Williamsport Sun-Gazette from Williamsport, Pennsylvania on September 19, 1871 · Page 4
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Williamsport Sun-Gazette from Williamsport, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1871
Page 4
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-, V ,, AND WKBT HUANG!! miM,K'lW. ,,!»!.»* WOmt. PA. JSVKWWII*." It, 1871; Northern R Lock 1 W"**" .._ 7:« __ 7:40 Erie way M»« . Lock Hav«**"*0i K«st Elmira Way T ;»iu ,.,. a lOKilT.'.... ·11 Uy Ca'av 8*0 1 0:15 a. m 6:16 7:W fclfi ..-... riU«bui-t*n4»V-,- l '"li.T hr Of*'' Moll 8:00 ~ Ojfi*X ATS.J) OOUNTBT; JuDiciotis advertifJng always pays. Tafc bncJi wTwat cropfa Lycoralng cnun- ty proiui.es- to ·£$ i pood, ' JT !s 99 i"'Ie» fr0111 Williamoporl- to Tama'qipr; rta Cat««'«a railroad. ;..,_. Li rii.EErogby : says, that Mr. Kelly the Fenian candidate for Sheriff. * HeS;--rlGHS B,. I'A'.-KT'P _wilL Oliver 4-he-agriculUirol - nddrms. at the gunbun fair. K - THE 'Zai/y Dei dd- ia the name of a new paper published at Oil City. It will hois iWy, __" "A regular meeting of the City ObuntJIw«« ;eld in t^qir chamber lait evening, the (blowing members being present: Me«8ra. OoHoo, Oorcerao, .HOtcbfclss, Levan, Little. .MahafiCey. Reading, Bnyder, Trainer, Vanseau", UJihan, VRTI BuatjrS, Vollmer, White. ....... _~ ....... ,,. , Mr. Mah«ffey was,. on motion, appoiuted 'resident pro tern. The minutes of the-laat meeliag were read and approted. ' , Mr." White pie*ented a petition for the ejection of a lamp post on the corner ot High and Centre gtieets.- · Referred to Hie QRH and Water Committee. Mr 'Van JUuskirk preseuted cyuimuaica- tio'ns from the Independent Fife Company and Wfl«bin«ton Fire Oomp»ny, «.kmg Dcrmweioa to v ' sit l h f i Northn"borlana county Fair, to be held at Siiuburj, on (be 28th inst. , Jir. White moved that the communications be referred to, the Fire Committee, and they ose t.heir own discretion in regard lo permittiDg these companies to leave the city. Agieed U5. Mr. Van Bn'«kirk, also presented a com- nlttDication-''rom the agent of the Dlapp and Jones Manufacturing Co., of Hudson, N. Y., in tegard to IWaishing ihe city with a first class 3d size steans fire eeginer Placed on file. Mr. Vollmer presented a statement of the dnmoges awarded by the widening of Penn and Henry streets. Eefcrrcd to the nnrioe Committee. 3 Mr. Whtte-olfered two resolutions in re lation to the Board of Health, which were read and placed on tile. "Mr. Corcoran moved to snspewl tho-rulcs The Ownty Fair re-opened to-day, an was decided, when it adjourned on Friday l»«t. The greater por'!jo.n ul the articles OB exhibition have been Jjrought back, and ·tins display-in the Hume and Floral de : purtiuents is better than it wiw last week. To-day racing, awarding of preuiluins, c., was to take place. · · · - To-morrow (Wednesday) will be a lively day. At 10} o'clock a. m., a double team race will take place for a premium of |20. Private match carriage horaes, that never trotted for a premium, will be allowed to compete in thra raee: At 1 k o'clock p. m. the potato race will take place. A premium of $5 is offered. Thnrn n iH probaMy bfVfronj three tL ^fiB ootnpetitors and the race will afford a vast amount of amusement. At 2J p. ro. a lumberman's trottitig race will come oil'. Private single driving horses can be entered,lhat h.ave not trotted for ' ISUNBOBY bed-bngs n*e said to be large as smali turtles and as ravenous a wild beasts of the canuio.rpnu order. - Jt Mr. A R. SPROUT, of Picture Uocks;haB .been appointed to represent the Munc Valley Farmers' Clubatthej3cran.ton Stat .Fair. : ME, ruSTON, orthe Kisy stone" Boot an Shoo Store, h«« just retnf'ipf" % with fl new stock of Buft's celebrated boots and «hoes . ·- · - ' J'KOT. yop-i-Kr.Kji's singing class met last evening' an3 made arrangements to continue meetings" on Monday evenings o" each, week. ' _ j (I* oAU.Uuy lok't Eliaira had an clop o- -raent.fensation. Mary 'Elizabeth, wife of John BrowB, absconded with another man. The parties are colored. THI. KiuiPiIolor of- tbevi'y- Jii utrir^ n*-- usual, is prepared for the demands of the trade, having just received a fine supply of lioslon fxrd Broadway uU^ hula. · " OKE day las$ week a young Eoglishma'h named George-Jewell, wns killed by ieiog . thrown from s an ore car. which WAS over- .l^j-rned, .near 'M'auad.alc, a short' drst-anr-c. r Ihe WkttsonUrwn Rtrord is informed that there are 000 c^cs of .fever and flfjue in Sunbui}. and about 300 cases, iu 'T^urtliUuibuilaud. We Lft»0 hfard it siu that a Milton physician visited SiO. patients ^*-i» that place on Sunday.liwt, --YODK-;:, MBNB' LYCEUM. This society- K i l l moot, rrurguint to adjournment, in the rooms ot the Y,, M, C. A., this (Tuesday) evening-at 7^0'clodfj The members will please bear it in mind and be on hand. " J he meolrngs during 'tlift .coming winter should be well attended. T.