Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 24, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1894
Page 2
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Listen! B;i;k from the :mn t.-iin of Discovery and Progn in th.e treatment of il ; .;ea-, comes the echo, "Curable." Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital.zer is a part of'this progress, and rings tho echo, "Curablf," to every si::!--.-.from fits, epilepsy, St. Vims dance, or other nerve disorders, Iv-.-a 1 ! 1 -cures all oi' them as it aired Mrs. Lena Cooper, of 1554 l.orai;* Nv Cleveland, Ohio, who says of the Vitali/.er: "1 i-e.'j.in to use it—growing better at once, i ho i:iipro\ >•;.'.• •'• '' -• wonderful—quieti;-,).; my nerves and refreshing me, until ' leel like a'.-l! 1 person." Mrs. Cooper had St. Vittis dance from hirth. It yielded to no iredv- treatment and was aggravated" by tits when she became 16 yea::'. "Id Is now a healthy and happy wife. We offer $500 ;•„ alvsK <>r Mtli"r\vij, t ', O" xlnnv COO til! r^ ^-iri'in!]' 1 , ( J; s IJii), hannrut Jr., ;s ^J^'v\,n- i!i.;i tiii*. r^tri'slv Price .Si. oo aJBottfc Free Sample fur ainviacin.': tir:!,.' 1 dni'^'ists, oril'nut (nnivt av . •- :".'', : ___ may 'he ublained by writing us. _ I' 1 ' <(ose 5C. (stamps' U>r p.isia-^-. If in d-.mbt about vuui trouble, stale your case ra.-:v and the Doctor will «iv;- fre-.- advice. All weiconK-. Address THE J. W. BRANT CO., Makers, Aibion, Mich, or 43 Oey Street, New Vor'i For Sale by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. ALL PROMISES KEPT. When The Journal began the now great distri bution of » WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIOS A promise was made to the public that the Portfolios wculd contain the finest series of views ever offered to the public by a newspaper. In point of mechanical and artistic excellence the DREAM CITY views HAVE SURPASSED EVERYTHING. which has yet been offered and it may safely be stated that their like will not be seen again When the series is completed it will include the following subjects: Architecture and Building f Photographs. Lcndeoape and Water Scenes Fountain*, Sculpture and Statuary j!° Kxlblt* of All Nations .Famous Palntlngn of the World ' 21 Types of Various Nations 9g MlBcellaneous V!ew§ " This will constitute a complete pictorial and descriptive history of the great WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION. Don't fail to secure ALL of these superb Portfolios. See coupon on 1st page PART 6 NOW READY Portfolio No. 7 will contain 1 Details of the Golden Doorway, 9 2 Moonlight on the Grand Basin, 10 3 Water View of Manufactures Bldg. 11 4 Sweedn and Norway Bldgs. 12 5 French and Spanish Bldga. 6 Grand Logia, Machinery Hall. 7 View from of Woman's Bldg. 8 Proctor'* Statue—Tho Cowboy. Proctor's Statue—The Indian Scout, Village of Alaskan Indians, Tenobscot Indian Village, Boat Parade on Transportation Day, The Cliff Dwellers' Exhibit, The Statue of Germanla, State Bldgs. of Colorado and Maine, Tho Sliver Queen. NEW STYLES FOR EASTER. Wf\LKER 6c Rf\UOH. BURIED IN SNOW. Widespread Storm Blocks Many Railroads in tho West, One of the Worst Slorms in Years- Suffering on the Indhm Reservation Believed to Be Extrame. TP-.AINH Hl.iK.'lvADKIl. DKXVKH. Oil,, Mnrc.li 'J : >. — Kvoi'y train from tiic iM^l "'its bloclijuluil Thursday iiKH'iiin^, 'I''"! wirus bi'Uvern Denver anil Julrabiiry iiru nil down. So great \v;is tho snowdrift, that the rotary snowplow hud littlu effect and tho trriiiinifiii hail to j;et. out with shovels to malic liny impression ou the snow banks. SufTrrlnu: Aniontf llii' IllUlann. OMAHA, Xeb., .March 28.—Specials from t"o northwestern part, of the sttite say tliat the bliz/.iird which has been ruffing for iiuarly tlireo days has broltuu. At Children tho snow is so badly drifted that tho streets are blockaded and no reports arc re- ooivcil from the farmers. The suffering ou the India.'