The Evening Times from Sayre, Pennsylvania on June 29, 1933 · Page 2
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The Evening Times from Sayre, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Sayre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE" TWO SAYRE, PA., THURSDAY, JHNE 29, 1933 -XT' """ u i , I . r4-iij A IN I ! I I M H M i II ! IG11TEI1 UP BR W0RN FURNITURE DU PONT QUICK DRYING ENAMEL gives new beauty to furniture that's "in disgrace" New freshness for the wood trim of bedrooms, bathroom or kitchen. New color for "dog-eared" toys or bookcases. Du Pont Quick Drying Enamel is low in cost. Easy to apply. Dries quickly to a hard, durable finish. It's one of the famous du Pont line of paints, Tarnishes, enamels and Duco, All color carried here. ' $1.20 .PER QUART. Bolich Bros. SAYRE H.M. Hair & Son ATHENS Sayre Personal Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Havens and children, Joyce Marie And Dickie are spending the day in Rochester, K. Y. ; Nick Onofrio and son Peter of 121 South River street are in New York today to witness the Camera-Sharkey fight Miss Grace Kirkland, Miss Doro-tha, Dettra, Miss Betty Dull and Miss Elizabeth Cater attended the Fitzgerald-Young wedding In To-wanda yesterday. Andrew Johnson, son ot Mrs. Walter Merrill of East Athens if patient at the Robert' Packer hospital where he underwent an open ation tor appendicitis. Arthur L. Rogers has returned to the V.S.S. Pensacola to which hi has recently been transferred, after spending a few days with relatives and friends here. Lyle Jackson of Sayre Is attending the national convention of the Delta Sigma fraternity at the Hotel j Morrison In Chicago, and will also j ee the World's Fair. , , LWS ARE CONVINCHIG Day after Day Shrewd Economical Buyers are being Convince' of Our Sensational Values Sale Starts at S A. M. Ends At 11 A. M. riinahams A Flnln t'banxbraja, .. Bej I,t. Wt, Blen. Mnslln, ,. fte AS Inch Good Sheeting. Be 30c Flat Brtai Curtain Rod, , . . 5e Part Llnea Tonli Toweling, 5c lOe Silk; Thread A Trias Cotton, Be lOo S 7 d. Blaa Kola Tapes, ..... se 28a 6old Bilk Vslsscloa;. Be We Orchid Silk Vslnaelaa;, Se 3tf-ln. Colorfnst Faacy Cretoaaea, Be. 25e Came Ladles' Cloth, 0c Steveas9 Llnea Tewellna;, Be 2c Hrsvy Caavas Daiek Be 0 Inch Beat Mosqulte Nets, .... Be. 42x311 Special Plllsw Cases, .... te 45x34! Special Pillow Cases, ..... ftv 22x44 Blar Turkish Towels, ..... tc 25e Plain Color Nalaaooks, Be e Beat Feather Proof Tlcklac. r 43c Best Fancy Art Tleklaa, ... 1l)c Blue Denim A Kknht, IB 42 laeh Teapot Pillow Tanini, .. lr 45 Inch Peqnot Pillow Tubing, IBe 4-4 Best 3 Year Sheetings, , -4 Heat 3 pear Sheetings, . 42x3S 4 year Cannon Cnaea, 4Sx."M 4 year Caanon Cases, 4.1x45 Fancy TaMs Cloths, , 35x33 Fancy Llnea Cloths, Llnea Dish A Hand Towels, Plain Color Turkish Towels, Beat 44Ma. Baronet satlas, Site Best Sash Curtains, .... Lot Faacy Ruffle Curtains,.. IB IBe IBe 1c IBe le 1lc IBe lei le IBe SALE STAETS AT 1:00 BxlS f. I.lnolennt Roars. ..... S4.BS BxB ST. Linolenm K-hk. .... .t.BS 6x1 2 I. Dnroleum Rugs, , ... S3JS Bxl2 Lot Gelriseat Situ, ..... M-Btt x!2 320. l-ot IVeal rtnxs, .. $7J8 Oxll S35. I,st Axntlnstera, .. 14.S 0x12 339.50 Bed Orientals, .. lJr 2.50 Reversible Snirraa Ross, . 78c I.a rarest Chenille Rasa. JBe 27x54 Fringed Wool Ruffs, .... 81k- SI.25 Stair Hall Carpet 5m- Fall Sine Mattress Protectees, . Mr Three Quarter Msttreaa Protectors, Pe Slaarle Sine Mattress Protectors, TBr IlcavT Mattress CaTcrs, site Fall Sine Mattress Covers, km Full Sine Plnla Bankets, site Full Sine Double Blankets, TBe Part Wool Plala 2 ia 1 Blrnlicts Klmll'N Faacy Bert Spread! SAc 3.50 Best Feather Pillows, Ea, 4BrJ Loomis Leaves After Hospital Board Meeting Lehigh Valley Railroad President Praises Officers and Members of Staff for Fine Showing; New Trustees Are Elected President E. E. Loomis of the Lehigh Valley railroad company left Sayre aboard his private car which was attached to