Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1952
Page 7
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W^jtffMWw'* t'%*>»' i •• \n H Thursday, October 30, 1 1/52 NEWS S«r- ftt church u Thur*In ol>wrv»rtK« pl«y»a was turned over who *poJt« wwo »«*rv(*d !<?«• rrvattt individual fjaktjn t/ipi»ert with mlnlnlnrc Waek cot*, Thi? Inrjjfl tvhlto and orange birthday cuke WHfl (Aliped with flftllwvren clwir- atloni, ft'avur* wcro home, bnlloorut nncl Jolly poj»» with handle* of Hnllow*f'n figure*, County Club Council M«*U Th« J*«vfl't« Cfrtmty Council met Friday, Oet, 24, nt 1:30 at Out, flnt Pr«ti»by)prlnn fchurch. The ira'plliiff was cnlli"! to order- by the 0r««Wen», Mrs, D. W. Dur-j h»m. A/ler the ninpina ttf tho Nit I tionnl Anthem th" ilC'vollnnnl wf,;. Klven by Mrs, Theodora Kijjin, Tru.-, plt»<t«<* of Allofllft'tco to our I In/: I W«» loft by Mm. Nfflt Wooilcy, I Mm, N N HuiiM I'Xpliilncd tln-j mounlni; i>( the IIum« Dorrumiitrn-j tlon emblem, Mrs, Vernori for* 1 Iwl cuit-Mluns on "Know Vmir United Millions," Hntmit* of the Ktnlo meeting fit Fny«UevllU« wero elvun by Mm, Tad Cflrrlnglon end Mr», W/ fi. The meeting U» Mr* MailKts on ''United Report* of committee* w«fe held and the following officer* were CJfwIed for iirmlher y«»r: Pr«»M<mt Mr*, W. K. Ulack, vlcc.pr»»ld«-n(, Mr*, Roy Duke, secretary and treitnurpr, Mrs, Olln Well*, DC- votl'trwl leader, Mrs, Jewell Coll!colt, dOfig leader, Mm, Jack Cooper, reporter, Mm. I>. W, Durham. KJghtovn rm;m)»or» were prenent, The next meetlriK will be with the Krdlnml Club on Dcrember 12th, ! for n Chrldtmns luncheon, Among the friend* and relative fr'vm out of town who attended OKI funeral nervlcixt for Mr*, tro Oee at dm Methodist Church Humliiy ufU'rnoon wero: Mr*, 8t*U Sher- mini, Mrx, Mi»ry v K«rr)0, Mr*. Ruth MrClurt' of Texnrkonn. Mr. and Mis. lien Mines, Ft, Worth, Mr, and Mrs, II, V, McCanloy, Nnsh- vlllo, Mr, und MI-M, Cecil Gee, St. Lou id, Mr, urul Mrs. Howard Hlx, !l*jl Sprlni{«, Mr. nnd Mrs. O. W. Alflpmujh, Kl Dorado, Mm. Don Al9|)iiti)(h, l.Htle Itock, nnd Mrs. Hob tJenrnan olio of Hot Snrin«H, Mm, Mildred Dickinxon of Hope wfiu the gii<i*t Hunt!(iy of Mr. and Mr*. D, W. Durham. Pat fore, iludcnt at the Unlver- (fty of Arknnxait, Fttyettevllle, spent the week end with hi* par-; «it«, Mr, and Mr*. Vernon Fore.i Mr. and Mr*. Pat Combs arid, daughter, Jan of F,l Dorado itrej the gucsti of her parent*, Mr, and; Mr*. C, D. Mc.'iwnln nnd Miss Art')' McSwaln. j Dick Bright and Adam Outhrle Jr., were the week end guests of friends in Sbrevcpoi t. j Mm, Orln F'JIisworth, Mr*, S, T.; Whlt« were the RU(>«t« last week' of Mrs, Cleveland Mitt In Uttlu Rock, s spent the week end In Arkadelphfa as the guests of Mr, Gcore<? Dews. Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Thompson ;md family were the week end quests of Mr. nntl Mm. Gug Pfcr- fpr lr» t.ittlc Hock. Jime*. David nnd Ann Outherie i,! Camdcn were the Rurst« of their grandfather, Martin Guthrie nnd their uncle, Mr. and Mm. B. A. Dff.nrnai, while their parents. Mr. and Mr*. Jnrrirs Guthrie, attended ;i medietil rm.'etlng in Dallas. The conl mints of Alabama produced 13'i» million tuns of coal last year, Markets Mr, and Mrs. George Hnynie of North LIUIe Hcwk were the week end fluent a ol Mrs. Howard (laynie. Mm, Mettle Koblnson had ns hor weak end «iu-st», Mr. nnd Mrs, Elwood Riiblrison, Hetty Lynn und Jennie of Kl Dorudo. Mrs. Irene Chastnin of Tcxarka- na spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs, Howard Graham. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Dews and OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY CO. "< i. I Wide Selections! JX^MmimwwmamamamK lQWiST_Prltti!_ Every Type ... for Every Age! Dltk Tracy's Baby! BONNIE BRAIDS' Doll Soft, Cuddly DOLL in BLANKET Sh«'i «dor«blc, JUH « th« ii in •thrwmle iirip With iwo ««j bfaicji firowinjj Irgm h«r life-like head. Sofi, t»«|.f«?linp *na body. Ikauil/ull)'. USE OUR LAYAWAY •«tty Ann DOLL «**•/ lltU* Jjlfl't delljsliil Mo\in« cy*» »nd IithH, tywx <ttm* <tnJ TtlmB)«J bonnM wuh l p«nti«, TRAIN Looks like » new-born baby, Soft, Uicx body. Movinjj Vinyl |\e*o. Rcdliidc 'cooing voice, Hmk JbUrvkei, POLL CARRIAGE 3 8 . 8 Hooit Tirtt v tteel frame Adjustable luxid Dur- lej 1 *blf lejiihefttte body, in French blue, $m«ky HOLSTER SIT Ftonl _ brown » n d uu 170 IfKlicr, with jew clcd mdalliooi nitkel jmJj inti «old Clwty «p«iing putol 17 I , * Lot* MUSICAL ROCKER _,«Pt»M » liippy : tune «t the litilc one /^ KKlii. Birvh n(tUli. Seat U x I.»" >iie, / • TELEPHONI LIONll Iws ol fun forlutlr WfUL Movjble did). Double Bt\l Real looking! AAV All 98** * v SO-«»» CAP RIFLE A itjxuter with a drop clip Mtel txmtl. All pin- lie wock S(«U TRACTOR |>l«Hic. Rubber «t«, ,Vt«y BIKES and WHEEL TOYS! WWSf luff-,' i*j if-^i'-tJ <,*~ ' . ! SUPPLY to. RIPUT SALE!! 18 Piece DISH SET f ^ <• %» k*'"ik «BJ lustre, oven proof gta$». AjjQin jn stock. *1.99 The grain market slipped under yesterday's close when weakness- developed in corn todoy. Whole-! sale meat steady to lower. Hogs 30 to 25 cent* lower. Slaughter cattle steady to weak. Cotton futures opened 60 to 94; cents a bale higher. Today's Commodity report furnished by the USDA: Hogs worn I selling steady to 25 cent lower at 1 midwest terminals. | The bulk of 200 to 270 pound i butchers are bringing $10.75 to $17..! 50. A couple of loads of choice' lltfht weights have sold up to a top of $17.75 at Indianapolis, but tops range $18.90 to $17.40. Sows are steady to 25 cents lower with instances of greater decline. A few choiap light weights have sold up to $17 at East St. Louis, but the bulk are selling from $14.25 to $16.75. prisoners who were atlemjlting,,to break into a weapons stor«h6us'e The prison commander slid the rioting prisoners formerly were members of Communist-led} filter* rilla bands, Four POWs Die | in Escape Try PUSAN, Koren (fl — Four Koreans were killed and three were wounded today when 114 other guerrillas attempted a mass prison escape Guards quelled the riot after 45 jpmutes by firing into a group of MfWhat You L Without Sour Stoma Tunn Hop ft*, in ach. acM timii«U< lntl*ntly. , ?