! vuservatioti is believed U> be extreme, for the Indians had discarded their heavy clothes, thinking the warm weather would conliniie. 1'lir AVorjit in Yi.'urR. riKHUi-% ^. I-. March-j:;.—Tim storm which has rajreil liciv fm- two days ex- oeoded tin: famous bli/./.ard of Januaiy !-J, lb.su, in amount of snowfall, but nwinu t«> warmer coiulitiniis was not so fatal. I'iei-ru and the sin-rounding- euuiili'v a!-o completely buried under snow. Many families were compelled to remain indoors until neighbors came and dug 1 them out. Travel by rail was suspended, and not a single wajjon triieU mark-s a road either in the city or country. The damage will be chiefly to caUlo and sheep. l.lvo stuck s'ufl'or. Cm'.vi':NMO, \Vy<i., March 1 '!!. — During 1 the last two days Wyoming- lias experienced one of the mostsevero blizzards since 1S7S. The temperature moderated Thursday afternoon, and it is believed the loss of. runifo l' v c stock will not be tfreat except iu 11 few localities n the north, where the fall of snow was heavy. UKAinvoon, y. D.i March 23,—The snowstorm ceased its fury Thursday morning. Tho loss on cattle between Edgemout and Sheridan will exceed 80 per cent. Froztin on thn 1'litluri. LAIXAMIK, Wyo., March 2«.—Robert Baker, u shecp-hordor, was found fro/.en to death on the plains 5 miles from this place. liaker and a man named Small were in charge of 3,000 sheep. Last night the storm became so severe they deeided to abandon tho sheep and en- doavor to reach town, hmall reached the railroad and followed it to town. His hands and feet were badly frozen, Baker lost his way and was frozen to death. THE BIMETALLISTS. Keiolutlonn Adopted ut Tlmlr National Convention In Don Molnei. DBS MOINES, lo., March 23.— The national silver convention closed Thursday evening. Before adjourning the following resolutions were passed: "Where»s, tho terrible condition which now ezliu In our country la due to the orlme of tho demonetization of (illrer, which hfcs Increased the puroh»iln«t power o< go'.cl, deorened the value of Ml commodities, closed the mlnei, shops and factories »ud bankrupted our bull. nui men: and, "Wtifrcas, 'I'hree-tourtbsot tne people of thli country are In faTor of the full demonetization of silver and oppoied to the protont tingle nold ttandard; itnd, "Whereas. Silver was utrtolicn down by fraud through the goiil ooniplrmtors In the old political parties, notwlthitandlng the direct pledget of both of their national platforms to the con trary; ihereforo, "Resolved, That we recommend that tho nominations for congress in the several dls- trlota ibould be mada by friends of free silver or men who are unequivocally in favor of the unrestricted colnngo of gold and silver on the basis or 1C iol; and whoso pwst acts are tho best guaranty oMhetr good faith, and who will stand on tho resolutions adopted by thin convention. And that Ibo Bald nominations bo made either by political orKantatloiw which arc known lo bo positively in favor of free sliver, or by Independent aHserriblugcs of men of all 'parties, tho candidates being pledned, if oiocied, In raise tho election o[ president of thn United States In thrown Into tlio house of representatives, .that they will voto for suuli candidate as is known to be earnestly in favor of free coinage." K-Uea for thn Vnts. 1'ITTSiiURHii, Pa., March 1!3.—The citizens' executive committee, of the twenty-eighth national encampment, Grand Army of the Republic, which meets hero next September, has issued u. circular informing Graud Army of the Republic members that hotel rates, with a three days' limit, can he secured from *1.50 to K per day, lodgings from 50 cents to $1 per night, and railroad rates from one fare for th* round trip to 1 cent a mile. To Jlentoro the Sugar liountr. WASHINGTON, March 2.'