Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1952 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1952
Page 4
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•••IP IJW^'MBWRWJBS^ffSswiS illp^' ;;1 ' r: * '" "• ' ' *dta> >~£s,' i: 'j, HOM ifAl, MOM, AttAMIAl ••*. Thvnfcy, Otrtfcer 10,Itll AL OPENING - SATURDAY Sl.HOV. 1st t : t FORMERLY STUEARTS STORE FOODLAND SUPER MARKET FOR GALA OPENING WE WILL BE OPEN UNTIL 9 Q All Friday and • • •¥•• Saturday Only! §EE! $10-0® Baskets of Groceries Given Away Free -12 Friday -12 Saturday at 6 p. m. - Nothing to buy Just Register FREE! 3Hb. pkg. i ,& TSE IN TOWN HONEY YES SUM! IN PUHSUN I'se Coin' to Mix, Flip and Serve I .. , . .;. ..'_'• '; • 'dem Temptilatin' AUNT JEMIMA HOT CAKES Made with Pet Milk, Topped with Blackburn Syrup and Blue Bonnett Margarine ! A * fc I* Hlte ;box~ t. 1 ^ i , f [-A* <• N * FREE ALL DAY SATURDAY W 4>a, ' >" $^ &>; lilb. •*£w*' K c C * 3lb. box CHOICE MEATS BLUEBONNITT MARGARINE iot it here on Aunl Jemima Pancakes All Day Saturday 2 - 59c ^*. r,(> PORK CHOPS Fresh Tcndor L««n Lb. 55c PA?CORII_ 2 _i27c Pop it fluffier with 2 For Season it with MORTOH SALT 22c COFFEE ADMIRATION Served Hot All Day t * 1 Lb. Can . . 85c 83c BACON Armours Dexter —- Troy-pok Lb. 47c SAUSAGE Armour Star Country Lb. Style 44c 2lb. taft JOWLS .For Seaioning i b SMOKID Ib.., 18c SALT CURED ' 15c Don't Miss Our Big Quiz Show Large Cans 28' CAMPBELLS CUBE STEAKS Freih Tender Lb. 79c Pork & Beans ^s ^ ^ '%> v'j, * - t > i* • Ken*i RATION , ta»* '* ^^&*J~**g£e ^"iTT iiiii ii*!*^ ff^"**^ HOOP CHEESE Full Cream Mellow Cured Lb. 55c RIO GRANDE — Early June PEAS 5 - 49c Mayfield Cream Style •«k*rf 4 in si M(*,>«r Good for all occcitoni "TfTff T C C Can 23c Giant SUe 73e The Foaming Cleanser, Polishes as it Cleans AJAX 2-25c PUREX Va Gal. 39c CORN 3 ' 49c Cottage Brand SADINES 3 Magnifico POTTED MEAT J>25c Nancy Hanks CHERRIES 2 • 49c HUMIUM JUST RICIIVID ONE TON TO II SOLO AT THIS MICE 21c -29e 0 I!! C K 0 U A K H OATS PtI M«ntt PEACHES PHUbury CAKE MIX ::67c GARDEN FRESH SWEET POTATOES Red Velvet Lb. 9c POTATOES U. S. No. 1 Red 10 »• 59c LETTUCE Urge Crisp Head* 2 '« 25c CREAM FLOUR - 1.99 59c APPLES Red Delicious 15c ORANGES Sweet 39c BANANAS ."^ ._&.!». . .,. . Golden Ripe O ur Daily Bread Sliced Thin by Thc Editor Alex. H. Washburn *-*»M« the Nome That Counts But How Much Country Owes One / of our old Hope settlers i u long and accurate memory, said he doesn't consider Adlai j Stevenson a particularly lucky 1 omen tor the Democratic party "considering what happened when his grandfather went to Washington." As you know, Adlai Stevenson thr First was vice-president m Grover Cleveland's second admin- istratibn. They were inaugurated a4n 1893. It took some looking-up lo clis- Hope WBATHKM ARKANSAS tfl Gen«fatt£ <Wf wfcrmer this attdrnMH) mud te» 4,, night Saturday. * Temperature* High — 60 to* 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 16 Star •* H.M !•»». fj.it Vft.1 Coniolidattd Jan. II, 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1952 Th* Av, NM MM ClNL I MM. In'lM M«rth II, 1*11 — S,UI PRICE Se Sample Ballot Listed, Voters Should Study For the benefit of local voters. The Star is printing today a list of the various offices, acts and amendments which they will vote -- — , , ... . - ,, j,,„:.,„ .on in the general election, Tuesday', cover just what did happen dun g bcr 4 Thc ballot will i ook the times of Adlai Stevenson tnc 8nrtloth|no , i|tp this! here's what the Star's Position as to Proposals on Nov. 4 Ballot In line with Its editorial analysis October 30 The Star suggests you vofc as follows on the state nets and amendments which will appear on the