Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1952 · Page 23
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 23

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1952
Page 23
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HOPI STAR, MOM, AtKANfAS IWtdoy, October 28,t*S* _ pap.j, .* .vvqpj^ty >-„ ,,'i"f«-'ri/w?5»?v.tV' ^ ' vVV-r 1 ^ $<<* v ' .>»<#,•"• " Tuesday, October 26, 1953 BLONDII f of Sal* CASK r««liUr?» MM! «ddln« much new . 8ry»nt'» Office Sup- pi/, 193 South Wfllnut St. 23-flt CVPHES8 lumber, W. L, William*, TOM. M349. 38 ' 81 top «nd other household article*. Mm, W. A, Jenn, 423 N. Kim. 27-31 100 bwubfiU corn, $2 Pnrknr Hojief", tin road, bucliol. on Col' Fair Enough Copyrlflht, 1952 By Ktno Ftaturt* Syndloat*. Albert Credit. Thr«« Rookiti By HAL WOOD i SAN Fr»nrl*co (UP) —Frankir j Albert, the T-formnlton genius ••( tlwf Sun Frnncltco Porly-Mlnejii, t"> '• clny credited "three wonderful • rrw>Me»" for thf t<>om'« ipotlfe** ft cord in the National Football j*^!W**St! fHevenxrm ban been di»- We're ffttily living." »alcl Alof the Forty-Miner*' lofty the <l«-f«niie of hi* party Now have ar C'ommunlgt nhtfnnx, n«a(n*t «ur». ur«l Kl»,nhow«.r tutk. n fluffy «lb- five •II- In- exhibitions, going buck to wlnnirm becnunc wo C'ftiiRit cither he wit» l</'i dumb to rt,'iili7«! that Soviet rtunsln wan im enemy of hit own country lact hlbltlim Kchedulc. »nd hccnuse we hail three wonderful rookie*! through for us. buftlnes*. Paying pro- Million, Reniwn for quitting, bad health. Located nt Anthony Saw mill, 2>at ANY type oMirftvel, InaludinR pen grovel, mind, top lull, and flit dirt, Colt Jenne Sincliilr 7-M9Q. Partial* Help Wanted RMtoftftlt tor Avon'* beautiful ChrlittUB* Gift HetH In the «rent- out In hHlory, Copltnllxa on thi« tlommul by becoming nn Avon Keurenenatlve in your own nolnh- boihoood. Write lAVerna Gilbert P. Q, Box 330, Hot Bprinim, Ar* 27-31 or, It not nmlly lh«t ntupltl. w«»! .., M l<,ve Bob Tmicff, ]unl out I wulliiB t« string nlona with n trull- ,, r Nol) . (l |), imi >, H just n* good x niou« HdmlnJUrtttlcm. ' i.-oklo tackle u» Hu«h McKlhennv| Some edltof* hnve firmly re-in n rooklu half buck. And thorn | solved thnt K,l*'»nhowi'r'K uttipldltyj niiylng n lot, became I think Me. i or worse sholl be mipnremmil until; l-;ihi-nriy U the flncU runner I've 1 he <<iii> b»> r'leeU'd In the bopr.* lhnt< rve 1 / seori nnd that Included H|,X| utter nil these y«»«r* in the do«-j y«.r«r« of prof«»*lomil football, plus! hcuise (hey will be invited U. put j my collegiate dayu." j tlit'lr (net under the While Home; , tniile, Thttt IM up to them, but thu! Hint i cm* .my i« unit ik«: CeUn Named m won n stitJker In thin fateful mix-} »-»--•»!*•, Cuif chief iiKtilnst my country nndj rOtC"niFy juli WhW w.U, T'nThi «AKLAND. Ctt ,,f. ,UP> on His Way Out at U. of A. By CARL BELL LITTLE: ROCK Iff — Barring an sbiupt turnabout which would find Top Team By RIP WATSON NEW YORK M — Mighty Michigan State, with three complete bnckfields and a 35-points-a-game cffense continues to roll along as the No. 1 team in the land. For the third straight week, the Arkansas Ra/.orbacks winning j Coach Biggie Munn's monsters nil their remaining games there | have been voted best in the land •*! Is more than a strong possibility by 121 sportswrlters and broadcast^, thnt Otis Douglas will step out as e \-s in the Associated Press poih hoad coach at the end of this sea-1 Except for the second week of the uoll when Wisconsin held sway WELL ISN'T IV AWFULLY f s " IN "~* > J DAOOy DID ) ( VES. D£AP HE ( THE STOPK )> FLEW FPOM I BRING US? <Y WISH IN THE T0 COLD UP THFPE FOR A LITTLE BABY? j son. Douglas, now under a faculty JUST A SHRAPNEL OF PAPER-South Korean civilian work- cr>tt Seoul load leaflets of the Psychological Warfare Section Into 600-pound bomb casings. The propaganda literature will be dropped over enemy territory. knnna*. 