Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 1, 1952
Page 6
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HOM, AUKANSAS FliD For SdU ANY tm oT travel, inOIWIln* . (travel, ntnd, lop Mil, nnd f til dirt. Call JOM« Slnclilr 7>2»M 0000 ti«c<? 120 bun* accordion and fPliti OISPUY |if v |(»»»*.# i»tf to«h i Mr Inch i j**lMb '«4 IW Mft* .•r Hill* c«»e, LoU of mu*le, 3 mutle nUndi. BBrg»ln. 1021 K, Second 81,, Hope, 3CMH tfflnti, 98 c«rnU dn*«n, nlito othuf winter blwimlnd plnhtu Flower Shop, J8I0 S, Camden Routs Helpless Cats by 32-7 Tally the Ciimdon fnnthtr* rtnicJt In tlflhWtlna like f Athlon in the flr»l half U*t night M before the Bob- tt» game hud •tortcd out to frttot by « 82 to 0 xcore. ' H won the fimt dlntrlct gnme for both teams and practically cli Main. Phono 7-4040, CHBVnOLKT PJokup, frflmoit, teM than 0000 mllei on H, -Ormmd-tRrlp tlF««, overload Seo C. K, Bnker at EW-JB REALTY CO, 30-31 3Q.r)ti minuted tho Bobcat* from »ny tllle n«|)lftillort<i, Tho rout wan engineered by Camden'* nobby Cutting who scored the flrit touchdown on a AS ynrd gnllop, patted tor throe more and COOM nhrt ««n»(rrfl hpuiid*. It. A. _ F«maU H«lp Wonted ONK experlmcort wnltroM, Top »tilary, nloo pluco to work, Apply Cnf«. 37-tf >tto? ITAR Ult BROWN 1o»thi»r billfold containing |42 and C«ll Soulhwem Wood ProducU. 28-flt Servieti Offered VKARS of exnorlenoa In floor Bundln« wnd flnl»hln«, Dnie nog- en, OJ!I W. 7th. I»hono 7-2834. 0-31-lm LOCAL nnd lon« dlotnnoc H*ull>i«. Alffo locnl moving. See Dnnnlo Hnmlllon or o«U 7-3011. o-aa-im two Mape panel. At Hint they ottly fnannjfed to icore »lx polnti In tho opening quarter - the lone run which wn« act up by the rir»t Bobcoi fumble. Th«»n cpm« the? second period and t!i» BobeaU wUh It hadn't. The Pimthori j>n«*cd and run nlmont (it will to rack up 38 point*. The n<?cond drive W«K OS yard* with T«d Hrndnhaw Koin« the laxt ncvcn, The third enme oft«fr;nnoth«r Hope fumble (in HIP 38 wnd GstllnH to»« ed to firiulihnw tov the tolly. An Intercepted puns »ct up the fourth with OatlinK to«*lntf 25 yardu to! LliitUcy ii ' ul then pnnied to Smith for tho extra jmlnt, A pn»» from Oiililnii to rJi'udnhnw covered (K) ynrdH and Camden wu« ncorlrtu an the half ran out, 'iViilllmt 32 polnti the Bobcats cmno back tho «ocond half to hold Cnindtm acorolois and tally their on« and only touchdown, n ll yard •print by Tom Ed Hny». Stonu kicked tho point und Unit wan tho bull Yerger Runs Wild Over Camden 38-0 The Yertfer High Tigers ran nl- mo*t at.will over the Camden Lincoln High Tigers and when the final whistle blew the score 'was 38 to 0. Early In the contest Silvester Davis rnced 50 yards to score behind some key blocks by Daniel Mnrtin and Willie Gamble. Shortly after Milton Green sprinted 20 yards leaving the halttlinc score 13 to 0. Both Lincoln High and Yerger high performed at the halftlme period. In the final half it was n near rout with Green taking a pass from Williamson for u tally, Davis scoring again on a 60 yard run and Williamson passing to Phillips. The entire Yerger team was outstanding Including Nelson, Shaw Smith, Phillips, the McFaddln boys, Chambers, Hicks, Jones, Moses, Briggs, Moss, Warren, Paschal and Johnson. For Rent f .'.M, "i ROOM duplex apartment, vwftir- nlifhad. Front und back emtronce nnd BliiHHt'd in front porch. One Mlook from ichool. 433 N. Elm Phono l-'Mh after ft p.m. 7-8510, 211-If oround first, Sec flflor 4 n't-lock, 100 N, WnrtUngton. Dial .7-4888. 80-:u 3 bedroom huuoo. Two from bu«lnvn8 district. Phono 7*2901. 