Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1952
Page 17
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Jfe-l MOM STAR, HOP 6, ARKANSAS Tuesday, October $8, 1952 of offlM of all hii tofrn »«t ttt 1, .v^^rlff *Wt l »» now th» IsWal Of tJiritoy»rnori Thd i vw- progrmlvciy (o if) and tho II 12. the fovernor'i ]««VB fur- ttf; could apiMlnl fl« M*qulml (n h'of ih« four dldlrleti «ml at ttrirl Wart'WM « •> riot w«»ny * ..., „.,., 'i b» • «omct)i4uon«r from {ft* State'* cotiareMlonnl there CommKMon mem- on *«ch a bWfftf have lengthy not dlnfupt It* po)lcl«». Com ml»(ilono« d*» not wrv* »t th* c«n- of tho lOwrttoT *nd their removal in difficult, Th« third txi««lt>lllly In for the eonlitilMlonorii W be directly rn- o t« the people. Thl» wo«td m«an tbnt they would be by nrtpttlRr vntr. MlnaUnlppf thin mnthMl, AUhmigh In prnetlee the Arknn. * curnmliiitlon hut, through the your*, remained j/rimnrily reipon- to the governor, rcitr«ltilii on Court Docket Municipal cmirt of Hops. Arhan- M, Oelohor 27, I Ml City D0«fc*t Chnrlci Gilbert, felted W ca*h bond. Pftr- S»vl«r Jenklnn. no city llecnte. Forfeited $» CB*b bond. Jt-nklnn, Willie Q<rtt«n. no broken on tar. Forfeited 19 ca»h Imnd, Cheater Tollall*, Oeornc Ka»l. Mike Campbell, drunkennei*. Forfeited f 10 cnih bond. Alfrod Kail, drurtkcnneim., For on thWr removal nhow that the pr«i«<'Ht itrotip IB u cornblnntlrm of tho I'tt'ni* di»c'u»«nd tibovt', All nerlou* KtudlcN which hnvc bc«-n rmido rotative (o In Arkania* In urdvr ,li>' achieve efficiency Irt government hfcve recommend«sd thnt the governor bo Riven more blllty bocfliue ho IK directly uc- counltiblG to tho people at the polln every JwO ye«r», The Pnrnull Ho- port pr«tpar«d for Arknn«a« by Ihe Nntlnnal JJrmUHite of Public M- mlnlntrutloft In 1030 *iron«ly uruud thnt nit (txotnitlvc rcsfjonjilbllliy be placed in tho Kuvttrnor. One of ok'vrm udinlnlittriiUvt' ck'purtinotiU under lil» nupOrvUlon wtm to bo that of Highway*, hcfiidt'd by u »ln«lo commlMloncr narnctd by lh« ovprnor, YDl thu Ircnd hero ho* to (rente more und more In )nll. Bit»*or, Wylcy B(jfli*(l, Dan Rllniion, runnlnn "dlop" nlgn, For- fellcil |5 (.•«»h bond. Jewell Bn*g«r, I.loyd Sniwor, no j ohnuffour'» )lcrn*«>, Forfoltnd |fl| cn»th bond. Akm;,« Nolnon, ruckled* drlvlna, Forfitltcrt I2fl eo»h bond. Wdtklnii, po*itoi»lng Intox icating liquor nnd beer for sale. Forfeited $100 ro»h bond. Eddie Hoyal, nsniiult and bnltery. Pica guilty, flnod $10. ' Augimlu CiirrlKfin, driving while drunk. Forfcltcil $2S cash bond und otii! dny In Jiill, Raymond Hccr«, driving while unditr tho Influence of Intaxlcntlne llMiior, Forfeited |2fl cusli bond und Forest Fire Continued from Page One some two miles down both of the highway. An estirnatoc! 3,000 ncroft of valuable timbcrlarul have been destroyed. Jim Talley, firo control clilnl f.oi'd the men fighting the fire* eun Just about «o a day nnd a } nijjhl flflhting the blny.es and then they "just hnvo to have some! sleep." I About 200 acres of timber and i pasture land were burned overi before a fire seven miles south ' ol Waldron, West Arkansas, was! 1 roughl under control this morn- ' ng. The blaze was com batted by "buffer" oueneloii, ln'r«cohl ycnrn hw voter* havft adopted Ci»n»lltu- Jonnl Amendment!) No. IW and No. 1ft, |lvlnif relntlvp Jndcpwndenco to th« board of «ovt*rnln« «tat« HUP- ported chnrltnblt?, ponn) or cor- I'oallonnl Inntltutlong nnd Inotltti- llonii of hluhet* learning, and to Stnte uartic and Flih'Com- (,n<» day In jail, OtU F J ooplc», Intoxicating liquor. BARREL OF FUN-A sturdy, strong-armed German girl rolls a huge beer barrel during o contest for the Htlo of "Best Beer Roller In Berlin." As the only woman competing against men In the conteit, ihc won rhc cheers of the crowd that lined the street In the Mrltlsh Zone. Tho»f* who fiivoi- adoption of lhl» timcndmimt tialm , lM it will, thtoMgji rpmpvln« the foci ihnt cnrli coniiiilNftloiici at prini'iit ru- presenti* hlx own rnnintennneo dls- trlci, nlv« the eainmUslan at u whulo n titutcwIUi) frame of rofor- U |« «u id (hut tvrinii of office ttnd longer ' will lead to a' more experienced Iroup with the majority ocmtlrmlnK thoiiHh new commUnionet'H nro up. polnlttd. Since no governor would normally name more than two member* during hl» yoniw In offici-, ttutonomy for the commlsnian i* snW to bo u)t«ur«id. (It In to hn noted, howuvor, thut Ihn governor tnkinK office • next Jammry will choono nil of the fim five com- The Senpie'ii ppwor to i» oheek (trpvonUnK tjie commlK»lon from «t'ttln« too in. dependent. And, U 1« clBimed that aduptlon of thU proposal will load to n chtuigu In present po)lclo* ro- Itttlvp to the nwurdlng of cuntrnots the nddlllan of road> to Uio ^.WJffi o!Woi>1f|fW ! «r* bBuiuio of U|»U- . «,.l(-. '<!..,_ v . . J..