Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1952
Page 6
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HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS moot *«ld RofW*' I* ftftd WWW* ttint itn W*» nt •Torm tmrf (ltd . moot ins, 8iootm(in r A»- t> President; reder»t ice WMlw David 'avid B, Charnay, Mid, ,W«« jMiffmftd by tfito Hi a wtoHe In tltf» .ontln- trf'tbe 5 and ; *•• '• r ,te offtfet » ; (tit work in tlie mlnn*. of ; ' sult of this con- t«, common jg«od, of roubles THEV'RE "ttUOS" ABOUT HIM - "Wniking sticks'* entomologist «. A, 8t, Ocorjjo ftn onlhu«ln»tlc welcoma nt Poltah Mounlfllrm, Mtt,, whero tho nelnntlftt from the Depnrtmertt :of AKrlcullure'i Bureau of Entomology nnd Plttnt Qunrontlne in »tu4!f- lm tlifl irmtvUi. Tho «tran«e crenturnii havo (tofolluted hundred* of hardwood tree* in woMem Mnryliintl, nml St. Gooruo in socklna , [fttirtfrrtothfirtfi-i way* to curb their broeillnu. workorn, Th'ey nrguad Hint lhn««> grantor vncntlon, hnlldny and nhifl prrtml- um benefit* n«tu»lly ro»t mow Uwn the 40 eonU n rtay, or a nick- ol on hour, dKupprnvod by th" Tho WSB'ir publli- nnd Induntry jnpmbor» ttnd roitdnriod Just tho Maying everylhlnu cun crirnpnn'd with' other groups' 1 o wiirkwi's, ' '•'••'. Th« Lewls-MoscH appeal ; rnride the argument Hint pnyinK dlree money w«R<?» to the miners, In Htmii! ot itlvlnii thorn paid vacation? mid other benefits, encout'aKet U'IP dlRKvrii lo inlnn moro coal. "It In our bHIcf," tho Lewis. _ _ >jrr „-.„...„ - ...... iWo»i>« nppprtl Bold, "that the no ttideracC the 'minflm nr* well p«ld| antlatlcm of compensation ineretis •Til V Bllllno CUrk Initalltr Service Representative tnftlnttt Amendment 41 Continued from Psgo One does it take tofophone call? „. pajphastos pnw#, Is the good cMfcen. ol th» people who make up your t<4»* youll ftml th«*m \\-orkit\5 tltjyotton to g|v^ you tUf service Off th« o» yqu as swutniasters, c cJvto du^ niwnber* to mw» towns the best paisible places to We're glad to Have them «* members of e taunt We l^liw^ that you'w gi&d them »s good Pro vW/ng good /obi for CfW <Nt ft dSlnry lncre»»«?. Too, It !» tftagert that nddllionol expense flow from tht> rcrjtilrcment of Additional office space, duplication n purchase of supplies, etc Th4 •tutt would be a ri*o in the total cost of county government to l>f oorno by the taxpayers, A moro technical objection hnft >«cn *u(Ros(«d by the wording of he proposed amendment lisclf. l"hl» Is ont* of tlircn amendments by th« icuinlnturv for hit consideration of thn people. >Vhen It was orlginnlly Introducnd n the House thin meiisurt- mud«! h« ulectlotl of a County Clerk in >ft<Jh ootmly mfinrtntory. Lutcr, In ho Buniitt 1 , the l.inHiiage w»« lo Its present form «u that county "may" elect a County Clerk. Although originally defeated ofl a vote of the Sen.itP, It was recofteidered on the la.il day of the «es*!on arid passed In this form, •tie Houii! agreeing to the chanur: n wording. The intent of the Semite amendment was sliitpd to be to mjike tint provision mnrcly ptTmlMKivt- so ihat not oil counties would h« r«- (ulred to elect u depurate County Jlerk. The proposal nowhere stntc-s >y whom, under what circumiitan- ces or how frequently the decision j „,„., | r , s tii,,u 0 n s to be made on whether a pnrtl- 1 " * lnstltutlon - oulnr county will elect a County "lerk. Presumably the lojjislattin.