Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 30, 1952
Page 2
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l&^ : . *' MOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS ESCOH NEWS 20 ' Will be prayer meeting the Chrl»i. evening »t «tld off'.Pord of the will meet et 7 p.m. There will •meeting ftt 7; SO. ChrUl Wednesday '8«tur\J»y w»re: Ml** Mary Jo Hamilton, Mist Jlrnmlo Nicholas, Mr, »nd Mr». Frank On»wrt, Mr. *nd MCI. D. t>, Mcflae, Jr . Hev, and Mri. Warren Gbld«n, Slrnon Oolden, Tnrrlll CovlngUm, Mr, and Mr*. Wnuoti Buehannn, Clyde Hit- chnnan, Jo Jo Carrlgton, Dr, *wi My*. C, P. Arnold, Jr.. Cynthia tnd TJIIty, Mr, and Mr*. Bill Gordon. Jeff Livingnlon and Mri. U»ra John •on. services will BrfTtt ti&v church, be' prayer mentlriB at iiltirch of Niiaarent) V\«dtie« _ V«rn6n fort U Oani«t* Club ot Mr*. Vernim Fore *oen* for the meeting of Canasta, Club Thursday room* w«rt> foitlve of m»rJgol<U, Miss Ultn McCsKklll and Dob Ho IwrUon ot Iho Unlv, of Ark., Pay Hti.'Vlile, wore the Friday over night guest* of her parents, Mr and Mrs. Ouss McCsuklll. Mrs. McC'oiklll accompanied them to I,ltlle Hock for a weekend visit With ft«v, and Mrs, R, U, Nolen And snw the Ark >OI« Miss Biime, Mr, and Mrs, Jesse Porlor, Mr and MI-H. M, 0. DoLamnr saw the Hftnderson-Qxnrk gum* In Ark- Mdelphla Saturday owning, , -, honors. w«r« won by 'Xiiirtttyv jf. P. Gumming*, Mrs. J, , riy mtrf Mrs. A, w-.ttud- , T je gtwHi, JMemtoori present |e| Mm. Oil Bucnen^n, Mr«. -V43tmmnn, Mr*. H, I*, Eaton, IF iftiOft 06e, Mrs. C, 0,,0ordon i'Leo Mont«omu)y, Mrt, Burk'o Mn, to J. %U»«n. and motif was *erv •, and Mssohs Rsmlly NI(jht of the Kasierh Bttir tho Masons and their a »uppev on Thurv Al th« Masonic Hal) wjis leryoa Irom •* I with g pumpkin ntitumii ISBVCS and fruit tloti was |lven by Henry jp«on, |S, Henry Thompson n«»!slwt * % Hohs Huuhftiittn hurt clmrsw i anfl, flofttosts, Oroup -.._ nlso enjoyed. JO tjvoinim»' enlertBlimienl clou 'With tho sluing tit "Ocotl Nluht Carl Onlrymplt |t«*» to 8, i, A, Omloron Chapter of E8A norod with an afternoon par* earl Hnlrymplo on FrJ. J-ful aviiumn lenvcs und mum * the living room. Tim ain- tabk- held n horn ot antl<|u« holder* with Uahtod taiwrs were pie plutfi with coffee Mr*. .,„ »r glttwrtt .. -.,, Mm MM. 0. «, Mri. Qerto being sho' old home ttwetttl 'olrt inltTowed mftntd|« and Mr*. Tom Oewoody, Brendn nnd Sharon «tUnd«d n birthday parly tor Bill Q«e In ifupa Sniuidny. Dr. and Mrs, Itnmoy Nelson were the weekend gut)«t« of Mrs. NT. B Nelson In Senrcy, They wore ac companied to tittle Hock by Mrs Lucille Klg-ln (irici Wormlo of Tcxtir- kana nnd also DAW tho Ark.-Olo Mini name. Mr. and Mrs. Otli Phlllpls of Mu«no!lH spent Sundoy with his "liter, Mm. flu* Woodul who re- seriously 111 «t her home. Wednesday, 0<tob«f II, Miss Mary Ann 'Dawoody has returned to Southern State CO!|«B(J, Ma«noll8, after u weekend visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Urad Uawoudy, Mr. «nd Mrs. I. C, Vounx of Reeder spent Saturday In Prescott, Miss Myrna Hue Daniel of Southern State College, Magnolia, visited «er parents, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Daniel, over the weekend, Me, and Mrs, Otto Holluwny of Houston ware aturday visitors In Prusoolt. McCarthy 'Expose'Called Pathetic STOCKTON Calif. (UP) - Demo crime Vlct'-Presltlentlal Nominee Sen, John J. Sparkman carried his " 'JH into Oregon today aft«r Son, Joseph MeCanhy'H speech a "pathetic Sparkman spoke hero last night W«* .scheduled to upaak before! UrrtVer»Hy of> Oro«on student' y at Eugene today. Ho wl)l ad .X-mmS&wmi&m 1 eth Urael tonight. He tomorrow tor n Democratic: rall/tn.Butto, ftfohl. '"The Savlot ri^aKtcra In the Kremlin must bo laughing now," Ut» Alttbnma senator told a Demo- cutle rally, crowd «t Stockton's olvlQ audUdt'Uim. "The fa«t that Sen. McCarthy! htt» Unon embraced by Ocn, tuwlght D,) ttt««nho\v«r brlitg* sorrow and consternation to poonlo »ll over t»»* world," j Sp«rkmun devoted moat of hie »p(feeh to criticism oi Et*enho\vcv'<« arvnqiincemunt that ha would bo to Koroa <l uocoiiary to, end hoatUUj Ueii and o* the RepubUeana' "boom or Uu*t" farm policy. '. i . LubolllnH Etgenhoww'* Korea