^. . ..M.,1. y Hoij «y*tem t tho purchwing of and equipment and tho unluxod Tried, dlo- 8t*t« Docket Buddy Jean*, overload,. Forfeited 125 caih bond. n, f'udofer, ovorloud, Forfeited $25 cimh bond. C, H, (S«rn) Bottn, iisunult with a dundly weapon, Forfeited f.10 (•fish bond. .Tamos M. Purycnr, overdraft, Examination walvud, hold to grand jury, bond fixed $300. Cllmmlo f.cn Chcnthnm, burglary, f.xuminatlon waived, held to grand jury, bond fixad tit $7fiO. Cllmtnlu Lou Chaiithum, llur«- lory nnd grand Inrcony, Kxnminn- lion sviilv'-'ikrboltl to grand jury. A, C. Caudle, rccklesit driving, DiumlHHitd on payment cost, C, L, Cari'i ttljpwinjl firt? to eg- Ciipw on to the property of another. Civil Docket Hnrnlltim's Grocery vs. Hilton Ap. Hopo ISiiflkot Co., tinrni. Answer of uarnishuu due. Gurnlfihinent dlemiHSud und Oiirni- oh(H» dl»i'hiu'HCHl on payment of $•13, in Into Court. aii|« planning ot M«llc^, Convprioly, thai? \ylio I NEW CARS from Traniports a •;£r *"^ *^r V"$ DY STYLE Agrees Russians Flying in Korea TOKYO (*i — Tho cptnmatulor of tlu« U, S. Fifth Air Force said yesterday he ugrovd with the re- tonlly expriisspd belief of Gen. Jloyt Vntuienburt!, Air Force chief of stuff, thnt Gi>nnan nnd lUi.Hsiim p.U(ii* arc flyin« Communist M1G- 13 jtttii in Korea. Lt. Gen, Gloim 0, Barcus added, howevo.-, in an interview to tho Army newspaper Stars und Stripes tlnU he had "nothing concrete" on wiiiuh to support hU views. to 10.000 acres were burning in' tiiflt area, he said. } Another 19 fires defied efforts ' of fire fitihtf-rs in RfiO acres of "UBKctl mountaineous Northwest) Ark.in.sr.!--. said Martin. j A( lenst three towns felt tho! wr.'.tn nt the flames. Fire crept! into northwest outskirts of El Dor-, ado. but the blaze was confined' with thr- help of a troop of Boy Scouts before any homes were- darnaQul. J. D. Brauchamp of the' IM Diir.-Klo Daily News said tho' fii i_- entered the city along the Mount Holly Road. Yollvillo in the northwest also K.ot a scare, but 400 townspeople aid-"d by state Highway Department workers and foresters Does that tell-tale look 1 on your face tay . ; . change of lit e % A. gr«t many women nuffer "et»ne« of life" after forty. Thry tire entity, tmvo "nt'fvct » »l«p poorly, ure hurd to live with. Their ejf» ami face irt't tlmt "chiinRi?** look. Cnrdul hai llelpeit thoiHftml* of women t6 lov that "chanjce" l*ink. Cnrchil net* to., (1) Improve appetite, (2t thus biiili) ntrc ami resistance. (:1.) casi. tension nrrvnusneM — a'etp brtter. Let trip!e-aetinft;|! Cftrdul hftl'p you feel hotter, look better nnd v be your normal, cheerful self nRMin. Get ' Cardul today. (Say: "card-yon-tuc"). MONTHLY CRAMPS CHANGE OF UFI CARDUI bout 50 volunteers throughout the I s V' p . pcd n fi '' t ' IJ 11 ^ thl ' catenccl thc i city's northern limits. In extreme southern Arkansas,' /•4Mm-w in c... r- . Martin said one fire threatened the CAMDLN Ml - State Forester hn , pt ot vil . k , but he acldod that red Lang .aid early this morning no ' Uliklings or U ve.s were in dan- >al the forest fire .ituation in ..., t t « 0 momPIlt ... otithern Arkansas is super crit- M;u . tin said that „ mnJorUy O f ca Uie fires apparently were set in- Lang said he would meet this [ u-r.Uonally. morning with Gov. McMath and "We believe somebody—or sev- Gen. John B. Morris Jr., adjutant j ( >,-al somebodies—arc running up enernl of the Arkansas National , : . nc i down those bank roads, setting I MUST BE A REPUBLICAN LOCK-President Harry S. Truman strangles with n stubborn lode on the re;\r-platform gate of his whistle-stop campaign train, at Columbia Falls, Mont. The President finally found the "key" to the niobium, and was able to meet a group ot children waiting to greet him. Markets jni.shed by the US DA: The hoi; market is steady to 25 cents lower at midwest markets By The Associated Press exvop drains moved u bit higher in; • )OHO ' ) "- some strength at juurd to discuss me.ins of oblaln- omerttency funds with which o call out National Guard units. VtcMath said yesterday that the lUard \vould be called out if Lang iceded it. Lang said there is no money vlth which to pay guardsmen. Ho said Guv. McMath and the legis- ature would have to appropriate emergency funds. Meanwhile calls continued .to come in swiftly to Regional One rleodquarters of thc State Fores- j try Division here. Jim Tally, fire control chief explained tho situation as "the only way I know to say it is in three words. — terrible, bad and worse.' 1 F. W. Yawn, regional forester in charge of southern Arkansas forests, said this morning that ",vt> Rot more fires than wo can put out." As yet no homes have been destroyed by fire but several have been threatened. Winds during the night and early today had clearer! the heavy blanket of smoke that ha.= hung over Ouachita County and other affected areas durin. the past few clays. Lang saitl the \vind has helped forest rangers spot new fires. Lang siijd, "the fires are spreading too fast and we are falling unbind—-bad, too bad." Lang warned earlier that "our men are at the point of exhaustiMi und our equipment is rapidly breaking down. Asst. Forester T. S. Ranger Jim Martin said last night that 43 fires were out of control in the rich- forests of South Arkansas. Eight fires right and loft," said the angry forester. Martin also said that the wind, which reached a velocity of 20 miles an hour yesterday, was expected to shift last night from the south-south west to the northwest. •"That'll put the firo fighters at the tail of the fire and probably lei it flare up again before the fighters can get around to the head," he commented glumly. For Your Insurance Needs See John T. McRae Agent for Life, Sick and* Accident, Hospiralization, Polio and Farm Insurance. Our rates' do not increase after first purchase. Prescott, Ark. Phone 608 P. O. Box 182 early trading, steady j Moat 190 to 200 pound butchers to lower, cattle uro mo.