Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1952
Page 16
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•f g$ J',^J ' Iggflpg^llggggg^^^^ MOM STAR, MOM, Frffcy, defofer 51, -SIFIED I OffiH DV MM* WMtottt* £ltt ' 8:8 fpr J.00 18,00 IFIED DISPLAY |D4*»?« tag* For Soft ANY type of gruvcl. Including poo fr*vt\, i«rM,. top noil, and fill dirt, Cult Je««e fllncldlr 7-2B90, dn H« four chnlrs, Al«o Mngle Chnf WOV«, Good condition. Cull 7-3179. 20-31 00OD u*«d 120 bDK» nocordlnn nnd CUM, Loin at theet music, it miiilc .stand*. B»r<i«ln, 1021 K, flboond St., Hnpo, ,10 fit Porkers Hope to Rebound Against A&M SPORTS ROUNDUP ,iy OAYt* TALiOT , flacky Mnrcfano, the *<m from Drockton. MB**.. who; knocked out Jcr»«y Jo« Walcotti jiml over n month ngo to win the' chnmiil'inahlp of the; .JPAVKTf EVIUX * - A r«*huf University of ArkaruB* foot- boll team will fly W Coflejjo S|» (Urn tonight with hope* of rebound l»0 for s victory w«r Texsi A, & M, tomorrow night. It'W,is flt College Station Ihnti Th»y "ro fully ns long nnd tl<» Ra/orbncM ttorerl their Usti l»itmsure-flllwl for Al Welll, the! Win on T«*a* »i»ll— fl *».fli colorful Broadway character who; of th« Algte* In 184B. > PintUd Rocky'* course to rlchu*' Undefeated N.LR. Pine Bluff P,, ih* ««i «* t, faces the tirst of two , hu S le *o for 8 , M c °,? d u con> hand. hl« left, while the »«titlvir Big Seven football chain PANSY pliinU, ,18 cents tlo»rn, ttlso ttttifli wlnlet 1 blooming pltinin BlodlOft'* Slower Shop, 1810 8. M«to. Phone 7-4<l40, 30-31 '< *<S{Jhl!i t, ±MaM *4Mntr- »WJ CHKVnat,KT Pickup, cuttle frame*, le»n (him 0000 mllen on it.* (1 round grip tire*, overload •prlhKH, Hoe C. F, Bnkpr at KJtTWl BLUM KPIAr/ry CO. 30-3t Hi a to, nitiullc hi- held a *tran-j tflc grip on tin* flKht tfainp an; disgruntled with the way 1 Matchmaker for thi- all-powerful j have lout two ntnilitht lnt«>rnnthmiil Doxing Club. when It meets un- North Little Rock. Tho clash has been given top bllllrii! -HI the Mullowcen night high H<T» n«vc \tifi iwi> Biriilttm • .••••..I.M.IU....I .-.„,..» .,.,.„. , i,nHiiill t.,„„,.„„, 144-7 to Texas nnd 34-7 to; H wn« n clever piece of busl- <"«'' 0 ' ' ^" .ft 08 ™"' Conch OtU DougltiK "<!** In every re»pc<;t, and Al H : 'V v hjis made ttfverftl rh«ng*» In the proud nnd happy to take both the "";"• Arkim»a» lineup find h«# lndlc«t«l. »«>ws «ntl the money which I* cither* wilt follow. i '"K "P <« l u " nlurmlng r«te. r " s lirK lp /"J ^ ed " "'"« »» h M , l , „„ »<»'«»> Little «mfer. L " lc sers, who are Idle to. i , Floyd 8a«e!y, who ha» hi-«n! Asked If he hn<l nny Klight ml»-' nl « ni ' largely .» llnabaeklnn upeclallst. hn*; «lvln«« nboiit Rc.i-hy'n return d«tc ,' K '; 1 , ,' ',„". £" " lou * h bucn iniflfld to »l"rt(n« left eml.'wilh Wi.lcott nrxi «prln«. clthi-r 1 f " Kd '; lc '° nl « fht "> » tjj In hoiw* of boUterInK the Rn/or-ihpre or nt Chionn<>, Al siilrl pool- AA "" ul - lne '"vored Mo • foe In top Class Bobcats Go to Camden, Juniors Take N.H. 14-6 PRESCOTT NEWS Pretbyterlan Women Have Mission Study The Women of the Presbyterian Church met Monday at the church for an all day study of the home mission book "Frontiers of Hope" with 18 members present rw_ i t-i ai_ v» M. tviiu la jut-iiiuvia ui cr&i-ill. «« , *r H 6 "T B ,u bcatS JoUr - Mrs. C. H. Moore, chairman of talf.£«T T wh . cr « l 1 Cy »™«>ef -Church Extension, presided and initely underdoRs in their first con- opened the .meeting with prayer. ^ 5 o'clock, Jt Is generally regarded that Unlearn that svlng tonight's contest will have the Inside track on thr> district title battle, Camden camp out of the Pine Bluff game lust week as the strongest contender The last year Big Seven champions bnrely nosed the Panthers 10 to 18, while Hope was being edged by an ancient foe, Nashville, 7 to 6. Meanwhile in their homecommj; occasion inst ni«ht the local Jun- jNmoJirJHelp Wanted ON 10 experienced wnllroM, Top unlnry, nlco pl«e« tn work, Apply Mrtnnijor Diamond C«fe, 37-lf Loit MOWN leather billfold f4!i nnd Mcntlfk'Hllon paper*, Cull Haulhwcmt Wood Product*. 