22-01 fellow H.nd- ONE expi-rUmeed wnllrexn v , , •altti-y. nln. place to work, Apply I, Htn , llfl|) „ ,,,„ Mtmnnor Diamond Cufti, 27-lf Lost liMotilotlon with tho traitor*, such u* Mwr HIM, knew what ho \/«» doing nnd wh«t wiis nolni ,U nil times. Now we read that Paul H. Port- of th« Mutual Security Admin- Nlob of burwiiucrn the tenure nrranRement which means hi- can't bo discharged without a year's notice and then only for "cause", said a month ago hn would resign If the team didn't slurt winning. It hasn't. All of which brings up this question: Where would the University turn for a replacement? Would it seek a mentor experienced and proven irt big time col' kfiiatc lootball? Or would the job be handed to young high school or small college coach who has corned a promotion? SPORTS ROUNDUP By QAYLE TALBOT. NEW YORK Ml — Addressing the| briefly, Michigan Stale has dominated the poll ever since the preseason voting. Saturday's 34-7 thumping ol previously undefeated Penn State brought the Spartans 38 first-place votes and a tptal of 1,042 points on a basis of 10 for first, nine for second and so on down the llne ^ Despite Michigan State's im'Ll presslve game, second-place Maryland crept a little closer on the strength of its 34-6 win over Louisiana State. The Terrapins who trailed Michigan State by 50 votes last week, cut the margin to 26 The Arkansas coaching salary of $10,000 a year — recently cut from $12,500 — might not appeal to a mc.n already in the big time unless: 1. He'd like the security of faculty tenure: DrtOWN lenthfM- billfold containing ***•* SST $43 Miui Wcntlfhuitlon Call Southwest Wood Produolin. iltt-Ol Services Offered of experience In floor nntl flnUhlnit. Dnlo orw, D»a W. ?th. Phono 7-3234. O-21-lm LOCAL nntl Imia tllHtnnci' Ainu lotMil rntivlnii. Son Dnnnlv Hamilton OK enil 7-301 1. O-33-i m hirnidhed npnrtment. Prl ' the ey, IIHH been uallfd home from 1'rtrls where he nnd it whole nrrny it parnitltlc unemployable misfit* liiivu btx-n llvin« high on the ho« nt <nip es|ion»e, tii expl«ln to a MLiueommltlee of the Scnnto »omo KtntomeiUii that he*swrote l)ni.'k In Kootbull Loiiguc, was named to- He's fed up with his present anything that Arkansas job. the nation's gridiron titans by this Ciilifornln student. the oarly f me Orent B«- tr,»y»i In fnvor of « violent revo- lullon to ovcrmrow thii «ovcrnii>ont ol HIP UniH'd .StntcK. Porter ex ruit, filed Attorney Russell tiroc ni-xt fall. SlLitlpbaker, naked $250 n month for As the Lion mentor indicated, ((Ul'.port of the child In addition; tins will be a quite remarkable to "other cosla." Color! refused to discuss the sult;i)liiik. as the Ctidets now are only with n curt "no comment" whiMiiin their second season since they contacted In Los Angeles last night, j lost virtually their entire squad Studobnker said the 23-year-old! through the cribbing expose. r>ing down there about their game against Army next week In At- Uinta, but 1 know if it was me 1 would start to tlo a little worrying. T**** Army kids have terrific all- around speed, they are beautifully coached mid a pleasure to You can get n fairly good line contended that high school should be given a chance with the Razorbacks. They say the only \yay Arkansas with the money it has to offer, can ever get a Paul Brown, Bud Wilkinson or Frank Leahy is to uncover him before he's proved himself in the bigtime. former University of Ci.lifornla Despite the fact that the Lionsj^ tlu .,,, now off lhcil . 