-HE man whodon't_tftke a newspaper wan in town on Saturday, lie brought in half a dozen hickoiy. brooms and traded - j.uem.off for whisky- UTijjTinswSint for Li» old hhot · guu. He was surprised when .the clerk" told him that the county fair qpcncd on Wednesday !:i c t. DEATH or MBS. FISSBY. We learn from the Attica Ledger, Fountain county Indiaim, that Mrs. t'mney, wife of Samuel Finney, wn» BO badly injured by the'cars at UrawfordaviUe, that she- died from her injuries a few days afterwards. Mrs. Fjfl- n^y had fricnda and relnlirrn IB ltifl.;jty who n-jll'bc pained to bear of her death. (o rpf/innirlpr thn motion ig regard to permitting the Frie Companies to visit Sunbury on the 28th inst. Agreed to. Mr. Corcoran also moved tn reconsider the motion in regard to permitting the Fire Commktoc to. USB their .discretion in regard to leaving .the Companies visit Sunbury. Agreed to. "Mr. White then moved lo refer the whole matter to tlie Fire . Committee. Agreed tu. - , Mr. Van JB'isEirk, Chairman of, the Firs- Committee presenteu iuvo"iWu lepprts Jin the following bills: George Blate -Son, John Van Vorce, and Oin4f"UK: The reports were accepted-and placed on file, also.-pr-esesteH a verbal,, .report in re,rd to tho West street Engine House. Mr. Le.vau, chairman '-jul the Highway Committee, presented, a report from City .Su r_vey r "' l in regnrr! in fcpnnnt npoo-j/yvry-ta repair Hughes street; accepted and placed 6u file. -· ' , --The Clerk^presented a report of expend!' lures o_f rhe'city from May 16, to Sept. 18, ·TKTT,? auioilitOug tii.59jj.7G 01 whichii»%i» read., accepted HIM!"placed on hie. Mr, Ulman ·offffretjfl supplement to an ui'dki.MKo, entitled "ftn^prdmsnce creatn'g. the office of superintendent ^street lamp?, water plugs Knd gasT"" ' v ~"~~ Mr. White called up Highway Committee, n in lehition lo the amount" awarded to the winner. The- content for this prize will be spirited. At 4 p. m. a grand _ foot race w i l l c»me off. _ Half mjle heats, beat twojn three. PretSiuiri S5. Open to all competitors. With the display made, and the attractions offered, for to-morrow, a fine entertainment is expected anil the attendatrce ahnuld.be vpryJarge.. -i . · .A MfsrBRY. 1 _that rustk path was treading, when the s.un his rays was shedding--beaming, gleaming, fairly stream- jng through the trees ; -and I watched the pair propriatton "f uiu»ud tllat uu h madfl to ropnir BRIO street, Hud/ tliSf"- the btrect oBSTa1«- jsioner hp flirprlwl tn do ih work immediately the Hame to be done under the su- pelviMoii of a U i g b n u y CuWuliltcc,- and City Surveyor. Agreed to. Mr. Wiite a1s.o"caJIei3 up the report and petition ifl regard to repairs on 1-rauklin street, and moyed that uu.approprlfiiivtiiif $1000 bo mndc to do the necessary wort. Mr. Trainer ni n vpd in impad by mating '' HKABU 1-BOM AcUIis Our Wmmi ug riculttjral friend hatf ,,becn henrd froiu ngiin nfiT n p a i n f u l silence of nearly a wpd- In liU SjtUinljiy'x paper he gravely ayT. h ..-, »u«. ,h K.,11.,1 1.. .1 t l . n l il In iVy 1 ' ule to make an angur hole w i t h a R i t n l i - t . R*- pcfttWl failures Uuve convinced Wv mow ' U i - p Jical, · .... --" -· .__ ... _. . THE CONCERTS The illusliated vouccrt in Elliot's Academy of Mosii. on (Saturday evening last, for the benefit of'Lycoming LoJmr.No. 112, .1. 0. .of O. F., passed off informed, was quite lurpe, --nnd everbody seemtd delighted. I'rof. (,'. V. C i r e o n , w h o .- -. liadc^'"'g''.ol-tlie-jnuiie j .accjuiUad-himsclf 7 handsomely. ; : BALI.. A ball w i l l be given on Thura~ " day evening, SepL 21.1R71, by the Stopper City CJornftl Band, ill ttiCLicilfrkr · This band is newly organized and -- cd entirely of young i^en of ' n N dty, under the leadership of that old veteran of nrusic, Mrr TSiWt Stor^per, wl'cbiH much eip*ri«nc« in organijiog and 'leading "·___bandR, A p!eas_arrr time m a v be - paU-d. ',. N.", PnOl'. SaHOEMAKEE'h KE.iBlJJOS----'It .