Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 25, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 25, 1952
Page 16
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(,'M H 0 M fTA*, HOM, Saturday, Oc* IED for Sato MUST Ml «ttl«rty. rUM, rsfrlger. at«f, tnftft'l SolovB watch. Bur Kith for e»*h. «S W, Avs. K, 4-U rt|l*l*tt fend mnch- SlflBDD.WtAY Jo jntl, new nnd «»ed, lotd at »on«t»lt pi-!«w, tor <s**h 01 wntttl BUM. BfMnt'ii Office 'ply, 1st (fettlh Wfllmit 8t, ifHiCK IwIrOOT suite with Hprlni* and |nn«riprlrt m 0, A. McMurry, AMI, , Fight-a-Month Schedule for Ez Charles & r (MURRAY NBW YOHK WH — A bwy. fight- ft.ftiohth enrt»ltat)in WM being out lodny for E*«m1 Nashville Edges Hope by7to6 The Nflfhvlllc 8*rspp*r» behind ...... _______ following the for'ner jt ne r ,,r>nlnK and pmiifln« of Hetvy weight ehftmplrtft'* det'!*lv«!i «ihnrp. neortxl n touchdown tn . ..-.._.. •»- -,.j.-.'j.. it^+**.u /*A*tew t£tolvtl»l fhf I #l u ..t ««t*.jiJdM «tf *|*«K MM**** lf> triumph aver same to »l«ht hi* way Mn ftnolbrr tttt* »hot, KM* will come final minute* "< the gnm* ft BI the Hope BobcaU, 7 to ft. night Rt Nanhvllle, b»tk lute n*x» month cltho An Interrupted pa** by a Hope Bobcat ««t up Hope'* only touch «dl/OH, air dried oak, Kum and «yttrW»,4l« *'»' 8 Otth ond Ourn *jjtl»ble w Form uw. Onk Ponee pout and Mrldnt timber*. HOP* »a»ket Company. 24', It Jimmy Blvlns. tlrlon. or ii|*0 wo can u"t-" The ln»t *jtmt« came from Mftnndor Torn Taiwan. "We've) got of'pi'd to put In next month agnlnat Blvln St, Loul*, Chlcoao, Detroit, elmmtl nnd Snn r'runclnco," 'lnrm««. "If niit Blvln». we't' ffc Jtet Danny lluccprnol Lnync, Hnrr.v Motllu-ws or anyone. nnyoneidown. It came in thc flrnt quarter,; with Kenneth Stone going uv»r from (he flvn-ynrtt line on nn end iweep. Stone'* try for extra point wax Cin- « ftth defensive team, then wttled I <!„„,,„ f()r neiirly » quarter till Na»h- vj|t< . brt)kc , |>OIie nnd got U) (ht , Bobcnt , mc yn ,. d ) lno> wherc Hopc for four downil Thl , ha| , (.r,,^.^, w | lh tnc gcorc tf) 0 (|) f nvfll . O f |( op ,,. Both 7-4149. el*» Hint will mov« B/*y clone-r toi, iam , a Bnve ( . xri ,|ic. n t performance, dhot. He'd going to krci> n t the linlt. Hoptr threatened n title 2fl-»t 1 buoy, Chflrle* wa» oagor to kcop In finiiI again in thc of the third quarter, LAHOK modem Iwuie priced tolnctton, HP wa* (1l*»ppolnted thallwhcit they went to thc Scrapper* Mil. Terltli. Bee owm»r Mow, 818 jh« rtln't Knock out or floor Brlon i oot'-yard line, but fulled to »corc W, DlvUfon. PhoflB 7>8BM j nflhouiih he hanrtod the husky In-ion nn attempted puss 23-11 i Vftdcr on «rtl»tt(T 9hell«ckln«. No-i Nnahvlllc ocore cume In thc final ....,„»!,! in., ..„. .,.. ...-^y. body over linn |tut lh« a5>yenr-ol(| j quarter with five minutes left, l)i Inn flown f<ir keeps. Eight-ounce j Churlon Sharp paused to M. J. Btnvc* were tucd for the first tlmo,; Cope-lnm) which covered 40 yards II nix nunccri wern imvi). Chnrlc»i»nd poydlrt, Cull Drlxkcll, bunted fhlght hnve scorocl hi* knockout.; tht; center of the line for the extra Swinging for a kayo from tho nnd wlnnln« point, opening bell, Charted opened n cut »<>th tcanm nhowod KO<X! offcn- ovvr Urlon'* toft ehct-kbon.