November 4 ballot: First. But here's what the 1952 World Almanac reports ll found it sandwiched away' in the Chronology ol Memorable Dates, Page 188): • •1894 _ Jacob S. Coxey led 20,000 unemployed trom the Midwest into Washington, April A 29. "Strike . of mine workers throughout United States, followed by that of Pullman Car manufactory workers, and then by order from Eugene V. Dcbbs for general strike of American Railway union men; trouble centered in Chicago where, after federal cqurt had enjoined strikers. President Cleveland sent federal troops, . July 2. Many died in conflict, * vast property loss." something like this: SPECIMEN BALLOT - NOT OFFICIAL - FOR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS (Persons Voted For) George Reeves, Joe W. Snodgrass, Marcus FicU, Charles Wine, Joe Robinson, P. C. Brown, A. R. Mcrilt, Jack East, Sr. J. I. Lieblong Oscar M. Borah, J. Brinkcrhoff, H. F. Hollowcll, Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Republican Republican Republican Republican Amendment 41 (County Clerk) FOR AGAINST Amendment 42 (Highway Commission) FOR AGAINST Amendment 43 (Sites for Industries) FOR AGAINST n n L) a Worst Arkansas Fire Raging Near Nevark CAMDION M described as tlu - A forest fire worst of Avkan- News Briefs PAKAGOULD, IM — Elmer T. Crucc. 54-year-old 1'arafiould insur- B-H-e salesman, was killed near hen- yesterday when he fell beneath a Missouri Pacific freight train. Coroner Ralph Michel) said Cruee attempted to board as It moved slowly into a siding a mile north of Pararfould. 1.1TT1.K HOCK, Iffl — State lux collections for October totaled $7,- sas' October seise was "traveling 1504 05^ r l(1 Revenue Commissioner like a railroad train" near Nevark j Carl K. Parker said yesterday. The In the Camden-Slephens area this j sum is nearly a million dollars D D D Q D . . , D Claude M. Williams, Republican D H. H. McFann, Republican D Mrs. D. A. O'Bannon, Republican Q Garnett Eiselc, Republican Q Leila Smith Beal, Christian Nationalist Henry H. Bennett, Sr. Christian Nationalist Referred Act No. 242 (Purchasing Act) FOR AGAINST n H you believe good fortune rides Mrs. B. H. Collins 41., Art I'll ^IlllotltUl then Adlai vh . j , i , A Crain L. B. Jones, or falls on a name Stevenson's name is unlucky, because ot his grandfather. But that doesn't give you credit for much gumption either. It is true the Stevenson aclvo- Maud Snodgrass, catcs today are overlooking the trouble his grandfather had and arc, trying to persuade.us. that the ,.(. only way to avoid a depression is ''**to elect the grandson President. But 1 don't subscribe to the hokum that Presidents have very much to'do with booms and busts. The Republicans used it to get themselves re-elected in 1928 — and then the root fell in. For all know the roof may fall in an either Stcvcnsoii or Eisenhower as Pros- Christian Nationalist , Christian Nationalist D B. W. Longanecker, Christian Nationalist Christian Nationalist J. J. Vandendoel, Christian Nationalist Blount, Prohibition Mrs. Ruby Wellon, Prohibition Democrats Can Split Ticket Without Fear LI'LTLK ROCK. Oct. 27 — Ar- mornnifi. ] State Forseter Fred Lang, who w.is dii-i.