Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 27, 1952
Page 13
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MOM STA*, HO PC. '•»»«*«"* CYPttKSS lumber. W. I* William*, tttol 7-4849. M>3t fESTAR PtoMU^l flllil WWW «:. m* M 0»»ltt , ;.EUis In fllr drlpd oek, gum nn4 , Alv0 8-2-S OnH and num to Farm unc, 0*k mAt tint Bridge timber*, Ifnpo Bn»hflt Compnny. Fair Enough I? Wtftbrttfc P«f tor e«w>«ii»i<, fjtt *f-' •y Kins f «atur«* 6yfldlfl«M, Tho merftw of th« dfiputo rt«edj ««ial»ln pflcoi tar «««h or on t>lim. flry*ni'» CrWie* Supply, 138 80«tb Wslnut 8t, 83-dt not be ertrttltli-rwi (ti thin, . (rmn of the di-clKlwi of the Mnblll/nilmt iwftrd t*i redrreo the n«y lr»cr#A|t tit the cowl miner» ffcm thi* f%U?fe of.-!^ lt.ro, i rf»y, wliieh John I., t.«wli "nngntlntod" with the Industry, to $1,50 which w»» firmly pdttibll*h«i by ihu IniTrt nt the fn»l(ttonce of th(? morn- bin* r«|iro»i»ntlr»g the "public" 'fhe 'rtoni irnpfirlarlt point 1* .potltl V PrlgldBlro, whlttt lnbl<r top rnnge OKI ,ami mnnil, 'l~h.it point In thnt nm! other hoUKthotd urtlcla*. ll) « White llou»e. n term denoting Mr», W, A. J<(«n, «3 N, Elm '"« "tt' 1 "* « f M" Pr«»W»nl of thn g7.8t| United Stnlon, made « neerot deal Vf'ilh I,«wls whareby Trumiin'jr ntl 00 tnnhft)* forn, 12 per bushel. Rogorir II mill'* on Col- urnhtu ronU, 27-31 OROCKRY bunmo««, Pnyln« pro- ponllloh. n«n»on for Quitting, bod hunlth, I.oentiKl nl Anthony Bow mill. • 2>3l R«al Estate for Sale NOTICK TO WOWLD WAN, If AND KOHKAN VKTKRAN8 WHO HAVM- NOT U8KI) ANY PART OF TJIKJK O.I. LOAN ? OR only $200 cwsh down wo cun mlrilHlrrtllon undertook to flunritrt- liuj tho $I,(H) In return for on en- ttwupmotit of Adl«l Stnvenaon by Irt'wU In the role of political Bp'ikt>«innn for Uw minor*. Lowln cnrno throng)) but Truman i could not deliver. He wns thwart-1 •••el by thr> "public" inowbern ofj tlijf board, Of cpui'HO, J.<nvl» I* not I ttu< political * poke* man of hln nub-' Jci'U nrul mtmy of thorn hate him nni' would vote iiRfilnut nny cnndl- ue nntnu'T "RAffLE" PASILY- i -" Cl ' onl<C1 ''" wno wtf " 8Uf) " rntllen The reptiles nre sollcltlm? Wfigcsllons for u rellabU frog-bite remedy. • SPORTS ROUNDUP By QAYLE TAtBOT A YORK i*i--Thn Amerlcririi ll I,oii«uc, oldest of llu" f whom Uiwi* cndor«'fl on the! ,-| ( ,ffsslonul ra«i! cmupii, h«« bci-nj l.huiHlble n«*urnptlon thiit gu'ch n | diubnndcd bccnuso two of Its lucm-j c.tiididntc rmiit bo n vcrtnl followi^.,, t,, nmB in.-ilstud upon playinK| who would help U»wl« to tlahton his! n ,,. n wno W( ,,. ( , involved In lust' dell you this new five room hom« l'«wer wr trufm, On the other nt HOtt South Pino Strttot. IM un hand, "Hfe most other votcru In n dhow you thin property novv., nnd dxploln llw Innn rotiuiromdntH nnd, iMiyrnont*. Other votcrnhw the bulk of tho fnlnora spirinh, They would Kindly sell y f.-fir's "dumplnw" Thin His sill-rod up 'i finite lively j debnle between those who feel thiit; the errlnfi athletes should be 'given! Kicking of Brocato Wins for Baylor further into bomlnst'! ,. V) ,ry chnnct- to n-linljllUnlc thorn-' , nnd consider (holr n?mnnnt of| K ,,| v , ;H n nd n IIU-KCM- scKmcnt which; ; ' IT " bo . I/W — If there's ; won and there isn' Upsets Not Startling But Regular By ED CORRIQAN NEW YORK. (/Ft— This is the tir,-i« of yenr that the titnns of college football usually begin looking forward to the pold of bowl names or the glory of conference titles. Not this time. The muscle-men, noting the rend of things, arc quaking as] hfjy come to each game. The up- 1 sots haven't been startling but | each week some of the big boys nre biting dust. ' Jf Iowa, the