- In the, ••«; »nH de fcn »iv« playing. round, hurt him with n loft Babe in Finals of Ft. Worth Tourney FORT WORTH. Tex., I/PI — Two i of golfdom's finest women stars ' met here today in thc 36-hole finals cf the Women's Texas Open. Mrs. George (Babe) Zaharlas. T-itnpa. Fla., and locallte Polly Kilcy opened tholr links duel at River Crest Country Club after identical 4-and-3 triumphs in yesterday's semi-final round. | Today's mooting was the second 1 in which the Babe and Miss Riley hnd been finalists In the Texas \\ omen's classic. The Fort Worth g.i-1 walloped Mrs. Z?hariOE. 1 arid <), for the worst defeat ; ol hetf curcer here-in 1^48.' •..• _ Mrs. Zaharlas defeated Bee Mc- Wi.ric, Birmingham, Ala.,- to gain the final round after an uphill fight. Miss Riley was never hard pressed in her triumph over pro Maritynn Smith of Wichita, Kas. Riley was oven par for the dis- Umco while Zaharias was two under- women's regulation figures. The Negro Community •y Heftft tufftar Phone 7-44?4 Or bflnt Items to MlM Tir At Hick* Funeral Hem* ~-" u v ^^-.i!*^ »j »*I.*-K .~fe«*HM#-4 * j j'• . i.,.....^^. fr,., « a, Mr. John J. Tidwell aged died at his home in Rosston, Wednesday, Oct. 22. Funeral servic will be held Sunday at Little Can AME church in Rosston at 2 p.tn Hicks Funeral Home in charge. Mr. Wash Means died at home in Nash, Texas, Friday, G B4/ Funeral arrangements are complete. . : ' * • - • R ErtaN for SoU *O WOHLO WAft"T A90 KCW8AN VISTICRANS WftO UAVB NOT U8F.D ANY THEIR O.I. LOAN FOR only fSOO cB»h down wo cnn Jtflil ypu tnl* rt«w flv» room hom«* it 1*05' 8«ulh IMnii Street. Let UN unoyv you thl* propnrty now nnd expluln the loon miulrtimonu ttno ^ay'fnenti. Other vctprnn* jUf*. ' ', TO thw many pn>»p«ct» who cullcU on at Strait, 000 N«r»h Elm ond 1413 South Plt\t, then? hom«ii havd been ttoid, UNDER THE PALMS—Patrons of the Parisiim cabaret, lety " have to ™n<T It lo the manage, of the night club [of thinking of u novel type of wall decoction. The enterprising proprlctcv decorates'the walls of his establishment wltn hand- prints of famous guests, preserved in plaslur One non-conformist refused a handprint, but left his footprint instead. / w Buster Green.d.led at his home Prescott Thursday, Oct. 23. Fune. at arrangements are incomplete. Services were held for Ella Watson Saturday, Oct. 25 wi Hicks Funeral Home in charge. Sgt. and Mrs. Oscar C. West of Chicago, 111., are visiting relati^ps and friends. 1'iflht combination to the head Ini thr »ame frnmo, nnd ktaggercd him " O-J, J06»^|)ound rlvo) with o Jut--! *. loll hnok to the jaw In iht- ;VUU bout rountld Stntl«tlc»: Kimt downx — Hopc 0. Ntislwillt- SPORTS ROUNDUP ,By QAYLE TALBOT. rushing — — Hope Hope 88, Nnsh-i jj EW Y OHK 1/rV-In the event ' yuu didn't hear about it, thc Old threw 10 com- 2. Nashville Club hns nskod thc , i |/if»vit« *-i IIIVL T I wpiw« A, tf tiniivmi: < . f* . turn in his SLllt be* third mul fourth. Ho eumn back i.,!', hl ' t<w U) completed 3. Intercepted j ™ e (jf « p[ccc hc holpcd outhtll . UK third mid Ironed oy«r the iflfl'.H "p ennll , M _, Hopc 3 for 33 Nnah .iln « national ma B n«lne the past pound ChiuloH, (scoring with body! |1( 5 { 43 i week. Ijlowd nnd ll«l)t head punched. I"; Furnb |,, 8 _1 Hope 2. recovered 2.1 « ls a sncl casc ' Thc whcnton 1Q8 CO. 2nd 8tr««t, Hope 84-31 F 4»rri*r m Http Wonted Hopp 'Hlfi»a. Top salary nnd uood pnclnnnti w«.-gro inn i> f. HoUa»/» Calfl, 3 mll«g Kast !"«»' the worki In u „ on In. Apply in *««,, «•«* *. ««rt J. r co teacher with <li" AT ft- StvUry open, Contact Super- of SchooU, Stumpn, At-F«mol« H.lp Wanted pound ChiuloH, (scoring with body! vj , u , 5 f()I .' 