Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 29, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1952
Page 17
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HOP! STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS , October 1»> •AD RATES ofiwnoen by Oivh ••«•"< «'*•» M» (MVObl* In Od- In H«p« ttixl n»l«hbw- for Sal. 2ffi,4 J 'b«a ? » , > 'Button " For Sole CASK r«i(iter« nnd »ddin« much inoi, now And g««d. MM *t ren- •ortftble prlcp» for vftnh or <m rontni plan, J9ryonl'« Office Supply, m ftmiih Walnut Rt. 23-fit Hoe S«eortd§ The Arkon*«« Bee* of rnodo It v«ry une«mfor»«bl<? lor c«ond# th«r«< l»*t ni«ht by tip » 2fi In 7 tenre. C»mp-j the <iul*landlnjj plnyef o'l ih»> gunir, «corln« three time*, | eitw nn 00 yftrd run. Hope'* «coro e»rn« In th» final '8' Fr)»£ld«lre, whf(« mbl* top «nd other hoiwhold M*-». W, A, Jenn, ^M N. K)m i 27-31; 100 bu»h««l(i <;orn, VI per bunlicl, J»»rkw Hogwtn, it mile* on Cnl- ttmblio rend, 87-3ti Bonus Player Money to Get Tight Bobcats Meet first District Foe at Camden SPORTS ROUNDUP •y OAYLE TALBOT. The Hnp« BobcaU open dljtrie* piny thin week with a Journey to' Comdvn, currently rntcd the fsv- orlto nt the loop. Smarting from on unde««rvcd nt Nashville last week lh^ i NEW YORK. (/Pi— The last snowy —— I (day we drove away from Larry 1 0 "s-'lnniiy thouetr. of spending j jMucPhair* 800-ncre truck garden' »on>cthlnj{ like 3,700,000 on improve; Sdnwn In Maryland the dUtlnKulsh-l ments ;is n starter, but they should) |td redhead wai» In rntircmcnt and ;nnvc known Lurry better than that.) 1 up ta his hips In heavy, undcrslung At ' ast report he was estimated 1 black cattle whicjh were begin- to nav< ? » SC(l ^"P about H 2 mil-' to win blue ribbona In near-' 1 ' 0 " ancl was showing no slr,ns ofj cow r;ompctitlon». 1 alowing down. ; (Hiving laid down the heavy bur Election Uncertainty Is Evident * '* cfforl den of running the New York Yan-j kte* unrt bonked the check for one; MncPhail wns a i«r>py, contented man. His charm- NKW YOHK MPi tIU«X:K«Y Pf»- (o s!«n F'iiynwit lo nut with mnjnr i • *i_ * t ** » M'**! IV. v.*ii,v,,»»..j (iiciii, ma ciiiirill- 5 K! who wrl e ?"5 b" c Tt iln! wlfc Joan wos ha " py <o ° lo i ?* n r'* ™ g 8 «vt-n champion. Pint- „£„,. f r <, m hi>r (iii«hnn<4 iiu ^r,i,, j(bn<-' fr(,rn her Iniitbnnd. intercut* were the bovines and the- hofttth, mill. ANV typn nf driivci. IrioluilliiK ppn arnvol, utind, top »i)l|, (itul fill (tlrl, Call Jtrmo Ninrl/ilr niuff, by only n niiiRle point last rrWny nlKht, >, fl( ,m,l life nbout him, „;,.,?'' ,m / Cl P ,? 1 lhc P/l " Thoix- was one old stone struc- hot. thuy .III hove Mnnnolla ••;,„« on the grounds, nothing like , ^ , i . P J 1 " Wfly m the f sine y qunrters provided for the M«J'»r fln'l minor leii«im <*luli«, nl c «i»irict ploy. Arkndclphln nl««'cattle, and we recall dimly that a Mit'lr joint OwfitlH'r mnellna in;i'oinp« to Hope u* doe* Tcxnrkmin • number of lonesome lookinu mares PwcnlK, Arl/, will be n»k«'il in:"n 1 imnksglvfnK liny, Vdli 1 nn H |ir«|»o»rd new bonus rule I A* IIMIII! tho Pnnthem hnvt . Renson lor quitting, bud;,,,,,, i,««,.