20-01 Services Offered /tttfiNy IIJWJII'MI ' : M ofumoon by CO. t( K«tM (poyobl* IB i, IA fcjAfia Juu4 w nopv ww ^SilZiJ ^ l of oxpwlenew In floor g nnd (Intoning. Dale Ros- orn, 012 W. 7lh, iniorw 7-8884. 0-21-1m J.*OCAt« and loitu dUtnncp .,, M , Also Irtcnl moving, Hue Dnnnlo Unmllltm or cnll '/..Iflll, For R«nt 4 ROOM duplex ii|jurtmeiil. tinfur- nlUhed, Front nnd buck pntrnpec and ulnnHiHl In front porch, Om> Block from »ehool, 4i!3 N. Kim Phone 7-lHU:i, after 0 p.m. 7-2.110, {i-RQOM. Will b«"nvnllnbie nrourid , See nftor 4 o'clock. 1011 N. . Dlul 7-4A05, 30-3t 3 bedroom houso. Two blockK from buttlnpss dUlrlct, JPhOno 7-3001, 30-3t 2 ROOM fumlnhod «nrn«o npwrt- meflt. Private bath, Klcctrh- rotor, Utilities prild, Phono after fl'. 8l-8t i ROOM Utuuco hou»». 001 N. Elm, lost, Strayed or Stolen 4 YlSAlt old miitoy whlto fnco cow. Wolght, UISQ, Mi'niulwt. Revvard. White, J?hon« 7-3071. 20-31 Adloi Soys He Will Leave Business Alone By DON WHITKHiAD «N ROUTK WITH STSVENSON IN PKNN8YLVANIA (#»>— Qov. Ad ltd Stcvenion pledged today it elttctcd ProsldtMit he would strive to oiid the "noisy ami \mnoce«> w«v between governmiMit The Pemocratlc nominee, In thu second duy of n whii*li»-«.(oii tour Uu-ough th»,« farm, mlfilnft «nd Indurirlal «roo* of ln\- I»ortai\t Ptsnnjiylvunla, told a ch*<tf> «n«t 0]rowA «t Htndinu th»v« n» ba»U to etoimj that ' hope* bnnkK 1 p»»» rfcelvtna Sngfly, wlthjllvoly not. lhf> bunt-Mi of bull nnmlllnu fli«»R"| "I'll Ml y»» why," he sBlil."».. Dl » lrlcl luitrmid In bnnki-tbnll, hns ntleky (iii«t>r» find In a «oixl fakur. Jerry Hdgnrtl. the iti«ri Sanely "Thnt tilnht Wnlcotl wns In the! Hope iveets Camden nnd Fordycc tivnlohi condition of his lif.-, Hi- 1 " 1 ul Ma « n «' 1 ln I" « pair of im- cim't over be Unit «ood aftnln. Ho! ! ; " ltal " Distrll: ' IV «nmes. ________ .. .... ........ ... Mountain- lors downed Nci-th Heights of Tcx- tire the only unbeaten team nrkuna 14 to 0. The locals scored strict one competition. first when Marlar snatched V It t 1 J Jj/UMHI U* MM* IT HIM *•**!»*-'/ i ' ' * *' v * '*~ »••«•»•-""•• M»«I n ti ••»- i . , , -j , dispute.* »l off.t<n«lv« end. will re-; di-nlt Hoeky n lot of punishment i , J " " , r "'« Seven action. Ft. lr " v , , tiirn to the HntWcklriK pout ho r-'t the kW stilt had t-nouah lef 1 1 • S:r : iui1 lr " vol » to ' °t b P rln 8 s , fl<r nrtlwd nbly onoccimlou Initt y.-ni.Uo knock him cold In the 13lh!" "iittk of the cellar; lexurkann Mon Forrirtiur will bo nt rl«ht.j round, Rocky will «c:t him a lotl w 8t «,'ii<l In Jilnttj of Put Perry, Douglm:' iiulcUt'c Iho ii«xl time. nuld f'pny In III nnrt will not mnkui "Another thin«, the next one thw lilti to Collego Station. For-1 won't bo held In Philadelphia. Wei I meets Haynesvllle, Ln. and El Dorado Third String Quarterback John was in for only two . -. .. „ p(i»« cntchlng wiu n bl« had too much uolng nKiilnst us | for l-ajutteviiic last night and he down tluiro. Rocky couldn't see forlf" tcht ' d touchdown passes on both three rounds from that stuff luM thl>m to « lvu the Bulldogs u 13-12 fiicttn- In tho victory over Okla- homn A, fc M, chiinge In tho Pnrkor lint, wll' find Jim Cuulhron, Llttlu llr-pk iTiphomord, opunlng nt of fen"U-e center In place of Wnyrie Wnt- Hind. in lh<- nttncUIni! biickflclil. hnrd- IilllliiH Mumiy Klton In uliiUnl to Mthrt »l left hnlfbiicl{, whore he nlU'riuitlnn with .lock Troxall. Lnrnnc Mcltnn, ArkntisiiH 1 stnr , n]i|x»urs to be licnllhy A knoo Injury kept hint out uf thu 'IVvuft liumu itiul limited his HPI vlci!H .to p«*»ln(i (iRnlnst Ole . Mlns, Hi' IIUK boon fitnnlnK hurd in prnvtlct' this wttek. DoitKltiH lino boon unuHiiully si- ll'fl this Wflttk, but Qi>nri{i> Cole iho Poi'UtM 1 *' chief scout, lot's It bo known thv AtiU'i-'M nrt> «O|IIK to be Knt In l.id eyes. That was terrible. Am) wlii'ii the 12th round ended one of the judges already had scored eight rounds for Wnlcott. "Whon Rocky cnmv to tho corner lifter lhc> 12lh 1 loaned over him nnc! 1 .s.ild 'Hock, you're In troit- i/le. Yon're behind, nnd you might iloclsiori over