Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1952 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1952
Page 19
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ffY tin w Chryslers '§%«' i Display Hope at for Jftsar faattirfl »nttr»> «<« beautiful body ulyllng nf» Ipw JJnfi* whlab Bmphn-i |th« le««th nnd width of the ear*, wo know, will «ct highway fnirtittH (or 1933," J, A, O'Maltoy, vlce.pre»- m«nM«r u*c of . , . The m>v* Chryilcr* *re one inch than th* pr«vj«u« model*, 02 1-2 Inch** In height. the lower over-nil height, he*d room hn* \i*tn ftlightly in- Congress to Hold Reigns on President DlvUton, Chrynlor Corp- now, Meek motion In coin- wllh proven cnslnct-rliiw »uch a* tho revolution- NottiBpower' V-6 Chrynlor r cnjjme, full time power Fluid Torque Drlvo, paw ...I Nttd Onflow ihooK nb iv jtlnka thMO tho flnoat a«r« Chrylor ha« By JAME8 MARLOW WASHINGTON M— O*n. Kl*«n-j (u)wcr or CJov, 8»even«on will \m\ M the mercy of the next CongrcM. Fulfillment tit Ihclr c n m p a 1 K n An lnor«w»R I" <«r width from 7,1 1-2 to 70 3-4 Iricht'* i'c«ill» In a 1-Z Inch Additional tenting room ill thu front se»t «r<d a rear seal IV 8 ot »n ln«!h wider. The «ft«r>l)ne filler plpw h«* been Ix-low the l«w»r left ... corner ut Jh« rerir deck ti\w\\ , pi<i milting » cleaner rewr fen j j,roml*<ii depend* In l«rB» ineaauru, • appearance *>n<l eaciet fueling,,,, i hlt fcn l( i O f Comjrr»» steeled, i Of lb« cur, j , jut „„ tl)lll)l | ,, v ,,,y four years.! Tho interior* of U>» tx'w Chry^-i „,„,„ i n u,i«Mit I* in »>" presidential; lor* ant completely ww wllh lw»uj, l(l< | v)( ,,. ,,,,. B uir,.mliil race*. Candi-; tlful Hlylintt to match lh<> nuw ex-;„(,,,,„ (((l simile and House of n-p-i «fit Htlentlon but flro Ijy the hltf nhow, 'Vile CoDKri'iia thai lukM uvcr In l!«5:i can null itself nbout vollriK irxtni?y or P»»II|IIK IMWH for thn pr«I tli'JiiiN thtj nu* l'ri!*idunl rceoin- i;i(.'iiilit, nu rnitttcr what hi! hu« |»i uinl.'iccl In tho Urlor o<;fti«n. Thti l«?rt«o Iwlwemij lt>« lop ui ine '|H*|> i"ul Ihe wind- UhlcIO In now ettvcroti wllh *i mm- i elloi.'tiug vinyl itiuicrhil whtcli cuiii down jflnrc und i-«fiwi;ii«n. Alii ini'nuni'iilii .ire (iroupud nbuvtf Ui«| Btldllttin, thin, y«nr Chrynlor Has a 12-volt oloulrtcnl iyn' nod Ui mc«t the higher fta) lyndK Jmposorf by lh<* Mihg tiHo ot new eloclrlcully M oquliifflB««" f 1B55 ( Cnryslor will be «m nmdolii with n total ot y, body ntyltit, Tho llnoa thU i lho \Vtndfor, Wliitl»or N*VC Vttfkftp, Now York«if & all . on an lift i-2 inch Cumom Imperial with una dln-ctly In front at the wheel to provido vimlilllty And pwrmll i-Mfur drlvinH. AH IIW3 Chryiilftr c«spt llw WliulHor nnd WlnrtHor !.)••• Luxe, »re pow«*rml liy tho IHO-bor- V-A It the new Pruxldtml wlnn in » ij.iidnlitU', he'll prohnbly curry will) mm n HOI id woi'Kinu tnujority of IH.I own pmly In both unit of placement, tiny Tho Lux« WlnUnor tuttoU « und pinion tll»- WlmUur U«by an ul between Uie two pui'- •ljcaylinu«r * of 1-2 lltio iWtiiditor U DVflllnUls tn ii.x '60' nodsn, club toupp, Town S ntry w«e«n and D-pkiuen- «(» ntQiH'lfj the .Windnof a cJioico of dlx-pHNiiun uan, Newport club coupe mod- io\v Yarntr module me avnil- , in nlx-ptiMuiittcr *udHn, cluu C, Kpeoinl INC wpoi't elub coupo, <l\ 'and Country wagon and 8- i- nc'don; ana Now Yorker moduls uro aviilltiblo in ncdttn, speeitil Nnw- Higher powoiwd and dcolfintiu for|" vt;n " 1; - improvoa perlut mnncc wnd loii«ur| *i<ii>Mfy. Site. •Iruiniiii iiiij in niirrow. Uiilutsn tlu.'i(< IN n landnlldi' whkh | would npiift nil prediction*, Ihe' (.iinirol ut UK: SeiiiiUf,i| ElBt'iihowcr wins tht pru- Trinniiii hud u conlinuInK prob- Top «ce«leratlon mul driving per 1«<" m working'with a ^«««« (orm«iif« «ro (iiuvldvrt hy twoW'^u hli own DomocruU held i'lUkl-Tortnie Drive loffiue umivorl'!