-- ,*iii;Hild not be forgotten that I'rof. Shoe maker, of Philadelphia, the gieat elocu- timiial, assisted by his wife, will read in nimfs A-ademr o f ' M c r i o o n TucsdtfJ- evening, tie.pt. 26th. A r:ire treat may be expected as tlie parties 6.re proHcients IB the art. A number" of very floe pieces will ho selected for the ocnwion. The orchestra of Trof. Sing^rhoof will lx pr/-ent and, uid in e n l i v e n i n g vhe exercises. . ' ' Ci'Kiors STORY ABOLI AN UMUG.EU.A. -- A few da^s ago _Cap^ A^IL-S found H ·- - v*ry Tmfe u'nhrell.i in his atorc, tvhklj had £»idcntlji; been mislaid by the owner, and notwithstanding he bus made diligent in- · | U i r y of a large number of por«cns no nwn. (·c c,in be found, which is mo*f extrao^^(l- n'ary". Ue has now concluded to trade ii - -^irone-of o^rcrnV ilra.v uoibr«Ha» about town bearing the name of A- D-.Lundy, " " and out no miolirira, Such i» the story of the Captain B umbrella. ,^ Mr. Colton moved to futltitr a m e n d - b y making it fSod, which was -agreed to. '~A !ai'ge number Of biilh Lavlsg been a p proved by Fire C?m«i"- 0 -" l e'-c'Q)prr"ve'l by council. - ( Mr. Corcoran moved tbat the FiTB'Hn-' mitteebe discharged from the (jirthcr.Von- sid.eratiott of the communicfttiunn ofM-lx- Fire Companies in reg^jd to v i a i t : n g f u n - 'bury"o'h"Hie"^iini InsL nut agreecTio. On motioti council, ndjournedr ---- -DhStiuct A i.i'ORSKY. The Clinton AV- ·puWiran'tif loat wet^k 1M the .f-JlnwinR complimentary nuticc'ef-.-ouc a f ' t h c r ^ w U dates in this county · Sainuti K. Kursl.. 1'i.ij., formerly nl I l i l K placu ndw practising l:iw In \ Y l l l I i u n » p m ^ , hiiHln'ra notiifnatcd- hy Mir K/'milillonus.on.yi'oiiiliW routltv for I h e rttllef rf IW^irlrT Attornoy. TH? _UMt"n/»rrtn*i mp-nrtu nr Mr F ^ i i h t i p t h t H rniuttr county this K a i l , wlfff'it ll\-cl.\- perMouol Inter- rst, ujul will h* rrmly 1^r yret^ tLo i]p«'1lon of llu»lr vonns t r m m j vlFTi n rM-Hriv -A.IJ n u l l ' Lycomlni!. When surh turn as Mr. Knrsf are ' '" up for ptiMlc offloc we lutKl not dtNpjilr rf h o U N Str"ononi' Hebrew Con|fre«uUon. We find! my friends, the t«t to thh p.on«id«rnt'on ij, Paalms, chapter 39, ven» 5, which reada: "Oh JorU! let mo observe my end. the measure of my ilnyg. how smull H is. t n » ' l ""*' a ^ iuowletlge my mortalliy." Ob Lord! let us observe our'end! we also call out like the rWuiUt, «nd turning; a premium. qwn horse. , . Every' gentleman to drive his A hanii»ome medal is to be "l'' !tpn ' n ri *·' entranced I there was listening to the melting, merry music on the breeze, when beneath a tree reclining, where no ray of sun was shining, IB! I sjiw- a-.-fcilow-being on. the ground 1 'Jhmigli BO ottt'et 1 "f^tuie-hhiftedj^iuic soon his eyes uplifted ' upward lifted as he wildly looked around. "Good friend,'" said I, approachiDg -"do not_charge me with encroaching are you waiting fof some uifiaseufcfci of nenn?" But-nfr other Word he uttered, and no other Sentence rnutteied, save "You'jt.fiiid thete'a none like Hurt's boots and shoes!" "Thatjs a strange expression, ."urely wiH said I, looking'dowii demurely. "'1 trust, goud elr, that yvu -the iuc»t-io(i cuee." Butho-ooly -lookejl Iho .prouder as he spoke the words the louder. "There's liTy4 ji«(c*t«on:fort io l!url.'u shoes." "Why, bless me, man !" f shouted, as his sanity I-doubted. "'Tis surely nought to me what people's goods you "se I" IHU he only fT'lffritrn tijghp.r, with enthusiastic fire, "You'll save your caxli by wwiring Burt'a boots and shoes." .-.oo I lofi him there, .rcclininc, whe" ray of -nun was shining, and ·frequerrtly I wonder at the word* tbo -nmn' did use,, thinking surely 'lifas a mystery, and "tbat some hidden history was weaving rorr J uiyael-f and Dun's booU and sliueo. f3u Uieu T-f^artTy-pd to Bti'y them, nay, 1 Toll com- Dcllcd to trj!jb2~ * "·' »w hn|il I'vf .1 for gladness ra*mje words I de'etflell' ness induced me thus^ purchase "Burl's matchless boots and siloed-^ rK\TlI Ot Airs.'Catharine ij,.Keed died at herTte donee in J/vcominiT tewrwilnp-. about six miles north ,of WiHiamsport, on Friday Jrcrrt. 15, nt the advanced ago of ^ yew, 1 months and 11 days. . -Mrs. Beed was quite a remarkablp oid Jady and had »u intercsb ing history. She was born at P l u m b Creek, Berks routity, May ·),-1782. An interesting blogmp'hiuiJ dkttcli of this venerable Ihdy appeared -In ibe d-aitv UAzEi lis A N u A p r i l 2, IS,0. She cme to Lyroming county w i t h lier.lnisbanj enrly in the present century and wait-left a wid-^ owlri 1-vJo. Sincp tliat tmre ^^n.