30-31 FltSOM^ftirniihod Knrngo npnrl. moot, Prlvute b«th, Kloetrlc re- frlgoi-aloc, UUlilloH »wld. Phono 7-3108 <mur 0, 81-31 hud tt big en nor tenm thnt uportt'd a fine t»clc uj Oatllnu The victory ««v« the Panthurn the Innldn truck far the dlntrlct title, Tlu> lUiio.irt HohcttlH ivc.-e nctvcr roully in the THE FACE OF WAR—Ml* lower Jaw shattered by enemy gunflra on While Horso Mountain, this Republic of Korea soldier-squats In the scant shelter of a bush near a first-nid station at the toot of tho bitterly contested mountain. Ho stoically \vnits his turn to be evacuated to a rear-area hospital. i-aaoa, hpu«o. 001 Kirn. ai-at Footboll Scores By The Anioolnted Pr«is Eltt Olenmon 13; llostoii College 0 Vlllnnovn 2(1; Purvis Islund MD- linos 20 (Do) ^''^' a ^ t ^ i ROOM i furnished npaHmont, ! KlttCtHo' v«frl8ora\oi', Beth and «ni'a«o, Mm, Judvon, 220 N. Kim. JvuNiaUED" TparUiiontr TTnrKia room* and b«th, Newly rodceor- bt«d. Phone Mflttfl. . l-3t to Lone 8U»r Ord«nco J?l«nt. Swlna shUU CftU 7-3771 13; Morris Htirvcy 0 South Kwilucky 20 Miami (FIii.i 0 Ctiitttnnoogn 47; l.oulnvilli- 14 Midwest Donne 7; Kearney 0 tk'nlrnl Mlnsotirl 7; Southwest NUwtuiri U N«jb, Wtmloyttn 8p- Hastings 12 (Neb) 50)iWnynt» ^NcU) 0 34! K«st C^Urwl 14, (Knu> 37; York 12 WIHIntn Jtnvt'll 47; Rulln 10 Missouri Vullwy "JJ" 34; Tarklo 0 WJchltn i-'rosh 40; Oiutho Niivy 13 Ciiiutiroii <0kla) A««lu» 2U; North Te.x«» "B" Iti Par West ai; Whitman 14 DOUBLE-TROUBLE TWINS - Danny and Rudy Clenfqegos, Jour-ycur-old twins, are safe—for the moment—behind bars of their bed in a Los Angeles emergency hospital. The twins, who havo « k-thal appetite, were Riven a quick pumplng-out after down- Ing a "cocktail" that they mixed, with poison as the main ingredient. Their llrst venture in dcadjy gastronomy was made two years „/ ago, when they cttch swallowed 50 aspirin tablets. "Urn tins 10; S«ittsblu» (N«b) JC 10 f wRl ivbSertptlwM to ""•HWT'Cnrtffc Hyn«r»ow» lie. 743*8; MAM or boy, minimum oBo 10 yeaw, for «eu«v»l work In Mont« jfoinei-y . Wartl Catalog Otflcv, T\V« hwrs per dsy, nix, days per \vo«k, 70 cents uii hour. Either work (it)in .8:30 to 10:30 a,m. or /ram .1:30 io 5;30 p,m, Aak lor M|t% Coinpton ut Montgomery Sun«*«y. Nov, f, The- bus will leave The Negro Community •wsraar Or torlM U*rrt» to MlM Turner •t Hl«k« Funiral Homa Arkansas Football By The Associated Press Big «av«n Bluff 30 North Little Rock PRESCOTT NEWS Adlai Gives Ultimatum' Riot Ends By DON WHITEHEAD CHESTER 111., (/P) —' Convicts cncled their four-day rebellion at Menard state prison today and released their seven hostages before Gov. Adlui Stevenson carried out plans for making a personal appeal to them. The rebel convicts . capitulated aiitr an ultimatum was delivered by Michael Seyfrit, state director of public safety. Seyfrit told the insurgents., who had been bottled up in the prison'? f-;.st cell block since Monday, that unless they surrendered heavily m mod. state troopers would eu through the cell house doors with torches and "use whatever forct. is necessary to restore order," After releasing their hostages, Uu. 33fl convicts inarched back to their cells. Just before this, a loudspeaker had been set up in the prison yard snd Gov. Stevenson was expected In issue an appeal or an ultimatum to tho convicts. The D e m o o r a t ic presidential nominee had broken off his campaign tour in the East to rush horn by plane and automobile. Before the convicts capitulated, lilt? heavily-armed state troopers massed at:the noiih and south entrances to the cell house. An. unidentified state police captain shouted a demand for an im- COMBATIVE LADY-WAF Lt. Zilpha T. Bosone prepares to board an F-94 jet to act as