Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 24, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1894
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MARCH 24, 1894. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. fi coupons of (llfjnrfiiit dat<w and 10 wntt ««ur<w the current number of Art Portfolios, See HdvertlKmiicnt. VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH U. 1894. NO. 72. ARE YOU ONE of the few who have not found our stote is where all the shrewd buyers do their shopping, because we have years of experience; because we have the markets of the world at our command; because we take all pains to please; because we are honest in all our dealings; because we have quality; because we have style; because we have everything one might wish for in an Ideal Dry Goods Store. If You Consider Quality our prices are always the lowest. We always consider quality and strive to sell only the best. Our business is built upon this rock and the ravages of twenty-seven years have only made us stronger. This Season We are Stronger Than Ever In Quality in Style, in Low Prices. We Could Quote Prices A LEASE OF LIFE. A Two-Weeks' Stay Granted Murderer Prendergast. Judge Chetlain Finds Room fop Doubt as to His Sanity—Reprieved Till April 6, on so many lovely cheap things, but we would rather you would come and see. Our Kid Glove Department never contained so many pretty shades; so many pretty styles; so many pretty designs. Won't you come and take a look? It's such a pleasure to show pretty goods. < For a Little Easter Gift we will present you with a little souvenir with every pair of gloves. Every department is complete. We invite your inspection. THE BUSY BEE HIVE 315 Fourth St. Wiler& Wise. €REAM OF THE DISPATCHES. John Better, a murderer, was rescued by a mob of masked men from jail at Oxford, Miss. Senator Colquitt. of Georgia, who has been lying at the point o! death, is slightly improved. For throwing her illegitimate- babe Into the lake Mrs. Mill wits sentenced to prison for one year at Milwaukee. In a speech at Edinburgh, Sir Joseph Chamberlain said Gladstone had left Premier Hoscbery a herltaga of woe. Lafayette Ritchie was sentenced to be hanged on May 24 at Gainsboro, Ky., for the murder of William Stephens. Because the theaters in Hilda-Posth did not olosa out of respect for Kossuth they were stormed by angry students. It is considered probable that government fish commissioners will establish a big hatchery at Spring Lake, III. White caps at Fayette, Mo., terribly •whipped a negro woman and ordered her to leave the country under pain of death. Secretary Greshatn charges Great Britain with dereliction in presenting 1 legislation concerning tho Behrir.g sea dispute. Miss Tillio Honeman, a white girl of Keoliuk, la., created a »ensation by eloping.with Claude Jlland, a negro admirer. Members of tho whisky trust and the American Distilling company havo reached an agreement and will work together. Seeking to regain possession of their baby which they abandoned, Mr. and Mra Berkshire found it had died in an ftsylum in Chicago. Kobert McCauley and family, of Brooklyn, N. Y., besieged three days by a vaccination corps, escaped through a hole in the wall. Robert Ilahn wna sentenced at Eau . to five year* for attempt- ing to wreck 'it Unreago, s>t, i-aut, Minneapolis & Omaha mil way train near Fairchild. ______ _ TEXTILE INDUSTRIES. Number of EstiiblUlmmiilHi Mo» Kin- plnyoil, Output mill Wnjfuii. WASHINGTON, March 'Jo,— The official view of the textile industries of tho country is given in a census monograph. It comprises an analysis of the combined textile industries and reports on wool manufacture, cotton manufacture, silk manufacture and on dyeing and finishing textiles. Since 1*59, It Is shown, tho capital employed In tho toxtllu Industry 1ms IncrouHOil ulmost suven tlmi'3 mill tho valuu of products nearly all times. Tlio numtiur of umployos lias In- crousud from H8.897 to S1I,8»T. The iiicruuao la tho iinnual amoilut of wages sl»oo 1*W lias buou nmrly four nnd 11 hair. Tho total numbor of establishments til 18UO wiis -UU, with an ttggrc- cato capllul of »731),Br:i,WI, Tho COMt ot materials used was M'.'1, 3118,190, uud tho valuo of produow }7vl,049.