Joplin, Mo. I'fUrdon, with Eddie Bratton scor- in« twice, romped over Arkadel- l>hlii 20-7. The winning Go-Devils turned three ot seven Badger fuiiiblos into touchdowns. Other prunes tonight include: MilllriKton, Tcnn. nt Blythevllle. Forrest never K'H nnothcr chimco If you I *' on-esl u:lly nt Stuttgni-t. don't knock him out now.' Hocky! Jtmcsboro ut Mnriannsi. Icoked up nt mo nnd .said 'Is that! Si-nrcy ut Newport, tri't', Al And I told him It was. Benton nt Jacksonville. . . . Forty-five secondu and ho us Hwot't n short rlsht ;n KI\W. They knew he hnd a "Thuv coniw off thi 1 ball well on offenne." any* Colt-. "They hnvo u "Well," Irpinoiuloun nmount of Jjislre. Jlay Ihouuht; iiini ,son.( IcU hook, but they didn't know! iibout the short rlnht." ) How iihoul K/.xard Chnrlos? Had! ho imcl Hiii'ky taken on lidded re- 1 -siject for the former champion since watching him hammer-up I Cesar Urluu in tho Garden weo'kV Morrilton ot Conwny. Mut;n<t Cove nt Mulvcrn, Jlus.sellville nt Harrison. Siloam Springs at Huntsvillc. Puragould at Pocahontus. Shawiiee at Osceola. West Memphis at Wynne, llorntio at DuQuuen. Stiblaco at Catholic High (Little nock). u a nice <|unrU'vb«ek, He'* tihvay» a (Innuoroim threat when ho got?;! buck to nnxs. He t'lin tlirow vory well, uiut, It ho can't Spot n receiver In thu cluur, he'll run for a flr»t tlnwn. The AggU's dniu'urous on punt returns nnd h«Vo b8Ck»," flown nt 'College Couch I!i',v lot tunning Station, Ag«lo today was bv- tho prospect that his top end and place* kicker, Durrow might bo sidelined with a fine tutim," Injury." ArktintaH htm a George ioininetitttd "Their boy Me- Hun U u I'invl magician on tho H>llt T 1'iul Coach Ooutflus htu a fiiit) iittuck, Abovtt ull I cun say Is (hut they bout UK hint year and they beat Bnylur this your ami we lost to Baylor. But the kids arc going out, to win n« they ulwuya <tu," !.u this Bt'imon, AitM. has Al snkl after sonic rt'o mltfht be finhlin:} thno, and 1 make n point ntvor to criticize a future opponent. That's not >;ootl for uusi- liess. But I'll say this about Charles' new style — this cro,w(l- inu in nnd punchlni! all the time — • every f!|(hter is born wltb n stylo or IIP Isn't born with It, ind ho can't change to some ofh'er style. "Between you and me, Rooky would like to fitt'it him breau.se lie would like to have it on his record thai he bent three former champions -- Joe Louis, Waleott and Charles. He's proud of belnu etuuivpiorr now and he thinks he cnn boat anybody." Tho only trouble, Al sighed, Is thut Hoeky's only «olnn to defend hl« crown once a year, and as Wtilcoll Is on tup for next sprlnK, it means that he can't possibly get artmnd to Charles before 1834, The CUdnnnti fighter mtttht be phiylnu his bull fiddle for a llv- v> vat two B»HW». lo»t three and tied «»B by that time. one. In Soulhwovl Conference play, lhc>y woru nosed out ai-20 by Baylor and tied' defending chnmpion '1CU. Arkaii«MH hut u 2-4 murk. Without th« ConfvM'eiiCD, the Porkers uout Uiiylor and lost to Tex us nnd TCU, In 89 uuinus with A.«i,M. since IQU3, ArkHiisus hnsi won 12, lost 11 and tied. two. Tomorrow night's kickoff will be at H o'clock. The gumi.' will be Utitt thtt nation 1 * ., sn^s too often negi .. political camp«l«i«, Stcv tnron neld tkUy to ihU U«uwcrt»t- Jo »trcw^»noirt -^ Uie city went ivuur- jy Iwo'to-on* (or Preslrtont Ti-uman that " American cw»- without prospttrwua > 1U, Wnrrwj H> Prince «*« Stttwnww iwrn«l lf^A\ hil ftttftcks «M» Qe^n. p. mi*nhow«r to prtM»» I... " J4 thtr* ha,4 b«en a cllort to make «om« by the University of Ar- knnnus Sports Network. that Elsenhower wni conducting what ht l«bvl«d a cynical search (or voles on proposal* for ending the Kw«»n War, This spun in spirit* came us Democratic loader* sniff *d a pos- *ibl? victory next Tuesday from vrot they Interpreted «* « liut- turge ot seutiinent towuni Sttvenscu, , . Stevenson himself nioro coi\t|dei\t and was victory moro and more iu hU spieches. Their big doubt, however, w»i whelhw th« «ur«e hail cvune too late, night Steven&on cltmaxt-d day of i-Qualnj ovationn ki with % sjwoch in jam* imck»d. Cwnvanttoo Halt. Police **• lunated Ut,Wfi people crowded Into another «,OW wijth ovi«rttow, crowd [*>»W*"i ««WW^* Jk»H»»*WW. Jn eCfict, fot accused El*vnhow- ol being a puppet apttakiAg * put Into his mouth by those $t«v*n*an c,«H#4 "his handlers". Anrt fcw iu»lH«d tfetse line* held oUt false hoUAS to 'tike ^S iSfr, *;'"". *^ ^?