train No. 10, Wednesday afternoon after attending the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Robert Packer hospital. Mr. Loomis before he left complimented the officers and members of the hospital organization for the splendid reports given at the meeting showing the excellent condition of hospital affairs. The splendid work of the member of the medical and surgical staff was also praised by Mr. Loomis who expressed pleasure at the line report of Dr. Donald Guthrie, sur geon-in-chief. Mr. Loomis has long been interested In the affairs of the Robert Packer hospital and has been a trustee of the Institution many years. His comments on the hospital's work are well qualified be cause of his association with other institutions, being a member of the board of one of the large hospitals In New York city. ....... At the annual meeting ot the trustees Oran L. Haverly of Athens and Judge Howard F. Marsh of Wellsboro were elected to fill vacancies on that board. Charles F. Kellogg and Heister Plollet will continue on the auditing committee, and the Inspecting committee for the coming year is, John C. Mather Ulster; Charles C. West, Sayre; Carl V. S. Patterson, To wan da. All officers of the- board were re-elected. . . ' Howard E. Bishop in his report stated that receipts from patients, auxiliaries and other sources were f217.56S.S2 while the operating cost was 1222,511.97, showing an I operating deficit for" the year of $4,706.22, which was . about the same as the previous year. The board of trustees voted to accept he bid of the F. V. Warren Co., of Philadelphia of $47,151 for the reinforced concrete structural frame ot the new general hospital building. Bids for this work, which Is Just the shell of the new building to be erected on the site of "that destroyed . by the disastrous fire of May t were received from 29 firms all over the United States, ranging from the low figures of the F. V. Warren company to $69,000. Early In September bids will bo asked for the remainder, of the Ladle Fancy Hankies, Special Ladles' Finer Fancy Hankies, . . en's A Boys' Faacy Hankies, . IHen'a Big W hite Hankies,-.... . Fancy Turkish Wash Cloths, .. Bent Fancy Wash Cloths. 3c Yards Coats' Biaa Fold Tapes, -3e lOe Best Silk Threads, 3e J. P. tests' Thread Limit (5), 3e Mercerised Thread Limit (), .. 3e 8-4 Best Mohawk Sheeting, .... 25c -4 Best Mohawk Sheeting, , 45x3a Beat Mohawk Cases, Hemstitched Mohawk Cases, Big- Ontslae Silk Bloomers, Big Ontslse Philippine Gsa 25c 25: 2.V 25c 25e 48. Bear Bridge Lamp Shades, .. 25e. 5e Giant Turkish Towels, .... 25. 1 4Be Finest Duplex Cretoaaea. . 25e t 7Se 38-la. 811k Drapery Damask, 25 j 72x8 Special Muslin Sheets, . xne Beat Plain Color Oraaaales, .. 25e ! Fall Fashion Silk Hose. 23 j SB, Silk Vanianre Ruffle . Curtains, r . 35 ft. Duroleams, So,; Yd, ., 42x3s Beat 3 Year Cases, .. 4,-x8e Beat 3 Year Cases, ,. SxBO Best I Year Sheets, . x8 Beat 3 Year Sheets, . 72xl Rest 3 Year Sheets, . SIxBw Best 3 Year Sheets, -. 2.V ITe in 45c Mc 55c no 81x Best 3 Year Sheets, as 81x1)0 Best Mohawk Sheets, ... TOc 81x88 Best Mohawk Sheets, .... 15 ENDS AT 5:00 O'CLOCK. 1 1-2 Silk Wool Batta, 1 hh. Silk Wool Batts, S I,hv quilted Cotton Batts, . Be Mens BslhrlKa;aa Is Ions, 4c 4Bc 4c 4Bc BSe Mea's Black-Mix I'alona, ... 48e' Mx54 7fl Llnea Table Cloths, . 4c 1-B rewla. Linen Tab's Damask 4Bc ' Fall Fash loa Chiffon Hose. 48 ! Foil Fn.hloa Service Wfc Hose, 4Bcj Ontslse Silk Hose 4l)c 7Be Fine Chenille Rans, 4Be Farmer 9 1 .50 Plala Silks, 4c IJM Silk Velvet Sofa Pillow. 4c' 1.35 Silk Drapery Damasks, ... 4Bc' BSe Silk Drapery Damasks, .... 4BeJ SUM Eern Lace Curtains, na II to Santnn Racle Cortalna, .. 