-cliuK fire-fiRhting actlvi- Lies from headquarters in Camden, estimated the new fire was burning or h;id burned over an area of about 10,000 acres. "I've never seen a forest fire like this one," Lang said. "It's traveling .Hlcc a irailroad train. Ii's jumping highways and spreading out all over the place. It's ..bout four miles long, probably five by now. "We're trying to organize some men now and find out how to K about fiKhtiiiK the thing. Our Na lional Guardsmen are just abou above last October's collections. whipped out. They rest." need some Allies Battling to Regain Triangle Hill By MILO FARNETI SKGUU United Nations l.ITTI.K HOCK. 1/11 — A 21-ycin- pid lUvtliuvlllc NcKi'o, Johnny Fos- ;cr, ypsli-rdny was sentenced by Federal Judge Harry J. Lcmlcy to five yar.s imprisonment for nt tempted extortion. Foster pleaded guilty to thrct (v.iiiK the lives of Mrs. Frank Wil liams nnd her son In n letter tc Osceola, Ark., Cotton Planter Williams clomandinfi $1,000. CLARKSVIl.K, l/Pl— Raymond, n fox hmiiul owned by Sabor Watson of Conway won the Derby Class championship in the Arkansas Fox Hunters association's field trials here yesterday. Kloru than 1,000 delegates to the. troops j-'truRHlcd toward the crcs of Triangle Mill in a cold, slashing rain today after twice losinn the vital Korean Central Front poxlllor to Chinese human wave assaults But nt niRhttall the Chinese stll held the crest and tho Allied In fnnlrymen pulled back from the closc-(|u»rtcr hand grenade ttKht Ing. HiUn clouds cleared and a wax!n ( l moon shod a soft, pale Hghl over the death filled rldftcs. Allied sloom over the loss of Triangle WHS eased slightly late Friday when about 176 survivors were found of throe units cut ott on Trian«lc. Some wore badly wound ed. Their comrades hnd made an epic death stand against tho on Youths Urged to Be Careful of Fire Halloween Tonight Hope youngsters will tin thcr tit the Coliseum for n big H«l« owecn cnrnlval designed to furnish ontertnlnmont for tho onllvo family. Supper will bo served at 6:30 und will be followed by various funns of entertainment ranglnR from ftldoshowR, talent numbers and the pnrndo of acnry creatures —with prizes for the best costume Sponsors of the cnrnlvnl todny urged older youths of the city to attend as the carnival Is open to everyone- free of charge. They cautioned older boys to be extreme ly careful and under no clrcum stances to do anything thnt might cauHo n fire. ' C-\' Sen. TalksinAI ol Stevenson By JAMES DEVLIN (ABOARD 1 STEVBNSOtf CAD iff) — Tho Democratic Idonllnl campaign train ' cross tho Eastern countrysii day without t« candidate. * *' '; Gov. Adlai Stevenson, tho p for the White Mfl kansas Democrats who will vote ni|U , s wcsl ()I camden. It is east for liisenhowcr Tuesday, November 4, can still vote for local and state party nominees without fear Lam- said he would survey the- group's convention election Nabors .situation personally from an air- Sh;-w ol Mena p.esident. Jessie Carter of Conway was named vice about 15 'resident. plane. The NevarK fire ident, but strictly on the record of Truman's mistakes in high office I'm voting ipr Ik 9 next Tuesday'. For Congress — 83rd Congress (Vole for One) 4th Congressional District Orcn Harris Democrat O Republican D If a boon-Tor a . bus£ ig^lLXBW'.g' i miM l g'^ab'6ut, " thcr 'history of rancis Cherry ''For Governor Hor One)' Democrat O American voting in presidential elections says you might as well forget it and simply cast your ballot for the man you like best. Take the case oC Adlai Stevenson's grandfather. He was a good man. And he served with one of the- ablest and most coUragoou& Presidents the United States has ever had, Grove r Cleveland. But they came into office In troubled times, 1893. When the War between the States ended, in 18G5, the North had all the guns but both sides were broke. For the next 30 years 11 was-a rough go for public figures call 'cm politicians or statesmen as \ou. like. The simple truth is that the common people earn nation's wealth and their olfice holders merely spend it. \ There wasn't much to spend bad yonder in the 1870's, 1880's, am 1890's. U. S. Grant stuck it out tw> terms as President but only be cause of his