Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon on October 7, 1957 · Page 13
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Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon · Page 13

Medford, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1957
Page 13
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Monday, October 7, 1957 MEDFORD (OREGON) MAIL TRIBPNE-7-THREE . Theyll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo l licvt 1 V IN HIS B16 CABIN CRUISER HAS NO REGARD FOR LITTLE CRAFT... HE'D JUST 45 SOON SWAMP VEM AS SNEER I - By VERNON SCOTT United Press Staff Writer Hollywood (IP) Comes now a movieland striptease school Half-Size Style Strip School Starts For Bump, Grinders ( pipsqueak.' ouswrN'ry V TO ALLOW 'EM IN raTv for advanced study in the fine art of the bump, grind and tassel-twirling. Faculty member Jean Smyle, professionally known as "Venus, The Body," claims the new educational organization is being launched to supply a more ltt who DOES HE BEG ffffMZZSZ2. DOCK ? ILL APPRECIATE IT, LzmSsSk FOR A TOW WHEN HIS TUB GOES BLOOEY? YOU GASSED IT! WALKING UP STEPS leading to Little Rock's Central High School, nine Negro students are watched by white students, some carrying Confederate flags. (International Soundphoto) rD0U6LL. notes From the News P.O. BOX 312. COLOMBIAN OFFICIAL DIES New York (ut--Dr. Roberto Rotero, 58, representative of the Colombian Ministry of Public Works and National Railways since 1951, died Saturday. 'Nothing Left of Oregon-' Novel On Atomic War in 1961 Declares Br A. ROBERT SMITH Mail Tribune Washington Correspondent Washington The American submarine Scorpin stuck its snout into the mouth of the refined type of striptease for the country's burlesque theaters. "Burlesque can't even be classified as entertainment any more," says Jean, a sultry redhead. "Ninety per cent of the girls stripping today are real dogs. They're short, saggy and fat. Most of them have big stomachs. Because of them burlesque is a dying art, and we hope to bring it back." Non-Blushing Beauties The school for strippers offers a 15-week course for SI 50 with total enrollment limited to 25 blush-proof girls. Included in the curriculum are such eyebrow-raising subjects as removal of inhibitions, posturing and posing, exotic technique and walking with a wiggle. Jean, who measures 1 36Vz-25-37 and stands 5 feet, 7 inches tall, says outsize measurements are not required. "We're attempting to bring back to stripteasing," she explained. "The day of the girl who walks on a stage just to peel off her clothes is over. "We'll still strip, of course but with class." According to Jean every state and city has different laws governing how much a girl can take. off. Not Just Undressing "Some places are pretty strict making us wear panties and bras. Other cities let strippers peal down to a G-string and nothing else. The San Francisco-Oakland area is pretty liberal. So are Baltimore and Chicago. "Boston is the worst or best of all. I've seen gals take everything off at the old Howard theater. "But that's vulgar. Most strippers are wives and mothers. They're anxious to see stripteasing become respectable. So are their husbands. After all, a girl has to think of her reputation." Jean went on to say that she objects to bumps and grinds, but that most audiences are outraged if they're not forthcoming. "We're teaching other talents too," Jean said. "About a third of our . audiences nowadays are women and they- expect more 'art.' And more money is being paid strippers all the time, so gals have to be versatile. "In Las Vegas the clubs start strippers at S300 a week. For that kind of money a girl has to do more than undress. Heck, every woman can do that." By UNITED PRESS Milwaukee, Wis. Lew Burdette, who has been named to pitch the fifth game of the World Series for the Milwaukee Braves: "I'm not going out there to lose." New York Boxer Ralph Jones on how he received the nickname "Tiger": "My manager thought I ought to have a name that would attract attention, so I suggested Tiger. I figured if I started losing I could change it to Teddy Beat." Washington Sen. Mike Mansfield (D.-Mont.) on Russia beating the United States in the race to develop an earth satellite: "It's high time the administration stopped putting economy before security." Hollywood Jean Smyle, who is teaching at a school for striptease dancers: "Burlesque can't even be classified as entertainment any more. Ninety per cent of the girls stripping today are real bags. They're short, saggy and fat." Barcelona, Spain Mrs. Anna T. Masevicb, Soviet scientist attending the International Astronautlcal Congress, on the launching of the Russian earth satellite: "We had no failures. The satellite went off perfectly on its first launching." Uniontown. Pa Mrs. Walter Casteel. who witnessed the crash of a twin engine plane thai killed six persons: "It sounded like it was ready to take off the top of our house. We knew it wouldn't clear the mountains." constantly spinning hydroelectric generators in Northwest dams that kept the radio and the lights on long after the people had climbed into their beds or their favorite bars to die of radiation sickness an ailment which first causes nausea, then diarrhea, finally death by sheer exhaustion. The Australian government at the end passes out suicide tablets for adults, injections for children and pets. The weakness of the book lies, for the American reader, in the unbelievably phlegmatic charac ter of the people who face the coming end. This might be understandable