winouncement a "voio-gvttlng ma-' tteww," Sparknian taict "th» gen- oral can have only u minor effect" m Korea, He xaid EUouhuwwr "must know that all ow chief mlUlso' leaders have gone there" an well <u many tap clvliinh load put two questions to in\ pi'csWontlul noml- which hft nald "the general must aniiwcr or admit he hag no *ltern»Uv« to tho present we the general propo»o that ba«k down w\ our stand un jwptttrivtkm ot Ght4ie»e and North Koreans who don't with to be iti> P«trlaledj" Sparkman asked. ,"Anii tecond, di»« he propose «xtendU»g tho Asian war rather Uvan fdco « continued »tal«m»ter 1'hi*. ot course, would lend to tho Murd world war we aro to eovnio . ATtpNf, », V. W - NaMon* today i«|«u-ter 43 cowtrU lhf> current a»*emWy. United h»d tb Dixie's Top Demos Close Behind Adldi ATLANTA. fJrV™DIxle's lop Dem- Mtrnts have closed ranks Incresj* inaly behind Ovv, Adlal Stevenson in the clnnlnit days ot the bitter HKHl presidential campaign. Despite some conspicuous defnc lions which could cost Hlevwison •ornc of the Solid South olnetornl vote*, «n Associated PrcSs survey today showed more than 80 per cent (if thin section'* governors, U, .S, Nonatnrs ami congressmen liti rcc'dd for Sleven»«m—with o majority "f iheso iictlvo in sumo way In Nshalf of the party's MHndrirdbt-nrpr. Democrats find un-j active and hopeful j Reptiblicann, however, point toj boits \;y a few prominent figure*' nnd Im.isl that much of Ihc »ui>-, port for the Uttmocrullc nomlnco acluully Is "for the record" to preserve (.'inlrn U) the party regularity which utmost nlwuyn has been vital to political advancement in the South. Those aupportors of Gen, Dwlght U, Elsenhower Uifi rtopubllcan n<>mln««, argue that many Ui)> brbckat Democratic officials art* (jiving only token aid to Htevimsun or HI'<J actually "^IHIn^on thoir hands'.' iillhouRli pi M lining lo volu ilcntocrallc, | This the fko superiors reason, i will bo accepted by many nomnl-, ly Dmriucrnlic votes und lesser of-1 fleohcildera us meaning that a vatuj fiu' Ike won't actually be viewed liilr time as a vglo for the Republicans. Guvs, Allan SWvers of Texas Holier! Kcnnon ol Louisiana and Juntos Byrnes of South Carolina hwvri thrown their active support to ffilsi-nhower, raising rosey He- publicans' hoptm lhal part of all ol the throe states' 42 elecotral votes will HO to Ike. Son. Harry F, Byrd, a powerful fiaurt; In Virginia, has repudiated tho pnity'H nominee but did riot nay he would follow through by voting (or Elsenhower. Dm olglil (if the other nine gov-l crnur* In the South ure active Inj SUivensim'.t lioliulf-iind Ihe other, llcinnun TnlrnndKu of Ooorcln,' Stiys he'll vote for Stevenson "re-! luctanlly." And all the other 25j Southern senators either are cam-! pnljmhtfe for the Illinois governor, .mj raising funds lor his campaign or, at least, have sulrt they'd vote for him. Of Iho IK Southern members of U;M U, ft, House ot Representatives only one Democrat, Hep. L, Men-1 del fUvyrs ol South Carolina, has tmnouuefed, In 'favor of Elsenhower, About 05 ar» supporting Stevenson actively or pftsllvely; the few ^publicans all t lire 1 bucking Ike; the remainder* aro ^uncommitted. Tht hnrilp tut other stwto officials and stuu* party leader* l« about vhc tame. Stale und party officials In Alabama Arkansas, Oklahoma ami Kentucky arc solidly for Stevenson. And all are engaged In an 1 active campaign In his behalf. Florldu Is In almost tho sumo category exe«ut that Sens, Spos- uai-d Holland and Qcorge Smothers «r<> not campaigning. Florida gen-j «<r«»lty is rutetl with South Carol!, tin, Louisiana and Toxus among the Southern states where Ike's chances are brightest, In North Cnrollntt tho only "cool- iw»»" toward the national ticket is reported from Sen. Smith and Hep, Clruham tlai-den, U«t they are urging voters to vote a Democratic ticket Irom "constable to president." Klsmvhi'iv, the picture varies somewhat. Four tot Texas' most prominent members of Congress, Sens, Tom Cc.nnally and Lyndon Johnson, ana Reps. Sum Rayburn ami VVvluhi P«tm»n head the Steven- Mm campaign in that state. No member of the Texas eon- delegation I* known to; aro actively or pasalvfly backing b« supporting El««nhow*r «n<k ;il*vi>n*>n. unit of th« 21 House member*: B» addition ) Atty, Oen«rat Price Daniel un- j opposed candidate lo succeed Conto Oov. 