Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1952 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1952
Page 20
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30,1952 f6t ft franchise, first legal step towards gaining an operating prr- mit. Boflenu sought unsuccessfully to get n iianchise earlier this year for Dixie Downs Inc.. to build anri Operate n track In Crittendeu Ccunty. The group had asked state Revenue Commissioner Carl Parker for the same thing but was turned Stevenson Seeks Votes in Pennsylvania By DON WHITEHEAO I.yell said that it was customary for the racing commission to offer i tht ir resignations to the new ministration. "If we should go ahead and. art ABOARD STEVENSON TRAIN tT» — Oov. Adlai E. Stevenson opened his bid today for Pennsyl- ar i. vania's Imaprtant bloc Of 32 electoral votes by labeling the Republicans obstructionists In the fight in on this I do not reel we would ho| Il ' r sodal Sains. treat irri the incoming governor I Stevenson st.ood bare-headed it. H would be putting the heat," raw wind that whipped snow on him before he even got int<v flr.koa around him as he told thou- offiee." snld Lyell. Boileah and Glenn Walther. Lit- s.inds at Scrnnton that "the Democrats have proved their concern attoriiey for the turf as-jfor the average man through leg- socialioi; could not be reached for comment. Bright Ideas roR , 6 W.TH Buttermilk Group Mot to Act on Application GOSH-THAT REMINDS M6-MV WIFE OVE ME SOME 70 MAIU.TOO Tft£M FANS 8ETTUH \ ^AVC THEIR BREATH, f rn'SlGGEST \ Pi. A Y UF fH 'GAM£ \ ISYtr T'COMEf scone Iff TYING TOUCHDOWN AS TWE RUNS SPRINGS 1*1 — The Commission will do a request by a Arkansas race horse track roup to operate in St. Frannis Bunty, Commission Chairman Van 11 said today. ell, of Hot Springs said he la the commission should hold a. decision out of courtesy to incoming 'administration. St. Francis Valley Turf Associn- Inc. with Roberf J. Boilenu West Memphis as chief stock- r, incorporated last Thursday, corporation had asked the mission to advertise for bids By Michael O'Molley and Ralph Lane By j. R. Williams ~»* i tea. veSu I'VE. ©CT TVS WHOLE ALR&APV CAM TM6 PAKJCV TALK AMI? BUT FIRST LET *« PW6LL CM OME MO«S &ETAIU. MAV6. SOU, PERCHANCE, TWOUfiWT TO PWENP $H6LI_6Y WH>4 A BELT AMP HOLSTBZ? Aniwtr.to.PffyJout us. THXT \ ( YE's', ^ ( WMA'i v THACT& A l-ESfsOM -v &7 $"A /^A^.U MAKES. L PC*JDU **"g*~^ f fJlOKl T J I £>Ql VOO " Y P*t OctT \ NKiVciK Tt^Vvv^.K. i LXII^IM / i KNOW 1 SO MAP? \ OVER U&RUWTS/ / IF-" VOLVO ) A WO PAVE J STAMP BACK VJHEfJ • YOU APt?Re&£i MB.., AUTTIF.'JI QOMiUP > SLOWER IF VOU ALHII.U. n _ ' MU&T BUT TOWER AT ME.' IN A JIJEAK PREVIEW OP / At ; 4 *«v*f loiter IHMpltit Mlldtnt 8? Hflllowe'mi Ji 42 Crtrroilve ' * nl|ht of 88 Msh's nprno 44 Stfltloni («b.) 30 Bocki (zooU IS 8ff« cn«Ics BO.Indlffn 47 Url«»fln ' MoiJom mountain 88 Vftttllth 45 Stupefy in«r«dlcnt -IB ' Pmornltl 1*1*" 30 two (prefix) 80 Winter vehicle W'Cbtrrylfk* 82 Mnnuscrlpt* eolbr (nt> ) 41 BftotUm 53 Companion HOME CONSULTANT, MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION By Leslie Turn£< WASH TUBBS BLAZE5, IT& COMING BNCK.1 COULPNT HAVE GOME BUT A PEW MILE5 FARTHER! IW THAT VALLEV THIS ^AU5r BE- 7 OK 8 WE5T O' THE A1RPOR.T. I CAM GtlWvP^E THE PLAWE FKO^A THI5 HILL HVM,,,TME RO^P l/EER* OFF FROM, , DU6 WE£T UP AHEAD 1 . LET WE OUT AT THE FOOT O'THKT HILL... QETTIM'TOO ' AAV CAB TO PIECES'. &TOPPIM 1 , MI5TEK. CRISPY GOLDEN west BultermiH- With Major Hoopla BOARDING HOUSE 2'A cup'. 