-itly steady j -are selling from $17.25 to $17.75, und wholesale meats steady to! with weights under 250 generally ! upward from $17.30. Market tops h*nne '' rom $17.35 to $17.90 at the j Missouri Iliver markets and from Cotton futures opened 1!5 cents to $1.05 a bate lilKlicr. Them vyur« about 30 million stu- denU of all type* In the United Sttteo In 1951, Toclay'vS umumodity Ht-purl. fur-i $17,3ft to $18 at major eastern corn- belt points. Sows share the lower trend with the majority selling from $14.50 to $17.50. • New York: Noon Cotton: December 30.12. March 3G 50. CHOICE cTHty Lai* IhU mnmulmunt point first to thc provision mulur which thc Sunatu may remove commissioners. KtUh- or thuu bvtng onu of tho strong provisions of tho amendment, this U «ttld tn be IU mo»t objectionable fouture. T>>o «overm»r mny roniftvo a commlsaloncr only upon proof which would uu accepted by thc court* thut thu commissioner \i, «ullty of "high critnca i>mt mlsdo- memwB and gross misconduct in office." But it is to Uc remurkccl thnt fivo Senulot's may demand removul of a commit loner, and olghteuu SBnuloi's rcmave him by Bticret vota, for any fetation. The amendment provide* that evidence thought to support Uvo demand for removul in not limited to that evidence which a court would uocopl, Thus, it is salil thut rather th«i\ nssurinv tho iud«ucndv-nco o( $w commission this provision n*8ures it* dependence vipwi the favor ot the tafilvidunl Senators. It i« naln, for nxample, that commlstlo4iBV« might thureforu f»cl oblljjotei to act fuvarublc on requust* Irpnv individual Senators relative to of rouds tn th*?ji- Other\vU» thora woulit b« CODY RIVER Copyright, 1V5J, by Al Cody; Plltilbultd ty King Fiatuxi.Syndicate.. CHAPTER TWENTY KATHLEEN hadn't known of Rawls' Illness when she lay lloWn. Now that wus nn added worry. If anything should happen to Denny— She checked tho thought, realizing thai U would be dangerous to tollOW tt fnr. But U he was su-lt, she might bo able to do some- tjllng tor him, And It no was well enough, he should know about this froox office. of uerpeUiating specific &QV«mlng th» comml»- by \vrliU\< them into the con- i« thought by some to be bl» Uecttune ol the cun\b- amending process «Houl4 t bv dtsUrwJ latw to ehan^e th««0 . FimUly It U argued that Wve basic l*»w? Is responsibility Uvo q^\nvls*on und th»t the admin i«tr«tlon fuoftiou of hUnw»y con- •iructlojft wu} mninteuBce should b(.> ^t io thif gavifttww sutojwt to ttx direct ch*<& ol tho ytt^n UM>y e««t Uxeir vute* tor tout U U conxiulwloji c»n cvw ^ compkte- br dlvote«d frow pollUcs- M^tfiy ol de«i»Jons will h*v« »m^\ U»- from nowhere who, cm erglng from a wilderness, looked US U no just stepped from n band- IXHC, and enlloti hirnseir Tho Sky Pilot. Rawla answered her knock on hid door, and sal sleepily tip when »he tntorctl tho cabin. He was pale disheveled, but lio protested was feeling bettor, inathlng upset me," he said- all right" 4lo eyed her something wrong, . T ' don't know," she confessed. "Out I'm uneasy." She explained DeMosa, and before she had Kawia was on his feet, looKlni; tfrtm. ,'JOf course we could be mistaken, hut i seem to detect un odor of rat ber«, too," tw agreed. "Let's havo a look at him." Schuyler DeMosa's eyes narrowed M Rawls approached with tUUUecn, Most ot Uie day had run Its course, a bright day of sun and out the surprise, and Astrld gasped at the indignity. U was exactly as The Sky Pilot had proclaimed—ho had a completely hairless head. But the removal ot his hat seemed to navo wrought a transformation In the man. For a moment no glared at Rawls, startled anil uncertain, lips drawn back from snarling teeth, turned ugly In a second. Then, giving a violent twist to thc wheel, he went into action. It seemed as incongruous as for political This tho to W* tt d tssus th« grant of shadows reaching from th» cottomvoods along •hon. The country had changed during Uie hours whll« Huwla slept, Tii« river valley was icas broad b«r«, the green wall or vegetation not m dense, allowing occasional of enticing meadows ue- yowd. But these weru offset by the fan- UtfHU« Of th« behind — rugged unbelievable, « bills bluffs. ol badlands which would en- 4ur» tor 4*y» *» ">«* progressed, studieU them briefly, then his attention to the pilot. unaccount- D*Uv»s, who bowed. h« said. "Uits a <tellghi to which t long nave looked m««lng ihe gr«at- eat riverman ot them all t trust tb»t your ludisj>ositi«\ u not scrl- a rabbit to turn and tight, and somehow doubly terrible. Prom nowhere he produced a long-bladed, wicked-looking knife, and he sprang at