punching bag of the ig Ten, can whip Ohio State, and Southern California can shut out C:illfornla-a feat thnt hadn't been accomplished in 60 games-nothipg should be a surprise. Perhaps the only certainty, and hiit's going out on the limb, is lhat Michigan State and Maryland aio tho class of the .country Insofar as the records are concerned, Neither has stumbled even once, and each has. shown a wealth of power and an ability to stop the enemy when it counts. Right behind arc once-tied Oklahoma and two Southern powers, Georgia Tjch and Duke. The un- ueaten list should be reduced by one come Saturday when Tech and Duke collide head-on at Durham, N C. Until this week, California SECURITY IN FREEDOM- Lt. Lee Dong Yop, North Korean Intelligence officer formerly in command of Communist security guards at Panmunjom, prepares to give his first interview to correspondents, after his escape to UN territory. Vop, who decided that the only real security lay in freedom, slipped past his own guards and surrendered to UN military police at the edge of the neutral zone surrounding the truce site. Texorkartian Win* Home Tourney TEXARKANA !/P»— Homctowncr >ne Koenty won the 17th annual Four States Invitational Golf toiu* icy here yesterday with a solW 3 and 2 decision over Chris Gcrs of Oklahoma City; Accurate putting with birdies on the llth and !2lh holes helped the.jj Tcxarknna attorney snare the titlej from Gtrs over the Texarkanai Jountry Club Course. Gers dumped -defending champion Raleigh Selby of New London, Tex., 3 and 2 in the semi-finals while Keeney went 20 holes to eke oul a 1 up win over Paul ColluM of El Dorado in the other SemP4 final pairing. TO the many prospect* who enltqct » chimp pi'leo for thin un-| cmil ,'. nt |., , h .,t UK-I-.- i,, „„ ,,| nc( ... : rnlH« for |.n Industry: „ orl , fo) . „ j,u,y,-r who once has, on horn«l nt 71II Went flth Street, (which In rmxuly ovcrptiid and ii| l)( -. on {., U iaht 'defrniidliu' tho public.' flfiO North Elm mid Mil'Nkuithj menace- to the nation'* economy, j Y. W( ,' mm | t . n mlstnke," one of, J'lne, thiw luiim-H hiivo boon wold, Inlernnl security nnd con.itltutlomilj ( |. v . )l(1 y s W(IS ( , lm t ( .,i "Do we htivc; " u -• Minor*, fnnwri niul) l( J )1() on pl ,yi nfi f n 'r"it for the rest! inch time to do it, Baylor call high up on the list. Then Southern California whipped the Golden Bears, 10-0. Now the Pacific Coast race is up in the air. Cal still can win it, but Southern Cal and UCLA, which' like the Trojans, is undefeated, will ,,n G. O. (Cosimo) ' Brocato. His | "eve plenty'to say UCLA meets ki : klni! to.; is the moat valuable the Golden Bears this Saturday and F08TKH-ELU8 RKAJ/TY CO, 1011 Ka*t 2nd Htrcct, H<>I>I> MY home room*, In Oakhnvfii, 4 bt><l. dmiblu iinr<iK<>. noil. Hoy Button, Phono 27-flt 7-4021. Help Wonted WAmtK88."'i'up suliu-y mul tlpH, Hollday'ii Cute, U mlu>« V, Hope on (17. Apply In poison. up.'il corponitions nro brother* under the . skin however Htrldently the iippwit to thorn n» xep- and lit our lives?" Not necessarily. | A ninn who' . John |(. Slmilmnn, tho White lloiiso miiu In this dispute, Is tho >l|im ' ! w ''° held itflaln.il l.t'Wla '.dkos samples from n bank mid, serves his linn- cim fltnl n jobj out, but they don'l football equipment at the university. Brnculo, a Catholic, has won four Barnes and Hie last 13 names he has played 1'iii- this Baptist school. if they con answer the question, they might win it. Georgia Tech and Duke will makers are getting more confident as the season progresses. If they an do that to the Illini, they ought to be able to take it. Nor is anything settled in