•• K'-F'f | t^fffS »•»* fit 1-3 (ay, October 30, 1952 HOPI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Pnon« 7-8491 Bttwitn I A. M. and 4 P. M. crnoon al 4 o'clock for a business meeting and a Stewardship program. Pen Lite Compere YWA Meets With Mrs. Wllllami Thr Pen Lite Compere YWA of the First Baptist Church met «M MEMPHIS (Jfi Tui'sihiv, Oct. 28, in the home of InK inriude the Arknnsns State Nurses Association. Ar k n n s a s League of Nursing Education, Ark- ansa Slate Organization for Public Health Nursing and Arkansas State Association of Anesthetists, lOt A X«« Kroger Milk 3 Tall Cans Vitamin rich evaporated milk. PET or CARNATION MILK 3 DILL PICKLES Toll Cans Miss America Brand. 1/2 Gal. Jug. C 53c CHERRIOS Oat cer«al. FRESH MILK »™ Your favorite brand. Homogenized. CLOVERLEAF Non-fat dry milk solids. Table Napkins 2 Pkgs 29c Hudson Brand, Embossed paper. Oz. Pkg. 1-Lb. Pkg. PUREX Household Bleach, ' Qt. . T Vii Gal, Jug 32c AMERICAN PICKLES Crisp, tender sour or dill. MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing by Kraft. ot 29c Q, 49c „ TOMATO JUICE Llbby Brand.. 46 Oz. Can 1949, The Kroger Co. SWIFT ICECREAM,^; 1 79c Vanilla, Chotplate', Strawberry. .. ' DON UTS Doz 19c Kroger baked, plain or sugared. LAYER CAKE Each 59c Choc. Fudge Devils Food. Hallowe'en Cake En 49c Chocolate iced, decorated. •• GROUND BEEF Dash Dog Food Fortified with liver. 1-Lb. Can 16c HALLOWE'EN CANDY Jelly Beans '#„. 25c Kroger Brand, Orantje A Black. FESTIVAL CREAMS 12pk °- 29c Kroger Brand. Asst'd flavors. KRAFT CARAMELS 1PLkb 37c Pka Make Caramel Apples for Hallowe'en. Hershey Bars Plain or Almond. 25c Lean, top quality beef, fresh ground several times daily. '• CHUCK ROAST Baby Beef SPARE RIBS Meaty, economical. NECK BONES Meaty, fine for boiling. BACON Armour Star, first cut pieces. Lb . 49c Lb . 49c Lb . 12c Lb. 43c HAMS Armour Star, 5-7 Ib. avg. Butt portion. SIRLOIN STEAK Baby Beef FRANKS Swift Premium. PURE LARD Capital Pride. 4 Ib. ctn. COD FILLETS Fres-6hore Brand 5 to 7 Ib. thank portion Lb. Lb. Pkg. 69c 49c ;. 50 J;^ $6.85 'Stand . 57c Pkg. 75c Lb. CAULIFLOWER Long Island grown at Head peak quality 43c 25 c •• GRAPES Deep red *J Emperors. JL Ibs. POTATOES 1 Red°s 10 Ibs. 59C APPLES Juicy, red Delicious. Ib. NUTS . . . Ib. 55c •raiils . . Ib. 59c GRAND PRIZE IN THE KROGER COFFEE ELECTION CONTEST 1st Prize Ev«ryWe«k for 5 Week* HWfOOfl • IMP j.* ^ ;V V \~ ffer « roomily of fovrf 5 IVIRY WIIK FOR 5 WEEKS' 25 CROSIEY HOME 4 FREEZERS larg* 14.5 tu. ft, ^ Custom $htlvad«rj plus 100 Ib. Kroger Tenderay Beef and 400 pk ? . BirdsEyeFrost^ Foods. ~ nddr October 30 Day of Prayer will be observed jtt.the First Methodist Church on Oct. 30, at 2 p.m. The ek ot October 25-31 is observed 'll a.m. Monday followed by a luncheon at noon. Wednesday, November 5 The Jonn Uain Chapter of JMrs. W. A. Williams, YWA counselor, to ru-organi/e and elect officers. Those elected were: Miss Sue O'Steen. president, Miss Jacque the! Williams, vice-president. Miss Cal Daughters of American Hevolution i H 0 C.isum, secretary. Miss Helen will be hostess to a Silver Ten nl i the home of the regent, Mrs. Dick Hall, treasurer, either charter members present ELECIiONS SET SAA«U«UF.CKEN. The Saar l.TI — Saar Premier .lohnunes Hoff- ii!:>i\ announced today that elections will lie held In this tiny ills- EDEN TO NEW YORK LONDON (iTI — Foreign Secre- tni-y Anthony Eden told the House nf t'ommuns yesterday he hopes to to New York next week to lead -The adjutant of the Arkanns Department of the American I .eg Ion, 61-year-old Bert! Pvesson of Little Hock is seViously ill in n Nisiiital here. Hospital attendants said Pressonj was stricken with a brain hcnior-j rhaRe whil.