radar observer at Selfrldge Field, Mich. The 22-year-old brunette is attached to the Qlst Fighter Interceptor Squadron, and is believed to be the only woman assigned to a combat squadron in the entire Air Force. Her primary duty is to handle squadron intelligence information. modiale release of the hostages Otherwise, he said, the troopers SorurJay,^November 1, 'Fake 1 Cries Democrats in Photostat Deal WASHINGTON. (UP) — Sen. Homer Ferguson today accused thrt Democratic National Committee of, using "faked" photostats "to. ^ rify" Dwight D. Eisenhower's at- i titude on draftees and military i pay. The Michigan Republican: said he photostats, published in the Democratic committee's newspa- icr, "the Democrat," "are COM josites m which partial texts ha\ jcen lipped and put under head the total effect being to tei i lie." . , "For instance, the ge'nernl, in alkitig about nominal pay,. ', re- trrod only to men in a proposed •ivilian training program,- not to draftees for whom he advocated ligher pay," Ferguson said. "He •(•(erred to pay for foreign troops .mder NATO in the second phony MiCtostat. W 'This outright falsification by .he Democrat national committee is typical of the lies and slander aeing used by the Democrats with special voting groups in a desperate effort to turn the election 'tide i tinning against them." In another statement released by the Republican national committee, Rep. .John Taber (R-N.Y.) charged that U.S. operations abroad have become "just oim git;anti-j gravy train." He noteW that the number of civilian em- ployes overseas has risen from 7,116 in 1940 to more than 79,000 now.. "The American aid program is supposed to help friendly foreign would move in "and it won't be funny if we come in." Monday, Nov. 3. The WMU of tin- Church will un'i-l on Monday after- on ut -:SO fin the monthly busi- Two gunshots were heard. They apparently were fired as warnings. The police captain shouted: "'urine the keys down here." "Wait a minute," a convict replied from the coll house. "Get them down here now," the c.,].lain demanded. "We're not waiting." Newsmen watched from a high rocky bluff which served as part of the prison wall. From that distance Stevenson tfould not be distinguished but he was presumed to be in the prison yard at the time of the convicts' surrender. The first of the hostages to omcrg? from the cell house where Ll. Loicn Stewart, 55, and Guard William Hlythe, 51. Although the guard hostages had bec-n without food for nearly five days, they appeared to be unharmed. They were taken to the prison hospital. However, Stewart and Blylho were so weak they had to be as sisted as 'they walked from the col House. nations increase their productivity and build their defenses against communism," Taber said, "Republicans support that. But Ihey 'condemn waste and extravagance' for which ordinary Americans hiuj pay in excessive taxes." ' U. S. milk production has increa: ed very little in the past 10 years ARKANSAN KILLED FT. SMITH Iff! — Joseph .-Willia Sponel, Jr., 34, of Ft. Smith, was killed late yesterday in a highway accident about eight miles east oi' Sallisaw, Okla. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Sponel was driving a jeep tov ing a semi-trailer truck when lost control on a hill. Both vehicles plunged from highway 04, and Sponel was crushed fatally. Survivors include his widow and three children. A* hi TOO MANY BREAKS HARADA, Nob. (UP) — A candidate for county commissioner said today he's getting all "breaks" ip his campaign. S Floyd Sailors has broken two loot bones, two riba and sprained! U wrist. '' ness TUfe «>ty *Wo nUjftag will «on *t Antloch U»t>U»t Clvurolt cent*. SUM U J« Oct, 9), in • «g*d 88, 'died at *ftd Mt**, Erneat Forty tnivt) Oct. Ft. Smith 10; Hot Springs 13 47; Smarkovur 6 , La,, 37; Kl Dorado 1U OUASS AA District 1 Hobum 20; Sprlngtiults U Subluco 30; Llttlu Rock Catholic 1» DUtrlot 11 f Jonesboro 27; "Murlaima 14 Blythevlll* »l .