!. — Senator Hansbrough, of North Dakota, is pro- paring an amendment to the tariff bill restoring .the present bounty on sugar and placing a duty of. 0 per cent, ad valorem on refined sugar. Ho thinks it will receive the support of all republicans, the populists and the two Louisiana senators, which will carry it, in the senate by a 1 majority of one vote I'rinno of I'eace 1» No Morn. AunUKN, Me., March as. — Elias Gove, the self-styled Immunuel, the prince of peace, who for years lias been a picturesque figure in the streets of Auburn, is dead at-the age of 85. In all kinds of weather he was to be seen iu tbo streets dressed in white cotton trousers, red broadcloth cape overcoat and a picturesque hat He carried a palm loaf fan and nn umbrella. He was never out of doors without them. Utility ol Mard«r. EDWABDSVILLK, 111., March 23.—The jury in the trial against David Pries, who murdered Robert Reed at Alton wss is Juse last, returned a vcr- 8 OOOOOOOOOC Simple ailments t''..'• 8 neglected n-.ay MTO\V (•.''•••• iluiidly. _ A '' f\ remedy i-; in all crises \vii--r 1 -. >'• ••• Liver ami Stoi;i;u '.i • trouble is stispucied. (.._'• OOOOOCO"© iliet Thursday night, 'nicy iomui me defendant yr.ilty of mnrdci' and liied his sentence lit, thirty-six years in the penitentiary. Sl'imlor t'olliultt I'yliilf. WASHINGTON, March ilj. — Senator Colqiiilt has been fjiven up by his physician. Dr. liayne, who says he cannot possibly live. lliMxunmonu CI*'I»KTI,I;J. Rio J>K .IANKIRO, March i!.—The fjov- ernments of the I'nitcd States, Great Uritaiu rind Italy have unitedly reeoin- mended to the ifoverniiient of lii-axil that a IHIMIII.IH; course be adopted in regard to the insurgent ivfiiKWs who have sought slii'lter ou board Hit; Portuguese warships. Ho H:V<1 a rr^fcrcru't'. Tlie tenderfoot from tin; fast had lx.-o.ii invited t.i drink :it the JU-d (iuleli bar by a lar^e-si/.ed eowboy, and under tins inspiring inllucnee of an u^ly-lonkinff rv.volvt-i- he had uci't-pted and ran£vd himself aionfisMi.' tin; counter, lie picked np 1 lie jrlass nervously, the eowboy watching him liereely and toying with his (fun, and tasted it. Then lit; put it down a^ain. "Drink," growled the eowboy. "1 guess not," replied the tenderfoot. "Well, I ffiicss yes,'' said the cowboy, drawing his revolver. Tho tenderfoot took one look at the pluss of liquor and squared himself before his host. "iShoot," he said in a tone of command, "I'd rather be shot than drink that stuiT," and the cowboy embraced the tenderfoot and bi-jriin to shoot tho bottles off the shelf.—Detroit Free Press. _____ No Charm for Him. Even at this late date tho small boy's view of the world's fair is not to be lig-htly set aside; it may always be depended upon as having- the rare and refreshing quality of originality. It was .a small lloosier youngster who pulled back vigorously when led by his devoted aunty toward the beautiful palace of the lino arts. "Oh, Georgie, what is the matter?" the aunty solicitously inquired. "Arc you tirpd? Don't you want to see the art gallery?" "Naw," the small boy made answer, with disgusted emphasis. "I've be*n in there onct, an' there ain't a thing: in there but statoots an' picters."—Indi- anapolis Journal. —The Dead" sea has been long supposed to be destitute of all animal and plant life. M. Bortet has found, however, that tho water teems with microorganisms of many species, some of which quickly produce fatal results when introduced into the blood, and that the river Jordan, a popular bathing place with pilgrims, is BO full of these organisms as to bo absolutely unfit even for bathing. —There is less misery m DelnfT cheated than in that kind of wisdom which perceives, or thinks it perceives, that all mankind .are cheats.—fc. H- Chapin. IF yon keep your milk and cream In the cellar along with turnips, potatoes and rotten pumpkins, und have no other place to keep it, sell your cows. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. Tho many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, witu less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles^ embraced in tne remedy, Syrup of Figs. . Ita excellence is due to its presenting in the form moat acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing andtruly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system dispelling colds, headaches and feyera and permanently curing constipation It has given satisfaction to millions and met wfthathe approval of the medical profession; because it acts on the Kia- ceyg, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggist. in'fiOc au<f$l bottles, butJ*Mi manufactured by the Canforma Fig Syrup Co. only, whoso name is printed on every package also the name Syrup of Figs, and Sling mil informed, you will no* accept any substitute if offered ANTI-CATHOLIC JURORS. Klcvnl Men Out. ol' T\v^lvo on :i Jury UYro A. I'. A. .M<'il. DIINVIOI!, Col., March VIS. — For tin: lirst lime in tin; lilMnr.y of tin-courts nl Colorado, tin; inn'-iinn of religion:-iiir- fcmiocs has ln>rn raise'!. In 'iic case of Tirn JIri:\v ami .hinu-s l'.iir::s v charged with ruljlH-ry, Altonir;.' Tio:i- U'anl for tilt: di-f<_-Msr, i: lia.', h'lltf.'d a ]".'.•or because ho \v:ts ;L imimbi.-i- ul ilic American 1'ruU'Ot/ivc ;is^iK:i;ition. 'I'm. ohiillctigi; iv;iM I'Viirnili.'d. /'lellii'ii chal- len^eil the entire jury and fmnid Lliat cluVL-n out nf twi.'lvi- wi'i-i" un'inln':\s in this uryani/.ati'in. The attorney at once asked for a new venire and that the coroner's ofiiin: liavi; char^' "' '-iiu jui'V', "n tliu grounds tliat SiierilV iviii 1 - chillt.'ll was pi'ejud ;eed n^aiiist the t!e.- fcndiints because llioy Hiv.Oithijlic-s. Tl'iii|»:riilic- rui>|ilr NoinillKli' \Vui)K!li. Ann.KNK, K:in., .Murc!i :i:!.--At:i mass- meutinp; tlio woinun of Knterprisi', :v towu of 1,000 people, in this couui.y, put up a complete temperance ticket composed of women. Mrs. .M. Kohle.r, \vifu of ifX-Slalt! Senator Kohli-r. was nouiiiuite.il for mayor, Mrs. Katu Hainttsi for police. j»d(fo and a full quotu of council momljers wuru named. All are married women and they pric pusio to purify tin: city's politics. M r. \1 lli«on i» J>n HT. SA.N AMON'IU, Tex., March 'j:i..-Con- ffi'cssniini Wilson's jihysician. Dr. Ltiilervvood, of Mexico, said thut his patient, is Ijctler and wonhi recover rapidi.y. "lie has !iad a hard siu(/v of typhoid fe.ver and still has a con^'h, but that uili disappear." Mr. Wilson himself says ho will stay in Texas till lil ihorouj-'hiy restored to heaitli. !l:i.| :il.- IloiKl Cut <)1T. OTTAWA, Put,, March -:'..— 'J'lie Canadian I'aeilie express train from \V'in:ii- peu was derailed at (.'iiCr'Jcr stalion. Txvo men, n:i.m<;s unknou n, jumped for life, and were killed between the cars. One had his head cutoff completely aud the other was crushed to :i jelly. rrmldont lloUlnrtuni ttniiK u I'ur. TOI.KPO, O., March 2:i.—Kmplovcsof th Toledo street raiiway struck Thursday morning 1 , because the company refused to take three discharged men back. President Robinson ran one of the cars as conductor and other officials manned three more, all that are running 1 . New men will be put on. Killed by nil Klcctrle Car. CINCINNATI, March S3.—Thomas W. Kinsey, aged 70, a retired business man, was run over by an electric cur and almost instantly killed THE MARKETS. Grain, 1'rovlaioui, Etc. CHICAGO, March 53. Frxjon—Rulnd very iiulctaml barely steady. Quotations urn us follows: Winter— Pau;nis. K.fioas.15: straight", S'iWAaflO: clcttrs - »""<>» 2.30; seconds, t].80a].M>: low prudes, fl.503 1.70. Spring-Patents, 13.axa3.60: straights, K.30a^.*J; HaUers'. 11.75®1!!0: low Bruges, 11.41X21.50: Hed Ocg, Sl.3Sai.50; K>-e, 8i40aa.&a IXiAHii OF THADE not m session. LIVE POUI.TKY—Per pouna: Cblckcns. «a 8V4c; Turkeys. !