he Southwest Conference. However, Texas is looking more and more Jikfc the class of the league. The Lonahorns slugged Arkansas right out of the running Saturday, 20-7, hud now take on Southern Metho dist. Both are undefeated in lea ,?ue play.. In Hie Ivy League, Yale, which currently is tied with Penn for the | victories, lead, ouch with 3-0 marks, faces}' Dartmouth, which should be a setup for the Elis. Penn must play Perm State, no cinch, in a non- leaguc encounter. Princeton, the Seven Major Teams Unbeaten P ^f NEW YORK I/PI — As the college football season swings into its second half of play, 40 teams are listed among the nation's unbeatc^ untied elevens. Seven of the teams arc major colleges. They include Maryland, Georgia Tech,' Duke, Southern California, UCLA, Villanova and Mich- un State. All have won six straight games except Michigan State which has taken five in a row. A pair of minor schools Peru (Neb.) Teachers and Northern State (Okla.), each have seven SM- cefslve victories. * Among the teams to drop from the ranks Saturday were California, Holy Cross, Virginia, Bucknell, William Jewell and MePherson (Kas.). Among the unboaten-un- titd teams are Ottawa (Kas.) and Kirksvilie (Mo.), each with five tin 1 cane of the ill tiroup COMMERCIAL iwlu-r with grpc, tfnlru'y open, Cuntnct H Intancleitt of Schools, Stumps, Ar- UunsHtf, nnern employed In the so-called \v« have just lu-ard, courtesy of •.,";,'...,,' ,,,; \, . .jAVs iiptlve niliu-H JUKI hi-foro Poni-l 1 , Ul1 ,p|, ( . i. !UT y fi..et/. of the tiim; 1 "' 1 ' Xn nuvlor iifnvc ,,..t.,t.. II.. I..... ..» ..t^,.,.l» ..»lt.l : — .... . .. • t. i :.ui" ( "» \\IKII JJUJ1U1 (Jiiijv in merit employed In tht tr lllii'lmr, He luis tin elttsllc politl cul code which, In ihut ciise, en libleil him to deliver the cnptlvi idler touchdown except when they . . iirt 1 needed. For instance, he put him In the tellers cmre aKarn.; mjssi , drml ,. conversions out of five the d;iy Baylor played Wedhlngton n single .. r , . »<«•' Engineers will rule , . rl '8 ht '«writes. Both warmed up Coslmo doesn't kick the points l " their tasks Saturday, Tech clout- .. f_|i lf i ,„ ' ' ' " tied' another ln|P la y. tht ' headUnc . game of the dettnding champion, entertains Brown pfler whomping Cornell 270. In the Big Seven,championship- Ixnmcl Oklahoma figures to run through a workout at the expense of lown State, nnd Kansas, the ii'rnerup, should have no trouble with Kunsas State. Missouri and Vanclerbilt, 30-0, and the Blue Devils coiHiuering previously undefeated Virginia, 21-7. Feared M a r y 1 a n d, which whipped Louisiana State 34-6 will last sea-! tc3t its miKht onc v asnln against! Nebraska play the top game from C;1S( , v •itew.el. thrn playliif; with;. run afoul "f the one mid:.,,' I only Ml" Klein. played Texas, j R™t™ University. , „ Wuln B lon SUUc 18-0 nnd Uierc wns 'no ni'iHl for Cosiino to kick thorn. Female Help Wonted THE tlomnncl for Avon's boinitlful Chrl«rnn» Gift BotH is tho grant«it M history. Cnpitulixo on this dcmnnd by becoming an Avon ^J^opreBDnntlvc in your own neigh* borhoowt, Write LaVorno Ollbort 0. BQX 380, Hot Springs, At- 32-01 oxporloncwd wiillrmit, Tup nice plwco tit work, Apply Dlnniond Cnfo. i27>tf miners to [<i!wlH In the some morn- Ca^ey, m-clu'i-ed by Undo \vilfoerl Just put the chips on the line uplu?ld HoointtvuU'H (Irnntutlc die The Big Ten also is unsettled. Illinois and Wisconsin both were supposed to fight it out for the title with the Badgers probably a competitive standpoint. Oklahoma A and M and Tulsa go at each other in what could be a game to decide the championship iu the Missouri