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The slale _ govurnmenl makes Ir-gal publicanon of Ihe aclual lex of each Tnoasure, bul hardly any one ever reads Ihe complicates language o£ a wholo law proposal For a number of years Ihe Ar- dtkansas Press assoclallon has arranged with the University of Arkansas for a scries of articles analyzing the various ballot t >ro- posals in newspaper English. This year's analysis vwas written by .Kay Trammell, assciciiale professor. School of Law; the arlicles began in Monday's Slar, and Ihe concluding number is on Ihis page loday. Bul for many more years lhan the press association's program <^Thc Star has 'discussed Ihe ballot measures and given ils, own opinion, for whalever il is worth. Here is our editorial report on the four measures you will find oil the November 4 ballol: Amendment 41 (County Clerk) — Under Arkansas' constitution the office of county clerk is abolished whenever a federal census shows Ihe counly's populalion is no long• » cr above 15,000. When this happens **™lhc counly clerk's dulies are per- i formed by Ihe circuit clerk. • The 1940 census clipped 20 Arkansas counlies in Ihis manner and the 1950 census cut the office of 9 more — a total of 29 counties in which the county and circuit clerk offices must be combined. Proposed Amendment 41 would eliminale the 15,000 population re quircmcnt and permit all counties. Hope Star $ weATHen roHBCXrr - v ARKANSAS - fair, wflrnHsr ..._ afternoon, tonight; mild Friday. ; temperature HiRh 00 Low 33. 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 15 Star af H»B» Jan. U. 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1952 M«mb«n Tht Aiiaclatid Pmt ft Av<l» Btif**ti Av. Nil faW Clnl. 1 Mv*. In4M| March Clrc«l«tl«ai 11, 1»» — PRICE 5c Act 242 Would Revise State Purchasing Plan Editor's Note: This is the last of a series of articles written for this newspaper as a member of the Arkansas Press Association, by Ray Trammcll, Associate Professor, School of Law, University of Arkansas, impartially explaining the constitutional amendments and referred acts to be voted on at the general election in Arkansas on Nov. 4. Local Handicapped Man Doing Fine in Shipyard From Vallcjo, Calif., publication! comes a notice that a handicapped i Hope man is doing satisfactory, j work as a machlnist.nl the Mnrc| Island Shipyard. j He is Vance Dean Uledsoe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dlcdsoe. At the ace of 21, in 11)411, Uleclsoc lost his arm and part of his should cr in an accident at the Mope Floor ing Company here. The article shows a picture of Blcdsoc operating a machine. Throu gh his willingness ami ability to produce, despite his handicap, Blcdsoc has gained glowing praise from shipyard operators. to elect two clerks. 1 am going to vote agains Amendment 41. The framers of the constitution took a reasonable pos ition when they required that ther be some minimum ratio o£ popu lation to the number o£ count; officials. Furthermore, in a da; when the slate has taken, ovc many ot the county government' duties, with an added tax load o the people, our best bet in loca government is lo have fewer publi & officials — but"'better p»14 one -It should be obvious that in a very' small county one adequately-paid clerk is a better deal all around than Iwo half-paid officials. Referred Act 242 (Slate Purchasing Act) The staled purpose of Acl 242 s lo set up a uniform procedure o be used in the purchasing of upplics equipment and services by tote agencies. II docs not apply purchases by the Supreme Court, the Icgislalurc or any unit C local government such as cities, ountics or school dislricts. Two general procedures to be fol- owed by slale employees and officials having purchasing aulhorily ar« described. If the items arc es- inialed to cost $1.000 or more, .hey may be bought only after for- nal invitalions lo bid have been senl suppliers of Ihose ilems in the rade area and an advertisement asking for bids has been printed far thiec conscculivc days in a newspaper • of statewide