| )U |i rlub« iru.y be (th«n»ly »l Anthnny 8aw;ctirlnlMln I93S X>.lt • w«re out from their stalls The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring items to Ml»i Turner •t Hick* Funeral Home The city-wide usher first, aid club held Us first anniversary, on O-SB'lm WALNUT dro|)l«nf dinetU; twblt? and four chuli'd. Also M»«lc- Chef Klnvo, flood condition Citll 7-yi7», Female Help Wanted anythlnfl. Either he was Just filv- ON 15 experienced dftlnry, nlco plnuo '|o work. Apply tost IftBtiier biiltuld Ihnt would limit such payment* to|*tron« team thnt cornpnrea with tflOfKi. ! |hc best. In A>kun»n«. Their wnr.il: (rig the animals house room as a The now prnpuunt follows the, HcklnK wnn tit tho hnndi nt North i favor to Alf Vanclcrblit or he had nlH'llliiK out of Viint num.1 by mn-j Little Hw.'k. but Ihnt tpum hnx ixvijfht them* cheaply ' from the Jin l.'ttKiir Hu>« nn Krrcfi tiilt'iit[lj<«nli>ii i:vcr,vom< no fur. Beside." I younK uportsmnn, we don't re- (ltifln« th(? pHsMcvcnil yiMira. l)iir-j rmc Uluff Cnnnlcn lost to Tox- member which. At any rate he ini; thi- past Id imirtlhH, for In- iirkunn. had no intention of getting serious »>iiifir»,-, the* Hoslori He<l Sox npi-nl) rn«;y tiulrl rousing victories over about nice horses. Larry was »oim> $130,000 for hl«h «cho<il nnd Wiincn, Cronselt nnd Miilvorn ! thiough with sports In nil its ^.i^ 11 £".''!. _ U ? y tlidn '! *!* ni ! y Sunday, Oft 26, at Rising Star "~ ' ' ' ' "'" Baptist church. The sermon was delivered by Rev. L. A. Clark. Guests were Rev. D. Stanford ;md J. E. Elvans of Tcxarknno. All ushers in tho. city are to meet on Wednesday, Nov. 3, nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. Reece Cannon. Two .' stum. of Om hlHho.it bonus piny- <.'ic nn? pltcher.s Paul Pettlt and Hilly Jfi,> JJnvidKon, 1'ettit, pro- I'i'i'ly uf 1'lllnbunih, rocclved nil (.'Utlrniitcd $1(10,000. Davidson rupcir- tudly ri-ct'lvud $120,000 for casting ,_,. ,. , „ ,, , ,-^r t*»l||V(Jllt liPIl^'''*!! 11 ' lo Ntand a chnnco OKalnst the branchc*. >wefful Pnnhtors. tho Bobentsl Well, It just goes to show. Thnt will have to |)lny their best KainrjwaB »omethlnx less than five win- of tho year. ' By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON ijR — There's a new all-American campaign slogan which the voters have thought up all by themselves. The Democrats parade under a banner proclaiming "You never had it so good." The Republicans keep Iuu ping on "It's time for a change." And. to nobody's surprise, the politicians on both sides arc predicting a victory big as all outdoors for their candidate. But with election now less than ;i week ;iway. the most astonishing f,.ct of the campaign Is the gen- oral um-ertainty about the out- j f ome. | Outside the professional political i ranks it's almost an ev'ent to find j a man willing to answer positively ' the question: Who's gonna win? j You hear the same answer so often it seems to have become a national slogan: "You got me; I clunno." It's a l-ewilderment which seems to come equally from those who merit. The public is Invited. Coll 8<mthwe»t Wood Product*, NKAU Do Ann, spotted hound, Cnrl 0, Jnnn*, . . Services Offered YKAI18 » 1,11; w iJfopofDl wa* drawn up •rrti.y by n special recomimm- Whltu nnd r«li dutinn committee of the snnio'H Numu on cuilnr M'tJor-Mlnor Kxt'cutlvo Council. lli)|it>, AlkiitiKUH. Comir.ltltw member* und Ihu SJO'lti '-'""mill met In Conimlmionor Ford J'"i ick'.i office hi'rt*. Afterwards llu-y dt.'i'llnt'il to i»«y whnt wns (IIs F.IXUMl bllt It tin Ixmu* WIIH of exporlnnco in floor u ml flnlnhln«. Uulo Jtt>«. ei'«, 812 W, 7th, Plion<» 7 32.14. O-21-lm I,C)CAI< nnd lonu dlKtnnci? ll«uliin{. Al«o loctil iiuivlnR, Hoi) Dimnlo llumillun oc ciUI 7-301 1. KOH nlicriilltiiin nml tiowliii! ''on. lact MI-B. Stlth Unvoiiuort. ftlil W, Third, or Din) 7-:)Ha!i. S8.IU Grid Peak Is Saturday in AIC Play By CARL BELL I.I'ITLK ROCK UP)--Not WIIK Icnrnvd thnl) ll «-' llt '" South Arkansjm the innin lojilc of »:<'«cr»te<l by forest f|,. c , There's n fixitbnll HOOM Btmitn 7-3IS3, For Rent hniuo or jt Ihrtn' H16 W. 4th, room 20-tf. 3 ilOONt furnished apartment. Private bntlt. C3«n refrigerator. Mr». Johnalon, 411) H. Kim. I'hone , 2tMt Tht> new proposal 1. ICueh nutjor ItJfliiut 1 club own- fi' svoul.1 ntfri'it-ln n Hurl of a "gon- i!i"iii'n'it »iin'(.uiii'Ht"-not to offi'i' 1 n humid (ixci<t>clinK $6,000 to pny pliiy- 8. Violiittiiii of thin lujri'umi'nt would Ni'liji-ct tin 1 irniiflni'CiiKor to u yonr'.'t nusiuMidlun, it $.100 fine lliicl Ions nf Uio pliiycr. ) ;l, Minor li'iiKiui club would en- tcr iuin ii similar niiroomcnt with flti tho t'l'llin/i for open t'dlicm. triple und double A (;0u fdt< nil the Is being . _ - r>.-...^. (it Magnolia £»nturdny nl«ht that hns tho | (era ngo, and friends insist this is jthc Slime MucPhnll who sold $105,260 worth of colts and fillies at 1 the lasi Saratoga auction, ancl '$110,200 worth at the one before Ihnt, U also is the same MacPhall, they say, who Is president of Bowie- Iluce Track and who is putting in .something like 14 hours a day getting the rebuilt plant ready for UK fall meeting wlm:h opens on Nov. 17. Under the driving force of tho man who retired, the old Maryland track is preparini! to put on two $50,000 addes Maryland Gold Cup of <llul oids Nov. 22 and the Handicap Doc. races, the for 2-year- Presidenl's 0. This is •JiMt Arknn.sn.s as wellj twice the figure Bowie ever put bii. up more than a little for double A imd $'.( Umililo A und $.'1000 for for H, C, nnil D. 'oritaitlxntlnns. All bnitUH pUiyers It's Arkonsns State vs Southern Htnte, of course. The Arkansas Slaters of JOMO.I- boro nrcn't members of the Ar- U.'msiiw InliTcolU'Kinto Conference •or, of i ny other lenMUf, for that matter. So. they're nut ellfiible for' ;my official championships. Hut the Indians will Ret a chance when liii.y visit Miiunolia to sec it up for n race before. Bowie bus nn entirely new trnck. It hns m>w seven-furlong nnd milc- btid-ii-titiiirter chutes and has been prettied up 'iy two nrtificiul In its infield. The usher board of Rising Star. Pvt . E1 |j nh Davis wil , lcave for baptist church will sponsor a pro- Camp Kcmble N Krum Wednesday night, Oct. 29 at N OV . 1. 7:30, Everyone is invited. J. Saturday, The St. Luke Baptist church at Shcppnrd is still on the progressive trend. After a lively Sunday School, the bus from Powers nnd Wafers Crossing brought their quota of members. Atfcr services by the Pastor, Rev. R. N. Glover, the invitation for members ancl offering, visits and donations were made to the sick. Lunch was served by Mrs. Woods. There will be a wiener roast and pie supper at St. Luke Baptist church Saturday night, Nov. 8. The proceeds will j-o for the Sunday school and the needy. Yerger Sixth Graders Dr. Lewis Dear Ur. U. C. Lewis and family: The sixth grade class saw the moving 'van at your home Thursday, one week ago. We all were sorry to see you getting packed to leave, because you have been so nice and helpful to our families. Another reason we hated to see ,you leave was because you wero the only colored doctor we had in this town. We haled to see Mrs. Lewis leave because she was very helpful with the little children of work' ing mothers. We will miss little . The Spirit of /ion singers wiU|R O scoe Jr.. because he was very give a program at Rising Star Baptist church Sunday night, Nov. 2, sponsored by the Usher Board. they an? tho best small college In