^tK. Tho number of esmblishmenta and capital durlnB tho census years preceding 189J uro (tlvon us follows: 1830, .%OBS. 1112,413,947; 1800, SCSI, ll50,«fW.83J; 1870.4,790, iS»7,<JM,lH3; IWW, illlS, Mli,7il,49U, Tho tabulated statomonW Bhow Hint thn toxtllo Interests aro concentrated !n tho New England and Middle status. Tho textile products for 1890 In theso wero 1645,1 89, 7a), or almost WA per cent. of the total valuo • In tho Unltoil States Mausuchuiietis Is still tho loading tux- tile manufacturing mate. For tho western HtatoH the- product amounted to R7,029,8M. Tha capital employed In itmnufacturlni? wool product, valued at J337,70W4 was In 1890«9t),4i)4,4Sl not Including the value of hired property. Tho capital lu 1»»U was 1150,091,869, und valuo ot products Kur.Kb'.'^lS. Tho capital Invented In 1S93 In cotton manufacture wiis »254,02D,8l;l,'wttn product valuo uf iyo79H17"4; filllt manuracture, aftI,fiJ7,5;f7, iiroduct valuo, J87,l!98, if>4. and for dyolntf and llnlshlnfr lextllos, J38,450,80j; product valuo, A<1» Orny I" Marrloil. NEW YOHK, March 23. —It was learned Thursday that Ada Gray, the famous actress, was recently married to Charles Tingay, a young man who has bean her manager and leading man for several ••MODS. ESCAPED THE GALLON'S. CIUCAOO, March i'i. — .1 ndt?e Chetlain, of the superior court, Thursday night granted 1'utrieic Eugene I'renderpast, murderer of Mayor Curler li. Harrison u fourteen days' lease of lilV, postpon ine the exe-jution which was to have taken place at noon to-day until Friday April (1. lie announced his iloeision sl'.nrtlv before midnight when, for over three hours, he had been listening to evidence inlrodneed in proeeedin/s in- st :liili:tl In iiujuiri 1 into tho assassin's niy. 'J'o-ihiy tit 111 o'clock :i jn»y will be impaneled und will deeid whi'tlier or no I'l'eiiilr.rsust has become; men tally iinbaliiuced sine« emivietcd oi the iiuu'dei- of Mayor Harrison. Tlif Jllil^o'il l)l'<!l«!iin. .Jiu!'_;'e (,'hulkiin in ruudorin? his de- I cision s:i l:l: "Th- OIM.' iin it new BtiimlK is this: rit-.tiu is n;i,Uy :n lirpiLiii;! tno J'jrv: thoy uonCflli: tli:U fi^l.t li) thi' llilfulldar.t, illld Hull mlKht >inly I e nKi.-iiilmvd K\: Ki;:cnt grounds lu ^nuit u slii.v uf proi.".'i;illiiKS. Tli 1 ' euurt, not \vlii:Hl;unl:!iK', ri'Ciiiiruil soniu evi'ieneu more com I'.I.SIVM thin Hie iiLllUon which luis heon ix\i'l to ;hf ixiurt, to initUo out u iirlimi faolo L'tisr. liiat tUo lUirmiiitnt liail liucoinu tnsuue iirti-: 1 ::n: jiulinr.i'i:'. hail l:i;on proiiuuncril bul'uru tliu scn'.i;:iCL' wits t'xceuletl. Not OMU <'F Guilt. "Tli 1 iH:>!Mluii Is iiotuiiuof Hi" R'Jllt or of the saaliy of the ciefi'iidant lit UK: time of tho orfiMse: iii'Iihei 1 hail tlio previous trial nny btitirliiK on tin 1 |irei)i!iit i-ane. All iliathus been l);iH;;t.'d ilium. Ho was found HIUIO by u jury and fci-ntrjicini. Nuw Ihls coui't liuw tin; power to lni|jiun>'. tli>! jury mnl I'.avu thill Issue auttlml at uiici!. It Is now inianlKlit pf the r.lKhi iireceil t;,,- i-.\ei;iiliun, nr.d il Is uppni'i'iu tluu such trku L-uuiU !u>l. bi i concliulod Li-tore the tlruoset for Hw del'cu,li'.i'.t.':i cxrcutlon hud arrived. Jlus I'Dwrr to rnilonc Time. "The court Is mitl»lled :hat from the author!