Rnwts with murderous intent. Astrld screamed, Rawls, unarmed, was In the path of a madman, moving too fast 'for anyone else to intervene. U nappcnea fast. Astrld closed her eye$ to shut out the sight, but Kathleen watchcU closely, and yet she could scarcely follow it, Rawls (ltd nut step back or aside. But his toot shot out, the boot toe struck the pilot's knife arm and bounced it tike a rubber ball hold short in Its jump by a string. The Unite clattered on Uie deck, and Kawis leaped ahead. Again the UtUe man was like a rabbit, dodging nimbly. He evaded Rawls' clutching hands, reached the side and was off the boat In a leap, sending the water splashing high- In the same moment the Varirta staggered to a Jarring shock, throwing everyone on board oft their feet. Hy the time Rawls could regain his own tooting, peMoss, hairless head bobbing, was neartng the snore. A moment later be splashed through Uie shallows and vanished awiid the undergrowth. ? There was no time for him then. The engine, waa racing, the paddle wheel churning furiously, tht Vui-itia quivering tike a creature that n»d received • mortal*blow. Rawls shouted down the tube for (nil speed astern, and twisted at the wheel But as tee bad expected, Uie reversed paddit wtoe«l atiU bent helplessly. The farina wa» hard aground. -What Uie devU—« Baroshaw gaspea, oe\*-Udered by the suddenness ot what had Happened. "Pid Instructions. Rawls gazed about, revived somewhat by a freshening breeze across the water, one which swept away the mosquitoes that had bogun to descend almost as soon as the packet came to a stop. He felt weak and sick trom the day ot illness, but there was no time to think of himself. "But how did you know there was anything wrong with him?" Astrid demanded. "He was a white man, and he told a straight story. He fooled everyone else, even Father," she added thoughtfully. "And Mark Whlrter. How did you know?" 'That he was a renegade ? Three ways," Rawls explained. "First, his clothes. They could only have come from a looted boat or wagon train." "But he explained that—" "It they'd floa*«d in a box in the river, they wouldn't have been in such fine shape. And then his lack ot whiskers—" "He was smooth-shaven," ^Kathleen nodded. "And that struck m& as queer, that he would have had a chance to shave so closely." "It would have been more than queer. But he wasn't smooth- shaven. He was hairless—with the whiskers pulled out by the roots, the same as the Indians do. That told me that be was a renegade yrho had turned Indian." "I never thought ot that," Earn- Un» „ Ml* fc«t*im*»ac*fiwtt with « shaw confessed sheepishly. "But the trouble started when you jerked his hat off. What did that mean?" "I wanted to see his head, because he didn't want us to have a look at it- Part ot It was hairless, $U right—Where the hairs had been pulled out—but there was a ridge where the sx?alp lock had been left. He'd don* the best he could with that, shaving it close, and it would have tooled most people into the Idea that be was bald. The trouble was th*t, even with a berry stain, it »ttll showed pale compared to pte tan en the rest ot the top o$ Ilia bead—where, if he always wore Jwdothait -He aimed to of his own. ywj't* &|W, *r — * -- ao **«• capt*tj». wiling yet tvow close ln^a dW«« It.- RawU grunt,! ua, am} «u> to last, W ha,t, Uie should never touch. Whet) I pulled U off. he knew that the Jt« WM up." Then b«— he was sent to lure us (9 destruction!- AstrW felt weak"But be — he seemed such * gentle- m*n- B* used swcb good English—" "Ho hadn't forgotten that, which makes him useful 9 stool pigeon," 8*WS» »gre*d grimly. 'He's Uw worst fort ot renegade— wa wtw turn* M*tt«t bis own |MKM>|« talail tta* adv iwfPWP *P* ^**g mT~ w»jr, Probably At night you can see farther and better on concrete. Its light-colored surface spreads illumination. Pavement edges, obstructions and pedestrians are clearly denned. Night or day, wet or dry, concrete has uniformly high skid-resistance because of its permanently gritty texture. Concrete saves money, too* It is moderate in .first cost yet can be designed ac- - curately for any axle load— and concrete keeps its load- '. carrying capacity throughout its long service life. Concrete pavements cost ; less to maintain, last much ; longer. All this adds up to, fow-cmnuaf-cost service. You can stop quickly, safely PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 916 Falls Bldg,, Memphis 3, Tenn. A national organization to improve and extend the uses of pcrtland cement and concrete . . . through scientific research and engineering field work | Tuesday, October 28, 1952 HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Pnon* 7-8491 Between • A. M. and « P. M Hope tliflh School, attended South! t-rn Methodist University, and is A graduate of Saint Paul's School or Nursing, Dallas, Texas. Mr. Phillppl is a graduate of Kemper Military Academy mid Washington Univpr- ' sity. St. Louis, Missouri, and did graduate work at the University of Oklahoma. Calendar " Tuesday, October 28 Chapter AE of PEG will Tuesday afternoon, Ocl. *8, O'clock at