^ & PfeiM for a tn tuvd w«yS" iwd nv*an» WarT Ford Dealers Deny They Were Forced AUSTIN, Tex., iUP>—Two Ford automobile dealers today denied a statement by Vice President Albcii Miirkley that the Ford Motor Co. "is rcqulrlnc" its dealers to eon- tribute to Uwight D. Kisenhow- or's ctui'puljsn chests. The vice president, who has been on the enmpniisn trail for the Dem- Ov'iuUc ticket, headed for his home Bearden Was Best Hitting Hurler NKW YORK M>| Gene Boarden Of tl:-o St. Louis BroWrts, who had n mediocre 7-8 record on the mound, distinguished himself ns the leading hitter among major Iknguc j.-ltchcrs during the 1932 Sfiison. Final Associated Press statistics disclosed that tho 31-yeur-old southpaw nuiundsmnn, who also bats from the left side, cracked out 23 hits in 6-1 times nt bnt for liciilthy .359 average. Gene was the only rcgulnr pitcher to hit within Uie chnrmt'd .300 circles in '52. Bom-don's safeties, many of thfin coming in a pinch-hitting role, Included three doubles. He also butted in eight runs and scored six. In the National League. Chi- cnyo's Bob Rush compiled the highest mark. .292. The tall Cub righthander hud 28 base hits In 90 ln<;s, Including five doubles and Clio triple. Bob's record also shows U runs batted in and five runs Johnny Sain of the New York Yankees was runner-up to Bcnrdon Iu thu American League. The vet- fi-sm pitcher, who came through handsomely for manager Casey Stengel both on the mound at bat, compiled. 19 hits in 71 trips to the fi-i a .208 slate. Among his four doubles, one' triple first when Marlar snatched n fum ble and raced 20 yards. The second tally was on a 25 yard end run by R. Mtillins. Downs bucked bolK extra points. North Heights scored in the final period on a 30 yard pass play. ••At Hummons Stadium tonight nt 8 o'clock the Yerger Tigers have an Other conference foe in Camden A section hns been reserved fur white fnns. The was given by Mrs. Moore. Other chapters were reviewed by Mrs. S. O. Logan, Mrs. Charlie Dews, Mrs. Jim Nelson, Mrs. D. L. Me- Rne, Mrs. Tom Bemis, Mrs. Allen Gee, Mrs. T. E. Logan and Mrs. Moore. A covered dish luncheon was enjoyed nt noon. The Invocation was given by Mrs. S. O. Logan, After a special offering for Home Missions was received Mrs. Moore closed the meeting with prayer. Mrs. Clifford Ferguson, chairrnAt gave the devotional thought ana conducted the business. The first two chapters of study book. "Scattered Abroad was given by Mrs. Harrel Hinef Mrs. Mines offered the closing praj cr. Coffee and do-nuts were served by the hostess. [lace Horse Trainer Dies Mrs. Jack Cooper Hostess to Circle 1 of WMU Mrs. Jack Cooper was hostess to Circle 1 of the WMU of the First Baptist Church at her home Monday afternoon. Mrs. Lcroy Phillips opened tho meeting with prayer and presented the devotional talk. Mrs. Cooper led the study from the mission book "Scattered and Abroad." The business was conducted by -the chairman. Mrs. Watson White, Jr. The closing prayer was offered by Mrs. Cooper. | Cake and coffee were served tn the ten members during the social hour. .TOLIKT, III. — Robert Mc- Giirvey, 64, a race horse trainer for 38 years, died yesterday in St. Joseph Hospital from lions of heart disease. complica- AlcGarvey. who had boon head Den was trainer for Mrs. Emil mark's stables since 194G, stricken Saturday. He is survived by his widow, Ruth, jhcl two sisters, Mrs. Nell Ryner and Mrs. Ann Callender, both of Chicago. The funeral will be Monday with burial in the Elmnurst, III., cemetery. WMU Circle 2 Entertained By Mrs. Loyce Anderson Ton members of Circle 2 ot tho WMU of the First Baptist Church met on Monday afternoon in thp home of Mrs. Loyce Anderson