- tlossr.liuiitti d to 11, :nid fro:r. the common law n'.i.in', that It has power to pr.jlonn tliu time wliiii'.i IKUI ivlrvjiiiiy ijrirn sel lo i-lai-s,; between tlii. 1 linp-jsinx' of tl:',' MOiitfSiico ami his I'.xenu- tiun. H I In: fuse has bron niiicle out can It on mild that thl^ (jnurt e:ui bo cnnipclleil hastily to elite:' upo:i the trial to doturniino tills prisDMi'r's sunity! 1 th;n',t not The qucs- tlun uf the cU::'iMiilurit's (,".i!lt lias in-i.-ii Hcilk'il Irrevuoably. The iiuestKni now !s should the court prolong the tune to enablo the ilufeiulinit to uvuil himself of limn lu which to show oanse why seriionco should not. bu executed upon him, Tho Next Oiiputlnn. "Tho next question Is, has sull'.rlonl caus» been shown why this court should prolong tho time? There han oeen subinltteil to this court an antdavit, ;uid two wUn"SSes have come here to testify that the defendant has become Insane since sentence was iironouncd upon him. One of the witnesses was u medical mnn, an expert upon insanity, lie says that 110 has noticed a .chant'i) In the defendant slnco tho day ho was sentenced. Another witness who has met and seen tho defendant at various times also says that ho llnds him much changed since the sentence. Ho iilso tostitled that at the time the crime was committed ho believed the defendant lo ho perfectly responsible. Slnco then he has hud rmt- BOII to cuatigo bin opinion, 9V Should Determine thn Mutter. "Therefore this court thlnhs th:it this mat- tor of the present sanity or Insanity of the de- lendant »!iould bo determined by a jury. It also holds that It would bo Inconsistent with humanity und justice for th'.s couri to compel such a trial to bo held at thin midnight hour. For the foreRolnp reasons tho court will prolong and extend tho time of the executioner Patrick Eugene, I'reudercast uaiil Friday, "One Honciit JiKlRn," Prenderjrast hud been watching Judg-e Chetlain's, face from the moment ho commenced to speak. \Vlien his honor bpoke tho lust word and the 1'iiil import of his decision Hashed across the mur- derpr's mind he turned to his counsel and said: "Well, there is one honest jiidifi! in Cook county anyway." Then liu put on his overcoat and walked back to the death chamber in the county jail. Tlie T-imt KfiKort. The proceeding which ended so unexpectedly was the last resort of the attorneys of the condemned man. All duy lonff Acting Uov. Gill at Springfield listened to importunities and read petitions, telegrams und letters asking him to reprieve the prisoner. At 10:30 last night ho announced his intention of allowing the law to take its course, saying that two courts had passed on the case and that he did not think it his duty to interfere with the execution of the sentence of death. Governor Would Not Interfere. It in evident the governor's action was not unexpected by the defendant's attorneys, and when the United States circuit court in the morning- refused to pntnt tho writ of habeas corpus applied for they resolved to play their lust card and demand an inquiry into tho sanity of the prisoner, alleging that he had become insane since convicted of Mayor Harrison's assassination, .ludge Chetlain consented to hear the case, aud it was commenced before him at 8 p. in. "» the criminal court building on the north side. Twenty minutes before the court an- notuiced its decision it was believed the case would run all Wight, and possibly would not be ended at noon to-day, the hour set for the execution. I'olxoto to Eieeutc All Relioln. Rio ]>K JAJiKiuo, March 17, via Monte video, March ^.-President Peixoto has revived the imperial decrees of 1SHS and 1851. These decrees authorize the execution, without formal trial, of all persons who have taken up arms against the government, as well as those who have aided or abetted, directly or indi- »~,fli/. the cause of an insurrection. STRETCHED HEMP. Thomas llli-elun HIIIIKCI! 