- en route here to al-| «.oiilfield territory on Nov. j Hie British dolegntlon al the United Nations. tiud ;\ I.i<v.ion meet ln;a. rulii'lHod to the hospihU He was Monday, THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN As shown in UoneJictinc inually by Methodist Women as ajVVatluns. 404 K;ist 14th, Wednesday! wen- Misses Jean Arnold. Greta 'eek of prayer and self denial. Nov. 5. from 3:30 to 5:30. Proceeds; Caston. and Mrs. Charles Reyner- will be used for the restoration ol;son, young peoples director. '47 Friendship Club will meet 'at the home of Mrs. Odell Luck at 2:30 Thursday afternoon, Oct. 30. the Old State House in Little Rock. | Saturday, November 1 The Melody Maids will meet at ID o'clock with Janet McKenzic. Donna Kennedy will, lead the program on Jenny Lind. Members arc jrCminded to bring their dues. Monday, November 3 •'Circles of the WSGS oC the First . Methodist Church-iVMll •Vno.ct Mon !day. afternoon, Novesfriber 3, at 3 o'clock as folloW^'Cire'ffesl at the .home of Mrs. E. D. Galloway; Circle 2 at the home of Mrs. J. November 7 World Community Day will be observed by the Council of United Church Women on November 7 in the Episcopal Church at 3 p.m. Women are asked to bring warm clothing £o rinlants and child-j ren under six years of age. These ."Baskets for Peace" will be sent to the children in Korea. 1 lie next meeting will be held, November 11 in the First Baptist Cumvh educational building for installation of the officers. All members are tlr|j*<l to attend. Miss Mary Alice Rogers Honored with Shower Mrs. Carl Robarts assisted by Mrs. Roy Sutlon and Mrs. Thomas Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Miss Mary Lou Moore of Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Frank King and baby yirl, of Hope. News Briefs MONROK, Morton honored Miss Mary' ,W. Perkins with Mrs. W. T. Franks | RogcrSi bride-elect of Howard Sut-as co-hostess; Circle 3 at the home t on w ith a miscellaneous shower Circle- Ralph of Mrs. Dick Watkins; and .A. at the church with Mrs. •milh and Mrs. Henry Hitt as hostesses. The Executive Board of the Women of the Church will meet at * RIALTO • LAST TIMES TODAY • on October 28 in the home of Mrs. Kobarts. Son in college wrote his dad, saying: "No fun." "No mon." "Your son." answering: "No funds." "To Bad." "So sad." "Your dad." — Barbara Roberts Arrangements of mixed flowers were used throughout the entertaining rooms. The honoree was presented with a corsage ot bronze chrysanthemums. Alter a treasure hunt by the hon orcc, she was presented many uso- Utl gifts. The hostesses served individual cakes and hot chocolate to fifty guests. Otncrs who helped serve) were Mrs. Murle Richards, Mrs. | La., Wl — A 94-year Alice old minister, believed to be I hi oldest Presbyterian pastor in the Eolith, died al a hospital here yesterday. He WHS Dr. J. C. Williams, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Washington, Ark., since 