Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1952
Page 13
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w$j '&•£ t' '' *, "> <f * SJ'vS^.«yt' . . ,^ HOPfc STAt, MOM, AKKAHSAS Ttttmrfny, October 30, tttiursdoy, October 30, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS "u« tajp Otflw Dl» BttoM IFI1D • ••Hi la I* 'UjWfW f»? i AmpM t AMMfttt* WHtTThi »B ««. 'f*r r<°«M te »{«!$& 1M 8,W IS 4.00 4,M 0.00 i pur inch K inch loob fef •*)!• for SoU ANY »j»p# of flfUVU!, Ineludlriij peo KCflVel, Bond, lop *oil, find fill AM, Cull Je#»ci Slnclnlf 7-2689, O'ttMlTI Fair Enough By Wtifbrook Pagter Copyright, 1962 By King Features Syndicate. WALNW (tmi fmip «.'hnli'», Al«o Muni'.' .Ch«f! UlrtVC, OtXWJ condll'tott, full 7-2179. ' OOC)D lined 120 bun* iiccordtnn dnd cnne, IiotK of nhi'i't mimic. 2 rntifilc "liinilri, HurKUln, 10911 K, Speiswl Si., Hone. mjl , .,.....,...,„. ....... 1'ANHV plnnl*. 115 other winter blooming pliuitu Klowi-r Hhiip, IMlli H, Mtiln, Photic 7-lfMO. .10-91 ' AM «< .'lttUrt» IW M' fiufVNwn Adi STAR 1PM. ••CHKVKOLRT Pickup, ealtl« : f rumen, Im* thiin f)0ti<) mile* nn II, Ground «rl|i tho«, ovf'ilnnd ApriiiKK' Hue C.', '!•'. Unker iilj ^'OSTKR KLLI8 nKAI.TY CO. i 30-31! Female Help Wonted j QN18 oxpork'iiwl wnltro«»L Topi nolfiry, ttl'eo, «l»o« -in work, Apply! A* a «hnr«l»fil'lfr of the f,Ki Oil {.V.rTi|>«iiy »f New Jfi- fs.'V, 1 litivi- a sinnll, mflfl'h inter- i'.'dt In » public pinltlcm (fmrciMifiH '< tcwri tunvhiliiyji iiff th« Mutunl Sc tircvfitusly known an 0;<! Ki.-imoinlc t'i>rip<-i ,ilimi AdminKli Bllnn Ali<it!'-tlii r, uf)flcr TrmiKin, iiloii' 1 , |f> *iiy nothing of thi- frcn/U;d vx- II ,IVlM!'lll' «' of till' ItoiljIlfVl'lt !''• Kline, UK K'-'A i.nil tin- MHA have (tot Mil nf VI.'i Inilliin of mil tiixi'8 in 11 few yr.uip, now, niter ilmw ln« owuy id) (hit money, we h.ivi- frwor fi'lijnd.-i In F.uiope (him nvff i)i filre >ilill the wiil'di "IIPMtl illlSin" nitil "ItfVitniiim" KK'iiii "Yankee, me. MIOWN kttthor mii and Cull Houlhwent Wood i Suinildnl of N. .1. nolKi' ! a" a stockholder, tl.ttl the Mt-piut- ; iiii.-nt nf .hislire lii ruling u'< lo n- I I'liVvr ""Verc'hni'Kt'H" on crnili.- 'ill ' v.bii h our lornpiiny *nld to West i eft) I'luifipiiail ct.iiintrit'*. The rt-til |)>iiiintifl is the Mutiuil Security Aili f.'lnlKtnition. The Di-pnitmt'iit of ] .tustice In JuNt t!u- MSA's j The. Drpnrtmwil of Jusllt-o i hits jitiiiti-d a kii'iind Jury in 1 Juniors Plan Homecoming j Thurs. Night It* HonifOornlnij here Thuridav ttljjhl whi'M th<- local Junlurn <-ntor- tnln a tcnm front North Height* It will b'f the spcoml meeting "f th" tciitns wllh llopo holding one Vlrlory nnri hoping for t> ju-cond The .lunlor.'i iin- KolnR t" <l'i It up rifihl with (|iii-en«, mnldji nnrt ev«*i'ythinK The tpieonH Hn* Su»* HouMii'n mid C'hiirlotto Clark who will he pHcorle'd by co-cnplnlns HU-vi- Miirlar iind Hoy Mulllns. The molds /ire Mary Lewis. AH<.'< f'offoi', Riirlxirtt fhilhrlt 1 , Murcnr- '•t An.-hi-r, Olnimrif Onivns, Marl lyn Kd wards. Putty I.nu James. l.orvttH Munn. Kny Hny, Judv I'Yunkrt, Blllln Unwn Kriutks, Inw Thornton, l-Ivclyn Adorns, CJInn.v H'-rndon, Stic Muses, Martha Hear dm. P«| Mi-Gill. PnUy Bright, Miirllui Mt.'iidrlx, Joe Both Ilcttls and .Inni.-t MeKe.ri/.lc, Alice Coffuo will lir- maid of honor while crown benreis are Tommy Kili-y and Mol ly T(il)«>,t«ii. SPORTS ROUNDUP By OAYLE TALBOT. NKW VOHK i/?*i Rocky Marciano will ded-iul hU heavyweight title ,,(t;iinst Jersey J<».' Walrott either HI Muieh, Indoor*, <<v in June under the stars, probably the latter, and horn there on the strong boy from fight norjf tenor than i PruclucU. 28-fit in n mt eo, *• •«**« fHiw pitlit , »l i H '- In ' (ft 'maifih M»mp»««? Services Offered Y18AH8 of experience In floor! and flnl«hln«. Dnle H.ojt-i 918 W, 7th. riinno 7-a23-l. O-KI-lm !l:m)lntt> JJniuiie 0-23-lm tiOCATi nnd limn (llwlnnt'o Al*o lociil niovlnn, Sf»f flamiltnn or en)) 7-3(111. FOIt iilti'i'iiilinis und *i'Wln« con- IttUl Mrs, Ktlth DiH'onporl, nil) \V, Third, or DUtl 7.;t:f:i:i, civil .oult whose lawyer In n| lirlriflpul (li'pnt'tnionl (if 111" fnder'ilj B«vrr»ii'(.-til with the powi'r to list"! tin- «rnntt jury Histiliict the defend- 1 iiiil. We linviv to pny our own liuv ycc!!, «nnl who fvi-r lu'Hrd of n (jt'iitid jury InvoiiliHiitiiiK nreeci-. i Hiily or Pmil lldffiniinV | Tli" tlfffiKliint l.t » Kroup of] Aincifi.'iiit worki-rH, producera of; wealth itivii tn'xes. We luvefllc-d our; .