43 •• ,» nnd llgljt head punched. Inj Fumbl ,, 8 _1 ..,. KV ^ iv , fourth, hu forced the pace nn«!Nu»hvllle 2, recovered 0. iBhl che«r» from the crowd l>v hi» unexpected uggrcmilvenosii. H«* wu» nwnrdi'd tho olghth round by j'cferco Ruby Goldstein whnn Ch«rl0» hit low with n left, Outdldt? of that it wrix nil Chnrlcn In the natlonnlly toncoNt bout. Tho Cincinnati Negro hnd promised U) bid to be- conqueror of Brlon. Hut nthouKh ho ntnttiterort hU huitlsy rival *cv«>r»l llinon thun-, eftur and hit his crouching rlvnll llul With booming hnrriiiS(,-» ho couldn't j bring Cesar down, Brlcm, strtmni CLASS A A Bnd gaini''OR n bull from the Pnin- ptt« of hi* native hind, Just wouldn't Football I icemnn, one of the last persons the i club would have expected to sully its banner, cnme out and said that Pro Cagers Beat College Men 80-69 CHICAGO, Iff— The Minneapolis BIG SEVEN 1 jl.litle Hock i N. Little Hock | I'mo Bluff i Tcxnrkhnn ! K! Doi'.'ido , Ft. Smith W t. Pel 4 0 1,000 2 0 1.00 Two Lea Is Favored in Bay Meadows SAN MATED, Calif. UPI— Two Len, the female pride of the Cal- umut Fram, closes out a grea' career today in the $50,000 Bay Mcndows handicap. The six-year-old daughter of Bliss Lea, who will be opposed by seven of the Pacific Coast's top distance horses, will be retired to sity's Ray Felix. The B-Jeet 10-inch Felix was all over Mikan and in return collected enough free throws to account for nine of his 11-point total. I Mrs. Martha A. Harris and daugh ter have returnee io their home in St. Louis, after spending two weeks visiting her parents, and Mrs. Ray Newton. its unnner. cuii.t. uui unn ««»*-. iit«««. , - -- — -- . today's college football teams are continued professional basketball's| Groat, who plays shortstop, for h better than they were back recent domination of the annual; the Pittsburgh Pirates, proved he iTU,ch better than they were in the 20s when he was streaking a i[. s t ar j>amc with a fancy 80-U9 about for llinois. To be explicit, the old All-Amor | victory lust night. w:is otjually cupable on the basketball court. Hc led a fourth quarter 1 all-star surge that gave thc pros a 0 1.000: 2 .33:1 j fcJn' ,^o^r^cl.reT^ "on .„ . "™^?»*<™* ^* , ^^_. »- ^ >_ - ni g ht. average, the current crop is np-'n row over the colcfilnns and came j scoring lead with 15 points, urnxitmiti'lv 50 points better per | despite n sub-par effort by Ihei Groat totaled 2,087 points l,nnt sea.son's Illinois team. L.ikers' «reat George Mikan and! playing three years for Duke. in German Consuls to Meet at Spa LITTLE ROCK. WIA full meeting of the German consular service in the United States will be held at Hot Springs next month. Mineral production in Pennsylvania is worth well over a dollars Texas. a year, second only ] game. .000 ™ •"», *««jHijr»i demand for Avon'* beautiful ChHitmoH Oift Se(» It the great. eit.wi lantory. CupHullto on thl» by bttcomUm on Avon i«tlve lit your own nelnh- borhoood. Writ* lj»Vcrne Gilbert 0. Box 330, Hot Spring*, Ar* District I Rogers The unanlrpoUR verdict hnd Gold- l-'nyetteville »toln *corln« It 7-2-I «nd the two] Sprlnisdnle jv«lB*)*, Hnrold Oilmen nnd Joe Au- [ Subiacn WonUd SALESMAN, A«»» ai4ft. Pormun. Wit. AWyo nVernue pay. Chnneo lor ndvincomcnt. Vavatlon with gW'B ln«urRnce, etc. Apply ' 89* U KOTIOi Of CIUINO OP Tt nello. voting 7-3 ench. Tho AP ftcorecuri) had tStxard In front, B-a. " "I , Wasn't too siUlsflod," said I wns trying lo finlsii one right but he was down Hnd I couldn't net It In. "I felt wood, though. It wns too when I wns champion. I lo losie H. Now I've «ot to lost*. But t wunt that title book und I fp«l Tve got two itU'lkes on me. \ «s well try Vnn Huron District II Jonosborti W 2 a 1 I 0 I, Pet 0 1.000 he ventured, would have trounced some sparkling play by a couple of in!.