· m.ide her WAV against all obstacles atul_ 8yccessfuljy_ rraruiln lai^c'family. bc was peculiiw-in ler old d,iy» and ucrxi^ted in livrag alone. Hliu WijulU - ii"t \unserit1o hve witb any of her cbildrm or-permit iny one tii liv witli her fbr tlie purpose of taking care oi her., -Her children showed her every attention Nvhich she would allow them to She grow somewhat feeble toward the last uud gradually - n n k away u n i i l ' t l i e mon« "cnnif. Her fdueral took place on ' im.T A ( ; r t i u ; N l - On . nrtictiR t h e j-r^plc t h n t ^rTI! n ol- rr't tl"plf (U tlie i»lln when Jionesty, r4XpacM,y and Inror- Bonlld villhuiK wlin maWi'jf (raitv (71 iioHlV-ji v ,^1 ^n r,ft..i, y i - u k p t i t . , i iilWps t ha.L h r X M ' M . M I f H should fill. i!oi'~Kii»i.F.n nv A MLI.E". tOtt Snntfoy i'abi, a boy 12 jturn old, n.nvl JUiIl l^iug, i«on of John King, of No. 44 Mulberry Su, Williamtijjort, ratifoIn hU death from the kick of a mule. Theboy''ncconipanied bis father; who rum a boat on tlie canal, and wna d r i v i n g the mules- IVhen near Ms- hohtongo, OHC'of U.c mulen kicked him violently, in the left side, frr.m the e(Tect« of which he died in .about threx; quarters of an hfntr. Hi» body waa brouglit home .on Monday and buried from tho re^itteni^* of his parents, cm Hulbcnv street,, this iTuofilny^ afteni'x.n, at ijVeinplf HP w«» a bright, lume.»l lad, and his traaic"death is a severe- sflhclimi Io1i" 4'earjjld son cf damucl M u f l i t . m^t w i t h accident licit UK- Matiun i» N^wbcrry. company with a number of other boy«', -- C- * »- v * -, .ortli. w l y h he was bv some means caught and severely injured^ U u i n j u r i e s received icjj ".\ll*otUXi! n a our eyes upoo the which is to*ally all gone f rota "us, and i.- united with the great stream of time, we are so to say, forced to ask the question: "What hast thou, oh so rapidly p««t year, to te'tl us in pa before thou art gone into eternity r my beloved, with thu question we ai _ ar rmr« reminded of past events the joyful and the"~Borruwrul, and ffie Anget ol the pwtt, Cufinng to the greyheaded, opens, queadoning, hia lij*: Thou, man .with the gray head, who ha.n -o-often, 'stood before The open grave, in whose ear basso oftTM sounded the whispering sound of death, thou,fl."rt yet alive, and in the midst of thy children. Children's childreu surround "you and would lite to m^ke you young again. Thou hast grown .old, but He, wlidse" yeare'ar? ^ P«, has car- He ban riedyou, Hehia leW y«» up, He ban brought you to this day'! But bust,ibou called u pan him and prayed? - _ - ""Do not, Oh Lwdi throw .me "«iue in my old age; oh leave me not when my streugth ia puling itwaj '." "1; io " h " H , t not prayed these holy word? Do it 'yet . * . ' . " I t ) r l U m m f-hiXTClAlr do il.to-dnij, -do it »'· Throw thyself iU wwuing voice: " Will yonr eye« never b» witisfied until their cavities are filled wl'-h 4«»tf --will -your hv 1 |iw«* r '*«»« wishing until it ·'.·itytetb'attlft'CtDO y"* 1 " has panned 4»gi*«n, md with thi Neff Yesr you are a considerable step nearci to the gravel Down, down, yon high and ptoud onos. down on your kneci hetore*.h» ihroneof the Almighty 1 *T.ay (wide your contjyorninients, for you u^n not d*»jje ot bribe Htm I 'DOwfrKd-f !d P ra y down 1 upon thy trembling knees and pray ; and we whose years are yet fewer than tMhe, will pray with luce with submission and devotion. "ik Mni__lh*«vf -aie aside, oh Lord, in my old age ;. Oh, leave me not when my strength ia passing aw.ay ! And to-yon, my'beloved, who are yet in the bloom of youth TMd in-the fullness -of iife,-the angel of the past turneth also, questioning: "flow much has the Lord done for you in the past year ? How many happy hours, weeks and months have you passed in the m Hit,ntth rise so dear to you? Ilurf uiufili pifeasure ·*« 'WMi ui-t'-uoOtu to yon oh father and mother, by your .children, by means of tbeir~blooiniug figures, iheif »eusiblo-spcccb, the progress of their mind, the.enobltmentDf th-eir hearts-! And how good!has the Lord been to you, by allowing your business to prosper, by blessing the work.of.your hands, causing you to harvest much where you have sown out lit- t'e; "Birl-tiiire you not, contrary to all your expectations, often Tiarvested in Joy what you have sown in tears? But"baveyu.u ttleu acknowledged, loved and worshipped aim, t.he giver of all-good;' os have you considered alt due to'your own judmiieul, yi/ur o»a ; sagacity, and have jou with : a proud bearr spoken:" "My power, my judgment', my own smartness has done all these things* forme." -- -Who k the Lord, w-ho. .is the A-l'mighty;,. whom we should serve-? "Have yon allow- eri these Impertinent words, to .pass over j U Mi 11^? IX..vyou"flbt Rhown by yonr action thut ^ou'Jo nut rccJgni«c any high , pr rower, ftnv sunnrim' mmlc iiT IliH fn)t of man i or naverytra ^poktn -wMh-rfSDlinirt iJavid : " Fioui tb.ee, oh Lord, w« receive all,' and from thy baud we'return it tbjiee u ^ H l n ! " Oli hpeitk.J(k"o...i'»», 'epeikl^iu tiiis holy houf and bring the Lord a pure thayksoflering ; offer it on tlie altar of your, "n-sart, ant] wnTiTi yoil gn fuith fiuui here ift- tntfi- x WQild liul according lu tlitse piiui,i- plea ! \ And yotk cuildren oj (he Otn'e-, upon' whose shoura^rs.'