circula lion. This nolicc musl state the time and place for filing bids, that detailed lists of the ilems soughl are available for inspection and the time when bids will be publicly opened. Tho conlracl is lo be awarded to Ihe lowcsl and bcsl bidder, pi ice, quality and delivery lime considered. Should the purchasing official .thifjk any, or all bids .are •not-'In the best ':interest of the stale, he may reject them and so- liuil new bids by rc-adverlislng. The Act sets up 28 classes of commodities and ^services which, \vhfin bought in the amount of $1,OUO or more, require the use of Ibis formal bid. These classes ran ge from "foodslufl's" lo "laundry service"; from "hardware" lo 2-State Pact Formed for Bridge Work LITTLE .ROCK (UP)— Proponents of a bridge across the Mississippi river near Helena, Ark., nave formed a two-slate compact to work for its construclion and Lommiltees are at work on a survey of the problems. J. G. Lambert, Helena, former 1 ^ cnairmsn of Ihe Arkansas Highway ^ Commission, heads Ihe compact *«* Forests Aflame in 12 Stales; Arkansas Has 38 Fires in South Thousands of Acres Bumi Condition Critical — Dixie Lee Crosby, wife of crooner Bltig Crosby, slipped into a coma October 28 and her condition Is so crlt- leal her family has been summoned to her bedside. Larry Ciosby, brother of the film star, reported Mrs. Crosby "suffered a relapse Sunday while recuperating from a major operation she underwent a month acio. _ NEA Telephoto Asks Probe of Several Tax Settlements WASHINGTON M — Sen. Mac tin (U-Pn) today asked the Jus ttce Department to Investigate the settlement of n $5,1011,3110 tax claln for $20^.000. Mnrtln said In n loiter lo Ally Amendment 42 (Reorganization of Highway Commission) — This is a proposal to take Ihe highway deparlmcnl oul o£ the conlrol of Ihe governor's office and set up ^JSlate Highway You're talking an independent Commission. It must pass. through your hat about gelling and keeping good highways in Arkansas unless you vole for Amendment 42. Francis Cherry, Ihe incoming governor, is depending on its adoption and has already announced a lenlalive list of nominees for Ihe proposed commission, Amendmenl 42 would set up five commissioners lo serve 10 years each, but staggered so lhal one i-«j) term expires every two years. A two-term governor might change two oi the commissioners, but the majority couldn't be overturned shorl of a six-year period — which * would guaranlee Ihe commission's stability inlo Ihe succeeding governor's adminislralion. | At the beginning, o£ course, the five nominees would draw lots to determine who serve 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 years — bul all subscqucnl ap- igl pointmcnts would be for Ihe full 10 years. The governor makes all appoinlmcnls, bul all would have to be confirmed by the senate. Amendment 42 proposes for Arkansas the same kind of independent highway adminislralion long ago set up in Hip states which have oulslanding road systems. Get Ihe roads out of politics. Vole for Amendmenl 42 on November 4. "fire fighting equipment." The second general procedure outlined applies to purchases at an estimated cosl of less than $1.000. Here the purchasing official is lo informally seek quotations from at least three bidders. This might be done over the telephone or by lellcr. No adverlisemcnt for bids is required. The contract is lo be awarded lo the lowest and with Ei Cage Brewer, Clarksdalc, i Miss., r.s vice chairman. J. G. Burke, Helena attorney representing the Arkansas-Mississippi Bridge commission, filed a copy of the compact with Secretary of. State C. G. Hall. However, he said, Congress will have lo ratify the compact before it can become legally effective. Lambert said survey committees were set up al a meeling in Helena last, week as the lalest in a snrics of sleps toward building thi; long-sought bridge at Helena Commitlec reports, he said, are due In aboul three w6cks or a month. Burke said the compact should add considerable impetus to the movement for a bridge, and.Lam- bert said it would give those fa- •v6Hng -the • bridge "more latitude of action." It will also allow, he said, the sale of tax-free bonds' to