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Franklin, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1968
Page 13
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Clintonville Bt MRS. KrNNETll DICK C1JYLCNYIII .. Tec. 28 The Peters Chs1 L'mtcl Meth odist congregation held their Chr'tmas dinner and program on Saturday, Tec. 21, with 62 en joy in a lovely tureen dinner. The program was given bv the various Sundav school classes, with the visit from Santa treating the children. The Married Couples class present ed the church with a Poinset- tia, to be placed ui the church for Sunday services. The Clintonville branch of the Northwest Bank joir.ed with the Grove City Branch and held their. Christmas nartv on Wednesday evening, Dec IS, at the Penn Grove Hotel in Grove City. A gift exchange was enjoyed after the dinner, and the Adelines of the Grove City Branch entertained for the P"eping Members of the Scrubgrass Grange held their Christmas party and singing of Carols on Friday evening. They met. packed baskets for shut-in members and delivered them before they had their party. The Scrubgrass Grange will hold a sauerkraut supper for the members and their families on Friday evening, Dec. 27, at the Grange Hall at Lisbon, members are to take rolls, salads or dessert. Alvin Wa'ter is home from Clarion College, spending his vacation with the Rev. and Mrs. E. M. McKee. The Rankin Chapel United Methodist Church held a Christmas Cantata along with a program for the Children on Sunday evening, Dec. 22. It was a very nice program and at the close, Santa paid a visit, tr?ating everyone present. The rose bud on the altar of the Clintonville United Methodist Church was in honor of a child born to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Chase. An open house was held for Fred Slyer at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Phipps, the occasion being his 85th birthday anniversary. Holiday Tragedy MARSEILLE, France (UPI) Taxi driver Georges Daury, Television FRANKLIN COAXIAL CABLE KEY Channel 2 KDKA Pittsburgh 2. Channel 3 WI1C Pittsburgh 1L Channel 4 WYTV Youngs town 33. Channel 5 WKBN Youngs-town 27. Channel 6 - W1CU Erie 12. Channel 7 WTAE Pittsburgh 4. Channel 8 WNTP Jamestown, N.Y. 26. Channel 9 Clearfield Educational 3. Channel 10 WJET Erie 24. Channel 11-WQED Pittsburgh Educational 13. Channel 12 WFMJ Youngs- town 21. Channel 13 WSEE Erie 35. OIL CITY CABLE KEY Channel 2 KDKA Pittsburgh Channel 2 Channel 3 - WICU Erie Channel 12 Channel 4 - WTAE Pittsburgh Channel 4 Channel $ - WSEE Erie Channel 35 Channel 6 WQED Pittsburgh Educational Channel 13 and WDC Pittsburgh Channel 11 Friday I P. M. 2 3-4-12-21-26-27 News, Sports, Weather 13 Teacher Preview, Planet Earth 11 I Love Lucy 6:30 P. H. 2- 12-21 26-27 News 4 Perry Mason 13 Misterogers Neighborhood 11 Truth or Consequences 35 Iroquois Sport Show 3 Rapunzel 26 King and Odie IP. H. 2 News, Sports, Weather 11 News 12 Hotline Newa 211 Love Lucy 35 News 27 Truth or Consequences 13 Book Beat 3 What's New 26 Cartoon Cutups 33 Dark Shadows 7:3 P. ftL 27- 35-Wild, Wild West 12- 11-21 High Chaparral 13 Black Horizons 4 Operation Entertainment 3 Your Dollar's Worth 26-Upbeat 4 A View of the White White With Mrs. Johnson 2 Special: "Ruddigore" 33 Tangerine Bowl 8 P. . 13 PBL: Pittsburgh Editioa 8:34 P. M. 2-35-27 Gomer Pyle 8 Young Musical Artists 11-12-21 The Name of the Game 4 All American College Show 24 Felony Squad 26 Boy Scout Program P. IS. 2-27-35 Movie, "House of Seven Hawks" !.t" NEW YORK Songstress-actress Judy Garland gets hugged by hubby-to-be, Mickey Deans, a musician and manager of a discotheque, during television appearance here. They plan to wed Dec. 30 in London. 37, shot and killed his wife and three daughters as they were fnishina their Christmas dinner Wednesday then shouted to passersbv to call police who arrested him, officers said. Programs 4-24 Don Rickles 3 Speaking Freely 13 NET Playhouse 26 Hal Martin Show 9:30 P. 51. 