- could pass a law setting up a procedure for this purpose. To that extent, this measure removes the certainty of the present constitutional language and grunts the IqgUlulure authority to di-U'nnme when county clerkships shall exist Ordinarily, constitutlonHl provisions creating a public offlco art- written In mmidotory form so thrit the of flee Is definitely created. The decision of the voter should bo bused on his reasoned opinion ns to the need for a County Clerk In addition to the Circuit Clerk to carry out local Hovormental fun- Nursing Home Is Opened Here by Texas Couple Announcement is made todny of the opening of the MiiHSlngill Nur.i- mil Ifomc, »W East Divlskm street. The homf. first of its kind in this nren, is owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Ira. MasninglH whd come to Hope thr«c months ;I K O from Hornitton, *T«!x«}s, whore Mrl. i'vln»si!)Klll h.id lityrntorl u Himiliir home for mor^o than 12 After c-omliift to ,Hopoj Jhoy pur- chaw! ih« )>,-'ii^irty from Miss Jos*|*' n '- ! KeUveH, 'now ' of Little HocK, and converted j tlie building into mi .U-roqijr);normS(.|<>^';thc aged and'|>cupacWrttcu^j])'. ;: ;u , . AJ^r<«ironWIy WW \y<5nt Into ro pair* n»d reittOdeifrlK >pt! ,thc building ttiroiiffhout to eiomply with rng- Lilalfauis nt the Division of Hospi- fulit, Arkansas State Board of Health. \ 1'lnns for the remodeling were under'supervision of John E. Cole, ot Utlli. 1 Itock, hospital consultant. Fiv«.' pntli-nts have already been admitted to the rest home, and •icvornl more have made application, Mrs. Massing!!! announced. The public is cordially invited to vi:ilt and Inspect facilities of this Monday, October 17, 1952 Another Typhoon Hifs Philippines MUSICAL WHODUNIT—Students of music who have been ex- omlning the precious manuscript of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, which is on display In New York, are intrigued by the little sketch, above, which appears on the score. Correction?, and an inscription in Beethoven's own hand appear on the manuscript, which the great composer dedicated to the Royal Philharmonic Society in London, for whom he composed the work in 1824. However, it is not known whether Beethoven, his copyist, or some 19th Century wag with be-bop tendencies made the sketch. Officials of the British Museum believe that the drawing is at least a century old. MANILA, iffi— A raging typhoon- Hit second in six day.s-plojked|d trail of destruction' across iBe ctm- triil Philippines today. Path of the new storm was sotuh of the populous area leveled by the typhoon 'which last week look near-|| ly 450 lives. As the storm lashed Samar, nof| them I.eytr arid Masbale Island! this morning and headed over the-" Sibuy'an Sea, its center velocity .slacked from 50 to 100 miles an hoiir. ^t A U. S. B-29 weather plane fnf Clnrk Aii 4 Force Base, north Manila, was missing after it flev into the typhoon 200 miles east Samar yesterday. There were Is a DC a rd. • The big blow caused exlensiv^ crop damage but early reportj mentioned no casualties. It was expected to cross southern' Mindoro Island tonight and blow into the South China Sea, A report from Saipan said eveiry Paciffc Candidates in Final Vote Drive By JOHN L. CUTTER ENItOUTE WITH STKVI5NSON (UP) --- Adl.'ii K. Stevenson ex- ;)iess(.'d fear today that the Ropub- iicim iittitndo toward the Korean wjir "may havo delayed" chances fdi an armistice, Spoaking to a whistle stop audi- etlons In the smullcr counties, and encc 01' nhout 8,000 at Brockton, upon bin determination timt such] Mass., the Democratic presidential possible ultimate! candidate did not elaborate. But taxpayer. j he pictured Dwight K. Eisenhow- i's proposed Korean peace trip - one of the thinn-t which ui\vs cs in terms of wanes rather than lll( ' Russians more determination in terms of fringes contributes to lliis ntnblll/atlim in the stimulus adds to productivity." The situation wns .somewhat com- purnblo to what happenerl in 1943. Then tho War Labor Board, whirli Justices need JUHtlfk-R n additional cost to th« like the present WSU had the Continued from Pnfic One the three Democratic nominees lor' tho senate in Pulaski County were certified to the secretary of stale "in circumstances depriving each ot any discretion." "It is not illogical to say thai whe-n by statute those men werf' required to select