if they showed some sign of deep Christian faith in eternity which would eliminate fear of death, but there is not a word of this fundamental consideration. A book describing world destruction through nuclear warfare could be more brutal in portraying destruction and physical suffering. But this is chilling enough to merit worldwide readership. Such fiction could just become fact at any time now. k f 4 MONEY At Crater Finance you may borrow for any worthwhile purpose on your FURNITURE - AUTO SALARY and repay in monthly Installments. You may choose the terms most suitable to you up to 24 months. Loans may be paid in advance or in full at any time Crater Finance CORPORATION 135 Pine St. Central Point Phone NO 4-1273 Frank Wilkinson, Mgr. CLOSED SATURDAYS . Open Mondays Until 9 p.m. 7 www r Columbia river, surfaced at m i d n i ght to see if there was any sign of life. The sub had just come from an off - shore inspection of San Francisco where they H'i 24Va 1 . A. Itobt. Smith saw that the Golden Gate bridge wpFmsWoWsi Gem of a Printed Pattern! You'll find this step-in dress fits the shorter, fuller figure beautifully side-button sheath lines just melt the inches away! Make it for all occasions! Printed Pattern 9000: Half Sizes 1412, I6V2, I8V2, 2012, 22V2, 2W2. Size 1612 requires 3 yards 39,-inch fabric. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send THIRTY-FIVE CENTS (coins) for this pattern add 5 cents for each pattern for lstr class mailing. Send to Marian Martin, care of Medford Mail Tribune, Pattern Dept., 232 West 18th St., New York 11, N.Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS, with SIZE and STYLE E?ee Silver Dollars over, then came up with a coil of haywire. Somehow he cinched the cams solidly with haywire, and the rig's internal combustion engine worked on well enough through the day. A" log-hauling machine that could be fixed with haywire, the loggers agreed, was bound to make its way in the lumber woods. ' It took 50 years of invention to produce a practical haybaling machine and to provide an adequate binder for the product. Then for another 50 years and more oxen and horses advanced the American frontier westward through forest and range. Baled hay fed the animals. And the haywire leftovers played a powerful part all the way through in holding things together. Good old haywire! fF0R YOUR STAMPS! Free Tariff Zone In Western Europe Paris (IP) A conference of national leaders in the move toward European unification has given its support to a British plan to create a West European free tariff zone, Conference Chairman Fernand Dehousse of Belgium said today. The three-day conference, attended by 20 European leaders, also agreed to work to combine various organizations working for European union. These would include the Council of Europe and the Organization for European Cooperation. Dehousse said a second conference will be held next month to make "real decisions" on coordinating European union groups. Preliy Baby! Get SILVER DOLLAR Trading Stamps at: OK MARKET Roxy Ann Market Craterian Beauty Salon T Oil Station T Jiffy Car Wash Electric Shaver Service Bailey's Richfield. Medford Muffler Co. 1 1 7 - jj' f viw f ERROR CHARGED Milwaukee (IP) A scalper was charged with an error yesterday when he tried to sell a pair of $7 World Series tickets to a policeman for $40. w.a :x-.-eit mm,--.:... In 1853 Henry Lars Emery of Albany, New York, patented a machine that was officially described as "a double-toggled-jointed, horizontal, progressive, levered hay and cotton press." So dawned the haywire era on the logging frontier. Emery's invention owed much to earlier balers, both horizontal and vertical. The first American machine of the kind was patented in 1813. On April 18, 1839, a patent for a machine designed to bale both hay and cotton was issued to Chauncey Wharton Hawkes of Brunswick, Maine. It was notably successful and inspired inventors to bring forth several "new and improved" hay balers in the 1840s. Cordage, straps and wood hoops were used to bind the bales until Emery's rig came along. Wire was the article needed for the final conversion of the hay bale into a standard commodity of American commerce. Centennial Year This year of 1957 is as good as any to nominate as the time for a centennial observance of the birth of haywire in the American scene It ties in well with the 1957 theme of the Pacific Logging congress to be held in Seattle Oct. 30-31-Nov. 1. This is "New Frontiers in Logging." frontier of a century ago. Horses and oxen hauled the logs. They had to have hay. Bales made the transportation of hay possible up the rivers and through the trees.' Then, as the bales were broken and the hay consumed day by day, the ingenuity of the loggers turned the residual haywire into amazing and wonderful uses. Right soon haywire was being used in the Lake States pineries for everything from patching harness to hanging horsethieves. Haywire proved' to be a superior substitute for suspender buttons. Boys made haywire fishhooks. Backwoods mothers got along with haywire diaper pins. Out West haywire was at times worth its weight in gold. The jasper who ventured to steal haywire in the bullteam logging camp ran the risk of a puncture from the bullpuncher's goad. New Logging Frontier The modern gasoline-powrered logging tractor will be at the forefront of the machinery and equipment show of the 1957 Pacific Logging Congress at Seattle. I well remember my first experience with a machine of that kind, in the year of old, 1912. It was on