24-33-Guns of Will Sonnett 10 P. M. 26 Auction Bloct 4- 24-33 Judd for Defense 11-12-21-Star Trek 3 NET Playhouse 13 Circle of Lights 10:30 P. M. 26- Talkback 13-Key to the City 11 P. M. 2-4 12-21-24-26-27-33 35-Ne WS 11:30 P. M. 2 Movie, "A Song is Born" 1112-21 Johnny Carson 27 Movie 35 Movie, "The City that Never Sleeps" 21-33 Joey Bishop 4 Movie, "Doolins of Oklahoma" Saturday 12 NOON 2 News, Sports 11-12-21-Birdman 27-35 Shazzan 4-24-33 George of the Jungle 12:15 2 Job Line 12:30 P. M. 2 Weekend I 27 35 Johnny Quest 11-12-21 Super President 24-33 American Bandstand 4 Jr. Championship Bowling 1 P. M. 2-27-35 Blue and Grey Football Game 21 Catholic schools in Action 12 Garden and Farm 11 "America in Space: The First Decade" 1:30 P. M. 12 McHale's Navy 11 Jim Thomas Outdoors 21-Mr. Ed 24-33 Gator Bowl 2 P. M. 13 The Place 21 Movie, "Foiur Skulls of Jon-athan Drake" and "Incendiary Blonde" 11 Cartoon Carnival 12 Steve Allen 2:30 P. M. 13 A View From the Sky 11 Movie, "The Last Toma-hawk" 3 P. M, 13 Folk Guitar I 12 Movie, "Tom Sawyer" 3:30 P. H, 13 Playing the Guitar 12- 33-27 Sun Bowl Game IP. H. 13 Black Horizons 11 Come Alive 4:30 P. M. 13PBI., Pittsburgh 12 McHale's Navy 2 Twilight Hour 33-4-24 Cast-West Game I P. M. J Best of Merv Griffin 26 Championship Bowling 21 Spotlight 27 Hawaii Five-0 12 Gadabout Gaddis S:30 r. tL 13 The Toy That Grew Up 11 Grand Ole Opry 12-21-G.E. College Bowl fist Win . ft- . . - i wnsii This One for the Birds By TV SCOUT BEST BET While watching A View From the White House With Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, one cannot doubt the sincerity of the First Lady nor her deep love for her country, her husband and her family. Unfortunately, however, the expressions of heT affections and fervors are too close to the surface. There is evidently a far greater depth which is not heard nor seen in this production. Mrs. Johnson reviews her five years in the White House, talking about her responsibilities, programs and goals as First Lady and as a wife and mother. We also see her in action at state functions, promoting some of her programs, such as Keep America Beautiful, at the wedding receptions of both her daughters and a scene of Christmas with, the whole family. Howard K. Smith, hosts the pro gram. 7:30-8:30 (ABC). 7:30 - 8:30 (NBC) Anth onv taruso piays a spiraea Mexican bandit on The High Chaparral. He has a deep grievance against the Canons gener- ally and Manolito in particular. When he breaks out of prison it takes no time at all for him to decide to turn toward the ranch, both for supplies and revenge. REPEAT 8:30 9 (CBS) - If Sgt. Cart er tarred and feathered his Sim on pure private on Gomer Pyle USMC, there are few who would fault him. When Carter touches another car while parking his own, Gomer convinces him to leave a note taking the blame for the almost invisible hairline, quarter - inch scratch. Carter does and gets hit with a $235 bill. And at this point Gomer really starts trouble. 8:30 - 10 (NBC) You may have noticed that the caliber of TV has sharply declined this holiday week, which is tradition al, since there are fewer view ers available. The Name of the Game follows that trend with a script that ranks among its poorest. Again it is only the quality of the acting that saves the program. Gene Barry is the regular tonight, helping the ex- ruler of a small South American country to get back to his homeland. A revolution against the junta that ousted him is in progress and he wants to lead it, but the immigration author ities are holding him back. Har ry uuardno stars wth Vera Miles, Nehemiah Persoff and Simon Oakland. 9 - 9:30 (ABC) The star of The Don Rickles Show had no worry about material when he planned this show. He re views the year, gently and not so gently, giving his views on such things as the big bust on Wall Street, the pill, "Rose. mary's Baby," and the Olympics. Guests include Dick Clark, Gene Baylos and Joe Besser. 