-can not feel as yet.the burdens of .life,vi-Jjo a-re actually beaet with pleasures from all 8id«gjaBd for' whom all their, pathwaya seem ur-~h.c'slrewn. with flowers, have you enjoyed tE d u r i n g the past year rationallyT you liffn w a t c b f u l over your heart, in or i to discover the serpents which have i-it bidden in the flowers and endeavored to poison yuu ? , Have you courageously " - ~ " ' Lord, let me observe the nfeaiure-*5f "fay days, that I may Voow how mprthl I 'am 1" With all my wishes and treasures, jrjth all my-plans and projects, let me tftke to heart that -man's life is 4ite. -gqisc; it Wossoms like the flowers in the field'; the first breath of air it i» gone, and its place knowetfi it nq more. Therefore let me count rny days, that I may do good. Oh, my friends, let "* observe how amall the me«ni/tD of our dava is, how mortal we are! Hear it "gain, thou man with the gray head, what the new yen'' says to you. Who knows b.tiLif may be the^ lv»t year .of your life upon "which y"bu · eiiler to day? Who knows if not this first'day of (he year be your last new year's day? Whether you will, united with us,-pray to God on the next new year's day to cOtfe, or if you are not 1y that time ia the higher Temple, where all speake of.n^stui y , ao.'} t staiidmg beside the Alm.ig.hly, you look d?wu upon us, faultless and sinless ? Only Jays, hours, only you may have-to live, do ~uot spend them-idle; do mil-post pone what you may be able to do yfct. Age brings prudence. Long yeara have taught their lessons. Perhaps you can mate yourself useful to one or another with your experience; perhaps you can teach them regarding the high value of life, re* garding its paina and wounds, its joys and - · · - " - ;u LopMttnd dc.- 1 " 0 " proapBCts, and its I T SKNSATIONAL BY JAMKS HOBINSON'S t 4-1 C HI/\ · i' -AND C H A M P I O N · - . - * SHOW! its expectations an ny changes. You may be enabled to show a good ex- apjpleTo your children and gfandr children, or to keep them fronvtaking a Wrong step. Your gray hair t is more apt .to m^te an impression than ln"e trembling voice. May be you arelyet able to make good, wrnnp-fl.Ranimitted.in vour vounfrerdays. ou may-Tie able lo dry twirg, which you aye caused, heal wounds which yon-have made, or lift up brothers and misters whom ou have pushed down ? But make hasia, nd ttmeriiber how small the measure of our days, .and bow mortal you are. You, too, my sister, if your fortune nnd. im b;fts been in things whii-h are tempora- /, like yourself like the flowers which or- nmentB you and vfhicU the .faintest breath taybldw awijl turn" off from -tCe i yuJ nich leads to ruin aud begia the ue.» year itb a-new spirit with a solid mind and "pure hear' · - - - BemerobeT, thou ait mortali! and thon appy one, step with pleas'"* into the new §ar j an etartys* .'Ood will preserve it as ong asIt.Ts g»6d ibr you. And ' thou u nappy one, enter the uew year confidently; TM eternal^go6dness is awake and wll bange thy situation- as soon ml Jl is tuui- atihTe rvilh yoA'A. p" rn(l1 welfare' ;Thou oor and cuffcrirrg-one",fnter ~(\]f m-*y«.r th a good "hope; for the, Ktornni l i v p t h ho it«iually giss» »"d lovt» , he .will open " lot vuu, iow, He «ill B»tisfy you , , nd your children with His B iacewbich is without end. AH of you who may yet weep for a dtui bjecHJe eSrtsokJr and cuter (HH nPW ye.arj. n "ternal God has made eternity our aim your loved uues have only pjue "before OU ; they arc not losi v We will belcd Up- n a highpr'stp'p : our Sim is eternity t our lace ol action ia eternity. There a nev» ear's morning awaits us, which' fulfllleth 11 our desires ; tberfe we all will be united n joy, never to part again. Years rob us f much, oft«n make a play thins of our riefs and wishes ; but let them tu-ke what there remains to- us love atKi Thr trai-.li of tin- Cat^tflssa ro.-ul lillil both W.UTP port. ay*between Mm Thf side traelcs In t h i s r'lty aro to VM- arid he w nol co _ A man nftmed W i l l i n m (,'umniings, r m - jloved aa a bolter on the sdiingle roill.uf'A. A. \Vinpgirdner,near theTMiUtrof l.vrom- n g c r p e k , ipet w i t h n p a i n f u l accident on VUilu.1., . I I ' . o l i ^ l . t h..ll,l WAS / - j n g l i l i n the boUinp; wvw ntid mai)(;lel in n tcrnbjc munticr, tlif i n s i d e of it being l o i n Mil anil the bones ertwhed badly. It U \irubiible that one of his finp;er\will h a v e , to lie tim- eil, a n d tic may nrVver rrrover ihe u.