raise money for the bridge. The commission, Lambert said, has two immediate objoclivcs: 1. Gen. Jumcs P. McGranery Ihe claim WHS a«ifinsl tho Ihti lal William Fox, film and theater executive, for 1085 and "all prior years." The- senator said the claim Involved tuxes, penalties and Inlor* csl und that from Information he acquired "It would appear thai the Kovernmont could have recovered the entire amount." Martin said that at the lime of the settlement In 1041 the FBI was of the opinion Ihflt an Important stock transfer was not made until Various School Organizations Elect Officers Tho Ht-Ufihls, local school pub- licnllon, lodny nnnounced Iho names ot len now members Inllliilcd Into the Nnllonnl Honor Society. They arc: Audrey Ll«ht, Jacque Williiuns. Lou Ncal Lagan, Jack and .lurry Jones, Francos Wcisetv bcrgor, Princess Allon, Polly Comp< Ion, .Imiiniu Mulllnti and Wcldon Tlllery. Uu November IS Iho following K11A otf leers uC Ihc Hope. chuutcr will ullcncl n meetlnB nl llol Spring! Junelle Burr, prosideul; Allic Mai lar, vlco-prcsldcnl; Joyce McBu.v vice-president; Wanzoll Nix, vlco president; Jan Moaos, n«crctury tincl Pal Bonrdcn, Ircnsurer, Kay Kent was named presldon of lnt> Hope 4-H Club with .Don Brown us vice - president, Edna Kurtu England, secretary. Newly elected l''FA officers arjf Phillip Gilbert, president; Jamas Fuller, scerelary; Joel Osburn, ircasurur; John Keck, reporlerj in This Area By The Associated PrtM Thousands or tire'«gr iLJ ' curried on thou-, bnttlo or . «„.,., Jiroreu. p&tcnd although tills, c been hit-so far^s ' or Lutujfolle. ;ST\tfo 81 blaiiiitf'Juat-N^stqf ... thu Highway and' tho at: Iho ruUwBy^iiVjtto* " Several £tr08"ftiro;,, Proving Gvo'und and In. area.. All locnl-ilut had crews. In their and one feared a lo,W pt of dollar^ In, ttmb<ir bid. There are four exceptions to Ihese Iwo general purchasing methods : (1) A single automobile, truck, traclor, or piece of road machinery, farm implement or cleclrical equipmenl, even Ihough il mighl cosl more lhan $1,000, may be boughl under Ihe second general procedure which requires only informal bidding. (2) Six classes of ilems ordinarily sold al a price delcrmined from a manufaclurer's established Net State Price List may be bought without securing formal bids. This includes office machines and photographic equipmenl, cleclric lamps bulk planl deliveries of pclrolcum products, tires, tubes and batteries, elc. t3) Arliclcs or services which because of Iheir nature are price- fixed and nol competitive may be Continued on Page Five construclion of a modern ferry at Helena lo build up traffic over roads inlo and out of the Helena area to Mississippi, and 2. Construction of modern bridge approaches before actual building of a bridge is begun. The engineering firm of Sverdrup Purcell, Inc., St. Louis, Mo., has been engaged to do Ihe preliminary engineering work foi Ihe new group, Lambert said Businessmen Meet, Urge No. 43 Passage A HOME FOR BOOGER — Booger, a halpgrown lion, lookB sadly from his cage at an animal shelter In Fort Worth where he was left unclaimed. The hospital offered to givcftBoc-acr to anyone free if they provide him with a good home. Frohi over the nation came some 200 offers and the one from Ardmore, Oklahoma, seemed the best so Booger will soon be at hisn ew homo in the Ardmore zoo. — NEA Telephoto. . The Bullfight World Has Its Babe Ruths, But They Defy Death Every Sunday p. m. By HAL BOYLE MADRID Wl i seeing Iheir firsl bullfight Yout The bullfight! l:eurt first goes out to the horse! i\iJ\i-' i\i. i-f »"' *»«*- i^w»«»*n — ; • - ----- ... world has its Babe Rulhs like I that the bul) rams, then to the Carlos Aruza, Ihe Mexican fuol-j bull and lasl lo thu man with Ihe wr/.arrl who has drawn down $'12,- ', sword. Al Icasl he Knows his goal 1 only one who 0(>(J tor slabbing to death two bulls!