>it?'-ic: Ducks, BttlOc: Gccse, I80oa6.00 per dozcn. JIL'TTBK—Creamery, 103-lrtc; Dairy, 11(2190 Panklny Stock, *'*K''.. The Land of Promlne. Is the mighty Wait, tne land that "tickled with a li«e laughs a harvest;" the El Dorado of the miner; the gonl o£ tb« agricultural emigrant. While it teems with all the element* of wealth and prosperity, tome of the fairest and mo«t fruitful portions of. It bear a harvest of mnlaria reaped In Its fullness by those unprotected bj a medicine safeguard. No on« seeking cr dwelling In a malarial locality Is safe from the scourge without Hosteller's Stomach BlttW. Emigrant* bear Ibis in mind. Commercial travelers sojourners In malarious districts ahould carir a bottle of. the Bitters In the traditional gripsack. Against the effects of exposure, mental or bodllj overwork, damp and unwholesome food or water, It Is an Infallible defense. Constipation, rlwnmatlsm, biliousness, dripep»ia, nervousness and loss of scrength are all remedied b} this genial restora- atlve. _ California Fruit Laxative IB naturo'i own true remedy. It combines th( medicinal virtues of California frulti and plants which are known to have t beneficial effect on the human system Although harmless to the most dell oats constitution it Is thorough anil effective, and will afford a peimanent cure for habitual constipation and thf many disorders arising from a wca> or inactive condition of the kldneye liver, stomach and bowels. For sal.- by all druggists at 50 cents a Kittle For the relief and cure 9f n cold in tho head there Is more potency in Ely's Cream Balm than in anything else it IB possible to prescribe. Thla preparation has for years past been making a brilliant success as a remedy for cold In the head, catarrh and hay fever. Used In the initial stages of these complaints Cream Balm prevents any rtrloua development of the symptoms, while almost numberless cases are on record of radical cures of chronic catarrh and hav fever after allother treatment! have proved of no avail. The V«ln« of a Package. The contents of a 25-cent package of Simmons Liver Regulator will cure many a sick headache. It's the woman's friend. It cured mo perma- nontly of sick headache.—C. S. Morris, Brownsville, W. Va, Take it dry on the tongue or make a tea. Don't Totxeo Spit or Bmoko Tour Life Aw«y Is the truthful, .tottlin* title of»little.boo'' WJ5* tells all abont No-to-bac, tne wonderW, Barm- less, ODJUUNTHTO tobacco habit CUM. The cort Is trifling, and the man who wants to Q0« «na can't rnSi no phn leal or financial r In using "No-to-buck." Sold bf Ben Usher. Book at store, or by roall free. Aa f. n 2? 1riI J " e Sterling Btmeij Co., Indiana Mineral Springs, Lane'* fmm ilj jttedl«ln» Bowel* M<Mt pao|>le Saved Her Life Surgical Operations and Best Medical Treatment Failed An Almost Miraculous Curo by Hood's Sarsaparllla. "C. I. nooil &Co., l.owcll. Mass.: " BcKiniilut; 1" I'':l)ru.iry, 'ie. 1 w.is very slct for two months. Slowly I j;ot ln-tlcr bi;t was coiilincil U> my liii'l. A physii-ian snid I liad & Pelvic Abscess in My Side. Afli^ran cjidrnlinti 1 did not [ir,prnvt>, ihc abscess cui!liiiiiiiit:""li s(1 'i :l ''i:ii cvi'ii more freely tliun liefer^. In l\^o !i:<n:!!is tirii'.- lhr«.-o ojier.i- tlotis worr!liiTfiiniii!il :m>l !:iln-s ii oil l.ho im)):irilli-s. lint .-.11 In need to use in trial. lo tli(! s Sur- i"! !n carry ]'in:il!y It d that my lifi: ili-jn'inlml II;M;I. iinothcr opcralion :n»! tiiut I iniiM In: rc:n(i\oil to tho ]iOS]>it;'.]. About, thrrt; \\eeks provinns to this I had noiiccil :ui MdviMiisniu-nt in Hip D.-iily News o( :i«;isi: wl'.i'ri- llmwl's S:i|-^:i|':irilla linil curC'il :t l ln y Si>nn'uh:it sin)i!:iriy acl 'iTcn;(,:i, >'. .'!.. :in<l I di-.-i.li'il to uivi- n, Wlli'll till! li!i:>' i!i j (-iilc.