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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 27, 1952
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, %« *MU*ln» Owm- #ork«t *JW»»<«ti*i Hi In «*« h* JiflCl workod MtitfV«d d ngfttnit Hfttaf." Bui •fw-mnw h«A . how ttto |U«000 » »d ot the United dtvfiiort, ta« tho wwtad fi» in* Umvemity. ho Ch«rrtt)or» mlgnt UtH Hitoh an opinion DO- MOM ffAlt, MOM, ARKANSAS Saturday, 6etetraf " .. Carpenter Is Dream Player of Porkers KAYETTEV1LLE (Special» — football c<mche* have trouble* — Mini Otln Dou«tl«» Ii no exception.. Bui ymi »hould neo the look on Ihp Bcnlal Pork«r rnenlor'» face wr.en he'* thinking of hl» "smiling tweblcrau" Th«l'« the problem Do«« had ol decMln« where to piny hi* hnrd-runnlnu, hnrd-hlttlnR, srldlron great — o^ GhftmtMit IP e*utuon w«* "Hi wrong once ihower* of chwup— ati,h»;w»ii very mo« »or IK win qtfe tn«t . letter, tne con» v flu <<»d not know, to am not know* Uut ho io bo ih the Com GUEENLY VINTA06~Vir«ltn(i u«"tt. 83. of M«nio 1'nrH, t'nlif.. provon thai tho vlntrmr* of Amerlrn WMVO wuiH>rlflii</<j t«to cortcnrn- IftB more thing* llniri lh« juice of Uir itmije VirRinla nan been ohoien io reiun at Queen of NaMonjii Win* Week, and ihe'i Bothering *0me liiRclooi grapen tn pn?p»ititl»n fur the (emllvnl. iiudrt of die Cominu- tn the Untied no ho kll«W tll«t it -inotnbor of the «nd that „ wi», Me did not know th«l li wiitnh he doaeHbpa nit "u WHrt WHn » Germanic w««,not an Arourluun el- tor Richard "— Threo-your-old Jimmy Bencflel, .round St. Louis, Mo, LICENSE TAGS ON h P. OwS gnTAKo ant* playground*. Tlw boy's lather, who built the cnr to '* PtnUlM »pe<5tflcatlon», hn« ninco soon Mi son become a , but »ln«l<! mar• lnd<fon4*nt it you ,home l« v |iona» « vwp «(n» ai a butter snd poftple yoii ml«ht jthwt, wv t|Ah»iii»Hy " time does becsun 1 thljik «tul Wooa-eo^ed, Chaplain t.t. BarUK ot Dui-ycu. rwt« tor a moment after Ixwlx Carpenter. "Lewi* can play Just nhoul nny! nonlUon on n footb«ll team nnd play It well." commented Coach i Douglas, "We've used him at full bach, end, defensive end. and dc- (ertalvo linebacker and i guess hn'd do n bnnff-up Job anywhere else we'd put him." Doug's worry wits n small one! when he Introduced hid deep split, i formntlon with l.nmar McHan In tiu tiillbnck slot nnd Cnrpontcr nt ri«ht cm! but McHnn's Injury has forced Carpenter to drop back for n larger iihnre of the bnll-carrylrm i dulled, therefore weakening the lints-catching corps. Unless Me Han's knco mends sufficiently, Lewis will probably Kturt at full- buck itftnlnst Olc Miss. Though Injuries hnvo plagued I he West Memphis wtoclhorso dur inn his first two varsity sensons he WIIH Htlll considered one of '.ho tup hands on thc Porker eleven. I.,i*t ycnr hi; Kilned 341 yards in 71 cnrrirs nnd caught nine passes 'or 04 more. This season. Cnrponter's play hr,H been sensnttonnl every SaiUr- diiy tho Rii/orbncks huve hll lhc Ki idlron. In Southwest conference stnlistlCM. he's rnted 8lh In rush- luti with 1110 yards In 98 trys. Lust odturdiiy whori thc Porks were humiliated 44-7 by powerful Texas, Lewis ntlll retained a five yard overiiRu In seven curries. "RocU-hend," ns he's been clubbed by his teammates, Is the Una (--onforonce pass receiver! among bucks (third In the total llstj j .if puss receivers). In spile of the; ! fuel thut he cnught only one puss] j for five yards nuninsl lhc Longhorns, Carpenter's receiving nvcr- ! u}!>.- Is n brllllnnl 17.11 ynrds in 11 . passes. | I Tluuifih he husn't scored In the i pant two Karoos, his IB points ks fourth nmoni! conference rcorcrs nnd he's listed number six in thc klckoff-roturn department, i Scribes can record offensive jtesture.fi reasonably well, but their statistics don't tell much nbout Individual defensive prowess. But take any Arkansas opponents word for II — Lewis Carpenter has It. He's tho only Porker back thai I Jcinnttlie linemen for on occasional! "blood-pit" session, and he's ulso thb man Otis Douglas sends In when he wants his team to make a goal-line stand. Douglas doesn't want to sec his rip-roaring fullback injured, or he'd see full time duty on defense also. Due to the Razorback record thus far, Carpenter can't match Ochoa of TCKOS or Norton of SMU In thc ground-gaining department, blit he can't be touched by any man In the Southwest Conference for all-around running, pass-snagging, blocking, and tackling. Lewis Is listed as n senior this year, Wit Tcxans will probably think they're seeing » ghost next September when little brother Preston (He possesses the same 01 185-pound frame and could pass as Lewis' twin) Joins thc varsity. Pieston has about the same ability us his brother and has already drnwn comment from frosh coach John Qarnhill as "thc hardest tackier I've ever scon. Look out Arkansas opponents — you cun'l get away from those football playing Carpenters. 