••living!) in on (ill uoinipttiiy whichi Muud I'uttdy in time of Moces/uty to ciirry nut the (joverninent's pio (iriiin of Miirshnll plan iiid to Kv- I-OIM-, We (Ikln'l piirtlculnrly reKiih For Rent DOOM IIOM..I. or ;) IIHl W, three •llh, rnoni t'hillle 4 UOOM duplex ninu'tinent, unfur* nlNhed. Front untl back fntrimuc niul iiUi.sHed In fiottl porch. One. Block from ne-honl. 423 N, Kim Phalli! 7-lMflft, iifttM' (1 |> m, 7-23IQ. 20-tt S'HUOM, wnf bo™ ,19,00 tlVMt T*not We knii-.v thnt tho Mill-shall plan .•»ml thi» other HooHevell-Truir.il i j relief thlngrt havi> ber-n fant. i,;omi|ili H'it'K to carry a Inl of bu- ivnwnitir IHHII-. on our public' payroll* till' fruiii the eye of the AIIUT Iciin people for years and years after-Hit' war. Wo might prefer In Hell our oil to genuine custom- ei'.-. nitlu'i- than to mendicant, In- jirnU- wards of the KCA und the MSA under the MarsHull plan. This nu'lhotl nwuitt thut we stockholders had lo [Hit up, tlmiuuli our Income l,.x.«M, a flood dual of the money i , whluli (\\titv relief customers huve Mi'ounu ] i,ocn pnying us, A« Potash nsUed * o'dook, 101). N. i ivHimillW, is thill a bUHlnesa? W««hlnflU»n. mm 7-43(1.1 ao-at N(1W? llfl(;i , , MW ldin« tlu- oil to ttii'M busted priitAKos of 'ECA and Brockton will dr.hi- n ycni. All this un the word of his manager. Al Well!, who !«- so busy taking in money these days that he hi,,, been forced to hiro a special accountant, a regular accountant, ., secretary und a fulltlme lawyer jj, s l lo see that none of the green ,4 if H<-'t* thrown out with the ; 'I've been tclllnx Jim Norris president of the International Box Ing Club that we- should wnit nnd l.olil I' outdoor* und draw a mill- mil ,m.l 11 half, en siy," Al said, i "ijut Jim keeps talking nbout hold inn II indoors in the Chicago Stud- i'nii i" Mnrch. Of course, I'm so • tloM. 1 to Jim thnl if he insists I'll (,» alontf with him, but I think we oiiflht in hold it right here In June. , VVY would «et whole trainlonds of Itocky fans down from New Kng- .Jund. ; "Only drawback nbout fighting ' lirrc is that Folix Bocchicchio, • Joe's niiinngcr, still hadn't got a j iiccr.se to work in this state, and j (he return contract thnt Norris ! jj,-,vo him said it would have to be | jn n state where Felix Is welcome. j I'ci'som lly I think that if we want By BOB MYERS 11<> I'"' 1 ' ' l here the boxing commls- HOLLYWOOD in')— All htc plot-i si"" would «o along with us this linn thul hiiM gone on behind Casey i time and give Felix a license. Kl-nnel's back the past few weeks.! "Hucky and me wont to get this nnd *ll Ihe strnn«e people flitting I commit merit off o»r hnnds so we in nnd "tit of his life, luicl an an-i'-' 1 B° "" and mnku some rcal swer ti.day. I money," Al continued expansively. Curious pooplo in lhe Stengel i ' We'll f'Kht just once a year w,iy of things are hardly unusual, i That's plenty often enough t asey beiiif! Casey, ns well j c.uunpion tu fi«ht, a.'t mimngor of the New York Vim- ki'es, but.C'aiiey admitted himself l,e WHS jjettlnR pretty mystified by thing!!. Then he found the answer. Hut It didn't come until he was ushered unto tin stiiK" "I the 101 C'apitan Tlit.'iiU'r last night and discovered '] he was the hero of Ralph Isdwards' '"•'! lelevbili.n sl.ow, "This is Your i l.il'c". then, Stonjiel diiln't know about anyone's life, much own. Hut the old boy gut out of the show when closely identified with his and his life stepped from the curtains. Stengel Gets a Kick Out of Program Tigers to Play Camden Here Friday Night \ F'riduy night, the Yerger Tigers, will meet Lincoln High Tigers of; Camden in a filth conference tilt of the season. i The Tigers are boasting a record in confidence play of three wins against only one loss which was to the state champion, Jones High of North Little Hock, by a margin of six points. The Tigers have piled up a total of 113 points in six games while they allowed their opponents 02. Ten of the 18 touchdowns havo resulted • from pusses thrown by Quarterback Shesvard Williamson. The game Friday night promises tit be n thriller with both teams depending on their passing attacks. Coach Brltto of Yerger has been i putting his team through regular j workouts and scrimmage in prep; zu-ation for tho game. All local football fans are urp.c- e:l to come out to Mammons Stu dium Friday night to boost the Tigers to another Conference win. Advance adult tickets arc now on sale fo, the price of 75 cents at Crescent Drug, Jack's Newsstand Stewart's Jewelry Hick's Funeral Home and Calvin's Place and Royal Cleaners. f Ultimatum Is Given to Lippy Leo SANTA j Duroeher MONICA. Calif. '.