22 . 0 loss to quarterback met Miss O'Onn-j liiilncd .1 14-14 tie by virtue of a ion on Iho Berkeley campus where j last-minute touchdown pass on Sas- Others hold it would be too much of u rusk to bring up a coach from u lower class football us they piled up 32 first-place votes and 1,016 points. Oklahoma even more potent offensively than Michigan State with an average of 42 points a garrm also closed some ground but stay ' in third place with 20 first place votes and 850 points. Behind the Big Three wero eorgia Tech, Southern California Duke and UCLA all closely f bunched with three newcomers to V the top 10 filling the last three places — Purdue, Kansas and Villanova. Georgia Tech moved up one place after bopping Vanderbilt, 300, while USC jumped two placoiL thanks to the 10-0 upset of CaliP , fornia last week's No. 1 team. The defeat knocked California clown to llth. he Southern California early in the j might not turn out to be a Brown s<.-uson. You sow what Southern Cal' Wilkinson or Leahy. when he «cts t'tiURhl that Nlnor H<>nu>, but Color! rUmpiUod, Nevada, NI, ami MtH« <*M^ bnlhi front, hack Kloctrlc refrlBernttn 1 , !I21 Banner. Dial 7-39Sa. »7-3l FOH nlk-rulloiiH nnd wwinu contact Mrs, Sllth Ottvonpon, 910 W. Third, or dial 7-am WANT TO BB REPRESENTED ltKD NATIONS, N, Y, MV- Ghtnn (tna North Korea huvo didn't rttnlht! wltiil ho WMH wnylntf, us to believe thiit he hns wholly loyal far a lontt, lon« before tills news broke, time. Just fcy** Mary Dublin Keyserllm;. the wife of Lelon Keysorllntt, HtiH nnother ot thosu my*ttrl«im Frankfurter from Hurviird Inw, wns trbrn her job us assist- nnt In ohiirfeo of exports In the of'.Commei'ee This WHS tho Kiimo Job that WUIlimv W. Hern- initum |)t«d' bejloi'v Iw vvo» indicted flyliiH to f.os with tho "The job Blalk has done with oven one week back. This halfback of Blaik's even last yaar and seems headed who! for a below-.500 mark 1 this year. rest of the team Immedink-ly after if.is set of youngsters is, in my , c(n . e V lho uvo touchdowns a S ainst| Of course, 'four wins in the re- tlu- itnmc. Meunwhili' Studi'bitkor suid he would attempt to hnve the football plnyor served with legtil papers In l.oi. I , ,1 t - i . Jt*.'i t 1.1 IliU fcVVV/ fc\'HW»«v.v^.T.4.i ».(.,.,.....opinion the best he has ever; Fro{ . Mlayn< cnn , cally carry clone" Llltk- declared. "That takes ball and by next year I pro.\ > . • ii. 'ii«^i/in*tiii^.*'-'J r »tw«fcjvMi *{.••«. in the years when he had his great (!j ,. t th(U M;irio DcLucia wiu be undefeated teams and when he lone of the country's outstanding that thoy LM> it) wnd )-cpiwntfttlv«iii 'to the U.N, Gwwml Assembly to pfK«'6rit utinr«e» of B»nri warfare ngHlnit the United State*, The d«miinrtn contwlnvd In scpanvte telt grama. Legal Notice for SaU M* 4 bed«*«•»««. . Phone SJ7-BI PKFENDANT WARNING OROBR Tho datendwrt, Jewel Frunklln o, IK hereby warned t<> ilpWonttd on A ehtiVve , (>' |«ft v jur.v : In tellliiK a (tVunt.l ..Jury that he hwl never aCtfeommuniiil. This red-hor- iiri" SoiVhtoc Joe 'McCarthy's Ktrlns out of Truman's fish pond, WIIK eonvletcrt on the perjury itv dlctmont, but Iho conviction was xtt u s Mi-, and ha IN now tiwnltlnt; unothec trlul on ft iie\v perjury In- dittment, Mary Dublin OUT OF DOORS with was named coach of the year. It's; fullb . u , ks , j understand that they Imve some real good boys coming up from their present plebe team too. What I mean is that Army isn't just showing signs of com- in!