fot the regular meeting. The chairman, Mrs. Thomas Buchanan, presided and opened tho meeting with prayer. The devotional talk was presented by Mrs. J. M. Incrnm. After the business session Mrs Fred White led the study from the book, "Scattered Abroad" unr closed the meeting with prayer. A delightful salad course w_a | served by the hostess. Football Scores Bradley 29, North Dakota 13. Southeastern Okla. 7 Southwestern Okln. 6. Iowa Wesleyan 62, Culver Stockton 0. Mi's,. Frank Turterville. MM Joe Boswell, and Mrs.. Jim of Little Rock were Monday vi$ tors in Hope. * Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gordor. art'd grand daughter, r Anna Gordon, hav returned from a visit with. Mrs. R. L. Lowdcrmilk in Idabel, Okla. Mrs. Jesse Crow spent Monday and Tuesday in Little Rock as the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Blake Crow. ,« •%. ' Mr. and Mrs. C.. H. Moore hav« had as their guests Mrs. C. P. How ard of Pine Blutf and Mrs. E. L. Markham of Dallas. Mrs. Clinton Barrett and Miss Rosana Milleman have returned to their home in Cictoria, Texas after an extended visit with Mr. and Mrs Fred Powell. Mrs. Joe Boswell and Mrs. Fran* Turbervillc motored- to Texarkann Tuesday for the day. Mrs. Jim Bush has returned to her home in Little Rock after a visit with, her sister, Mrs. Knrl King, Jr., and family. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press fi VANCOUVER, B. C., — Eddie Cotton, IBS'/a, Seattle, stopped Frankie Crane, \62\'->, Los Angeles WATERVILLE, Me., — Larry Griffin, 144, Lewiston, Mo., stopped L'van Roy, 143, Old Town, 10. NEW YORK— Sunnyside Garden — Ralph "Tiger" Jones, 153, Yon- kc-rs, N. Y., outpointed Mike Ko- balln, inn, Pittsburgh, 8. Mrs. Louis Garrett Hostess To W M U Circle 4 Mrs. Louis Garrett was hostess to Circle 4 of the WMU at her m Monday afternoon. There | were ten members present. The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Eddie Danncr. VOLCANIC EXPLOSION j+ TOKYO (ffi — A Japanese fish-' ing boat skipper today reported he recently saw a huge volcanic explosion on Uracas Island in the Mariannas group. Capt. Kiyoshi Akabori ;. snif 5 amoko towered from 1,200 to 1,401) feet above the 1,046-foot volcan' on the unhnbited island. CODY RIVER Copyright, 1952, by Al Cody. Distributed by King Feature* Syndicate.. lne cluu'Ki? In >i speech here lust nitthl. Two Ford Dealers in Dallas, Tox., were tiulck to deny Onrk- L, H, Ridout of Ridout Motors, Int., eallwl BwrkU>y's remark "u )le," He said "no prcssvire ut all" been exerted on him, W. O. Bankstou, president of Bankston Hull Motors, Inc., Dallas' lamest Ford agency, said tho statement was "not the truth." "I have not been approached by anyone connected with the com* uany," snid Baukslon. He said his firm had furnished cars for Qov. Avllal E. Stevenson's motorcade from Fort Worth to Dallas earlier this month, Barkley, campulgiiing tor Steveu- son, made three talks in Texas etui He PhUidelphia audience e*&er#t* tram a New York *U«e* iiory which *»id the i«>U» Korea id« orif to*t*d with w» ot t fii'» th* think to* an We* can i|v» their paw- AFTER THE farina had been floated, Lomax McQuestion returned aboard the Astrid with his mind made up and a bitter taste in his mouth. It was galling to his pride to concede that he had been a dupe, led on a wild adventure by Clever words which had painted a dream of avarice, now a blown bubble In tho wind. Increasingly ho had come to distrust Mark Whirter, to sense, like Astrid, that the man was a fanatic. And fanatics, as McQuestion had long since learned, were uncertain pilots who steered by a strange compass. Well, he'd been a fool, and this venture was a failure. Better to acknowledge his mistake, take his loss, and get out witli a whole skin while he could. Danger had never bothered him, but there was Astrid and' the other women to think •bout. He'd acquaint Whirter with his decision and have It over with. •, That'there would bo trouble he knew. Like Astrid, he'd come to sense Uie strength in Mark, along With a growing stubbornness. But Jhe man must realize by now that the Wholq achem? was mad. x Whirter hat) remained aboard the 4»lridj anchored ready to lend a hand If the fight grew too hot. He, too, was a man unworrled by danger, or personal risk. That quality, flong with a natural flair for leadership, had made htm one of the youngest captains on the river. It ft«d quickly gained him a captaincy in the Union army, where he had •erved only that he might spy and betray (or the South, which he loved with a passionate devotion. For It, he would go to any length, instating that the Cause came , .