«~1 was hi 1 toned teday aftei ! President Hornet i Ni",v Y'-rk Giants : nurd between b f-ping his lip but an ultimatum by Stonehain of the lo make up his be back with u.t nftcr ne* season , .. have a right to knowjpo we'll ; n;rve lime to prepare. 1 » vc as ' c " ed him to let meknowofflrils deed him to let me know d»his decision before the winter conclude." The major league osvne Dec. 5, C. 7. Durocher previously an he has had three offers ii motion picture production fi was seriously considering Currently he's acting in a rncct >C Plans No lore Action in Roil Ruling i-tTTLE ROCK — The Ar- kansas. I Two members of the 3-man Com-j mission, Howard Gladden and John' R. Thompson, sa'id last night that the PSC uvnild not rule on a num , ber of informal protests to the order, i "If anyone files a formal nppli-'. cation ot anv kind with the Com; Boyle Act 242 and the 'Ihe Glanl manager who didn't get his "Lippy Leo" tag because of excessive silence said 'inly, "I haven't made a definite decision." He confirmed Slonenam's state- n:ent in New York that they'd get tu".elhei Nov. 2U in Phoenix prior tu the start of the baseball meet im;s. Said Stoneham, "I have read where Durocher has slated he may with Talluians Bankhead and othef stars. Leo said cr.nble him with his wife, actress Loratnc ;md children. mission, we'll pass on it then," i Blood spurted from his trousers ;nnsas Public Service Commission,] said Thompson. | and he was shouldered out. the absence of a fornial pro plans to lake no further curtailing test, tion on its order a film career would to spend more BAN LIFTED leave baseball for the movies after his ui expires at the end of the next season. If that's what he wants, that's all right with me. MANCHESTER, England W> — The U. S, Air Force today lifted a fourday ban on visits to Man Chester by airmen from the big U. S. Air Force base al Burton i career ih|w;*od, 21 miles away. contract with The city was put off limits after two attacks last week on Ame,ri can military police by what Wp pearcd to be organized gangs oC Until it was leys his ,i boot friend:: career behind MODtyHN !l tu'tli-nom htnif.i-. Two blfieks fruin huHitu'SH dlBtrH-t. Phone ?«aooj. so.3i Lost Strayed or Stolon There was a boyhood friend uf 5U years ago, Harold Leclermnn, of i Kansas City. There were two old time b:ittin« stain SSiiek Wheat and Bob IVU'iiscI, Un^iire Means Hour- cien, Yi.llkoe co-owner Del Webb, oiici Uilly Martin of the current I'liiitnploii Yankees. If Casey was induced to euine • i n , to thy theater on pure trickery. nn my* WB oveivhnrged Iheni «nrt| S|JOrlg Column|st n ,. nvo|1 DyiM . pro MSA all th«»o yours, their guarcli. not* ft Mniiul jury to, make U lift thmvh \vi_- h.ul bci'ii j our bin. ftit thumb In with the 4 YEAH t»Ul muh'y whlto f«ce cow, J HSO. Branded, lU>w«nt. I While, fhouo 7-3071, i 20-at i * txwt i l«i Salt i«««, Roy Button. *»tione Notice nnuulxtenk. 1 woi'ltl like to Interrupt here, ns Ihoy do nn the ratlin, to remind you Ihiil only the iHher cliiy, Paul I li, PovU'l-, of the 'MSA .hi Purls, j «p invcteriity bureauerut, wns or- tltM'iul htwio to stand lnvestlniitlon ttu ... . - - . - -.-,. ; Uy n Somite cominiUoe' of chnrges NKW «tu< reiwvttl «nbiei'li»Uon» «<>|ihui hp bit* advocated the violent niiiKiuliio pubUMuMl, Christ-1 over-thum* ot our Hovonmiont nnd these sentiments. Jury subpoena des that my company product. 1 of di,H;uint'iits (nit of our Holm? of them dating b»c!t CU.v vntwi. Chtti-108 Heyiwmm, Hflll, Duy phone, ?-382fl; , M7H8, 3M2t ,lpW, B >.d Student Admits Trying to Bribe Players ,,,8y WAttlUSN ROGERS' JH ,wvc«r Urn* flu.'*, 85 yenrs. U thnt means nothing el;ie, it means n long, soft job for (mother balch of thosu Indolent, «r- rojjimt Unt'vnrd law utility bums itntt, ulliinntttly, bouiul volumes ot !-Ui|H'fyui}i sliititittea and testimony ti:at nnt'oily tn'i'r will rend on this vtn'th tUUum.«h we taxpayer* will have tu wick up tho bill. Tho civil suit clva.v808 lU«t for' WASHINGTON, M>) A Unlv«r«ity about two yours tho prices we chiu'iicd. the Kurvipown countries,] which were tu< thei MSA's relief; i\»lls wor«i.hlRlu'r than the MSA nl-l lowed. In either words, the buyer's! diwsn'l consult the seller i V.iiled en Cn.sey to iippe:ir to re- j eetve u trophy, of which the Sten-1 Sei home ill ueiirby Glendiile is tilnsuly overstuffed. Thirty minutes ahead of the tihi-.w, Casey s>it in the dressing rivin: bticlistiiH' 1 with n small ni'oup of friends. He tiilkcd miite n.itui 'jilly iibout the recently World Series with Brooklyn, of the de clston to 11.10 tiob Kur.nvu in decidinu seventh name, nnd pilch-by-pitch stmteny ugainst Dodger home run hero, Duku Uer. Oascy w»s unawnre that Snider unrt. DodKer Mannser Chuck Dres sen were at the moment not 20 I'lices :nvny, hklinti in the winns of the thoutor, ready to appear on tho Hlu.