2 cups 1/4 teaspoon soda 2 teaspoo CO&TUMB WAS ffWHATCHA N\£A>i, r-lAXLOvJEeKi? ftSR YOU vitTW M THi£> MUST 6E HlftUT CUEKK, W) tOSA OP Cf?ACl<lr-V A &KUG- «»« StfME JOKB .' ~ OKAY, CHUM, -• 'EM LOOKS /, cup melted butler BOuTS AND HER BUDDIES BRAMD P'fiPORT ALMOST FUNM A TIDAL lLU t SIT A CHECK CASHED.' fasfes flood. ana* /f'5 good for you! PASTEURIZED, CULTURED BUTTERMILK iy Dick Tumor MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION Be Holsum BUGS BUNNY OH-OH/ PON'T TEUU AAE YOU'RE PER. A TOO/ HANG N 1 WALK. HOME WITH By Hcrshberger FUNNY BUSINESS mxmmnK' m>*mwiK'\ When you need it most; Holsum gives you an _u... • energy lift, topped off with flavor you like. It's all Holsum good!; ALLEY OOP MOKE'N UKELY IT MEANS HE'S >OT A GIRL...SO RUN ALONG AND BOTHERING E DID SO! HE ORNED ME THKT AND/"Hra.1. HATH OU KNOW NO FURY" VHM THAT \ TRIPE? MEANS; / BUSHWAHI *"\( i r. DtON'T DO ftNY- THING TO MX).' Look Holsum driving ByGolfareith , You can't help cheering when you taste this bread with better flavor. Extra food power too. Make it Holsum when you buy ~^. -. j j i. give it a try! Russ \Vinterbotham CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteor FRICKLiS AND HIS FRIINDS O AMAffA ENTER'S COU- By Carl Anderson Pla»tlc ProtecUd U pr«lKttd in tht wrapper— n« «««iy wax to rub off Holtura flavor cottt no more. *isai5^^,Jfii:*fct\iA>.. />, - . 4 -'l"^( ^B; . "J[?,« HOM STAH, MOPt, A isiotion such ns the minimum wage law." "This was done despite the obstruction of the Old Guard Republicans" lie added. Police Chief Michael J. eslimatL-d the crowd at 9.000, the fii'St gathering to greet the Democratic candidate on the start of his- two-day tour of the Keystone sti.te. Stevenson was due to talk for iibout ao minutes but he cut his rumnrUs; to about 11 minutes snyjng: "It's awfully hard to get mud iit anybody at 8 o'clock in the morning." Talking in a normally Democratic stronghold, Stevenson told the partisan, cheering audience he did not need to defend the Democratic platform and the party's record before them — "and besides I'll freeze to death if I stand here too Ion;/." He has a busy tour through the eastern section of the Keystone state before winding up the day's speech-making with a major address from Philadelphia's Convention Hall this evening. He carried his fight to Pennsylvania after accusing Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower the GOP standard- bearer, of a "sorid triumph of expediency over principle." A short time later at Wilkos- Barro, also in the heart of Pennsylvania's hard coal field but in Republican territory, a crowd that Police Chief Russell Taylor estimated at 15,000 crowded around the Stevenson train. The wind still was raw and cold but the snow hr.d not fallen here. Stevenson assorted that Eisenhower was talking of liberation foi' the enslaved peoples of Eastern Europe and he added he was rfraid this was "cynical" talk. Stevenson said the true road to peace was to match strength with strength to end aggression. H was in New York's Madison Square Garden, during a tumultous rally last night, that Stevenson leveled his charge against Eisenhower that he (.the Republican) hud surrendered to those in the GOP who champion a "dear de- parted qviiet pfcst flint is nil'So dead." With only six dfcys t» go bcfSH election. Stev'or. on nrtade hi«s big bid for Pennsylvania's 32 electoral \iMes. He moved fi*orn New "forte City toward Seranton. Wllkes- Barre, Allentown Bethlehem Philadelphia where he" \v»s due to nuke n major Speech in Convention Hall nt 9 p. m. EST. — The Madison Stuinre Garden rally — 22,00 jammed the place to the rafters — wfes the climax to u day in which Stevenson was en rousing welcomes in Jers'fc'y City, Paterson. Garfield and Newark N. J. despite cold disagree able wer.thor. Thousands were uiv i.ble to Ret Into the Garden. He strode onto the stage to thundering cheers nnd immediately opening an attack on the