'TOP-BILLING THIS TIME—Adlai Stevenson was second-man on the banner in 1802, when Grover Clovelnnd c.'impnlBned for the presidency, as shown In this ancient piece of campaign bunting, which was found In an antique shop in Sudbury, Conn., by Robert Souder. Today, another Adlal, Stevenson's grandson, Is campaigning, but this time for the top position on the Democratic ticket. Helen Sllvcstri, left, and Marge Kelly display the banner in New York. Municipal League Asks Home Rule LITTLE ROCK l/h — The Ar* knnsas Municipal League wants more turnback money and home rule for its members, removal ol the state from certain "areas ol taxation" and tax assessment reforms. . ", In its final meeting pf'a £-day ression here yesterday at ; ^hich Mayor Tappan Horner 6f-(Helena was named 'president, tWo. 1 also said that towns, and should have all thc three mill «mi^ lax collected irom taxpayers wi'f, in their limils. • "Al lhc prcscnl lime il Is. ad' milled that cily > slrecs arc earning 20 per cent ol tne motor vehicle taxes," the League said, "yet me' cities receive less than one pet, cent 01 tnose. taxes." The League, composed of mayors ana city officials from mu.nici- pumics tarougnout Arkansas adopted a complete report of 0$ special Financial Study Commiltee wiiicn also delved into home rule, lax assessment and other mailers aliecung local government 1. On home rule, Ihe League recommended "lhal the stale reiax some ol ils rcslriclions on Ihe i-ishis of cilies and lowns Io levy, asouss ana coueci laxes, license ices and olher imporls. . ." 2. Tux assessment:- A "reasonable limit" on property tax ralofl '101 municipalilies, counlies and bcuoois — lo be scl oul in a pro,. „ ... ... ,, , posed conslilutional amendment. fcen. Russell Long told a rally of * ^ constitutional amendment Democrats from four states here,; re cenily, scnool rates may last night that tho South owes its, p£ amount voted by pa[ . progress to the Democratic pary. ^ Qi ^ Varlou8 dlstrlcts . : .. and warned. Taxes would oe assessed and col- "These peope rying to lead youi lcctea tne sam e year. Rate 01 lax into thc Republican Party havej on intangible pcronal properly selfish reasons and their motives! would Dc lixcd at a pe rccnlagc ol are not good." (lhe ralc ap pH ca blc to olher prott The son of the late Huey P. crty; and a full-time 3-mcmbc™ South Owes Much to Party Says Sen. Long TEXARKANA A UPl— Louisiana! Long, substituting for the Democrats ailing vice presidential candidate, Sen. John Sparkman, charged that, "Northern Republicans arc fearful of the trend of business and industry into the South, and they want to get into I state, tax commission would be ciiarged with carrying out property tax assessments laws. Nixon's use, Long shouted: "There were two funds, nl>l one. power to stop that movemen." I That y° un S man didn't tell about , , , , ,, c. , ' the $11.000 account." Long declared thai the Souhj R askcd lhc crowdj cslim , t cd "has moved higher up during the, b licc at 75Q to Ii000i to ,. con . past 20 years than it did during | id these UvQ men _ S parkmafl INI TAIMCPR WAR—One of the newest weapons in thTflBht W ngnl!Dft cancer• fe this 24-million electron-volt betalron wlucti hos been installed nt the Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases, in New York. The machine, 12 times more powerful than conventional X-ray equipment, will be used for research to determine ways ot increasing the elTectivcness ol surgery and of radiation treatment of the disease. PreV i° U f,. G5 "_..^_ c _ l .^! g _J^land Nixon." He said one of two would be "just a heart beat away irom being president . . . wliich is the better, which is tho more honest man." the glories of Democratic rule since The senator vent his verbal wrath on thc Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Sen. Richa>-d Nixon, and hinted that Nixon did not bare all in his television radio report to Ihe American people on his financial status. Referring lo Nixon as "that young man" who staged a "soap opera to end all soap operas", to explain an $18,000 fund donated by a group of his supporters for PRESCOTT NEWS pink and blue theme was served to thirty guests. Mrs. Watt W. White Sr. has returned from a visit with Mr, and Mrs. Fred White in Little Rock. 8und*y, October 26 Hesterly. Mrs. Gordon Danner and Mrs. The 'voutu choir of the First At the close of the business ses-, Q R _ p cac h cy V verc the guests Baptist''Church will meet Simuayi siou the members and guests were | Tuesday ot Ml . H Horace Green and at'5 P.iti. The Training Union willi invited into thc dining room lor | family in Bonnevillc. ,.-,„„, »V 8- '10 lea The table covered with a hand j IllVLH «' U.OU. _ ... ..,,..1, ,,.,.,1 „,.„,] ,.,Sth - inporlcd cloth centered with!The BTS of Ihe Central Duplist : a low bowl of pale yellow and gold' Chiirch v wiU moot Sunday at 7 p.m.: marigolds. Mrs. Tom Cameron pro • _ ____ _ sjdi-d at the silver service and the " The youn« p-.le of tlu- bly of Ooil Church will meet Sun-; day ut ti::>0 p.m. A young peopies service will be' held at Ihe Church of Naiarenej Sunday ut 7 p.m. j (\ssem-! hostesses assisted in hospitalities. Mrs. Cameron. Miss Lewis and i Mrs. Warren Golden were guests. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Mitchell were Monday visitors in Little Rock, For Your Insurance Needs See John T. McRae Agent for Life, Sick and Accident, Hospitalization, Polio and Farm Insurance. Our rates do not increase after first purchase. Prescott, Ark. Phone 608 P. O. Box 182 to * five-hour operation with a medical pomcmuy ot the l»t Marino DlvUton tn Korttt. ,Tho Pfie<t. who holdi 9 medical de» f(r««, oltan ftt*teii at op«r»non», to ministering to ..... ,, urvlco «ptrltua» ntad» ol soldier*. '• "" ' IN ADLAI'S CORNER - Jo« O\v«ns, P. ot Alton. I1|» proudly wears o lighting donkey, an evt- dence ol hu tuppon ot Qov. Adlai Stevensw. Joo'i « little SMvuie to vot«u but ho 1 * trying in* best to absorb the moaning •I a spwsch gtven by the Denw. eratlc pmidemial candtdaV*. Ex-Democrat Supports Ike NKW YORK MV~John W. Davis, unsuccessful Democrallc presidential candidate in 1924, announced yesterdcy he will support Republican standard-bearer Dwight D. Eisenhower, ' Davis endorsed John Foster Dulles, OOP foreign policy expert, for thc U, S. Senate in 1049 in a special election. Dulles was dc featod by Sen. Herbert H. Leh man tD. Llb-NYK Davis revealed his support ol Eisenhower In a statement announcing he had joined the Demo- erttts-for-Elsciihowor organization. In part, his statement said: "The problems thut confront out country today and will confront it ii. the next four years are largely thc.se ol diplomatic character Many ot our domestic problems inflation, high taxes, the cost ot Uving nnd peace itself, all hinge 911 our foreign policy and our military demands. "Ho living American has i broader experience in world af t»trs or is better equipped to dca with these problems than is Oen eral Eisenhower." D«vi« i$ a onetime ambassador to Great Britain *ud » former pres Ident ol thc American Bar As30 ciatioa. Rose Garden Club Has October MeetinQ lironxe and purple chrysanthe- ,_._ ; mums in graceful arranteinenls lie-i The pioneer meeting of the Pres-; oorau-d the home of Mrs. J. V. byterian Chureh will meet Sunday ; MeMahen Tuesday afternoon when al 4:30 p*,m. The youth fellowsliip ; she was hostess to the Rose Garvill meet at ti p.m. Supper will be; afii Club. Mrs. J. T. McRae and ervi-d by Mrs. Al Daniel and Mrs. | Mrs. Thell Manning were associate oe R. Hamilton. ' hostesses. i Mrs. J. T. \\orthington presided Mr«, A. V. Regnier [over the business session in Ihe Seorch Spreads for 3-Gun Manioc SPARTAN, Tenn. <*» — Poltc Uu-«e states today for Hgttess to 37 Club absence of the president, Mrs. J. R. ; Demis. Mrs. A. -V. Regnier entertained; M ,. s j D , R L -gan gave an infor-i neinbers of the 37 Contact Club; liua , vo | n - 0 gram on "Soils and Fer- Tuesduy afternoon at the L.aw.son, lilizol . s •• lotol. ,\ dainty dessert course was ser- Au arrangemonl of bronze mums ; vccl u , fl( i cen members. lunked by orange candles in jack! , o'lantenv holders were used for- Mrs j^ H> Langley decoration. ' Honored With Shower The high score award was won Mrs> j H j_, ang | t . v was honored by rs, O, G. Hirst. i wilh a p jn ^ und blue shower given Mrs. Al Williams was a suest. by Mrs _ Bun . eU whitmarsh, Mrs. Members present included Mrs. L L Blu . nnllalli Mrs. Thomas Buc- Archie Johnson, Mrs, George Chu- hanan , M ,. s . j. T. McRae and Mrs. stopher, Mrs. C. P. Arnold Jr. Mrs. olivi , r W ilson in the home of the Jack Hurrell. Mrs,. D. I,. McRae. ,- orinor Tuesday evening. Mrs. Frank Haltom Mrs. rrynk, rink and bluo conla uiers in ar- Gilbert, Mrs. Tom llenus and Mrs.; UsUc a ,. rallgel , K .,»t s were placed at Da 11 Hittmaa. A. dainty salad course in liallovveeh niotit was served. Mr», J9» R. Hamilton Presents Garden Club Program vantage points in the rooms. 1 i After games were-played the ; honoreo was presented wilh a variety ot lovely gifts. A dainty dessert course in the MORE NEW CARS Just Unloaded from Transports at Our Back Door ANY COLOR ANY BODY STYLE ANY PRICE TAKE YOUR CHOICE While They Last SID ROGERS BUICK CO. Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Waahburn Hope Star WKATHBR FOKKCAtT Fair this afternoon, teni«nl ffttr^ Tuesday. Little change in tur ' ture. Temperature High 8? Low 38 'l * ><d (Formerly Roger Clinton luick Co.) 207 - 209 East Third Street The Prescott Garden Club mot Tuesday Afternoon in thc home of Mrs. Imou tn'c. Assisting hostesses were ^Irs. H. E. Davis. Mrs. Paul Koslosky and Mrs. L. D. quartet ot bandits whose leader de- himself a* a "three-sun and lived up to thc de- seripiion in a highway a baslvful who carried hesmg a robs wtth hi«v ab- the Uy of is «k»v«« How to Grow Azaleas in Pres-, cotl" \v»S the. topic presented by j Mrs, Joe R. Hamilton, program- chairman. She discussed location, i soil, water, mulching and other j aspects of growing azaleas success < fully. ; Miss Jetuiie Lewis pla.ved a • most enjoyable melody of flower swigs on her accurdiau. Jtf, White Sr., Mrs. R. T. Mrs. Koy Loomis judg- arrangements, a- fu-st place io a mass ar- Ot a gera turn in » pott- vasft i^y Mrs. C. A. plac« was awards See the CAS RANGE off thc DAY It's DETROIT JEWEL On Display at Your Friendly ^•UWAS ^^^^^^p^^w^^^p^^^^ . Highway Smoke Last Chapter of Drouth —Fire in the Woods If wlrnt you see on thc road north -to Narrows lake is typical our forest lands are suffering the final tragedy of thc 1952 drouth. A smoke haze hangs over the iak6, not because of Circs in its Immediate area but the accumulation over many counties shows * up where sky and water meet.'There's smoke across thc Hope- Nashville road, and it brings thc biting smell of a forest fircA'he flArkansas Division of Forestry report on rny desk Sunday night mentioned 24,000 acres of woodland destroyed this October — against only 1,100 acres in October 1951. Thc foresters say' thc situation didn't become critical until" thc hunting season opened. They suspect cold hunters lighted *mall v^arming lircs — and failed to make sure they were put out. Probably amateur hunters. Any£mc familiar with thc woods recognizes thorn as being as dangerous today as a powder magazine — so dry thai a squirrel can hear you walking a mile away, and where a fire is thc last thing wanted by man or beast. The real danger isn't for right now — it's still ahead of us. We've had no wind to speak of. But when this calm breaks up we can expect real trouble. One good rain would strip the ® trees of their frost-killed leaves and relieve the situation. But thc long-range weather forecast, as I write this, is for continued dry weather. So we've got lo live with the present danger. We've got to follow the same rules they use in the Western forests: Don't throw your cigarette out the car window. Grind il out in the, ash-tray. •$ Break each match in two before you drop-- «... '>".. U"J, jjroiuid. If it doesn't, I). r...«JR-5'S-fi(jP— "3 01 - 1 know it's not going to starl any fires. Much of our livelihood around here depends on lhc woods. Let's help our state through thc final crisis of a drouth year by being careful. 54TH YEAR: VOL 54 — NO. 12 Star af Mep« !«»». '*'•«« CnnielWaled ion. II, 1M» HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1952 M»mb«n Th» AttaeUtal Fr**i ft Audi* lur*au el Av, N«» PaM ClMl. 1 M«l. tnrili* Mart* 11, 11)1 — 1,MI PWCB 5e Amendment 41 Is Vital to 9 Counties Editor's Note: This is the first of a series of articles to DC written tor this newspaper, as a member of the Arkansas Press association, by Ray Trammel, associate professor, School of Law, University of Arkansas, impartially explaining the constitutional amendments and initiated acts to be voted on at the general election in Arkansas on Nov. 4. Miss Horma Lewis Succumbs After Long Illness Miss Norma Lewis, u lifelong •csideiit of Hope, died at 4:50 a.in oclay in a Texurkana hospital. Slu- had been ill a long time. Miss Lewis taught school for a lumber of years, was a member of the Methodist Church and prior to her illness was active in club and church affairs. She is survived by a brother. P. A. Lewis, of Hope, three sisters Mrs. L. C. Ingram of Bastrop, La., Mrs. M. E. Garanflo of Hope and Mrs. Frank K. Nolan of El Paso, Texas, two nieces, Mrs. Charles Van Ness of El Dorado and Mary Rains Lewis o£ Hope. Funeral services will Copt. Jim Kelly Fatally Injured in Japan Jim Kcib, iibout .'12, who .sol u|> un Organi/.ed Reserve Corp unit in Hope, was accidentally killed lit Japan, it was learned here today. A letter received by friends here from Kelly's wife said he was in jtired on October 9 by a broken Sunday was perhaps Arkansas' j cu i>i,, while helping unload a ship, worst forest fire day of the year, i H O died on October 13, and the State Forestry Division said thc situation "doesn't look any better today." One hundred and 17 tlmberland bir.zes — 01 in South Arkansas and 2(i in North Arkansas — were ex- lniKuished yesterday after 2,843 were burned out. Three fires Weekend Worst in Burning State Forests By The Associated Pre*6 be held Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 41 (County Clerk) Nine Arkansas counties whic have heretofore elected a Count Clerk as one of their local officials have had that right taken away from them because of thc popula- lion figures made available as a result of thc 1950 Census. Under the Arkansas Constitulion only those counties with a populatiou in excess of 15.000 persons are to I elect a County Clerk. Each county must elect a Circuit Clerk. In the! counlies where no County Clerk may be elected thc Circuit Clerk performs thc duties which would otherwise be handled by the County Clerk. Thc 1940 Census showed thai 20 Arkansas counties did not have lhc required populalion cnlitling them to elect separate County in the family home at 3 p.m. Tuesday by the Rev- Virgil Kcclcy with burial in Hose Hill Cemetery. Active pallbearers: Roy Anderson, Chas. Dana Gibson, Harry Hawthorne, Dr. F. D. Henry, Webb Lasetcr Jr., Albert Graves. R. M. LaGronc, Dr. L. M. Lilu, Ray Turner and A. B. McCorkle of Dallas. Capt. Kelly organized a reserve unit currently known as Co. I of the 37l)th Infantry Regiment with headuunrters In Hot Springs. Ho came to Hope shortly after thu war and left on May 30, 11)40 to re-enter the service us a Master . Bcri'eiint. At the time of ills dealii continued to burn in South Arkan- nc j md