-'l ii| ..... fc'r Ini: til t- lios|iit:ilnrrivfl I l-»l '"•>•» t;iUing Jlo sajiarinaiibout two weeks. I Was Getting Better Mid tlic sibsccss brid nlronily liej:i:i to ili less freely. 1 felt stronger :in<l ]i:ul -.1. terrible appetite. Previous U) this I hail (riven nil to die. When I li.nl uiken the second bottle I w;is able. to Bit up and acronJiiiRly I was not t-ikcn to tio bosiiital and the llnal operation w:is deferred. Now I liavo tiken six bottles and the abscess has entirely Ii»:i1e.!. I am well and po everywhere. Mv frii'iiils tJ)lnk it is a miracle U> have me rcstoreil to tlii-m attain so healthy and even younger In looks tlian before my sickness. I Feel Better Than Ever I did In my liisand weigh over 130 pounds, tho heaviest In my lifo. I <Jo a !>ifi day's work and am gaining in strength every day. My mother worried and worked herself almost slek In car- liizfnrmc. SUB has since taken }Iood's Sarsa- p;/rllla and it 1ms done her mncli cood. W« praiso Jlood's Sarsajiarilla to everybody, for I Know it Saved My Life. I am 2" yean old, and a stranger to look at me , now would not think I ever h.id .1 dav'» tlek- Bess. Even the doctors arc surprised »t the •nccess of Hood'i Sarsaparlllii in my case. Mother and myself continue to take th« mcdi- Hood's'P-Cures cine repilarly and we earnestly recommend Hood's Sarssjiarilla." MRS. MOI.LIE . M8 West KlRhtcenlh Street, Chicago, Illlnol*. Corroborates the Ab ^ve. "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. : " Dear Sir* : — I am a drug clerk »nd hart iOW Mrs Mollie Wcndl many dottles of Hood's Sir- Eighteenth Street, Chicago. Hood 1 * PHI» cure liver Ills, ]»undto«. Wl, «Iek headiche and constlpatloa. n. Good \GWK. No other medicine in the world was- over given such a test of Its curative qualities, as Otto's Cure. Thousands of bottleo of this great German remedy are being distributed free of charge, by druggists in this country, to those • aflHcwd wltb consumption, asthma, croup, severe coughs, pneumonia and all throat and lung diseases, giving- the people proof that Otto's Cure will cure them, and that it Is the grudett. triumph of medical science. For.sale- only by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street. Samples free. Large bottles 60 cents Klftr- Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has boon used for over fifty years b> millions of mothers for their chlldrer. while toethinp. with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gum... allays all pain, cures wind colic, ant". is the best remedy for diarrhoea. Iv will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by drupgirts ic- every part of the world. Twenty-fiver cents a bottle. Bo sure and ask foi 'Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup" ano take no other kind. The CoMen Secret of I.OPR Keep the head cool, the feet warm. and the bowels open. Bacon 1 * Celery King for the nerves is a vegetable- preparation and acts as a natural laxative, and is the greatest remedy ever discovered for the cure of dyspepsia, liver complaint, and all blood, liver and kidney diseases. Call on Ben- Fisher, solo agent, and get a trial package free. Largest size, SO cents. "Rojil Bnb>'« Port Wine. If you are reduced In vitality or strength by illness or any other cause we recommend the use of this Old Port Wine, the very blood of the jrapo. A grand tonlo for nursing mothers, and those reduced by wast- ,ng disease. It creates strength; improves the appetite; nature's own •emedy, mucl preferable to drugs;. juaranteed absolutely pure and over Jve years of age. Young wine ordinarily sold is not fit to use. Insist on aavtng this standard brand, it costf no more. $1 in quart bottles. Bottled by Royal Wino Co., Chioagr,- For sale >y Johnston Bros. Karl's Clover Boot, the new olood purifier, gives freshness and clearness „ the complexion and curee constlpfc- tTon; 2fio., 50e. and *. 8oW by J»-

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