> back -- it's practically here riyl'.t now." , in tbl« Coxtrl wlthUt Uvlvty il«y» Bn»\vpf the eompUtnl of the LugQlna Out Your Deer By WARREN PAGE Shooting Editor One of my best friends is keeping the local osteopath out of the pourhousi) because he tjot too ambitious a few yours n«o. He'd knocked down a till white lull u mile or so in from the tote road, smack in the middle of a hurrl- cwne blowclowu, und tried to get U out himself. ,,-,,. , Result, one skowgocd suoroillac but Sftwyer woulrfn I, Ho mtiy hnvc thnt t , v<JV slnce is p c ,.p t . U mlly pop- rookoiH'd thnt however the election ( pln(J out o{ lllilct , Thls , s pUlmb R(H?» Trumun Is « lame duck now l f 0( ,t| s i w «as, buctuise there wero RIK! iHHHln't bo fenrod mvich. j lwo othci . ,, u . mbe ,. s o( | lis pn| . ly Mnry is « nwtor ot the wife ofj wlthln t . uhcr hl ,m,, B 5,. slunalllns Uuorno Miu-fthiU, not the five-slur,d| stll ,u., c «nu ti lc three of them mis*cU,.»wad who hiillcd things up; would h ',, Vl< mad(! ot , ht! bl|( . k un \\i\8 laid off by decision of a. loyalty board and Trumnn tried to innkv Chttrlw* Svuvyer, thu seere- Un-y of eonntuM'ce, put her back, plaintiff, fto«a "Maft Appie««to, WITNESS my hond »» Clei'lt, and, the »oat of »«Ul Court thla 0 tiny of October, 1WUI. Omorn Evnmi, Clerk *n China and on htn- thv Danube, the Bulkuns, and ' ) u >ro? ints , inul w , bo bui; K..spnln P ident of a notmious pro- dciM , oul of , hc woot(s , s , , y culled the C vll R'K»»»| somebody else to help you when- maining four games would tempt Douglas to stay. WK18J5NBKRGER tot V. NUNN, JR., Attorney «4 Utem 0«t. t, U, Logal NoHee to *P»**r IWrty day* and ot V , . \yiiitf«8 my hand and jw t»*l of .. „ ,„, . Att'y, tor V, , Ad Caniinw. Mury recently test IflM j CV1 .,. pOMU , u ,. A , wo mon haul , > that »h»w«ro was enitwued to p«ul; so UH , wlth thm , f ,. Best Teams Not Seeking Bowl Games By WILL GRIMSLEY NEW YORK (/I 1 )—Punts and pass os: Don't envy the sponsors of the football bowls this year. their pickings are the slimmest in years, perhaps ever. With new conference restrictions ! thf Jan. 1 operatives will have to j scrape the botom of the barrel lor talent. I Of the top ten teams in the latest I Associated Press poll, only two- Giorgia Tech, No. 4, and Villan.>vu. Ni,. 10-nre open to invitations [ and Tech is halfway committed to Iho Southeastern Conference. Porter « rivet which ««'«ht Ko: u , . h >-V»« B clue to the ihlnu* that you / J some kind tlH< Bh " r « l « ot ;of contact with the other n.emb" s travel in puits or threes anyway. Wynn Did Fine With His Slow Stuff By BEN OLA NEW YORK (if)— Fast ball pitch en- are supposed to fare better in night games. But Cleveland' Eprly Winn, who depends mainly on slow stuff, did right well fo himself under the lights during the Itto:! major league baseball season. Wynn, whose repertoire features knucklers sliders and changes of puce, picked up 13 of his 23 victories in arc-light play. His .867 percentage 13-2 topped all American League moundsmen in night competition, Associated Press figures revealed today. Winning oil of his last 10 starts under the arcs, the Indians' right- hander