Valley. In the Sky- ONJ5 Holp Wanted 09 YKAU old leod compuny ' r ejtel«»lve i«rrltorlM open in thtti «hd suiTountJlns counvlua tor full ur part time roprntipnlutlves i\uu S3 to S3, No Investment, Car nueumtHry. Good for ndvanconvout, \Vrlto Tknv ><V" n'n linn thill n Hurrondur to Lewis by territory. The 'iK s - tho government on thin point Would j mml p i c uctl H up, slopped on the ' first bnsc- ls« w»y. That WIIH hi* "Hlllor'B wiiy'V Hoosevolt w«» right In Ihut NtuUniont but, bbodloh't to his unerrlnn Instinct foi butf. and Klem yelled "Out." IK'If'.'t (hen strolled over - " ' ••••' llttv speak to Robinson. •'xrumlpa" of the Baylor ^quad is called upon. The 24 ••year--old Shrevcport, Ln.,-nthlete, kicked'the n few steps to 1 , "I'm sorry, Robby," ho said pla- cntlnitly. "I HUMS I was n little that But . and would come buck In, »., , ., ... All the time- this wns I'm sorry. the wrong, he delivered these cup- i n- _ i tlves to Lewis amid n distraction i ha'stj" *lii which tibsournd the Indecency of! j, ,nd s t,,,.t m ,isWf. as you saw, this net, from all but n fow col- ?{ morbid memonibllln, In- me, I! Hdoplod Hitler's svay once buforti. Stcelmttn left us no iimmd for surprise at anything he hus done since, includlntt this current Job, Wo nro hot duulliig h«ro with tho auostlon whether this country sli<.uld continue to lot Lewis, Wul- U'r lUniihor and other labor mon- o|.ollsl8 order Jujiulnr strikes. Of wu shouldn't. Hut wo know Btuil 'he ever -tried. It \v'iii» last year against' Arkansas ;,ml was for 13 yards. It won the l>;ime. Against Texas A '& M, he booted three for three to bring a to 21-21 tie. He kicked two for two , . , , . y" 11 . s " w 'I to give Baylor a .14-13 win over 1 had no way of knowing it ojyijj Against Wake Forest : this sea-1 Rose Bowl in any! line Conference Utah and Colorado the Illin were there! A nnd M probably will fight it out Today the Illini are in! for tho title when they meet Nov. 8. Tho Agsies will rest up this overlooked in the pro- week, but Utah will entertain Colo- and Michigan are|rado of the Big Seven. Idaho State loop. And Purdue's] is expected to clinch a share .of 40-12 triumph over Illinois Sntur-j tiio Rocky Mountain crown by do day would indicate that the boiler-i leatina Colorado Mines Saturday. Top Radio Progran^s MONDAY .RADIO—ABC 7:30 Goy. Acllni Stevenson (recorded) ABC 8:30 Sen. John Sparkman ro- coided, first of four clnily broadcasts. RADIO AND TV—MBS and ABC—TV 8:30 Son. Joseph McCarthy from Chicago on "The Ste-V-Mison Story." RADIO — MBS 9 Gov. Stevonson nnd James A. Farley in reply 'to Sen. McCarthy. My TUESDAY RADIO — CBS H a.m. Gov. Stevenson from New York. MORE CASUALTIES WASHINGTON, I/PI—The Defonso Department today identified 100 Korean War casualties in a new list No. (679) that included 15 killed, 83 wounded, four missing nnd st-ven injured. . ?.'• * "n" AL CODY RIVER Copyright, 1951, by Al Cody; Dlitrlbultd by King Fealurei Syndlcal*.. just stood at tho pl.ito with ti stunned look. He hadn't said a word. Suddenly Klt'iu wheeled on luiii. "As for you, you mil," he bellowed, "KO back to Iho bench and fit down!" ''' ^' son he kicked n IS yard Held goal on { , , d t U) h - nd B s .Hdn-t oeen.o tUUll I otcin (o until Vwas until l,e was. »1 IVtii v »>v\.»»i t\r v.. \iiTVjI IIIIIM H* >»n.i , back in tho dujsoul. Thou he pro-r ul ;*V .. lor a.,,17-14 decision. 