9 - 11 (CBS) "The House of Seven Hawks" on The Friday Night Movies is a 1959 film that was neither well publiciz ed nor financially successful. It is, nevertheless, a tense little whodunit that can be recom mended for general viewing Robert Taylor stars as a charter beat captain who has a side line, searching for jewels and other loot stashed away by the Nazis. The picture was filmed in England, Holland and on the English Channel. Taylor's struggles are with a pair of international crooks who will murder to get the gems, a pair of beautiful ladies vying for his affections and baubles, and the Dutch police, who are curious about the body on board his boat. Nicole M a u r e y, Lin da Christian and Donald Wolfit are featured. 9:30 . 10 (ABC) The Guns of Will Sonnet struggled into its second season with an "original" plot, repeated tonight. Will and grandson Jeff arrive in a small town that their quarry, James has just vacated. There they meet a man who is also looking for the gunman, seemingly because he owes James his life. but in reality because he wants to kill him. Sound familiar? Jason Evers guests. REPEAT 10 11 (NBC) Star Trek is a two - sighted show tonight but not much else. The first sight is lovely Joanne Linville who stars as a beautiful invader who captures the Enterprise and cons Mr. Spock into joining her. The second occurs when Spock grapples with Captain Kirk and applies the Vulcan death grip on his former com mander. Dr. McCoy pronounces the captain dead. After that, the show gradually dies too. and although the captain survives, tne program does not. 10 11 (ABC) Judd For The Defense is an exception to the poor quality productions of the week, rerunning a high quality drama titled "Transplant" John Vernon stars as a cardio vascular surgeon who performs an emergency heart transplant on a young girl. The donor was a longshoreman who suffered massive brain damage in an ac cident. The questions: Was the donor legally dead? Did the situation warrant the operation without the consent of the aar- ents who are lodging a huge law suit charging malpractice? W'orse still, before the civil case is tried, the surgeon is charged with murder. Richard Bull plays the aggressive prosecutor and Julie Sommars is the transplant recipient REPEAT A thought for the day: Plutarch said: "The whole life of man is but a point of time: let us enjoy it therefore, while it lasts, and not spend it to no purpose." The Daily M Investor By WILLIAM A. DOYLE Q. When we finally completed paying off the mortgage on our home, my wife and I had a "mortgage burning" party. We had a good time but some of our friends, relatives and neighbors acted as if we are a pair of kooks. They say it is a mistake to own our home free and clear. They contend that we should immediately take out another mortgage. They all tell us that it Is easier to sell a house that has a mortgage on it. Is there any truth to that theory? A. I really did believe that this crackpot idea was laid to rest a long, long time ago. There can be a degree of truth (a very small degree) in that theory only under very unusual circumstances. If you have a home mortgage on which the interest rate is iower than the interest rates for a new mortgage, it is sometimes easier to ell your home to some one who wants to take over your old mortgage. But the buyer would have to put up a mighty big down payment. For instance, suppose you bought a $25,000 home some years ago; put $5,000 down and took out a $20,000 mortgage at 4'i per cent interest the going rate at that time. Say that you have made all your mortgage payments and that the unpaid balance on the mortgage is now $10,000. Now you decide to sell for $30,- 000. You could turn your mort gage over to the buyer. Because mortgage interest rates are now