* Illinois team by that margin,! the collegians, notably Dick Groat, land last year's Notre Dame eleven | Mikan. the towering lawyer who I woiild have done the same to Knutej wa« voted the first half century's Rockne's fabled Four Horsemen. I greatest eager, was hold to nioe If he were playing today, Red j points-three baskets and three free ,007 .500 .500 ,000 said, ho would have to learn to start running a lot quicker than he did in his salad di.ys to keep from throws—by Long Island Univer But while Mikan was having .one of his few low-score evenings, the ctncr Lakers were.hitting from all uiigles. Led by Vern Mikkelsen's 15 points, the Minneapolis outfit-after a touch and go first quarter-neve:- was behind. Calumet's Kentucky farms breeding purposes after the Winner of $299,250 in her tively brief career, Two Lea prob ably will be the odds-on oi some 20,000 fans for the and a quarter feature that closes out 41 clays of racing at Bay Meadows. '," Considered by many the best ware in the nation's turf history, Two Lea probably would have retired with, greater earnings if she hud not been out of racing two years for various causes. Last summer she copped the $100,000 Hollywood Gold Cup and in her two starts at the meeting here, she won $10,000 and $20.0UO handicaps. AMtMMtNT The *M«»«nent of l«a>rov««)ftnv Oli^rlet No, 88. Struct SB ^ In my office art the 94Ut dny ,of Ociubti 1 , 165J, end tho »»mc I* now nubJect to Inupccllon. Mri, Chnrlo* IH-yivcrgon, Oltrk AKMtMMIMTI Th» nn»^i»meitt of Lpeul Street Improvement DUtrlct No. 34, wnt lti«d U) my oUlce on thc 84th day ' October, t»at, and the luinu k ln*»»oUon. »cyn«r»oi\, {«»' tho home run now," Football Scores By The AnooUUd Pr«t« BI Q8BVEN Ulttlo Kock 30. Kl Dorndo 0 Ft. Smith 81, TexBvknnu l» Pine Bluff 19. Cumden 18 Mot Sprlngit IB, Mnlvern 0 CLASS AA Qlttrlct I HoMcrs 10. UittTlson 0 Payetti'vUle 20, Snrlnuflelil, Mo, 30 Newport Forrest City District III llenton Mnlvern Cunwiiy Hcssullville Ai'kndelphtn District IV Smuckover Hope Cnmden Fordyeu i'.unimliiK up th.' offense. Today's tricky nml vastly varied attacks,! l:o slnidders, would have ripped the set defenses he Uncw to rags and W T. Pclltnttei's. Reel really laid it on the 2 01.0001 Uni! . 0 0 .OOOJ personally, wo found the article 0 1 .000, r ,»f,-eshing. coming from a player 0 1 ,0001 ,,f d-HiiKo's unquestioned caliber. i Jt is the first of its kind that wei i can recall, concrniing any sport. W L Prtl ;lnt i if s n bout time that one of the 2 0 1.000 ui-i-Uiners turned honest. Tlu- head-1 2 0 1.000i lllg of 1 1 .500J,,,; sayii-K that ho couldn't play on 1 2 .3331 today's tennis, was of com so pure 1 2 .333! piffle, but headline writers are i strange men who habitually rend j only i-very Ihiiil word. t, Pit [ \vhal Grunge sajs I* that he 0 1.000' n ,,,i ,,n Uic oilKi- stars of yoster- FORBID: 'XL CODY RIVER Copyright, 1952, by Al Cody; ' DIftributtd by King Ftatuiet Syndlcal*., - CHAPTER EIGHTEEN I McQuestlon-shrugged. "Any Job THE3 inspection at Fort Pierre was only a formality. The Pride of Kansas had been making good nnd Had passed there the W 1 1 U 0 0 .000 which quoted Red; day iioforc. Captain Dudley had recounted" what had happened