Arkansas. . as their followers nrgue staunchly. for, .Southern's Mulerlders arc lhn i n mount they rvonlvixt would! f' H ' AlC'x defending champions nnd 4 ROOM duiilvx apartment, unftifr ftfid FtMtnt nnd bnok In front yorch. One from nchdoU 4»3 N, Kim Phone 7-248S, after fl p,m. 7.S5IQ. 2S-U Lost Strayed dV Stolen 4 YKAU old muley white t«ci> cow. Weight, B80, Drnndad, Howard. .JJorwy White, Phono 7-3U7t. 3»-3t Scholarship Cancelled, Player Sues MIAMI, Fl«., (A Hll-city tacklo at Miami In 1030 hns film! muit .000 from the stut« unrostrictcd dnift lf| their rtiujor lelt year. bt> forbidden to m«k<r;ftpejpi«ll!.;,p(iyiiU)n'tn to par- enlit>..fmtKi*C relatives ur agents In fvi'iiiM cf cnsh hutiH's or iiutoma bites, Young Players Plentiful, SaysGrofe CINCINNATI W -. The Nation- ill U'ttguu hns figured out thdt utn'suhs who »«y there Is "11 scarcity or.jKo.od yoims player*" don't kt;ow what tht\v'r» twlking about, Buve Orote. mana(!«r of the »crvice buci-iiu, sal down at with club rosters, vuciirds, Utui |)ii|u>r nnd cottU! up tho observation thnt the senior loop liftit a bumper m«\v ftars In 10.18. ChxHv, « quick youn« man with Injuries received in! lluv »'«c«>rd nook, |)ol«li?d out that purcticw at the Unlvt»r»lty »'wHlos actually curried most of 1ft and eaneuUatltm w hi« the ueustun's pitchlns laurels. Joo nek ot UH- Ormiklyn Oodvvrs had Will filed itt circuit court' 11 IS vvo » snt * - 1 lrt «t record; Hoyl Hfk» $10,000 for "breueh: Wil »^n» «' M»» New York Oiunts aurwiTwnt" and| WW8 * "*'^ iwrformor and had the A r»*«lt »t the Unlv«f» i *** !? ' eanunl run average with [t FtefIda's «llw«oa failure to «>'«rk of 2,43. pronto »ii>y*ie»» raamlntt-i ««dle Yumas of the St. Louis II doesn't look as tlioimh anyone i< «olnu to keep thorn from lalch- Inir onto a «eeond strnlRht trophy. MiUfnoliu observers sav the-1032 'Hiders «re Conch Elmer Smith's best loam ever. Hut they f p p r A- Slate, u-.d with jtood reason. A-Stnte continues to lure nthle- ti!> with scholarships as bait --that's tho reason it nn lonsjjr belongs to (bo AIC, in which athletic acholni'shlps new ore forbidden. The Jomvsborn school always hiu rnn«od further In rocniltinK athlc- It;*—nt least ever since tforrcst Frosty England has been Its conch. Southern 1st unbeaten nnd untied. A-Stiito, with a toiiuhcr schedule, •hns ft.llen only bcVdru biRttme Mifslssi-vpl State and Tennessue Toch. Saturday night's game will brine together u couple of couch- iuu slyk-st'ttors. Knpland is recognized widely as an uxpert on the T fornuitlon. He's The Hope Well PTA will sponsor Halloween Carnival Thursday light Oct. 30, at the school for MucPhnll's New York backers the benefit of play ground useful in class plays. Some of the sixth grade wanted to write you themselves 'but we decided to let you know how all of us felt about your leaving. Sin cerely yours, THE SIXTH GRADERS Ycrger Elementary School Testif iss Costelio Profited in Taverns KANSAS. CITY. tft-Government witnesses have testified that John T. CoFtello, former Democratic lender, held profitable InteresNLin tvo taverns and a gambling gWne from 1943 lo 1946. Costelio is on trial in Federal Court on a charge of evading $4- 2ti2 in income tax for 1945-46. A member of the Kansas City lice force in the 1940's Costelio tor was an assistant to William Boyle Jr. white Boyle was Do; tratic Party national chairman. Daniel Hogarty testified yester-; day that he and Costelio among four partners who ope the Stale Line Tavern and" bling game in 1945. Hogai said Costellp's