much higher (some 7.3 percent on a national average), the buyer would jump with joy to take over your mortgage. But he would have to put up $20,000. cash money, which most home buyers don't have. So, instead of aking over your 4'i per cent $10,000 mortgage, most like ly the buyer will go out and get much larger, new mortgage, at the much higher prevailing interest rates. The fact that you might have a mortgage on your home seldom makes it easier to sell. You and our wife had a good time at that mortgage-burning party celebrating the joy of getting a big debt off your backs. Be hap py. Don't go back into hock unless you have a very good reason to do so. Q. I have savings accounts in several California banks, be. cause of the high interest rates they pay. I have withdrawn large amounts (up to $9,000) with no problem. But I am advised it is unsafe to put money in those banks. The California banks are in sured by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. Do I have any reason to worry? A. No as long as you are sure that each of your accounts has FSLIC coverage. No de positor has ever lost a dime in any account with such coverage which amounts to $15,000 on an individual account and $30,000 on a joint account. But I do have to correct you on one point. It's clear that you're putting your money in savings and loan associations not banks. There is a difference. I'm not rapping the S&Ls. I'm just trying to get across the point that they are not banks. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC,' for short) coverage of bank accounts does just about the same job for bank depositors that FSLIC coverage does for S&L depositors. Just be sure you have coverage, no matter where you put your money. (Mr. Doyle will answer only representative letters of general interest in his column. He cannot answer phone queries.) In a creek, off a bridge, through a wall, Stood icy-wet Bertram Q. Ball, " With dead wiper blades, Clear vision soon tades," Moaned Bert, "I could not see at all! " PREVENT THOSE WINTER DRIVING WOES The Safe Winter Driving League presents the following tip for safer winter driving from the National Safety Council: "Don't be a 'peep-hole pilot.' Brush snow completely off front, back and side windows. Replace dead wiper blades with live, new ones to prevent streaking. All your light should be working, with hediigh4jimcd New York Stocks REPORTED BY LAIDLAW & CO. Corner of Seneca, Center Streets 11:30 a.m. A A A Air Reduct. 34 Alleg. Lud. Steel 62" s Allied Chem. 35vi Allis Chalmers 30'i Alum. Co. of Am. 75 Amer. Can 57Ti Amer. Cyanamid 33Vi Amer. Motors 13 U " Amer. Radiator 45 Amer. Tel. & Tel. 54 Amer. Tobacco 387i Armco Steel SSVi Ashland Oil 42 Atlantic Refining 118" Avco Mfg. 48'i B B B Beth. Steel 314 Borg Warner 37 C-C-C Cenco 58 Ches. & Ohio 73 Chicago Pneumatic Chrysler 56vi Cities Service 73 Columbia Gas 30 ' s Cons. Nat. Gas 32 Cont. Can 68 Cont. Oil 78 D D D DuPont 164-4 E-E-E Eastman Kodak 75' i F F F Ford Motors 53 G G G Gen. Electric 95 Gen. Motors 80 Gen. Pub. Util. 31 Gen. Telephone 40' i Greyhound 24 Gulf Oil 44 H-H-H Hammermill Paper 36 I I 1 Int. Bus. Mach. 32114 Int. Nickel 37 Int. Paper 37 Int. Tel. & Tel. 53 j J J J Johns Manv. 87 Jones & Laughlin 75! Joy Mfg. 35i L-L L Libbey O. F. Glass 59 Ligg. & Myers 46 Lone Star Gas 25 M-M-M Madison Fund 33 Madison Sq Garden 11 Marathon Oil 53 Mobil 60 Mont Wrard 53 Mountain Fuel 31 N N N Nat Biscuit 50 Nat Dairy 42 Nat Distill 43 Nat Fuel Gas 29 Nor Amer Rockwell 42 Nor Pacific 61 P-P-P Pan-Am W Air 29 Penn Central 64 Penney (J. C.) 47 Pennzoil 57 Phila Elect 31 Phillips Pet 72 Q-Q-Q Quaker State 38 R-R-R Radio Corp. 46 Republic Steel 50 Revlon 83 Reynolds Tobacco 48 Royal Dutch 50 S-S-S Santa Fe 33 Sears Roebuck 63 Sinclair Oil 132 Southern Pac 45 Sperry-Rand 47 Stand Oil Calif 73 Stand Oil Ind 62 Stand Oil NJ 80 Stand Oil Ohio 71 American Stocks From BACHE & CO. 11:30 Open A.M. Asamera OU 22 21 Banff Oil 14 14 Conrac Corp. 55 55 Creole Petr. 38 38 Halls Motor 24 24 Imperial Oil 77 77 Kaiser Indust. 