^' 111 " 11 ^ » "'"'"'"W «»»)orlty. If on of tnttt-ront l¥i»t!». one for tht' •'""'"' «" lllw <)Wn P" rl y tur " utl l !°"'! Driv« of ditfi-risnt tyi»t!», one for oi»ht(i nnd ttw oiitwr for me mud lit L'linjuiK.'llon with lho M-(l vontrwllcd'typo uutomntU* and tins V-U or itlX'Cyltnfiur enUUm*. TONJIU? eonvtu-U-rs or« mundnrd uti lho Miinc oi liiw own purty turned llieirl utu:k»i nu hl.t jmiiHmul In the me, lor ln^liiiict:, ho Wiio sunk un- IUK.I snuir lu-publiciuiM NWitclxKl ovt-r, hli'Vt'iuill would llllVU tho SHinr Crown iinpui'iwl ll.p!i»i«mi«.'r »«l».u! !»'uW«m with « »llm con«rc»»ii)n« Him IIIIIDMIHO AIIU nmy m. lm.i!'"-'J<"«iy "' Dcinocr«U. So would club uoupy «nO CuMtiim mx-pr T«wn «nrt cunvurtiblo li noduii und mod , U avail Mtt elUuu 1 U-.e S-pasnenger so ( the UnioUKtito (01- 11)53 nre 90-ipoke wlvo whuojs wlUvh wltt be an o|»tlnrml «qulpment the line fit extra qonl. guuelHl " . on nil Full'lim« iniiy at extra cont S J ' J " ><; """ wt ' 1 ' " lll(! Hupubllennii look i over hoih houses by only u narrow ittcin-lnu, which uur foritd b>- proved lu tic une of tlto moot pop- ucivitncoti t>v«r »f- T, will bt< uvull- i)iH!u«iHuit ttiu ins;! iinu. H will bu oplttinul nt cxlrtt tiiBi, ox- cypi in uiu vi'owu iiuptti'iiti wnciw it nuirgln. Simply Went by tno Clock front onii *tyiln« tot 1 the f;niwlel» Id donltined to rutuln NOUTIf SAC'UAMKNTO Cullf,. Contribtillntf to (< ninro cuiniorl- t ( >|. t .., Uiiylijilit inn<' expired Hopt. y nbltt ruU 1 nre the uollvr, a 1-2 ineii; .t!xer<pt vvldo rittir nprliiM» which i ( r« new to all tua Grown liTipwIul inmloU, Ikicauott n (trnnllwr numbor of lou- At ves 1» u*pdi the »»w mpi'iuti «IH ioi'b* n laritur portion of Uut sinftlt rood »hock» within the spi'lnK, Tht'j A wimmn juror Kluncod n( lho wltlor l«nvt?», with (.•ori'e*pomlliiHly i clock, which rcgimem! ia noon thi; locul inimlelpnl I .111 Thnt led to a litlle II n.iu, Nlniidnrd lime yes- t, the Jud«c ordered n bri-.?f aiiibilHy on lurns, t'» T (Beltjig ot UiKUtvHl 'In lh«| — m .,,,^^™™~ i In U»t» iww Chrynlur U The Union Pneifie Hallronu by th?> mor« exteixiveiaVi million IOIIH of eoul in lost. t)lvol», 'otft't 'flrtiuler rrsh,.; (.(ayiiniit tlino, assumed tho break to twUt, thus IncrcttittoB c»r| won for lunch, and walked off. Tht> judjje h»d to uwuil her re- ttirn, in i hour tutor, No one hnd pul the eourlroom < clock back on stmuitml (line. twvi*!, (.«.ui,w ^«M>' r -4W -w*ti«K l -e« CODY IYER C«pyflohl, mi. by At C»4y. DliMlbulorf liy King F*alul>l JynJk.lt. brought torn* tftttt* Si* tt gulped with . - • ullonce ot tho ul&rnd, inoroduioua, U tu K>'nwali»IM>er WM otto bofcl off a Wit in daylight, u«d wllh 8«t ohorui ol w|« «KWtHlUig into 8*m«, «pro*dlng UH« Ui* (Mow no worm. m«n»ce than the ot time to hinder. 