share of the proi was $8.300. flic partnership was solved Jan. 4, \f)46. The tavern • destroyed by fire and flood last year. lire going to vote for Gen. Eisenhower and from Gov. Stevenson's supporters. Quite a change from 1948 when everyone, except President Bruman and a few like-minded and hardy people, thought Gov. Dewey was a cinch. Sick sticking your neck out twice in a row can become a silly occupation, self-consciousness about the 1048 mistake may have made everyone cautious now. But even the experts who have traveled with both candidates are pussy-footing on this one. And, adding to the confusion, is net only the size but the noi^Wof the crowds which have been turning out for Eisenhower and Stevenson alike. Stories from the correspondents traveling with the two men repeatedly have used one word to describe the crowds' enthusiasm: Howling. Still, the general timidity about next Tuesday's results should add lo the national merriment if candidate wins by a landslide First to emerge from hiding" day after election day will be tfl "I told you so" characters whosij only pre-election prediction anyone could remember me "Search me, pal." And, if the result is one-sided, it will be worth waiting for to sec tilt experts wrestle with themselves ancl one another in lengthy explanation of why the result should have been clear and was in- oviluble anyway. (£ It's Performance that Counts! 'Ti ™ •^•'w.» tUm or medical att^iUon after the ae«W»nt that tajurtkt hi* back. Sehull* kftid hi* scholar shiu ditwi from 8«ut> l, i&8i May SJ, IMS and had been the ««mmUt*e on ^ ltt« *ult s«ld he WM U^urwl dur- on Nov. « y e r * pA»»h*d and th«w" hl»n to th* ft^unA \vltin tuch torc«s Uiat hU bnpfc w*» Injured, cwlwidi tUU and al- tdjiur* ol the University ol had the best winnlhB! n!,jht. written books und given countless Iwttires on that mode of attack. , Smith is the inventor of the "m> crop ofjtianu'" formation. This alignment Is u combination of the T the -'tn-Ie win« nnd the Notre Cfemo l-i.x. Firm it the MuU-ridrrs' can, .spi-iny liny piny that could *' be] run front those three standard for- 1 mniions. Tho presence of two hl^h step- l'in« bi.c:ks—tho Indians' Richie Woil and the Mult-riders' Grady « C'aUtcy- -will help pack th u Magnolia ballyard. Yes, sir, theru'JI be a Iuu Utm« in that town Saturday percentage with .853 on n l»-2 rec- Othws listed by the National! l.t;\fiU0 KB havinn made their mark] in >958, although some of them) freshman In the strict Ma- Bob Top Radio Programs YORK, y*~UsU>ning to>i v n*e ol the word, wen? Ed tu«\v», Johnny Logan and NEW 'light: NBC-7 John QuU; t:30 Great Henry Faulk's Oildovslcovo; 8 th* Boston Braves; Toby tfroucho Marx. Atwell «nd Hurry Chltl at the Chl-i CBS—T FBI In Peace and War- c««o Cubs; Roy McMillan and Jlmj"-W Dr. Christian: a The Lineup Groenitraas at the Cincinnati Hods,] ABC—»:30 Lone Ranger; 7 Mys"- •" »•»»---- »n4 "D Us ty" t«ry Theater; 7;30 Top Guy. Mel Clark MBS—8:13 Men's Corner; 7 and Uluck Museum; 8:W Family Thea- Rhosd*>» ol of Fights Last Night a S0-y«fiivoid left-handed hitting UvUxt kta«4mnn, clubbed tvomo runs during tho past «on and Thursday: NBC— 10:30 a.m. Bob and Ray; 1:43 p.