positions in the! primary their selection as nomi-| nces was according to law and j Ui!it the designations may properly follow in the general election," the chief justice wrote. The majority opinion means that Cheek must oppose Democratic nominee Max Howell for position No. 1 on the general election ballot. In other action, the Supremo Court affirmed a Sebastian circuit i Dan Kwnan. It rejected Keenan's contention that he was not properly served, ;/nd said that other matters presented by him should properly be f-'ftiled by appeal from any decision the lower court might make— nut by prohibition. thing nn Faraulcp, a tiny isle in Ihc Carolines, was by the storm. leveled liic Russians more to sliiy in the battle. Stt'Vcnson said every c(,url award of 81,000 in actual and! 'it ij'.mitivc damages to Paul Dovillei Italian Police Bother Protestants MILAN, Italy, l/l'l—A preacher of IPO Church of Christ complained last night of renewed interference by Italy's police w'ith the Amcrl- Lvn-lcd Protestant sect. Mi-lvin J. Pownnll of Caatsville, Pa., said police barred members el' his congregation from entering .; building yesterday where services wore to be held in nearby .•\iessandria and threatened him arrest. UTiikiicss or compromise on the p;.rl of the United States makes Hit 1 Russians more determined. KiirlU-r, Stevenson said Eisenhower was catching the wrong bus sign of; by the Black and While Cab C oi Fort Smith, The company appealed the low-j er court decision in a case which j involved an attack on Doville by j .^. _ | two passengers in one ot the firm's of controlling wages, balked at'nT-j'" tlis Korean peace trip proposal. I cabs. lowing Lewis to get as largo a pay) Stevenson said Sen. Joseph R.i Doville had charged that the cab b0ont an he wanted for the miners. I McCarli-y (R-Wis,) in his speech j driver, Jack Fuught, did nothing The average 2-pound beet con:ins 1-i leaspoonsful of sugar. » DoritRunfhe Risk Tonight ' of Missing a Good Night's Sleep Why take a ch'aijce on spending anothei; night tossing and turning—when 1 or 2 Turns, eaten ot bedtime, will quiet the churning acid that keeps you nwaki? Try Tunis tonight! Sea if y*» don't sleep like a lopf feel more refreshed in the morning. Always keep T u m s handy to counteract gas, heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion. Get a roll today. Slill only }0f a Roll miners went out on strike four tlmus that year, ut a miclnl poriod In the wav. Finally, tho Into Secretary of the Interior Harold lefces, who WHS In control oi thi; cottl mines under uovormm>nt seizure, gave Lewis about six times whut the Wnr Labor Hourd thoughi was proper. lonluht would offer the most mas I'ificont "smear" of all time when "lie tries to save the election for the He-publicans " The Negro Community •y Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or brlnt tttme to Mli» Turner , at Hloke funeral Horn* American Legion Post No. 4-7 111 inutft Tuesday night Oct. i t the new hut. All veterans are tiked to bv present, both World Vur I nnd II , The Yerm>r Bund Mothers club ,'1U sponsor u pre-Hulloween inus- uertide bull Wednesday night, Get y, ut 8 o!.clock in the Verger Lunch ooin. There svlil be plenty of gooc )crson wearing the most clovei ostumu. Thia project is being for the Bam Uniform Fund. There will be pdenty of yoo< music nnd fun for everyone. Ad mtuBion cents. By REL.MAN MORIN AHOAKD KiSKNHOWER SPK- ria! in Pennsylvania, (#1—Gen. UwiKhl D. Kisi-nhowor, opening his mal drive of the election cam- Minn, said today he will not be iiriu'd i.side by any criticism from hi; view that South Korean troops -hinild man the' major portion ot I i- biiUK'line in Korea against the Co'iimumsts, He told n Philadelphia .crowd lammed into the big concourse of Jie Pennsylvania Railroad's 30th •i-i-t station that he holds this VKIW "entirely aside from any political