'I'D do ao in n J«\v »o«iU hovirn of moonlight, when men 1 * movement* could t>o svon ana B\m» tmd ftrrowi twang out from the »lwr«, w«m wnineUnng olio, But nobody voU'od objection, UrftMhoppBi-in« wim n tntrly common prwttco on the Big Muddy, UU? mum boau that pUod the river, both the Vartnw mui the (d wore oqul)»|)0d tor U, with « ot »p«»a carried alon« to be the tur ninrUnmnnattlp. But the wiruln on the norvca made the night drug oven while It seemed to rnwe. Kivlhlocn, watching like tho ro»t. held her urcntii ouoh ttmo ihu I'd- ruia moved, toll tho same ncha ut dmappomtmont aa It still held taut after the hop. Then? was uvtrenllly in llita mumtlon, the blacU ulieon ot tho river with «tan ahlvermtt tn Ua ntlrrar, the moon creeping Kven lho guns, tho arrows, Uw Uw h« dwortod, mctl it the boat ran n^t-ounU. Under Uawla' direction, romod ttnd set Ilko In the nver, one on either with the top* inclined toward the bow. Nothing n»pp«ned while Umt WM done. Ai>p«r«jntiy the Indians h*d not vet recovered (rotti their double tvtbftcH. or el»e thcr# wiu one familiar with the operation WMIV them ot vvh*t w«u» to twtwr But the lull ended »« the be»»n. Above the Une ot the Msh »p»r niuiti bu rigged with a UoWe bloclt, U\cn mouiU* cabiea pM*ed over tho*». «»v« end t*»- to the KVinwttlc, lho oUvcr woiuid tho w»p«tim. This uUmblng. and the opera- Uou WM in its mtddU when the *t work |«r««ntied Mtd all (ell. wrow Quivering in hit wnn. IUwU jwnped and climbed. Cr*bbitt« the WilHied rope «»|ore ythi!»« oould crMh in » t«uv«io. »«>•» win rcil back, wu» now *rrow* were coming, jruns up the chatter. &* job WM the d*v« ot it is, U**eto to ahoot tocH at!" Me- HOFI STAR/ HOM, ARKANSAS Thunday, October 30, 195] we've fuivi«4 cUwvgM»lixl hinx. the «iul Uic InJIans were Itlto A bad from which ihe invtat nnnlly u\viUu\ Only tho VarlHu and Denny KuwU neld reality, Across two ihovMMul watery inltea U»oy h»<» oome to bo her world. She'd liked tho looks of Denny UwU night »t Tho Planters, « man «tnndin« t»ll and cocksure, but without eoiucloua arrogance— mid tUvsptlo all nclbachn, he'd lived up to that renutttUott tn U»o lnter> vcnMtR week*. Her heftrt had cried out against the hurt m «tor« tor him, from which Bh« hart utrlven vainly lo aave him. K her motives had been halt selttsh, they wtsr« no longer BO, She tclt UHe crying out when he walked exposed and a gun «nui at him. and her dealt winged when ah» WM *ure that he WM hit. thin waa a battle beyond the physical. More than ever It waa a njjlu tor control—at men and ot thlnu*. ol emotion* and hearts. The values had changed and the atakee had ahttted. but the atrug- gle WM beconvlng «*ch day more intense. They'd win tonight, because Denny wa* the captain. But what of the day* ahead? Front another part ot the deck, crouching behind a ahelter, AJtrtU watched with the aame tatenslty. Sli«'d been a too), ahe realtaed blt> terl>\ At loot »***• *he kiv*^ what «hc want«4 and toew that U waa wwhed »tou« IW* n*r, but enough hadn't «*• w) run iymund. »«d it VIUlJtt Ut« eacr M i^Ht M the hoAUe* on to *« It off w urn*, with over out out ot reach. Once the ouj> haa town M uer tip* *nd ahe'd eaat it u» roMHfehtanc* to ft with fre«t un*««*iy When it did mo«, Vtt«r« lay the Iroay. tor ahe had itone U (w Mark Whirter, and Whirter now WM the W* ot thit whole m»d tur*, tta<* at 8U d»ierr*d to her t»- ther. ttut the W*» had |MM» what wit* drMyw w*u»ted Him *ha WM yet t* team He'd tola oaly a part o| W» pH«» »|Httt ot *e«**d MA bisn. * coWftftMi o| thai could to ruthlew. but He Shop Now - Use pur Lay - A - Way PRICED TO SAVE YOU MONEY FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY - Oct. 31 - Nov. 1 - 3 Have you thought only 44 Shopping Days until Christmas. Owen's is prepared to fill your bill, whether it be Clothing, Shoes, Furnishings, Toys, Elec. Appliances. We have the goods and we just love to serve you. Select tor Christmas on our Easy Lay-A-Way Plan. 