the home of Mrs. Henry ; ijiaynes, 518 South Pine. ' ! Church Women on November 7 in the Episcopal Church at 3 p.m. Women are asked to bring warm meet clothing fc rinfanls and child- at 3 l ' C!1 under six years ot ago. These Baskets for Pence" will be ) the children in Korea. Mrs. John Robert Harper Honored With Shower Mrs. John Robert Harper of j Houston, Texas, was honored with a pink ;nul blue shower on Friday 'The Cosmopolitan Club will meet' i<mlght at 7:45 at the home of Mrs. ! T. Lawrence. Oil South Main. he Jctt B Graves » v Wednesday, October 29 "Harvest Time" the eighth an- I School Class of thc i Church has postponed their picnic which was scheduled for Thursday, f nual flower show sponsored by .the! indefinitely. Hope Federation of Garden Clubs; will be held October 29, at the Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson VFW Hut from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Celebrate 41at Anniversary Anyone having dahlias, chrysanthe-' jruims, or roses please call Mrs. €%cnry' Fenwick, 7-2212, or Mrs. C. C. Lewis, 7-3654. They will pick. them up for the flower show. I sent afternoon, October 24, from 2 to 4 ; in the> homo of her parents, Mr. and i Mrs. Cecil Smith. j Games were played by the group i and after the opening of the many <- ,! gifts, the honorce led the t\venty p- , it .it. guests into thc dining room where F ,rsl Methodist • p ctrcshmi . nta were served. Mrs. Harper is the former Lorcne Smith. Mrs. Woodard Cox Hostess to WMU Monday The WMU of the First Baptist Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson held ! church nun Monday night, October 27, at 7:30 p. in. in thc home of Mrs. Woodard Cox. Opening prayer was led by Mrs. Thursday, October 30 A Day of Prayer will be observed at the First Methodist Church on Thursday, Oct. 30, at 2 p.m. The week of October 25-31 is observed annually by Methodist Women as a week of prayer and self denial. ^Saturday, November 1 The Melody Maids will meet at 10 o'clock with Janet McKenzie. Donna Kennedy will lead the program on Jenny Lincl. Members are reminded to bring their dues. .November 7 World Community Day will be observed by the Council of United PRIZE WINNERS At the Grand Opening of the National Laundry-Cleaners Saturday, October 25. G. E. Mixer Mrs. Johnny Brannon Rt. 2, Hope Large Electric Clock . . . Mrs. W. G. Haynes 722 West Third Small Electric Clock ... ' Mrs. Callv Rhinehart Patmos, Ark. W. N. Easterling 210 N. Ferguson Mrs. E. V. Porterf ield Washington, Ark. Electric Coffee Maker . . Mrs. Frank Rider 1106S. Main $5 Worth Dry Cleaning . Numbers 14,99, 144 $5 Worth Laundry ... Numbers 42, 75, 306 1 Suit-Cleaned, Pressed . j" Nos. 153.253,289,350. 1 Dress Cleaned, Pressed . ' Nos. 174,212,284,288, 353. NATIONAL * SAENGER * TODAY ONLY * A Rolf/eking, Frolicking BATTLE OF THE SEXES! When a gal says "No" what does she really mean? CAULFIELD • NIVEN Romance and Excitement of Showboat Days! RAY MIODLETON BILL SHIRLEY MURIEL LAWRENCE "Open House" Saturday night at their home on South Main in honor of their 41st wedding anniversary with approximately 300 guests calling after supper. Artistic arrangements of bronze chrysanthemums and fall flowers were placed throughout the house with an arrangement of flowers and fruit in thc center of the dining table. On one end of the table was the silver service from which coffee was served and punch was served from a punch bowl at the other end. i Mrs. Thompson Evans and Mrs. ! Dale Jones greeted the guests at and presented them to the line which included Mr. and Mrs. Anderson's wedding party. They were: Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. W. F. Brooming of Little Rock, maid of honor, A. M. Anderson, of Little Rock, best man. Mrs. N. T. Jewell, matron of honor. Mrs. Ralph Routon, bridesmaid, Polk Singleton and E. O. Wingfield, ushers. Jewell Moore, Jr. The program on "Christian Women Voters" was given by Mrs. Moore. I Mrs. W. H. Brasher was appointed new advisor. Mrs. Harold Sundcrman was rc-ccived as a new member. Coffee and cake were served to eight members present. WMS of First Baptist Church Meets The WMS of the First Baptist Church met Monday, October 27, at 1:30 at the Church for mission study on the book "Scattered Abroad" with Mrs..L. F. Higgason in charge. Alter the opening prayer by Mrs. P. J. Holt, Mrs. Frank Douglas, Mrs. A. B. Tollett, Mrs. S. A. Whit low, nnd Mrs. Hervcy Holt each reviewed a chapter of the book which carries us to mission fields ! th;>t Baptists have entered within Mrs. Terrell Cornelius and Mrs. Vernon Hinzman of Little Rock, niece of Mrs. Anderson, directed thr guests to the cloakroom. Mrs. T. S. McDavltl then invited them into the dining room where Mrs. Polk Singleton and Mrs. E. O. Wingfield served the coffee and punch. They were assisted by Mrs. Robert Wilson, Mrs. Florence Hicks, Mrs. J. C. Broyles, Mrs. Roy i Jones and Mrs. A. D. Brannan. ' Mrs. Tom McLarty presided over the guest book. 1 Dale Jones, Robert Wilson. N. i T. Jewell, Terrell Cornelius, T. S. ' McDavitt, Tom McLarty dispensed I hospitalities in the don. the