'u ClilciiR-o for tho Murder of J'fitur MeCoofl.v. CiitcAno, March ill.— Thomas, alias "Hulf" iliggins, was hanged at the Cook county jail for the murder of Peter McCooey on September '! last. Tho drop fell at li:0,S o'clock p, m. and at 12:17 o'clock he WHS pronounced dead by the physicians, his death being apparently painless. Lliggins showed great nerve on the scaffold and met death uuflirichinffly, displaying a wonderful coolness to the end. [Thumnx. alias "llluit," Hi;,vi:i early ilm morning of Sunday. 181U. chai-Ked wi:h ll.e murdiT Coney, uf .N\i. l.V! Johnson street. tireviom to ihe urrrst .Mi-C.'nu;-y \ bed l.iy a !mrk r1 .:tr. A few murder .Mrs. McC'iuey, !40:i Iroin a We.^i • s pi-ev ie.-'s la w:l.s illTOSteil September 3, of IVti-r Me- A f>'W l.in.rs ;i^ shi.t i:i iiis to the ('.row It is BLOWN TO ATOMS. Dynamite Works Near Pittsburgh Wiped Out by an Eiplosion. Six Persons Are Instantly Killed— Four Women Among the Victim; Houses Destroyed. ol' l,'lnr\' win I of sect:]-; i:j. r ilii hud hi'i'i. |.hn-..- nil 1 111!- bii-nhi Stri'i.'! suu'.on havi: n.ailc ;i cars bnr- liy Mr- Mi-f.'i y. ,\ I Hi- ;>Mxu"]l- i,l by :!i.' i,:;l,.-i-rs ID lic.'ii 111 in-;, Mild tliu Uilliv ir.itlL-lii'i: his hi fcsrflnn ib-v h:ui 11VI! llllV-i Ilk!.-! itr.l 1!l,-.r-- l-.-i llliill:- 1 ;i;l mini hi V.-I-:H'.-:I A' 1 Lli^'Mis \viis burn in Ivf-'i^nJ in I>'U ":".l i::in-,« to Ami'i-k'ii wMh hl-i p;irri;t.-> \-. liru In; \viis ^ yeui's ul<l- lit- li:ul only Iji'Cr. out .)!' IlH 1 Juliet pi;l,tl<'lilliiry 11 lev,' ll:iy-< \v!i,'il ho U'ln :uT,-Mt-d for tin: lm:nli:j-of Mi'i^uoi'y. Hit;^ins :i;rl h< en sent lu Ihe iwniti'iitiary for Dim your on tuiivii;- tlon ol' bi:rk"',ury. 1 ROBBERS AND BRUTES. ruiil; ;n,d r'I :t C0:l- ~l,i\ :.l-iiiii|t t.v. ,II;I:L:(J .v lrl.il :unl Four KIuHkeil MUII Crurlly Hunt uinl Tnr- turo an A^etl \Vuunui. JOHNSTOW.V, PiU, March Hi!.— One of the most atrocious crimes ever cummit- tod in ,Johiis!uu - :i IILL^ just come to li^ht. The police have u:u,ic every effort to suppress the :'a-:'.s, probably in the liope of captin-it.;,' tin; guilty parties. The crime \vas committed nariy last Wednesday inoi-iiiiig. and the vict'in was Mrs. Uai'eiay Hoy, a widow over 80 years of age, The aged hidy lives in what is known here as an Oklahoma hotisi, oae of tho sn;:ill structures erected Tor temporary purposes after the ilood. The belief has generally existed that she w;is a miser, and that she: had concealed, about, the. premises a considerable sum of money, IT was for this that four masked mun broko into her house _bout, " o'clock Wednesday morn- itiff. It. their determination lo compel her toihhow the hiding-place of hersup- posed fortune, the masked demons strung her up by a, rope and almost strangled her. Then they burned her feet, ripped the clothing from her TOSS OF DYNAMITK KXPI.OI1K. PiTTsnuiiGH, Pa.. March-JS. —The dynamite works of thcAeini! Powder company at Black's run. M miles above Pitt'sburgli on the Allegheny Valley railmad, blew np at 7:10 o'clock a. m., Uiliing two men and four women and badly wrecking liuiises and other buihlin^s in AcmetoniM, directly across the river, at Ilulton, 'J miles south, and at .lolinstou slation. a sl'.ort distnnoc east. ,Sii]^i:riti',,t'iiiii.'Mt .Jinnee Mooney u-;is the only person to survive Ms injuries. Ilis legs wen: shattered and will probably have to be amputated. Till! Killed. The following is a eomnlelc list of the killed: William Arthur-, a^ed ISO; Mrs. William Arthur-. :igud I 1 . 