advanced to a warrant sas this morniiiR. Through yesterday 1,461 forest officer. Lewis Orders Miners Back lo Work After Talk With President Understanding Is Men Will ^ Get Full Raise Livestock Need Stockponds tlu!il . slllv in Hope Mrs. education in- fires had burned over 28,441 acrcs I Kelly taught in uie local schools of tlmberland in October. This aml W . |S boosted the totals for the year to s i,. uoun . f>,4H4 fires and 117,841 acres lost. ,j, h( , l)uc | y ls beill( , u ,turned to The Forestry Division values the lhc ^ s Justices Belittle Court Ruling on Ballot Law LITTLE ROCK, (UP)—Three us timber nlonc at $20 an acre. There hiis been no estimate of thc loss of farm buildings. F. H. (Ranger Jim) Martin, as sistant stale forester, snld two new areas were hit by fires Sixteen burned In the Crossell area of Ashley and Drc' tie? and 13 wore counted In I Diorks section in thc Southwest. Thc heaviest concentration of u t Knox, hi' Finance a iwo iiuw i § _ y tr± y ul Campaign Starts Here Tuesday annual Boy Scout finance gu for 1053 will get undi •es in North Arkansas was ttvtnc j • Tucsday October 28, with ardy area, Another concentrallon * B , cakfast n t the Bart , , , , \ ,.?.: campaign for 1053 will get under- •es in North Arkansas was in Ihe Tuesday, October 28, with a / area, Another concentration Ki( f koff Bl . cakfast at the Barlow as reported at Peron, west o£ -a 7 a m Charles Ueynerson, Clerics. These counties were: Bax- socialc justices of the Arkansas tcr Calhoun Carroll, Cleburne, Supreme Court today belittled tho Cleveland, Dallas, Fulton, Grant, count's majority opinion 'jin the Izard, Madison, Marion, Monlgom- Pulaski county ballot law dispute cry Newton, Perry, Pike, Scotl, "» a sharply worded dissenting opi- Sca'rcy, Sharp, Stone, and Van nion. . . Thc rcccnlly completed The formal opinions wei-C | hand ittlc Rock. chairman, announced. Most of the fires, however, still ^ yi u KcclcVi i olls l- rc occurinc in thc S 9 uth Arkan- ^ hl - . KLV> vlrfeu area of Ouaehlla. Union, Col- "^^ ; d Jlmm rnbia, Layfayclle. Calhoun and ^iic^m^^.^^ - wlu aUc . IU |. |,' io ld Nevada Counlies. majority ot thc ires may be blamed on careless] "" .-"j"- J~ a ,V d Scout Kxeculive ri?" .""L^, " ''.'WTS: P-S irlck will explain the council down following thn court's ver rese'comiUes'rtlU "do'no'i have I bul decision last Tuesday tha more than 15,000 citizens each. In candidates for the State Senate addition the counlies of Franklin, must run by position number ra aaaiuuii, me i-um." °_ . .. _. 1 ther than at large us requested by Republican Candidate William A t Youth Faces Charge of Kidnapping CHATTANOOGA. Tenn. W) — A Nashville youth today faces a hearing on federal charges o£ kidnaping and car theft here as police in three states hunt his partners in a '« wild highway kidnaping spree. Virgil LeMay, 15, was placed under $12,000 bond in Nashville Saturday when arraigned before U. S. Commissioner J. W. Moore. He protested that he was forced to take part in the wholesale highway kidnaping of 20 persons in three days on penalty of death. "I didn't kidnap anybody," he protested. "He forced me into it!" Veil have now fallen below the required size. This proposed constilutional a mcndmcnl would strike from Little Rock, majority opinion in . case that I cannot let it pass wit J. Paul War Holt concurred in th size before it could elect a Coun- . d ^ the rc ^ ty Clerk. Any county might elect , candidates to run by po a County Clerk in addition to its I number appUcs on , y to pr Circuit Clerk elections, and that the pa .f blazes arc being storied inlcn lonally. Thc stain forester said there is budget. Forrest Campbell, chairman, council fi- be the guest ment tlghte. built the blazes. The only goal has boon set ol to unable to get close enough for . c nnll ,i m / count of the number of fires. Mar- «y through bcoutmu Charade tin building, citizenship, and leudet no towns, citlc,^,Uhlp training are >ho (undnmontn hnon nnrinncorod bv objectives of the Boy Scouts o homes have been endangered by objective the flaming foresls in southern oi c northern Arkansas. .. ,,-,,, A r America. Approximately twelve do Tho above herd Is slmllnr to many now orflilnn on farms throuflhout Hempstend and this section. A primary need for livestock ]f plenty «f wntcr. The sixty-third farm pond to bo I null this year in HcmpHlcad Cnuii- ,y is now under construction on he farm of Iru Brooks, near Blov- ns. The contractors aro Smith and lowell of Nashville, Arkansas. Farm ponds were completed this week on the farms Of Mrs. Jlmmie Mac Johnson, Dan E. Hill, F. F, Hudson, W. U. Smith, and S, E. Lowe, all in tho Marlbrook Community. IP so charged in the case. . Bolh Hill and Hopkins are Florida ex-convicts. LeMay has served time in the state reformatory for purse snatching and truancy. The trio split up in Atlanta Friday. Hopkins spent two nights at Scotlsboro Ala., before heading west toward Huntsvillc, using the name Billy Lauderdale the second night. Whereabouts of Hill remained a mystery of officers, but *•> he had been reported hiding out "* somewhere in the Allanla area. Al Scoltsboro, some 45 airline miles southwest of here, Highway Patrolman Preston Bryant said Sponsors of this proposed const!