considerations." to protect him from a beating by Granville Stewart and Robert Earley. An independent Circuit Court delision in favor of H. A. Marshall in a land ownership dispute with Mrs. Chattio Mc.Spadden also was afl'irmed by the court' today. LITTLE ROCK U'l — The Arkansas Supreme Court refused today i to prohibit the Pope Circuit Court I from pioceeding further in a suit filed by Fred W. Rogers against the slate- By ERNEST B. VACCARO WITH TltUMAN W — Buoyed'by what he culled an assurance of Ji.hu 1.. Lewis' co-operation in ending tho soft coal strike, President Truman moved into the Midwest todiiy on the final swing his caiupalim to make Gov. Adlai' K. Stevenson his successor in the] \Vhite House. j He boarded his private ear in| Wi.sliiunton's Union Station last I nijjht after a conference with the Uniti'd Mine Workers' chief, the head ot i he soft coal operators' association ,md the directors of goveiVment agencies involved. 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Rolls "Ideal" UNBLEACHED 2 Rolls Each This price good Tuesday Only ^^^"" :p^PppL ' .^^^^^^^^^ _^^^pi^^^ ^^^* ^^^^^^P^ ^^^f ^^^v ^^BJB^ ^BK(^ WWP IOME OF GOOD VALUES Monday, October 27, 1932 MOM ITAt, MOH, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Pfionn 7-3431 Between • A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Court Ruling Called Politics by Attorney CONWAY The Arkansas Monday, October 27 WSCS Circle 5 of the First Methodist ; Church will meet Monday, October 27, at 7:30 p. m. in Hie home of Mrs. Ed. Aslin, Oakhaven. With Mrs. Syvelle Burke and Mrs. ""jyle McMnhen as co-hostesses. 'he program "Ambassadors for t 'Christ" will be in charge of Mrs. Virgil Keeley and assisting her will " be Mrs. George Murphy, Mrs. Clifford Ellis, Mrs. Brack Schenck, " Mrs. Jack Gardner, and Mrs. Syk- vclle Burke. Mrs. Jqhn Wilson, Jr. |; will bring the devotional. A full ''' ntlendance is urged and if you need transportation call 7-5841. -___ -i - - •• • - •— ^. (.JiN YV f\ X </Tr * ••*• •** i* «i •«.•!«*.•» o'clock nt the home of Mrs. Henry j supreme Court's ruling last week Hayncs, 518 South Pine. • •• • ----"•-- —— Wednesday, October 29 "Harvest Time" the eighth annual tlower show sponsored by the Hope Federation ot Garden Ciubs will be held October 29, at the VFW Hut from 2 p.m. to 8 on a ballot position cnse wps termed a "political opinion" here yesterday by Democratic Atty. Gen. Nominee Tom Gentry. Speaking at the annual fall meet- ins of the Arkansas Associated ..... .. P:ess. Gentry also said the 1953 VFVV Hut from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. i legislature probably would be Anyone having dahlias, chrysanthe-; ns ked to repeal a law which al- niums, or roses please call Mrs. | i ows utilities to chniige higher Henry' Fenwick, 1-W2. or Mrs. C.i rnu , s under bond. ' C. Lewis, 7-30.34. They will piekj Gentry, who was not a'party to Major Lee I. Danco, assistant to ||the pastor o£ the Beech St. Baptist Church, Texarkana, and in charge ot visitation, will be guest speaker at the Brotherhood meeting of the them up for the flower show. Thursday, October 30 A Day of Prayer will be observed at the First Methodist Church on Thursday, Oct. 30, at 2 p.m. The week of October '25-31 is observed annually by Methodist \\omen as a weeK ol prayer and self denial. November 7 _, World Community Day will bo First Baptist Church Monday night observed by the Council of United Church Women on November 7 in the Episcopal Church at 3 p.m. Women arc asked to bring clothing fc, rinfants and Oct. 27, at 7 o'clock. Tuesday, October 28 Chapter AE of PEO will Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 28, co meetj ren under six years of age. These at 3j "Baskets for Peace" will be sent * SAENGER • LAST TIMES TODAY • to the children in Korea. Mario LANZA Notice Jett B. Graves School Class of. the First Methodist Church has postponed their picnic which was scheduled for Thursday, indefinitely. the ballot case before the Supreme Court, said "every open-minded Kiwyc-r I've talked to in complete nm-eement that the Supreme Court! is.'