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Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon • Page 8

Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon • Page 8

Medford, Oregon
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0 Tuesday, Auguit 13, 1957 EIGHT MEDFORD (OREGON) MAIL TRIBUNE Air Force Plans To Roseburg Lumber Tight1 Brings Stocks Down Sharply Story companied by slightly higher volume of trading. Daily sales averaged 1.884.459 shares, against 1,772,536 shares in the previous week. Time ahhie does HE OU5HX4 i HER JOB 3ND IM HERE LUSHWELL'S TOO-TTS 4 WONDER HE DONT 4SK 4ROOHO THE aV- THE US TO FWOIE V4CUUM THE ACT BUILDfHCr- wwereS that? IN THE STATE OP UTTER OR Investigate Of Steeves' Washington (IP) The Air Force says it is conducting a routine investigation into the ordeal of Lt. David A. Steeves, who stumbled back to civilization in July after 54 days in the California wilderness.

But it said Monday it has no reason to disbelieve his story. Forced To Crawl Steeves, who parachuted to safety, said he spent 54 days alone in the High Sierra, living on fish, reptiles and a deer. He was forced to crawl through the wilderness because of an injured leg, he said. The Air Force said the inves tigation is being conducted to locate the plane and "to check carefully and see what caused the crash." It said Steeves also is being questioned at length "to determine his reactions and evaluate them with regard to survival training." But the Air Force emphasized it "has no reason to believe the story is false until completion of the investigation which may take a long time." Steeves, on his return, said thoughts of his wife and child helped carry him through the long ordeal. But his pretty, blonde wife who embraced him rrwMrraTE.

la. oi Ordeal on his return is planning a divorce. No Second Honeymoon The Trumbull, airman disappeared early in May after he said his jet crashed in the California mountains. The couple said they planned a second honeymoon when Steeves returned. But it never came off.

Mrs. Steeves' lawyer admitted Sunday that a divorce was "in the discussion stage." Steeves said "It's definitely not my decision. It's hers." Body of Farmer Found in Cornfield Byron, Minn. (IP) The brutally beaten body of an elderly farmer was found Monday in a cornfield near Byron. Authorities say Alfred Gary, 69, was viciously assaulted and had suffereed severe head wounds.

His body was found near the edge of a cornfield, where it apparently had been dragged. Gary was last seen alive Saturday evening. He was an iyner-ant farmer who had no permanent address. Mary Annette Rentz rehearse Company Struck Roseburg HP Roseburg Lumber company, one of the largest independent lumber companies in the Northwest, was struck late Monday by Lumber and Sawmill Workers Union, local 2949. Union Business Agent Hank Weber said the action involves a demand for a five-cent an hour wage boost.

About 1000 workers are affected by the walkout. Weber said negotiations Monday afternoon failed to produce an agreement. Pickets went on the line at 5:55 p.m., and no further talks were scheduled. Weber said the reason for the wage demand was in accordance with an increase in the cost of living, and because, he said, there has been a wage increase this year in all other fields "except lumber." "The lumber market is not as depressed as the owners claim it is," he said. Elkins Gets Tickets For Policeman's Ball Portland (IP) James B.

Elkins, who has been termed Portland's number one racketeer by Mayor Terry Schrunk, said Monday he had received a courteous letter from the police department witn two tickets to the policeman's ball. "I ought to buy some tickets just to show 'em I appreciate their kind words," Elkins said. He added, "They only sent me two $1 tickets. I'm surprised In past years they always wanted me to buy a block at anywhere from $20 to SPREE PUBLICITY London HP) Directors of Fremlin's Brewery are to have their own company tie. The cravat will feature pink ele phants on a dark background.

Daily's U-Drive Medford Airport At the close Friday, the Dow- Jones industrial average stood at 496.78 off 8.32 points on the week; rail 146.02 off 4.53; utility 69.21 off 0.48; and 65 stocks 172.06 off 3.17. Of the 1,392 issues traded. most since Julv 19. 902 declined while 315 advanced and 175 held unchanged. There were 192 new lows for the year and only 22 new highs.