and spoken tn glowing terms of the part played by Rawls. His presence was enough to satisfy the authorities that all was as It'should be. Which was an Ironic compliment. Rawls would have preferred would have to learn a great; to have botn cargocs confiscated, |i many '.hinss and work much hard-: £or thftt wou id put a period to mischief. But with hostage for his own l\rtn *» .uuin C1 . if lllov Wi , re to pluv on on c of | contcmp i a tcd - JUU ! today's top learns, because football. KaUUecn a Football oT Lvioul Street No, IMk y U Joplln, Mo. 22, Van BttrcnO Dlttrlot II Jlonosboro 40. Llttlo Rock Catholic I M . .>. n ii m Mllllury 20 itloi Newport 21, Puniyould 10. MI QWEST Mumphte Southsldc 20, Blythevllle! n^J ss . Drnkc 0 By The AMoelntod Preii EAST I)p.itun CollcKO U; Fordhum 13 SOUTH Mlnml lKln> 20; Marqoettv 0 '<• l>a i bot.omi 1 a complicated science ! within the past dozen years. You; i thm't play it by car any inoro. j other opportunity. It was a Play in every major sport in this' wa y to p ort Befiton. conduct, he dared not denounce the otliers. Better to wait for an- long country has Improved In varyinfi ! He s in thc time we have been! | watching them. Polo has not tm-j ' proved, but it no longer can bo a rigorous inspection when Fort Union was reached, near the mouth of the Yellowstone. That was not only orders, bu' it .., . , ,. . ... . | ; » ...... ., o.iini ^vcui uui uittv uiuuia, uu- i^ Wa.hln8ton 20; VlrjsmU; cl , 18 » e d with the Brent sport it was WRB the boeinnln ^ ol the really n 11 In t i i. -i..t, :., * u,, o/t.. .v.. fi ., ....i.. 'iflf \i«i\.»»i j c * ** * I dangerous country, where contra- b.H-k in tho 20s and early when Fori'«i»t-Ctty 33. HusseltvlUe 0 Olttrlot III HvnUm (i)>, Aikiulelphiti 13 Conway 13, Senrcy 0 DUtrlct IV Na*hviU« 7. llopa a OTHER SCORES Ashdown 55, Hoi'atlo 2t> .Qatesvllle 7, McCrory 7 «ieV Clai'fiuton 91, Drinkley 0 t>unvill« 8, Charleston « Duixtsnulle 6. Hartford 0 neWttt la, Muritmnu a DeQuoen 19. nierks 13 Wynne 13, Karle f Eudora Id, Wttt-ren 0 Qrecn For«$t 23, Um i-yvlUu Q Qrwuxwood a, Waldron 0 ui«> Qurtion (8, Prescott IS Huntsvillu 1». Bwtonvllle 13 Surings 37, Hickory Tommy Hitchcock was in his prim i ml international matches drew Kiuporia 26; Kansas i overflow crowds to MeadowbrooU. 0 ' Wu'Slling iincl Ice hockey doesn't Central Okla 20; East central ! count. Okla 7 I You cnn't Kol a bast-ball man to Poru (Nob> 13: Donne 7 | admit thai tho game hat, improved Nebraska Wesleymi 20; Koarny; since ho was ploying it 25 or 30 1 j years i»*o. but it has. That is, the Southwestern Okla. 28; OuuchiU j gi-ncral level of play is bolter be(Ark> 7 j cause there are more skilled play- Ottawa (Kas) 48; Bethany iKas> U | SOUTHWEST i Tyler tText JC 34; Little Rock !JC 13 FAR WEST Santa Clara 0; Idaho 7 ers. In one bieuth the baseball old- tinier will regale you about the super teams and super stars of his time, and in thc next he will describe the meticulous coaching gi- i vwi each big leaguer today by a wa bund cargo was concerned. But as they ncared the border between Dakota and Montana territories the Astrtd dropped behind, so that only one boat would be visible at a time. McQuestion came aboard the farina, and gave instructions to wait, then to proceed by night. Uavvls eyed him In amazement "Do you aim to try to run past the fort in the dark?" he asked. "They'll be on the lookout for such a trick—they'll know that we're coming. It's risky business. In