240 Entered in Pinehurst Meet PINEHURST, N. C. Cfl — Their f.ncc-boomlnii drives no longer j as though ho might have strolled CHAPTER NINETEEN THE MAN on tho Yellowstone's shore was white, but tho incongruous part lay In his dress. A white man in this country must bo a derelict or a fugitive, and in such a case one would expect to see him tattered and nondescript. This man was neither. He looked R«Aflv l\«qay for Nhtoh Visit aT ' u l MUrs« 'wo shouldn't. But wo know bflt ' 1 * ]» vho «»K""l- Then he i """"" thnl Stcvonson mul M Ocmocratlc l ' oedt ' (i lo 'li»"»lish the w;i Congress, wrttild wily confirm thol'- OW)l r 1 '' ,,,,,. pttwers over thi> people and we " An " ri% "' " I:U> nt> stormeil. people hnvc no rcnvon to hope that twnhowei' could have the courugoj j TEXARKANA UPI — The H»pub> to so to tho people over the heads! Wenn Vice ureniduiUUU caiulttituu, of »hc< r«ck«te«rs .whom ho re- e!ilK>(l u nul -" RiehaM Nixon, was to «d Supporter* ot the Pour Siato tat Eisenhower At the Toxttrkftntt , ruce Cunni|\Kh*m, chairman In HH politlcnl powers. I have a crawling ot the flesh I am afraid this piece! mysterious in the driveling; Texas-SMU Top Loop Gome ol the u. i>« • { *>Vf\V Pearson mmwer but 1 nusurei By The Associated Prets Texas battles Southern Method and Baylor marches against ..... »ald Nix-'O" thot uhllkr this lyln« black- hvx, chrilt in th buest ' ' ""i yards and. nuiro as in days of yuro, U40 veterans, 55 years and up. swarmed over two courses to- ua> in the qualifying round of tho iiuuigurnl North and South Senior in\ itatlun Golt Tournament. The oldsters came into their own at tho Pinehurst Country Club's NIL'S 1 nnd 2 courses as the tournament — a replacement for the ilisciinUnued 50-year-old North and South Open — began « week's run. IwoiUy-eijjht states and Canada the fairways 2501 out from some big house on Vhu CaUfomU nenutov was to supttk (or SO minutes, " from Ai-kan- » find Okla- »r«)i(ixp»ct«l to attend, ! Qi»V9i v Na*hv|Ut, odltor two Die, Hu^lnWrock By Tho AuooUttii f\va fti hurt • third vvhtin the car ridhut struck propu««ni1tt the nmde a ft true, r the first time In ten years «f such shady doling*! the pub- fcUIIlva lie. won'an Important deelsio.n In Thc y are » h e lenders I Mlei HU *i» t.k.. kit^.. *_« «U.. t*.i.>k*tl..tl * - . . »•*- \\ert- represented on the entry list. Match under W1 week uf Southwest Conference foot- bnll, A clear-cut favorite and lead or is due to emerge from these! group winners tomorrow svill go] Texas - ,».•*».. cose, thanks to th» "public" aw , southern Methodist undfeated members who stood bv the Indus- and (m , it> a. TC U in the khowdown unbenton but into the num. llti-man championship Tom bobbins, of Now York, wln-i j" rL ».. .vp >Ul.t ...k,..«^v 11 C C^iiirti. I Hl™» fashionable avenue of on eastern city, instead ot emerging from the wilds. He was carefully, even nattily, dressed, and somehow the •Ight of such a figure was twice M startling as a tattered fugitive would have been. "Now what do you make of that?" Barnshaw demanded, his jaw slack. "Shouldn't we find out?" Astrid asked practically. Earnshaw twisted the wheel, then gave orders for a small boat to pick up the man on shore after approaching as close as was considered advisable. Ho was frankly puzzled. "It could be a trick to lure us th for i this year's U. crown, heads the field. where would such a mar come ;,-. . . ' ; i » . , , . ,L .. — . viuwu, ai-uiia uiv IICIVA. «m\;i» *n- Uck both the nilmmlstraikm nnd Its ot th« northern operators' nssocia- clltc)tis , hc nn uon»l runnerup Paul Corrupt piMtege, the untun, Justitlou were as rotten as the union-1 n^,* Buffalo N. Y. and such thtt decisive board meottng e«rs and the "White House", Such wortn ' ie! . U s Chicago's Chick Evans, began the fuel was made known that Trumnu hud promised Lewis lhat thb raise ot $1.»0 would stand up, T\iw«n'j