—, • abov, £ji eliei tribute {100 to $300 10 Eisenhower's! He'd painted a glowing picture. CHAPTER TWENTY-THREES |the question now. We've got to | make a quick trip, strike the gold camps without warning, and working with the Ii\hbc*nts, who are hits and on« homer. Tommy Byrne of the Browns was „ . . . . . , , , third nt ,:>jQ followed by Frank Kentucky today at or making's^ of Washington, ,238 and Bob Lemon of Cleveland and Mickey McDvrmott Boston, with .226 each. Behind Rush in the National loop cumc Bubba Church, who played \vilh Philadelphia and Cincinnati, with .235, Herman Wehmeier of the Reds and Paul Mlnner of Chi- CUKO. with .234 apiece and Murry Uiekson, Pittsburgh, .234. Uen Wade of the Brooklyn Dodgers? and New York's Jim Hearn were tied for the major league hi me run lead among pitchers, o.vch having three. Wade batted ouly .117, however, and Hearn .1 campaign. ' Hartley told 5.000 enthusiastic Two boats on the Yellowstone, with guns and whiskey for the Domocruts at City Coliseum that Sioux. Already they were on the tUrw generals "dominated" the W*rpath. Win their good will with Republican national convention in ««Uor. Inflame them to new high He s«W they were "Gen. «*»• f*n other adherents from In Ills major address here, tho ---»- — —— —-» < _n.«_ r ,- K „„„ n. vice president saM. "th* Ford Mo,i H»usl«*> MacArlhur. G«n- Klwn-j gJ^LSSS S^L^T. tor Co, is rttiulrinc dealers to con- said, "They hav* been following our election campolgn too. They hayt heard the Republican candidate and th« highest Republican leaders say first one thing about the Korean War and then another. Th«y h«v« heatxi, u> other words, sounds of disunity, and disunity means weakness, "They want to exploit his we«k- u«#s by holdin| out for better terms, terms which would give them 4 better change for victory in Korea they have not won. do not lifc« an armistice oa the haivor»bi* terms we have ottered, tor *n armisUce on terms would mark, a bi* «*tb*e| iu th*u- drlvt fer log crusade across the wide border. It should reap a rich harvest o| fur in return. The warriors could be counted on to pay more (Or CUM and drink than for beads and blankets such a* others offered. n had, sounded good, back at St. Loula. But the Indians were hoa- tile to all whites, without regard tor the thing in a man'* mind, so thf whole scheme was out of the qutntion. Bluntly, his face haggard S.OQO « Tyter. Tes, Wlwa he ask- £*& **»*«»• HcQueation told ed them, "what will be youjr vei>j w»»w* fA next Tuesday r A. »umb«r of! WWrter Uftened IB silence. Be . .MIS shouted. "Eisenhower." «HfW b« U»p*S«i«,» disconcerting Berkley p*u*e4 and, asked, "Did »MM|jr walnst which tae atee} c5 and General H« was accompanied here UY Hovit-o Speaker Sam Rayburn ami Sens. Tom Connolly and Lyndon Johnson, all Stevenson backers. Uov. Allan Shivers and Attorney General Price Daniel, who will) succeed Connally in th« senate uitxt January, ar« strong Eiseohow- ir supporters. •Earlier yesterday, BarUtjr got a rev-eption from a crowd of turn back." "And throw our cargo overboard for tho fish?" "The contraband, yes. We'll head back for Fort Union, then up to Benton with the rest. It's my money that Is being lost. All you lose is the profit you hoped to make. But I'm damned if I'll put profit above tho lives of Astrid and everyone else." Whirter regarded him unblink- Ingly. "You're forgetting something," he said coldly. "Quite a few things, in fact. The farina belongs to Miss Garrison, and we've been