-w. After Ihe program, during which f't'iey for once was ul a loss for I words, he recuperati'd to explain: for a and besides wo can maite more getting around the e-iiiintry tlian fighting every few months. Rocky is the greatest at- tiaction since Dempsey. We're not Ketting the five grand a night that Jack yot when he was champion, Uit we're doing all right nt be Un-en $1.750 und $2,000 a show." Having cleaned out the East fairly well for the time being, liocky and his pager pilot are taking off the Wext within a few day; to harvest the top crop in that 1 rcj'.ion. They start at Dayton. O.,| the first of next week, and will hit more than a score of cities be- fine they wind it up in mid-Deeem bor, Rocky is refereeing both boxing and wrestling shows, and some times he simply makes personal appearances at theaters. Everywhere they love him, Wcill says. Perhaps it should be pointed out thnt, in addition to his money up- pearnnees, Marciano also has mode scores of visits to hospitals and has given his time freely to various worthy causes. Football Broadcasts By The Associated Press Time college i 6.31 perl the the Iho Snl bull «tnr, face* a ingum today. junior, ueeustHl of a Maryland toot- ho«rliuj| In \Vash> of Columbia p a H c v\ tyu him «» Luuls Unnumt 8», of Hy»U«viUa, Md. *au) hu KUVU hinmeU up ut trul h«tt(lqu«»tori« lust night but mnkus his \yhlch <lw\'t tlu-y stiy because nobody ftftp? \Vf*l»lji«rton A Pfine $1,000 Uw»d, left, with Atty.Chavles E, KonL QIHU-RO* County, ftlti,, with cmi O«n*(uud«r«\wd-wtwt they s«y but must und, Ut- ••interpreted". The MSA's "in. "1 fiKUred it was just another spot show. Jack Oils brother-in- l.iw. Jaik Luwsont said he'd drive ilti- over. I said he didn't need to diive mo ovor. 1 \v,is able to drive, myself. Edna (his wife), Mild she was going to eat at Udell's (Mrs. Stengel's sister* but I sold I'd eat later, and " Well, Kdna, Helen, Jack and all sneaked over to tho none was more sur Contra! Standard Saturday Radio -- NBC 12:45 Georgia Tech vs. Duke at Durham, N. C., Bill Stern announces. ABC — 1:15 Mlch-ignn State vs Purdue at Lafayette, Inc., Bob Kinnognn. CBS — 1:30 Red Barber's weekly roundup conducted from New York! MBS — 1:45 Georgia vs. Alabama at Birmingham, Al Heifer and Gone Kirby. Television — NBC -- TV 1:15 Ohio Stale vs. Northwestern, Mel Allen, Ross Hodges and Bill Henry, coast toj coast. j Sunday —• ABC — TV and Dou- mout 1:1)0 New York Giants at Chicago Cardinals, Red Grange Grid Attendance Is Up Generally NEW YORK (#1—Major football attendance is up cont over 1931 so far this year, and the increase apparently is due to better teams and more attractive schedules. Although the total attendance in September and October was slightly below that of last year In a! survey conducted by the Associated; Press, lhe nvernj/e attendance per! iHime jumped from i!:!.2'l7 to 1M.71:-; The mid-season survey covered, 30fi home game played by the i member? of major conferences anil! outstanding independent teams. | Last year, when there was one i rr'orc October Saturday, the same| teams played 329 games Thus the i total thi' - year was 7.011,022 more or less according to the accuracy of some crowd estimates, whereas the figure was 7.64H.155 last! yopr. ! The Southern Conference showed I the biggest increase, jumping 24.04 j por cent despite the fact Maryland and Clemson are on probation Ihis year and unable to play other conference members. Next in line wore the Rig Sever. (19.911. Pacific Coast ill.iii and Border Conference 111.52). In each in instance, the increase was attributed to the 1 impressive • performances of the leading teams and also more attractive schedules. The number of farms sold in the United Stales has tended to decline since 1946. nil EC HurJ Like Sin! PlLCJButNowlGrin Got »|v>rdy relief from misery of piled. Amiuinr formula developed by fumnun 76- yenr-old Uectnt Clinic brtiiRs fast pnllintivo relief from nagging nain, iuhinc, Bore- neiv. Helps nature shrink swtHinu, soften hard part*. Make life worth living again —get the medication proved by experience with 71,000 clinic patients, tlet Thornton Minor—in ointment or suppository form. PUcover bleared relief *t onrp—or your money back. Ask for It by ntunc—Thorn- ton Minor—at drue stores everywhere. bul l ''!"' sp ' ,i f . thun Casey ovcr whiu «t £irirt»tring ttt Ur)l)B l«U> ttmt w* 1 ojf its own "louulu •)•« und if wo vio arc thievt-s, j .41 v »« the >' l ' !lls »J c ' we * n « f lho . volcano Vesuvius, men can < * wend lo lhe <r » tcr tloor - Ally, would say that my own finun _ __ T$m C9*-|c|jil st«ke here is so small and so! '""""* ,-. .