aoUUcal agents hud hi> ^'tUlhHp" mnmhni.o members tw tt \\eek tti\d they had told these ajents to tell Truman to go to hell. Meanwhile, friends ul these in bums sonerully escape the public otntempt which they deserve but in the present instance U should be kno\vi\ that the northern operators made the job of the industry men and -the conscientious "public" members more difficult thun it need have, been. Uhr.er, Jacksonville, Flo. and he was bait for Indians, he wouldn't bo fixed up that way," Astrid answered his unspoken AI uin.er jacKsonvme, r». ana question. "We'll soon find out- Harrison Smith ot Oklahoma City. * The fugitive steooed nromt once tied, Baylor with one victory and one loss. The three other members of the league — Arkansas, Texas A & M of the running. . Vs-son A 38 year old hiu> * 1 as Truman'* machine bare \ Okla dVH'or WM.«I»>*»» «" them with the'usual Im- hUlid War Martnttn* oarly yt>st«r- \te % simUar «**»A«»| to Urtog .uti* vioiMvt 4*4to toil tor th« L. . - »T^-^ A «»fc..., .A .. 2^ ... * » _. »'^V . i •* X tltri'ttts Inter- v*ta, tl>eli' own side pressed thftm to bft men mud pan lots, U*|iVs 4br«ats uf o str^e made tlttlf|lttiy»-«sslutu ana 'tho public »itei9i«^ (slill" feelfcv* jUnD V^ bot« and Yrumtm Uien would h«ve; h«d to wawfle swn» mean* of p* WJ41* «r»«, the W. & on it> ttie to « «r*»t de- «UU infarmiml will try «wue « oa the tact thm tvick. total th» whoU} bu»iu*>« by ptxter, and in the the vteciioiiu $« ti by ieiault. That wi* The fugitive stepped promptly into the boat as tt approached, and was rowed back to the farina. On board, ho seemed no less odd. He was smooth-«haven, tanned almost to the color Ot saddle leather, ao that, hut for his bright blue eyei and clothes, he might almost have been mistaken for an Indian. That ho waa a dandified little man t,n aptech aa well as drwa waa at once apparent aa he camo forward, bowing sweeplngly beforo E^irn- shaw and Astrid— but without removing hia hat, "A thousand thanks to you, air. for this timely rescue, and a thousand pardons to both the lady and yourself for not doffing my hat;" bo «<jl%Uned in a breath. "1, air, am SOBuyior DeMoss— a river pilot, air, of whom you may doubt- foaa have hoard. Known somewhat widely M Tho Sky Pilot, not bo- cause ot any proclivities on my part toward a dispensation ot tho Scriptures, but because 1 am a pilot and my name is Schwylor!" He bobbed again, stiU without a pau>o for breath, tnd curried on. Tho mystery of my presence, <t of thi« aomowhat i«com;ruous •Itiro, ( alMU »*t*»Pl W make l^ 9t which you he might get at the root of the trouble; then, with gifts, 'of which we carried a more than ample supply, to placate them. A. noble idea, but visionary. I doubted the efficacy of it—in point of fact, 1 spoke against it as foolhardy—but he was captain and 1 was hired to pilot tho Lady. Which 1 did." Mournfully he shook his head; then, still not leaving time for interruption, he continued."My knowledge of the Yellowstone is not great, though not entirely superficial. To hasten with my recital, sir, no misfortune was attendant upon the voyage Itself. Disaster came when, seeking to make common cause with the Indians, we anchored too close/-to shore. Three days ago the Lady of the West was burned, looted, totally destroyed. 