-.upd n political opinion." The hiKh court, in a 4-3 decision last Tuesday, refused to allow candidates lo run at large in the Pulaski County state Senatorship race. Republican William A. Cheek of Little Rock had requested that he and three Democratic nominees run at large for three senatorial posts, without naming their positions. On the utility bond issue, Gentry did not elaborate on his statement that a repeal request would be made to the legislature. The question was posed in connection with an application by Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. for a $2.3 million rate increase. The firm, un„ . der present law, is allowed to co aun ay warm child A ..remnint or Ice-blue antique satin found In an upholstery department was the lias s for this skirt (above). Green and metallic silver threads form leaves and buttons arc the flower-petals. Red chintz skirt (center) is decorated with black and red velvet ribbon "checkerboard" pocket with black and white rhinestone buttons for "•»*" "men. U.S. Pilots Given Nod to Protect Selves By El-TON C. FAY Coming and Going "Football Review" The top All- American Possibilities Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schreck and daughter, Paula Phanae of Dallas, Texas, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Fuller. led higher rates under a bond which guarantees subscribers a re fund if the rates are denied. Gentry, in discussing the pro-j WASHINGTON, i/n — The Air posed Mack-Blackwell amendment, j jr ol . co i s leaving to its pilots and j said he hoped it would "cure some| ovcl . scns commanders the deci- il'.s" but added ho didn't believe i si{ , n o[ whnl lo cin it soviet fighters the highway situation would bcj again a tt ae ] { American planes fly- cnlirely satisfactory" until there's j j n ,, peaceable missions, over non- one man you can put your finger Russian territory. USAF spokesman made it How Much Do You Know About Women? Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Fenwick, Sr. had as their week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fenwick of Fulton, Kentucky, Mr. and Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Hobart Coleman of Mayfiold, Kentucky, and Vtr. and Mrs. G. D. Fenwick of Grady, N. M. who will remain for a few days visit. TUESDAY IOAN CAULFIELD DAVID NIVEN * RIALTO TODAY & TOMORROW • Mr. and Mrs. Langston Berry and son, Harvey, of Hot Springs were the Sunday guests of their daughter and sister, Mrs. D. A. on as being responsible." The Mack-Blackwell amendment, which will appear on the November ballot, would revise the Highway Commission. The nominee also said he plans ,, „..„.. t' 1 ask the 1953 legislature to add Stanley i lour assistants to the attorney gene,-,il's office and allow the office to assume legal duties now performed by seven lawyers in other state departments. At a morning business session, the editors and publishers made plans lor Associated Press coverage of the Nov. 4 election and the 1053 Arkansas Legislature. COMING SOON!! Romance and Excitement of ' ~ .Showboat Days! ' There were about college students in States in 1951. Bell and family. two the million United Mr. E. P. Stewart is visiting his son, Jack Stewart and Mrs. Stewart, in Vicksburg, Mississippi. • Color Cartoon • • "City of Beautiful Girls"* A youth in his teens strode into a barber shop, frowned at the long line of men to be served, and asked, "How long will I have to wait for a shave?" .. The barber looked closely and figured, "About 6 months I guess". Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Kialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave I at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager, Rialto Theatre. FREE $1.00 Tube Pile Ointment Noted Clinic Makes Most Unusual Offer to Any Afflicted Person- No Coupon—No Charge In order to introduce to anyone who is afflicted with Piles (Hemorrhoids) or any similar rectal condition, the Thornton Minor Clinic will send free oil request, a full-size $1.00 tube of Thornton Minor Pile Ointment—free ami postage paid. Send only your full name, age and address—no money is required. This offer is limited and may be withdrawn at any time, so we suggest you write at once. Address Thornton Minor Clinic, 911-A Linwood Blvd., Kansas City 3, Mo. This offer is exactly as stated above— no charge—no obligation—no bill now or later. Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Samuels o£ DcAnn were the Sunday guests ol Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Arnold. Hershel McBay, a student at Ouachita College, Arkadclphia, pent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. G. McBay. Mrs. Mamie Gentry, Mrs. Dale 1'onnemaker, Mrs. Bryant, MrB. Oia Smith, Mrs. Susie Yocom, Mrs. Maud Ross, Mrs. W. A. Walker, Mrs. Grit Stuart. Mrs. Roberts, and Mrs. Biscoc attended the sixth annual meeting of the Arkansas A plain today, in answer to questions that the crews of a plane, like the B2!! shot down by Russian fighters over Japanese waters earlier this month, has the right to fire back in self-defense. However, the American plane downed by Soviet gunfire Oct. 7 could not have fired back because it wasn't prepared for shooting. Its guns were "tied down" during the routine training flight to the Northern tip of Hokkaido. Another answer by the spokesman indicated the Air Force now i; ready to cope with any such attacks by Soviet fighters by assigning a fighter-plane escort when needed. The spokesman said, "Uay-to-day tactical considerations dictate whether escort is provided." This double-barreled self-defense program-apparent blanket authority for plane crews to protect themselves and for commanders to assign fighter escort when needed seems directly related to the formal note sent to Russia by the State Department Oct. 17. That note, protesting the Oct. 7 incident and demanding eoni|>cn-i salion for the loss of the B2'J aim | the eight men aboard, urged the 1 , "Soviet government seriously loj consider the grave consequences which can flow from its reckless piactice if persisted in, of attacking without prpvocation the aircraft "The Lady Says No" — But docs she mean lt?7 Take 2 points for n Test yourself! every yes answer. Scon 1 I! or bettor — and"brother! you've been taken! YES NO 1. Tin' lady says "No"~-aml means it * G 2. A lady driver's extended arm indicates u left turn only .. G 3. A lady soring another dame with the siime dress is considerably Haltered Q The lady really doesn't like mink because It won't wear well [".] The lady insists her husband play poker witli the boys because it's so re- luxiiiK Every lady thinks her husband looks like David Niven o. a i All these styles are easy to make at home, Felt stole (center) was appllqued with colored felt triangles and two-Inch hem was cut with scissors to make fringe. Black and white skirt (above right) was dramamed with three graduated pockets In black velvet down each side. White buttons graduated In bite ornament the pockets. Nixon Heads for Tour of Texas CHICAGO W») — Son, Richard M Nixon headed by plane for Texiu today to address .seven audiences in 10 hours as ho stepped up the tempo of his whirlwind campaign for the vice presidency. The Republican runnin« mate of Gun. Dwight D. Elsenhower, ,n spokesman said, will answer tho Democrats' claim, "You never hud it so Hoo<V'.wliU n development of thu thcmo, "There lire 110,000 boys in Korea who havo never had it so bad," Nixon spent yesterday afternoon ana evening in Chicago also readying material on Communists. In government for speeches at Tex- iiiluinn, VjonKVlovv, Beaumont, Corpus ChrlRtl, Abilene, Midland and El Paso. «.IOI His principal speech of tho day In Cleveland square at M ! will be broadcast locally, ,"" to 86-mtotite tAtkg will be at the nlrports at other . his route, , f '' Thr Mftyon pftHy wilt 14$ J>«.