whipped the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Browns three times each and lost only to Washington and Philadelphia at night. In the National League big win- r.er Robin Roberts of the Philadelphia Phillies racked up 15 triumphs against only three setbacks In percentage, the husky Phillies, The leaders (first-place votes in parentheses): 1. Michigan State (38) 1,042 • 2. Maryland (32) 1,016 3. Oklahoma (20) .850 4. Georgia Tech (7) 767 5. Southern California (7) 745 6. Duke (lO)/ 688 l£ 7. UOLA (6) 605 8. Purdue (1) 164 0 Kansas 138 30. Villanova 134 The Second 10: 11. California 99 12. Tennessee 91 13. Notre Dame 63 14. Texas 58 15. Michigan 48 16. Virginia 39 17. Pennsylvania 26 M 18. Wisnonsin 19 * 19. Alabama 18 20. Florida 16 • . ,. Other receiving votes: Pcnn State, Oklahoma A and M West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Princeton Holy Cross Baylor Mississippi, Wa shin gton Houston, Miami On the Silver Screen HORIZONTAL 1 Screen actor, Lund 5 He co-starred in "Steel >> 9 Siouan Indians 11 Western show 12 Nautical term 13 Handled 15 Pronoun 16 Hops' kilns 18 Tatter i 19 Wether lamb : 20 Fondle : 21 Greek letter : 22 Indian antelope 25 Venerated < 28 Number 30 Disencumber 31 Night before an event 32 Compass point 33 His dramatic counterpart 37 Penetrate 41 New Guinea port 42 Apex 44 Peer Gynt's mother 45 Scottish alder tree 46 Sacrificial block 48 Female saint (ab.) 49 Spiritualistic sitting 51 Courses 5 a Flout 54 Freemason doorkeeper 55 He is a motion , picture 5G Not as much VERTICAL 1 Book of the Bible 2 Musteline mammals 3 Garden tool 4 Roman emperor 5 Weight units 6 Alleged forces 7 One who has on 8 Spotted 0 Fillip ICats 2 Vipers 4 Minced oath 7 Weight of .3 Passage in the brain ir e \i n I 9 Z 33 HI IS 49 y\ S3 55 35 3 ' '•'''''/ Z3 /b 31 ' : -^ 'fy 50 Answer to Previous Puzzle ^ e 1 V 1 c 1 c t < ft $ i U. r e V A i l_ 9 6 * B i e X R •3 N _ E S S 1 A * T o c -~J O f M 1 M e B C N e "r "" E f i i c» e * >• LJ ft 9 A M < r A J R u S E & y '•>' • • • » T A ^ l_ E U a B a R f E N M £ B e m A & A 9 A N U. O w IS s T IT V ^r O N T E A ^ t- E • ? A H t e c A C P E it V i N • E £ R t O i B > u 9 A i N A •* T K O T P V R. e 24 Granular 38 Samples snow 39 Natural fats 26 Holding 40 Scottish . device sheepfolds 27 Paradise 43 Separate 29Cudd!cr 46 Genus of 33 Exclamation shrubs of sorrow 47 Disturb 34 Embrace 50 Educational 35 Occupant group (ab.) 36 Drunkard 52 Rubber tree n b '•*/'•' ' IH % % 10 zo '••/,:•. ^ HI 7 K '''•''/. 36 i 1 3 4" a H3 il W 5 26 37 :''': ' V bb » 27 '%. •/// 5Z 7 s 21 a ^« 4 J8 W 46 39 't MO CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Top Radio Programs V The oilier (learns either have banned bowl consideration or are' .. , tled *'* New Y or k'i ^' lhelm ancl Preacher Roe But Harrimnn, another of lh«j general typu with absolutely). . , or re, so that they can work out the j bound by the Big Ten-Pacific Coast ?, f Br n°>«lyn. _ eaeh with .833. Bu swamps and ridges in u planned! ; , Bl eement involving the Rose Bowl] . , latter pau ' had only slx n| 8 h lashlon, euch bird-Uogging for the Ti.e Southern Conference and Big <1( -'^ lslon s- » ... .. _ . .... HnnfM'lfi With n C«nCrtr\*C Kannttr other, and that usually moans slay 1 Seven have anti-bowl Uuvs. operators I ing within roucu or u good lustj •— j bellow. The chaps I hunt with also . who is now udmlnistru-j tte old Socialist parti* and howling lor of the mutual security admlivifor suckers to arab guns and