1 am, I fear, the sole survivor." . This time Earnshaw did get In a word. "Remarkable," he said. "You refer, 1 know, to my attire." DeMoss sighed, arifj glanced disparagingly at himself. "A whimsy ot fate, sir. 1 escaped from the Lady by diving overboard—in the natural, if the lady will pardon the expression. For hours I crouched low in the water near the shore, an unwilling witness to the orgies of the savages, and likewise a prey to mosquitoes where 1 even partially emerged from the water. My frame of mind, needless to say, was low. And then I had a stroke of good fortune, I came upon a box from the boat that had drifted with the current and lodged at an eddy. "Captain Prentfsa was a gentleman, air, a well-meaning man. He had a more than ample wardrobe, and this was a part of it. Scarcely the garment for this country, ( fear, but J, was In no position to; be choosy,"" t They listened in mingled interest and amazement, while the Marina lay at anchor, Those on board tfc.e nad witnessed the rescue. agreed. "You will have heard of aJi'u* II<M* wiuieaacu mo icavuc, and now she halted close by. and h, accompanied c»me on UW „-., ,,. th»m*w. y, ana again bowed deeply. Tttfor pardon," he said. "And permit me to explain the seeming discourtesy of remaining with covered head. 1 can only plead the excuse ot vanity — an untimely emotion, 1 have no doubt. But I am oaid M an egg. and i must confess to being «en»itive. For (hat reason 1 have long made it a point to wear a oat at all times." -Quite a« right," McCjuestion assurtd Wm, and listened with M» a repetition of to* atery. wai «uicJf to ' me, 1 expect—The Sky Pilot?" "I'm afraid 1 haven't," VVlilrter^ .denied, "But I'm a downriver man. Do you think you can pilot this boat until Captain Rawls recovers?" "Why not?" DeMoss shrugged. "1 must repeat tho warning I gave Captain Prentiss, gentlemen—that this Is an unhealthy country, and that 1 think you ill-advised to proceed upriver. But If you so decide, 1 at least have recent knowledge ot the stream, which Is at yotiHBt service." m "Then let's get under way at once," Whirter Instructed, arid presently returned, with McQues- tton, to the Astrid. Astrid herself was enchanted with the new t pllot. That he knew his business was at once apparent, but he was completely new in her experience, a man with an inexhaustible fund of tales and, as he confessed, a love for wagging his tongue. "You're sure that talking tq doesn't distract you?" Astrid asked belatedly. • I "1 must confess, ma'am, that yo» somewhat take my breath away," DeMoss agreed readily. "Not for a long time have 1 been in tha presence of your charming sex, and feminine beauty 1 always flnd heady as wine. But it's an experience I would be loathe to dispense with." Kathleen came up. She had been> lying down, had slept through the' rescue and consequent events, and now she was eagerly curious. DeMoss waa in his element. "What a ship is this!" he said, and sighed gustily. "Almost t shiver with apprehension. U anything should happen to this expedition, such a fate as overtook tha Lady o) tho West—" "Pon't speak of such thin, Aatiid retorted, and presently lowed Kathleen to the hurt-it,, deck. "What do you think ol him she demanded. "Isn't he right out ol a book?" * That's what I dgp't like," Kath» teen said uneasily. "He seems t9 be. And somehow he doesn't ring true." ^ "It you mean his clothes, he «E* plained that," Astrid said, and ' LlK about them. "And be seems to know his job as % 1 think ne'9 wonderful" Kathleen did not quarrel her. Astrid nad made an effort be friendly, since coming on U^ « - • ... .