5bc New Kern Xet Curtnins, 5ne New tnshloa Dot Curtnins, .... Ktk-' Bl Ontslse Crepe Gowns K)e i - r - -" uowaa, one i fi4 l.i- a i m 1 1 .. Men's Mnslln Maht ftowns, ... Sllr Men's SI. 50 Drm Skirts, ..... see j work on the new structure, and this will be by far the most important part The structure is expected to be completed within a year of the time work Is started, which will be immediately, Thomas Ellerbe of Ellerbe and Company of St. Paul, architects, stated after the meet-ing. ... GET MARRIAGE LICENSES TOWANDA, June 29. A marriage licenst has been issued to Lee R. Morrison ot Rochester and Violet M. Pung of Athens. Yesterday licenses were Issued to John D. Dill of Philadelphia and Gertrude Strop of Burlington; and Carl Johnson and Mildred Johnson, both of Terry township. CHURCHES OF CHRIST TO CONVENE FRIDAY Tri-County Convention in East Smithfield Federated Church to Include All-Day and Evening Sessions Churches of Christ of Tioga, Bradford and Sullivan counties will be represented at the Tri-county convention to be held In the Federated church in East Smithfield on Friday, with sessions in the morning and afternoon and closing with a Fellowship on the Lord's Snpper from 7:30 to 9 in the evening. - Rev. George W. Gilbert of Canton will preside at ' the" morning session which will open at 10 o'clock, and at the afternoon session which opens at 1:30. In the SALE! COTTON Smart! COTTONS with all the chic of Parit . .'. and with the typical low prices for which we are famed! There are styles for every occasion . . . from sports to garden parties! And in sizes for everyone. Plenty of 38-40-42.; : : MRS m m Vak .TilK ..-"h " J EVANS & CHAFFEE 8AYRE, PA. FATHER REPORTS mo is mis Jack Dunning, Age 16, Believed to Have Gone to Visit Aunt in Newburgh John Dunning of 527 West Lock-hart street reported to the Sayre police last evening that his son, Jack,, age 16 is missing from his home, and is believed to have gone with a red haired boy called "Red" Wickizer. The lads may have gone to Newburgh, N. Y.f where young Dun-ning's aunt lives. Corporal O. S. Brown of the New York state police co-operated with the local police by sending a message and description of the lad over the New York State Police teletype system. Jack is about five feet ten inches tall, weight about 130, wore silver framed glasses, light hair, brown eyes, green shirt, brown trousers, panama hat, black and white oxfords and carried a boy scout kit. evening Rev. C. W. Houston of Covington, Pa., will preside. The theme of the convention will be "The Living Christ,," and pastors who will take part are: Rev. E. A. Seaber ot East Smithfield, Rev. H. L. Maltman, Mansfield; Rev. O. D. Young, Troy; Rev. Jesse M. Porter, Granville Center; Rev. Art P. Confer, Alba; Rev. W. C. Davies, East Smithfield; Rev. H. A. Denton, Pittsburgh; and Rev. John Crowe of Wellsboro. Miss Emma Bush ot Canton and Mrs. G. M. Gillette will be on the program of the Women's Missionary sossion at three in the afternoon and Mrs. W. T. Davison will sing. N A large delegation of members of the Sayre Church of Christ will attend the convention ANOTHER BIO SHIPMENT JUST RECEIVED. Thrifty! Comfortable! $1.00 1.25 $1.95 Will Test Cattle Information Regarding Triennial Retest May Be Secured From Chairmen, in Township; Starts July 3 Starting July S the triennial tuberculin retest for Bradford county will be made during the month, it has been announced by the Bureau of Animal Industry at Harrisburg, in charge of tuberculin testing, of dairy cattle. Chairmen who have acted in the past in the various townships are ready to assist dairymen thii year, and all who have questions relative to the retest are asked to take them up with the township chairman. It is explained that in order for Dimals that tube-rcolln I test to be classified as registered cattle, the dairyman must' have' on hand at the time the animal reacts the registration paper for the animal. If these papers are not available, the animal will be classed as a grade and indemnity paid on that basis. The township chairmen are: Albany, D. H. Lewis; Armenia, Leon W. Nash; Athens, Harry O. Thurston; Asylum, Peter M. Mil ler; Barclay, no chairman; Burlington, Wayne Pierce; Canton, Glen Hickok; Columbia, Spencer