-e of the band. -- Tit WHS only ajew days aco that the Htir rUrinrg ,S?nfr ./(it/rnar*ann6unced"(Kat' tbe "' side tracks" were being lajj ia that city, and now^we are informed that tho plucky little-Csfawissa" is l a y i n g "side tracks" in SoraplCT. W e h n p p - t h c goi-d work will c o n t i n u e in other riu', for .no nind in (h( country is more ilcsfi"/liig ol Mttx\«.i KnU, proiptrity -- - manager.-, of fur i u t o i u i n - At a meeting of thi'F.ituiiivc CominiUcej'!' tb« M u n c y \'allev Farmer'* Club, tYe~TKtjourhmenV of the fair t* announced yesterday on the groun^l, wn£ nit- litd. Tbe unfinished business oT ih« Fair will, ' W n c r i M C , lie a..yiili|ilialied uD Ffid ihe 5'.lth daj- of September, 1871, at which ilidv ilic ».i.i(«inriu,jit-of-lli* nVn-r^" wiil \tv made, irtd ^-sy^'.CQt nude at tbe Secrc uirv's crffice.. ^ The unfinished "bustne.i* consiit* of^the Competition in Hind \ f t u i c · Fiiiftr!r»i. nn ( { iViltntrianifni,~ nnd lh6 trial of ttft .speed of hocses »»^ublifhc;l in the F Aiinni I'i»i - r u v i - i o N I I I '1-hird day, . r. M. - ' ""' . T.IH: plication being made to t h e the county fair th« other- day. HOME TALKS. 1. 0h Saturday u. it, ILo WlLUi\'4"rotT M i a b i give an exhibition at Elliot's Acadomy of Music. Tbcj have nuuje of the b^»l talent ; n the country, and on that- occasion one ol their number Mr. Lew Brimmer bsnjoiat who hn* gained great ill ihS P»iI"Francl»co' »f 1 natls . tion calculated to benefit lhi'»n by Uying it before the public, \\-e were i n f o r m e d that thcv w o u l d l i k e lo "accommodate us if thoy "haf lime." I»this they were greatly mis- lKen a* we were trying U^ '"awummedKU!- them by publishinp; inforiTiation for Thfir benefit, i^jjde ^cut'i^ljy h a v e u lijifttAkcu idui ab.jul mxum-aitHlfttLup the prwo. ^ - . -- . ----- IN.H RF.n -- Wp-rcgrcT to learn that Deputy Sheriff, H. H. Blair, wait thrown "-from his buggy,. near Muncy; on Saturday night last, by which two of his ribs were broken. He is still at Muncy where he was taken after the accident. ....... ~ ' Broadway, N. Y.. and a'- Simmons Bolo- cum's Opera .House, Philadelphia Al me ulfn'. fnr i-nfflrTRining fh'Hr audience* They should have a ralf boose. ST. OH K-R'S COMMiNDhJiV , ed through the city thi« nrferning «n tjieir «AT to jjalti..roit. .116 stranc. A fin/. baffd, numbering Id pieces, accompanied them. They looked Well and Ml well. arbitration took pbice O.P Fwirth street re- cenUj betwe^p two. .ir^t« .indi.Tidndls, during nkii,ti, lubufii 17uo tt.'OTe fsf thff paitie'i T^ad bin," day d»irir«Tiei1" from, the effects of ""lemon Ilughojvillc,cp1. Hi, S e c r e t a r y , Tiiiir.iBi.E FAI.V A N D N A R R O W Ks On Sunday Ixst a child rf Joseph Oar l i n , .igcd f(.nr year», fell into a drv well, S' feet d*ep, at the residence -of Mr.' Dinehart near the Boo'tiT Th'e.fTiVc.r hfad bc«n Itf temporarily off the well and the child hap pened to git near tlit" opcuiiig nud"fc-ll i; 'Tbeijiotb.^i's aiitntioii v(,\i itti A^tu J Lj ti screams and the unfortunate chiM wan e tricated. sis (jtiickly as poxsible and medici oned, u ' ?il!r . nil summoned, u was f'Cund to tained a. severe injuiy to tb* »kull, and scv eral pieces of bone were taken out of ft» hflar! nn AfnnHftj;^ Xhe suiferinks of th body were pxtifi'dy severe, but »t this tv r i t i n f f 1"» ia mftrA A4«y 5 ·- " - . ()BiTr*nv. By referring t o o u r o b i l u a r Coinmn it.ffill bo 5i;s;n that M£. Abner C Sallade, an o!4 resident of SaFaiJrab died in that placg^on the 18th inst. had been a greiiT' sufferer JOT a .year past but bore "nTs"sffliciion«" witti e'rbrBent cnris flan resign iition, and passed away with of triumpK nn his cctij Uavtta a wife und foiu bQ'b'reu lo 'uiuuirj. his lo«a. Mr. 8., WM a younger brother o Col. Sallade of mis city. - .IU.A.I ^ u ru.i. Stepped on " their --heudu -'witUout wounding y " U ? And have you conducted M-TM V iC a tuw^.1 y:\vt-wrent!, JvJlO love (pu Better than theimelres ? HaVS* you caused joy or sorrow to their hearts ? Have joii Lc.iUJ in Auiiudtd tic «AIMC?_ Have yon t r u l y and sok'ninly thought'that they, w h o arc 'aid. « n j support to you, m a y b e railed up.in'tu leave you lit any time, and llie'iiffli(J.ioti wouTJ be the sorer for you if ing"the days of thflr uhorl life ! They arc -;...' ulivc, i)-(.y ia yrt iu y o u r diUUt - / · - ' . hc^rt b«\t« yf t" ' A r«, yo'i have 'mi lime In sweeten their lives, and to tEunk Uie J.oM U'ai the dom-sl m a i n ! ~s d u r i n g the past year, the Angel tufneth h a-'soit voice, \ \ u i u l u g tinlcutjUia(jiiig. v^ how fliauv nave .enitretl-ihe p««(-year, w i t h the'most-beautiful prospects, in Itreu- ihe favorites ol tortund ; how many, ai beginning of the pa.