over- iitratlon, the latest name for tho trnnv our govurnment. Kran\t .suuniuti-rbund which started j Brown, llousou und Lovcstone Under Senator Herbert Lehman, of j weren't going to take any person- N'ew York, drifted into iho Paul[«l part In vh« shooting. They were Hoffman phase under the title ofjijoing to hide somewhere and take economic cooperation admiuUtra-i chm-Rv* afterward. This is the tton and th«W fad*d into Mutual !H: own who got n big phony build- Security. This tnonttrouiUjr'*' )oU;ui> in the Reader's Digest recent- is; to throw our n»o»wy away un-! lj' »nd Hcnson 1st the_stooge who set np some sort of "kill" i signal, ' pyrtwps two very fast shots ut least a minute after the single or cannonade that brought down thu buck. It's a toss-up us far as dragging ease is concerned, how you should attach your drag line. A length of that nylon cord they use in making parachutes Is ideal; just wrap it around your waist before slart- Marshal plan. U employs a whoi« system of union paruslu-s (ram the AP of L and the CIO to KO around agitating for hbjh w<me« tor tndifto'unt European U* borev*, payable out of the taxes which ait> deducted from our pay anv«)opes for tho income t&K, I h«vo listed same of those use- Ittts white collur trauxps hitherto iu the»« dispatches and sketched SiWHe of their nefftrious *ctlviti«s out uf our sl«ht id Burojx where tbcy H\\. on subsidies p«W by you ' me which <m»ble th»m to buy wroea tlr fear-1'"8 out - Some bind it-to tho base 'of the buck's antlers, and let the iorolegs hang free, some lash the t'ronl f«et up over the antlers. For a one or two man haul of a freshly killed dear that's still limber, 1 just let the forelegs dun- gle. If you have to leave the buck so long he has stiffened or frosen. then by all means take your belt or some heavy twine and lash the up over the main beam denouncing me for denounc ing ttrewn but faded away when I spread his own record before the Digest's readers. I Know as woll as you do that Uiis is getting tangled. But, re* member, they planned 1 it that way. Thai Js the kind of schemers they are and t earnestly Insist that you Include Paul Hoffman among tho cast because he is one of tho, \vorst> a hi* tlour»fh»sher with ajof each antler, straightening The Bis Ten and Pacific Coast only one team each in the Rose Bowl. Others must sit NEW YORK (At light: Listening to NBC 7 Ann Blyth: 7:30 Red Skclton; 8 Martin and Lewis. CBS — 7 People Are Funny; 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. North — 8 Life With Luigi. Eagle; 7 Whiteman ABC — 6:30 Silver Michael Shayneo 7:30; Teen Agers. MBS — 6:15 Hazel Market; Musical Comedy; 8:30 Baird. Wednesday Programs: NBC — 9 a.m. Welcome Travelers . . . CBS — 9 a.m. Godfrey Time , , . ABC — 9 a.m. My Story. . . .MBS — — 15 a.m. Cliff's Family. Roberts with a season's recorc of 28-7, did not suffer a night game * U ™ " ?' h ™ he , bowed Brazle of St. Louis. He . now : cd . four v ' cto " es Piece over on the- sidelines. It makes going . . ,. oes f Pece over n)l ,»h a the Cards and the Cincinnati Reds. n)l ,»h Here's the bowl availability of | ShunU ' PhWelphla A's Tuesday Radio and TV — MBS ; and NBC-TV 8:00 Dwight Eisen- * hower from New York. Dumont 9 and CBS, NBC-TV.