20 20 Molybdenum 35 35 Phoenix Steel 32 32 Pubco Pet. 23 23 Sterling Precision 11 10 Stylon 36 36 Susquehanna 38 39 Warner Bros. 42 42 Stude-Worthington 55 Sun Oil Pfd. 58 T T T Texaco 86 Texas Gulf Sul 37 Textron 46 Timken Roller B " 40 U-U-U Union Carbide 46 Union Pacific 53 United Corp 15 U.S. Steel 43 W-W-W Western Union Tel 44 Westinghouse Elect 68 Witco 43 Woolworth 35 Y-Y-Y Youngstown Sh & T 45 z-z-z Zenith 56 OVER THE COUNTER Prom BACHE & CO. Bid Ask Aloha Airlines 4 4 Fed. Sign & Signal 40 41 Kalvar 214 bid INVESTMENT TRUSTS From BACHE & CO. Affiliated Fund 9.33 10.09 Boston Fund 9.62 10.51 Dividend Shares 4.09 4.49 Fidelity Trend Fund 31.58 31.33 Manhattan Fund 10.90 11.91 Mass. Inv. Growth 13.16 14.38 Nat. Growth Series 12.09 13.21 Oceanographic Fund 10.63 12.62 Putnam Growth Fd. 13.21 14.44 Putnam Income Fd. 10.46 11.43 Wellington Fund 13.30 14.46 Windsor Fund 20.77 22.58 Lakeview District LYDA KELLY, REPORTER Merle Rose Gets PHD Merle Richard Rose, former ly a teacher in the Lakeview High School for the years 1959 to 1962, has been awarded the Doctor of Philosophy Degree by the University of Pittsburgh Dr. Rose's dissertation was entitled, "A Recording and An alysis of the Feasibility Studies Used to Select the Sites of Bradford, Greensburg, and Ti tusville Campuses for the Uni versity of Pittsburgh." His maj or field of study has been in higher educational administra tion. Presently Dr. Rose is Coordl nator of Regional Programs and is responsible for the coordination of activities at Brad ford, Greensburg, Johnstown and Titusville Campuses. He is also the Military Coordinator for the University and is re sponsible for the campus activi ties of the Air Force and Army R.O.T.C. Rose graduated from Fredon ia-Delaware High School, earn ed a B.S. degree from Slippery Rock State College, and a Mas ter's degree from Westminster College. He is the son of Willis and Bertha Rose of Fredonia and Brooksville, Fla. A brother. Will, lives in Tarentum, and a sister, Mrs. David (Marilyn) Alexander, in Sandy Lake. He is married to the former Clarice Ratzlaff, of Stoneboro, and they have three sons, Scott, Eric, and Craig. Rhonda Myers Is Teaching Rhonda L. Myers, Paxton Road, Sandy Lake, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon H. Myers, is currently doing her student teaching at Horace Mann Ele mentary School, Indiana, Rhonda graduated from Lake view High School, and will re ceive her bachelor of science in education degree from In diana University of Pennsylva nia, and will be certified to teach all subjects at the ele mentary school level. During her college career, Miss Myers has been active ns a member of the Association for Childhood Education. Serviceman Coming Home Ray Vaslavsky, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Vaslavsky, Sandy Lake arrived home on Dec. 20 to spend a leave from the U.S. Naval Station, Jack sonville, Fla. with his parents. He will return to the base on Jan. 3. Dies in Crash BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (UPI)- John E. Chilson, 69, Hallstead, Pa., was killed Thursday in a car-truck accident on Route 7A in nearby Conklin. Clair Truex, Susquehanna, Pa., driver of the truck, was treated at Bingham-tor General Hospital. State Police said Chilson's car was traveling at a fast speed and with out lights when apparently it veered into the path of the on coming truck. THE NEWS-HERALD 13 Franklin and Oil City, Pa. Friday, December 27, 1968 Wall St Chatter NEW YORK (UPI) E. F Hutton & Co. Inc. sees signt that the recent declining phasa is coming to an end because ol a lack of urgency in selling during Monday's broad slide, and a lack of follow-through on Christmas Eve. Walston & Co. sccsaspateof Walston & Co. sees a spate ol profit-taking ahead