•* —: M.nd*f, OttoUr 27, 19S2 HOfl STAR/ MOP8, ARKANSAS ILONOII ly Chkk Young OZARK IKI ITS so NrcE f ^ TO REST FOR ) A MINUTE — y I M SO TIRED I COULD GO TO SLEEP ON A PILE OF BPICKS EXHAUSTED TONttHT-I'VE BEEN r WORKING SINCE { EARLY MORNING OU'RE CNNG J ( ,t DOESN'T MATTER In the Army Now Answer to Previous Puttie HORIZONTAL 1 Army meal 5 Army bugle call 9 Sergeant 12 Pen name of Charles Lamb 13 Plastic ingredient 14 Turkish general 15 Alienates 17 Elders (ab.) 18 Tries 19 Onenesses 21 French river 23 Name (Fr.) 24 Female soldier 27 Food container 29 Army shelter 32 Ran away to marry 34 Click beetle 36 Death 37 Short jacket 38 Strewn (her.) 39 Army dish, beef 41 Decay 42 Medieval shield 44 Superficial extent 46 High army officer 49 Fleece- bearing animal 53 Wile 54 Tardily 56 Number 57 Wai- god of Greece 58 Seaweed 59 Headed 60 Girl's name 61 British > sand bill VERTICAL j Encounter 2 otherwise 3 Poses 4 Italian painter 5 \vt ne cask 6 What a wise . soldier never does 7 Hammer head 8 Indian black buck 9 E i ec tric temperature measure 10 Monster llGoby 10 Wh i S pers . 20 Whole 2 2 lateral parts 24 Louses 25 Toward the sheltered side 26 Remarked 28 British hymn writer 30 Roman emperor 31 Horse's gait 33 Portion 35 Basest 40 Higher 43 Pertaining to the city 45 Forward 46 Jail 47 Sea eagle 48 Air (comb, form) 50 Rim 51 Dash 52 Funeral pile 55 Biblical name 1 IZ ^ . 16 24 "SL y> 36 . 46 S3 56 59 Z. Z5 17 3 Zfc U. 1 s/. : 33 b 27 % Hi bH 47 fcO s 3 '% 21 V) #.-. H8. H '"' /'' '' '"'/,•', HO "H . ' %• n w 3V ii " ?'•• 35 •» U> a Hi itt bl H i HI 50 * 30 51 1 - 31 5Z. n CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T. M. *•«. U. S. »•«. 0(1 Copr. 1952 by NEA K*r<rU«, Iflf f 'So! You've bean meaning to call, but until this minute it hatn't been convenient!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith and though understood only too well purpose, she had met her But tt wu ft surface p KvtA Here, toe only two women (n t vast reach of oujd «»j441« OUT OUR WAY By j. R. WtlHoms SH8 ^WY f B OVfift THBffBA AIN'T t*MBMBUB WITH HER CROMIB9. HBRBS J OB THIS LOCK. HOPINd SHB POBSN'T r-/ BvER <*QNMA AMP I.OL.-::; HAVE ARRlVBt? At THS W3 TO 'SEARCH UAP RSNTAL ASENC.V. FICONA PS KEEPS' PET5 <3H, TH 1 KID WITH TH' TARAMTUUA AM' THAT'S! WITH TH' AW SCORPlONJS TR.VIM' TO PULL A CAM CARRIAGE--OH, THE^A K1P& KMOW HOW TO PLAY WITH THEM THIW6S.' .R- IN LUC«, HSR SEE PAT L16.MT WHERE. I [TONS STISHT ACROSS PROW iX' ou* <w«Y . AMP KBJBf OUK POR A PB WASH TUBBS SOEC- \ pi.iv7.E6 HB u$ep WV Eh5V, LUCKII.V THE TO KETRM:E WILSONS PLKNB ROUTS vr rr , t -^ N\ «»,; i».» * «• BORW THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE P££P£R5 - „,., _. . . . (HE BOMtSLE THAT LUMP IrA W C^MPAlSM FUrODS H& MISTAH JAKE^ POCKET M FRAUDUL6MTLY COLLeCTED DOT TO BE A U.S. . VA FOR lv\e.' — AMD MOVJ TRSASORY PAPER \MAO/ ^V 16 PAClMS A HOTEL ROOM i FOR.SOT TO - ,, PLAsiT IT VJWEM He -DIS-/ \ POR. V<^O TO l-ETt-H PATCHED ME TC> S \ KlAA A FAIR PAINTS y , OF /V\V TrVOUSeK-S • By 'WpTMo BOulS AND HER BUDDIfS ^" »7 »TI-M. »«| Will I"*!. PH. _ NM ««»Tt«. IKt . BUGS BUNNY OH-OH/TIME PER UUNCM,0UT I CfVN'T TAKE /S CHANCE ON 6O/VSEBOPV By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP ^ -ANY BXiSCUTIVE SHOULD , A BUUCH \ Bg OLAP TO KNOW Or PUNKIN ) WHICH Of Hie 6UB JZC1? HEADS, yi60TUPlD..,JUeT0Y THAT'S -'lM/ WHAT/ 'LE DRAVONMUG WORK9 TQ REPAIR THE PAMAGED TIME MACHINE UR HERO, NOW KING OF THE STRAW MEN, BY RIGHT OF CONOUEST. LOLLS DISCC5NSOLATELY ON HIS THSiONlfi WIN n»c? I/TV /^>IITI SAVORING NO JOY IN THI6 A6CBNT TO HISH ESTATE. Offa your tree, aren't they?" CHRIS WELKIN, Plonetccr FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS EXIT VANfeANC? NOBODVS UP— YOU CAM FATHCR'S A CPAMK ON SMEAK IN OMC 6EINS THE WISEP / PUNCTUAUTY — HE'S TIMEKEEPER AT WE LAMP FACTORY—-I MAVEK) IM BY 11 OR HE HITS V> j at *t M«M»LU I Mil T^TTST lM|f i DEAR BOV.TS EASY TbT£u_ fbu'Re A STRANGER AROUND HERE/

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