-, tem for candldal(J8 to run at larg tutional amendment are primarily in ^ elections was set as f; concerned about thc nine counlies ba( f k as 18gl which have had these scparale of- The Ig91 ' statute was cna ngc fices, but which would elect.only fe an act o£ the 10 Ihe Circuil Clerk henceforth. Adopt- lp{ ;j slat £ re whlch - also in t cn dcd that ion of the amendment would as- candidates must run at i ar ge, sure continuation of these nine pub- Smitn said lie offices with the division of duties .. Tnc ' rc ' is now one syllable in which citizens of those counties th(j gencral c i cc t,j on law to indicate have become accustomed to. Twcn- that a candidate must run by posi- ly addilional counlies, il is pointed Uo n," the dissenting opinion said, out, would have the opportunity of I Smitn saic i lnal Secretary of State electing County Clerks, some ot| c G HaUi thc dc f cn rtant in the them for the first time. Defeat of caSBi "j na dvertanlly confused the primary election law with thc general election law." The majority opinion was written by Chief Justice Griffin Smith who agreed with the dissenters that the statues on running by position numbers apply to preferential pri- nraries. But the chief justice said Continued on Page Two However in Pulaski County, the to carry' on Scouting m this toun- Educational Building of thc Rose 'cil. This is some four dollars lew Hill Nazarcne church, five miles than the national average per boy. southwest ot Little Rock, was tie- Mr. Rcynerson urges that every- slroyed yesterday morning. Dam- one "Be Prepared" when Scout - ' workers cull. Scouts do u good turn was estimaled al $35,000. Thc U. S. Weather Bureau at daily and this is your chance to . . Little Rock says no general rain do Scouting a good turn. is in sight for the stale and winds <— - — — are expected to rise slowly dur- ANOTHER CHARGE Frank Murtlndale ot Ihu Pinoy Grove Community is terracing tt 40-u-cre field. Frank plans lo grow colton in th> field n«xl year,, and knows ho curi'l afford to let any oi his remuining seven Inches of top soil wash uway this winter . Emory Thompson, of Houto 4 Hope, represented the conservutloi farmers of Hempslead County a u meeting in Little Rock lust wcel of Ihu State Association of Sol Conservation District Supervisors Emory's report to tho State grou lot Southwest Arkansas' consorva lion progress and conservation plo protested. He lorcea me uuu m i tnem lor me ursi iiuiu. uuitai "^ LeMay referred to James F. Hill, Mho amendment, on thc other hand, 29, of Jacksonville, Fla., who is all wou i d leave unaffecled Ihose other forty-six counties presently having separate County and Circuit clerkships. Possible objeclions Io thc measure include the factor of cost for local government. Opponents say thai thc present conslilulional provision consolidating thc functions in thc hands of a single clerk in the smaller counties represents a policy decision based on the facts thai Ihose counlies have less governmental affairs Io be cared for by public officers and are less able to afford the cost of adequately paying two clerks. They point out lhat in some instances Circuit Stomps PTA Meet Discusses State Teacher Shortage ing thc next two days. However, thc Bureau said the breezes probably will not rise over 15 miles pcr hour and no "prolonged periods of strong winds" are forecast for thc state. MUNSAN, Korea, Wl—Tho Coin- WUK one of the highlights of th munlsls charged al a mccling with meeting. Marines Smash Attack by 3,000 Reds By ROBERT UDICK SEOUL, Korea, Tuesday (UP)— Jnlted States Marines smashed, 0 <,000-maii Chinese ut^ack yostcri day nnd tn valiant eountornttacK* is today ordered striking minors to go t?»§k to WpfK W. Tho chief of. t... ., Workers messaged all, Unlotji j' trlct officers lhnt U was hlffj Inn work should bo returned^ IIIK government tcconsldoc ' whether tho miner8"'rn^y h»% u day pay'Increase which ,thct dustry has agreed to, Tho -, 1 Stabilization ',BcfArd"'<V trimmed tho rlsfl to'$1,50, ho] thnt a higher boost would v; tho government's antt-inflaf gram. ' * , President Truman had ap directly to Lewis (o got tho' back to work. - ••»•' Truman invited - tewls ttf White House last night and'. tho request. Lewis promised operation, Irnrr conference, the? his final political campaign J Tho induotry and tho'uniot F jointly iippenlod tho decision the wage boa'sd, Tholi- -'"-to Roger Putcnrot ooonoi .. lUullon director, wno ha»*|UU lo overrule board dec' Associates ot Lew it plain that be expects; pay raise will bo T day or two. Also present at last lug w,oro Harry dent ot tho Bttvuxilnouif Northern and' sealed ((hole In their Wostorn o u, nqr g, main line that might top »'-* on Seoul. But Chinese lute last night stilt hold two of three oulpost poslloris overrun In their "human stao" at- locks along a thruu mile front, northwest of KKorangpo-rl. Tho Leathernecks, fighting In tho tradition ot Iwo Jlma and Tarawa, throw back masses