wheels, like the steam threshing engine of the period, and was rigged up to replace horses on the log haul. On the engine's first day of trial its cam shaft began to clatter and screech. The. logging teamsters hoped this was its death rattle. But the engineer removed plates, looked things was demolished and homes around Golden Gate park had suffered much from fire and blast. There was no evidence of any human life. There were lights showing on the shore of the Columbia river, but after examining his charts the skipper of the sub concluded they came from Long Beach and Ilwaco on the Washington state side. - "There's nothing in the state of Oregon," he added. The Scorpion proceded on to Puget Sound in quest of the origin of sporadic radio signals coming from the Seattle area. Surfacing off Edmonds, 15 miles north of Seattle, it found a deserted town where the neon sign was still lighted in front of the drug store. When the ship hailed the shore with a loudspeaker, there was no response. Through Periscope This was the way the Pacific Northwest looked through a periscope, for the crew dared not venture out on deck. The radiation count in the air was far above the safety level. This was the reult of the short war that bewildering atomic war of which no history had been written or ever would be written now. It had lasted 37 days, wrecked most of the major cities of the northern hemisphere and laid waste to the rest of the land through nuclear fall-out with its lethal radiation. It is only a matter of time before the belt of all-out particles envelopes the southern hemisphere and snuffs out what life remains in Australia, South Africa and South America. And that is the way Nevil Shute chillingly describes the of the world in his novel. On the Beach. The short, war was not caused by a direct attack on the U.S. by Soviet Russia, or vice versa. It started in 1961 when Red Albania got sore at Italy and dropped a bomb on Naples. Then someone, nobody knows who, set one off in Tel Aviv. British and American planes then made a demonstration flight over Cairo to try to quiet things with a show of strength. Next thing you know Russian-made planes were spotted heading for the U.S., and this triggered off the whole NATO defense apparatus. Washington and London were both it, leaving few statesmen left to make decisions. U.S. military field conmmanders counterattacked Russia. China figured this was a good time to ding Russia, and vice versa, so they went at it with hydrogen bombs, most with a cobalt element. Egyptian Planes In Raid The irony of it all was that the planes that first hit Washington and London were Egyptian planes which Russia had given her. Mistaken for Soviet attackers, they set off the chain reaction that was too quick to stop. The basic trouble, says a sci-entiest in Australia", was that the nuclear weapons got so cheap that "every little pipsqueak country like Albania could have a stockpile of them, and every little country that had that thought it could defeat the major countries in a surprise attack." The Scorpion happened to escape by being on patrol in the EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT IN THE NEWSPAPER DELIVERED DAILY TO YOUR DOOR Did you ever think about your newsboy? 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Send 25 cents for your copy of this needlecraft book now! DIPLOMATIC DEBU T Actress Irene Dunne, a member of the U. S. Delegation to the United Nations, brings HoUywood glamor to the speaker's platform as she makes her debut before the General Assembly in New York. Miss Dunne went before the world body to announce that the U.S. will contribute $21,800,000 toward the $52 million the UN needs for its two principal refugee programs. Though regarded as an industrial state, Massachusetts harvests farm products each year worth more than $170,000,000. its a family affair! Yes, your. newspaper, delivered to your door, is a family affair. There is something interesting for everyone to read. Dad' reaches for the news and business, Mom can find fashions, and recipes, and the kids read the funnies. You'll find neighborliness, information, guides to buying . . . everything you want to know about; from your own tovn, to the far-most corners of the earth! Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Finds Healing Substance That Does Both Relieves Pain Shrinks Hemorrhoids Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Eat. talk, laugh or sneeze without fear of Insecure false teeth dropping. slipping or wobbling. FASTEETH holds plates firmer and more comfortably. This pleasant powder has no gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Doesn't cause nausea. It's alkaline (non-acid). Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTKETH at any drug counter. Pacific, and with its long-range I THE MEDFORD MAIL TRIBUNE SERVES Over 65,000 Readers In Southern Oregon and Northern California! New York, N. Y. (Special) For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all results were to thorough that sufferers made astonishing statements like "Piles have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne) discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in ruppository or ointment form under the name Preparation H. At your druggist. Money back guarantee. BeHJ. 8. Pit Oft. nuclear powerplant made it to Australia. It ventured to Puget Sound only to find the radio signals being caused by a loose window sash bumping against a live radio transmitter. It was the 4

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