lust ten years. Hats and glasses combine for distinctive beauty. Plnsllc Rlass frnmr* without trim are most suitable for housework nnd active sports. Choose those with outer edges turned up to Rive youthful lift to your fncc (above left). I'm- mure formal daytime wear, new half-and-half glasses become many women. Lower half is rimmed In (told while tippers i;ive upsweep to brow contour (center). For evening glamor, pastels or gaily glittering frames arc n good choice (right). Notice that all hats are well oil' the forehead, reveal the hnlr for softness, and do not enclose the face or parallel thc line of thc frames at sides. It you wear gKisses, bear these points in mind when choosing lints. Miss Ella Jo Edmiaston to Wed Harold George Phllippi The engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Ella Jo Eclmias- j ton, of Dallas, Texas, daughter of i Mrs. Ben F. Edmiaston and tho' late Mr. Edmiaston of this city, to i Harold George Philippi of Dallas son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert George Philippi of McAlestcr, Oklahoma, is made known today. The wedding will bo an event of Saturday, November 29, at the First Methodist Church, Hope. Miss Edmiaston is a graduate of Workers Sunday School Class Has Meeting i Thc Workers Sunday School Class | of thc Garrctt Memorial Baptist Church met Monday night at the home nf Mrs. B. M. Hazzard with Miss Gwen Frith as co-hostess. Mrs. Ha/zard g;ive tho devotional from Psalm 27. Mrs. Otha Roberts, piesident, presided over the meeting. During Iho social hour Mrs. Clinton Crawford who is leaving soon for her new homo in Orange, Texas, was presented a gift. The next meeting will be held in tho home of Mrs. Arthur Rogers with Mrs. Albert Calhoun as co- hostess. C minq and Going Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hubbard attended the Henderson-College of tho Ozarks game in ' Arkadelphia Saturday. They also visited Mrs. Hubbard's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hewitt. Mrs. Harold Wright of Pampa, Texas, was the week end guest of Playboy Has Solution in Russia By THOMAS P. WHITNEY MOSCOW 1/11 — The Soviet government' newspaper Izveslia explained today how Vaslly Kutryu- mov — a marrying playboy of thc Ku/netsk. Basin — could pay outj half his salary in alimony and still livo : mighty. well indeed. "Embezzlement and Iheft," did it, said Ixvestia, rccorrfmonding as n remedy "U.K." — the initials of the Russian words fnr criminal code. The I/;vestia disclosures were the latest in a scries of exposes of candalcus behavior that have been appearing in the Moscow press sinco high Communist officials ordered n cleanup of officials , found using their positions to better themselves or their friends or relatives, Izvestla's story about Kulryumov said ho had been found short- • weighing and overcharging citizens who ate in his restaurant but the only result was a serious warning. < The paper recommended criminal prosecution. According to thc newspaper's account: Kutryumov worked as head of the municipal finance department of the city of Topki in Kuzbass Central Siberia, but spent most of his time in. the marriage registration office. In 1038 he wed Shurn. In HMO he. divorced her and married Marusya. lived with her five months j nnd left her. He returned to Sliura.! lived' with her four months and then left her. ' i He fell in love with Citizenessi "Y" but soon became disappointed i with her and walked out. He then married Citizeness "P" but di- votced her when she refused to bring home money from Ihe bank in which she worked as a cashier. Finally he settled on Vcra. But having become a public scandal, he lost his job and left town with- Campaigns Are Simply Too Long Murder Expose* in Half on Hour AtBXANtmtA, Va, Wl — nly tin hour and n half td dlj use of a murder case hero erday, . •>• Ninety minutes after Warf< 'ones, 48, wn* charged with lor in the baseball bat slnylnj VIrs, Stella JKuSsetl he wat vnccd to 30 years in prison. Jones waived a preliminary,!)* ng and ttrnnd jury action ^.^ itciulcd guilty. « >vL ,lH! FINAU RITES SATURDAY?-' LQS ANGELES M — fu •lies for tfnUlo Mcpanlol, W^ "Bculflh" ot television and,;f will bo conducted Saturday at hulependenco Chvirch. Slttt Sunday of cancer. ;,• By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON MI — Maybo It | iho politicn'l conventions lask ' hit an utmost unbelievable Crossing and crlss « Crossing tl country by piano and train, rrYa rear'platform speeches, on'' rndio and TV. It was thci toughest bccnuso.th ; ycai both tho plnho and TV CftF Into big itso. By both means' candidates havo reached moro-pjl pic, and oftonor, than any ottWi hi history. In eai'llcr days — tho dny» < iniln only, before tho plaho, , and radio — candidates might h,i felt they needed three month/ gel to people In the country'*;--,-, corners and out of the way plaoei That.time Is post. If they 'tart* tl.oy had loss time, the candWwW would compress what they h»o\.t|1 will take « tragedy in some future vitmnalim — like it presidential randldato collnpsltiK or dying from mer. When tho cnmpalgn i» winner will nestl a rest. Little cirls HUe the look of wintry cottons In fashion-wise euoiJ. Here, one small ifirl (left) wears Kate Grccnaway r.hmamon chambray dress with neat white pique collar. Plaid band nlpeu in white pique circles the skirl and criss-crosses on a simple bodice. Her friend (right) wears a gray cotton tweed by this camo designer. A dash of red pique is used for the neat-ciub-collar, for cuffs and slash bodice pockets. Below-wajst piping indicates a, lowered waistline.