guilty of piracy and a few similar crimes. Holding by force. That applies to Rawls as well. They'de be in a position to send us to prison for long stretches —or, more likely, before a firing squad. Have you thought of those things?" "I think they'll be reasonable," McQuestion grunted. "You figure you can settle with them and if the damn Yankees take mo off your hands, it'll be good riddance. I'm to be the sacrificial goat. Well, I don't happen to see matters in the same light, McQueatlon. That wouldn't appeal to me," "I didn't say anything of the sort-" "But you thought it. Arid I don't like it. This seems to be the time to place my cards on the table. Maybe you'll change your mind when you see them. We'll make a try at «n alliance with these Indians. When they understand that we're on their side, and that the Union boys in blue are against them, they should be reasonable. We can use their friendship and cooperation as well as the fur. Also, they can make a lot of extra trouble for the Yanks after they're well armed. But that's only a small part of my scheme— the least important part." McQuestion stared. "What the devil do you mean" Whirter's eyes glowed. The fanatic was coming to the fore. "I'll tell you. You luiow how they've found, gold at Virginia City, at Alder! Two of the richest gold strikes the world has eyer known. From what I've heard. those camps are swarming wiU) men who axe taking out millions! More to the point, there's an organization in those towns, men who call themselves the Innocents! Some people would call them road agents, outlaws. As a matter of fact, they're patriots — secret agents ot the Confederacy! I've been in touch with some of their leaders since test fall." I hear swneoa* say Ther* were ftwrktey ** "»** to edge. Now be McQuestion eyed in amaze- menu "I think you're crazy," he s*id. "Think what you please. I know I've m»de tae *r- ' |-^^ '^jft- Friday, October 31, 1952 HOP! STAR/ MO f I. ARKANSAS •LONDIt •y Chick Youitf OZARK IK1 ~* DO VOU THINK ( I'M MADE OF MONEY? \ ( DO VOU THINK MONEY Xi GPOWS ON TPEES? .10'}! \WWEN I WAS A BOY I GOT A DIME ON SUNDAYS, AND THAT HAD TO LAST ME ALL WEEK CTHE TROUBLE is,CHILDREN ( TODAY HAVE NO REGARD FOR MONEY--THEY DONT -/ KNOW HOW HARD IT ^;y< is TO MAKE kf '• '. k'r.? t..'.«»V,«jim In. ''ftctKrT^mTr^r (^1 KNOW YOUR SPEECH ) (AS GOOD AS VOU -,-—V Home Work Answer to Previous Puzzla OUT OUR WAY By J. R, WllHomi VIC FLINT , By Mlchcul O'MalUy o HORIZONTAL 57 Evergreen 1 Used to clean tree the home 4 Roofers work the home 8 the furniture 12 Self 13 Unadorned 14 Bewildered 1 25 xistJ ,, 5 Magnesium 16 Grandma and silicate Grandpa are • • 'i at home work 18 Salad vegetable 20 Tablelands 21 Wile 22 High mountains VERTICAL 1 Mother's home work includes cooking 2 Hideous monster 3 Inferior poet 4 Near o B R 4r * A <5 0 K U s -r o L. B A B L. A N 1 M T O 9 A 9 V M B T E * T A * L. 1 A R •1 C E R B K N & \ N T b£ R N f R 1 p E M E B 1 A N 9 \ M S s. T R 1 P U & a E T bi S L. A (j f» A l_ H A 1 K f» O hi R 1 d E O e R ii: t? A R K. O S * A S 1_ A M B R 1 C s T U N T E P A & T E T JI2* o T A e i R E W A T S L. e p 24 Sage 26 Century plant 27 Enemy 30 Whole 32 Add 34 Farm machine for planting home work 35 Considered 36 Pronoun 37 Chest bones 38 Passport endorsement 40 You wash and 24 Hope 40 Pursues his 25 Arrow poison way 26 Raised above 41 Loaded bottom 42 Cicatrix (naut.) 43 Learning, 27 Womanliness 44 Distinct part 28 Individuals 46 Nothing 11 Russian news 29 Icelandic saga 47 Toward the agency 31 Shade of red sheltered side 33 Satan 48 Killed 38 Home work 50 Letter Greek tool, egg student learns 6 Trial 7 Fondle 8 Women 9 Employs 10 Antitoxins 17 Obstruct 19 Step 23 Burdens I'll- • the dishes 41 Scottish waterfall 42 Swings around 45 Flowers . 