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Birl Bir month Whl Els a bo; in Hcmpstcnd for fending on October 20: last Aunt Jemima to Visit Hope «nd Arlene Willis, Hope, Calvin Monroe, nond and Elizabeth Smith, a girl, Sandra Kay. and Audrey Zumwnlt, Hope, Anita Gail. ' rt and Betty Brown, Hope, a Linda Diane. n and Hollic Anderson, Hope, '1, Cynthia Yvonne. Immett and Icie Biddle, Patmos a girl, Hita Edna Joyce. Floyd and Betty Green, Hope, a girl, Kathryn Sue. Wm. and Buna Tullis, Hope, a ijgjH, Randell Clyde. ^Milton and Bculah Branlley, of !$ope, a girl, Billie Fay. $>' John and Maxine Whittington, of Hope, a boy, William Bowdcn. George and Pauline Anderson, Hope, a boy, George Russell. William and Wanda Poindexter, Hope, a girl, Brenda Faye. Usco and Josephine Askew, McCaskill, a girl, Janie Elaine. Dcwey and Virginia Lively, Me- JJab, a girl, Martha Kay. W Lester and Jewel Watkins, Hope, a boy, David Phillip. Dorsey and Alice McRac, Hope, a boy, Bruce Bernicr. Gilson and Floy Ross, Texarkana Texas, a boy, Gary Dywain. Charlie and Mary Rosenbaum, Fulton, a girl, Cecelia Kay. Marion and Geneva Turner, Hope a girl, Linda Susan. Hcndrix and Mary Spraggins, ot Hope, a boy, John Robert. •^j(John and Shirley Hervey, Hope, a girl, Mitilda Jane. Joe and Joanne Beaty, Hope, a girl, Eva Marzee. Hubert and Wilma Altom, Hope, a boy. Jerry Don. Non-White John and Dorothy Bazziel, Hope, a girl, Sherry Dorain. Rinzie and Margaret Scott, Hope a girl, Bettie Jean. Scott and Alice Williams, Hope, a girl, Bettie Lee. •» Frank and Clarice Vallentine, o£ Hope, a boy, James Charles. Grit and Hazel Witherspoon, ol Hope, a boy, Curtis Dwight. Arthur and Velma Chambers, ol Hope, a girl, Virginia Rose. Joseph and Jewel Witherspoon Hope, a girl, Willie Jewel. Quincy and Mammie Stroggcrs Ozan, a girl, Grace Lee. Talmadge and Masie White, Ozan a girl, Katie Bell. t& Roy atid OHic Cheathem, McNab a girl, Lender Joyce. Leo and Georgie Johnson, Pros- cott, a boy, Larry Darnell. Rupert and Charline Scott, Washington, a boy, Charles Hubert. Odell and Earnestine Walker, Ozan, a boy, O. D., Jr. Elijah and Lydia Glenn, Hope, a Proposes o 'Be Kind to the Weatherman Week', After All He Doesn't Make the Stuff Aunt Jemima will Saturday, November be in Hope , and will b« tnc chief center of attraction at the Foodland Super Market (formerly Stewarts). Announcement of her coming is made in a page advertisement appearing in this issue 'of The Hope Star, which tells of the fact that "Aunt Jemima" will mix, flip and serve you free those temptin' Aunt Jemima Pancakes. This is a demonstration' 'staged at the Foodland Super Market by The Quaker Oats Company through their representative in this territory. The cooked pancakes will be By SAUL PETT (For Hal Boyle) NEW YORK W>— Everybody talks floout the weather, but nobody doea anything nloout starting n Be Kind to WtMthcrmnn Week. I think it's about time we were n little nicer to the Weather man. After nil, he doesn't make the stuff himself. He just takes what the- manufacturer sends him. Don't blame him for the final product. A weather man has feelings, too, I discovered In talking with Ernest J. Christie, meteorologist In chtrgc of the U. S. Weather fiu- rcau in New York. Christie gets a little tired of hearing sports announcers say, Will return for theirs. Like anybody else, n weather man la not Impnrtinl about tho weather. "t personally prefer a day when Ihe wind Is less than 12 milos «n hour, when »ho