-,- »«niw t»tvd| UtiK' attwctvd. whutever belall uslihut institution with a select group otfaimve ecntor- m>m th« courts wh«n I way be, in'ol his own type. JoolpnU to»nv Click-1 ji \-«ry Wvwt wh«il«some word,! He brought in Sidney Katz, his »rr«*t<xi W W«8l»«»istOJX; deed, that wy protfssionsl object-1 former chief deputy in Europe, » WMM MW ch«rg». • ivity U not imuiur«il My eontempij who is little known among us hor«f m»«* .U'Cwar nft W»U foi U»» KCA dud the MSA, confirm! «» home but came to be a fear ed by personal inquiry in £uroi>*( some fellow over there. He hired -. .., , *t Colwg* l«st wii\U»r, I* U\e product of nxy!Shcp«rd Stone, last of the New MO>, » subttrp of Wftthto«> own wiU-rprlse. 1 concede no share! York Times in Germany, when the M*W *«'il»9 WW8 wwsjol the imUl tor this enlightened' carpwtbag or hieogalorum racket la hold dowtt tb* SWM-O;OJ»UU«M> to standard Oil ot New; blow up a few months »go, and .... IrfJUfcliMV* St»t» VW^fSWyj Jvwy i brought him out to California to do in U»t S»tui-tt«y's g*me, Thwy »«ta j | «uw lhe eitt-rate Ainwricanj things to this world of ours with the trthfcf ulayt>rs, who tow Of *tor«* ^<?t UJD (or thousands of i the income from this foundation.! »pproach^-t«>t mciitioned in purasiu-s or«i»ni»ud into a niuchinw Stone had ei«ht Germans for 1 n>M«» .„ W»«'#«t-W«re , , lyeirhattt ot Baltimore. A top ' ' (or AU-Ainertca honors, «n4 ^ M, Paui Hoffman, the most adventurer ol ihw " C4rlN»u« ttm*. to »dnnnj«»«r dan- to , household flunkeys at our expense- if«- oi'.d house-ront free and a car with .... . „. . , M „—.,..„,,„ tt»«U chauffeur. H* didn't really need, WWt« PldWS. MapshaU plan and I ruBtbled my UH those servitors, for he is a; Otf«n»lvo way. awkwardly and with many a plain, olutt feUow in the manner of; I U'fVibt e-ecuuse* it w»» aU so out 1 ail bureiuu-rats on expense-account, j *it«|,ed, sl»t»jnj»»U f r«8,«Hu>, through the m«W8 ol albut he wanted to spread the Newi the iStua»»t Si'Slwu of ioJK j^ba ^^ ««JDsidl*s! Vvrfc Times version of "demoera-' them Utdividually ot less th»u 81 pomu. and for a o| Wood-tuck- useless t»wsp»pe»- dra.Wtfu| up to'tvxtk Uterts year in pay and discounts'Oern>ans took all they could fromi and.! worth; who a week, w ptauts iron) Guild of the CIO to thu mostejit victims of »; condition in Germany, so he; all he could. And thfe Stone. Hotfmsn has Bob HuicUins. the; Most of them Uirvolous and erratic faddist who, Ne»sp»p*r! made svch a mess of the Univer-j theii 1 job u,*»ti of Chicago, and other charac-' no more reassuring nor en th» Eteen- campaign »bo«ti HoUiwaw horned into fewer pre-conwntion At night you' eta see further and better on concrete. Its light -colored surface spreads 4//umin«f/on. Pavement edges, obstructions and pedestrians are clearly denned. Nif ht or day, wet or dry, concrete has unifonnly hi^h pennanently You c*n atop quicWy Concrete saves money, too. It is moderate in first cost yet can be designed accurately for any axle load— and concrete keeps its load- carrying capacity throughout its long service life. Concrete pavements coat less to maintain, last much longer. All this adds up to [MM However, if he is not going to 1 men. 3 MINUTE MPCORIL Pop it fluffier with WJSSON_QI_L Season it with MORTON SALT 27c 0 65c I I 3 Boxes CLOVER LEAF DRY MILK SOLIDS 2 7 Oz. Boxes 25c CRISCO 3 Can ODC by the Cotton Belt Railroad Stay Beautiful ...by avoiding Monthly Look No tell-tale signs on her face because cramps, jitters, bother her no more Why look older, worn out, jittery fur 2 or S days ench montliY Why lot everybody knmf your "time" is here? Thousand* of unmrt BlrN nncl women take n little Cnnlul ench day to help build new energy and rcsistnnce. They look, act, nleep better, feel leas and lc->a misery ench month. Some even go through periods without pnin after a while. Stay lovely nil month — nsk your dealer for Cardul. MONTHLY CRAMPS i CHANGE OF LIFE The Commission may get such' a protest today from the Texar-j knna Chamber of Commerce. The; Continued from Page One | Continued from Page One tossed him ten feet in the air! seoured without frrmal bidding. rag doll, then bent and-l'iie eleven classes of such articles sel out include, for example, purchase of n particular book which is published by only one company, tho jviviv.ent of licenses and taxes \\hich are never offered at n bid- d'.'r's