tremendous wartim prestige. After him the Republican Presidents were rapid one-termers, Hayes, Garfield, and Arthur (who finished for the assassinated Garfield). In 1885 the country decided to try" its first Democrat since the k war. and chose Grover Cleveland. * He was promptly beaten for reelection. The country had had serious trouble the year before, •climaxed by the bloody Brooklyn Bridge riot, 1884. But that was ; nothing to what happened in 1886 when Clfeveland's administration was only a half year old — the great Haymarkct riot and bomb ing in Chicago which killed seven policemen and wounded 66 per sons. P" The country turned Cleveland out of office in 1889 and tried a Republican, Benjamin Harrison But our economic trouble persist ed. In the last year of Harrison' administration, 1892, there was battle at the Homestead (Pa. steel mills — Pittsburgh area — between 300 Pinkcrton guards an a mob, in which. 18 persons wer [.killed and scores wounded. Martial Jaw was proclaimed. So America went back to Cleveland, in 1893, with Stevenson as Vice-president — and more trouble. The trouble of the late 1800's was the trouble of war-debt and poverty. No President can do very much wh,en the people themselves are helpless — but I suggest to you this thought: What any man can do for his efferson W. Speck Republican C For Lieutenant Governor (Vote lor One) Vathan Gordon Democrat ,ce Reynolds Republican of ruining ballots because they split the ticket. Attorney General Ike Murry has* so ruled in answer to a request for an opinion by Osro Cobb, mem bcr of tho State Board of Election Commissioners. Quoting from File 56, General Elections, Attorney General Hurry said in a letter to Mr. Cobb; "There is no law in this Stato which requires a voter for all of the nominees of any particular political party." "I hope this opinion will east the minds of Arkansas Democrats who are working for General Ei scnhower and who will vote fo .him next Tuesday," Mr. Gobb said "The sheer novelty of this situ ation, in which Arkansas voter have an opportunity to vote for the man, not the party has brought hundreds of inquiries on this ma1 tor. I hope this clears up the sit- ot Rosston. Elsewhere in South Arkansas, Li'.ng said the timber bla/.e silua- ion was "pretty much under control". Sixty-six fires were extinguishcc yesterday after they had scared r i,223 acres. Most of them were it tike, Clark, Miller and Little Hivcr Counties. The forester said "If we can just «ci ahead of this Nevark fire we will be ahead of the situation for a while at least." But, h added, the danger will be grea ; long as the dry weather con Chinese hordes. AP Correspondent John Him dolph reported from tho front tha Red machine gun fire stalled the KCCOIK! Allied counter-thrust In mid afternoon about 150 yards from the muddy crest. 'The assault troops were hopln, tc find elements of two units tha Isolated In the early mornln tinues. For Secretary of State (Vole for One) G. "Crip" Hall Democrat Republican nation once and for all crats can vole for Ike fear of challenge." Demo- without For Auditor of State (Vote for One) J. Oscar Humphrey Democrat Republican For State Treasurer (Vote for One) J. Vance Clayton Democrat Republican For Attorney General (Vote for One) Tom Gentry Democrat D George W. Johnson Republican D For Commissioner of State Lands (Vote for One) Claude A. Rankin Democrat D Republican For Chief Justice Supreme Court — Full Term (Vote for One) Winner in Annual Flower Show Listed Two Autos Damaged in Minor Wreck Early last night at 7th and Laurel Streets automobiles driven by Bculah Clark and A. J. Reggaus of 2mmet, collided, resulting in fender and door damage to the Emmet auto and fender and grill damage to the other. City police investigated, Foodland Mkt. Holding Formal Opening -Formal opening of Foocllancr Su pci* Market, formerly Stuart 1 Store, will be held today and Sat urday by the new owners Bill Clark ajld Ray Miller. 