Gern- ert and James Judson; Franklin, Harry Stevens and Earl Anderson; Granville, Howard Baldwin; Her rick, C. L. Lent; LeRoy, Ernest Mason; Litchfield, Charles BIrney; Monroe, H. L, Norton and James Miller; North Towanda, W. G. Mills; Orwell, James E. Eastman; Overton, Lawrence Career; Pike and Stevens, Olyn Johnson; Ridge-bury, E. B. Eurnham; Rome, I. A. iVought; South Creek, John Lewis; ISheshequIn, Lee Kier;- Smithfield, G. E. Beach; Springfield, Roy Kennedy; Standing Stone, Henry iKIngsley; Terry, S. M. Wells; To wanda, R. H. Miller; Troy, Meade iKnishts; Tuscarora, N. D. Snyder iUlster R. B. Arnold;. Warren, Percy FROCKS Sheer Printed Voiles! New Lacey Cottons! Eyelet Batistes! Dairy in July Arnold; Wells, Curtis Smith; West Burlington, I. A. Rockwell; Wilmot, John L. Huffman; Windham, Byron Jacobs; Wyalusing, E. P. Kennedy; Wysox, Frank Kuhns. CLARINET QUARTET GIVES BROADCAST James Field of Waverly, Willard Cook of Athens, Clifford Carrier of Sayre, and Jack . Koweleski . of South. Waverly as a clarinet quar tet under the direction of Donald Cocaynia of Sayre broadcast yester day afternoon over WESG at Eimi- ra. They will again broadcast next Wednesday afternoon at 4:45. TOOMEY SPINELL1 TOWANDA, June 29 Word ha3 been received here by friends of Miss Dorothea Toomey of her marriage last Saturday in Red Lion, Pa., to Dr. Anthony Spinelli. Th? ring ceremony was used, Rev. M. R. Fleming being the officiating clergyman. 0&m ares pf 'ji'' p ; e Air U. S. ROYAL 4.75-19 5.25-18 5.50-19 6.00-20 r n (0 TO i. T, Homes for Twenty-Five "Fresh Airs" Secured in Sayre; Donations Asked to Fay Board of City Children Plenty of homes have been secured for twenty-five New York city children who will arrive here July 6, Mrs. Reed Martin, chairman of the Sayre Fresh Air committee stated this morning, but only five 'of these homes are free ones. For this reason the committee Is in need of funds with which to pay the $4 per week per child for the remaining twenty who are to bo given two weeks' entertainment each in an effort to give them a little comfort and happiness away from the scorching heat of the city tenement districts. Mrs. Leslie Davidson of Herrick street will take a little girl next week, as soon as school is out, and keep her for the remainder of tho summer. Mrs. Davidson entertained this girl last year. Another fortunate girl is the one who will come to Mr. and Mis. Lyman Farr of South Lehigh avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Farr have en- FUNDS wrrnrn ttutu a m tots fif oiir special liolMcfiy service Be safe and sane about that 4th-of-July trip you have planned. Replace worn, doubtful tires today with U. S. Tires of Tempered Rubber. Make certain of a happy holiday and get 7 to 36 extra mileage at no extra cost. Buy U. S. Tires now prices are advancing. U. S. . .$7.60 . $9.15 .$10.45 .$12.55 4.75-19 5.00-20 5.25-21 6.00-21 IT SAYRE, PENNA. COUPLE WINS WALTZ CONTEST Miss Alma Shellenberger and her dancing partner, Herbert Black-man, were awarded the silver cup in the Valley Waltz contest held at the Keystone park pavilion last evening. There were more thanja one hundred couples competing. f"p tertained the little girl for two years and have asked for her to come for the third time this year and remain for the summer. Both of these girls first came to Sayre in groups of Fresh Air chlU' dren sent out from New York city by' the Tiibune Fresh Air fund. . Anyone . willing to donate is asked to notify Mrs. Martin by Sat-urday, so that the entire number of 25 may be asked for If sufficient money is available to pay for the homes in which they wilr be entertained. Those who wis to donate, and do not find it- convenient to give. the money this weeSc may pay any time up to July 15, and assure some child of a healthful and happy vacation. Our Classified Reprsieatativa will Help yoo write your Want Ad. PEERLESS . . $6.05 . $6.75 . $8.00 .$11.90 I

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