— arid he is the on a Sunday afternoon. ' 'iocs. Or four years after Fox hnd .said It was made. And, Martin said, Ihe Internal Hi-venue Bureau knew of Ihe FBI's findings. Martin said tho compromise net- llcmcnt was accepted by the then ctlorncy general, Francis Bidtllo, on Dee. 5, 1841, and the money WHH paid to tho collector of Internal revenue In Now York on Fob. 10, 1042. . Informed of Martin's letter to leased a letler to Chairman Walter F. George (DGa.) of the Sen ate Finance'.Committee-,' of which rtln.is a -mmeboi'. ild: the m^envte Bureau $8M;DOd>'*fe(j)inse'lt ihnt wns nil thai could be oblalned. Martin asked McGruncry to" tie tcrmine if. political pressure wns exerted or anything illegal done to obtain the sctllemenl; lo learn if any employes who h-nndlcd tho case are now working for tho Treasury, Justice Department or Internal Revenue Bureau, and lo sue if Iho government could "recover the $4,871,3BO loss suffered by the lax payers, 1 Martin's letter, made public by hl.s office, Included a review ol Fox's financial affairs, Miu-tin said Ihe fncls appear lo be as followlf In 11)30 Fox sold his Interest In Fox Theaters Corp.and Fox Film Corp. for 21 million dollars. The same year he created a holdlai company, Ihe All Continent Corp Later Fox transferred nearly nl of his assets to Ihe holding com Uicharcl Kuril, scrKCunl-al-arms Uillcers of two Latin clubs woro elected as follows: Club 1 — Paulo Kaley, prcdklcnt; Jnnct McKenzlo, viue-presldcnl; Bennle KdmliiHt'on, secretary and Bill Brtdgers, Iron.- surer; Club U — Helen Joariire, president; Sylvia Arnold, vlca* prestclonl; Frances Mitchell, Beere Ury und Johnny Nush, treasurer lion have booti' culled out it working along wUK resident! forest Tennessee, Mississippi; Arkurisus and Novth Goto! puarod to bo hit 'tho hardei. were widespread, also in Al|1 and -• Kentucky ' like, dazzling young Miguel'j Bul I fell sharpf^'dlffcrent when 'Confessions' Termed Red 'Black Mark' olinu, Vlrjjlnui; and West W. ,R. Ulna; assistant forester In TcnnoflHcc, would tuko a hundred place timber .tKftt has t In tho pa^t/week" In. , Jh th»4o/«{iu'rt-'a Cumborl»»)d Platqau swept over' about 1 100,0 six counties. >, In Mississippi,-, 1,723 <; WASHINGTON, UMJocrotaTy of Urea have'bwnod pvor the Air Force FJnloltcr said toitty since Oct. 4. Lust nlfiht h " 1 ' ' '' thu uKlractlon of "confessions; 1 null raged, „ from • Allied prisoners ot vvlirl Score of firca raged'in^ is one of Ihe blackest martfifl 15,000 ocroe ol. Lows' ~" 1JJ communism. S| and hardwood forosU.' "All members of the AmorlcomV in Arkansas, 38 " armed forces, and particularly: thouc ol lira V, 8. Air Force, fool un Inlunuc revulsion against Chfci nose Communist methods of forc^ ing-tube confession from their victim to provide grist for tho Communist propaganda mill," Flnletter said In a,statement, ** "Those barbaric methods of endeavoring tb 'brain-wash' thu minds of soldiers tor propaganda purposes are among the blackest lortcd last night,in the uvt of $lw Kioto »na cithern portion. ,1 'w$ Alabama reported lOn" urnlntf Iit8t nigh* ov' ffiroko ou|; Jh thd r Ninety flu llres. w< ' »U*' al" " A group of local businessmen in j Dao Litri, who three years*,flt'oj the gory-backed bull with a swifl meeling here for a discussion j was unknown and has jusl reti^-d; twisl ot his head impaled I acorro us. But we should have the right to conduct such a local election— and all Amendment 43 docs is to give us that right, already enjoyed by Little Rock and North Little Rock. $00 YARDS 80 Square PERCALE • Perfect Quality! t Sooej &»H»roff Amendment 43 (Authorizing Tax for Aid to Industry) — If you read Professor Trammell's analysis of this measure in yesterday's Star you recall that he pointed out it merely permits all the cities of Arkansas to do what only Little Rock and North Little Rock are authorized to do under Amendment 18 adopted back in 1928. And that is, to hold city elections vote a special tax in order to inducements to new industry ettle in the community. Amendment 43 would lower the population restriction of 1928 to 1,750, covering virtually all cities and towns. • I should add, for the record, that Amendment 43 also raises the permissible tax any city can so vote, from the 5 mills stipulated Under Amendment 18 to 10 mills. But Amendment 43 is merely a home-rule measure for the cities, and has no effect whatever on Hope or any other town the home citizens decide to hold «A election and thresh the question out I win vote for Amendment 43, aad you