—By Gaile Uugas, NBA Woman's Editor* Kids Should e Toyg! v Seek Help for Foreign Scientists Dy RENNIE TAYLOR j WASHINGTON, (/P) —Spokesmen AP Science Reporter i f(;1 . S( , vcra i sc( ,,. c professlorinl so- KAN FRANC'ISCO i/l'i-—.. It's i)Uny] eh ties r.nd a government uKtmcy fir littlf children to play with innl-i luive urged thnt Ccinnress moke 11 exhaustion —to awakon the poll ueians to a roull/atlon thu cam' paigns arc too long. In Britain cunciklntes campaign for about three weeks, That mny be too short in a country this big, Mil IUMU tlio viunpnlgns .spread over almost three months and thai .sicms loo lung and too Inhuman. There hasn't been a ciindidulo In any American campaign, including Ihi.s, who couldn't say nil lie had in say m u lot less lime. This campaign Is a fine example M! wjiy every lour yuars our pros- Kii'iituil races aro loo long. Gen. Kit enliower niut Ciuv, Hievenson ..10 repi-aung themselves, liut puiltlcuins, who can't be uc- cu.iuu ol originality II it meunii lingering with Humelhlng that worked before, ure firm' believers in doing things us they were always tionc. But this campaign, unique In American politics, will sot iho pat' 'turn for the future unless serious tnouglu is given to the simple human problems involved.' j Young men don't got nominated' for the presidency. It's an honCjr traditionally reserved for 'rrl(5n*'of mature years. Jr the midst of this campaign il was made known that both. Stev- ouson and Elsenhower hud been cxumined by doctors and found to be in excellent health. They've needed all of it In this campaign, which wus enough to exhaust younger men. It has been tho toughest cam palgn in history. Both men have or not the rigors of this shortened his Ute, won't be until ho gets Into^tWd White , : . \ . . A... --' Speedy Relief for || ACID INDIGESTION 1 f mm. like cmwly. SHI) OnV AM Emily Post's TELEPHONE TIPS ciKaiels, fire ill) the in- and learn about cxplosiv- vision 11 out a forwarding address in hopes of avoiding alimony payments. Kutryumov did not fate well out-j^.,,, sa , d t oc ];, y . sicje of Topki, however,. so he re-| n r Harry I' 1 . turned to become director of the i dies, ! (inerntni ; es, eloctric: shock and diitigerous i chi-mica'.K-all under Ptirentiil super- widely known pediatrl- Dietrich of Calif., made thr-se Bev suq- HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8, Main * Country Club, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY "FLAME 01 ARABf with Maureen O'Hara Jeff Chandler restaurant. And although he pays, g,, s tj O ns to tho National .Society for aoout one half of his salary for tin! Cl . ipplM , children and Adults. lit- support of numerous children, he one of this country's top author- * RIALTO • LAST TIMES TODAY FLESH-FURY *...« Tony CURTIS '• Jan STERLING Mother: "Be sure and wash your arms before putting on your clean shirt." Boy: "Shall I wash them for long or short sleeves?" — Suzanne McNeil! Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the maito. For every joke used, the person submitting it will bo mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or k-ss, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager, Rialio Theatre. If WED. & THURS.L A correspondent writes: "You've told us that long distance calls go through faster when they're placed 'by number.' Will you please explain why ithis is so?" Yes. When you don't give the operator the number, she must first call the Information operator in the distant city. Only after the operator has made this "detour," can she put your call through. When you call by number, you eliminate this "detour" and your call goes straight through. Selected from questions in the mail—some do'« and don't's of good telephone manners. DON'T play the childish game of "Guess Who" when you call a friend. DON'T make excessive use of the telephone at parties and gatherings. It doesn't make you look important—just ill-organized. DO call busy housewives after meal hours rather than before or during meals. Do keep conversations with busy people ea brief as possible. A man asks: "If I call a co-worker or business acquaintance at home and someone else in the family answers, how should I ask for the person I want to reach?" Ask for "Mr. Jones," not "Walter Jones." Even though you are in the habit of calling him by the first name it isn't correct to do HO when you do not know the person, who answers bis Lvffi diesses well, has built a home, h;iSi |ljts ()M lic , ci( j t , nt prevention amoni,' bought liimself a cow and "in gen-. ,.],j|dren. cral netds no money." ]j oys oi/j ^,, 5 y t . ; ,|. s ,,kl K h"uUI ' , bo inlrncluci.'d to tho w:iys af fire. TO RESIGN , Di. Dietrich s;iid, by allowinM Ihoni NEW YORK UB-Sccretary of Uu- ;tf) li( , lu L . ipai . uls f,,,.'