prk'o. utility services the like a gored him again before his assist ants eould intervene, Cnno tried to use and fight again. He couldn t. But the bull wrts still there and •someone had to kill him. As there were only three matadors to six CARDUI chamber is said to have mailed ajinills thnt mean Pirhardo again, petition to the PSC yesterday ask-' He came in and dispatched tho ing that the order curtailing the;tiieil bull in Us second utility job service bo stayed. Gladden said the of tho day, but he still l:act young PSC "would !..ivo to see ti'e peti-; 1'acorro's second bull lo dispose lion before it could determine' cf •- UH last on the program, till- where it was a- formal applica-l fifth for him for the day and the lion." | fourth in a row. No other matador I in Spain this year has faced such ; a crisis. | Pieliavdo, bandy-legged little ! gamecoek. met his last bull calmly in l!>e deepening dusk. It was the best and bravest bull of the day and Pichardo was completely tired. Hut he finally nailed it with i'tiltf. (•*> which are fixed by the The PSC un Oct. 14 authorised the Cotton Belt to discontinue two | passenger trains on Nov. 1. One, of the trains runs dailv from 1 Memphis to Texarkana: the other! makes a daily run between Lewis- 1 ville, Ark., and the Arkansas- Louisiana border. Cotton Belt claimed that the hues were losing money, and the PSC agreed with tliis contention, pointing out that other transporla STARTING FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 THE OAKS RESTAURANT WILL AGAIN BE OPEN DURING THE DAY COFFEE FOLGERS or MAXWELL HOUSE 1 Lb. Can 85c KLEENEX 2 Boxes 200 size . . . 29c 2 Boxes 300 size . . . 45c Sun Sweet PRUNE JUICE QUART 3k Kingans CHILI CONCARNE 1 LB. CAN Val Vito PEACHES 2i- Size In heavy syrup 2 CANS SCOT TOWELS Roll ALL BRANDS WASHING POWDER Large Box 28c Cream makes the best margarine-And only Creamo, Brand contains cream. a perfect sword thrust to the hilt — and then the bull ruined his per- 1 formanee by refusing to die. j Pie-hard had to get a second' sword ;mrt stab at the bull's .spinal column time after lime. When the lion was available to the areas involved. j Several Arkansas cities promptly 1 filed informal protests with the' Commission. Thompson and Gladden agreed that the letters and telegrams did not constitute "formal or proper applications for a re-henring. A member of the PSC staff said that if lie interpreted the law correctly there was no provision for a rehearing by the agency. However, the order may be appealed to Pulaski Circuit Court within 30 days of issuance by a party to the case. Gladden said tho present pro- tvstinj; cities made no entry in tiio ease before the abandonment hearing was held. Wake Up To More Comfort Without Nagging Backache NiiKKini; Imcliachc, loss of pup nlul vm-rKy, Headaches und diy.v.lni'M niny bu due to slowdown uf kidney fuiu-tlon. Doctors sny Kood "dney film-turn is v,-r>- important to K i»>d health. \, hen some t-veryduy condition, But-h as atress and strain, eauses this Imnortant funetiontoslow down,many folkanuffernntt- bnckaclie-u-el miserable. Minor blad- rritations due to cold or wronn diet nmy eK l -UinK.M.ni,:l, 1 ,,, 1 f,-e,,m.nt],as»nB.". 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'-r unavoidable cause, retinrdlcss ofj Ihe estimated cost figure, may be, bought without securing competitive bios The situation, in order to authorise such "emergency"! purchases, must be one in which; hi,man lite or state property i-s| r.lacerl in peril in' a situation which; tnn Arkansas Supreme Court has; defined as an emergency. i Several restraints upon the use of these required purchasing ninth- cdf. arc provided. Tl-e Act slfttes, th;>t "parceling ' by any purchasing! officer is to be violation of the pen- ally section. Thus, it would not be permissible to hplit an order for items e.-timated to cost more than $'. .000 into two or more groups, each costing less than $1,000, so that advertisement and the securing of formal bids would not be required. Also, purchasing officials are required to anticipate needs so that bulk purchases involving 1'iore thiiii a thirty day supply are made. "Open-end" purchasing descriptions an required on automobiles, trucks, tractors and road machinery. Thi-.. restricts lhe purchasing official so that he could not, for example, advertise for bids on three iv.'w Ford automobiles. The description is required to be wrlt- ; ten in general terms with lhe result that bids illay be submitted on all lirand names within a sim- ii,.r price range. A further control is found in Section 