Republicans and Kisenhower. He said to the Republicans: "They have cvorything on their side exrept the people — and so ! cur Republican friends celebrate Ruddy, '-'I of their conquests and triumphs in advance of the election. "They will all of the battles ex? cept the last one but the big oho i is the last — as ;ill i!eniTals should! know. H comes in November, and j that is when tlu-y discover that' tl.e most powerful publishers, the | loi'dest commentators, and the! noisiest demnuoKues are each by' the blessed rules of our democracy, entitled to c;ist one vote — even as you and I," This declaration touched off a roaring cheer in the crowd. And then Stevenson wont on to say that the nation had cheered when Eisenhower was chosen GOP presidential nominee over Son. Robert A. Taft of Ohio. ttmvrcls Xre Thwarted in dregpn Prison SiAT-EM, Ore, (UP* ~- SIS' "con- VtrAs, three of them Convicted 'murderers, seized five guards tried to escape from the Oregon State Penitentiary durihg n dense ffljt today hut were thwarted b» gunfire which wounded two of the inmates. Deputy Warden 1, n w r e nee CHrytltr nrt > to bo nnnoxuVcOd DETROIT, (UPl—Chrysler cor-' poration today announced prices of ISirtf Chrysler cars, with price togs *74 higher oft fill slx-cylwaSf models and up \o ft7S lowet fln tWd of the 12 V-8 models. Price cuts are f 17S 6n <ho V-fl, and $ISR on the "New Vorkor" Mx-pftssenger sedan, from $3,870 i to $3,134, ' The ether 10 n#w V-8 models IMVC no corresponding models from lost year except the top- O'Brien .<:iid the men broke out of I P'' i< !« J d "crown imperial" eight- their si'jiroKrttion cells into the! puf'sehfttr sednft and UrffbUshie, prison yard by pryini: open l>ars' whosp ' nnd spiinjiing locks. They first tried to use ;i iHdder to j;et over the \\iil! and Inter nUoMpt t >d to e'i'f.sh a boxcar tlmmKh a steel iii\te O'Urirn said. The livp ;;u;i:d.; wore sei/.eil one l/y one us the.v inveslinatcd the (1ist\irbi,ncc in the yard. Hound wilh s!-. t \'ts and tape, they were thl-tnvn into a ditch near IhJ prison laiJroad where the convicts tried to ram the steel gate, O'Brien said. Guaros on the wall fired toward tlu- Rule when I hey .heard Hut-rash. The vo.nvicts. pinned be- i.oalh a Irestle by t|u> shots, were cnptui-eri arid put buck in seuro- "Windsor" club COXIM, ha* tipped from ^,287 tr> « Wost 6f ?74 whlen Ktie if. the fix otlwf itat-eyHriffpr' dels. The Chrysler bfWty flCTrtRn in.13 Is ono.inch I6\^bt <(t>\\?n «2''j inches, «M 1 Inches ti|> to 78^4 inches. U has A ortt piece windshield and a total gloss area of 25 sqnore feet, 1-7 fet>t lucre than last year. t* WORKING TO LIVE WAS1UNCWON I/D -- Hep. Leslie C. Areiuls. Illinois Hepubllcnn. snjtl todny lhal lour million of the 11 million poisons over (15 in this country are Woi king "In order to live", lie attributed this to "fright tul inflation". 77 Casualties Reported WASHINGTON Ml -- The De fense Department todny Identified V7 -Korean Wnr casualties In n now list (No, 0011 that included .-fcV killed, fit woundod and seven missing in uction. MEMPHIS Ugnith WnS imtsly MW rft l«t tfirj hUfcWfttf *•• *w« Into Killed was 18.yoar"0l<t Mtfnual HM«. - / Boyd NdtwWWi 19, ''tytfateA \r-re multiple Iftcerallttn* ftftd slble fracture**. Both w?fe frrjii Jerusalem. ! North Cnrolinn'M 1882 «weef tnto crop hna an estimate^ tf of nine million dollars. Tests pVove itta\ can save ns ftitich os energy by sltlfhtf doWh See the GAS RANGE of the DAY It's ESTATE On Display at Your Friendly. imam MUISMMH CAS «a Oil SMS mss UP nits.'M ^BP^B^^ ^^^f i^B^B^ •j^HH ^m^^ "JP^W *^WP^*^ ^BJj^^l^W ^B^B •^••J ^BBB^ BEST SYRUP NEWS IN MANY YEARS! New Birer Rabbit reminds "old-timers" of real ribbon cane flavor. And Iff syrup, iVs