1 : Sidio JCi-maley, aged :!:!: Nellie Kemalay, aged ^"i; Charles lloliin. aged -M. linillm Torn »•• I'TMsiiirii:*, "Nellie Kumaley was injured by falling timbers in an adjoining building, and died on the train bringing her to a hospital in Pittsburgh. The other four were literally blown lo pieces. Fragments of their bodies were scattered over a radius of Un miles. The largest portion of the remains yet found is one of Robin's feet. It was picked up fully half a mile from the scene of the explosion. There were, it seems, two explosions. The tirst occurred in thu packing house, in which those who were killed were at work. This building was scattered to the winds. An instant later there was a terrilie explosion in the mixing house, which raxed the building and machinery to the ground. The surrounding forest has the appearance of having been mown down by a gigantic scythe. The hole blown into the earth has the appearance of a monster cellar. i;»i:Hr- uf the Kxpl"Nlnii IjnkniiM n. The cause of the explosion will probably never be known. Mr. McAbce, tho-prineipnl 1 'owner of the pitlul 1 ., estimates his loss at 815,000. At the time of the explosion there was stored in the works live tons of dynamite, a consignment ready for shipment today. The works had a capacity i of 20,000 pounds per day. The ' explosion creaied the wildest kind , THE STATE AT LARGE. Interesting Information from Town* in Indiana. An Applicant for Aid. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 23.— Among the applicants for aid at the relief bureau Thursday was Stephen Horsey, at one time one of the inn>-fc prominent men in the slate, but now broken in age and inllneuce and reduced to actual want, During- the war he was a prominent slate politician and was arrested by the United States authorities on a charge, of treason, the specific charges being thai ho was a member of the Knights of tile (ioiden Circle and had caused arms to be imported into the state to be n>ed by members of that order in a projected rising which had f.ir its object the release and arming of the confederate prisoners eon- lim-d at Camp .Morion. He and Milii^an and Howies were tried by eoiirl-marlial and found guilty, and l-iU'h sentenced to death. They wero afterwards pardoned by President Lin- eo!,i. lloi-M-y h:is lived in comparative retirement ever since, lie is now 70 years of a;iu and he and his wife aro the only survivors of a onjis largo family. U'hen his application for aid became known the groeors in the vicinity of ills residence offered to trust him for all in- wanted, and the application was withdrawn. M»y C'Hll Out Iiiilliiiia Mllltln. INDIAN-ATOMS, lud., March 23.— There will be a blood}- battle if tho northwestern division of Gen. Coxey's army attempts to cross the Indiana slate line. (Jov. Matthews has announced that the ar;:;v shall never invade this state :u •! call out the slat" prevent it. ]f , army should dodge : ••• , nies and enter Jndi:.., ' mad trains will be piv. at once and tile army n militia will be iiislrtiulo. the footsore marchers back. (.iov. Matthews. \ by oceupation, said tlia; not citv residents \viK-.lil I) sufferers from the pass::- • and he believed he wou'.i-. his-dnty-to oppose tiiie .. militia. Hi at he will 1)1 ti a to pre- detour th« Ikary compa- • -rritory rail- in lo service I'lakeu.- Tho to march on. \rt'\ drive Ihem •ii'i Is a farmer •:ners and greatest lie army, • with tlieT body, .examined every seam in her gar- | of excitement in the Alleghany valley ments, which they tore to shreds, and subjected her to all manner of indignities and brutalities. The robbers finally secured seventy cents. They left the old lady lying at the point of death, the flush on her feet being burned almost to the bone. IN THE HOUSE, Quentlun ill ConnldonUlon Hulled In the O'Neill-Joy Context (.'lino. WASIIINOTO.N, March 2;l.