5. The Governor, Attorney General and State Auditor are to function as a Board of Appeal to iruke final purchase decisions. The dissatisfied bidder must protest at the time bids are opened. No con- itT.ci i; to be awarded until he ha;' had a hearing before this l:oard aiid it has decided the matter Another provision requires that all forms for purchasing and con-] ti-aeting be made uniform. Completed forms relating to the contract n,ust be filed by the purehas- 1114 officer with the State Comp- ti oiler. There must be an accompanying certificate stating that the official has obeyed this Act, naming the particular purchasing procedure which he followed. Upon the basis of these records the Comptroller may perform a pro-audit check and he may refuse payment if the purchase is not proved in this manner. These records are to be open to public inspection and must bo retained on tile for throe years. No officer, agent, employe, board member or commissioner of any state agency is to sell directly or indirectly any supplies, materials, equipment, insurance or services to the "agency with whicli he is connected. The final protection feature is a penally section. Any violation of this law is a criminal act upon wiiich a fine up to $100 may be assessed. In addition, conviction means that the violator is discharg ed from his state job and cannot be ernployod or appointed to any state position for five years there- alter. The Act expressly repeals tain IU-13 which procedures. Those who sponsor this Act urge- its approval primarily upon the basis tr.iit it will certify and simplify methods for state purchasing. ICxisting laws adopted at various! limes are said to overlap so that' no clear guide exists for the per-: son who must make purchases for j u state agency. j These advocates point out thul defirable safeguards against vio-' I lation o f these procedures, are in-! i eluded. Some of these have been 1 ccrried over from the existing I laws while others are new. The i provision against parceling, one | mnnner in which the old law has ; sometiir.es been e'vaded, is claim- j c-d to be needed improvement. The same i;> asserted about the new procedure under which unsuccessful bidders may take their complaints to a Board of Appeal. The Attorney General has ruled that under existing law any state employee or appointee shall nut fcil to the state. This Act would restrict that rule- so that he might not directly or indirectly sell to the lo which he- provision Denmark Rejects Soviet Protests COPENHAGEN. Denmark I* -Denmark has rejected Soviet protests against negotiations with the United States to set up North At- iantic Treaty Organization bnsos on Danish soil. Foreign Minister Olo Bjocrn nn- nounced today that he received the Soviet chjirjje d'affaires last night and presented him with nn oral! it ply to a Soviet note thnt charRort I such nc-gotiHtjons constituted a threat to the security of the Soviet Union. The Soviet note of last Oct. 2 had said that Russia "puts upon the Danish goveinment all responsibility for possible consequences of such a policy." It did not elaborate further. DOLLAR *A * * $ f t * f SALfc 1 Dean Recommended for Promotion WASHINGTON (UP)—Maj. Gen William F. Dean, now n Communist war prisoner In Korea, hns bien recommended for promotion to the permanent grade of major general. He now Is serving as a major Steneral with temporary grade. Dean was captured while commanding the 24lh Infantry Division in bitter fighting around Taejon, Korea, on July 21, 1950, Since his capture, he has been awarded the Medal of Honor for liis heroic leadeiship and gallantry in that action. ORAMFRUIT JUICE 5 PASCO ORANOI JUICE 4 44.01. Can» Stock iiji ...ami Snr<> $! PEAS 8 IONA INGUSH Another TV Grant to Little Rock WASHINGTON Wl — The Com- municaiions commission today tin- thori/i'd a new lelevision station fur Little Hock, Ark, The I'.rant was issued to; Great .Pinins Television properties Inc.. Lillle Kock, Channel 2H. IONA HOMINY DAILY DOG FOOD IONA PIE CHERRIES SULTANA FRUIT COCKTAIL COMSTOCK PIE APPLES OSCAR MAYER WEINERS 5 No. 2 $1 Cons T R 3 6 No. 2 $1 Cans T I No. 2% Cans ARMOUR'S PLAIN CHILI MISSION LIMA BEANS IONA GOLDEN CORN CRIAM STVll ... IN MUSTARD SAUCE 3 11-OZA Cans It costs about $-10 an acre to establish permanent pasture, farm experts say. this capable group of citizens. The sponsors frankly admit that the figure ($1,000) at which purchases become subject to formal bidding procedures is higher than any of the similar figures under existing laws. This action is defended as :i mere reflection of the