ought to do the same, our votes on November i bind u* to any later action Referred A«t 842 (State Purchasing Act) — The vote on Ibis one is NO. This is Ihe measure that was passed by the last legislature, was challenged and referred to the people, and has been in the courts and on the front pages of the newspapers for months. Act 242 would repeal the present purchasing law which demands sealed bids when spending $200 to $500 and a published advertisement of the time and place of bidding when the project amounts to $500 or more. Under present law. also, officials and employes of depart ments which do any buying are prohibited from making sales to other agencies of the state. Instead. Act 242 would permit many items costing up to $1.00U to be bought without competitive bids. It • would allow the purchase of single automobiles, trucks, trac until tors and road machinery costing more than $1,000 with very infor mal bidding. And finally, Act 242 would permit state, officers and a meeting of proposed amendment No. ij and passed a resolution favoring adoption of the bill. Syvelle Burke acted as moderator for thu group of some 15 businessmen. Representative Talbol Feild Jr., ment and Scnalor F. C. Crow dis mcnl and enator F. C. Crow discussed how the issue gol through Ihe legislature. Bolh Ihe lawmen are favorable lo the amendment and urged passage. Following a general question and answer discussion the group passed a resolution: WHEREAS Amendmenl 43, which will appear on the ballot November 4, is similar to a very successful plan which has been in effect in Mississippi for eleven years and is designed lo assisl Arkansas cit ios of Ihe firsl and second class in atlracling Industries; und WHEREAS, il docs nol levy any lax; and WHEREAS, Hope and olhcr Ar- — aged 21 — afler banking spine, and threw him '15 feel away. The 22 million pesetas for killing more, youth was carried out, gray-faced, lhan 000 bulls. with an eight-inch hole in Ins righl Spanish fans, Ihe aficionados, arc! thigh. siiil miffed thai Lilri, jusl old; Ulilily Matador 1'icliarcto cooly enough lo vole in America, quit' came in, killed Ihe bull and then wilh a half million bucks al thu j went on to slay his own second penk of his career as Spain's topi bull wilhoul any jnlennission or matador withoul over suffering scr- 1 rest, ions injury. | Young Cano, clearly the crowd s Bul the world of bullfighling also: favorilc, then essayed his second has ils rookies — or debutantes—! bull. Tall, slender and handsome •and its utilily infielders, Spain has j us Valentino, he tossed back a ire than 500 bullfighlers and only: flower flung by an admirer. A j big maladors wrile their own few moments laler his bull caught. more kansas cities are in great need season and Madrid's bloodiest of supplementing thdr "agriculture the 'year. I came out of it and livestock incomes wilh increas ed NO^ US TH a ERE a FORE, it is thej ' Thre, red-plurned mules " "' *"' ; '" iJi . ' ... .„ Araaainv out the second the big contracts. The average matador in Madrid gets about $1,100 for his two-bull day and by the time he pays all his agenls — including the newspaper critics — he is cut up more ways than any bull in Ihe rint;. «[, The firsl and so far thu only bullfight of my life starred Iwu debutantes and ono utilily infield' II was Ihe lasl one of Ihej "of convinced baseball is a wonderful game. WPl'C oui the second bull's I entered the Plaza de by Continued on Page Five Fulton PTA Plans Halloween Carnival Fulton PTA is sponsoring u Halloween Carnival Friday night, slart ing at 6 o'clock at the school. On Ihe program is a shorl play by the 5th and 6th grades, a film en- lilled, "The Notorious Lone Wolf," and coronation of the Halloween queen. Hot dogs, pie and drinks will be available. pany and to his family. In 1030 Fox filed a petition of volunlary bankruplcy, claiming as s'.-ts of about $400. The claims filed aaainst him totaled $50,481,074. Fox claimed he had transferred his stock in All Continanl to his wife and other relatives und that the slock therefore was not sub Joel lo claim. In 103U Fox made a compromise offer of $500,000 but un Internal Re venue Bureau lawyer named O'Dun no rejected it. An amended offer wjn» made later but John J. Qulnn, U. S, attorney for New Jersey, declared lhal "If the suit of the trustee in brankruptcy is vigorously proso uled un amount will be recovered far in excess of the. , , com ^to«top»ptoJi^p.,H e mp!Tcro., which was shadowed !