«o lit u p.m. (ESt> tbrtlgl Cnlltornln. After scheduled vnl nt 12;25 A.m. tomorrow at tnvio Airport, tHo"p«r,iy Willed, to San Bernardino, to spend; nlghf Nbton WMt spfiak In, 8<ui Bernardino Municipal Audi lum tomorrow noon. f Ho di»clni'cd yesterday thUt Ad In I El, Stovonsoh, by his nil has approved "President tru.t injection ot the rn,ce projl sue" Into the politico! *| He called this "tactics "ot' lio'l." , X Ho '.had accused Preside^ mnn of "tho lowest typo Of politics" for suggestion that howor. "Was a protagonist- o; muster race theory." ' "1 should think that Gov, -,. son should havo dI»avoWOH\ tieht Tniman's low blow, ..h,o « an ivudlonco of Chicago J<W| $ torday. "but ho has rerrttttjVfiu. * cnt. 1 think that toot dlsquallfl him ai n lender of united Att» cim people." V-F POP SOME FORHALLOWtlNlg ii HOPE DRIVE-II THEATRE , t Ma|n A Country Club NV J • .. I . • < ' • LAST'DAY MEET ME AFT! THE SHOW" TUBS, A WBO', H» , "FLAME 6|, ARABY" * _ ^ ft MAUREEN O'HARA JEFF CHANDLER ocnool Food Service association at Malvern Saturday. Mrs. _ the- week end in Hot Springs. of other slates. Apparcnly one grave consequence could be the failure ol Russian fighters to return to base; Amos and Andy May Retire Soon HOLLYWOOD, MV-Nothing's definite but Amos and Andy may ivlire from radio after this season. Tho comics-in real life Freeman !•' Gosden and Charles J. Correll- aftcr an attack on American air-| have been a broadcasting mainstay craft. | ;i quarter century. i After World War II it became j Thcre'd boon a report of retire- Frank Johnson is spending I Air Force practice to send out un-jirent so Guy Della-Cioppa, Colum- escorted planes on routine wea-jbin Broadcasting System vice pres-j tner surveys and similar missions: jdent, talked with Gosden yesler in Far East and European areus near Soviet-controlled territory. The spokesman said: Martin Pool, Hot Springs. Jr. is visiting in Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. Callie Reed Hope Mary Bell Wyatt, Hope, H. W. Rogers, Patmos, Mrs. Charlie Me- Clcndon, Lewisville, Mrs. A. L. Grant, Hope, Discharged: Clarence Jester of Patmos, Bertha House, Hope. "We have not made n final decision, but might decide to leave "In no case do these routine sclu.-i r,,c!io and show business after this ciulcd flights impinge on territory) season," Uella-Cioppa quoted Gos- of other nations unless by specific [ den. prior agreement. "We have every hope of persuad- "Infrequent day B-2D combat rc-jinc them to continue," the jobs connaissance flights over North KD-J uificial said. „.„„ ~. tea may be provided fighter es-j-'-- , " ,," i.,,.,r,inrrlv vote" of" the" needed' two-thirds ma cort for periods in which enemy number of deadly or .iMtmingiyi : ;i An nn ,!,„ mih hniint..'••' fighter attacks could be launched, j close attacks on United States air"The routine flight of the B-29, c; aft. The first serious incident oc- lost over Hokkaido, Japanese lei-, cun-ed in 1950, shortly after the Doubtful That Russia Will End Deadlock By A. I. GOLDBERG UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. I/W— The United Nations Assembly rounds out its, second weuk today on a note of nervous expectancy hoping but doubtful that Itussin \vili give tho word to bread thu Korean truce talks deadlock. A pronouncement by Soviet For , eign Minister Andrei Vlshinsky, before tho scheduled Assembly Poll- tlcnl Committee thin afternoon could provide the Russian answer. But over the week end Vishlnsky kept the U. N. in doubt even