—Tho house met as usual at noou. Mr. Sayers presented for immediate consideration a joint resolution appropriating H.0,000 for the salaries and expenses of additional deputy collectors of internal revenue to carry out the provisions of the Chinese exclusion act, as amended by the joint resolution passed December 7 last. It was agreed to. After the transaction of other routine business the struggle over the O'Neill-Joy icoutesled election case, from Missouri, was resumed. Mr. W:uigli (rep., Ind.), immediately raised the question oJ consideration against above and below Black's run, at the mouth of which the works wero located. At Acmetonia, Ilulton, Oakmont, Veronia, Johnston, Parnassus, Kensington, Tareutum and other towns within a radius of several miles there was great alarm. Nearly every window in Acmetonia, Springdale and Hulton was shattered, and a few of the houses were considerably damaged. GOV. M'KINLEY NOT ALARMED. He Ilellevci the Storlei About Coi«y'« Follower* to lie <ireatly JSxujtfftratGd, COI.UMHUS, 0., March 23. Gov. McKinley was interviewed upon the commonweal army under Coxey which is assembling in Ohio to move onto Washington. In reply to a question as to what he thought of it he answered n» follows: "I cannot but bollevo that tho stories about tlio nssombllnfj of people at Mussillon on tho oomtrif; Sunday havo been groatlv exaggerated. From nil tlio Information I havo received I be- llovo that tacro will not bo any such number of pcoplo assemble a« havo been predicted by the promoter of tho movement or the press, and no rt'o rc^i-t of the commit and^ie ill- ™£»™£ ^^^'throS'w h^i* the ibustering began. assembly proposes to puss ou lis way to Wash- The republicans repeated their for- i nK ion. Should any emergency urlno and tho mer tactics by refusing to vote. The result of the vote was 100 to 1, which showed the democrats wero eighteen hort of a quorum. A call of the house followed. Now Katlvi'uy Kout*. AT.LIA.VCK, 0., March 'A'!. — Tho Penn- iVlvitnin, Railroad company has about completed arrangements for a new route from Erie and Buffalo to Cincinnati and the southwest, and through trains will probably be running be- wpen.these points by April 15. Tho new route will shorten tho distance six lours for passengers from Erie and iuffalo to Cincinnati. United Mine Workur* to Meet. PITTSIIUUQH, Pa,, March 23.—Presi- ,ent John Mcliride, of the United Mine Yorkers of America, has issued a circular call for the fifth annual convcn- ion of the organization, to be held at Columbus, commencing April 10. The onvention will be the most important one yet held, for at that convention a "national movement" will be considered. \\»t I)ettiruiltled to Die. PrltU Ind., March 23, —- Charles Hicks, a well-known young man of Macy, made a desperate effort to kill himself by stabbing and gashing his throat with a small jack-knife. Tho jugular vein wasuearly severed aud his condition is critical. An elder brother committed suicide several weeks ago. Appin-iitioo 7u7~~Writ"of~H»oe!!ii Corpu.. NEW YOKK, March 23.—An application has been made to Judge O'Brien for a. writ of habeas corpus for John Y. McKane. The application was made luo-jl authorities bo not able to preserve tho peace und observance of law, tho mate authorities, upon notice, will bo prompt tu fciil them within tho law and the constitution." Seventy-Klfht Yearn ol Wedded Life. PBOVIDKNCB, K. L, March 28.—In Oliver place lives a couple who have been married seventy-eight years. Thursday this fact was brought to light by tho funeral of a daughter aged T7. The aged couple are Lawton A. Sherman and Nancy (Sweet) Shcr man, his wife, June 17, 1790. Mr. Sherman was born and he is in his ninety- ninth year now. His wife is 97. Died IU » Consul -ST *"<C. MUNCIE. Ind., March 23.