humidity is below 80 per cent, the temperature is around 70 and there's just enough clouds In the sky for n contrast between the blue nnd white," Osmun said. Beat Buddies Red Prisoners U. N. PRISONER OF WAR Command, Korea. (.TV—The United Nation* Prisoner of W»r Com- r.iiind headquarters today said five Communist POW's were beaten Monday by follow prisoners nt camp nt Yongehon, Korea. The announcement said the five npparenlly were trying to formu Into plans to escape when other prisoners and n compound representative found tlii-m. The incident occurred In nj compound housing officers who have sworn to resist repatriation to Communist territory. The Negro Community By Htl«n Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring itemi to Mill turner •t Hick* Funeral Home Mrs, Knltlc Hnyclch died lit her homo Tupstlny, October 2B. She Is survived by two dnughtnrs, Mrs. Lt?.zlc Hnyden «nd Mrs. Odwcasn Turnci 1 of Hope and two sons, Ed Hnyden of Dnllns, Texns, nnd Arthur Fuller of tios Angeles, Cnllf, three grnndchlldtm rangfements arc Incomplete* Friends will regret td Mrs. Ora L, Lncour Is lit at home. The Stniiuwest Arkansas Annul conference ot the Colored Met 1 dial Epiu'opnl Church will cbnvefi H Magnolia November 12«18, ther Stewart id the presiding fcli op. Tho Southwest Arkansas Anntfg conference ot the American out' otllst Episcopal Church will fro vcno nl Bethel AME Church vi-muor 1248. W. R, Wllkes 1» Bishop. absolutely free to those whb visit this store Saturday. Aunt Jemima (here pictured) is ,o be here in person. However there is a legendary story connect ed with the Aunt Jemima ol long ago. It is as follows: Aunt Jemima was a mammj cook, fcmous in the Old South in those golden days "befo 1 do Wah.' They tell us her master was Co! onel Higbee, owner of a plantation at Higbee's Landing, Louisiana on the Mississippi River. Colonel Higbee's hospitality wa famous even in that universally! hospitable era. Famous because of his qualities as a host, and famous because of Aunt Jemima's cooking. Guests carried away memories that made their mouths water, and told tales of the Higbee table that made the listener dream of an in- viiation. Legend has it that Aunt Jemima was a genius. In a land of excel- out cooks she was supremo. She vns a woman of great native In- clligcncc, who to a born gift of noking had added many years of abor and experiment. And the achievement that she •alued most was the secret recipe or her most famous of delicious dishes — Aunt Jemima Pancakes. They say it was when she baked pancakes — for breakfast, lunch or supper — that Colonel Higbee would call Aunt Jemima into .the diping room and praise her be"ore his guests. And the happy smile his words brought to her fase was widened by the enthusiastic compliments of the guests. That's the kind of cooking Aunt Jemima will bring to the Foodland Super. Market Saturday. Read the big announcement in this issue of The Hope Star. girl, Sherley Ann. James and Evelean Langston, of Washington, a girl, Pallor Jean. Willie and Cleo Ogden, Washington, a boy, Barbar Reome. New Protest on Red Prisoners MUNSAN Korea Ufl — The Com munists lodged an expected pro test today against what they called large scale massacre of Rod war prisoners in the latest disorder on trouble Koje Island. North Korean Gen. Nam II, senior Red armistice negotiator, coupled his protest with n renewal of propaganda charges. He declared the U. N. was plotting to extend the Korean war. Nam Il's letter said 76 