-MllUngton, Tenu. 14 Stuttgart 13; Forrest City 7 Nuwport 14; St-arcy 19 District 111 • Behtun 10; Jactuonvill* 7 JVlalvern 19; Magttet Cow 0 HarrUon Itt; Russellvlllo n j.^onw«y 85; Mon-tltoi» 8 OU'rlot W * , Mttgnoltu 19; Fordyte 7 Camden $|; Hope 7 Othtr §«««•* . t*tn4.1^U«»vm« 7 BUn>arck ti; Murfr«osboro Q BoonuvtUt 27; CUrksvllle 0 Ciai'Uio aa; Cabot o JDwWltt 33; qiarendon f CKw»ett U; D«rmoU 8 0«Queen M Horatio 13 Lonob Jtt; UW>bo 1 McQehe* 40; Ukc VUiago Q Nathvttl* 3S;,JA*m» U t T A Bible CUiss for Wonu'i) of the Church of Christ will be held Monday at 2:15 p.m. "Korea Today" to Bo Shown Sunday Night Tho second film "Korea Today" I'ill be presented at the I'rtisbyter- ;in Chinch Sunday ni«Iit at 7 p.m. This will be of interest to all Itixi'ixs of I'rt'si'olt and vicinity and all ;uo vvolcome to attend. Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Hubbard vlll bo in i-harnc of arranginK the I Davis and Mr. Koy Weeks of Ben- First Baptist j ton. A reception in tho home of Mr. mill Mrs. Koy Weeks followed the ceremony. The serving table which wns covered with a lace cloth, held u tiered wedding cake. Punch and cake wore served, Attor u wedding trip the couple will I"' at home- in Prescott. ttle Part* l|: »ai-<ianeU« e i»ttr«guuld 18; t'ocahontai T W; frcscott 0 »j RUw» lit 1»; Si^rWan 13 10; Stir CHty V Norphtet W.taut AL CODY Copyright, 1952, by AI Cody. Dlltrlbultd by King Ftalum Syndicat*.. .CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR ("He knows the Indians of this Lee McGulri.' has returned to his home in MalviTii after a visit with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. McCtuire. lluydi'ii Harris, Mr, and Mrs. James Harris attended a Crosley Appliance Meeting in Little Rock Monday. Mlas Mary Jo Hamilton Hottest to B&PW Club Miss Mary Jo Hamilton was hos- vss to tho Present! Business and Professional Women's Club at her »omo on Tuesday evening. Mrs. Klccia WttlU. Mrs. Joe T, Smith and Mrs, Thorite Hcsterly' were assisting hostesses. Miss Francis Bailey, imiguziur chairman, showed a film on Washington U, C. A dainty refreshment course was served to thirty (our members and n guest, Mrs. Verio Morris. Mrs. Francis Copeland of has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Green. Dr. and Mrs. Glonn liairston have had as their guests Mrs. f. J. Kemp and J, C. Kemp ot Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Buck pf Warren were the guest of Mrs, W. R. Uhllc and other friends Monday, Bridge Party One of the most outstanding social events of the season was the «j IfoMtkUUn Horn* It parly given Tuesday after noon by Mvs, Archie Johnson, Mrs. Ralph Gordon and Mrs. George Christopher at tho Lawsuit Hotel. A Jack CV Lantern filled with b?ott*tt mums flunked by orange caudles in Jack 0' Lantern holders gracctl UK« imtfct while roses and autumn leaves in graceful arrange mcnts V«r« placed at vantagt- points uv the mntn dining room ar- ronjttd for the tea tables of ptay-j era, ., Tbjj high score pri»e was won b>- Mrs. Edward Brystju. second high »core by Mrs. R, W, Reynold,* luu) -thw game piiie by Mrs. Tom IBtfmls. Small i)umpki»s filled with candy Mr. and Mrs. Oren Ellsworth and-Mrs. Sam T. Wh^te, Jr., attended the funeral services for Miss Normu Lewis in Hope