fact, I'd say It was virtually that's apt to pay big money is a risk," he said. "That's never stopped me yet." "I don't mind it being your funeral," Rawls said drily, "but there are others to think of." He was not alone in his pessimism. Astrid was gay, these days, coolly rebuffing Whirter, seeking anew to win the favor of Denny. To that end, she tried also to win the confidence of Narcissus, who had taken a real liking to Rawls. Her approach was oblique. "I understand that you can read the future in tea leaves, Narcissus," Astrid murmured. "I've always been interested in anything like that. Would you read my future for me?" Narcissus regarded her disapprovingly, turning from the, unfriendly shores to a survey of the Astrid, its bow cleaving the wate.r not tar astern, paddle iwheel making a froth, where it passed. • "Tea ain' no laughin' matter," she' told Astrid. "You mebby not like what it show." "I'm sure 1 would," Astrid Insisted. "Won't you try It, please?" "All 1 do is read the tea," Narcissus warned. "What U tell not my business." • She made her preparations, while Astrid watched eagerly, but with a growing feeling ot apprehension which she could not down. The clear amber liquid looked harmless, the leaves in the bottom of the cup no different from others Top Radio Programs J£n«land SI, Clinton U I^Uer 1, U«ValU Bluff 9 Holly Qrovo 48. Bariutt B Cltwlt 51, Httien 8 Duma* ft >' M, Luuuko 13 19 Jiariw 0 W Star City « Montiwlla W, OowoU T w •" , M»: •«, 0»ce«l| »j 18, Pocahowto* ir ' ........ VfiawmaR o mo Stutt#*rt 3T, el«i> l» SUroft* W Eastern Wash 29; British Colunv | staff of experts nnd tell of the mv- i riud little details a modern infield- j er must keep in mind. It doesn't ooci up. In golf, we feel that Ben Hogan at his best was a little better NBW YOUK. l*t — Saturday: j R0 ;f t , r than eHehr Walter Hagen or NBC— 7 Bob ami Ray: 7:30 Ac- Bobb) , Jones was, because he work- program. L^ a< ^ harder, nnd in tennis we 6:30 Vaughn Monroe; 7| are tl nHe certain that Frank Sedg- »«« ..--._„, ., . „ ., husn's all-around modem game ABC- 3:30 Dinner Music; 7 Dan- ww , u , nave 1^^,, Bi u Ti |d e n and ciua Party- _ I tf.t rwchmen. MBS— «S:30 Down You Go; 7| Movu OV e r , Red. Twenty Questions, Impossible. The Missouri narrows just above its junction with thc Yellowstone, which gives mighty little leeway for slipping past" "Never mind." McQuestlon grunted. "Do u I say, and we'll see." He volunteered nothing more until the broad push of the Yellowstone sent Its beat against the Missouri, seeming to be the larger Then he gave Sunday: NBC— U a.m. Sammy 1K*>'<?. . .CBS— 10 a.m. S»U Lake ICity Choir. . ,ABC— 11:80 Piano iPUyhouse, . -MBS- 11:4$ Merry Mailman, Fights Last Night Monday: NBC— »:30«.m. Double his order. "Swing up the Yellowstone. This U aa far aa we follow the Missouri." was startled. The Yellowstone was a forbidden river In • hostile land, reserved half by treaty and half by unwritten law to the Indians, taboo to white men. Nothing. .CBS— > a.m. Arthur | tiudinf internal organs .ABC— 10 a.m. Uy* J Hunter Shoots Self, Walks to Help HAMLIN w Va tfl — A vouth '' Swinging south and west, it was t ironically enough. U was the turgid his in pro-1 his a MiUioiuir*. Talent, «:15 a.m. Cliff's Family. He was 17-year-old Likie B. Smith ol nearby Branchland. who! Ud« ot the Yellowstone that flood. *lfcwtng U to the Bi familiar with lh« Ifel- *ren't you?" McQueaUoo step D»ai«l* (repiat ot TUurs- which she