1926. He also held pastorates at Ark- adulphi.i, Junction City, Scotland Union County, El Dorado and Prca- cotl. I.ITTI.K HOCK Mi—Fathers who refuse to make payments to dependent children as specified in court orders may find themselves in the penitentiary. If the Arknnsns Judicial Council has its way. The Council plans to submit t>> the IS53 General Assembly a bill that would authorize chancellors to solid respondents to the state prison under a contempt of court clt- t.ition. The Council consists of circuit and Supreme Court judges andj chancellors. Under the present law, chancellor? can send a respondent adjudged guilty of contempt to a ciu'nly jail. Some chancellors Ivnve said that fathers sometime prefer to serv; contempt sentences in u jail rather than make payments to their dependent children. LITTLE HOCK (JP) — The 1953 Giner;i! Assembly will bo asketl t" stren.uthen state laws dealins with prison parolees,, habitual criminal and sex offenders. Avkansas law enforcement ol'fi- Harlan Morion, Miss.Martha Ann "trs button, Miss Jcje Ann Norvcll, Miss Brenoa button, and Miss Patsy Hartsiield. In voted on the yesterday legislative as they plan. requests drafted here their • FRIDAY & SATURDAY • • BIG DOUBLE FEATURE • The Stork of the Town! EDDIE ALBERT "CORPORAL DOLAN GOES A.W.O.L/' CLAYTON MOORE fftuo BIU Mrs. Paul L. Barnard, Jr Entertained Friday Night Mrs. Paul L. Barnard, Jr., was entertained with a pink and blue shower at the home of Mrs. John Yocom Friday night, Oct. 24. Arrangements of fall flowers were used throughout the House. The piano was centered with a stork which held in its beak a diaper with a doll in it. The honoree was presented a corsage of baby rattlers tied with pink and blue ribbon. Games were played with prizes going to Mrs. Phinis Herring, Mrs. J. B. Martin, Mrs. J. S. Draper, and Mrs. P. L. Perkins. Mrs. Barnard was the recipient 'of many useful gifts Iced drinks, sailed nuts, and individual eal;es -shaped like booties and embossed with pink and blue were served to the eleven present. FT. SMITH M — A joint meeting of four nurses' organizations opens here today with some 200 cleleiiaUs expected to register for llic 3-iiij.v convention. Group-; represented at the meet- HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main 4 Country Club rd. THURSDAY - FRIDAY Double Feature "CROSS WINDS" Plus "SORRY WRONG NUMBER" $7.95 /"or roaming for siestas.. . for homing... SATURDAY Double Feature "FLICKA" Also "SINGING WESTERN" FIESTAS Hoel to fo», Trim Trod I'lostftB nro cushiontaod for walkinR-on-nir comfort. And their npcciully alinped hoela mnko them neeni cudtom-mndo for your own fool. Walk in 'em, lonf in 'om, live in 'om nnd lovo 'em nil day. Chooap Trim Tred Fioaln» Sizes 5 to 10 — Widths AAAA to EE STERS FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoei are Fitted Correctly" 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phono 7-6700 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY Junior GA's Have Initiation The Lou Demic Junior GA's ol the First Baptist Church met on Monday' at the church to initiate- its new members. There were 21 i members and two visitors present They will meet next Monday aft* SAENGER LAST TIMES TODAY I DREAM RAY MIDDLETON BILL SHIRLEY MURIEL LAWRENCE PLUS-Eighl B Complex Vitamins; Vitamin C; Liver, Iron & Copper. 