Declines came into all sessions save Wednesday when the market enjoyed a fairly good recovery. Some had thought it might be readying itself for another try at the all-time record in the industrials but it soon spiked that belief by resuming its decline. In the Friday session good sup port developed for a number of issues which managed to gain several points. The averages closed lower but well above their lows that day. The market was seen as facing possible consolidation period running for several weeks before enough momentum can be gen erated to make another try at the highs.

The situation generally was seen as not unfavorable for the market although it was admitted there was nothing new or stimulating enough to bring a rush of buying. Prisoner Who Fled Portland Hospital Held Oregon City (IP) A 19-year- old prisoner who escaped guard at a Portland hospital Friday clad only in a nightshirt, was apprehended Saturday in an isolated cabin on the Clackamas river in the Mulino area. Captured was Francis Ray Bennett, who was sentenced in Portland recently to an indeter minate prison term by Judge Gus Solomon for car theft. Builders Supply QUALITY BLOCKS Bricks, Fines, Drain Tile 727 W. McAndrews Ph.

SP 2-4107 S3 Lights! Camera! Action! By Jimmy Hatlo MOVE HIS DESK PUT 4 FOOTR4B. WATER COOLER HE 4LW4YS C4LUSHER4T FIVE O'CLOCK TO MAKE SURE SHE DIDN'T DOCK Casing the office HOOKy-PLAyER WHO RUNS MIS JOB By REMOTE CONTROL CWMI MATUJ HAT fCfC BEACH, H3j Berean class party Thursday. Ladies attending were Mrs. Anna Noy, Mrs. Minnie Mead, Mrs Wilma Hansen, Mrs Carrie Hammerick, Mrs.

Joe Gray, Mrs. Maude Arnold, Mrs. Edward Hig-inbotham, Miss Ila Mae Higin-botham and Mrs. Ayers. Mrs.

Maude Davis Arnold of Medford spent the day Thursday at the home of Mrs. Arthur Mead. Dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Minnick Thursday evening were Mrs.

L. Zimmerman and children. Donna and Ted, of Seattle, Wash. Friday, Lee McCorkill, Francis, Tommy and Michael McCorkill, of Cherryville, Kans. and Mrs.

L. D. Booth of Central Point spent the day at Crater lake. Nye Home velled to Portland on business the latter part of tHe week. Mrs.

Q. Simmons and daugh ter, Mrs. Kenneth Edwards, and son Butch, left the last of the week to spend their vacation in Denver, Colo. House guests recently at the Heston Grieve family were Mr. and Mrs.

Leonard Wallace and son, Kerry, of Pomona, Calif. The new for he Church of the Good Shepherd will be the Rev. Mac Henery of Oklahoma. He will arrive about Aug. 25, with his wife' and daughter.

His first sermon will be Aug. 28. Mrs. Robert LaKee and daugh ter of San Diego visited Tuesday in Prospect at the homes of Mrs. Hugh Spruill and Mrs.

Ray Gillespie. PROSPECT ''-ir-h-iir r-ir' 'r -t it T'HTiiririiii rii 'irnim iiiniiiirfmi niinamwl Dancers Rosemary Tokar and under the watchful eyes of program director Colleen Hope and T.V. Cameraman for this week's production of "Dance Time," a locally produced dance extravaganza to be viewed every Tuesday 6:00 P.M. KBES T.V. The show Is sponsored by Parker Woods "Leon's" and features the Colleen Hope Dancers.

Adv. They 11 Do It Every to. KrrrUH gimme NUdLlrtE IN MY OFFICE, WILLY4 'LO, 5MNIE- LISMEK-rMHJH TIED UP OVER THE V4CUUM tXI MJMtt-E THAT TMlrJG I W.1S SUPPOSED TO DO FOR SPPlHGLESS MJTTRESS? VE4H-VOU Know now to oo rr- t. THEN SEND IT OVER TO'EM Afi' THEN- CENTRAL POINT Birthday Party By DORIS HUGHES Central Point Mrs. Oscar Minnick gave a party at her home Thursday honoring her niece.