^ C ±? r .- nd ^ ^^Ir^'So^-were big and should vote for and mends to vote ft on November 4. ! cause they are too lightly to horn » man's leg instead of the red interview to help enact legislature designing some «y s ' Bmthewl ^X^ 1 . 11E «aorj, nav* «, u»c governing board to the «t«t«' ilbal are thrcwn at them . Wreck Victim to Be Buried at Emmet The body of Ed D Brown, 17, former Hope youlh who was killed in a car wreck al Mojave, Caltt,, last week, will arrive in Hope tO' ail o *VR M»ovca»* w» vt»v »*.« • • »^»ii^ But young or second-, ate night. He was the son of Calvin take any bull* i Bnwn. of Ft. Worth, formerly ol hve pro would the interests of citits, i ve final approval. Hope. ictv ait: fciifvni* «fc *«*y*»»» j . That was Ihe problem that these Funeral services will be held at tail-of-lhe-season matadors -Antonio Pichardo. employes to make 'sales to any state aaency except tbejjr own. By 1% time y*u fcave a ra£iHJfi$et tor Under the Mississippi board sys; , ^ tern municipalities must receive j ^ ye '^.^\ eief '^'~^i e Vow'kUl- permission to issue bonds for in- with mpre ambiUon yj an class . dustrial buildings. The board looks into all financial and economic phases and rejects or api J simply waot the mun assured ol luii protection eanditnon and u »j?pli£*ftt 344 to *kg *t<ant~ ^«> a.«.l*»J Alt* {4 and two "debutantes" in the Maid rid ring, Manolo Cano, brilliant 19 year-eM rookie, and Francisco Wiasquez ]Pacorro, promisirjg 18- y*-ar-old beginner. had to destroy two bulls pud Cuno had di»patch«d 2 p.rn. Friday at Emmet, Century Bible Oofi Program Tonight 8;OS A new program, th* Century Bible Class Hour, will be bearo. tonight at 8:05 over Station KXAJB The program will originate b transcription from the Church. TonJ«hf* b* Meth Final Rites Friday for Dr. Williams Funeral service* lor Dr. J. C, A'illlams. 84, who died Wednesday at the home ol « son to fiastrop, L,a., will be held, at 2 p.m. Friday at the Presbyterian Church >' of Washington where he was pastor. Services witi b* sonducted by Dr. John Bow ol Norman, OW«,, and the Rev. L, T, Lawrence of Hope. Burial will be at Preseott, murks yet recorded against tht Communist regimes," Flnletler commented In answer to queries about u charge by' thfl Air Force Associated in Air Fof^a Magazine last week that the Cpnv munists tortured two U. 8. flleri' inlo making false confessions that they look part in germ warfare. Tho filers are LI. John 8. Quinn, 30, Altadona, Calif., and Lt, Kenneth L, Enoch, 27. Youngstown, Ohio. They have been listed as missing In action since their B26 bomber was lost on a night mission in North Korea last Jan. 13, "There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the testimony of Lt. Enoch, for example, was forced on every single point," FinJeHer said. T,he Communists have circulated photographs of a statement, apparently written by Enoch, sayta« in part; "I arn beginning to see very clearly Just who l<s the peaes-lover and who is the warmonger responsible [or this inhuman war, and I am dctermJoM to struggto wr peace yguint Wall Street capital' ism, to clear my conscience of my past crime*," The article ftbput the flier* call* cd attention to' ti»e striking «lmi' larity among the extracted "coo- id Cobb Counties.' [Kentucky had Ito iat night'on 14,964 >Q,000 acres of U eon burned, la the as puWlcizeci in, Russian radio and pres^and to peated wge ol Gom#»uni*t phrases. Jt franWy pre«e^«4 M »»w tlenee that the €OBfe»»tee» hftj* been forced, Uncle of Hope Woman Pies Little Re** — Kdgar Fletchsr Wade, aged 95, died Wednesday in a Wttle Boclji Hoipjlai. He was Vm president of tfef; Fe4erfti Comprep «n4 Warehowe €9. and a mettil?« of $# Natjoflai <5«ai4 Council- Mr. Wa4» was an wotie ol Mrs- Rtvjvol Planned Food Pricm Riie in Early Oetobflr WASHINQTON 1J» - BetaJ} fowl .9* «a8^i*i Tfee hotel »w»y to$ •Hj

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