„,!„.,. mt , m bcr.s Navy Dan Kimball says he will' ot tlll . f am j| yi b y IcUin.u them start not remain in office after the new ||p ( , u , i iu .j' r , ( .,. a t or ,„• fireplace president is inaugurated, no mill- .,.,|, ( ,,, an aduU is urouml. ter who wins the election. Kimball spoke last night before the New York Council of the Navy Vi'hc-n .junior wunts •_'h'.':-. bi'oak' out tho mill- box. oaslur for foreign scelntists anc :ur!iolurs to attend conferences In Ihis country. Probably 50 per cent of those :>L< kinu to- come here for short visits run into difficulties or delays, siiid Alan T. Wulcnnun, director j of the National Science Foundation, llowaid A. Meyerhoff, adminis- riitivu secretary of the American is.sociation for the Advancement f Science, said that as a result Aiiiericnn science' is threatened vitli "becoming atrophied to thu •ninl where the national welfare md juilinnal security will suffer." MeyeihofC and Waterman, ap- iiiriiig before Iho President's ,,'orrimifcsion on IjTimigration and Nalurali/.iilioii yesterday, proposed iveral revisions of Ihe new Me- League. her aunt, Mrs. Mr. Spragins. C. C. O'Gran and Mrs. Basil York attended the district meeting of the Arkansas Federation of Music Clubs in Texarkana Saturday. Mrs. , plant him in the driveway or or _ ; thc sidcwitlk and m.'ikf him Ugh' , ': and blow out i-iiirh mutch, ono u' Spragins and : ._ (jme Th( . whf ^ |)OX ! "This usually will fiivii H'.c paron a respite of throo to 12 months, from thc match problem, l>r. Diet rich s;iul. Little girls should be taugjit sil iil:irly but their interest ususallj wanes. Bui boys have a compu! Charles Wilkln of Brinkley, former isive attraction toward flame an member of the Hope club who is; tln-ir growin;; pyi'omania must b counteracted. All fhiJdren of this age should now serving as state president, wat j the guest speaker. j Lewis - McLarty FORMFITWEEK, Calling slimsters of all ages! SKIPPIES keep you sleek with a light touch Dr. and Mrs, Fred Harrison of Texarkana attended "Open House" held at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson Saturday night. I e taught by the parents that some liquids inflammable; that Mrs. Basil E. Newton ot Little Bock attended "Open House" Satur j ,.j c . ian j. ai( j ri! j gr ,t reduce the acci some strong ncids and alkalies will burn the flesh. The facts about electric shock should be taught gradually. Some of these idc-us, the pediat- Carran-Walter Immigration Act to let down some ol the burs which stirred a recent protest from a gioup of atomic scientists. The new law, which becomoH efffcllvc Dec. 24, was denounced by opponents in Congress as an anti-alien "exclusion" measure One suggestion advanced ot ye* terday's hearing was that scholarly visitors be exempted from exteft- oive security checks, questionnaires and other ttdm.inistrative procedures to which immigrants are subjected, Prof. Sidney Painter ot John* Hopkins University, speaking for thu American Council ot Learned Societies, proposed that American passport and Immigration official? accept statements from foreign universities and research institutions vouching In;- scientists and »*, day night at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Roy Anderson. dent toll which each year in the U. S. kills 12,000 children, perman- Waterman estimated that number of scentific visitors to this Hospital Notes Branch i Admitted: Mst. Roy Howe. Rt. 31 Hope, Mrs. Ralph ferookshier, Hous ton, Texas, Mr. J. H. Pickard. Hope. i-iitly injured probably 48,000 others; c()l - n ti-y each year is probably leas •rir.d rociuiros medical attention for| jjj an 3,000. j I 1 -, million. Doqs Attack, Julia Chester Admitted: Frank McCuJlpugh oi;j lilT) Shreveport, Mrs. Harley Sisson ofj County Prescott, Mr«. i-ula Smith, Hopn^-aii the PHILADELPHIA, Miss GJ-' ferocious dogs attacked a 47-year- old Mississippi farmer arid killed Mrs. W. D. Clayton. McNab, Mrs. Joe Erwio, Hope, Mrs. Dexter AJ lord, Bt. 3, Hope, Mrs- Wretha Kennedy Hope, Ponna Taylor of Hope. Picharged: £ditb Sue Taiiafer Ally. Laurel Weir said flesh was gone" from V/iiiiam Pierce's left arm when his body v/as found in a ditch near here. "Ail thc tot-s were eaten off bis iXht feot." Wt-ir said. "Part of the fle*>h on Ms right arm was But the scientists who do come here are important to our scientific strength out of all proportion to their number, for they consist, generally speaking, of the beet sc-ieotifU 1 minds of the free lyprjd outside this country." h# said, adding: "Radar, the atomic bomb, jet an craft and penicillin were perfected in the United States on the ba^is of discoveries and research in foreign countries to which we were given ready access." ro. Hop?, Ro«taey Herring, Patmos, | ; /one and albo flesh from the lower ---- - - J ---- " ----- •— " 9411 ftf«J Hope, gwna Jean p sf t oJ both legs. was *• FARM KANSAS C1TV

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