49 Joined SI Sick 62 Dry 53 In this place 54 Golf mound 55 Soaks flax 66 Wash and CARNIVAL 1 IZ. IS 18 zq 30 JH 36 HZ H9 5Z 55 ^ 25 MS Zl W 9 V- '.' '•%' 10 fc il 37 ' ' Zfe ^ 50 W Cb z. ' '' '-''•' •'' '•'/' J 48 HS 4 3Z 36 ••;•;•; % 7 0 Hi 'i 'Hi Z7 il W 57 0 Z8 47 1 W 16 31 By Dick Turner scattered everywhere, make a tremendous haul. Then back to the ^ boats and downriver—all the way' down to the Confederate lines with that gold! It will be a lifesaver to the Cause!" ; "So that's it!" McQuestion was beginning to understand, and his disgust mounted. "You've led,me on this wild-goose chase with the notion of getting gold for ;the sccesh!" ; Whirter's face flamed. "Careful what you say! I'm a Confederate, • and I don't liko that term! 1$ thought you were a patriot, too." "South or North, it's all one to me, as you've known all along," McQuestion growled. "Their qijar- rels make good pickings, and the devjl.take the hindmost! But let's be .practical. The Confederacy 13 on its last legs. It's sure to lofee." "I don't agree with you. We need money, and this gold may be the difference between victory and defeat! It won't take much to<tip.^ the scales and secure allies—Euro- ^ pcan nations that have favored us all along but have hesitated about declaring themselves openly! If England should declare war against ,>* the Union—" «p "She won't," McQuestion contradicted him. "The English govern* ment rather leans toward the South, but the people over there favor the North, and their gov» eminent knows it And Russia it) just looking for an excuse to strike M at England If she becomes Involved! Not that Russia cares anything about the United States, but she hasn't based fleets at San Francisco and New York just to admire the scenery!" "But those fleets have finally moved out," Whirter said triumph., antly. vj got that news a while back.. They're making the samfl mistake as $, lot of others, thfc ing the war Is about over. That'fl the time to hit them, and. that'lT -•-— we . re g 0in £ to do! » iur scheme is too. tantastio fW any use," .McQuestion repeated. ?Aj$|0 going overland to the gold cfrmpB, how could you gel anywhere wtth the Indians hostile?" , "That's why we want to wl» ,-; them if we can," Whlrter 6*ht, "Though even if they don't «id« * f s with us, it doesn't matter too m«ch. " '~ We've « picked crew of flgh§ag men aboard both boats, all of them a* pledged to the Cause. There'll bfl «r a Dig escort from the Innocents to help us." McQuestion chose not to argue that for the moment. He picked on another point "What's that M&t the crew?" he asked sharply. ~ *jujt what { aay," Woirte» tfr torted. *| picked them—cvenri both kml% pitfe the "i can set you're a cave man all right—you've got a lot of the cave on your face and hands I" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith BLOW DOWN/'** ?OU? SCHEME, THIS PLAN TO __ AM ARMEP MBS- "NWilL Vtf >» , . BUT ONB r THINK ewovvt) Bvww KNOW CAM THVSWn. i.^ WHERE POV, PI0 PLACR \6 THAN A IBASQAIK! 8W\ftft" A-M3NV.' PEOPLE THINK "V V(=H, A PARLOR THERE CAN'T BE \ AFTER A PART'/ MUCH FEELIN' IM I/ LOOKS LIKE COLD STEEL, BUT ^\ THAT.' BUT IF THAT THERE DOM'T \THAT WAS- LOOK LIKE A HANGOVER 1 PLAV ANP OR. A PEIMA EONNA'^ / THIS LET-POWN .OR •**«*"/ *i*WWH» cav\f*Nv'6 CQVMN&/ ' WOEK, \B / THE Bid DIFFERENCE WASH TUBES I THIMK HB TURN BfcCK- AH.THW PISURBON THB HILLTOP! \e cwtAiw DROP CLOSER.*WD QIP LUGER.». LOOK FOR THB OR WE &U&PGCT M/W FOLLOW THE WRFOR.T- CNRNII ON NOD LB^R With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE ALL T. WAMNA KMOVM is: WHERE '6 MV PANTS WHATTA VOL) V(9kEL5 PULL Oti ^At5 ME THESE OVERr'.ALLS? I'LL Sl^Jt YA - ASK ME •RIDDLES, a_o Boy By Edgar M SOO VO\Vi\6 0V WOO BROADSIDE- Ifs MV BUGS BUNNY YOU'RE QMITTJNa FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ALLEY OOP AY/F.lGHT,YOU,..GET YOUR CHRIS WELKIN, Plonet.er "I'm trying to do three years in one!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS LATBLY, ^\ PI&Y WITH APRIL, x &)K<9£.,.0H,&( MS HOT ON rH^ AM .' AH / NO LOWLY FPESMMAM 15 B- Bur I'VE- ALLOWED TO USE THESE SIAIRS J GOT A CLASS UNLESS HE MAS A ^ W°W NA i. SPECIAL PASS/ * YOU'RCA PA^/TooM 1 THAWKS FOR- I IT", FRO5H/ PUTTING Me V ALWAYS 61AD WIS6/ JUST BECAUSE i UKE YOU. I'M 60MNA WRITE- YOU A fifcss • THis'cc ee TWO -BITS/

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