on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee have returned from Little Rock where Mrs. Gee underwent surgery at Trinity Hospital. Ki-iends of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Roberts wilt be glad to know that their eight year old son, Donald, who has been a patient in the polio ward at St. Michael's Hospital, Ttxaikuna the past two months, has been discharged and is at home with his parents. LOMAX MCQUESTION was breathing heavily as he listened to Whirter's wild plan and realized his own helplessness. "Of all the.gall!" he spluttered. "I furnish the boat, I pay the bills —and all that I'm used for is a cat's-paw!" Whirter shrugged. "Call It that If you like," he acknowledged. "It'll be simpler, with leas trouble all around, if you understand the situation. But before you get all riled, let 1 * get the facts straight. I promised you a good profit from this venture, and you'll get It; We'll get gold, lots of gold, in addition to fur. You get your share, exactly a$ I agreed with you at the start." . McQuestion became thoughtful, 7hirt*r h«d known that he I. Tatn he shook his head. ^taj wild* notion," he said, almost rerretfuHy. "I wish I could a»a >ny way of working it, Mark. Jjra the Biggest, moat beautiful lOheme l'y« aver heard of, and I've acroan some (allapaloozas in day. To bold up a gold camp arfd get away with millions! Yes, ft'i a great scheme. But completely unworkable." "We have » loyal crew back of us," Whirter argued. "The Innocents will guide and help when we get there. We'll have the element of surprise when we strike. It can't fall." "I wouldn't trust these Innocents you speak of as far as I could swim behind the paddle wheel," McQuestion grunted. "You say country." "I'm not too sure that he'll lend himself to such a job," McQuestion demurred. "Leave that to me," Whirter th* formal fU*» tod»y fey City Attorn.* Jab* Hixitard ot Kl l» to No Hope for Rain Soys Weatherman LITTLE ROCK UB —. The U. §, Weather Bureau's semi-weekly ex., . , . - , tended forecast today gave no In a floral arrangement centered I hope of rain for fire-plagued Ar' they're outlaws, good.' They'd be no the tables when a tasteful dessert I Kansas din-ins the next five days- ¥**& " °* I> ^ &&" "Theyr* cafled outlaws," Whirter said. "So are we. That's a Wind, Actually they're patriots. y havf * stramg prganl«ation. » the wtjole community honey* comb«<J aw) undermined. Why, ey«n th« sheriff U With us— he's chl«f of thi Innocents! I tell Thty wtt}» *« t U that «*Mtt- WS3 S.II Tftft wit was served. guesU were {Mrs. Max Kitchens. Mrs. Harold Parker Mrs. J. B. Franks «nd Mrs. Lloyd Massey. Wilfoa • McHtnry Mi*S Abble McHenry, daughter ot Mr and Mrs. Sam t&cHenry of j Prescott. b«c»m< the bride ot Th«r on Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. I}, Q, Wilson ot B*moa in a ceremony at % o'clock Sunday, in the hon» o| the o«ieiatin« minister, Or. Ber- The Bureau said "no preclpita tirtr> U indicated" for the period through next Tuesday. ihc forecast said temperatures \vtll average 5 to 9 degrees above aurinal. Normal minimum is 43 u- 46 degrees, and normal maximum k «7 to 71. Mc^ueation shook ' Io4t your judg* "But it might MI the Indians were S«lf of Mws McHenrj Wwre a frock of pale blue >*e* W<jh «»vy *--•" TOKYO <up> - A ban4it a new interporetatipft 1» said. And, back aboard the Varina, he put it bluntly up to Rawls. "We have guns and whiskey aboard, Rawls, as you've known all along, and you know why," he said. "We figure it would be better to bribe them to peace, if we can, and get out of here alive. Don't you agree?" "The mood they're in, I doubt