Miss Coral Hale, on her birthday. Those attending were Doris, Bobby and Buddy Caldwell, Vicki Harper, Mary Ellen Kurz, Vera Harper, Sharon Ek-dahl, and Coral Hale. Also attending were Mrs. Vern Caldwell of Central Point and Mrs. Phil Irwin of Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Games were played and ice cream and cake were served. Jack Burns went to Portland last week end for the Rifle try-outa. He was one of the eight winner from the state. The men, representing Oregon, will go to Camp Perry, Ohio, for three weeks for the National Rifle association tryouts. Mrs.

Oscar Minnick has as a guest in her home, Mrs. Phil Irwin of Thousand Oaks, Calif. Mrs. Irwin is a former resident. Friday, Mrs.

Vern Caldwell and children and Miss Coral Hale went picnicking and swimming near Gold Hill. The Caldwells are former Gold Hill residents. The Misses Lee Anne and Marl Beth Scheidemann of Salem are spending a two weeks vacation at the home of their cousin, Miss Charla Jo Meyer, of Central Point. A baby shower was given Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Gene Snook honoring Mrs.

Omar Bresland. Hostesses were Mrs. John Snook, Mrs. John Pink-ham and Mrs. Gene Snook.

Those attending ware Mrs. Wallace West. Mrs. Bob West and daughter, Alicia, Mrs. Charles Bresland, Mrs.

Sam Snook, Mrs. Bill Matejka, Mrs. Bertha Newberg, Mrs. Jim Nau, Mrs. Don McNeil, the hostesses and Mrs.

Omar Bresland. Mr. and Mrs. E. E.

Monia are leaving Friday to take their son. Airman Second Class David Monia, to Arizona. He is stationed at the air base at Yuma. Monia has been home on an 18-day leave. The Monias plan to visit in San Bernardino before returning to Central Point.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mey er and daughter, Charla Jo, re turned recently from a two weeks vacation in Salem. They visited at the home of Mrs.

Mey. ers parents. Mr Mrs. W. W.

Barham. They also visited at Gearhart for two days. Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Smith, owners of the Crater rock- mu seum, spent the week end in the Willamette valley.

They visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oli ver Petty of Albany. On Sunday they drove to Corvallis to attend the Oregon Beekeepers annual picnic. Mrs.

L. Zimmerman and chil dren. Donna and Ted, from Se attle are visiting at the home of Mrs. Zimmerman parents, Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Ayers, of Cen tral Point.

Also visiting at the Ayres home is their grandaugh-ter. Miss Betty Tharp, of Eu gene. Mrs. Zimmerman and Miss Tharp are former Central Point residents. After leaving here, they wil go to Klamath Falls where they will visit Mr.

and Mrs. Bill Grimes. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stock- dale and children, Nora and Butch, have moved here from North Bend.

They have a new trailer-house. They are now vis iting at the home of Mrs. Stock-dale's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.

L. Kottke. Visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leonard is Mrs Joe Pruitt of Myrtle Creek.

Mrs Pruitt is Leonard's sister. Miss Betty Tharp of Eugene, visited her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tharp, Thursday evening. Mr.

and Mrs. L. D. Booth had as guests at their home, Mrs. Booth's brother and children, Lee McCorkill, Francis, Tommy and Michael, of Cherryville, Kan.

They left Sunday after spenSing a week here. ti r. kim Fcartna for day of in ing is of in ed at 25 in as Br ELMER C. WALZER United Press Financial Editor New York SB Tight money and talk of business uncertainties for the fourth quarter 'i brought stocks I i 'rXt" down sharply during the past week. The market had been in an almost steady decline since the industrial average hit its high on July 12 and the Elmer Waller rails made their top on July 15.