-t year, haw laid us "how they .would m u l t i p l y ' their reastires, how t h e y wou-Ul incneasfthei ctui!i hrtw thrv wouM v^pcten^fheir J n y ' . nd h u w they would enlarge their-c'.IJlea ? !ut itl.-w, t h e i r p l a n s have failed,-, their ren^Urcs have decreased', their business has imLuinhed, their joys have fluw.n, their ouse has been made smaller,bii-l'y thelf;)am (ire iticrcused,. Ara there, perhaps, such also .n our midBtj/nry few-tows; do you know of in«i-iuckrjn yo'nr midst mj sisters'.' 1 sn_ hn|Vj-,.u"ii*utc t t i f n i , n n d dry their tears ''an y%u dry those tears? -Oh, do it with H-your miglit. for how many are there -·fcichriTyou do your very best, you c-annn :y '. Who can "dry'the tears of the fathe ihe mother, whom, in the past year toru a dafling child from their heirts Who can console a son or a daughter wh' have lost a"fatherafmolher? "i ears rob n of much, they often iii.vke.a y.l».vtbi"g ou-t-c our Briefs a'nd desires' Yet, l_et them tak whatever tliey rany. ihere always remain Ui.us a f*itU in in immortal future! "O Lord, let me observe my-erfd, the measur of my day« . liow small i( is, that I ma, tTtiow hmv mortal I am!" Thus, m; friend?, let us pray nt the threshhold of th f u t u r e ; let us t u r n our eye lowards th new year which we have just Begun. -- "TUitU nv»y knaw how mortM I pTM !" L)o we 'Uuders'-arid .iH^, sense _of thi prayer correctly, my f r i e n d s ? Is it neces sary to tt-ach us that we aro mortal ? Doe nfit pverrllmij; remind m n n r ed hope*, Ihe .pleasures which and gOBo, the dstir ones which wo miss f«r «'h n m we look i-n rain, to* wound which we UU bvftr upon us and whic' bleed anew ; dui'U not all this remind ns o our insignificance., of ota morality * 'fiidee»l itxducs. But ixhcii **fi t l-hc nrtions of most men, does- It not seem a.* ii itiej did iidl niow'lllat they tal ! One heaps trr-Mure* upon tft««i ant] at ih*#aiiie time looks snspicion«ly jealously towards Ha neighbor, as if n would l i k e to see every one else in eiiTe. He, and he aldne, vr[nld.gr»«p "6Vfei'y thic^. ~ iiu^u tt LUHIJ- uiy beloved,.^M. B.evcr prayed-.· "Oh I^ird, let me ~ the meft«urjft ofnvy Hgj» l hoi' ia*i J-^]^ ( 11Ja rot ujv iftC4j^u lK C That 't tal : ' M e h n n n o t prayed it, but the ne ypar shall to-day ^Sll it. tO hi" mind. or A O K A N ' D roNi: EDEBA.Tl6N OF ' Equestrians, Athletes and Gymnasts! u a first-class X,(.-2Uimatti Circus, led Tbo MASTER HORSEMAN of the World, and "FRANJK The Ceicbrated Pail Elder. --A Everyday l-y ""-' eslt-br:tt*d r.irlslan Aeronaut, MOSS. PAUL LE"QANP, IB hi' nmmmoyi n'r-smp i-u -»· lAI'ls, A1U tude, IW feet: diameter, 4'l fi-el J'he-procpss ol t?j"jS?o^ d ert^ n X l T*u'' l "o3a^ely e wTllioui extra cnnrgr. . Will cxlilbtt at Wllliimspor.t. ou Wednesday, ^eut. 20th. TVTOTICE. %Ve hereby gie-;notice to JJll uie_ Ladles of -Wllllniuofit.-Aud. to the Messrs, "fetriok * Kline,^ No ZftWest Third street, WlUlo-msport, Pa. our*ole agents In Uilsul-ty, JOT the- »ttW " '»"· t,AMLES "MAUQUISE," and "Mar|n'rlt*s" -one to si? button, Kli tif 11-iIIiM ' Manufacturers or_Kt«l OlorML bL BOND, Hoase and Sign faratei I'nccr HnnKOi. and Interior uecoraui Urnlnlni;, KaiRomminB. EO., etc. All ordeii itri'et'jjofw'een'wHlriul uud Campbell stroetB, -Wtllininsport. P«. *_ aplO-ly-i METXGEB,-"\VagOUr- burr^y. ind r, Na *' KJI»I Fourth street ull \rorlt gnarikuujeih *H».' ;iig of fnrrlnges, Ac., BwIlclU 1 I OH IN U. CilXJJN^'te WUUU WORK IMC miJ!.|)lnei.y.TO«P..ftlCT.tclt!;»f?,-portriWe rtlu.i.!i"i! ».»\ mills. pi«n'SS |ir !U mouioint Is. All kinds of BHWB repaired coruor of Tlilro iey may, in an eternal aim. -MARRIJKD. A M E N , nst., nt tha house of .the tiUd^'s fntlitr. by IU3V. n. K M-ciosuy. 1/1 "· WalT-rr B«rt. -formerlj- of .tnlyliinr.!!^..^!!^ Hnry _J-.-^otmiB»s «« Lycamlng rntifcty. i - ^ ^ ^ - HA1.1..XDIC- 1 " Kalt»(1wJiiirg ou ttii- l-'ih- isk. Aimer ii. SaJLule. ag'-J W «""·». K montus Ud 2b duyH,- \-h^fn.t on Wodiri.N*.l:iv "t-lic Wt Ij, at H "V.l^i BKAR.-in Muncj-.on Wertnefcday.laKl, ut tliu esldencoof Ilr. Wm. M. Rankln, her-brotlffr- n-lnw, Minn KeDecc-B \\.lx-iu.lliwnti-i or (.hi ate lien I. Kcnr, of Clinton town»hlp, » mnoh ov.