—Mrs. Sidney Shull, aged 08 years, was attending the funeral of a neighbor when she was suddenly attacked with a fit of coughing. She was assisted to her home, where she died in a few minutes. Hawley Got* » Life Sentence. Four WAYNE, Ind., March 23.—The jury in the case of Martin Hawley, charged with the murder of bis mother, after being out sixteen hours brought in a verdict of guilty and placed his punishment at .life imprisonment. Fire »t <>lt»wH, Out, OTTAWA, Out., March as.—Fire nearly destroyed the government, printing bureau in the parliament building. The bookbiudery department was reduced to ashes. The loss will be heavy. Great SlrlUe. In New Gold Flnldi. AMJUQUERQUK, N. M., March 28.— Pf-cnomenal strikes in the Cochiti mining- district have set New Mexico wild, by Law.vws Campbell, Atcliinson and and the prospectors aro pouring Into Griffin.' | CochiU from all direction*. War on ClileiiC" Dressed Heel'. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March i3.—Tho butchers of Indianapolis have beeu waging war against the Chicago dressed beef trade with a view to enlarging the home industry. The movement has spread throughout the state,but to what extent is not known. For several weeks articles have been published hero and widely circulated, with the object of frightening people from using Chicago meat. An attempt to force the state board of health into taking action against Chicago beef has thus far proved fruitless. A well-known dealer in Chicago meat said that the Indians board of health had all it could do to stamp out the smallpox without takinjf the lumpy-jaw question in hand, and that the movement would probably | peter out as similar ones have in the past- Cliargnd with Train Robbing. llAMMON'D, Ind., March 2S.—Thurs- day evening Chief of 1'olice Einzele and Detective Haley captured Albert Keef- cr, whom they believe is at the head of a gang that has committed a scries of railroad robberies in this city recently. Large quantities of tobacco, flour and other merchandise were found in the third story of Maud's hotel, where it il said Keefer disposed of 'the spoils. Charles Mnndft, the manager of th« hotel, admitted that he purchased poods of Keefer. Onn Hundred Solrili^rn nt Anderfton. ANDEKSO.V, Ind., March 23.—A company of 100 unemployed workmen has been organized in this city to join the Coxey commonweal army in the march to Washington. They will join Elkhart's delegation of several hundred that will pass through here Monday morning. The Indianapolis company will go through this city at the same time and the entire Indiana delegation wili join the army at Canton, 0., Mon • day night. Kioduft of Fnrinrrs to North Unkot». Hou)tBON, I"d., March 23.— There fa a general exodus ot farmers in thli county, their destination being tha Red river valley, North Dakota. Fifty or more families leave this county for that region this week. A train of five passenger coaches and twenty freight cars will be required to carry them and their effects. Jlrnkcnmn Wounded by Trmmpi. BounlioN. Ind., March 23.—La»lTues- day evening three tramps attempted U board a freight train at Claypool, I small town east of here. A brakeroan chased them off the train, when onp oi the tramps fired a shot, striking another brakeman, who was coming upon . tbesceno, fatally wounding him. A Timely l>l»eovery. IlRA/.iL, Ind., March 25.—Anengincer of the Chicago Tile works here, discovered by accident that eorno one bad drawn olf all the water from the boilers. He had begun tiring up and hi* timely find prevented an explosion. MARION, Ind,, March 23.—William T. Kelley, a glassworker from Pittsburgh, Pa., was killed by a locomotive h«r«* Thursday.

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