of yelling, horn-tooting Rods who struck at their main line after an artillery barrage described as tho heaviest in history against a sin. U. N. liaison officers today thai pMA commltteemen H. B. Gil- glc Marine regiment. leaflets inside the Panmunjom tral zone Saturday. alUck Hard-Boiled Reporter Gets Weak When He Visits School on Back-to-School Night „„.. ot Washington, W. B. Lowo of Route 3. PrcHcotl, and Garland h £ g , t Kidd of Route 1, Hope were busy ««'» e °\^™ ^ __ ihis week sludylng and approving d()nj l() tho Repub n c O f Korea cap- conservation practices on whlcn ^^ ffhe aocond J B the Chorwon- fnrrners have rcaueatod asslslanoe TI1 ,' ,,u,, ,,,,H-irin,. wVinnn defenses only 30 miles ,hc head ot one invasion corri- the walkout,' preetoifa Wngo Stabilization Oct. 18 ih«t'ntiiioW 1 dnly «,BO ot tHo *i,L, ,_, r Lowls had nogotlatod, v/Mb4 emont. Truman ., Moaes would pay, returning to WPJI increase and would dinputod 40 cents to miners whon the govern it's all right, .;•'-•' It Beamed porf«c^ly < Lowla cxpe reverie the .,,_., okay tho lull »1.90 After fanners nave rcquesieu " BB ' OVB " 1 - -nijonaby corridor, whose aeicnses for 1053, A conlinulrig trend toward ^ Cornmun i 8 t 8 tested in recent and expanded livestock program in indicated in thc uuu rcquosi »"««•» mount aln turned in by Community Commit- r. )clae leemen to date. Pasture improve- ^..^^ . fighting for White Horse in the 009_ «quoBt^iihooU|* nou * ta t n , Tr i 8n «lo Hill and Sniper flBhting at times hand- monoo'*-un; personally qono\UcWtt .' recently refurnished Thla ««omed to spell By SAUL PETT (For Hal Boyle ) NEW YORK UP) — Now, doctor, Hopkins tiptoed out of a hotel be- C j er k s ^ counties of less than 15, her shortage and is facing one terSi generals, senators, leading fore dawn yesterday and was last seen walking toward Huntsville. During iheir wild spree, which began at Valdosta, Ga., the trio stole four cars. - All of the victims escaped and none was injured seriously. Most were robbed ol relatively small amounts of cash and valuables. Arkansas Weather Sectionalized Foiecast: Central Arkansas: Fair this afternoon, tonighl and Tuesday cooler Tuesday aflernoon, Highesl Ihis afternoon 82 to 84. Liowest lonighl 45. Northeastern Arkansas: Fair this afternoon, tonight and . Tuesday, cooler Tuesday afternoon upper 80's. Lowes tonight 45. Southeaslern Arkansas: Fair this aflernoon, tonight and , Tuesday, cooler Tuesday afternoon. Highest this afternoon. mid 80's. Lowest tonight, mid- 40's. Northweslern Arkansas: Fair this aflernoon, lonighl and Tuesday, cooler Tuesday after' noon. Highest this afternoon, 82 Lowest tonight 44. Southwestern Arkans&s: Fair .this afternoon, tonight and fuesday, cooler Tuesday afternoon. Highest this afternoon 85. Lowest tonight 47. . . ON 000 populalion musl by law rely upon the fees collected by their office to supplement their modest salaries. Separation of the functions of thc offices would reduce the amount of fees collected by those clerks. Thc only alternative would Continued on I»age Two , , , „ _ _. . . lltsl «,,,., ven more critical, E. D. Trice, i d dies, heavyweight champions,Ljon't think I held lhal against all Arkansas highway travelers, en rincipal of Texarkana Junior High sti . iptea c; ei . S| an d scientists witliU ea chers. nd 4th vice-president of Arkansas haU a d ov:n degrees. I may have TruCi l got j n t o trouble frequent- L ootl be g rc . c ied by attractive green ongress of Parents and Teachers oeen awct t by some of them, bui M y Bell Seeks Cooperation of Hunters P. J. Poe, Manager for South western Bell .Telephone Compan , — ............ , . .. . inent practices or ponds for live- lo . nond w |th funotio Reds hur.led iw) oncmy battalions of some tnird or fourth gr.de, during a I "tuck water are at thc top of thu| hygiene discussion, the teacher) list said rather triumphantly: 1 am a grown children and boiled reporter alraid of school As a reporter. many people — a couple of pres- yf^ you can imagine. Every iii(j Noting that Arkansas has a lea-1 WcntS| several kings, prime minis- noy m c i a ss knew lhal was the D i reclor c j g worst kind of malarkey. But * «ram. of Four yearn ago Trumun'e oloctlon, caljlflgi idont: "«' malijriant * (|B .. Tno Hook" northwest of »« , Conservation visitors to Hemp- v Lewie are on u ni Do you know why Babe . Mr. DUpreu is Stato a)ld r (fi 0 s. Our mortars also were thu Crop Insurance Pro- j lr i ng j n very cjoso at them." officer said that when wa- tering Hempstoad County, will dviscd PTA members to help gel ntver paralyzed. I spenl as muih time u nt j wn jt c . s j(,n s marking the bound in Iho principal's office as his L,. tes O j lne Soil'Conservation Pis- elter salaries for Arkansas teach- And yc t, w hcn I'm dragged to sccr ei ar y did. My parenls were al- u . jct an(J bearing the message, rs, al Uie Thirteenth District PTA a -back-to-school night" and meet ways being called in for greul con- ,, Kct . Arkansas Green." This proj •-" '" . .. - ...._..