98 ' Carton of 50 BOOK MATCHES 2i29 c tLmm J) FLEXIES DOUBLE-EDGE BLADES • MIRROLE TUFT "Exlon" anchored-light bristles, • NEW FLEXITE, Curved for tolling brushing. Vour cholct: 59 for Limited Time/ 57° HALO SHAMPOO $1.14 i\ f rjftc Vafue L R Oil Glotilies the Hair. HEATING PADS U.L. 498 approved ... • Washable Cover. Nylon Brush, 29° WOODBURY SOAP, REG. SIZE, 3:23' Be Sure to VOTE Nov. 4 •IIIIIIIIIIIIIM SATURDAY Filmed entirely in the depths of mystic India with a cast of thousands! ROD CAMERON CESAR ROMERO "THE JUNGLE" 25i43< ||i •••iiiiiiiuiiiiii'— ||l COLGATE CHLOROPHm TOOTH PASTE Giant Tube . 69 C HINKLE TABLETS, BOTTLE 100. 18' Chlorophyll Tooth Paste ECONOMY SIZE WAX PAPER "MOIST-TEX" 125 FT. ROLL. iu»«u Saccharin- Tablets Bottle oi 1000 •iiiiiiiiiiniiiii- ALKA SELTZER Botlls o!25. HALLOWEEN MIDNIGHT Counselor 100IVWY WliK FOR S WIEKS 500 CORY ^^H ( COFFEE MAKERS Mifcw 4,6 or $ cups coffee IT'S CREEPIER AND CHILLIER THAN A CEMETERY ON A FOG.GY NIGHT! - AND ON OUR STAGE AN OLD - FASHIONED HALLOWEEN PARTY! I nirlK ^~9f~.f •' Jf r j cover MiJ» » «"'°V 3 .V *°; nQc ' d gSSSA?^**li WATEfl BOTTLE *'* •'« P'ictd tt Seamless, ODORONO SPRAY DEODORANT 1-ounce E?^^€ >p»yer.. 9«P Vitamins for Health - CAr/, Jr." BOTTLE WARMER irffls in 4 99 utti! . • I *"" • APPLE DUNKING • PIE EATING • MONEY GRABBING • PASS • MANY at « BLUE JAY Imparted Pure Cod Liver Oil 439 Criip, fltaibl* Pu DO Card of 19 TAMPAX TlH Moa«n 14*1 in S»niuty fiflucuon OnC'A-D«y tint Multiple Vitamins e^t/e of 4 96 6C .i oi tjufit 39' , Wheat Germ Oil, icecaps . jg 'Olaf 5eo Vitamin C^M S 100 1« lOc Pocket COMBS With thr» Coupon for 6c ft^^P^f^p* w 1 WHITE ELEPHANT -88c DAYS- 3 BIG WHOPPER DAYS MEN'S OVERCOATS 2 Only Regular $34,95 $15.00 BABY GOWNS and KOMONOS One group. 98c values. *) Slightly soiled *• BOYS SOX 49c value «3 PC MEN'S LEATHER JACKETS 4 Only $25,00 value ,.,. LADIES $3.95 BLOUSES — 25 Only , Slightly soiled LADIES SKIRtS — 8 only A real value ,.,.,, WHITE LINEN TYPE MATERIAL 60 Yards 98c value H 1 Yd$, BABY BLANKETS 4 Only —, MEN'S $9.95 BATH ROBES 3 only, Slightly Tumbled LADIES PURSES — $2.95 value PRINT DRESSES ———10 Only Solid Color ...... \t CHILDRENS COATS —— 2. Only » Parl Wool '...,'..,...,. MEN'S FLANNEL SHIRTS July Arrived $3.50 value ,,. BOYS' FLANNEL SHIRTS Just arrived. $2.95 value , '..,, 98e $1.88 $1.88 MEN'S ARMY PANTS- Type 4. Regular $3.95 value MEN'S WORK SHIRTS Blue Chambray Regular $1.49 value COTTON BATTING — Big, 2 Pounds, Full Quilt Size: MEN'S 69c SHORTS- 69c value Fancy Patterns BROWN SHEETING — $2.91 $l.Ti 2 fcrvfj 36 inch'.,.-,' BROWN DOMESTIC 41 Inch'..,.,, KIDS SHOES See the New Shipment, Just arrlvfld, All one price .,„ , MEN'S UNDERSHIRTS 59c value .;,. BLEACHING 36 Inch Snow white .. WINTER COATS] Ladies $24.95 value CHILDREN'S DRISSIS Big Selection .' Wvg, BIG BLANK!' 5% WQO' 3 doys only ''.^fl ',,.;;gBj DOUBLE COTTON BLAI HOSE Double. LADIES NY] 40 Gouge -.,-...;, # M f .,,,;,,.,:.,4.1 . ' X ft *• . s_a LADIES

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