flavor ffiaf covnfsf Prominent sugar cane grower says "BEST EVER" NEW ORLEANS ... Is there an "old-timer" in your family who is always harking back to the wonderful syrup folks used to enjoy in the "good old days"? The'kind made from Ribbon Cane—that gave syrup a flavor that was simply glorious? Today that marvelous "old-time'^ flavor is here again! Here to make your hot biscuits and corn bread, your pancakes and waffles a brand- nciu treat. Just try it, you'll see! It's the new Brer Rabbit Syrup -a new flavor your family will simply dote on! The now Bi'er Rabbit Syrup combines lightness and sweetness in a delicious com- bination'that modern Southerners vote "tops." Mild and light?, it tastes just right-makes everything you put it on taste finer than ever! • ' STORE TESTS... folks who tasted, praised its flavor - •• .: VlCfOR WINTZ, Annnmlulc Plantation, White CaaUe, U. , . . Bh/»yn with Mrs, Winte ohd their three attractive little daughters, Th^MflW^ family has lived in Loui»iana for many years. They know'sugar caneP They know syrup ! They think the new Bror Rabbit Syrup is th&be# y^t t f^ ' MEMPHIS: "Taste this new. syrup, ma'am,— and say how you- like it?" . In stores through the Mississippi. Delta region, people tasted the new Brer Rabbit Syrup . , ., smacked their lip.s . and gave their delighted answers: Ten to on ; e-th'e chorus was "YES !" Did they 1'ike the new Brer Rabbit "better than the syrup they" were now using?" Again the chorus was a resound-? ing "Yes .1" Almost 7 times aa many said "Yes" as said "No!" Even people who Jiav* uced Brer Rabbit Syrup for years were outspoken in liking this new Brer Rail- bit even befferi Peopte Mr* VPS/— said things //Jce this In Memphis; ' "Sweet enough but not too j has a new taste." "Best flavor!" ..... "Mild and not too strong." "Would be fine on cafces waffles." "TiiHtes jiist right." "Best I've tftsted-they've Hiirely improved Brer Rabbit Syrup." In New Orleans: "Well, I'm mighty particular about , syrup but I'll try your test . . . M-m-m, say, 1 like this Brer Rabbit." •'ffh.js tastes like real old-time . syrup." .: . ''Tastes like country fjyrjip." "This Brer Rabbit would be grand on biscuits and pancakes. s So said-felkfl who tried the new Brer Rabbit. At your house-wd think your family will say the %jhie! This new, lighter, milder flavor, sweet but not too sweet- can bring new-pleasure to your table, three times a day. Try Brer Rabbit; why don't yoii-r'n/sf tim\ •you're in the store? • "Growing sugar cane is our business" , says Mr. Wfnfx "We know what a difference the right cane makes, in the final flavor of table syrup. "In the good old days, the finest syrup was made from Ribbon Mak»i Hot Biscuits a Klew Treat! , , Your fine hot b'Ucult* will win new praise, ortffe iolkt tapte |h,em .with new Brer Babbit Syrup, Iff awoeti Wt ho't too '*t,eet. A light, w,iia Hyrup that doesn't bi^fe tha flavoi- ot hot br«ad«, pnnc»k«8 and waffles,,. ' " J --'- the^ftnte perfect I Cu.no. And today we have that the Brer Rabbit people have captured the secrcft of that &}<ti time goodness. It's delicioya I A v t our house, Brer Rabbit Syrup is a dally pleasure, for u'a'aptl one who drops in," , ' m SYRUP irs tm THAT COUNTS/ There are many syrupa <$ market but there's judge them -and that's o You'll find some have a taste, others an But v*# ' Trs i - .*-h ^ .better th^il efor T«rBW«gABWr, TO t fenl 4it% THE RABBIT /»' NEW $V»W A FWE ENERGY FOOD phiMpen DUM y energy in tnelr Wtive need an extra, supp Give them plenty for tjgH mtfd tyrvp, A bit local stores stocking new flavor Yevr grocer new he* the new 1m- reradrtighte? Brer tcrbt»»t 5yrop, «nd«r the old, familiar Bw

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