had seen on numerous occasions. But u Narcissus drunk the tea and stared somberly into the depths, Astrid realized suddenly that this was an alien and unfriendly land. It was as though giant forces had beep set in motion which, like tht river, could neither be checked nor controlled. Narcissus' face was withdrawn, blank. Her voice came detached and sepulchral. "Trouble," she tatoned. "Trouble In the cup, Full up and spillin' over. Yoy sowin' plenty trouble long way back. Now them seeds a-sproutfnV Astrtd strov» to see, to have a look in th* cup. U fell with a crash, splintering, a Way 4*rt stain spreading on the deck, Nar ; cissus said not. « wont but her eyes were burning. Th* angrily deflaqt words died unspokw on Astrid's tongue. Turning, she stumbled away. (t was easy to remind herself that tea leaves wert only super- sUUon, that aba was A*m* H9- QuesUon who had alwaya gotten getting this straightened out. That would make everything all right, and she'd lose no more time. But Rawls was not in the house. The long-faced Taber wa/s at the wheel, with the barely creeping against the current, as uncertain in the bright sunshine as though it had been midnight. "Cap'n Rawls is sick," he replied to her query. "He tried to steer, but he was pale as a rag near as limp. And sweatin'. Sweatin' and shakin' at the sami time." He shook his head, like It We'll bc In trouble if anything happens to him. Ever see dirtier stream? You can't make out what it hides, no more'n if We was sallin' on tar." "It he's sick, I'll go see Astrid said quickly. "He may h« something." ;* Earnshaw was coming up, and he stopped her. ' : "He's asleep now. I hope he fe«ls better when he wakes up. Better not disturb him." He took th> wheel from Taber, scowled at the water, and looked back at her. • "I don't like this," he said bluntly. "1 don't suppose Rawls much more what's down here than the rest of us, but' seems to know by Instinct wh there's trouble. Somehow he kee; us going, though it must terrific strain. But Mr. Whirter insists that we keep moving, less. It's risky business without a ss^ait^ ^£ 1 &^^^^^ A ^^^^^ T*f "?www *• *^|j|fiis» Him* 1S4. Washington. UM Ba«w: AJJk *.W ro* 'Democratic what she wanted, SJM! her father would oontinu* to toduige her whims- Shd had made « mis- la St. she had realised tt and w*u»4 only to rectify tt Peon? her then. She ia ti)§ eye*. _ npw.81»'d*how jaakVsM mMnt AC ^^•jff-IP* ^^BWWPW wif ?^^ ^&m tfi^~ WV MNP ba4 pilot Couldn't you talk to him I' "Mr. Whirter? I'm afraid not, Astrid said coldly. "I have no fluence over him." From the way Earnshaw looked at her, she could almost read thoughts. That she could exert fluence U she tried; also that owed U to the rest of subjugate her personal feelings the good of the expedition. But pha had no intention of making peace again with Mark Whirtfr. It would have to be on his terms —that he become Lomax lion's son-in-law. That was all that he actually, or ever bad desired tor. He'd Worked through h« get Mcquwtlon interested la venture, the boats, the money what Jt could buy, Nothing counted with Mark Whirter, waf » cold, unfeeling macb a man- In his scheme of she was just another meant end. Wishing she might tempt* refusal, she exclaimed sudr and pointed: "What's that, Earnshaw? Or who ia it? Of by the shore." Earnshaw had already WM * man, out just a from tht shrouding and dense vw" a green Tbt man waved hia Saturday, October 25, 19S? •y Chick Yount ^VSV^^iW>W VB^W ^^XSHk/AJ? ( INFORM Mt? f TH*t Mf? 8UMSTEAOIS V NOT AT MOMS AND 1t3 JuST LEAVE MIS CARD PLEASE INPOPM ) MR&JMSTEADr THAT MP WOOOtEY OAGWOOO' WHAT ARE MX) GOING TO DO WITH THAT OVERRIPE TOMATO ? 