if they'll denl with us, ; but its an idea, Rawls agreed. "Though/-even that's risky." "Well have to make a virtue of necessity, Whirter murmured, and pulled at his chin. "We'll start out with a gift of liquor, to show out- good will." "I'm willing to try and buy that, with * whiskey," Rawls admitted. "But I won't agree to giving them guns." "I'd hesitate also about arming them," Whirter said. A first step is what counted. If that was successful, he'd be in a position to handle affairs his own way. It was agreed to lower a boat, and to load whiskey into it with great ostentation, then to go ashore under a white flag. McQuestion shivered, but he could see no other choice. The first part of the operation was performed, sure that unseen eyes watched. Then they rowed toward the shore. Under the protective rifles of the crews, they halted some distance from the bank and McQuestion raised his voice. "We bring, whiskey," he said, hopeful that someone could understand. "Whiskey for a gift. We want to parley," He waited while a minute passed, and the river and the shore seemed empty, Then * reply caroe back. "Ugh. White man and Indian talk." Even with that fundamental agreed upon, It took time. Time for the Indiana to sample the contents of the keg and make sure that this waa no hoax, A conference between leaders on both aides w»s agreed upon for the afternoon, a conf ereoc* at which the white man could unburden hinwelf and Uw red man would consider bia words. "4*4 U they don't approve o* sign our dead to the deeps of iha river, with proper Christian ceremony." McQuestion and Rawls wept ashore, accompanied by several of the crew. McQuestion was confident now. If the Indians were willing to talk, matters would* work out. Since he had gifts for them, it would be to their interest cept. Whirter remained aboard the* Astrid, the crews keeping out, pf sight but with guns handy. Once ashore, Rawis was able to confirm his earlier opinion. These ; . jwjpre Sioux, just as that war party" at the Devil's Spin had been. He pointed this out to McQuestion. : "So long as they're willing' to parley, what difference does'jit make?" McQuestion asked, and Rawls shrugged. - : Red Cloud was chief of th^ Sioux, but apparently he was not irt this''vicinity. There were lesser chief present to do. the talking. ,i They listened gravely while * Question explained that they c in a spirit of friendship, bringin, firewater for their allies. Rawls interpreted, i' "Firewater is good," waa the reply. "But we need guns. How about rifles?" f Rawls relayed the question. ''I; you furnish them guns, count out," he added bluntly. But McQuestion was given no opportunity to answer. A newcomer arrived, stalking up to Join the group, glaring at the white men. Angrily;ho harangued the others, and it appeared that this was news which had just arrived, but it waa full' of a grim Import- Softly Rawls e*», plained to McQuestion, seated side hirq|".* "He's telling them that an raent WM made to give them" ) al) the loot on can them don't fc»v« . _Sa>uco > g y , Noycrrtbef 1, iLONOtl ROM- if If Chlek Younf 02AKKIKI <h>u VES--WILL MDU PtEASE SET A THERE'S I* ; / INV.TNI: HERE 1«1. K-ff| Fn^t.. ^r^jt,. fN . VtAi KtfHi fXHtH. BLONDIE-J -3 '•'(- DhV/rih'IB 1 \ YOO-HOO ( COME OUT HERE I v ~, A Nevada Nugget HORIZONTAL 4 Coin of i (-o«u',i *f France ^~ »°'j, T Ully 6 Requires 7 Muscular inflammations 8 Anger Answ< .M B A L. W • 1 & H * C A O O S e i M B m i. O F£ e f o s T A S T e PC u N 1 1 r T K B A & V\ B N {^ A A f O U 1" C B R 1 f ti previous Puizla T A U. C A T R 1 %* ..'C H 1 0 K P B A U !