__.i i sponsored by the District's . . -l •*-!. .1.11..14 mm f 1 n.m- onferciiee at Stamps last week. , nv kids - teachers, something hap- j rO ntations. Mrs. M. K. Scotl, wife of the , . , vvv ,„ ... ..... ---- ... - . { ce i numbed, my words run O nce, I was called down from m . cn tiy. 0 rganlzcd Publicity . . . , ,, ens . , , ninisler of Ihe Slanips Mclhodisl h OBe ther like mushy cereal, I work k^y eighth grade home room to m m CCi and financed by Hope's Church opened thc meeting wilh a up a large gwe at trying to de- tne principal's office. His name wood . us jng industries, devotional based on the conference c i de w hi c h hand to hold my hat in. was Mr . Burns. He was tall and 1 theme, "Action Through Aware- i s j t , doctor, lhat In the presence gray and solemn. And he said 1 ness." Lf a teacher, surrounded by those wug in trouble. Serious trouble. He Mrs. H. R. Dozier, president of Uutle dtsks, the ink wells and the sa i d I had done a criminal thing in the Stamps PTA, extended the Lrayon drawings, I unconsciously cutting those piclures out of the greetings, and the response was rever t to being a boy again? magazines in the school library, given by Mrs. Albert Graves, pres- Can ;. be that I'm afraid that ^r. Burns paced up and down idenl of Ihe Hope Jr.-Sr. High sudden ly teacher will call on meUiiently for awhile. Finally, he said PTA. I for the Latin lessons I hadn't pre- tna t t ho next time, the very nujtl T. M. Black, Lfafayelle parcd 20 years ago ? lime I gol into eny kind ol trousaid: Hunting season headaches ar caused by hunters shooting at bin on telephone wires or using insul tors for target practice — are the offing again as game season get under way, Poe said. In Arkansas last year, 250 wi troubles resulted from gunshot damage, caused by careless or thoughtless shooting in the direction of telephone lines. One stray shot, be added, can break a wire an interrupt important long distance calls. Manager Poe said: "We are sure thai most of these cases of could be avoided it hunter* only stop to think of the 4*mag_e they county chairman introduced Mrs. could be. In the sophisticated Lie, I would be automatically BUS- Oliver Adams, District Director, c .j rc j eg i traveled in as a boy and ponded, who presided during the confer- college man, it was considered sub- well, three weeks later, I was ence. vcrsive to crack a book. We were ca lled down to Mr, Burns' plf»ce Fifty local presidents gave re- K o id, tough rebels. We studied little aga in. Hope Soldier Is Enroute to Austria LEGHORN, Italy — Army *Pvt. D. J. Cornelius, .whose wife, mh|>. rines recaptured on position on iho Hook they found two smashed bunkers only five yards apart. "One was full of Chinese bodies" he said, "the other w«t» fuU of American bodies." f ' Chinese attacked behind ft 17,' 000-round barrage of artillery and mortar shells,, ., . ' Late last night, aqcordtog tp tek cphoned reports Irom forward om posts, the Marines had eased bf "^ from forward slopes an4 «e»t The Hook because of heavy ry and mortar fire. An officer said bunkers w ,e crest were «Q smashed by « tlUery they #ave no protection- Extra Tols lives at 201 S. Ark. recently arrived' 8t Italy, erirgute to an a lJUtUi fcWWfe** **-»*^.*W» ••-- •- ' I U^MMA* , ports of Iheir year's plans. b ul when we used up more gray finally, Mr. Burns came out ana The aUernoon was devoled to matter an d time secretly worrying told me to follow him. Without workshops on Health, parent edu- about the quiz Uie next morning word, be led me out caiioa, and civil defense, conduct- \^ an u we had crammed. I guess 1 ' ••-- «--" — J ! - 4 " ed by Mrs. Carroll Walson, Osceo- rn , sW i - vV arried. la, firsl slale vice-president. Mrs.) Do you think, doctor, that an- Daytoii Baker, Magnolia, slate health chairman, and Mrs. Kate Williams, Monticello, slale chairman for home and family life. A Ulm "Teachers in Print" * other reason school teachers make me uneasy is that I feel guilty? Maybe it's became I still fear that at long last I'll be caught for cov- eripg the erasers with me«zing power, for drowning eaterpWar* » tbe inkwells, for writing livelous oct«s abcut the fl»t»cbest«d sev- teacher who always ' with U. S. Forces, Austria Alter processing, he wW be trail* ferrt-d to a Hnit in Au*tr is» proper or to uSFA'»,p»rl of embarkatioj at Leghorn. Hfc made Hhp Atlantic crossing fcPrtJ(,,il<#W -J"rk City a down the hall and into the jam-full assembly ball. He led roe 4own (be main aisle and up to the stag* and there, before the whole school be gave me a five-dollar gold piece, second prize in en e*« contest on the subject, "Jobfl Hancock and tne Declaration of Independence." Well, I just couldn't believe it. Maybe I still can't- Especially since Ibe very next day I a bawbaJi glove wife tfc? ,, board the Navy transport Qentra Hodges, ••' --; Private CorneUwt entered tb< Army last January and arrived over seas late in September. -<» l*Ci-' tte Wf« WK» W' verj ft»Yl9 wWcll ; to Head Fraternity , Oct. yi ~< was recent^ e president pf Kappa 6l«ma ' social fraternity p^tfrli 4 Fai Hi! y>-8. Cor Hiti Pole, Driver CHorg«4 4f torn tor

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