instead of a year-end rally. Although some issues may be depressed temporarily by tax-loss selling or profit-taking, the general market must remain mostly firm and not drop precipitously if there are to be any consequent special opportuni. ties, the firm cautioned. Dryfus & Co. observes that investors can be expected to show psychological discomfort with institutions that depend directly on money to carry on operations because of tight money conditions. The firm said new commitments should await lower prices. Man Questions Pilot, is Ousted PIHLADELPHIA (UPI) - The departure of an Eastern Air Lines jet plane for Tampa, Fla., was delayed 15 minutes at Philadelphia International Airport Wednesdav night after a man entered the cockpit and asked. "Is this plane going to Cuba?" Authorities said the man boarded the plane with his wife and young daughter. While other passengers were boarding, he entered the pilot's section and asked Capt. C. M. Eckman the question. Eckman notified the ground crew and the man and his family were taken off the plane. The man denied the incident but Eckman identified him "positively," and said he was "fed up with this kind of stuff." The man was given a refund of his fares and permitted to leave. Public Notices ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Administration on the: 1. Estate of Gary Alan Sanford, late of Frenchcreek Township, Venango County, Penna.; and 2. Estate of Terry Michael Sanford, late of Frenchcreek Township, Venango County, Penna.; have been granted to Lee N. Sanford. All persons indebted to said estates, or either of said estates, are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims or demands against said estates, or either of said estates, to present them duly authenticated, without delay, to Lee N. Sanford, Administrator, R. D. 1, Franklin, Pa., or to Dale and Woodard, Attorneys, 1030 Liberty Street, Frank lin, Pa. NH 1220-27 13 PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE The ordinance of 1950 which imposed a per capita tax of five ($5.00) dollars on all adults persons residing within the limits of the borough of Cooperstown, Pa. has been re-enacted without substantial change, for the year of 1969. Cooperstown Borough Council Clare McDevitt Secretary N-H 122768 In the Matter of the Estate of Phares Shouey, deceased, late of Sugarcreek Borough, Venango County, Pennsylvania. Letters Testamentary on the above estate having been granted to the undersigned, all per sons indebted to said estate are requested to make payments and those having claims to present the same without delay to Richard Sshouey, Executor, 119 Cohasset Drive, Sharon, Penn sylvania, or to his attorney, Robert T. Grannis 422 13th Street Franklin, Pennsylvania N-H: 1227; V3, 10 "Notice is hereby given that Articles Of Incorporation were filed with the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Harnsburg, Pa. on December 5, 1968, for the purpose ol obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation of a proposed business corporation to be organized under the "Business Corporation Law of the Common wealth of Pennsylvania," approved May 5, 1933, P.L. 364, as amended. The name of the corporation is VENANGO HIGHLANDS, INC. with its initial registered office located at Bredinsburg Road, R.D. 2, Franklin, Pa. 16323. The purposes of the corpora tion are: To buy, sell lease, own and hold such real estate as may be necessary for the construction and operation of a rec reational facility for the playing of golf and such related recreational activities, as swimming, skiing, skating and the like, including the operation of a restaurant and such other business related thereto." James S. Krug Ralph H. Krug Donald P. Young Incorporators Bredinsburg Road, R.D. 2 Franklin, Pa. Max P. Gabreski Attorney at Law One Main Street Oil City, Fa. Dk, N-H: 122768

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