-d aud hlitli-lv cmremod-yoiinn Indy, «K"d years, (l montiT« and T days. · Mi M f R R A j r . -- I n Oran-clllc, nr»-Uord coun- j , »u iliu Idlli "I ll«ptunber, Mr». (liurlos !ktc-Murrfty, »Bed i-l y^rs. Tfte ftimve notice was erroneously published yesUsrdj- t)iv r""i" i»-ln K . gtvpn'ns - MC^ ur- ue, .'"itrKl the age 41, when It shooia-buv? I'.tvn. jnvpn to dAV. " ' · rtTV ITKKM: MAU.LE, -TUir« oud J?eH-r Strceta pin r, A PLAIN AND GAT.VAN17.Ep 4IT Bratcfi and Irmi Vnl v BS itiid (JoElts FltllnE" for Giw.^Unm ana Wht«r;. Kouiih anil Kllibihuil BraRS Work; - ~- Oiu.nnrt ^*-»m PiMpra'TooN.^tc,. etc BOIL PIPE AND lialli Tittisnnd Sinks, «a«i Eull?s, EniuHWe W;i«b B»«ln StandB, etc., Colls of Tnb«; - fcjli«m Kctl-Ics and Traps. J ill SIZES ·J-Tl'TKJ) R Successors to MORBI8, TASKEE 00 AS CONTRACTOKftl F t l . K W I L L lAStsronT, Scpl. i.'O-ci. \S .-, i h f u l I U T r s n f the LycomlnEPOtinty A K V I - nKurnl Society, hereby certify that Mr. Ram- lei Van D u n k i r k - IH not nor ha« not l»wu ft mliCT of the ExcoutlveCommltt«o of our So- c+cty, and also t h n t he hart nothing to do, with ' l i l n j Ui« tl»i" "f holding oar fair this r"ir._ i-mit'he was aii^uluted i» jucuilM.i *jf u t-ui.iLuiu UK; of confttrpnee with J. E. .lonps to meet n 111te"W!nYnHUi* ti-am the Mnncy Vjil luy-Fflnu rrs'Clah, which they fulled to appoint, anil i ra'ui iu ric.e was lilwhnrcci! :nml fmthrr. f h.ii he jltrf all hi* t (Ati\ to rfaf.L !i i uiiii.H-i/»nw- w i t h l h « m . rm.n, L. LYOS, " .1. W._HAva, TVnuurw. ..-- (*7l.\R. K Ofcili)k.s, 3(erfrarjj. E. ,JI. Kdn'm, John K. Jones, Joseph (jilmorc, "fcl. It T nip '· Van. I l K . W l L L I A M R t ' O l l T , S4^p!. }·', '71. M . M I - i k 4 S D OT11KK.S-- ~Ufrttti~itt a · t d H lh awierted by Rome persons that 3amu(-l Vun Buii1tlrk,Ge^i...uMd his Influence In the location of tno fata-wlisn rftllro«il on iu prenonl route. . Thm location wiw TM n ^ o iemnH i h n oivjtcrs and offlciTh of t h p ronrt hfll('Vel iT'to t)0 fof t h e he»l Interest of ttioir enteM/rlse, anil Mr. Van Bos kirk at all tlmta rt3l«l hvns that ho had friends who favbrwl "DOtn -too»Uuu«. iiiij ho would lAVc no active or pn«itlvc intoreit either way. u f UK-ret .ashed n« to make any locution iu any plm*. Yuu i~.n «,nke -lueh uoo of (Ms u Su ohoaso. --- KOTpectfully snbmltttxl. _1 -. -: f l i u l . W F - H I ; ,seplft-3td " £«ix- nnd Enytnctr. ftiEsn Oy»t«r«al Bro*u«"'«, Market street. * Son, miinff'ctureni of flreond .iroa.y anl us in d_ y A(il t d oor? iron Bbnuars »nd fire proof doorii. fiefil circular conlnining-'partlenlnrs, address ASen. l«Stst« "feet, Bnc.hesl""-, N. Y. _ M. for /INE PBOPRRTY FOR^ALE- Th« ^bniiuviAd piii«u"t uf-M.» Mu-iVdAti.fi- ,,,, A"»rony iu«et, nnaf tho W|ili«ntfpnt cemetery, Is Ivi tftto at ft sacrlQe*. Thta prvper- ty i wo /«ct Kjai^e and l» one of '«. fl"*tu whola or win be dlvM"d U idle v J/iM.Mers, For p^rtfculj*'TM apDl7 at the taw^ailtac^ar T, A H* C. T* "-*"" Toi .the I l e f t t i n R o t n Stcnm or Hot Wat«f. by the most approved msthcxin, ItebS-ly ESTIMATED FURNISHED OKATfS. OMETHKNO NEW., COME' Dt'FO'f ' AH1) 01 KT. Mannfaclurffrv of BREAD, TAKES, CAMY, C ........ _.^_.. .. hu ha^piy it -trtoitt be open* il next to tho Market HO""P, oa Cour 111 t ' l i n j . t A i U L' open*U ne strenr, wJirrr PVP t h l n R perinlnlBRto ft ..firs A wngon w i l l be lilred to hupply our cnstom prr uttliKKK M O I . l i ' I T E I i . /"\ .STOVE STORE, T D I R D STUKET. Opposite CJty Hot*l. Dealers NC\Y and Second F U R N I S H I N G GOODS, f n our MA/*]!CM! in hmi^'ke low nod for canh dcvwy ft rf 1,0)6 UO t bav!»R Local boa vf fire PDbled to sell al us ares HR any bouwr In tbe city. as we are detojuifnod n all kind* of' household good us n prl«*. Cwih paid, frt and slow*. T wo arc prepared to (five cstimiAes onfl ciToiio o«i mo wh'vio «Toite Without tho hlr of an anrlloD. A f»H line of Rerond bAn nn.ln.at low prlcCH/ A 8.* WAGNER, ;' A RC (HTEC r l utnte Tu OVe Acnffora'y of Mn»!o, Comer Foart nnd Pinextreet*, aecond floor. Design!) furir»h64 In A\\ «yle«_or Arohlteo Name, or Tit m HOCSWH OF [Tho«« of on* who · , =\» a roforonoe tie wleotlnn ha strictly S-IUHI Of , irU » vo tl»n« »"d trouble p, Wd 1» , dA KKtif). N PAO", cor, WcwtFonr**" -DKNTI8TS. A KT.UB»',S'W. T DRUOGIfUB, ·i,Kr oor. FiWirtn 4 ciampbeU stu ,,,_.,.-. PIANO COMPANY. West Third street, bet. Weat and Hepburn sU H A R D W A R E , IRON, C. OHN w. JOKFJ' A CO., «' West ^ lrd - XJSHW, KANGi* S'TOVRS. r.^nii' W MITE, west Fourth 1AYS 4 PHTT.T.IPS, ooriier Fourth und P'ne. LF.ATHWR. A Nil BKT'TfflO. OEOKQE BT.ATE SON.89 westFonr». " PLUMBERS, GAS LAMPS. CEOLL * TurtNER,6S("id W V^est .Third. PRODUCE DF-AT.Ktt. wM. '-BARTLHTi'l^.N. W.cor.'Four*'" ot Mftrfc^t, £ DUtJI'fl !sv -:- r. Fourth and Pine. nUon «/» wnponndint ~ A OolOD. Ol Nuw tor afl p«14 of

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