•• E» Ik A 'I H R P a T . U O A i '/i z u R o 1 M V* E 17 K L. A U ES N y A M E g» r.* p V t l_ u * £ * •& e R A |Tj E M 1 N E 1 T y p N e * A U e a T A S & E f & A * U e w nicknamed , the " State" 13 Small space 14 Laud 10 Contends" 25 Top of head 42 Drive of! 15 Strip 11 Essential 26 Social 43 Raced 16 School period being insects 44 Feminine 17Annamese 12 Pause 28 Therefore appellation measure 19 Notaries 29 Masculine 45 Prevaricator , 18 Girl's name public (ab.) appellation 47 Center , 20 Harden 21 East and 30 Drunkards 48 Employs 21 Motivate West 32 Skin 49 Saucy I 24 Bridge 22 Cosmic order affliction 51 Small river 27 Snuffles 23 Turns inside 35 Began island , 31 Plantigrade. | out 38 Station (ab.) 52 Compass point mammal 24.Mast 41 Elude 54 Cushion 33 Solid (comb, form) 34 Garrets 38 Jargon 37 Feels displeasure at 39 Modulation 40 Ushers - 43 Selection » ' (ab.) 46 Rant , 47 Drinking . vessel 50 Flexible 53 Place opposite 55 "Lily Maid of Astolat" 56 Costlier 57 Bounded 58 Of greatest I age i' ' VERTICAL 1 Vulgar fellows | 2 Scope , 3 Nevada's • ' gambling • resort 1 13 \S 17 Zf 31 W 37 13 50 55 57 I zs fl 3 Zfc Mi /•'/// & $ "** < . ' '.%/•/ il > 1 5 Z> •*'/'•• -fi/. « \ ^ W '•'•{' ^ K ffr 7 ^ %. % ? H & 'J ^ ^ 5} 5b 5S } HJ zz 3fc |i % % 51 4i H7 i it Itt Z. • 30 ^ r CARNIVAL By Dick Turner /T. M. R«{. U. S. P»t. OH, CM'. 195J t>l NEA Stitict. Inc your convenience the various dishes are listed ac- f \corpling to the income brackets that can afford them!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith back at thpi Devil's Spin—and &e scalps of those on that DOJ Color drained away from Me* Question's florid face, leavUg it flaccid, lie moistened suddenly dry lips with his tongue, his eyes ing nervously. "He says there waa treachiw there on the part of the whit* m % men in boats such as these," fui r]§ '' added softly. And then be But his own scalp was McQuestion's, was to mak« a Auk for the small boat waiting IttoZ ' shore, but that wouldn't do! %•$« w«lt ww to die, f or now the WU «e.w,si COOilV .'j>m FJ»P^ • MAV I HAVE THEl( SHE WAS )C.VES, AND GOODNESS >CWP PLEASE? tt BE SO THEATRICAL, . 1ARPIEO •< (KNOWSHOW MANV TIMES SHE WAS ENGAGED BEFORE, < WASN'T J SHE ^ SWEETEST VICTORY MY ENTIRE CO- CAREER By Michael 0'M«l k * ' By j. R. WiUiami OUT OUR WAY VMAT AKB VOU PO»JS MBRB, PLtMTf AMP yes, YE*TH' CAME IW TWO HOUfcS AcbO.' WHAT HAPPENED TWBW A 5CSUNTV OM I 60 AMWYHBRB WITHOUT VOU SBT- r WASH TUBES r TAtM B^V II RETURNS TO THE WRPORT, TUBB BDRM THIgTV With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE i DDK' HERE pjs3o\MLS.' ^^ 6SAD.JAKE/ CAM I LEFT A ROLL OP ri P-36SIBLV MSANi tH6 C^MPAlGNi FOMOS VOO COLLECT6D? COMPOSED? tX3M»T \ HARVEST THAT CASK FOR CO/W6 ACROST VJITHTV MV CAMPAIGN ? SONMA, S TH6 OMt \AlAUKEO / A PRO- ^x V__ rt-Tx -^-ANlD TD LtgR .-NT r ^r?r - V ADVISE VOD TO f hi A COOLtJ^T ' BOuTS AND HER BUDDIES DOK>'\ \\rm rWV OSftNCfc jjjf" ^ C *" V- 1 oi,»r. VllU by'lj^''l«rVt«. fat , tf. »M UV't. I'rt , ", ' < ,'4.' X'.',' BUGS BUNNY ,PETUNIA' WHAT'S YOUR f'l WANT PLi. These Tie* . U SPEAK By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS ¥ ALLEY OOP WELL, I'M WHRWl BY GOGH,! HOPE NO 1 BOPY A6KS ME WHERE I'VE BEEN, 'CAUSE I SURE DON'T KNOW! ALL RIGHT, NOW, YOUNG 'FELLA. TAKE CARE CV- r-YJB-^ HEAR..AN' WILL) SELF...AND ABOVE / YEZZUM "Rather a nosy buyer, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CHRIS WELKIN, pior»«tor THAT pecuSTAIR PRIV/IL NO PASS TfiAWe YOU, FfleSHMAM? THING AROUND SCHOOL OUR. WILD BUFFALO UFFALO THATS Hi*A. r ou> Y f \\v'» >' •\. * « ••f 11 . t* " *$ , a V <

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