'A big two-day opening Is plan nod with many free gifts to visl tors including free pancakes cook ca by the widely known Aunt JL ' -owftet's 1 " PSC Considers Hearing Rail Line Order UTTI..K UOCIC, Iffl — A petltloi n skint,' that nn order curtnllliif sdi vice of the Cotton Boll Rallronc in Arkansas be ntayed may be considered by the Arkansas Public Service Commission todny. Commissioner Howard Gladden ittack. and had disappeared behind said last nl«hl that the PSC "pro^ he Chinese lines," Randolph said, bably will decide wlval action will "An American officer at the be taken, if any" today on a poll- scene said that only the utmost tlori received yeslertlny from the Fulbright said StCVOnWrVff; heroism of the tw.o isolated units Tnxnrkr.nu Chamber of Commerco, publican opponent, Oon.'Dwfl' — and by a third unit that was Two passenger trains operatedM Elsenhower 1 was a lino gonori cut up— prevented o breakthrough by the Cotton Bolt are to bo dls- was not to blomo It ho WM by the Chinese." continued tomorrow on an order acquainted than Stevenson <TO' An entire Allied company was handed down by the PSC on Oct. domestic questions as OgrlcuV trapped on the shell-blistered crest H, One of the trains runs dally) or labor, early Friday when 2,000 Reds over from Memphis to Toxurkana and whelmed U.N. troops In the worst the other mokes n dully run bo- setback of the bitter, ID-day see- tween Lcwlnvlllo, Ark., and tho Ar- Irnpped his politicking to to Illinois to cdpo with,l ' lot » Bui lila train pushed on with>8 WHUiun Fulbright (D-Ark) til tho role of ntnnd-lrt nt WhistlJjf through Maryland, West: "V nud Delaware. ; < •: Albright aald hvhls tNf' tie atop at Cumberland, Md-Vj ho was not going to trjf ' words In Stevenson's Tho Bonntoi 1 said'! ready had made his and hnd talked sense to v , icun people'in a way they; 1C hud boon tulkod to in pulgns. Ho Depressed 'b< llnosiun had. tho "prob making a truly great i Stevenson's staff was to be angling to got Vice-toe* Albon Wv Barkloy to Join"' vying on Stovonson'8 s , gram until tho governor the party. saw bnlllo< kanmiS'Louislana border. An Eighth Army spokesman mild But L. E. Olllllund,.manager of) tiie company was rescued when tho the Toxnrkniia Chamber, 8«ld the] Allk-s regained Triangle's crest in petition wotild show to tho Coma drilling rain at I): 15 a.m. mission tlvnt tho Chamber hod no Ike Given GoodChanc The dri/./lo lut,cr became a bone- prior notice of tho original hearing.|< • chilling, downRoujjx. AU^, Upons Hjf adqd, tbjiV4hC C- ot Stayed "bn th¥*R!8jjiht only' '45 rrifn-l sires *to present nnwiy discovered folks of a couple of: months stand. cs.Thcywere driven «« by fresh oyldenee to tho ^^^ Griffin Smith p aul Ward Democrat Republican For Associate Justice Supreme Court — Full Term (Vote for One) Democrat Republican For Chancellor 6th Chancery District 1st Division (Vote for One) Wes i ey Howard Democrat Republican L y j e Brown For Circuit Judge 8th Judicial District (Vote for One) Democrat D Republican O For Prosecuting Attorney 8th Judicial District (Vote for One) G. W. Lookadoo Democrat D Results of the annual flower show, sponsored by the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs here earlier this week were announced today. Some 400 attended tho show. Horticulture sweepstakes was won by Mrs. Fred Glanton and the Iris Club won in the arrangement class. The VFW Hut was decorated in the Harvest Time theme