Up to those dates the industrials had gained 65.95 points from the Feb. 11 low and the rails had gained 14.58 points. At the close last week the industrials were down 23.99 points or 36 per cent from their high and rails had wiped out 53 per cent of their advance. The week's decline was ac- Portland Film Said Target of Pressure Hollywood HP) Movie Producer Lindsley Parsons today charged that "pressure groups" were responsible for exerting influence on theater operators to cancel engagements for the film "Portland Expose." Parsons Monday asked Sen. John McClellan's Senate Investigating committee to probe into the cancellation of the movie by theater operators in Washington and Oregon.

The film was based on information uncovered in the committee's investigation into rackets. "It is obvious that some pressure groups or powerful, inter-e individuals influenced theater operators to cancel the showing of the picture after it had been booked for world premieres on Aug. 14 in Portland, and- Seattle," Parsons wrote McClellan. Youth Runs Boat Under Cable; Dies Nyssa, Ore. (IP) Darrell Butcher, 17, Parma, Idaho, was killed Monday night when he drove his boat under a mooring cable stretched across the Snake river near here and the cable struck him across the neck.

State police said the youth apparently was looking back ward when the boat sped under the wire. He died instantly of a broken neck. Bruce De Haven, 15, Nyssa, a passenger in the boat, was hos pitalized with chest injuries John Smith, 17, Nyssa, who was on water skis behind the craft, escaped injury. State Police said the cable was being used to moor a barge for construction of a new bridge across the Snake river. absence Col.

J. M. and Mrs. Garret formerly of Alabama but now of Los Angeles took care of the Barker home on Rogue river. Mamie Walks Around Room at Hospital Washington (IPl Mrs.

Ei senhower has recovered sufficiently from her operation to walk unassisted. The White House said the First Lady walked around her room at Walter Reed Army Hospital several times Monday and into its sun parlor The White House report said Mrs. Eisenhower's recovery "continued to be satisfactory' but it is doubted she will leave the hospital this week. Her op eration was a hysterectomy. HAPPY HARRY "Borrow The American Way LOANS $25 to $1,500 AUTO SALARY FURNITURE For Any Worthwhile Purpose Payments To Fit Your Budget! American Finance Corp.

Phone SPring 2-8886 123 W. Main Medford HERE'S 73 a kjm tip! Family Visiting in Napa Is Given Saturday, Mrs. Booth's sister, Mrs. Hollis Lester and daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs.

Bill Bryon, of Mossy Rock, arrived to visit the Booths and Mrs. McCorkill. Also visiting over the week end at the Booth home were Mr. and Mrs. Italo Marin and son, Frankie, of Hilts, Calif.

Mrs. Marin is the Booths' daughter. Other guests on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Booth and boys of Central Point, and Mr.

and Mrs. Cecil Lacey and son of Central Point. Mrs. Arthur Ayers was hostess the Community Bible Church PROSPECT Fire Destroys By GENEIL SPRUILL Prospect Fire late Satur night destroyed the horns Mr. and Mrs.

Emery Nye. The Prospect Fire department and several pumper trucks were summoned. Flames had made too much headway for firemen to save the home. Firemen saved a pickup and the wood shed. The Nye's were not at home, and cause of the fire was not known.

The home was located about five miles south of Pros pect. Mrs. Alma West who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Wilfred Bauldrey, for the past two weeks, left Friday for her home Berkeley, Calif. Seven guests helped Sandra and Patricia Pool celebrate their birthdays Frfday.

Harold Grant has been work at Abbott lookout for the past week. Warren Govonor, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Govonor, who has been serving with the Marine corps at Twenty Nine Palms. has been discharged and now at home.

Miss Deloris Brown, daughter Mr. and Mrs. George Brown was injured Wednesday after noon when she slipped and fell from a horse she was riding the path of a oncoming lum ber truck. Her left arm was cut and bruised as the outside of the dual wheel from the truck pass along the side of her arm. Mr.

and Mrs. Charles Holmes and children from Rio Vsita and Alton Holmes and children of Bakersfield visited the home of their brother and his family, Mr. and Mrs. Artie Holmes, recently. St.