Communist prisoners . were killed or wounded Sunday. The U. N. Command had nounctd that one prisoner was killed and 73 were injured when North Korean POWs refused to stop military drills. "the weather man wasn't very kind to us today." He flinches when he meets an acquaintance in tr-o rain who complains, "fine day you brought us." "You'd be surprised How many people still blame us for the wetjther," Christie says. "Why not blame the weather? And if they're goinp, to blame rain ,on us, why not give us credit for the sunshine. People rarely do." Christie finds that many people arc still mentally lazy where wca- tf.er is concerned. They call his difice with all sorts of questions. Should I take the baby-out today? Will the race track be last or r.uddy? Should I close all the windows before I leave? Docs my boy need a raincoat today? "All we can do," Christie says, "is repeat the forecast to them. We never advise people what to do. They must make up' their own minds." When they're not blaming bad weather on the weather man, some people blame it on things they dcn't understand—like the cxplo sion of an atom bomb. "The effects of an atomic explosion in the atmosphere," Christie explains, "is very, very small compared to the amount of transformations o: energy in the upper air needed to produce weather changes." Some people get so mad abou the weather they've even threat ened to phone their cOngressmai about the weather man. This has happened to Jim Osmun, assistan meteorologist at the bureau here But among his own neighbors In a New Jersey suburb, he is an object of respectful attention. II Jim steps out of .the house 1 the morning wearing a raincoa a couple of neighbors frcquentl •'M Availability of tquipmnt, oecmoritt, amd trim,<U U itpendtnlon material fttpply amditum*. CHOICE OF TWO GREAT CABS in this Ford F-l Pickup! Easier loading—low 2-ft. floor-to-ground loaded height! Only the FORD Pickup saves you up to one gallon in seven! Only FORD fivts choice of V-t or SIX! Choose either the famous Ford Truck V-8, now 106 h.p., or the all-new LOW-FBICTION 101-h.p. COST CUPPER Six that oaves up to 14% on gas! Get a new Ford Pickup now • • . start saving up to 14% on gas! In the Economy Run, Ford Truck owner* kept cost records of gas, oil, and service (but not including fixed expenses, such as taxes, license, insurance, depreciation, etc.) ... 3 out of 4 Ford F-l Pickups ran for less than 2Hl a mile! Ford offers the only all-new I/JW-FwonoN engine in any Pickup! Cuts friction power* waste! Saves up to 1 gallon ia 71 OVII7 CU. n, MOll PAYLOAf ItACI and carrie* a full ^-ton *°ftd. 0«ptort«d load capacity of the Ford Pickup » « full 38.8 cu. ft. as compared to 91A M, ft, in the next leading Btalw! FOR ded in town I TRIICKS S* FORD TRUCKING COSTS LESS HOPE AUTO CO. VOUtfOID You'll Save at West Bros. This FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY You'll save at West Bros, this week end during Value Days, Come in .... bring the family and shop the entire store for the things you'll need now and winter months ahead. MENS SUITS One group. All sizes. Rayon and all wools. Now $20.00 ANKLETS Boys anklets and here's something really special. Buy now. Pr. 15c WORK SOCKS Mens first quality socks of "Soft Spun" cotton. Now 6 pis. $1.00 LADIES PANTIES Panties of non run Bemberg tricot, Panel trim. All sizes, Special 3 tor $1.00 SWEAT SHIRTS Mens heavy, warm sweat shirts for cold weather wear. 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