with corn shocks, pumpkins and autumn leaves. Thc fire place, decorated by Mrs. Manuel Hamm, was the outstanding attraction. It, too, car. ricd out the harvest theme with a pine slab background, a sprayed tree entwined with grape vines and bunches of grapes, huge wooden baskets filled with various colorful autumn growths, a banana stalk decorated with gold leaves, burning gold colored tapers, spray cd corn, cypress leaves and pino bark, all arranged in perfect blend. Other winners: Horticulture Class 1, Marigolds 1st place — Mrs. Fred Glanton 2nd place — Mrs. Eldridge Form Circuit Court to Meet Monday The November term of Hemp stead Circuit Court will get under way here Monday, November 3 with Judge R. C. Huie of Ai'ka dclphia, presiding. All jury pane members must report by 9 a.m. ing. Mr. Clark, originally from Mai vern where he was in the auto mobile business for 18 years, moved to Hope three months ago with his wife and two daughters, Marl yn and Charlotte. Mr. Miller, a food salesman in Detroit, Mich., for 27 years, hat, jccn in Hope a couple of months The Millers have one son. Both families reside at 420 Wes Avenue E and are members of the First Methodist Church. storm of Communist id mortar fIro. 539 MORE CASUALTIES WASHINGTON UP) — Tho tense Department identified tocln 5U9 additional casualties of the Ko wan War. The list includes 4' killed, 443 wounded, 11 missing an 31) injured. Republican ................. For State Senator 7th District (Vote for One) Dr. F. C. Crow Democrat .......... ............ Republican Perhaps the Greatest Dream of Spanish Poor Children Is to Be a Great Bull Fighter By HAL BOYLE MADRID I/PI — Pew American mothers want their sons to grow D C a VOTE ON AMENDMENTS. ACTS. AND MEASURES BY PLACING AN "X" IN THE SQUARE ABOVE THE AMENDMENT (OR ACT OR MEASURE) EITHER FOR OR A PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 LEGISLATIVE COUNTY CLERK FOR AMENDMENT NO. 41 D AGAINST AMENDMENT NO. 41 d SECTION 1. That the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended modifying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 24 by 3rd place — Mrs. Graydon Anthony Class 2, Cclosia 1st place — Mrs. Moody Willis 2nd place — Mrs. H. L. broach 3rd place — Mrs. Duffic Booth Class 3, Chrysanthemums 1st place — ,Mrs. Jack Kent Class 4, Any other chrysanthemums 1st place — Mrs. Eldridge Form- up to be prize fighters. But in Spain many others — particularly urnong the poor — fondly hopu their little muchachos end up in the bull ring. That ;s one of the great dreams of Spanish poor children. The dream is even stronger in recent years than in the past as the "take-home pay" of the matador has soared tremendously. A dozen years or so ago the leading bull stabber might get only a thousand dollars for an engage-1 menl — which sounds like nice money, but matagors. like brick- jayers, don't work the year around. Today the fast man with the sword can pick up six thousand dollars or more Tor a show, and even that lee has been doubled. Visions of such fat feus in youth- eves of Chinese Infantrymen nnd Ural public, . and that the public I Republican loader* wed „. „, r, i.,* artillery I intorcslc of Tcxnrkana nnd on- doy lhw D W i gn t D.BlV viorns would bo adversely <» f - "Texas-born fk»" thdlr foe ted by such discontinuance of U,i m „_ n J 8 t no j^st CBL service at this time," L y the state oJTSny QOlP Tha railroad has sold the two ttal candidate sfnce vor. | lines are losing money and the PSC agreed pointing out that othorl jjoovor In 1928 transportation was available to tho Republican pretlderttUl aroap involved. fceds Change Site of All Prison Camps j Q W Al A IJAMMrTNTnM" /ITm r*ntv>inii.l ^^ * * *** T T *»• %J •••%*%* to Another in Campaign Commu 1st armistice negotiators told the United Nations today they hav hanged tho "designation, location I md extent'* of Allied prisoner ot| vur camps In North Korea, Chinese Col. Tsal Chen-Wen urnod over maps ot the new loca Ions and changes In 12 prisoner By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON WPI — « thofe was of war stockades to tho Allies at limy similarity, at times, between a liaison officers' meeting. There I a brawl and tho presidential cant' was no indication of the number pnlgn just ending, some of tho rea or nationality of prisoners in the son was tho reason behind most brawls: One word led to another, with Tho words, gcntool at tho start, camps. The now lists, compared on the part of cither man or bul — the Spanish equivalent of t Bronx cheer. "You have to see at least a hu dred bull fights before you ev begin to understand what It's aoout." u veteran fan said, An experienced fan prides hi self on the fact that he can p diet by the first step he tak into the ring whether a bull Is bum or bravo. Nothing is more lonesome in the ring than a bull who says to himself "to hell with all this — I'm not mad at anybody." The crowd whistles In disdain as he is dragged out later with six black darts stuck In his carcass to show he was yellow. His reward for being good, however, is to be dragged around the arena sand by three mules to the ciowd'i applause. As he is dead in either case, honor or dishonor locations given July 17, Indicated finally reached tho level of "you're that Camps 1 and 3 remained nt another." There were too rnany Changsong, about 30 miles north- words. Tho campaign lasted too to win Texas. Only one von, Sam, Houston, has ' riud the, state on any tho Democratic. Ho- w«|' governor on tho Kn ticket In 18881 • This year <3oV, Sqn.-oluct P?lc,o Committoeman Wright many other state Uemocr ors have announced the of Eisonhowpr> Th*y wo ing instructions of the ocratlc convention Texas Dqrnocro,t» to Republican candidate r» Oov. Adlal Stevenson, /' Daniel 'and gblver» -to nouncod their ppposi,tlor\? v tlonal ticket before mary cast of Slnulju, and Camp 2 at long. Pyokdong, about SO miles northeast of Sinuiju. Three "branches" were added, however, to Camp no. 2 and one Camp No. 3 branch WUB established at Pyokdong. While Camps 13 through 1(1 apparently were abolished Camps f) and 8, which previously were abolished, were re-established. No, (I at Pyokdong and B at Sunchon. Other new camps included No. 4 at Wiwon, No, 5 at Pyokdong, No. 7 at Uiju, No. 8 at Anju, No. 10 at Daqdong, No. 11 (four branches) at Pyongyang and Dang- dong and No. 12 at Daedong. Tho United' Nations, in return, rejected a Communist protest that U.N. propaganda leaflets had been found insldo the Punniunjom neutral zone. In fact, the candidates may have lost some votes by taking over the time some favorite TV programs would have had. The campaign might have stayed elevated If Gen, Dwlght D. Elsen« howcr and Gov. Adlul Stevenson had been allowed to argue U out by themselves with everyone else libtening in but no one horning in. But others were in the act from the beginning. There were exaggerations, on both sides, some ridiculous, some inexcusable, although exaggeration in a presidential campaign is neither new nor astonishing, But there was more then Just exaggeration in this campaign; a a ** country becomes less and less as j« said ConMituUon. by 2nd place — Mrs. Moody Willis Class 5, Dahlias 2nd place — Mrs. Judson 3rd place — Mrs. Henry Fenwick Class 6, Red Rose ful hcaiis have created a new traffic hard in the cities here. Ambitious young boys practice the bull fighter's art by