fact that thing;! cost more these days due to inflation. The purpose is the same — same expenditures .should not bo burdened with the formal bid procedure. Those who oppose this measure contend it would open the way for abuses in purchasing und allege Unit iiuufficlcnl safeguards against political influence on purchasing policy are contained In It, By counting the exceptions it is said that actually five methods of purchasing are authorized so that t lore is no uniform method created n;= is proposed. In general, the belief is expressed that it authorizes too many purchases without formal competitive bids. One criticism of the Act us a whole is said to be that it grunts lhe purchasing olficer too much ungovcrned choice. For example, he may make "emergency purchases" without securing bids. Kvcn where bids are required, the nvests bid in price is not assured of the contract because' tin; purchasing officer end the. Board of Appeal are required to luke the '.[lowest "and best" bid, and quality and delivery time are to be considered. A deeislon as lo which 1 goods are of the highest quality lav.s passed in 1023, 1933 and' is 1fr1 ° qucnlly U matler ° f ! 1(; ' >so " ul provided Purchaaln8i o y h £ n ; uthorlty t[) puj , chasc s)ngle unils of automobiles, trucks, tractors, road machine! y, farm Implements and electrical e-quipment I without securing formal bids Is 1 alleged to be unjustified. Tlvis Is said to invite violations of Ule j-ulu against parceling. In connection with this same pro. vision, the requirement of open-end descriptions on road machinery and automobiles, trucks and tractors, admitted to be a desirable feature in a purchasing law, is described as almost meaningless here. Since single- units of these items may be bought without formal bidding, u'iy requirement that the wording of the bid notice be in general terms is said to be inapplicable to most of such, purchases. The Board of Appeal is said to Le of limited value. It may hear complaints about contracts awarded after formal bids have been taken or in reference to emergency purchases. AH purchase* of less than $1,000, those made from the manufacturer's Net State Price Lists 01 those made on nonc6m ^triple, that just because « citizen has beer, appointed to the honorary and nonpaying job of Commissioner, on the Arkansas HighWay Commis- j bion he should not be disqualified! from bidding on sales to the State! Penitentiary. Their position is that) any unaue influence would arise' with the agency with which he serves, and that the state should not be deprived of his competitive bids on sales to other agencies. A continuance of the present rule, it is argued, would mean that loading business men would be forced to turn down appointments as trustees or commissioners ot state intitutiaa* ot 8«*ncies ot *IM risjj complete toy of the right to do bus- wi& to* «iate. It i» said that p?eyeaUo,g d^sjrabl* in f*vernm*nt by APPLES Washington Red Delicious Lb. APPLES Washington 2 Lbs. Jonathan For 25c Marsh Seedless GRAPEFRUIT2tl5c Idaho Russets POTATOES 5 Lbs. For 37c GRAPES Emperor For CELERY Pascal Stalk 15c LETTUCE 4 sgT2 BEANS Kentucky Wonder Lb. 19c RADISHES Bunch 5c AsP's Fine Moots STEAK U. S. Cholc. Heavy Calf RIB U. S. Choice Heavy Calf Chuck Blade ...,,1.,. CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS COUNTRY STYLE PORK BACKBONES FRESH GROUND BEEF TALL HORN SLICED BACON FRESH FROZEN DRESSED HENS Ib. Ib, Ib, Ib.' • • TRIX OR TREAT HALLOWE'ENIES CANDY CORN GUM OR SPICE DROPS , 14-01.1 . Pkg, of 36 234 294 ,p ka .254 oi^ . Pkg. *«T AUNT ELLIN'S PI-DO . Pkfl. 15* * -J AX CLEANSER Jt ^j ____ ' _____________________ LARGE PKG. 29* FAB utMiM(».29* PAUHOLIVE 15' said that any holding employment or a mcnt with the state should be ineligible to sell to uny of its bran- bee ause of the possibility ol PJUJHOUVE 2 a 21* SUPER SUDS foch This Act Is a referred meaiure. That means that the last legislature approved it as a new law, but because objections were lod£«4 it has no i gone into effect. It will not become law unless oppr<)v*d at this election. Probably all persons wpuM agree that an efficient yet econoinical government must have s ctear an4 Ur.ding statement ol its purcbas4»a operations written in Us. laws. These operations should be direct$4 so a* to secur# nee4ed con> modities and services at a safeguards s«ain»t awtWu* whtoh soJtgbt interfere wttfe |Ut 2 CAfHMMi ^PiWP^P^W^V^PJfW^^^K^^^^w •OU9MIT ^P^PW-V-^lV^IP^R^r' v^^99^ w^W JBPBI^^FwPg^P^PSplP'^^^W'^^f "^(r^^^r^VW^ , - ' jef

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