^ ):30 — Gov. Adlai Stevenson aP- Madison Square Garden rally. New York first half a variety show with . the top twenty teams in the AP letly ' wh °*°'\ 2 < and dropped only * ^ 1 SI*Vt*ll ailrlnt' th*» VAar vunc i-nnna,.. poll: 1. Michigan State—No 2. Maryland—No 3. Oklahoma—No -!. Georgia Tech—Yes 5. Southt>rn California—Maybe C. Duke—No 7. UCLA—Maybe a. Purdue—Maybe 9. Kansas—No Two Boxers in Double Knockout TRENTON N. J. (»— Two fight ? ring here last to win the New fronU Reim-mber that Paul Hoffman is way hmd less so hel1 set th8t seven during the year was runner- up to Wynn with a 10-3 record. New York's Allie Reynolds, with 7-8, was third. Sal Maglie New York. 8-3 Carl Erskine Brooklyn, and Bob Rush, Chicago 5-2 each and Ken Raf- fenfbwKer Cincinnati, 11-6 also j.osted impressive marks among the National League. Pave Koslo New York Giant southpaw, was the lone unbeaten hurler in the major league group of "154 innings or more" pitchers. Koslo had a 3-0 state. As it turned out. neither one did. hooi« at ILW a fifth the Human Tornado who went to The Republican convention and hollered up lk« and thsn, bowed out resoitnding Tw feet-up rig t, also the tor a man puU. Then you usewo drag imes one ri«- long a pair of pullers up •ml draw hl«h«r pay than were %bl<? Vo cominaad at httttt*- '-„-, , TJ ,_^,,,,, ^ 't* »r# Uw W^lltor Tafl and all tb» Taft ittecTacylar Wt the lot a scattering!cans. And r*m«*mb«r, for it has a!with a stout piece of grten uobo4t,«4 who &cotU#d into union-i beeriot o»\ the futw* of this qu«*r,| ior a cro$str««s so that the rear i The referee declared i technical knockout double Fights Lost Night By The Associated Pr«»« BROOKLYN — Orlanda Zulueta 133, Cuba, outpointed Paddy De the Marco 136 Brooklyn 10. h j PROVIDENCE R. I. —Ernie wo Bayonne. N. J. . T . »-»--»^» u. % ™«i.-.,j -,.» TT^.^JJI* T rt »* 1AJ T. M. R.j. u. S. PM. OH. Cop.. 195; b, HtA S.,,ict. Ine guest stars. Radio — ABC 8:30 Sen. John Sparkman recorded. "Then it occurred to me that a teacher in a progressive school must do what SHE feels intensely, too!" The Negro Community •y Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring items to Mlu Turner •t Hick* Funeral Home SIDE GLANCES American Legion Post No, 4?7 will meet Tuesday night. Octi 28, at the new hut. All veterans ai asked to be present, both Woff War I and II. ol WesU'ield — bumped heads re- H.ront, one very short, of course sul ,in g m facial cuts. a 1 with a stout piece of gr«en sapling i r»-V..^.^ i rv, and Ihea inl« tee «au.ftd«- « i>ointwiin^wspap«r. shops, of Sh*| Porter is vpry trtettdly with the Wflwwil ftlt« of tfeeia *U. Brow«, of lh« AF ol L, ballyhoo says h« te a f««r» kss fellow but admits that h* ran out of Paris aixd holed up m Brus- mlnMU dev«topn««t to our haulm lift the head and thm a tornado is dangerous j of f th« ground, even though it U « vacuum en- On $no\v, the drag U almost al- surrounded by wind. ways the easiest scheme for get Or. George A. Corio examined fighters and ruled they were continue. Referee Joe Ku- Ical of Linden then declared it a double KO at 1:08. which amounts lo calling the fight a draw. I think I wiU give you * rest »t,Ung your nas»t. OR dry grwnd Takach who weiahed in at m»i!T«. 10 this point »ad carry 9« fm« knocked out Freddie Lott 166 Newark N, J. 7. CHICAGO — Bobby Singleton, 133'u. South Bend Ind. outpointed Tony Spano 132 Chicago 8. LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Lester Felton, 150V? Detroit outpointed Bobby Dykes 1S3, San Antonio, ut UMMOITUW'S FMauos. all . Like the B weird 0»e,tever* this kitt Q£r\ mjwH^; ™..^» ovu**ucracy of Uw R<»s«velt-Tn*: man djslu-iuoi wiU conluw you ana your u«d«r*l«A4wg, Th»y w tt W, Bui the »««st • If country that is all to carry the buck, u a spectacularly unwise the hard hunlecl section, th*n» may be some trigger tharactsr behind any tre*. way «»d up wtth § slug io —»— .. . -j-ii.