dodging among passing taxis and cars. There are three schools in Spain wnich lor a total fee of a hundred pesetas — about $2.50 — will give a student a certificate entitling him to fight in any bull ring in 1st place — Mrs. A. A. Halbert this country. But the problem of he permits America to fall deeper foto debt. This is the lesson, not of Adlai Stevenson's grandfather, but of the times in which he lived and did bis level best. There being no disposition on Harry Truman's part in 1952 to reverse governmental polky'which all of the said counties of the State. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 42 LEGISLATIVE HIGHWAY COMMIMION FOR AMENDMENT NO. 48 O AGAINST AMENDMENT WO. 42 D 2nd place — Mrs. Graydon Anthony 3rd place — Mrs. Duffie Booth Class 7, Any other type of 1st place — Ruth Martindale tnese embryo fighters then is to find a promoter willing to gamble a good bull on him. It isn't just a matter of killing bull — a visiting Iowa farmer r ____ ______ ___ ..... __._ 2nd place — Mrs. A. A. Halbert! might do that with a baseball bat. heading us for aopther era of t Cft SECTION 1. ComnalMlOB — Members — Powen created, a Sta' r«»t« : 4 Kerty, and no specific word from I with all 3rd place — Mrs. Pete Shields Class 8, Spray Roses 1st place — Jackie Guerin Class 9, Any annual Tne bull must be skewered in a way to please the crowds. To the fans full fighting is more an art form, like painting or sculpturing 1st place — Mrs. Fred Glanton i death, than it U a science. 2nd place — Mrs. Jim LaGrossa 3rd place — M/s. Moody WilUs Class 10, Potted, plant* - Mrs. They like the btst the battle between 9 brave man who takes chances and the bull which attacks until, after receiving mean nothing to him and no cow ever deliberately raises her bull calf to be a man fighter. Professional bull fight schools will take aspirants as young as fourteen )3ut they so far have turned out no top matadors. The real champs start as kid cattle herders on ranches and they may begin RS young as ten. One boy puts on a hollow bull's head and charges at a comrad who makes with the cape waving. Boys may become full-fledged matadors at 17 if they fbow enough skill. U is a short career, Most matadors are through between 25 and 30. For most of them, their dream* of wealth never comes true. Only a dozen or so reach the financial top where they can afford to pay $230 or so for their costumes. Poor ones have to rent their bull there were at- were Hope Student ot University of Omaha Gilbert T. Qsburji, son ol Mr. end Mrs. A. B, 0»burn, 809 West Sixth Street, Hope, t» enrolled in the University of Omaha, Nebraska. Ovburn. a freshman, is a student In the University's College ol Ap> plied Arts and Sctences. The University reports the largest combined day #pd night schoql There was urn mlastatcmentsj t tempts nt chursctor destruction: and the most elementary human emotions were played upon i}Jw a piano, For instance, fear of war. Tho nation,, which' has survive*} other presidential campaign* that were Intertse and disorderly, should be able to come out ot this — intact. * - , t . True, it had fine moments urn spme real eloquene*. But the way the candidates were treated by ^a«h — an4 others — it f0mettee« might "ave awreed th.ey were ning (or »herlt|. The day after oiectlon much *< ' J swo*4 shaft, he «t turns ring working clothes But in terms of death, the trad* ol the matador is perhaps test risky N 0 pete the campaign in recent year* lot tlw pure poUti**! showed faU term, Ccmbined enrollment i» 3,3« »tw4snts, OX these, 9 mslijjnw^y whub 4,871 are enrolled |n day Lit tit Hopt CroibV out for federal control'

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