7f .. ,^,«^« V •'.•/•"{ ARECUOSIHO Ife ^ US WtliXATS ] ,.- f ,,\l IVI ON iff. ZMW AA£ TMiLiN'Br Mff,'-l^ 0?AP,I\ r,,0* eS™ S POINTS IN TH' >^/'.-^***sT _. --1S&B FMAL secoMDs,,,y0 -/^^p""" •- mMI "** OH BOY THERE'S WOOOLEY ON HIS PORCH it t fl(» V .. ••», By Michael O'Mtflliy and OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Wllllnmt Answer to r*r«vipu» IM -~v/" I'M DEU6HTCP1DGLIOHTEP^ DELIC-HTED TO DO AT CELTIC TDVVEfl» HOTEL IM THB TH&ATER WSTWCT... tUT,MAPAM,THa/ IT POM'T PISSBR! * — Nebraska Nibble THMB SulTttS ^ AMP OWA^S/ CWHL-X WHAT VNOTWN* FLOOR/TWO ON . TH6 PLOOK WUOW/ AMP NOW5PV SAW / A^' PBRPBCTLV PIP THB SU6PI- EfEAUTIFUL STAR •/ HOU6B \CIOU& SAPPHIRE PEN)-./ tTETECTlVt J AT PANT, HORIZONTAL 1 Nebraska's livestock center is 6 Nebraska is one of the producing states 11 Reduce in rank 13 Teamster 14 Speaker 15 Irony 16 Legal point 3 Eucharisti* wine vessels 4 Torrid 5 Particles 6 Has on 7 Covering for the head 8 Exude 9 Go by aircraft 10 Woody plant 12 Age 13 Former Russian ruler 18 Light up 46 Ostrich-like bird 47 Goddess of discord 49 Steal 50 Roster 51 Employer 28 Asseverate 29 Skating enclosure 30 Augments 33 Baranof mountain 42 Eats 43 Writing fluids 52 Couches monetary unit 44 Perfume 54 Chemical 25 Sacred bull 45 Essential suffix 26 Mineral rock being 56 Follower 17 Pertaining to ^Handled the cheek "Kettledrum 23 Fish sauce 24 Italian WASH TUBES NEXT ; A&Y LOOMED THE 19 Pedal digit 20 While . :: 21 Bear 23 Wolfhound 2G Mystic . syllable 27 Ancient Irish capital 31 Mouth parts 32 Narrow inlet 34 Greedy 35 Silkworm 36 Conclusion 37 Curve 38 Hurl 39 Rough lava 40 Clumsy boats 41 Redact 44 Morindin dye 45 Before 48 Supine 50 Burnish 53 Cower 55 Indolent 57 Nets 58 Cudgeled 59 Facilitates 60 Erects IM PfvCT, MW.TAKMWrORP W W.V P^PBR6 \MBI GOOD TRV.PM. IM OVPTMN MIL-SOW AUTHORIZED BH? 6TOIEN l>*T NteHTl / ,,,BUT IT WON'T B dOWEONE RISE WUST I WORK THE INDIVIDUALISTS With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE EfiAD, 3ASOM.' \M6'LL. ARM OUR- LlKe gOAROlMS AMD B5ARD /-*~ VvlRERe'S M.Y OLD ELEPHANT SUM *? LOAD IT, OF COURSE, / HE'LL COUGH OP < / <HOSE CAMPAIGN FOsSDS// ^ MIST AH 3AKE MUSTA LEFT SUAAPlNl LGMpy iNi -ruese TROUSERS/ —IT <SNES A LITTLE TO ., A ,RiPe BOulS AND HER BUDDIES VERTICAL 1 Smell 2 Simple >c j i^^r^:x ; ^Cy • VS JK4\* By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY THAT "MUSH;, MELON/" By Hershbergcr FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP THERE Y'ARE, A WHY OKAY,SOHC'5/ BUT.VOUK HIGHNESS, GOT A COM- I ANYONE WITH MJK/MN PLAINT/ LEf V COULD 6EE HE HAS 'IM 6PEAK FOR ( NO HEA.D, SO HOW HIMSELF/ —A. CAN HE? NOW WHAV0 / IS A CPsNOy TROUBLINQ / HE^.TflW T. M. R <( . u. 8. HM. OH. - 1*» by NEA brnci. Inc "Ya mean to tell me that's the first dam* he's seen in eight months in the Far East and he's playing hard-to-get?" By Golbroith SIDE GLANCES The hussy! She found that new hair-do In a fashion magazine some traveler left here!" 1 CHRIS WELKIN, Planett«r FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VANE AMP I APMIT LISTEN . KILO / THAT ^ TRUE , TWIRPIMS 00P-A. "(HULA- POO/ BUT SET WITH THAT i NOISE/ SOUND MAS DIED DOWM ON EARTH PIANET/ WHAT A60NYTWOSE POOR. - UST /«»WJF /».!wtt

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