-, ^ " ***™ y«*jhad been awarded the first three rounds on the referee's scorecard. 133 pound opponent had slipped GUERRILLA ATTACKS DROP r r _ rr _ KUALA LUMPUR, Malaya I*— to the riiig floor in each of"the^ en - Sir Bob Lockhart said today first two round* but they were notjth 31 Communist guerrilla attacks • - 'in Malaya have shown a "marked decline" in toe last few month*. Put Lockhart, d«puiy director ojf fe The Yerger Band Mothers club will sponsor a pre-Halloween mas* qugrade ball Wednesday night, Oct. 29, at 8 o'clock in the Yerger Lunchroom. There will b« prizes awarded to the person wearing the most clevei costume. This project is being sponsored for the benefit of the Band Uniform Fund. There will be plenty of music and fun for everyone. 'Admission 25 cents. Sgt. and Mrs. Oscar C. Vest have returned to their home in Chicago, 111., after spending a few. : days visiting relatives and friends. Williamson it -**••' *• !>•-. H&i tv'i HOP! STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS •y Chicle Young OZARK 1KB WHAT WE DON T UNDERSTAND IS* PLEASE, DEAP. IF THE STORK BRINGS US THEN IN AND HELP ME WHO BRINGS BABY STORKSvW EXPLAIN ALL ^ ONE ABWOV PlAYfft HASACHANCC OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Wllliqml PATS A UMIPOR.\\? 1 IT i? A UMIPO«.\\ »VTg A\OJE LIKE < eifiHT, AM^ A A CXCJS TEW/ ) MAM'S/&l^ THB MAIL SACK DOWN THERB? LISTEN, VOU BUMS.' \ MV KIP BROTHER'S I COMMA PUT A DIME < ' v \ IN THAT SLOT FOR. \ A ElPE AM' VOL) \ 51 AIN'T <3ONMA MAKE I HIM RiDE OM TH' / ausr DO THAT IN THE OPPlifi ACHT06S THE HALL,,. PUT UP TH' POU6H AN' TH' PDLITk-JAMS i A RIDE OK) M\\.y \ SHAXBSWWKB5.AIP... ,f (SoOt? AS A PBNCB QUOT- N 1 A PWCBOM THIS HOT MECK C« TAIL/ OR. TAIL/ V WASH TUBBS WE X WHO'D PUT FAKEfi WORRV / BUT, MR,OLSBMl KNOW THO&B IM MO WH6THBK THBVW / WHY TH'RU5II ? LBTfe RUBIES; MMT /JBWBL BOX LIKB REKU OR MOT! I'M SEE IF MJVONB JEP / TH^?I ILL e&r THEY'RE WORTH iW TO T\\' \ PUTS ^ MOTICB ' OFFICE! V IM TH' PAPER FIRST 1 THE TAXPAYER. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople HOVJ 60OT A 6UBSTITUT6 TO Tnese AM5TAH JAKE ? MEBSe TH % MISHT CLERK AT -Tne HOTEL .'-<-« JAKE MIGHT SIT TOTALLY OP5&T AM 1 X 53ti! A .. . TAKE HllW THESe OVERAvLLS- HEH-HEH.'— HE'LL HAVS To \MEAR THEM IF HE TO LEAMe HI4 HOTEL, s He- HAS NEITHER ) & MOR MOMEV •( BOulS AND HER BUDDIES o\\ ft COW Of ivoo ?ROV. HOW CRAVE NJO ^TSR SAOZE fi THose CAN\PAl«3r^ ftttO ftftU^.0 WOWfe C0?\^6 TO -/ i / PLASTER.' HA.TE3 BLUE IF IT'S OVERALLS BUGS BUNNY TURN THE OUT, 0UG-&/ E I r FINISH WANT TO 6LEEF* / e.TOK'Y I'AA I-&MV AMP L WANT THB LIGHT TURNED 1 FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbcrger PON'T BLOW A THAT HARB-PKAINHP Uf TO NOW? ^^^•""f^.-. ';.vr ALLEY OOP C'KNOW YOU MIGHT A BAH/ A PRUNE'6 UGLY CHANGE YOUR MIND J A PRUNE NO / WELL,NOW, OLD IF YOU'P SEE HER / MAT1 F.R HOW / A PRUNE IS A POLLED UP IN I PRETTY YOU I PRUNE, BUT A HER GLAD RAGS; 2 WRAP >r UP.' I WITCH is SOME THING ELSE .AGAIN! TAKC ME FOR X NAW, I WPULDN't,,, L-^^l DOKi'T AN' WOUUO YOU /WHXAfilVE NEVER GUE6(3 I LlkE TO KNOW / VE6... WA3 A WITCl-j, \VOUUD VJU? ' "t guess my archery lessons weren't wasted, after all!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer OF THF PglN6LE "TfeAMSFERS, EH? WELCOME TO SHADYSIDE HIGH, FRESHMAM TMATS FUMWY / By Golbraith

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