«j, Kukla. Fran ,._ T , OUk\ ..CBS-8 a.m. Arthur ttwtt rookie ln(U-»dtrt»y; l;is p.m. Perry J4«son. L«I*SUO lU*twy to hit [ ABO~» p.m. Breakfast Club; 1>:15 homers lu ottS? game. ! r-w. Ted Malon«. ,,MBS—10:30. MsMUJon was loasied around. thcUin. Quoen tar This Day; 13; 30 , Oclobc r 29, BLONDII Nobility Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 3 Teaches 1 French king 4 English nobleman 6 Colored again 8 Former 7 p *\ Sfntly ^ Russian ruler «Entertain ; * 12 Girl's name 9 Thailand 13 Eye part 10 Recess of. a 14 Mature church 1 "5 Pnqsp<;<;ivi» HSoaksflaX _,, 15 possessive 17Nasa j 29 Destroy cells 42 Bridge A « r • A l_ A * .1 O 4 H U A C A R e s * o T T E «. * T B N A N T H O y i T p R N bi A •4 P K O M B V E A C. e K * •4 A » N s S T l_ E R f S * & O T K A •r T B Ft • (* A R T T O •J * V 1 * E R O 1 U 3 7 * B f B NJ U L. bs W E A R U R T A * T E A* M O T A 1 E U fr T E R i» BE <* A C» K. E C 9 36 R Qbin 19 Male singing by amino acid4^'Story 18 Affair of voice 31 Salad fruit 44 German king , chance 23 Thick S3 Subnormal 46 Pinochle card 20 H-irness narts 24 Reputation person combination 21 Leeal matter' 25 Wing-shaped 38 Considered 47 Baked clay 22 Revise 26 Heating 40 Member of 48 Arabian 24 Rural deitv devices House of. prince 26 Paradise 27 Parts Lords 50 Leached 27 Salt 28 Fish sauce 41 Honorable solution SO Louisa May , novelist 32 That is to say 34 Married woman 35 Slants 38 Bitter vetch 37 Created 39 Speed contest 40 Foundation 41 Morocco (ab.) J ..tj 42 Ermine .. g * 45 Come forth 49 Policemen 51 Dickens' "Tiny - " 52 Singing voice 53 Scream 54 High priest (Bib.) 56 Whirling current 57 Indian \veight VERTICAL 1 Wading bird 2 Atop CARNIVAL 1 ft IS « '. ZH 30 y\ '* jsn • f> 51 55 ' ii HP 3 H •9 %9 ^:1B ^/.v 'il i'l M 'It, fy bO 53 5b '• '% i^ '38 Hi '%, 23 3Z ib . % Hb ' 10 %' HI '^ 3 » '' 51 W 57 0 I Z8 VI W H6 it By Dick Turner T. M. Oil. U. 6. Pit Oil. Copr. 1«2 by NEA Sn. ;t. Ixe •'" "Wavering crosses before your eyes, eh? Hm! You wouldn't be a candidate for re-election, would you, Senator?" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith Get the Winning Team ^w^^ ^ your league all icaswv lw his bi-Uliant WiUlamn pl i» the OUiU iu» succeeded Kddle SUnky. Clav)(, > Sfl-yedr-oWl Ohio Umver- <Mty i<aduat«. hit •*» ta 4T »»me* wltti the Phils and n»3cd down a stwtliy» berth 1«U in the The Cuos their suited for swn* iai JM.». Lunch with W: MBS ON THE-AIR ni^ht — Radio and CBSTV 7:80 andj S*n, Richard Nixon fro«» Los Anjetes CBS and CBSTV 9 Dwi«ht Ei senhower and oaoel ol governor*. ESSO EXTRA GASOLINE Fr«m th* v»ry «)N|r^ and all th« way, Esso Extra Gasoline delivers re»dy, steady power.,.long mileage . .. smooth performance ... clean-engine protection — ail in one gre*t "all-around" gasoline. 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ESSO STANDARD Oil COMPANY tHl ill! . i. fl . n^ ,f.«._ _. ..^.^ ^.< " t-t> 1 -Tfc te, - ^ C * M 0 F 1 S T A * , H 0 F B , A ft R A N S A S •y Chtek Young OIARK 1K1 fBLONDIE.VWHY); VOU JUST ATE A BIG DON'T VOU xf BfJEAKFAST-AOU OONT BRING MY ^>> RfMEMBER BECAUSE BPEAKFA'JT ^>OU WERE READING THE 5tfV^VTO BEHUNJGRy ) // ».fU (, ALL MORNING.'r"' /' 1 WHAT A QZAffK 7& wfla».w \ YAKO UXt-f ^~--' v '> f) I", 1 ?' By Mlehool O'Molloy and Rdltih" By j. R. William* OUT OUR WAY NOW \VHAT co ^i<:om"7i75 Tl_Jj*Atefi /O.I IL rA. 1 > Ik k iff 7 ./ N. .if VlC AMP lOUc OUO. A CLCTV<£& R'CK AS I AfV JAMfJIZA 3TFv*f OUT OF U'VFCRM. f^OH, TH 1 IXVj'S BE EM PE*VTEEIW HflRAM'SHE DON'T WAW r "!O GIVE TH' HULL. BONE ATONCG.' WELL, YOU KNOW HOW A 6REASy SOME 16. TO HOLD-WELL, i V WE'RE 6ITTIN' IT.' CO VOU MEAN ) TO TELL ME S. ERE'S. A FULL GROWN Elr&HTEEM- THB CUfctftlN K«M ON A OTHBR COSTUME WA,V\A HO OM THE OTHER. -" END OF THAT ? WASH TUBES By Leslie Tu WE HWE NO \ I CMO'T LET VOUi MR.OL5EM! 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