on wnelher hu would speak today in answer to the long Indictment ot Russia in the Korean War, voiced last Friday by U. S. Secretary otj btatu Duun Achoson. Waiting for Vlahlnsky, other dole, gates kept theu- names off thu| I debate list. 1 The Assembly itself meets _ today to decide u new East-West strugglo—the clash between U. S,~| bucked Yugoslavia and Sovlct- sponsored Czechoslovakia for a I vacancy on the U. N. Kconomic | and Social Council. . Tho two deadlocked in 10 ballots Saturday after five- other council vacancies were filled quickly. Yugoslavia came from behind on the third ballot and was v/ithln one] LEWIS - McLARTY invites you to the season's fashion event-ri Formfit Week < TUESDAY SPECIAL CLOSE OUT-36 INCH CORDUROY .40—011 the 10th ballot. In the Political Committee, „.,.. gates want to hear _ whether;;>he| outbreak ot tbiY Korean War, when rilory, was noncombal, and therefore, was unescorted. "Routine noncombat flights by B29s are generally performed under visual conditions to insure that there is no intentional border vio-,- ., „ , atlon .. |neur misses, have hurrascd U. S>. During the last two years Soviet' aircraft flying the air corridor from interceptor planes have made a 1 Western Europe to Berlin. Red planes shot down an American Navy plane over international waters in the Baltic Sea. From time to time, Soviet fighters, by closing in on and firing COMING to the SAENGER All the foil colors in Short Lengths • I* Betty Comd BUTTON-mDE Clwlton Soviet Union—accused by Achespn of actual control of North Korea before and since Us invasion of South Korea—is ready to agree that war prisoners should not be returned to the Communist linen against their will. Acheson served notice in, his statement bolstering a 21-nation appeal for agreement on an armls lice that the U. N, Allies would always oppose forcible repatriation- Acheson said it the Assembly votes the armistice appeal and the Reds do not heed it, then UW U.K. must consider how tq strengthen lor further resistance. * THE SAENGER THEATRE WILL PLAY "THE GREfTEST SHOW ON EARTH". We have not yet played this Wfture because the producers DEMAND that it be ptaflWg MINIMUM of 5 days at ADVANCED ADMH&ION PRICES, and that it opens on SATURDAY. We dfis not feel justified in booking it for Hope on those terms/ because we believe 5 days is too long for any picture. Also, we would not be doing our regular week-end patrons justice by running an advanced admission picture Qn Sgt- urdoy. During school, many children con attend the movies only on Saturday and Sunday, and we know the y look forward during the week to these two days, therf fo/e, we believe we must hove two separate programs % tb*m to s«f. A§ soon as thf producers will nell this pietwf "v " i on Sundoy/ (wJlfch will be tn te 35 Race Horses Perish in Fire • LOUISVILLE, Ky.. (U|>) Foreman J. W. Slagle, Wid .......... th(4-a final check would show that "considerably morp" than 38 thor- 'nughbred horses were burned to 9U;6th last night in a lire that de- Klroyed a -W« bam at Douglw Park Rac^ course, owned by Churchi!} Downs, Slagle said he would complete tin check today. Early estimates placed the num- ht-r ol burned horses at about 3$ las an estimated Joss of flSSO.QOO.] However, ^la^le said th|i loss would exceed this lifuve "considerably." Th# 45*yC)ir*Q|d barn was Q^* rtrOye4 tor a loss oi $35,000. Caud? ol th* blaze has not b^en d*U>rn>- iu^d. Fire CWrf John Krusenki»u» today. , A consultation with our can bring Y£i*ne ally|^QJ A Sweetheart of « Nj -r\ [ ;f; Ypu'll look your lovelleflNwl Jmq&fb'it^ Forrofit Week cotjsultatiPft ?i& auft.fp!^ So come io »n4 discus* them, Be "Trit)] Bra proportioned to (J) yi cup sfeo, (3) your narrow. Be beautifully comfy iu ft Life Qirdle lion to guk your figure o4 \ ',',. * • 'hi% • jr**"feJ!

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