Martha's Guild is planning a outdoor barbecue Aug on Heston Grieve's lawn starting at 1:30 p.m. John Taylor will supervise the barbecuing. The primary reason for the event is to encourage residents the community to get together for a visit with friends and neighbors. The Rev. Robert Greene and family will be here will the new minister, tho Rev.

Mac Henexy and his fam ily. Wednesday, Aug. 14, a preschool clinic will be held at the Prospect Community hall from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Mr.

and Mrs. Evan M. Ashby and children and Mrs. L. R.

Downs and daughter, all of Mur ray, Utah, spent several days visiting at the Spruill home. Two of the Ashby children spenl the past month visiting in Prospect and returned home with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. M.

W. Bets and daughter, Judy, spent Sunday, Aug. 4, in Klamath Falls, where they visited relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs.

Lloyde Moore and children traveled to Lake- view where they spent the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moore. Mr. and Mrs.

Russel Burg tra They had never flown before. But early one morning Zdnek Machilser, 19, and Karel Kucera, 20, tied up a Czech guard and wobbled to the safety of West Germany in a stolen plane. Br CAROLINE L. HARDING McLeod Mr. and Mrs.

Arthur Hume and daughters, went to Napa, Aug. 2 to spend a few days with Mrs. Humes sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Vaughn.

The daughters are spending a few weeks longer in Napa. House guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Tockstein are Mr. and Mrs.

Lynn Dingman of Oak-ridge, Oregon, Dr. and Mrs. Ray Most and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Morgan, all of Salem.

Mrs. Ralph Ellis of Medford and Mrs. Bill Robertson and daughters of Jacksonville had a fishing party at "Hardings Paradise" on Battle Crek Wednesday Aug. 7. Miss Janis Gibson of Medford and Miss Julia Pringle of Butte Falls spent Saturday night, Aug.

3. at Union Creek as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Larson. Dinner guests of Mr.

and Mrs. Bud Chandler on Sunday, Aug. 4, wre Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mapston of Jacksonville and Mr.

and Mrs. Ralph Parker of Medford. St. Martins guild held their regular monthly meeting Monday evening, Aug. 5, at the home of Mrs.

Rudella Mykleley. The next regular meeting will be Monday evening, Sept. 9, at the home of Mrs. Dale Sawyer in Shady Cove. There will be an all day sewing bee Tuesday, i Aug.

20, at Mrs. Mykleby. Each lady is asked to bring a sack lunch and desert will be furnished by Mrs. Arthur Hume. Mr.

and Mrs. Harty Harding Jr. and daughters of Redding spent a few days visiting his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hume, his parents Mr.

and Mrs. Harry Harding. Col. and Mrs. Harold Barber have returned from a trip to the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

They stopped en route and picked up their son, Allen.fand wife, Mary, and grandson, Douglas, and they all stayed a week at the North Rim. During their either could tfly buff Ahoy soloed 4o freedom "Everybody is listening even the Communists," said an escaped Czech skating champion. From 29 powerful transmitters, Radio Freo Europe broadcasts up to 20 hours of truth a day to five key satellite countries Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. And how the Communist bosses fear it! Each dollar you contribute sponsors a Minute These two escaped but 70 million others remain captive behind the Iron Curtain. And these are the people at whom Radio Free Europe beams its daily broadcasts.

Escape is not its aim. yRadio Free Europe penetrates the Iron Curtain to spread truth to strengthen hijpe and resistance. Said the youths above, Radio Free Europe added courage and strength to strained nerves." "It offered us a hope for a better future," said a young nurse who fled to the West of Truth on Radio Free Eurorje. How many minutes will you give? Truth Dollars to: CRUSADE for FREEDOM Local tottmottmt Support Radio Free Europe Send your 1 MEDFORD MAIL TRIBUNE.

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